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SWTOR Next Expansion is Knights of the Fallen Empire

According to the EA press release released today, SWTOR’s next expansion will be called Knights of the Fallen Empire with more details to be revealed on monday.

The E3 presentation will start on 1 PM PDT on Monday June 15.

  • Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – The largest story-driven expansion to date, Knights of the Fallen Empire, marks a renewed focus on cinematic storytelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The expansion will deliver on the hallmarks of what makes a great BioWare™ game: new worlds to explore, new companions to recruit, and a dynamic story that players will be able to shape based on the choices they make.


The EA E3 Press Conference, Monday 6/15 | 06.12.2015, 08:27 PM

Hey folks,

Here’s the one place to find all of the information about the SWTOR 2015 EA E3 press conference! I hope that you are ready to learn more about what our teaser from Star Wars™ Celebration is all about.

The EAE3 press conference happens on Monday, June 15th at 1PM PDT.

  • 1PM PDT
  • 3PM CDT
  • 4PM EDT
  • 8PM GMT
  • 9PM BST
  • 10PM CEST
  • 6AM AEST

Watch the press conference on our livestream, here.

Learn more about what we hinted at during Star Wars Celebration. Let us know what you think on Twitter with #SWTOR #EAE3 #FallenEmpire

Thanks everyone! Keep your eyes on this thread if you want to be the first to know as we post updates here.
May the Force™ be with you!


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185 replies on “SWTOR Next Expansion is Knights of the Fallen Empire”

Very exciting basic news, hopefully this lives up to the hype!

Also it should be June 15th not July 15th.

OH MY GOSH BIOWARE HOW DARE YOU GIVE MORE CONTENT TO STUPID CASUAL F2P PVE PLAYERS. Of course we won’t be able to use the new companion (even though we should be able to) in warzones. It’s fucking disgusting how whiney PvEers get all the new content. WHERE’S OUR PVP BALANCE BIOWARE? Where’s the hatred sin buff? So many people are asking for AP powertechs to get an instant-kill-player button because it’s too difficult to use shoulder cannon and people need to die faster. And you give us more PvE content? Shame on you BioWare, this is a kick in the face to every single player in the PvP community. I find it just so reprehensible that you ignore such a massive portion of the game and cater to your silly casual PvEers. Is our money not worth as much to you? BioWare seems close to just removing PvP from the game entirely. See the lockboxes in 3.3? That’s going to make it 10 times easier for casuals to fully gear up and come and gank me. Casuals should not be allowed gear at all. F2P casuals? EVEN WORSE.

Bring back forcestorm, fucking cretins. I can spam forcestorm for an entire match right now and I only get 500 DPS?????? HOW CAN YOU BREAK A CLASS SO MUCH, FIX PVP FUCKTARDS

*Loads VATS, “BeeeeeeoooooW” Crotch, 77%. Spends all points.*
“Boocha Boocha Boocha SPUTCH”
All better.

N-new companions?!! PLEASE let them be class-specific…

(I know, they won’t be, but let me dream.)

Oh yeah baby!!! June 15 here I come! New cinematic. planets, companions and a story hell yeah!

feels like whatever that pic was a while back at SWceleb is coming alive !!!
i got a hunch for whatever is in the rishi maze, Rakata knights (from the fallen infinite empire )? or Vitiate secret empire of pure siths, who knows, can’t wait !!!

well from the looks of it, sounds huge expac so we might get a lvl cap increased to say lvl 70, i wouldn’t mind a big cap raise as long as the story behind the leveling is good

Extremely unlikely-5 levels will be the max, then they can sell another expansion with another 5 levels.

Won’t be a levelcap raise so soon after 3.0. In 3.0 they had discplines to worry about and a whole lot of other things to take up development time, so it’s perfectly feasible to put a similar amount of story content into another mini-expansion- only purely building on story rather than changing anything else. I’d like to see more of it. Ziost was too short for my tastes, hopefully the new ones will be more.. spacious.

