Patch 3.3 patch notes SWTOR

SWTOR PTS Patch 3.3 June 10 Patch Notes

SWTOR PTS Patch 3.3 June 10 Patch Notes. The changes are mostly class changes.

PTS Update Notes – 6/10/2015 | 06.10.2015, 10:08 PM

Classes + Combat
Sith Inquisitor

  • Consuming Darkness now activates instantly, restoring 50 Force (up from 30). The healing component has been removed.
  • Dark Resilience has been redesigned: Reduces the damage taken by the target of your Extrication by 50% for 6 seconds after you extricate them.


  • The healing dealt by Revivification has been increased.
  • The Revivification effect of Force Surge now causes you to consume 10 less Force per charge (up from 5), along with its original additional effects.
  • The Consuming Darkness effect of Force Surge has been redesigned: Consuming Darkness restores an additional 10 Force and consumes 1 charge of Force Surge.
  • Reverse Corruptions has been redesigned: Consuming a charge of Force Surge grants Reverse Corruptions, increasing your Force Regeneration Rate by 2 per second for 10 seconds.
  • Roaming Mend now has a base Force cost of 65 (up from 60) and its healing has been increased.
  • Dark Mending now additionally reduces the Force cost of Roaming Mend by 5.

Jedi Consular

  • Vindicate now activates instantly, restoring 50 Force (up from 30). The healing component has been removed.
  • Valiance has been redesigned: Reduces the damage taken by the target of your Rescue by 50% for 6 seconds after you rescue them.


  • The healing dealt by Salvation has been increased.
  • The Salvation effect of Resplendence now causes you to consume 10 less Force per charge (up from 5), along with its original additional effects.
  • The Vindicate effect of Resplendence has been redesigned: Vindicate restores an additional 10 Force and consumes 1 charge of Resplendence.
  • Amnesty has been redesigned: Consuming a charge of Resplendence grants Amnesty, increasing your Force Regeneration Rate by 2 per second for 10 seconds.
  • Wandering Mend now has a base Force cost of 65 (up from 60) and its healing has been increased.
  • Immutable Force now additionally reduces the Force cost of Wandering Mend by 5.


  • PTS only: Freshly Copied Characters to PTS now have their Ranked Commendations correctly converted to Warzone Commendations.
  • Legacy Warzone Commendation Grants have been added to the PvP Items vendor on the Fleets. These grants are purchasable for 100, 500 and 1000 Warzone Commendations and grant the same amount as purchased. They are Bound to Legacy.
  • The Legacy Warzone Commendation Lockbox (x99 Warzone Commendations) has been removed from the game.
  • Daily and Weekly non ranked PvP missions have their rewards bumped to 150 and 400 warzone commendations respectively (up from 100 and 300).

Stronghold Changes (Datamined)

  • Max Hook limit for the Yavin stronghold changed to 870 (up from 485). Default hooks is 250.
  • Max Hook limit for the Tatooine stronghold changed to 1100 (up from 500). Default hooks 400.

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41 replies on “SWTOR PTS Patch 3.3 June 10 Patch Notes”

Correct me, if I am mistaken, but Dark Resilience/Valiance had reduced the threath of the targeted player, not?
And now it reduces the damage taken.
So does this mean that the effect still occures, or that it has been changed, for this would be great, so Tanks could be pulled around a lot more ^^

I think rescue naturally reduces threat without Valiance. Otherwise this would be a neat thing to co-ordinate with the tanks, although you might want to do it in melee range to reduce disorientation.

I think most people that don’t heal with sorc/sage level a sorc/sage purely to extricate on cd as a method of trolling. That’s what Kel’shara had in mind, I believe.

I remember this one time pre3.0 when a friend and I pugged DP HM 16man. Somehow there was like 7 or 8 sorcs in the raid, just happened that way. We coordinated together to extricate the raid lead on cd. Not out of hate or anything, just because it’s hilarious. Poor bastard was flung all over the room throughout the raid. Every few seconds he’d go flying this way or that.

We did down it, and I did tell him he was a good sport about it. He was okay with it by Tyrans, figured everyone was having fun.

One time me and another healer sorc extricated each other at the same time and we basically swapped places that way…it looked hilarious 🙂

I try to avoid pissing people off with it, or possibly killing tank aggro, I wont hesitate to use it on DPS all the time for high aggro, or standing in stupid, but when its time to have a bit of fun, I normally like dragging afk people into wierd places, like side offices in Czerka, into their own cubicles, into fountains, bushes, under bridges, etc.

