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GW2 Upcoming Changes to the Wallet System

New blog post on the GW2 site discussing some of the upcoming additions to the wallet system.

Hello, everyone! Matt Pennebaker here from the rewards team, and I want to talk about upcoming changes to the wallet. Let’s jump right in.

Where Is It?

Veteran wallet users know that if you want to check out your current stockpile of wealth, you head to the Hero panel and click on the wallet tab. There you can find all of your currencies laid out in a big grid. You can also navigate there from the little + button in the bottom of your inventory, but that results in opening two windows to view one piece of information. Neither of these options make the wallet easy to find or use, so we’ve moved the wallet to the Inventory panel. Clicking the Wallet button will now toggle your inventory to the wallet view.

What Does It Look Like?

The grid view of the old wallet, while nice to look at, took up a lot of space and didn’t leave much room to expand. Since the wallet is functionally a list of numbers, that’s what we decided to visually display. It’s now much more compact, with the option to filter it, and this makes future additions much easier. At the top of the wallet is a drop-down menu that will filter the wallet to display only the currency categories you want to see.
Hover your mouse over a currency to display its details—some of which you can click for extra functionality, indicated by an icon appearing to the far right. Gems and gold will take you to the Gem Store and Currency Exchange, respectively, while dungeon currencies show you where the entrances to their dungeons are.

As an added bonus, we’ve slightly changed how currencies display in the bottom of your inventory. Your gold will always be there, but the other visible currency will change based on where you are. For example, in World vs. World you’ll see badges of honor, and while in the Fractals of the Mists you’ll see fractal relics.

Did Someone Say Additions?

We’ve added more currencies to the wallet! When you log in after the update, the following items will be converted to currencies and stored in your wallet:

  • Pristine Fractal Relics
  • WvW Tournament Claim Tickets
  • Geodes
  • Bandit Crests

These items will be automatically converted to the new versions of the currencies when the character holding them logs in, so be sure to check each of your characters’ inventories.

What about Skill Points?

Previously, we told you that endless sources of skill points will reward a different currency instead. The new wallet will house the new currency, spirit shards.

Currently, there are two sources of skill points. The first are limited sources, such as skill-point challenges and the level-up guide. The second are endlessly repeatable, such as scrolls of knowledge and leveling up after 80. Skill points also had two uses: unlocking skills, and buying materials for the Mystic Forge.

What we had were two systems that should have been using two different currencies, and now they do. Every source that used to give scrolls of knowledge will now give spirit shards, which Miyani will accept for her materials. A few things will change to accommodate this split:

  • Tomes of knowledge will level you up if you are under level 80 and give one spirit shard if you’ve reached level 80.
  • Writs of experience can only be used if you’re under level 80, and they can be traded in to Miyani for a tome of knowledge at a rate of 20 writs per tome.
  • Leveling up after level 80 no longer grants skill points, but level 80 characters will be able to loot spirit shards off of monsters.
  • Any scrolls of knowledge that you have in your possession will automatically be converted to spirit shards, and any source that used to award scrolls of knowledge will now grant spirit shards.

The conversion of skill points to spirit shards will be automatic. This will happen on a per‑character basis, so make sure to log in on each character to receive your total count! I think you’ll be surprised at just how many spirit shards you have.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy the new wallet!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

65 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Changes to the Wallet System”

what will happen to characters with hundreds of skillpoints sitting on them? was there a comment on this in the past?

if you notice it just now, gw2 is all based on “who first arrive better sits” they never cancel what you farmed before a nerf.

uh, its not clear yet if people can stick with their earned skills/traits after the rework. id say there will be some grandfathering but anet didnt comment on it yet.

there is trouble with grandfathering and using the skillchallenges as “currency” for the trait/skillsystem at the same time.

i know anet like always is “who first arrive etc.” but this issue might create some headaches.

the hundreds of skillpoints will be converted to spirit shards.. im more concerned about not being able to use the writs of xp after lvl 80..

I was saving them to help level up the masteries.. but now it looks like there will be no easy way to get the masteries =/ Also i had a 2nd account that i was saving tomes on to make a Revanant. But feel its a waste cuz i can use the tomes now and get a bonus skill point along with a level.. must rethink my strategy

on another note i wonder what will happen to the several xp boosters, that gives you additional xp for killing stuff etc. only useable under 80? would suck quite much. faster mastery points? might be too good to be true.

