SWTOR Nightlife Event is back from June 9 to August 25

SWTOR Nightlife event is back from June 9 to August 25 of this year on Nar Shaddaa.

To start this event, either head to to fleet and interact with the advisement terminals on the inner ring of the fleet or head straight to Nar Shaddaa (Club Vertica Casino for republic players, Star Cluster Casino for empire players).


There doesn’t seem to be any change from last year’s event so if you have already gotten everything from last year you might be able to save some credits. If you havn’t done the event or need a refresher, you can consult the guide here.

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Nothing is new?!? They had nearly a year to come up with a hand full of new items to win and it appears they blew it. Seriously, the total amount of last years prizes is not even the same size of one cartel pack and those are released on a constant basis. If this is true, it’s kind of pathetic.

Such laziness on BWs part.. It seems like they could make a new jackpot mount every year or something.

they could atleast throw in some decorations or something to add new stuff =/
this is just crap…

Kind of a lost opportunity here. This event added all these unique new npcs around the casino, female Nikto, and a bunch of races that havent appeared in the game. They could have made some into furniture npc’s really quick for the event.

Still, this is a neat way to rack up some kingpin legacy weapons if you still need some, also rancors. And if you dont have your rancor yet, you can always leave general chat open to hear that guy who won his on a free roll over and over for hours while you pull out your own hair. 😀

Wait, there are female Nikto npc? Then why the **** can’t we get Nikto as a PC race instead of furries and hyper-Twi’lek?

I think they should add at least 1new item for every event. I’ve gotten everything from every event that I want, except the Rancor. After I get one this go around I’m done with all the events. Ohh there is that super rare red sphere from the gree but the chanc of me getting that are slim to none.

I got all achievements, items, pets and even 4 Rancors.

I was looking forward to getting something new, anything new…

World of Warcraft has yearly events that have had the same rewards for several years. Stop it.

This isn’t WoW. Not only that, SWTOR released dozens upon dozens of speeders, armors, weapons, pets, furniture and other general customizations since the last nightlife event. Plus, there are a lot more on the way. You mean to tell me they couldn’t save a couple of items from these releases (which are already made, by the way) and use them as rewards for this event? Give me a break.

If they are using those items to make money so that they can develop content that actually matters? That is perfectly fine with me.

Caring about useless shit like event rewards and bitching and moaning till Bioware does something about it is killing the game by taking away development time from stuff that matters.

… Stuff that matter? Like what? The lag they said they fixed? The none support of GSF (way to late to fix SF)? The dead servers they don’t acknowledge? The worse F2P model in MMO history? That important stuff?

Yeah, people have pretty much given up on that, now asking for the strict minimum like, a re-skin of a mount or a shiny decoration is all we can hope for.

But even that is too much like people for you, you,re too busy bending over to notice that events like these are the only “content” they have to keep us entertained while waiting for real content and without new rewards, they don,t eve work as that!

I am not sure what you’re problem with me is or what you are trying to say, but I have been very critical of them in areas that are actually important. The difference is, I don’t say stupid crap like your vague passive aggressive insults and ‘trendy’ name calling.

There are a couple things I noticed. Seems the “Feeling Lucky” buff duration is reduced (it feels like a mad rush to spin on the kingpin machine once you get it now, I don’t remember it being like that last time. Also, not all the lost achievements from last time were restored. The hidden one it sounds like nobody got it back (as far as I can tell from chat), and I had to redo the “10 wins on smuggler machine”.

I have all achievements restored, including the hidden machine exploding one, except for the rancor achievement. From what I read on the forums it seems to vary what achievements got restored. Some people got credit for achievements they didn’t complete.

People claim they have won the Ridge Hunter Rancor from A SLOT Machine, can anyone confirm? This rancor is ment to drop from the Mid Rim explorer packs and that coulď mean the rewards got quite a bit mixed up

It took me 5 million credits, 5 exploded machines, 12 vectron magnus’ and over 100 certs last time to get the rancor. I’m not going back there lol

Have to agree with the consensus here (though I wouldn’t use the word “waste”. Somewhat disappointing that they didn’t put in at least a few new toys as I still have a fistful of certificates from last year. Well, I’ll probably waste some money there which is the point….

Considering how frequently they put out new cartel packs you’d think it would be easy to re-skin a Vondell Ruby or other recent mount along with a few new weapons and legacy shells.

Part of me expected some new casino-themed decorations from the event this year, but in retrospect, I can’t think of what they would be. We already have tables, slot machines, and Hutt Loungers. I’m certain this crossed BioWare’s mind at some point.

Not that I would mine some new rewards, of course. A Nexu mount or a Pazaak Dealer for my Sky Palace would be nice. Or, if they want to do something new, a new emote. Perhaps one where you make it rain credits… maybe…

They could use this event to answer to community about the controversial Slot Machine deco and introduce new ones that spit different rep items at least if they still don’t want to tweak them up.

I remember the horror last year and I how much hate I had before I finally got the rancor to drop in the last few days. So went in dropped a million today, 23 certs and a vectron magnus was all I had to show.

My luck just seems terribly bad for rng.

Heh I really like the green rancor it looks good. Wanted another for one of my alts. Now working on the last 500k for 2.5m range still at one vectron and 34 certificates now.

And yes they are merciless and mocking me! 😀

Harbringer. 😀 Already had someone doing that earlier hit it twice in a row for rancor in under 30 minutes. It was at that time that I took a break and went to shoot pool.

I don’t know why I expected new rewards and vendor items…it just seemed like a no-brainer after a year to prepare for the event. I’m disappointed at the wasted potential and further example of laziness from bioware. Oh well….at least I can save all my credits since I got all the stuff I wanted last year.

Before I click on the Vectron Magnus, how exactly does a legacy speeder work? Will it add a copy to that character’s vehicles, and leave the speeder in my inventory so it can be moved to another character? Or will it disappear when I click it and add to all the other characters’ vehicle lists?

It is legacy bound. Meaning you can send it to any of your alts. If you click it the character gets it not all your alts. It’s a one time unlock. So say if you want 2 alts to have it you need 2 of the mounts. It’s like any other mount you just can’t sell or trade it.

Final tally 2.5m vectron magnus (x3) and certificates (x53). I will take a couple week break build up some more revenue before trying again.

Hmm, so my Kingpin rancor achievement didn’t get updated, even though I won the mount last year. Conspiracy to force achievement whores to spend more credits to get it again? I think so.

Another try at getting the exploding machine.

It appears that if you’ve done it last year, you can not interact with the advertising terminals this year. You go straight to the Nar Shaddaa casinos.

What a great event! I spent about half an hour to get 8 kingpin coins, and then I got the rancor in 4 pulls of the kingpin machine! Why is everyone else complaining? *Ducks the flying brickbats*

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