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SWTOR New Fallen Empire Teaser Images hints at CGI Trailer

Two new Fallen Empire Teaser images have been released by SWTOR via email and Twitter, hinting towards a CGI trailer reveal for the new expansion at the EA Conference on Monday.




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Indeed, and they all look similar. Thinking Kamino, but then I’m also thinking it definitely won’t be 😛

Had me thinking of both the Children and the ancient Force-Hounds, or whatever they were called. I’d love to beat up on some more Rakata-based constructs.

Starkiller sent clones of himself in the past to take us to the future…

I’m ok with that as long as there will be no stupid ridiculous crossguard saber.

Humm. so my guess is that on Monday we’ll see the CGI trailer and get an announcement on what the expansion will be about, smart move!

Those CGI shorts were always amazing, so if you want to create hype and build some good will it’s a great way to go about it.

What I find curious is not that they look like clones (that idea died with the Prequels)…but the saber colors. Black and white outfits, but the same saber color…very washed out colors. Odd.

This sounds like another Third Faction that wants to destroy both Republic and Empire. We’ve had ENOUGH in this game. It is ridiculously impractical. Almost no IRL wars have had third factions like this and it is very rare in the Star Wars Galaxy to have three factions fighting each other in a major war.

I hope its a new faction, if so it would explain the lack of development the game has had for the past year.

That’s what I’m hoping too, but I’m not gonna hold my breath. Still it’s exciting to think they spent the dough to make another CGI trailer…never thought I’d see the day, can’t wait til Monday!

It saves much develepment time if you make content that can be used for both player factions.

Let’s be realistic, they neither have the manpower nor the money from a big playerbase to do other.

They ruined the reputation of this game from headstart till now by making wrong decisions and acting to late. Even with a whole new pack of new Star Wars stuff by Disney this game wont become moch more popular.

They have killed lore all but destroyed pvp and have no clue on how to balance classes and content but that’s about it.

Take all that out and you actually got a pretty good game

They think balancing is randomly changing abilities without a plan.

They roll a dice to dicide which class will be op with the next patch.
1, 2, 3 = Assassin
4, 5 = Juggernaut
6 = Powertech

Once the dice roll of the table, then they dicided to make the sorcerer op…

I’d also like to point out the most successful mmo I’m world of warcraft also uses this method. Horde and alliance hate each other but end up each expansion tackling the same foe and facing the same threat.

This is nothing new and will not change in mmos

It is more realistic than you might think. This is less ideological and more advantageous avarice. The third world(non-NATO/Warsaw Pact countries) made many moves to change the status quo thinking they were too small to take the focus of the normal adversary during the Cold War. RotHC was very realistic in that a third party gambled that their advances would not be noticed until it was too late. Which was very similar to the Japanese theory pre-WWII.

In modern times ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorists organizations operate under this principle as well.

Well said, but weren’t the Warsaw Pact countries allied with the Soviet Union? Also, Japan signed a pact with Germany and Italy and joined the Axis Powers.
As for modern conflicts, it is possible that al-Qaeda and ISIS will eventually join forces. Boko Haram already has. Additionally, the conflicts in Iraq and Syria are not as large-scale as WWII or the Cold War.

Correct 1st World Nato, 2nd World Warsaw, 3rd World Non-Aligned.
I was mostly referring to things outside of the stated doctrine of containment.
The Falkland War is a good example of a third small power trying to take advantage of a situation.
For me these all seemed small scale. I felt that all these follow ups could not really change the status quo and usurp the big two powers. I mean a small strike team basically stops the Hutts, Dread Guard, and Malgus. The large cross fleet to stop Revan was really more about stopping a super weapon deployment.
I mostly made mention of Imperial Japan since they were trying to grow large and powerful in unorthodox ways to avoid detection until they were unbeatable. Which seems to be the plans of the Hutts who were caught early, and the Dread Guard who vastly overestimated their power.
Most of the terror organizations are small but still dream of taking over the world. The zealotry and unrealistic vision of the rank and file Revanites reminded me of them.