You will get levels from tomes and levelling up will give you Hero Points so I don’t see how it’s a waste?

*cough* Black Lion Tickets and Scraps *cough*
Hell they could even add Unidentified Fossilized Insects to the wallet, since it is technically just a currency until you trade them for a specific one.

My question is how to gain skill point after level 80? What happens if they add new skills down the line and level 80s don’t have the points to unlock? And for levelling characters will there be a set pool (i.e. 80 + # of skill challenges) that will limit the total number of skills that can be unlocked?

For hero points like traits. For now there will be enough – 620 points available (400 leveling and 220 from skill challenges) and 465 needed to unlock all core traits and skills already in game. With time they probably add some way to get more

So if you are level 80 and have done at least 65 challenges you can unlock everything for the profession??

All you probably have unlocked now. There is still elite specialization (maybe more later) and i feel it will be much more expensive than rest

Yes. You may need more for the elite specs when they’re released. Not sure if the 465 counts them, but there is more than enough Hero Challenges in the world to account for the points needed.

Any time Anet add skills or trait lines they will definitely add the necessary Challenges in the world to guarantee we have points to buy them.

There won’t be anymore skill points. They will have Hero Points or something like that to unlock the skills and traits.

I am not impressed, some of use are sitting on thousands of skill points and/or scrolls; so nothing changes and we have “Spirit Shards” rotting now? They could had at least gave us a new vender to spend them on for free materials or something.

It seems to me after the initial skill point conversion to spirit shards the shards will be difficult to get. Its mentioned that we can loot them. And we all know how that works..

theyll be in the wallet, so its not like theyre taking up inventory space. its also not like theyre any different from the ‘rotting’ skillpoints we are all ‘sitting on’. really this just gives them more flexibility and allows us to spread our post-80 resources more easily between characters.

guys – all that changes have ONE simply reason: they dont want us to max out our revenants to lvl 80 in one minute…

max out wont happen because of missing skill challenges. so… give it less than 24 hours until the first maxed out rev appears. some people do 100% map completion in less than 19 hours. doing some challenges to get the required mastery points should be a piece of cake in comparison.

(leveling with tomes still will work)

you guys know some of us have over 1k gold right ? so.. we can craft to lvl 80 in matter of one hour tops!

keep your money. tomes will still work like intended. and you can spend 2k gold into crafting and you will still have to do hero challenges formerly known as skill challenges to max out your char.

We can still get it to lvl 80 in less then a minute via tomes of knowledge and exp Writs which I’m sure many like myself are saving up for this exact purpose when the expansion comes out.

So wait, will all my skill points be converted into spirit shards? What if I don’t have all of my skills unlocked yet and I’m stockpiling 30 for an elite?

Hall Guest4142015 • 31 minutes ago
There won’t be anymore skill points. They will have Hero Points or something like that to unlock the skills and traits.

Yeah but I don’t think they said that the implementation of hero points would happen in the same update they made this change, did they? I may have missed it.

so does it mean we have to use scrolls of knowledge now? I mean get the necessary skills and traits now before you are mandatory be pushed to explore the world countless of times?

Good question! If they reimburse us shards for points we already used then go ahead and use them. But if they don’t then you should wait for the hero points to unlock stuff.

also, are they going to base every skill points gained on 400 from leveling and 220 from skill challenges. I mean we already got and spent alot for it either time exploring or buying. I have few character mostly from tomes and tomes does not give skill points. I wonder if they will reset it and based it with 620 skill points, I’m worried because not all characters got 100% map explored.

so far there is no word about grandfathering skills/traits previously unlocked. normaly id say “its anet, they wont lock something previously unlocked” but this time around… im not so sure.

i just cant imagine that they are going to screw for example wvw characters grown up on tomes and scrolls. on the other hand its hard to imagine a way how this new mastery point system is going to work when grandfathering takes place.

i guess the reason why we havnt heard about all this is because anet is still figuring it out. and if in doubt they will go for the customers 🙂


Farming Silverwastes for the Beta Portal…ohh the nightmares. 15054919159 Bandit Crests in my inventory

hahaha, i can see luck being added to it down the road.. i know some peep with stacks and stacks because they are at the max magic find.. lucky

i think they should add recipes to use it in stuff. maybe magic find potions/infusions/etc. they cant let us sell it, otherwise youd just be able to buy your way to max magic find and completely defeat the point of the system.
at the very least they could let us sell it to npc vendors for a decent amount.

