cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM weekly sales for June 9 – 16

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales for the week of June 9 to June 16.


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27 replies on “SWTOR CM weekly sales for June 9 – 16”

I wouldn’t get excited, I got a deep core hypercrate, I got 2 Vrake, the Satele statue, and the throne of enlightenment, out of the normal pack, the bonus/platinum pack gave me that turd sorcerers belt, or whatever its called.

I have seen dozens of people get common rubbish from the “bonus” pack.

What a rubbish sale again, did they brake something, is that why they still have the crime lords pack for almost a month solid.

I know same to me happened but I’m hoping they fixed the loot table on it since lots of people made the comment on the official forum about that.

Ohh joy!!! I got the Dr Zoidberg mask in my platinum pack!!!! Then I got it again out of one of the regular packs!!!! I least I didnt get a credit boon like some people reported getting in the last pack. I think that’s what they meant when they said they “fixed” it. The best I got in my crate was the Revanite alter and Vindicator. I got most of the Freedon Nadd set but I don’t know if that is the rare set everyone will be wanting this go around. Why is it I get stuff like 2 pairs of the greaves and gloves but never the head or chest of sets like those?

Thanks Dulfy for the reply. Well, I believe those came to stay, since it has been 3 sales and the packs are still there. But everything can happen.

Anyways, that means more time to buy more :]

I’m not a fan of it on females but that doesn’t mean “male” and “female” haircuts in the game shouldn’t be cross gender. I can see why some people would want undercut for a female toon anyways.

No when the SH came out they were like 3300 cc for a while. People really complained when the price went back up and they dropped it again for a bit.

This was the first time I actually bought a hypercrate pack in the hopes I could get that Revan statue….I got it in that Platinum Pack. I was…satisfied.

Once again no rare mounts or even the decent looking mount lhosans, razalons and a tirsa. Why has rngesus forsaken me?

I would be prone to spending so much more money on this game if they’d just put stuff out on the cartel market directly, and not wrapped up in randomly generated packages. I’ll just pointlessly hoard my cartel cash before I buy a hypercrate.

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