I’d be amazed if the expansion was as big as they say, “The largest story-driven expansion to date”, and there wasn’t a level cap increase. I know some people will be against it, but I think even more would be upset if there wasn’t one. Me, I’d be fine with staying level 60 for a good long while, but I also won’t be upset about leveling all my toons again if the story is good. And, if it allows them to address the myriad balance issues, even better.

Size is relative. Largest just means bigger than current expansions. Makeb +1. I am hoping though that they are being sincere and we see more than the minimum requirement to say planets instead of planet. I mean, sure 2 is plural, but its like…not that plural.

I enjoy playing through content, but I don’t enjoy re-gearing 16 toons. If it’s a ten level increase, that’s more palatable than five levels; at least it feels like there is a significant improvement. And knowing that they’re eager to expand on their revamped Discipline trees, I won’t be surprised if they do add more levels.

Does this mean it’s going to change to 4.0 and we will have to pay again
or does the word “expansion” mean a new 3.X version of the game?

No, it won’t be. GSF was a free expansion, Strongholds was a free expansion. This will just be another story-dedicated expansion.

Except, they didn’t compare this expansion to the two you referenced. They said 3.2 was the equivalent to those, with Ziost and the Outfit Designer. This sounds like it will be more in line with RotHC and SOR, which, if it follows history, will be 4.0 and paid, as Neg Sani said.

At least one reference to “4.0” has already been leaked in the game files. Plus a Forged Alliances type addition isn’t E3 announcement worthy. Furthermore, a non-paid expansion has never introduced multiple planets. I’ll bet you $1000 it’s a paid expansion.

The bad news is we’re probably not going to get much more detail on any of this on 6/15. The core of the announcement was already made in the press release. Maybe a couple of concept art screenshots…but it isn’t going to be a tell-all Q&A.

Mmo’s have learned their lesson in the past, promising crazy crap a year before release that are just not going to make it into live. I don’t think we will ever see a tell all release this far before something launches ever again, and if we do, I’d expect disappointment.

Well they added DF and DP to the makeb expansion no reason they can’t do that here. I still feel fallen empire is still part of the current story so I don’t see a reason to make us pay for something new.

Come on guys it’s only gonna be 20 bucks – super cheap entertainment

Most of us will spend that at lunch today

All that really should matter is that it’s fun

“Most of us will spend that at lunch today”
Really, how much can one person possibly eat? I can’t think of a single place that is worth $20 for lunch. That’s insane. Maybe that’s why so many people still live with their parents into their 20’s and 30’s… Even when I lived and worked in NYC I wouldn’t spend more than $10 on lunch.

We’re assuming a $20 xpac, which is cheap and that I will agree with… just not the absurd overstatement.

20 on lunch is nothing and I’m not from a well to do family. So 20 for lunch can get you here through a delivery service a country fried steak,two vegetables,and cornbread or rolls… that’s including tax as well. I can think of plenty of places worth that here you must have some terrible places to eat lunch there. I’m sorry you have that bad a choice.

You’re bragging about paying $20 for an $8 meal… so, you tell me what you are. I never had a bad choice for foods growing up, living, and working in NYC; I’m just not dumb enough to pay a premium price for a quick meal.

All I was saying is that “most” people do not pay $20 for lunch.

Anyway, like I said, $20 for an xpac is cheap and worth it.

Somewhere here it might be worth mentioning that a role in the price plays the quality of the venue. At any rate $20 is not much.

My wife works in a convenience store, they have hundreds of customers that drop more than that on their way to work, gotta have coffee, donuts, bag of chips, sodas, energy drinks, pack of smokes just to get to work apparently. Most of them do it all again on the way home stocking up on snacks, beer and liquor. $20 a month is like, I don’t know, a couple drinks at a club, three packs of smokes or two trips to McDonalds. If that breaks you in a month I think you should be looking for another job (or just a job at all?). I mean go to the movies (alone) for 2 hours or have 100% access to the game for 30 days… You just have to set your priorities, I guess.

Believe it or not TOR is a business venture. It’s about making money, not providing free basement lighting.

That’s just fine with me. My sentinel would LOVE to have her as a companion.

Come to think of it, my smuggler would love to hire Jakarro – it’d give Bowdarr someone to finally bond with.

There’s already 4 of those in the game-5 if you count Raina Temple. It’s almost certainly not going to happen.