I think Vitiate will form his own faction, so both Republic and Empire alone or united will fight him

I would love if they mixed both facions for FPs and OPs. Just because it sucks on my server to wait 3h+ for any FP to pop in the finder for my public toons.

If we have both the same enemy, let’s mix forces. This happened before in the SW universe! I shall happen again.

waiting 3 hours won’t stop. it’s a matter of class imbalance (less tanks and healers queueing) then faction imbalance

Disney still uses the Lucasarts name to license games related to Lucasarts properties such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.

The trademark is not disabled.. it’s been bought over means it still excist and it’s still being used. EA has another 10 years, if I’m correct bout the numbers to continue making star wars games which is lincense by Lucas Wich is owned by Disney. So yeah seems appropriate to use the trademark logo from Lucas

I can almost see the new pvp armor skin being a variable from this, for when season ends and new ranked shells come in for next season

change the engine and pvp and I might come back. Skyforge has all my attention in russian open beta at the moment much better game with a much better engine.

Every game existing has a better engine.

But I think what they run now has so many workarounds. It’s impossible to get this crap running on any other proper engine.

GL porting a game as complex and in-depth as SWTOR to a new engine. There is a reason it took Blizzard over ten years to update theirs without making a brand new game. Could really care less if someone as clueless as you returns.

You’re probably the clueless one still playing a game with an engine that can’t Handle more than 20 poeple in the same instance without glicthing and lagging all over the place. Also the game still has the same bugs and achievements bugged from launch they have no clue how to fix them.

Ugh, Skyforge… The only game that ever felt like hitting my face into a wall any more than DCUO did.

I’m sorry to say but Skyforge is 10 times better than swtor only story was good in swtor and lets face it shadow of revan was utter crap all people care about in this game are stupid peta and mount the game is crap and the devs are clueless

The “open” American beta is terrible and kind of repetitive…

But, yeah, it’s a Russian game. Ofc the version they update and tweak the most would be better.

Archeage has nothing to do with skyforge you cannot compare a shitty korean game with a game also made by Obsidian

That is your opinion, if someone enjoys this pr archache or skyfprge or any other game, your opinion would make it less or more fun that the person that’s playing it. If you think this game isn’t going anywhere stop coming to this page or related page, take major break like a year or so, if nothing changed for you back then , that you can basically stop paying attention to a game at all.

If you look closer, the character and clothing is the same, just different colours. Maybe the trailer will be about the whole ‘choose your destiny’ angle SWTOR’s had from the start? Just a thought.

Different colors of…. what? They are very obviously two frames from the same scene, two sith standing in front of a downed Republic Corvette, one killing the Jedi on his knees in front of him, the other killing the trooper still alive at his feet then walking towards the camera.

If you are referring to the saber colors appearing to be red in one and yellow in the other, they aren’t, it just looks that way from the angle and what appears to be a dust cloud that is passing by, lightening that particular frame. They are orange.

He’s talking about their outfits. They’re the same base outfit. Only difference is the color.

Has no-one even noticed this yet? Look in the first picture. Those corpses are quite obviously the Trooper armour from the Hope and Return trailers. Hint at maybe finally getting those sets?

I like the armor they’re wearing, and hope to have those sets…. But dreading what they’ll render as in game

Yes , Man its the biggest stroy etc. Bigest Expansion need to be payed. You think all is for free? Support , new items , fixing bugs etc ? if you want somthing PAY. I really happy they making good job

dude, im sub. its not about cash, i just think its to soon for paid expansion with new lvl cap…

you new player ? because 2 exapnsions which one giving more storylines worlds etc was at december . That was your saw and read about new expansion will be at december. Look strongholds , starfighters was a free contentes which one was realeased in vacations (june,july,august) so it will be this same again.

dude, my question is simple. Is this new xpac is either something like oriconc (free expansion) or like sor or rothc (paid expansion). I just want to know.

