GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Scientific Weapon Skins Gallery

Gallery of the newly released Scientific Weapon Skins with the June 9, 2015 patch. They can be purchased for 1 Black Lion Weapon Ticket each.

Animation varies on the weapon but includes spinning orbs, acid drip and special drawn sound. In addition, warhorn have special ability sounds (pistol/rifle/longbow/shortbow do not)



Video of warhorn comparison on warrior


Scientific Axe – [&C4sXAAA=]


Scientific Dagger – [&C48XAAA=]


Scientific Focus – [&C4IXAAA=]


Scientific Greatsword – [&C4AXAAA=]


Scientific Hammer – [&C4EXAAA=]


Scientific Longbow – [&C4QXAAA=]


Scientific Mace – [&C34XAAA=]


Scientific Pistol –  [&C44XAAA=]


Scientific Rifle – [&C4MXAAA=]


Scientific Scepter – [&C4kXAAA=]


Scientific Shield – [&C4cXAAA=]


Scientific Short Bow – [&C4wXAAA=]  


Scientific Staff – [&C4oXAAA=]  


Scientific Sword – [&C4UXAAA=]


Scientific Torch – [&C4YXAAA=]


Scientific Warhorn – [&C38XAAA=]


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40 replies on “GW2 Scientific Weapon Skins Gallery”

i like the green smoke coming out but sadly the weapons i like i already have a legendary it would be a waste to buy one

No special sound effect with the glow? I’m trying to decide if I want one or not, decisions, decisions.

[&C48XAAA=] [&C44XAAA=] [&C4wXAAA=] [&C4sXAAA=] [&C4oXAAA=] [&C4kXAAA=] [&C4cXAAA=] [&C4YXAAA=] [&C4UXAAA=]
[&C4QXAAA=] [&C4MXAAA=] [&C4IXAAA=] [&C4EXAAA=] [&C4AXAAA=] [&C38XAAA=] [&C34XAAA=]

i like the sword, since there is more blade than hilt… the shield looks pretty weird in a good way…

Everything else is oddly portioned on a character… like.. its made for norns but handled by an asura… something like that.. those pistols. lol can a human even pull the trigger? whats up with those overly far back reaching handles? Have they ever seen a gun before?

Whats up with the dagger? looks like a mini shovel. For once the shortbow looks cooler than the long bow….

I got the warhorn.

oh well thats all.. if only the vapor and vials can be dyed. that WOULD BE EPIC!

These Guild Wars 2 weapons just keep getting UGLIER and UGLIER, IMHO….And, personally, i don’t like/appreciate that anime-like ludicrous, disproportionate bigness of the weapons, either. Yeah, i know it’s supposed to be “fantasy”, but most characters would break their backs even carrying such enormous weaponry Much less fighting and killing creatures with them all the day long.

you said you know its fantasy yet you then rebuttal utilizing realism towards fantasy sir.. that doesn’t work.

Also this set of skins are actually one of their more exciting and creative sets. just because you are being really picky on the weapons doesn’t mean you can spout such nonsense without even elaborating that this is your opinion because saying “IMHO” and then going on a rant expressing why overall these items are an issue. My man, you need to learn how to express your opinion without sounding like a jackass.

“My man, you need to learn how to express your opinion without sounding like a jackass.”
He’s not the only one.

i concur; he is quite the hypocrite! I am, after all, entitled to my opinion, as much as he is. And not everyone, who plays these mmo’s are huge fans of anime I’ve seen tons of sci-fi related weaponry that are not nearly so garish, IMHO, and as impossibly physics-bending as these in other mmo’s And while Guild Wars IS fantasy (it ain’t real), there is a reason why you’ve not seen any anime-enormous weaponry in any sci-fi motion picture of quality It is because it is prospectively bloody awful, and would impede a character’s vision and movements to a ridiculous degree….

I personally feel that the H should be left out of your use of IMHO, if it is an very direct opinion, since there is nothing humble about it… IMO. The H does not make you sound less direct and offensive, however it does Highlight the fact that you are just flat out expressing your opinion, not humbly, but aggressively, and this hurts the interwebbers! After all this is what humble means:

Now, thats out of the way… my reply…

IMHO, you may not like these skins and you are right that they may not be the apple of your eyes, but I do feel like they do bring a little more variety to the typical bronze age weapon design, and magical mystery skins.It is unfortunate that it doesn’t have any real matching armor sets. It is also great that they made these relatively hard to obtain (BLCT) so for the people that do not want it, it would not require any changes to their game play/finances.

And who doesn’t like some crazy looking weapon to fight some crazy over grown battle ship wrecking vines controlled by a dragon who you can probably shoot down later on with some MEGA LASER CANNON.

agree with your point, but not your reasoning.
some people like big flashy shit, and thats their thing.
some people (like me) like reasonable and realistic designs.
i do like this particular set, but i agree that some stuff is a bit ridiculously proportioned.
its not that i wish theyd make EVERYTHING smaller and simpler, i just wish theyd have more fundamentally diverse designs.
in armor too, for that matter.

This is a great set of skins! I’ll need to farm some gold to get the ones i like (read: most of them) 🙂 Very happy!

woah these are actually pretty cool. not overly flashy, but still fancy.

its a shame we never get any armor to match.

the one complaint i have is that the daggers are huge. they would almost certainly qualify as short swords. its not that theyre long, just they look like they were made for norn when a human is using them.

ive noticed that on a few weapon sets now, and im not sure why.

im not sure how those people find the doorknobs in their own house.

honestly i think theyd look fine if the handles were a bit smaller. that might be whats making them look so oversized, and would still leave enough room for stylization.

i personally use majory’s dagger and caithe’s dagger, because they are proportionally reasonable…. and jory’s dagger looks cool with the green bubblies until i get incinerator….

I also like a few of the exotic skins that looks like daggers… im hating on this mini shovel design… I like the shortbow! looks like a NERF weapon.

hahaha yea it does. ive not been too happy with SB designs either. All my thief’s weapons i havent changed since i made em, because i like streamline and at least vaguely realistic designs, and thats pretty much never what they give us.

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