SWTOR Warzone Commendation Legacy Box Size Change

With the available of new technology, Bioware will be changing the current 99 warzone commendation legacy boxes to 100, 500, and 1000 commendation boxes.

About Warzone Legacy Boxes… | 06.08.2015, 02:42 PM

We agree! The 99 limit is too low and it is that way because of tech limitations. Good news though! We got some new tech that is going to allow us to change things up. In an upcoming PTS refresh you will see the 99 Lockbox removed and in its place 3 items, a 100 Warzone Comm grant, a 500 Warzone Comm grant, and a 1000 Warzone Comm grant. These items will be sold for how many comms they grant and but unfortunately they won’t stack at this time. We hope to get this functionality in, in the future.

What do y’all think about these amounts?

About Warzone Legacy Boxes… | 06.08.2015, 03:26 PM

Originally Posted by TheWookiee

Any chance you could apply the same "New" tech to crafting material stacks, or any other stackable items currently limited to 99?

The tech we got does not apply to item stacks, rather it allows for items to grant a currency, much like how reputation and requisition are granted via a consumable item.

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20 replies on “SWTOR Warzone Commendation Legacy Box Size Change”

Thank the devs, i was really going to fret having to send over 40 boxes just to get a basic set of gear to another toon 😛

Thats a good idea.

A noobie mode is needed that will bolster them 10 levels above their current level so they can finish their missions easier.

The thing i don’t understand is, if they truly “Agreed” what made them think 99 was good enough in the first place?

It was a solution they already had an implementation for, they could have a lockbox contain stacks of currency up to 99, and you get fewer questions of “why is this 99 instead of 100” than you would with “why is this 297 and not 300?”

They could just make lockboxes within lockboxes within lockboxes. Lockboxes everywhere.

They came up with 99 in the first place because it was the first build going up on the PTS, and they didn’t have feedback. What they’re “agree”ing with is feedback, which they didn’t have before the PTS went up. That’s how I see it

In all honesty…. How was it a tech issue in the first place.. like really……. Come up with some better excuses If they are going to make one… You create a tool, add a number.. increase, decrease… No tech issue…. Just a lame excuse… Anyhow. Great to see them increasing it

Trying to make a time machine all this time can you help me a bit on this project ?

Trying to get to the 80’s and make some mmo evolutions there so we can have a better gaming experience on this present time.

Better yet, just go back and inform EAware about all the shitty results of using hero engine and ignoring the customers. Make some stuff up about how they decided to be really customer friendly and swtor profits doubled or some crap. Then they might actually double

It might be a tech issue that the number can’t exceed 99 you know, everything stackable in the game has a limit of 99…maybe the variable isn’t configured to take 3digit values…just a guess

It would have been a plausible guess, but this is bw, this is a new thing they implented and not something that was there from the start. With that I mean they use to say because these were new devs they coudlnt really change the old scripting cause of old script was confusing hence the we can’t edit to sit on chairs..

This was just developted, they even increase stack on a lot of things, meaning they have the tech for it. So I wonder why this was even a tech issue when they did it before so it simply came down to increasing and decreasing a number. Just must have been by the complaints on forums that it’s too low so now they find an excuse to avoid saying hey we didn’t really thought it through

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