I see… How many more microtransactions are coming with this? How much of this will actually be playable without them?

I highly doubt that. So far, new companions have cost quite a bit. Since I can’t afford to keep subscribing to this game, operations are out of the question. There’s a lot of things that you can’t do in this game without a lot of money.

Honestly, I can play other games for nothing and have more freedom to do most things, or I can pay for a lifetime membership so I don’t have to worry about paying every month. If this game had either of those things, I would be playing it a lot more, and I’d probably consider it to be better than most other MMOs.

If you aren’t a sub you can’t really complain-that’s what the game is based around, and how it originally started (F2P is basically an extended demo)-and EVERYTHING in the game can be purchased with in-game cash. Just do Black Hole dailies until you have however much you need to buy it.

And if you want to do ops, save up for an ops pass and buy it off of the gtn.

Because it’s a sub game with a F2P option. It wasn’t designed to be a F2P game. It was designed to be a sub game. If they gave everything for free, then there would be no point to subbing. So when you’re trying to compare it to pure F2P games that were designed as F2P games, then you’re comparing apples an oranges.

“so I don’t have to worry about paying every month.” Pay for two months, get the 1000 free CCs and buy the unlocks you need. When the sub runs out, you’re preferred status instead of free to play, so you get some of the same benefits as subs – e.g. 6 minute cd fast travel

I hope the new companions are part of the story line, not a Treek like mercenary that has nothing to do with the story.

Add quests for said companions and I would buy this expansion on that alone!

They did quests for the HK companion and a bunch of people started whining by Day 2 about having to do quests to get him, lol.

Not like that, I mean missions like we have with all our 1st companions, where once we get enough affection we have to do missions with him/her to progress further.

I like those, it gives us more backstory on them and these missions makes them feel more “important” if that makes any sense.

Earning them via quest that are part of the expansion would not be a bad idea either, something like a side mission you can run while doing the main story.

Don’t get all excited. More Lana Beniko coming up shortly, and a Cartel Comp like Treek…

Fallen Empire. So… it may be placed after Sidious end… 😉
It doesn’t has to be… but Disney’s new movies are comming…
…marks a renewed focus on cinematic storytelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic…

New companions. I really look forward to this. But I am prepared to be disappointed by not getting a female Twi’lek for every class. But that’s what I want.

Maybe they’ll make it a sequel set after Return of the Jedi. Ooh, and all of our playable characters are Galen Marek clones.

Dude, this game takes place over 3,500 years before Sidious….this game will never have anything to do with events that take place in or around Episodes 1-9.

I know. But in the EU is so much magic force mambo jambo… if you want you could explain every form of time travel that is needed.

The use of force is so screwed in the EU, it wouldn’t even matter how stupid it would be.

Everything you imply happens, everyone who logs out the night before on Alderaan has to reroll, Yavin is suddenly a training ground for Jedi, Tatooine has been renamed and is covered in crashed Star Destroyers. Everyone else gets generic companions. I get Han Solo. Corruscant is a war zone. Corellia becomes somehow less interesting. All Sith Purebloods are suddenly human.

If this can launch without a bugged boss fight at the end of the quest chain that would be great BW, kthx.

I haven’t been playing for a while because to be honest I got bored. But that’s because I’d played for so long and I’m sure I’ll come back eventually.

This game has been brilliant for a long time now. It doesn’t need redemption in any way.

It just got emailed to me by Bioware.
Tagline was: A New Threat Is Rising in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™
And the #faceyourdestiny hashtag.

I just checked my email and saw it, i really was wondering if this was fake at first…but now I know. Good Googa mooga. I approve.

Cloned Jedi fighting the Republic?
If not cloned or siblings, this faction of rouge force users are identified by having all the same haircut.

This isn’t the typical rushed ingame cutscene trailer screenshot material by BioWare. So they made an cgi trailer?

I REALLY want those armour sets.
I know it doesn’t need saying, but the black one is Sith, or at least uses the Dark Side, and the white one Jedi, or Light Side.

FORCE HOUNDS! Those are force hounds with forcesabers! Knight of the Fallen Empire…The INFINITE Empire!

