SWTOR Changes to Tatooine Stronghold Maximum Hooks

SWTOR developers have responded to the issue of Tatooine Stronghold getting a higher maximum hook count from 500 to 1100 on the PTS.

New stronghold hook limit is way too high | 06.11.2015, 02:17 PM

Hi all,
First and foremost, thank you for your feedback regarding the updates to the Tatooine Homestead hook increase. While this was something we did not officially post about, we are interested in your thoughts regarding the update.

Let me take a moment and give some insight as to why we are looking at increasing the allotted hook cap for the Tatooine Homestead. While reviewing our Stronghold hook limits across all Strongholds, we discovered that Tatooine in particular was drastically lower in regards to the available hooks to total hooks ratio than the other Strongholds. This means that those who owned the Tatooine Homestead actually had far less hooks to utilize compared to the space given, and as such were able to fill their Stronghold “quicker” than desired.

The change we have made now brings Tatooine up to par with the other Strongholds we have available, and gives the opportunity for those who have the Homestead as one of their Strongholds to utilize more of the space provided to create their stories. However, at this time it will require those who had previously achieved a 100% completion and received any Prestige or Conquest bonuses which go with that to continue adding to their Homestead. At this time there are no plans to alter the hook limits on any of the remaining Strongholds, as those are well within the ratio we desire.

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Is this simply Increasing the number of available hooks, or the number of decorations that can be displayed on Tatooine?

Hadn’t thought about that. I just figured it was both. I’d hope they would also increase the number of decorations you could put on there.

So just to be clear: They are 1) adding a higher hook limit and 2) they are adding hooks where hooks did not exist before. Is that correct? Thanks Dufly!

No, all the hooks stay as they are currently. They only increase the maximum hook limit (from 500 to 1100) so you can fill more hooks than you currently can.

Thanks for the clarification. That is disappointing because there is a lot of underutilized space that would be awesome. I would love to take a bunch of the vegetation that they are adding and put that around some of the blank areas.

That’s a shame because there are some pretty big open areas where I would’ve liked some more hooks added, particularly on the higher ground area where there are only a few big hooks and under the tents.

My understanding is that they’re not adding new hooks at all. Just upping the number that you have to have filled to get 100 percent completion.

They would have to reach a fair balance between allowing more decorations per stronghold, and allowing players a fair chance to reach 100% stronghold bonus. Personally I would have no problem with needing more decorations to reach 100%, as I consider myself a hardcore collector; but I know a lot of conquesters that would not be happy to lose their hard earned bonus, and wouldn’t be able to get it back to 100%.

I don’t mind if they keep the number that currently allows the 100% bonus, but I wish they’d up the limit just so I can put more stuff in it. Between smaller items and wall decs, it’s far too easy to use up the hook limit before you properly fill the spaces of a stronghold the way you want!

Wow, really gotta agree with the folks saying that’s WAY too many hooks. When you’ve either got to fill every single space in your stronghold or are now limited in placing “large” decorations because you need to break those hooks into smaller ones so you can reach the limit, there’s a problem.
Another couple hundred hooks? Yeah, I can get behind that.
More than doubling the amount of hooks? Uh…no, not so much.

So you are saying that the other 3 strongholds have way too many hooks? Again, they are only adjusting it to equal those ones with same ratio. So the max number has to do with how much square footage/hooks are in each stronghold.

I love the idea of upping the limit. More then doubling it is overkill. This will probably end up like the slot machine. They will over correct and end up nurffing it down to like a limit of 510. :/

So you think the smaller strongholds is extremely too high? Because they are only adjusting it to equal the same ratio as those ones.

I’m at 100% on a couple strongholds and I don’t have any clutter. It’s not hard to use the 100% and not make it look bad. An increase in the smaller strongholds would be nice because you can add more personnel. Tat obviously needs higher limit, if the ratio for the smaller ones is already too low.

Hook limit is too low, hook this, hook that. increase limit please, can’t properly decorate.

Limit increase.