I know they have somekind of pattern, but they dont have to follow it…

ps, im playing this game since early beta, and following it since first news showup.

My bet: free for everyone who bought SoR and has active subscription. So it will be behind two paid walls.
Obiviously no level cap increase will happen. It’s too soon.

well im confused tbh. they are saying that this will be biggest expansion by story so far. something like that free? hmmm… but usually paid expansions means lvl cap increase but like you said, its to soon. this is rly confusing 😀

If am guessing, It will be a paid expansion in the vein of ROTC or SOR. Hopefully we will find out Monday at the live stream.

i think its more a paid one like Sor and RoTHC, also i think this one will be released somewhere near the release of the movie or later. Sor was released DEC, we still have game update 3.3 to come June or July, not sure, forgot.

The Togruta is planned to be released with 3.3 but they arent certain bout that so a 3.4 might be released with a continuation story from Sor/E.

So dont think it will be too soon.

What you write is crap learn english before telling people they are not intelligent ! Clearly english isn’t your first language.

If they bring a new xpac each year it could work, nothing is too soon. But it will either be after the new movie or 2016

this is just me but how cool does those armor look it would be sweet if that was ingame and cant wait to see what the expansion will be like

Desert-looking planet like Tapoopine, a destroyed/burning ship in the background, bodies everywhere, random dudes executing survivors after a battle..
Wanna bet the planet in those images is Jakku? I mean, if it turns out that that Sith flagship in the ep7 teaser #2 doesn’t “belong” to the movie, but it’s something that was left behind from a previus battle (Think something like the Starship Graveyard on Hoth) mentioned but not shown in the movie and just used as scenery background, maybe this KotFE will feature some more planets from the canon universe to attract people from the cinemas to the computer.

I mean, you go see ep7 and think “Woah, this random-planet-name looks cool, I’d like to explore or know more about it. Ehi what’s this? A game that features exactly that very same planet? Here BW, take my money!”

Not sure about this… It was mentioned that everyone who pre-orders Battlefront gets to play Jakku as a DLC before the film comes out and we get to experience the Battle of Jakku which took place after Battle of Endor

Yes, but we’re talking about two different games with events that took place in two different timelines. BW already uses a lot of canon planets for their non-canon timeline (But who gives a damn, just because Disney says it’s not canon, it’s still something that happened 3000+ years before the movies so it doesn’t affect what came after anyway). I mean, look at Alderaan, Hoth, Coruscant, Tapoopine, Yavin 4 etc. All planets that appeared in the movies and yet repurposed and reused for the game without problems, even Manaan resembles a bit Kamino although they’re two different planets with different purposes, imho.
This is of course all speculation until monday, but if it’s a brand new planet (Intended as new within SWTOR, not necessairly a complete new one invented for the occasion) and it’s not Jakku, although it would make sense for marketing purposes to have one of the ep7 planets into SWTOR to create hype and interest around the game, then what else could it be? Ryloth? Dantooine?
If the title KotFE gets confirmed, it could also be a new version of a planet included in Kotor 1 and/or 2 just like they did with Taris, for example.
I’ve also read somewhere, maybe it was here on Dulfy, that their roadmap for SoC story arc was 4 planets and so far we only got 3: Rishi, Yavin 4 and Ziost (Manaan can’t be considered a planet imho). Although the story arc itself is closed with Ziost, this 4th planet, if it exists, could be the location for the “new Forged Alliance” before the new dlc comes out.

But I repeat, don’t take my words for it, I’m just speculating.

Hope it’s not Jakku tbh. Looks like Jakku is a clear rip-off of Tatooine to me, and we don’t need another Tatooine.

The poses are identical in both pictures, so I’m guessing it’s either some sort of force illusion (the light v dark side in this guy), or BW was lazy in rendering these stills, hopefully not the entire cutscene.

