SWTOR Help Test Warzones on PTS with developers for Cartel Coins

SWTOR is hosting a number of sessions of warzone testing with developers on the PTS. Those who participate in 10 matches will get a small grant of cartel coins.

Let’s Play Some Warzones | 06.08.2015, 03:54 PM

Hey folks,
One of the things we really wanted to make sure gets tested on PTS for 3.3, Warzones! With the first full weekend behind us, it is our goal to kick up the participation. So, let’s all get together later this week and play some Warzones together.

Thursday, June 11th – 2PM – 5PM PDT
Friday, June 12th – 2PM – 5PM PDT
Saturday, June 13th – 11AM – 2PM PDT

Warzones! Queue up solo, or with some friends, for regular, non-ranked Warzones.

Help us test PTS! In order to spice things up a bit…

  • Multiple members of the dev and community team will be on and playing Warzones as well. However, so that we can keep the focus of the Warzones on the actual objectives, we will be playing incognito.
  • Anyone who plays 10 Warzones during those two playtest periods will receive a grant of Cartel Coins as a bonus! (note: You will need to actually participate, we will track each match played to ensure you are taking part in the Warzone. None of this “just queue up and AFK for coins!”)
  • At the end of that playtime, we may even point out other players who have stood out in helping us test, so definitely play as much as you can during that time!

Thank you all for your help in testing PvP. We will see you in-game on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

94 replies on “SWTOR Help Test Warzones on PTS with developers for Cartel Coins”

Well it is the first mmo Bioware ever made, and things like these make me think they are really trying to make the game fun, not just get as much money as possible, because star wars

It’s really because they see the game is dying, and people are slowly getting away from the game’s PvP, and they have this game title til 2025 so they HAVE to do something to keep making money because of their own contract. lol So they’re fixing everything people complained about over the past few years.

3.3 should start clawing old veteran PvPers back, hopefully. PvP will never be anywhere near as active and thriving as it was before, too many people quit for that. And loathe as I am to say it, fixing everything after 95% of the playerbase quit two years too late is better than not fixing it at all.

holy what? something for participation? heck. I’ll take a title over cartel coins anyday. “meat”

There’s cartelcoins involved, of course there will be at least 16-24 people queueing. Plus arena pops. Plus the fact that it’s a single server for all regions.
Timeframe allows 18 minutes for each warzone, should be easy.

You honestly expect these devs in texas and cali to play around the afternoon schedule of Europeans?

No reason they couldn’t arrange something similar for the European crowd. Devs don’t have to be online for it. Them being online is clearly a ‘perk’.

Which is irrelevant anyway since your response was still stupid 🙂

It’s filled with butthurt PvE’rs raging about things they can’t comprehend , it’s sad and also very funny at the same time !

I can play one developed by Martians but cant much on their time line, they are 10 years ahead over there.

We get some drinks and will join them for a late night wzn battlefield.
I have seen many to play around these hours anyway.

Maybe if you actually had enough people over there for the devs to care about they would do something for you guys.

well, fix the sorc nerf mess up and I’ll join but without that I’m not really willing to go through the pain of hating my favourite class. Besides, I’m sure there’ll be people there with full pvp gear and I don’t have that so that’s just gonna add to the non-enjoyment. But have fun whoever does attend, because I do think this is a good thing by itself.

Well, that’s because how they handled the PTS and the PTS feedback by players in the past. Now everbody says: PTS? Don’t give a fock!

It would be a good idea for all these Pvp complainers and whiners to join over there so they can contribute for once to something useful.

And they can complain to the devs in real time too.
Cant beat that.

I’m not surprised that they try get people on at the same time, otherwise pops are impossible..
Giving some CC as well? Didn’t expect it, but it’s a good idea, it works

Its called motivation !
And if you don’t know it its been used around you every single day and you don’t even notice it.

They already give CCs and other rewards for completing achievements. The codex gives exp. Exploration gives exp. How are those not also bribery? Like somebody else said, it’s motivation for playing, and playing well enough for the devs to accurately discuss balance.

It’s hardly bribery. It’s public testing, and you need to place an incentive for players to come over en masse and be active so you can actually uh.. test.

Was gonna do progression for t13 in FFXIV, but I think I’m changing my schedule.
Though I have a question: How does one get on the PTS? You have to clone the toon right, and then download the PTS with the launcher?

Edited with a more specific question: Can we start downloading the PTS now or do we have to wait until Thursday?

Already going to pts, lets kick some asss on the wzns.
Developers get ready to loose so you wont make any more Nerfs

The problem with mmos, they focus all class balance on pvp only, but from experience, players cry and bitch when they can’t win, so they cry for nerfs until they can win.