Hook limit too high, hook this, hook that. Decrease limit please, too much to decorate…

Limit decrease and on and on and on this QQ go’s.

[COLOR=”Black”]As I understand it each stronghold takes up 25/100 for conquest bonus. Why don’t they just make Tatooine be 50% of the overall conquest bonus and cap the bonus at 100%. So, one can have three strongholds and still have 100% conquest bonus–if they make Tatooine one of the three. Players that decorate get more hooks, Conquest players get 50/100 for the conquest bonus from one stronghold.[/COLOR]

Darn it. Was hoping that the font color would change from yellow to black, since the font color used on the SWTOR wasn’t normal…

I think this is good… Complaining about a stronghold being 100% with the current hooks you have is awesome… congratz to ya. However you just spent over 10 mill, or worse real money in form of CC to unlock all these rooms, and buy some decos, and then realize you have a limit on things you can place on par with the other smaller strongholds and realize you just waited a shit ton of money. I agree they should add more hooks in certain places to compensate for the cluttering shitstorm that will most likely happen tho.

All that open sand is just begging for more centerpiece hooks. Especially now that they have so many.

Don’t believe we really need it.
Unless we spend all our time in game just to decorate.

Now people will have to add 500 more decos, where in the universe will they farm all these, just a waste of time and nothing else.

What about the Zen guy ???
Their philosophy is Less is More, we don’t want to fill our strongholds with a ton of sht.

Minimal style is the new trend in Home deco people, keep up with the Decoration magazines.

Minimal and zen is nice when it is for your real life house but if you do that in a game like this, it just feels empty and boring. If you had a party at your house and it was just you it wouldn’t be that fun. If their were alot more people it would feel alot more exciting. BTW, you can decorate your stronghold with npc’s and pets as well……

Too many? Don’t you want the maximum amount of customization? If you don’t, don’t you think some of us do? If you don’t… SOME OF US DO!

I want more hooks on all strongholds, and a bigger maximum capacity of items in all strongholds.

You need to read many books on decoration cos you missing the point here.

More is not better in any way.

More is better in alot of ways, actually. Like making your place feel more alive. I’d love to add more personnel to my strongholds.

now we need the piles of soda bottles and piles of magazines and newspapers decorations, they should be large hook items

I am quite happy with this news as I’m decorating Tattooine at the moment and constantly hitting the cap and it still looks empty!!!
I also hope for some flora to decorate Tattooine like they are going to do with the hanging moss for Yavin but most of all, can we have a Large Floor Hook with Medium hooks on top of it please? There is hardly anything that makes sense that I can place under the celebration tent for example.
And maybe make Floor Covering items also available for large or medium hooks? I would like to be able to put some rugs in places in between but now can’t because the Floor covering hooks are so minimal.

They need to increase the hook limit on the flagship! So many empty rooms because the limit is capped 🙁

just like the man, tryin’ ta keep me hooked while hooking my number cuz I ‘m hooked on the money…hooker

How about separating player housing from conquests and letting players have fun at last? Every single stronghold could use more hooks, and many of us don’t give a bantha dodoo about conquests anyway. If the silly ratios (formerly known as “technical difficulties” or “engine limitations”, by the way) are what prevents the limit increase, then they should be removed form individual houses and only applied to guild ships – conquests are designed to be mainly a guild activity, after all.

If you think you need more hooks to make the stronghold look like a junk yard then you need to read Architect and Decoration magazine in Zen age.

You know, if you weren’t so condescending in your comment, I’d invite you over to my DK home and have you rethink your idea of a junkyard. As it is… nope.

If you cant find a way to use more hooks without making your place look like a junkyard, you may need to read an architecture mag.

Not sure about all the whiners. It is extremely easy to hit 100% in the smaller strongholds without it looking cluttered. And there should be more to add more npc’s and pets. Tatooine should have the same ratio as the others. If you want to be minimal and have a boring stronghold you will never hit the 100% anyways.

Just to mention, we only wound up with 900 hooks on the release. Wondering why they didn’t stay with 1100 as per the test server.

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