I am all aboard the hype-train for this expansion to be honest. The game has multiple flaws, not least some obvious ones with character customization and lack of any real feel of war or mode that would emphasie it despite being set in the longest most violent in galactic history. Yet the story of the game has always been pretty good for an online RPG, i’m hopeful that this will be better than ROTHC and not as disappointing as the too brief Ziost and the barely cinematic Yavin. Lets get back to choices having ramifications like the Kotor series and make me actually feel immersed in the universe that they’re trying to depict. High hopes, I wont lie, but I feel like if this time i’m let down I wont be able to re-invest in the idea of this game working again.

Because of the whole facial expression and all that but meant more as why does he reminds me of starkiller in the sence of why roned have a starkiller look alike in this era.

/naivemodeon lets say the other team members from BW teams who had their game shut down worked on a new engine. Could make sense.

Alright lets be real. Doubt the new engine theory but with more members added to Swtor team they could make some major changes.

Engine design isn’t like taking out a car engine and putting a new one back in. It has to do with rigging, lighting, physics, textures, etc. It’s pretty much redoing the entire game. Even with additional staff, if they had to redo the engine, it would take a ridiculous amount of time.

It’s most likely a still from a new cinematic trailer.

Hope you noticed the /naivemodeon tag. Ofc it’s not like taking a car engine out and putting a new one in.

I know what it entailed, hence the / textbehindhere

you’d be happy for five minutes until you complained about being bored cause we’d not gotten any content in 2 years

I know how things really work. even if you didn’t complain plenty of people would, 2 years without an update in content would hurt the game

Nobody knows how long it would take and while yes in the short term subs would drop the long-term gains would easily offset any damage. Besides, they could still have devs working on adding things as the new engine was still a WIP.

I know it won’t happen, think any sane person knows that, but it would open up a lot of doors for the game going forward and make a lot of people I know very happy.

I wish people would stop going on about that…Yes, the engines bad, yes, Bioware know that, but they’ve said we’re never going to get a new engine because to do so would mean creating the game from scratch.

I’m such a derp.. just noticed the second npc in black on his knees infront of the other saber wielding guy. Thought it was his long black cape intill I zoomed.

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So…we still haven’t had a new raid tier, but they’re already starting to hype a paid expansion? I am concerned…

Will you listen to yourself? We don’t even know for sure if it’s paid yet, and why do we need a raid tier so soon? most guilds can’t even clear HMs on a regular basis yet.
And even if it IS a paid expansion-so what? Nobody is forcing you to buy it.

If the info on the forum is correct, less than 20 guilds cleared HMs, so why would Bioware focus on NiM? Why would they work on the content for about 200 players when half a million plays SWTOR for the story and they haven’t even done HM yet? If they even tried it…

Who said that a new “tier” means nightmare mode? A new tier can also mean new SM/HM OPs like they did with TfB/SnV -> DF/DP.
Story Mode raiders are bored to hell aswell and want new operations, too.

So we have a different definition of the word “tier” but let’s leave it at that.

I’m also waiting for a new operation and IMO they should just stick with SM and HM where HM is set to be incredibly challenging at later bosses and SM is relatively easy but still punishes a lot if someone does not follow tactics.

Of all the things I’ve seen you defend, you’re ‘concerned’ about EA pumping big money into SWTOR again? -_o

TBH, if they aren’t giving us another raid till October or later, I’m going to cancel my subscription.

I was going to say that they should probably think more about pleasing the people who are more likely to pay a subscription, ie end game players, but then I remembered that it is more likely they don’t really care about subscription numbers since casuals buying stupid crap on the CM is what is currently driving their profits.

Indeed, so them pledging to focus on story content and class stories (which has been requested for years) marks a change in direction. I pay a sub and I don’t care about end game stuff, I imagine quite a few people feel the same, too.

