GW2 Dwayna’s Regalia Outfit Gallery

Gallery of the newly added GW2 Dwayna’s Regalia Outfit available in gemstore for 700 gems.



Dye pattern












Male and female charr uses the male model



Male and female asura uses the male model


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46 replies on “GW2 Dwayna’s Regalia Outfit Gallery”

ROFL on human looks retarded

on female the chest piece look so unbalance

dang! dat helm on asura cant wait to see with bobblehead buff

It’s a really nice armour set IMO! But…the helmet looks so ridiculous on asura. If only it was a bit smaller.

I may have to get this for my sylvari character, though.

I can’t be the only one annoyed with outfits directly from guild wars trilogy, next I’m sure we will see avatar of grenth next. Yeah they look cool, but they could modify them a bit so it doesn’t look tacky, then again it doesn’t seem like a lot of players actually played the trilogy so who cares I guess.

Sorry but these skins look absolutely stupid. The wings coming out of the chest piece looks horrible and silly. The helmets on the Charr and Asura…is this a joke? This set looks like THE most half-assed attempt at armor I have seen. And then to expect me to pay for it? Nope. Taking a massive pass on this. Just my opinion

Would have really liked the helmet and cape piece (as a Light of Dwayna substitute). May have been able to replace my dungeon chest with a Dwayna chest on my Necro – depending on how tatoos behaved.

Remember the explanation that outfits allowed overlapping assets which couldn’t be achieved with modular armor pieces? Explain how this set couldn’t be split up into a regular set of armor?

if u looked at the shoulder piece it could cause problems but then again they have mentioned that gem store will always have outfits and armor pieces will always be obtained in game so enough said

The metal wings are part of the armor – and clip no worse then any other bulging chest pieces in game. The mini cape thing definitely doesn’t clip worse then any of our mini cape things.

This could have been a perfectly viable set of armor pieces 🙁

If the toons hair was kept under the helm, it would be a decent outfit same with other gem store items, sailors hat and top hat didnt buy those either. Some semblance of hair to make it look like toon didnt just shave their head to wear the helm.

I’ve waited so long for this outfit and yet I feel a bit disappointed. I thought it would resemble a GW1 costume, like The Raiment of the Lich 🙂 Imho in the gw2 concept art looked so much better than this.

They just seems to be getting weirder with armour, the weapons seem to be getting oversized unless your characters a norn.well thats my rant

Oh and the female Dwayna’s outfit looks just like the one in GuildWars 1 concept artwork not in the ingame one (was never designed for a Male so no wonder it looks awful on them)

I was hopeing the dwayna costume would look like the 1 from the other guild wars this is just ugly :/

Top and helm look meh. The Skirt I could have used for something, but it had to be another lame “Outfit’… thanks anet…

Good looking skin. The helm should have been reworked for male characters…because it just looks dumb on them.

It looks hilarious on asuras… usual 🙂

Hnnnggg no side/under boob.. nor any cleavage.. NOOOOO!!!.. *looks at male character skin*, oh.. political reasons I see.

I really like this outfit and bought it for my elementalist instantly. It looks really nice with the Infinite Light when Tempest specialization comes out. For now I’m waiting for the next Dwayna Weapon set.

Is it confirmed that Elementalist will get a sword specialization? I was curious and my bet went for sword aswell but is it confimed? Just asking 😛

Sorry for question that has nothing to do with the post but I wasn’t able to be in GW for quite a long time and now I’m trying to catch on. Will all classes like mesmer get 2 weapons for their specjalization or just one weapon 1-handed. I think it’s kinda unfair to give necromancer a 2-handed weapon and just one 1-handed weapon to others, So my question is how specializations will affect skills in situation when Mesmer got only 3 or 2 weapon skills and Guardian or Necro got 5 weapon skills or I am missing something?

well I don’t think we can talk about fair or unfair in this case. Do have classes that get 2-handed weapons more luck than the others? Well I’m on your side here. It’s really a shame that some classes get more new abilities than others BUT it’s just like a sub-class. Only when the classes are using a specific trait line they’ll be able to use new weapons. If they aren’t using that trait line they won’t be able to use different weapons than before.

Besides this is only the beginning. Arenanet is probably(well they actually said so themselves. I just can’t remember the exact wording) just want to see how these “sub-classes” work out and if the response from the community is accordingly we’ll most likely get more classes and therefore most likely more usable weapons for each class.

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