Since Galen “Starkiller” Marek wouldn’t be born for around 3620 years before the current events of the game, that’s extremely unlikely.

Yeah, I know that, but it looks SO much like him. Methinks it is time to get into conspiracy theories involving cloning.

that even the starkiller “born” to the jedi was actually a lie and clone of 60th generation 😀 haha.. but yeah, they look a little bit like him

Starkiller-s? Dem clones. Suddenly we find out we are in alternate starwars, right now in a galaxy close and beside.

Not every shortcut male with a lightsaber is Galen Marek. They look differently. It’s like with those people who saw the trailer for Episode 7 and screamed everywhere “OMFG IT’S REVAN. HE LOOKS LIKE REVAN AWWW!”

My wishful thinking for new companion:
1) female
2) Twi’lek
3) healer

No droid.You shall have no other droid besides HK-51.

No cute duck, bear, Popori, Asura, Panda, …
But Ortolans are ok for me.

Or companions that are highly customizable by customizations. That you can even change the species by customizations.

Bet you anything the trailer they show will be imp dominant as usual so they can get 80% of the new players to join IMP side just like the old trailers.

You say it like it’s a bad thing! And it was never as bad as 80%. Worst it ever got was 60/40 on one server.

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They should first focus on the slowly dying servers then making a new expantion. As in example make some huge servers and merge then in together. But for the rest, i cannot wait for this expantion.. Only am i really worried about the game slowly losing his memberbase… And bringing out new expansions and not fixing the problem won’t help…

The membership has only been increasing though…Ignore the doomsayers, look at the big $$$ the game is pulling in, and relax.

This game has been “slowly dying” for 3 years. The servers have been “slowly dying” for 3 years. They have already done multiple server merges. Remember the APAC servers? Gone. Remember your original server? Most likely gone. New expansions help bring players back, because it’s content. I came back for SoR, so kindly be a doomsayer for another game please. Your argument is invalid.

Like Secundum said, “the membership has only been increasing though”

“The expansion will deliver on the hallmarks of what makes a great
BioWare™ game: new worlds to explore, new companions to recruit, and a
dynamic story that players will be able to shape based on the choices
they make” = finish the story quests in 1 day, grind for 29 days for gear and bullshit.

New worlds, new companions. Sounds good. New class? Please? Non-force melee fighter? Please. (And no, Operatives aren’t the answer)

New class never gonna happen. They would need 2 new classes for one and that means 2 new 1-50 storylines which they won’t do. If they were gonna do that they would have added more class story already and not just 1 quest on rishi

New class would be cool, however I’d rather have a new race besides togruta, they need to merge human and cyborg and add another alien race to replace and and some more customizations.

No they wouldn’t have to add a 1-50 story line. That other game that must not be named, has a class that starts at 50 I believe.

Force healing Conpanion please, and maybe true Hybrid companions and are Tank/DPs or Healing/DPS but with equally good abilities

“new companions to recruit” makes me guess that its gonna be more “companions” like Theron and Lana and not like actual companions

I hope I’m incorrect though.

Maybe Jakarro too, and then you can have him out for wookie inception in Rakata HM, and watch him blow his own stupid ass up.

Something tells me that this will include no characters from the previous storyline, Rise of the Emperor was intended to be the epilogue of the Shadow of Revan and Forged Alliances storyline, and based on the images I’ve seen of the new cinematic trailer, it’ll be all new characters.

Question: Let’s say the ‘Companions’ mentioned are Lana, Theron and Jakarro. WHAT IF during the completion of this particular storyline, you were allowed to select and KEEP one of them, permanently as a regular crew Companion? Would you be interested in that?

It would depend on how badly they got nerf’ed, how well they fit (as a team) and how they felt about inter-species “stuff”

I want that, I always romance Lana, male or female toon, I like her voice its soft an kind of gravelly.

This is of course is not going to happen that is for sure.

Problem with having Lana as a companion is that she’s pretty important and busy, with her being the head of [SPOILER] and everything. Storywise it wouldn’t make sense.