Its like for years Retribution Paladins were so weak, they were called Lolret, it lasted for atleast 2 years, then they get a buff, granted….over-buffed, but it didn’t last a day, it just shows, they only listen to players that lose.

Ret Paladins were not weak, they were actually really strong before their buff. It was that barely anyone knew how to play them. I knew a couple before their buff that were as good as any other class, compared to other great pvper’s on a good pvp server. How do you know they balance for pvp only? Did they say it? If you play a dps class that isn’t close to the other dps classes on a raid, wouldn’t you want your class to be on par with other classes? Anyways, if it isn’t balanced in pvp why do you think it is balanced in pve. If they balance classes more for pvp, wouldn’t that balance classes more for pve as well? The answer is YES.

The answer is no when it comes to “burst balancing”, as usually they reduce to overall DPS as well, not just the burst peak, generally making the burst specs even less viable in raids. I’m surprised they have not yet nerfed AP PT to the ground.

Actually, they balance it for pvp because the AI doesn’t cry and bitch when they can’t 1-shot other players and its widely known now that the more noise you make, the more work gets done.

Wow PVP is that dead that they are using cartel coins to lure people in to test their crappy PVP content. No thank Bioware. Take the hint. No one cares about PVP just focus on your next expansion

The mystics have visions. Visions of non exististing new PVP content.

This is class balancing, not content.

You PVE-only players are really awful. Just got a new expansion, new hardmode flashpoints and new daily areas, and still you cry and cry and cry.

Whether you like it or not this is a PVE game. The stats speak for themselves. EVERY SINGLE PVE server is larger than the largest PVP servers. The large majority of people that play this game play it for the PVE content. NOT to PVP! If a player wants to go into a WZ and fight others that’s fine. But when they get all butt hurt when they lose a match and whine on the forums about how a class is “too powerful”, Bioware nerfs the crap out of that class and screws the majority of players that do PVE content. It’s a freaking joke.

Just because the majority are on PvE servers doesn’t mean anything. You do realize that is how it is with every MMO. But even then, PvP is still huge and still has a high percentage of players. Just because you are extremely bias doesn’t mean your are right, it just means you are blind. You do realize that classes get nerfed based on PvE as well, right? It’s called balance, if one class outheals others by large margin adjustments need to be made or that will be the only healing class allowed on raids, etc.

HAHAHA you can’t be serious. Nerfs only happen because of PVP. If there was ever a balanced needed in PVE it would be a buff given to the lesser class. And PVP is not a high percentage of players. It is a small minority. Why do you think they put this cartel coin crap on the pts? It is because they do not have enough interest for PVP.

And also people keep playing the card of only one class being allowed in raid groups. That is such a load of bull. Every raid team that has ever recruited me or any of my friends has based it all on skill NOT on class or spec. If a specific boss fight does not agree with a certain class or spec it is the raid groups job to work around it and make it work. That is what any good raid team would do. So that my friend is a load crap.

For starters, it doesn’t work that way.
Secondly, the PvP servers are practically dead because BioWare forced 95% of the veteran long-time subscriber base to quit, thanks to the ranked fiascos and neglect of that area of the game. An area of the game that is often the sole reason many people play the game for. It’s objective-oriented PvP and it’s fun.

Also, need I reference the times where PvE players whined and broke a class in PvP? Pretty much how sorc healers are going right now. There’s a magical thing called balance and you must be retarded if you think removing a core element of the game is going to fix everything.

Yeh.. that’s not going to work.

I primarily PvP and I play a PvE server because it’s got more players and I don’t have to worry about being ganked when training alts. I can’t be the only one to do this.

Server Population effects PvP aswell, so basing your argument on population is complete rubbish.

Yeah, I’d agree more people play for PvE, but let’s be honest… a lot of that has to do with PvP being shunned by BW.

I hate people like you who are so bias and stereotype all the time.
PvP players are pretty much forced to PvE to reach endgame PvP where the real PvP is. I PvP, by your logic I’m supposed to hate everyone who only plays for PvE and how they are never happy with content? yes?

No. Stop being so bias and trying to prove a point based purely on assumption.

Nah, while i respect some players like this crap, i personally find it primitive, boring and severely repetitive and utterly predictable, they couldn’t get me into doing PvP for 1000000000000000000 cartel coins….hell even if they offered me a lifetime of cartel coins that normally cost £62.66 for free…..i still wouldn’t do this crap.

PVP sucks Bioware. Stop messing our PVE servers to cater to those sore losers. Bioware you are killing a game that I used to enjoy and now I dont look forward to playing anymore since you are nerfing my favorite class the non dps sorc.