I have been one of the ones requesting class stories the loudest. But if it comes at the expense of endgame, the game is no longer an MMO, and there is no reason to subscribe when you can just play the story for free.

I honestly dont play this game (or did, stopped sub in April after playing almost nonstop since it came out) for the story. It’s just too little of the time spent in the game. I have run through every part of the game with multiple level 60’s and just got bored. In January I decided to go for full pvp gear. Did that, got to the end and found that solo ranked matches suck and was not fun so what else was there left to do really? I will come back when some decent strides in PvP are made such as creating at least a couple more WZs or some kind of incentive for some small scale open world pvp. The story is nice, but honestly goes by too fast.

So Disney grabbed BioWare and said “bend over”, is what I’m getting from all this. We got the Yavin stronghold that they admitted was not their first choice (nor the most requested), now this obvious movie tie-in. They’re being told “movie goers are gonna play your game now, so you gotta put in lots more MOVIE stuff, so they will know it iz Star Wars, bcuz movie goers r dumb and easily confused”.

Of course it makes perfect sense, that they’re trying to mesh all this stuff together so they can make the hype as huge as possible and make more money, but as a disgruntled fangirl who doesn’t plan on seeing the new movie… …yeah, I’d just like J. J. Abrams, Elderly Han Solo and the trashing of the EU novels I grew up on to go away and leave me alone, not be shoved further up my nose every day.

To be fair, Lucas DID say that the EU would always be overwritten by any new movies-iirc about 20 or so books were made non-canon after the prequel trilogy was finished.

Yeah but Disney have scrapped everything when there was no need. They could have kept the Kotor era official at the very least. I can’t see them using the time period again and it’s so far from the movie era that nothing from it was going to clash with any future movie/post-movie era content.

Agreed. Well, most people still consider the kotor era canon anyway. But I guess they wanted to cover all of their bases in case they decided to do prequels.

Fingers crossed, they might yet reinstate it in some fashion. Doubtful, but meh, one can hope 😛

Oh come on,the whole ride will be a hell of a ride if you are correct,Disney took over Lucas which did get some of SWTOR’s revenue i believe.

For me, more players equals more fun and more ,well hopefully content,and as someone that is an old Star wars fan (yes i saw it the second week it came out) i see no problem with what they are doing and will be very happy to Han and the rest again.

Disney said that all EU stuff is non canon, and made it officially its own separate timeline. However George Lucas has said repeatedly that his Star Wars vision and everyone elses stories and visions are different from his, which in its own senses makes it not canon from the films way before Disney ever aquired Lucasarts. Everyones saying oh its Jakku becasue since that and tatooine are one of the few known desert world it only makes sense that would be the setting… Just because the picture has sand and nothing else doesn’t mean that this is a desert planet. Not much reason for there to be forces on a desert planet. Only reason Empire was on Tatooine was to explore the abandoned Czerka lab. Republic was there simply as a pit stop and had no official reason. If it is in fact Jakku then there is a high chance that events happening in SWTOR will most likely not tie in with the new movies because if it did it would put into question whether or not the entire SWTOR universe is canon which Disney has already said it is not even with newer content coming out after April 2014.

Also, people noticed the picture being titled as Sacrifice? sacrifice to what? just enlarge the picture and left bottom has it as SWTOR_Sacrifice

That’s if this would be 3.3 unlikely imo. New exspansion meaning the previous blog already states it’s something major and 3.3 doesn’t same to be major and is the next part after ziost so doubt it. This xpac seems to be none related to the emperor. If it were would prolly seen both of both rep and imp all together being sacrificed, plus the hashtag points otherwise. Claim your destiny

Sacrifice is probably the title of the CGI trailer they are going to release on Monday. By the looks of it it will be a lot of Republic folks that make a sacrifice of their lives

we also see signs of imperials too, my guess is that the imps and rep are in the middile of a battle and these guys land and wreck both sides

Raxus prime would be an awesome planet to visit on swtor. Also the person in the image reminds of starkiller from force unleashed.