Tbh (SPOILER SPOILERS ) at the end of the destruction of a certain planet, you could talk to either to Lana as empire and Theron as rep both had their doubts if they could pr should continue their current work. I know Theron could be asked to join the crew of the rep side and Lana to be told to quit or something so might bw possible in that expac although hoping for new new new companions

Oh I agree. I would love to see a Voss Mystic Companion get added to the list AND as someone you EARN, but buy or go through one of the worst quests I have ever done to get them. Still, if they did go the cheaper and easier route, at lease Lana, Theron and Jakarro got a LOT of story to them, far more than any of the other COmpanions

Yes, right now Jakarro would make the most sense, and Lana the least due to their duties. However, a lot of things could change over the course of a storyline. After several missions, Lana could be banished, quit, move up or leave….lots of things could happen. Theron could go either way, as being an agent should give him a lot of freedom to move about as he wishes.

What might make this even more interesting, is if they make the choice of which one of the three you got depend on your actions. Whether or not you were friendly, romanced or agreed with one more than the others. Thus your past and present choices have a real impact.

Well, the developers did say that they were adding in new companions that had same gender romances….but that was yonks ago….maybe they finally are getting around to it.

Some players like the choices that matter but others would complain a lot that they can’t have all three of them. It’s a vicious circle.

change the engine and pvp and I might come back. Skyforge has all my attention is russian open beta at the moment much better game with a much better engine.

Looks pretty neat. Wonder if we will keep a new companion like Treek/HK or if it will just be Lana/Theron/Jakkaro. Kinda hope they at least due Makeb level of party member interactions, not all of us play with the first romantic companions. Of course, if they do real interactions with old companions that would be best.

I hope these new companions will be woven into the storyline, not just have a small pickup thingy like Treek. (But please no tedious parts digging anymore 🙁 )

I just had a Nerdgasm, really.oh goodie….. Can’t waaaaaait. Hope we get more in depth companion stories as much as class stories. I’ll try to keep my hopes up to a minimum but this does seems like great news

I lost faith in bioware when it comes to choices in video games, ever since Mass Effect 3, so i will wait and see if they stick to it.

Me3 was a let down when it came to choices, I enjoyed playing it till the ending appeared, all the choices did were increasing or keep the casualties to a minum with those warpoints. The ending were based on the choice you made at that last moment.

But anyhow if anything to look forward to is the CGI cinemataic

Every expansion costs money. RotHC, and SOR are the expansions, everything else like Ziost, Oricon, and CZ were updates.

idd, even those so called expansions such as Galactic star fighters and Galactic strongholds were just update and never an expansion

By who’s standard? Bw, yours? As far as game exspansions went, they increased level cap, they bring new story, part of a story that wasn’t already told or up to a full scale, some bring new classes, new species. What they mostly likely always bring is a new planet or planets, new realms, dimensions or new continents depending on which game you play. I don’t see galactic starfighter and stronghold did either of those. Also a New Exspansion starts with number dot zero dot zero or a number. Just like vanilla (which isn’t an exspabsion obv)every game was 1.0 just like RoTHC was 2.0 SoR 3.0 that’s the start of an exspansion. Every number behind 1. Or 2. Or 3. Are patches/updates. Continuation of the current story, sometimes features just like GSF/GSH. Numbers behind the second numbers are mostly patches to fix bugs .3.2.1 3.2.3 etc.

As far as I can recall in countless games I played. Bw is the only one calling those updates patches. Just to make it sound fancy.

And you can see a difference all those 1.0…2.0….3.0… And even 4.0…. Are and will be paid exspansions as meaning everything in between are patches/updates.

But if you really wanna call GSF, GSH xpacs, go ahead. To each their own

This isn’t “every other game.” You don’t have to agree with it, but BW very much officially considers them expansions.
“Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Expansion, GALACTIC STRONGHOLDS.”
Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Digital Expansion, Galactic Starfighter.

Their game, their rules.

And for the record, RoTCH went free for subs within the first year it launched. I can almost guarantee they will do the same with SoR probably shortly after or maybe even before this next digital expansion comes out with 3.3.

First off, did not need links to see they call them exspansions, I already known they are being called exspansions by bw, hence the fact I said and I quote “Bw is the only one calling those updates Exspansions.”