PvP in this game still outshines PvP in many other MMO’s.
When I left this game, PvP was what I missed the most.
And it is because of the PvP that I’m heading back.

I don’t know what other games you play but PVP in SWTOR sucks. It’s boring, repetitive, and the fact that the tiny minority of players that do use it dictate everything that happens in this game is terrible. Bioware is constantly screwing over the players that support them and that is why they are losing players on a daily basis. That is why they have to use stupid gimmicks like this to get people into the PVP arena.

looks like someone is butt hurt because bw nerf their OP sorc, OP PT, OP operative and OP sins and made them competitive both for pvp and PVE. Sorry sunshine, but the whole point of nerfing was suppose to be balancing, this is an MMORPG where not one class is OP and cookie cutting raids.

Well looks like the sorc isn’t as “OP” as you idiotic PVP players think. The changes that you hoped and prayed for are not happening so go suck ****

“sore loser” and “PVP sucks” sounds to me like you’re the sore loser. Also: how are the new sorc changes a nerf? Roaming Mend is getting a single target healing buff. Also, and I quote:
“The Revivification effect of Force Surge now causes you to consume 10 less Force per charge (up from 5), along with its original additional effects.”
I am also a sage healer. That doesn’t look like a nerf to me.

Roaming Mend is a joke heal even after the “buff” it will still be useless. And the consumption of 10 less force is also a joke because every heal is going to cost 15 more to cast. Also the “healing increase” is also a joke. I have been around to see this stuff before. Didn’t you notice that they did not give any specific numbers on that? It’s because they know it is not enough to make up for what it is going to cost. If this really was a buff to the sorc heal they would tell us exactly how much the heals would increase since they were so precise on how much the cost would increase. But if you are a sage heal you will find out soon enough that your heals are going to go down the tank because you are going to have to slow you entire rotation down just to be able to keep your power up. Sorcs and sages will be the biggest joke when it comes to heals. Which is exactly what we need since there is such a surplus of healers in the game. But we are getting a “buff” so its ok. Dumbass

Wait what. Do you only play SM flashpoints or something? Roaming Mend? A joke? 4 hits from 5 to 11k each is a joke? Really?
I’m another person who believes the sorc changes are unnecessary and stupid, changing the gameplay for no reason. Every class is easymode if you’re not playing it at progression or ranked PvP-level.

I see your “Didn’t you notice that they did not give any specific numbers on that?” and I give you this: “and you all may see some adjustments in the live PTS patch update.” so everything you just said is meaningless, because no one but the devs know what the numbers will be, right this second, when 3.3 goes live.

Roaming Mend is so not a joke, in pve or pvp. It’s my most useful heal in so many situations. As Suriaka says, “4 hits from 5 to 11k each is a joke? Really?”



These changes are not a result of PvP. All the shitty casual PvEers complained so loudly that the class was too easy to play and force management was too simple. But sure, let’s just blame all of the problems on something that isn’t even related. There’ll probably be another comment in a few hours talking about how PvE has only made the game worse and has broken PvP, therefore it should be removed from the game.

PvE has only made the game worse and has broken my class in PvP, therefore it should be removed from the game. That’s right: all story, leveling, flashpoint and operation content should be entirely removed because I am upset about it all affecting PvP in some poorly described way. Bioware, you are killing a game that I used to enjoy and now I don’t look forward to playing anymore since you are nerfing my class because of PvE.

*Cough* buff strike fighters sooner than later *cough*

I’m not sure what CET time is but why should they play at any time other then what would be prime time for them? Why would they want to play at like 2 in the AM when PTS will be dead?

Well, maybe european players would also like to participate and get some Coins. Many players do actually work on friday so they can’t play much on thursday.

I heard rumors that european servers exist, far far away from the US galaxy in another (much less important?)galaxy.^^

There is only one PTS server which takes players from both regions. That and all they’re doing is testing, stop making this more than it is. If you want coins that badly, go buy them.

Developers aren’t magical, expecting them to play the game with actual players for three hours is way more than I expected them to do anyway.

Could, but the PTS is an American server and running on American time. They get the priority, unfortunately, so they set it as close to American primetime as they could get without making it totally inaccessible to European players.

Either way, just don’t go on the first two days. Saturday is way earlier.

After reading through the comments here.. it feels like a good time to reference the legendary phrase.

Cows go moo, dogs go woof, MMO players go “THE PVP IS UNBALANCED”

Well, it is definitely imbalanced but the reality is that there’s no such thing as balanced PVP in MMOs, you can get somewhat close to it but that’s as good as it gets.

can lowbies do this or do you have to be 60 for it? also that is 2pm-5pm est if i’m not mistaken for the people on the east coast

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