Indeed, loved it in The Force Unleashed and it would allow for some really interesting quests and kotor tie-ins.

In the Legends continuity, Raxus Prime at this point in the past is not a giant industrial junk world with a poisonous atmosphere and master less discarded droids. It actually was considered a gem. Lagoon seafloors were paved in tile and along the seas were giant erected palaces. You may or may not have known this already writing just in case. Doesn’t seem as if Bioware would mess with the Legends continuity it is already apart of.

Hmm trying to analyze this….

-teaser images from a trailer for a new expansion titled Knights of the Fallen Empire
-Pictures are labeled SWTOR_Sacrifice, and swtor-sacrifice-2 (not including third pic) and include the hashtags #FaceYourDestiny and #SWTOR

-Setting looks like a desert planet maybe Jakku/Tatooine or unknown. It could also be on a beach.
-there are two lightsaber wielding figures
-both lightsabers are color yellow, color of Jedi Sentinels, though doesn’t appear as if they are indeed that
-They both strike a strong resemblance to each other and could be twins.
-They are wearing armor similar in design but one is black and one is white (perhaps dark/light)
-bodies of what appear to be Jedi and Republic troopers scattered throughout the landscape.
-Hard to pinpoint what type of ship is crashing in background. It looks Republic in nature and looks like a Defender, although bigger, or possibly a thranta class corvette.
-One Jedi and one trooper are visible still barely alive next to the figures. In the next picture they have fallen presumably dead.
-Unclear if the trooper and jedi were murdered by the two figures
-The bodies most likely did not come from the ship in the background as it appears to be still crashing
-The bodies could have been sacrificed willingly or most likely unwillingly

add more if you feel like it

I think the robed figures are actually sith, not jedi. They have their hoods down, but the metal on their gauntlets resembles the CGI version of the Exterminator set. Compare it to Lord Adraas from the original trailers.

If I had to guess, there was a ground battle going on and the ship was shot down/crashed. It explodes in the second picture, so it was only recently on the ground.

The troopers are in SpecForce armor and wear Havoc’s colors from the Hope trailer.

there are both jedi and sith there actually. one os a jedi in the valient jedi armor, the sith in the xterminators set

Maybe it’s called “Sacrifice” because the people in the trailer are being sacrificed to Vitiate? Also, looks like a few dead Sith on the far right.

That’s kind of a shame, since Vitiate is the Big Bad of the TOR era. It’s been heavily implied since pre-release.

It’s an MMO. There’s always a new Big Bad on the horizon. Time for Vitiate to be done with methinks.

Where we at with Vitiate now? I haven’t done the storylines tbh i get to 60 and thats me done with PVE.

Could be him but I hope we push him back when 4.0 launches. I mean wiki states he died spiritually 66 ish year bby or aby meaning we can’t trully came him now just push back unless story being rewritten

I hope they pulled that ship out of the sky with the force. Then they will say Force unleashed 3 is now part of Swtor. Complete with twin Galen Mareks.

Am I blind or is that a Galactic Civil War era Corellian Corvette? I can’t see how they’d possibly have the same ship way back in the days of the Old Republic, and I don’t see how that could be any other ship. Is Bioware starting a new game?

That was my thought as well, but it looks a lot more like a Corellian Corvette flipped on its side. Look at the bridge, it’s definitely not a Thranta.

I think it’s just a Hammerhead. It’s really trashed over, but that’s what it looks like to me.

And if they’re starting a new game, I’m going to shoot somebody. Most likely jedi.

It’s a cylindrical bridge, sure, but you can clearly see that it’s a horizontal one that’s on its side, not a vertical one like the Thranta.

Looks like the ones we see in game (not sure on the name, guessing it’s Hammerhead as mentioned above^^) but on it’s belly to me. Leaning slightly one way, but on it’s belly.