i hope to god the conversion is automatic and they dont make us right-click our poor little mice off.

i know, but after i completed the collection with the weapons, it feels boring to go to a bank to save 4 geode that i got from opening sand. and imagine doing that with different char each time

damn, if you do events on all chars i can imagine the loose geodes and sand being annoying
still tho, guess im a hoarder and don’t mind waiting til it’s a full stack to move into a mule 😛

some of you seem to be freaking out about this needlessly. nothing is being taken from you. below 80, characters can still use tomes and writs and all that business just fine. all those extra skill points you have saved up get converted into a new currency, which means its account wide and no longer bound to a single character.
this is a GOOD thing.
the only thing they did not comment on is how we will go about unlocking the remaining skills after 80. will we be able to use the shards? will there be ‘hero points’ or some such thing? that is unclear.
but unifying that resource for the whole account will make managing it a lot easier.

all skills will be unlocked by using hero point. they said in a previous post that the skills will be grouped and you will use hero points to unlock your desire group. (example: one group will have all the passive signets of your character together, so you will spent an X amount of hero points to unlock that group and so on…)

Shaggy is talking about the conversion bound to happen with the patch. Basically they are splitting 1 currency into 2 currnecies, this will create some conflicts here and there probably.
For instance, a level 80 character with 0% world completion and all the healing/utility/elite skills unlocked through the use of Scrolls of Knowledge, will it get the scrolls refunded as spirit shards and just have 0 healing/utility/elite skills unlocked?

A level 80 character that’s done none of the hero challenges should be able to unlock more than enough skills, specializations, and traits to make several unique full builds

This is what they said on a previous post

The focus was on the ‘unlearn’ aspect 😉
Now that I think of it, it makes most sense for Anet to reset all the slot skills and give everyone the hero points they’re eligible for based on world completion and level.

no see i made this post specifically to debunk stuff like this.

why would they take away skills for any reason? you spent the skill points, you got the skill. it doesnt matter one bit HOW you got the skill points.

again, nothing is being taken from you. theyre just converting the points to a new resource so they can use the hero system instead.

Well they have to balance out the amount of Hero Points every character has. The easiest way would be to unlearn all slot skills and traits, and then give that character the amount of Hero Points it is eligible for.
Otherwise you might end up with cases where if you do the math you end up with a below zero amount of Hero Points. Take a level 80 character that now has all slot skills and traits unlocked, but 0 skill challenges completed since it used Scrolls of Knowledge. That character would be eligible for 400 Hero Points, BUT it has more unlocked than 400 Hero Points could possibly buy them. Thus there would be an imbalance.
Easiest solution would be unlearn everything and then give them the amount of Hero Points they are eligible for. Basically all it would do, create a clickfest the first time you log into your characters again.

nah see they dont have to balance shit. its easier to just make everyone start over, yes, but that would piss people off, and Anet isnt that stupid. usually. theyre all about helping players out, even to the point of almost unbalancing the game, as weve seen with all the loot rewards they shower us with just for logging on or leveling up.

so if a character has learned everything through scrolls or whatever and done no challenges, theyll have all the points theyve spent on their skills. if they plan on having no cap to hero points, they probably wont worry about older players having more, and if there is a cap, those that have everything unlocked will undoubtedly have reached it. either way, it shouldnt affect hero challenges at all.

From what I understood so far there is hard cap on Hero Points (400 from levelling plus the amount a skill challenges in the game).
Resetting everything would only mean having to click a shit-ton of times in the Hero panel to get back to where you were, which is not that much effort tbh.

Maybe I’m a noob but…how should I then farm 200 skill points if I want a Bloodstone Shard for the first legendary gift? :/

My main has over 400 skill points stocked up, will they all convert to spirit shards or should I spend them all before I lose them?

They’ll convert automatically when you log in on that character.

“The conversion of skill points to spirit shards will be automatic. This will happen on a per‑character basis, so make sure to log in on each character to receive your total count!”

i miss the days where they used to give you special rewards for buying gems (they only did it twice) though it was a nice incentive towards players that bought gems from time to time. it kind of made me want to buy a bit more just to see what they would give next.

now they give us rewards for doing literally everything in the early game in an attempt to smooth out the process. add to that the login rewards and its like theyre showering players with loot at all times.
if they tried to do that with gems now it wouldnt make any sense.
i guess BL chests fill that to some degree though.

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