It’s not like the tank is royally screwed or anything if he loses threat. Taunting is absolutely ridiculous in this game as it gives him or her more than enough of a window to get back on top of the table.
Though I will admit that it could happen at a bad time (i.e. no offensives to gather threat, or taunt happens to be on cooldown for some reason….. but if it is, I hope it was for a tank swap because if it wasn’t your tank is bad)
Now what would be hilarious is if a boss cleave happened when you extricate that and your raid gets rekt. 😀 😀 😀 Just as long as everyone’s a good sport about it.

Well it was both what I meant.

Being able to pull the tank sometimes without lowering his threat would be good in some cases.

But about that fun stuff … I really had sorc/sages who had no idea of what this ability was good for and whenever I took damag (and guess what, as a tank you do quit often), they pulled me.
Especcialy nice when the boss was there and some adds.
Great to regain aggro whil flying through the air and the dds bulding more aggro than me. ^^

It’s not like this would be a great deal, but with some groups this could be letal. And then you got dd who do not know what a aggroreduce is, so …
I just woundered if this change was made for those sorc/sages who did not know for what this ability is of good use.

So they increase the healing cost for roaming mend by 5 and then decrease the cost by 5 via dark mending? Why would they even?

So they can base its healing value off of a 65-Force ability. From just reading thru these changes, the amount of increased healing is directly affected by how much their increase in Force cost was, and the decreased if the base Force cost is lowered. Any talents that passively reduce cost have no effect on this style of buffing/nerfing

and probably because they will get less shit if they change the force reduction instead of changing the base cost..
they have this on a couple other abilities too
ow, and they don’t up the healing by the same percentage as the cost, so I think it’s just weirdness.. BW loves weirdness ^^

This change is actually something I could live with. I still believe that the cost increase for all the healing moves is still a little too high but this is manageable if what the developers say is true. I am curious to see if roaming mend is as useful as they say it will be.

lol, my NS stronghold already looks like it is filled too much with decos and I really tried to make it look good. Increasing hooks for NS is unnecessary IMO.

are we going to have to decorate 1100 hooks on tat to get 100% stronghold bonus now? please tell me no.

As the limit has more to do with what the game can handle, I suspect they are just stress testing a really high number just to see what happens.

when r they going to show some love to the operatives / scoundrels?! it’s like it’s always about sorcs. hate that class.

I love my sorcs, but they could’ve just left the class alone in my opinion. Then nobody would’ve talked about it. But what do you expect if they change a class and nerf it into the ground? Silence? lol. Hate the class all you want, but let’s be real here. What do operatives need then? I have an op healer and I have no problem with it as a class. Just a couple of tweaks would be nice.

Operative healer works fine, concealment works fine, lethality could use some work. So basically operative has the same standing as more or less every other class in the game.

So hook increase IS, after all, possible. Here’s hoping the limits for DK and Cor homes will be changed as well…

It has always been possible. Not sure why they constantly seek excuses. They said it is not possible to increase stronghold size… How is that not possible when they said the first time when they introduced stronghold we put a max limit of 4 cause we only have 4 SH atm. meaning they can increase it simply with how they increase character server slot.

To me in seems more like waiting to see a huge demand on SH limit increase so they can throw in another CM item to increase cap size.

Cause if they would have brought in 5 SH at start cap would ve 5/5 so simply put. They just don’t wanna bother with increasing cap size atm

Technically it was always possible but their main concern here has always been whether the game/servers can handle it. It seems they think they found a way to make it work. Clearly it’s to heir advantage as well if people need more decorations to fill a SH. I also think they picked the right ones to increase. I mean Tatooine was relatively easy to fill and has too many open areas without hooks. Nar Shaddaa was a problem because it felt full around 85% already and I had to pull out all stops to get it to 100%. Yavin 4 looks big again so I can see putting more hooks into it. Hopefully it won’t create issues for the game and we get those extra hooks in on live.

The exact reasoning was something along the lines of they made a mistake with tatooine, and it was always meant to be huge, while the capital planets and nar shaddaa were about what they had envisioned.

If you have some comms on the toon that you are transferring. Just transfer the toon more then once and use the legacy comms to move comms to the main toon until you have a full set

Well, now things get interesting for the sorc. These changes are very good and maybe a little too good as BW already indicated themselves. Personally I could see that consuming darkness for example nets less force gain over 50% energy and more when you are below. This can limit the force regen if needed a bit and still help with recovery when for example you’ve been ressed.

Uh yeah, as far as pvp goes…can you say ‘PUB LUV’? Did pvp on the PTS today, and got murdered by the Pubs EVERY SINGLE MATCH! 15 in a row! The damn Sages and Shadows are ridiculous…Sages are nigh immortal now…Way too OP. Also noticed Operative heals seem to suck ass as well. Anyone else notice in PvP today?

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