Here’s both ships, and the bridge of the Corvette clearly matches the above image more than the Thranta.

I have the information if you want it. (WARNING: This is a quick copy and paste before they took it down).


Watch the global reveal of the full knights of the fallen empire trailer on between 2 – 3pm pdt // 9 – 10pm gmt


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“i can make you powerful beyond reason…if you will only kneel.”

everything until now has been the means to an end. I forged the empire of zakuul to surmount all of my previous works. It will span eternity.

Do not presume there are limits to my power. The eternal throne commands a fleet that will reshape the galaxy into any image i choose. Whatever you hope to achieve by opposing me, know that you will never succeed.

Lana beniko

the dark advisor.

“i deemed you a worthy ally once. I hope i wasn’t wrong.”

the sith empire and galactic republic have fallen. The jedi and sith have retreated to their temples. No one remains to stand between the eternal throne and the utter destruction of all we hold dear.

It has to be you. Find the strength within yourself to persevere and sacrifice your own needs for those of the galaxy. You’re our last hope.


the remorseless prodigy.

“rules are for people who lack the creativity to break them.”

i have always been held back. All my life, my power has been restrained for fear of the chaos and bloodshed that i might inflict on a whim.

But our whims represent our truest selves. And now that my power is fully my own, i intend to be very truthful.

Koth vortena

the exiled general.

“we’re going to win this thing. I’m telling you, its destiny.”

i grew up on zakuul, served in the military. I know its potential for greatness, but all i see is the bleak reality of what it’s become.

Someone has to stand up to tyranny, right here and now. To make it clear that we reject this twisted vision for the galaxy. Someone has to own up to their destiny and fight.


the vengeful enforcer.

“even emperors must answer to the law.”

i have served with honor. I have upheld the law and pursued offenders to the far corners of the galaxy. And i have lost everyone i ever held close.

The worst among us now rule over us. Their laws will never bring justice to the monsters who betray our ideals and murder our children. But i will.


the loyal bodyguard.

“declaration: Meatbag defense protocols engaged.”

lament: I am programmed for your maximum protection, but hostile meatbags continually demand i reactivate my termination subroutines.

Reassurance: I have no particular wish to harm the stupid meatbags. I was merely designed to be especially good at it.

Affirmation: Anything that threatens you will wish it had never existed, master.


chapter 1 the hunt

chapter 2 a dream of empire

chapter 3 outlander

chapter 4 the gravestone

chapter 5 from the grave

chapter 6 asylum

chapter 7 lady of sorrows

chapter 8 taking flight

chapter 9 the alliance

chapter 10 anarchy in paradise

chapter 11 disavowed

chapter 12 coming soon

chapter 13 coming soon

chapter 14 coming soon

chapter 15 coming soon

chapter 16 coming soon


screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot wallpaper wallpaper

*terms and conditions

to qualify for the knights of the fallen empire subscriber rewards, the account must be in a subscriber status as of 11:59pm pdt//6:59am gmt on the date listed by the reward.

Knights of the fallen empire rewards are delivered through in-game mail and are redeemable as of the launch of the expansion upon login on october 27, 2015.

To qualify for the early access bonus, you must have qualified for each of the four rewards by being a subscriber on each of the 4 listed reward dates. Once you qualify you may enter and play knights of the fallen empire on october 20, 2015, seven (7) days prior to live launch on october 27, 2015.

**the subscriber epic story xp boost offers a significant enhancement of about 12x normal rate to the class story progression experience and includes:

Increased commendations to support gear needs along the way

quick travel points unlocked as soon as they are revealed on the map

reduced cool down on quick travel options

for questions on the epic story xp boost visit: [url][/url]

for more information visit the faq.

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i am curious how this expansion will work if all that info is true regarding f2p players and prefered players.

it looks good but again i take it with a huge grain of salt untill bioware opens their mouths on it

It’s a MMO, that means you need other people to play it. F2P players are people.