Also I already know your “and for the record” try reading someone’s comment before trying to provide information as if that person didnt know since I already stated. “Cause we all know most exspansions are paid for , even the ones that are exspansions but are given for free introduced level cap new story planets places etc…”

Let me put it this simple, so cause bw saids it’s an exspansion then it must be cause bw said it to be.

So if lincense company like Ferrari built a motorcycle and calls it a car then it must be since it’s a company that builds car so it must be true since they know what they are doing.

If a cop randomly drives around and steps out, sees a group of people, different color all of them (before this would become a racist thing) and shoots them all dead and screams it was self defense. everyone saw

I’m not even going to waste my time reading that wall of text about whatever you are babbling about. I will however address your first sentence.

“By who’s standard? Bw, yours?”

That was your last post. I gave you a factual answer, end of discussion.

Lol your suppose factual answer you gave me I already discussed before you thought that you gave me any useful information but yeah you just go do that.

You’re jumping around now in an attempt to back peddle. End of the day you asked by who’s standards. I gave you answer. Doesn’t matter if you agree or not.

Lol back peddling. Like I ain’t already said by bw standards, yours meaning I already answered it as it was rhetorical. But seems you got time to waste after all.

No matter how you try to justify it. Or how they officially call it. It’s far from a real exspansions and you know that.

An “expansion” (noun 1. “the act or process of increasing in extent, size, volume, scope, etc.”) is something that EXPANDS a game. It’s all in the name. GSF, GSH, etc. all EXPANDED the game by adding new content to it that was not there before. Maybe they didn’t play to your standards of “software versioning”, ie. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, but the expansions do just what “expansions” are supposed to do. Just because Blizzard and other MMO devs introduce certain things in their expansions and version their software a particular way does not mean that every other dev has to do the same.

Back to the original topic, I’m super excited for this new expansion and can’t wait to hear more about it later today!!

Lmao. What was that suppose to do? Did I ask for the general term of expanding, exspansion or to expand. Sorry you waste your time but I already apprehens the words of my choosing.

But yeah since you were so keen to bring that up then I guess we can call every single patch that came up except the ones that just purely fixed bugs, we can just go ahead and call them an exspansion right…. So the patch that brought forge alliance one is an exspansion right so next time bw can be like new exspabsiob forge alliance part one then over two months new exspansion forge alliance part two right… Don’t be so naive,

Lol my standard… Sorry to burst your bubble but it has been like this for decades…

Doesn’t play. Wow is better. Keeps posting in the games forums though and buying their shit. I present Spruce Cycle, internet Superhero.

where the ops at storys great and all but really we need raid content in an mmo for people to stay. my team has already left to go to wow because we want raids. love star wars and the story is great but come on. need raids in an mmo.

Well back to WoW then…
U remove the Pure definitin of star wars (Republic/Empire)
U make the game more like a solo RPG than a MMO-RPG
U never do any changes to PvP (30 FPS OP)…..
U will lose ALOT of the PvP comunity
U dont make any new raids U just scale upp the old raids
But hey nice work, what will this new game be called? cus it sure as hell aint star Wars anymore:)

So many spelling and grammar errors that I don’t even know where to begin.

Enjoy WoW, you won’t be missed. Better yet, go play CoD. You’re obviously just in it for the PvP

Holy shit, so are you telling me that by using incorrect grammar and wrong spelling on the internet will affect the grand scheme of things?! You must really have a pitiful life, I feel so sorry for you. Do you need a friend?

You clearly know nothing of the star wars universe if you think that if it isn’t between the Republic and the empire then its not star wars. But hey someone who is to lazy to spell out YOU clearly doesn’t make the effort to think outside the box.

Yeaaah I stopped playing this game awhile ago. Never ceases to amaze me how many dying television series and how now video game developers think they can save a dying product by throwing in homosexual relationships. “Hey screw fixing bugs and adding more content, a bisexual twi’leck in the bounty hunter event will turn this game around!”. Still dying and will still be dying after the new movies come out as well. Too many fat nerds with liberal complexes that are involved in the development process now days.

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