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GW2 Come Home to Lion’s Arch in the next update

Players will be able to experience a rebuilt Lion’s Arch in the next game update.

The next content update is bringing changes to Guild Wars 2, and we’re excited to tell you all about them.

Lion’s Arch Rises

Citizens! The good people of Lion’s Arch have been working hard and waiting patiently, and after a long period of healing, it’s nearly time to unveil the brand-new face of the city. In light of the relentless attacks on the port, the new design is fortified against attacks while still providing a warm and welcoming cultural center for the city’s diverse residents.

We asked for your help in deciding the names of significant landmarks, and players from around the world answered the call. The results are in, and the following names will be part of the new Lion’s Arch:

  • Canal Ward → Commodore’s Quarter
  • Lighthouse → Phoenix Roost
  • Lion’s Court → Lion’s Court
  • Air Base → Lion’s Arch Aerodrome
  • Memorial → Field of the Fallen

Keep an eye on the official Guild Wars 2 forums for an upcoming discussion of player events to celebrate the grand opening.


Core specializations are also on their way, bringing updates to traits and skills for each profession and making it easier than ever to create the builds you want to play. Read up on core specializations in this blog post by Jon Peters, and check out the recording and summary of our four-hour specializations livestream for an overview of the changes to each profession.

Stay tuned for more information on what you’ll find in the next update!

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22 replies on “GW2 Come Home to Lion’s Arch in the next update”

I’m so excited about the new lion’s arch! I can’t wait to explore it!
Also relieved to see that at least a couple of the names I voted for made it in 😀

This will be interesting.
I joined a few months ago. When someone asked what happened to Lion’s Arch (he’d been away from the game for some time) people explained how it was attacked. All I could think was “Wait, Lion’s Arch wasn’t always a shithole?!”
It’ll be interesting to see it look like a place people would actually want to live in.

it was a shithole made of pirate ships haphazardly stacked on top of an old stone fort. if thats not a childhood treehouse dream, i dunno what is.

There are a bunch of tours through old style Lion’s Arch on youtube if you’re curious as to what it used to look like

Huh? What 3 week pattern?
And patches are always released on a Tuesday, so that date could never work.

30th is a Tuesday. It was announced on the 9th. Next 3 Tuesdays are the 16th, 23rd, and then 30th. If you check the patch history (, they have done a build patch every 3 weeks for quite a while now. That being said, it is just an educated guess on my part.
EDIT: Caught my mistake. Sorry bout that.

Np. Like I said, just a guess at this point (though I hope it comes soon; getting burnt out atm).

I wonder what would have happened if you were not limited to a specific set of names.

I can see 4chan getting in there and giving offensive names to all the buildings.

骗骗小孩子的 新的狮子拱门早就做好了 其实这样可以拖延时间 哈哈哈 我好机制!!

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