Without F2P and prefered all server would be shut down long ago because they would be so underpopulated nobody would subscribe to the game.

you say that now but before f2p even happend all servers were quite a ghost town you would be in heaven if you even got 10 people on the fleet so yeah think before you let your mouth run loose cause without f2p and CM the game would not even lasted the year it launched!

10 people on fleet? Lawl. Maybe on American servers. And F2P have nothing to do with the cartel market, as by definition, they don’t purchase from it. They also can’t do ops, and are capped at level 50.

Again, they add nothing to the game.

LOL, what a BS… f2p people add a LOT to the game. This type of thinking shows basic inability to understand modern game economy…

They can by CC “BY DEFINITION”. They CAN join flashpoints, operations and warzones (weekly passes can be bought for in-game currency). They CAN buy CM stuff from GTN (many people buy A LOT from CM just to sell it on GTN). And finally, they can buy expansions making hit max level cap.

Being subscriber myself, I still value f2p players. This game would be dead long ago without them. And the game could prosper even better if Bioware could have lifted some f2p restrictions. For example, increased money cap could make f2p buy more from GTN, and most items found on
GTN are being bought for real money now. Another example, making wz/ops/fp passes “per legacy” instead “per toon” could make group finder queues faster, and typically more people doing more content = healthier game (with more subscribers).

No. If they buy CC, then they immediately stop being F2P players.
If they buy expansions, they stop being F2P.
Etc etc etc.


That’s what they said before the game was published. Now they say it again.
I don’t believe it.
It’s a trap!

I agree. Both the hashtag #FaceYourDestiny and the quote “It has to be you. Find the strength within yourself to persevere and sacrifice your own needs for those of the galaxy.” are at odds with their promise of being able to choose our path. We are thrust into this conflict and can only react to it.

Can we please stop posting the fake screenshots from imposter Bioware when we have the real one right here?

I do not know how legit this is, but seems pretty legit to me……………. Got it of a post of reddit so don’t board the hype train yet and if you are in it, don’t add more speed to it.

Someone at reddit said this was a blog posted on the official sites stayed up for a few minutes then it was removed, was also claimed it was done before by bw, I have no recollection of that but if people have any idea if it happend before please confirm, and if you did saw this on the official site before this allegedly removal please confirm.

Reddit post

Yes, it was posted on, you can check Google Cache if you don’t believe me:
But since this was posted erroneously, I think Dulfy won’t be able to post about it until Monday when the information has officially been released.

Oh I believe you, and also page is acting strangly, didn’t saw people posting bout it below me already. Anyhows seems great work.

Als that immortal emperor with Hsu throne shaping galaxies sounds like that dude floating on that advance tech planet we saw from the secret picture within a picture

Start at level 60?

Hurray! More wipes with people who know nothing about the enemies, flashpoints, the game or their (advanced) class.

This will be fun.

I think I’ve seen everything. People with green level 40 gear in Lost Island. Operatives shooting only their rifles from range. But now there is more of that coming.

Disney’s & Abrams’ Star Wars is coming. They try to get new players and old with this new expansion (what is a good idea in general) when this happens. I don’t believe that they think returning player want to play content they refused once. Like in WoW they want to catch them all, old and new, by let them start right at the newest content.

You mean a power boost?. Doubt it more like this is what 12x is all about. notice the mention of it in the original post?. If this the case then 12x would just be made pointless because of the powerboost.

Bud, they’re saying that the quest starts at 60 >_>
We have the 12 xp boost for subs, we don’t NEED to have people pay for a 60 toon.

Stop trolling, you’re confusing the younglings.

Who gives a sht about cross server blshts.

Most People just don’t know what each thing is, educate yourself better.

One of the reasons I left WoW was cross-server, didn’t want to heal for ungrateful brats from other servers so went to healing for my guild only.

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