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SWTOR Another Fallen Empire Teaser Image

Last day before the big E3 reveal and the SWTOR official twitter/facebook accounts have posted another intriguing image.


Looks like they are pledging their allegiance to the Immortal Emperor perhaps?

There are some speculations on the forums that these lightsabers belongs to various key characters as noted in the picture below.


Image/info credit (Rebel Scum/Koichi/Theho)

Edit: Another image from reader Ben Gimson posted in the comments below.


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Satele has cartel market gear with no augments-marr has full gear-there’s a reason satele ends to die first if you mess up the Revan fight-she just can’t handle it.

Also who gives a damn about pvp?
Especially with this great new expansion. Good to know that Bioware are ignoring pvp in favour of more pve content. =)

Neither of those lightsabers look like the ones that Marr and Satele use, although one of them does resemble Darth Malgus’ lightsaber, but his lightsaber is very uniform.

Marr can’t die. He’s basically the only leader figure the Sith Empire has left. Satele can die though, or Jace.

Knights of the Fallen Empire… ahhh I think those are “knights” whom serve valkorian. The fallen empire is the rakata, based on upon the star forge logo on the shields of the soldiers from the picture in the “SWTOR knights of the fallen empire leaked expansion details” dulfy posted

I’m going with it being the Empire of Zakuul considering that got mentioned a few times, and that it was hidden away, rather than the Infinite Empire Reborn.

Zakuul might actually be the fallen empire but it definitely has has a connection with with the star forge and/or rakata

That’s what I thought. I guessed that ‘fallen empire’ was the Infinite Empire a while back, then got (sorta) confirmation with the Star Forge symbol…It would also explain how the Empire and Republic fell-against the Infinite creation power the Star Forge possesses, there’s literally nothing anyone can do.

Also dulfy posted a picture of a throne room upon a ship (awhile back but you might remember) and the character description of valkorian said he sat upon the eternal throne. There was also a star destroyer in the background, which would confirm what you said about them being unstoppable.

The Rakatan Empire have been gone for over 100.000 years and was only Rakatan’s who enslaved everyone else. Just because a few of them survived (according to the game) it doesn’t make it an Empire.

Somehow I feel the characters look the same because it´s the same “player”, shown at the same time, in two different paths… am I crazy?

yeah “standard sithy one” and still hes the only one using one like that or anything close to that

Yeah, looking at it more closely you’re right. (Although iirc a random sith on Balmorra has the same one).

Oh joy, another light/dark embodyment thing, like we didn’t get enough from Mortis….

Please no more of this “I am the light side incarnate!” nonsense.

And stop making all our villains total mary sues.

That sounds like the whole EA press conference, which given the list of games might be quite long. I really just want to see the Battlefront stuff and the SWTOR stuff.

The conference is 1h long so it won’t take longer than, for instance, swtor streams. You just need to sit and see the whole.

Thanks to some players on Facebook and the forums, we have identified all four lightsabers:
It could be that they just reused the lightsaber models from the old trailers, or maybe it means that those twins/clones took all lightsabers from Malgus? After all, he killed the owners of the other 3 lightsabers.

Hmm what could this mean… they’re all dead so I can’t really formulate anything from that. This might just be a coincidence, but you guys have to establish a connection between all 4 characters and the reason why each are on their respective banners in order for it to mean anything. Have fun data miners or just wait tomorrow for trailer.

And let’s not forget it could most certainly just be reused models. The Republic armor from the other teaser image was reused from the original trailers as well :/. And all 4 of them are dead, so there’s more than likely no significance.

You mean the Republic Armor the “uniformed” troopers wear? The ones that are supposed to look alike, since they are probably from the same special forces?

Additionally, the most important thing… Vindican had a double bladed saber. Pretty sure that disproves any relationship between the 4 masters and those lightsabers.

My bad, the lightsaber on the left is not Ven Zallow’s lightsaber; currently not sure who’s it could be or if we have seen it before.
I also find the “reusing old 3d models” theory more likely now but we’ll find out more tomorrow.

I think the far left one is from a Jedi that is going to be killed in the new trailer. It would make sense to have at least one of the lightsabers be from a recently fallen Jedi. Kinda like completing the last requirement before going to the next phase of their plan.

They are shutting down both Sith and Jedi.

Thankfully my mains are Agents and Smuggler and don’t need to worry ’bout that.

This is the end of that religion. Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster.

If that was true, then there wouldn’t have been much story to go on, 3000 years later in the movies 😉

“I think everyone is perhaps placing too much importance on whose lightsaber is whose. For one, the one on the far left looks like nothing in game or previous trailers. Also, Darach and Zallow both used the exact same lightsaber, as did every, single Jedi in the Deceived trailer. “Malgus’ saber” is not “Malgus’ saber” at all. Just a generic model used in game. The one he had in the previous trailers (Hope, Deceived) look nothing like that. And finally, the one you are saying is Vindican’s is single bladed saber, he used a double. Yeah, maybe Malgus cut it in half and rebuilt the pommel to turn it into a single bladed lightsaber? But, why would he? And come to think of it, the same thing was always true for “Revan’s” saber in game. It’s just a generic model that many NPC’s used. it’s not really “Revan’s saber” when dozens of other NPC’s and players can get the same model. Bioware dosen’t place any importance on “this item is this character’s and only this character’s”. All just generic reusable items. Sorry to burst all those bubbles.”
— From a realist in the forums

Some double lightsabers can be detached into two lightsabers. Jeez. It’s amazing how you don’t bother researching this stuff first. Here: Read, why don’tcha. “However, most saberstaff designs were extremely simplistic, consisting of two separate lightsabers with connected pommels, rather than a single mechanism.”

How was I being contraty? It explained why it couldn’t have been possible lol? And btw they still aren’t representative of the 4 masters. Ven and Darach had the same ligthsaber, as did every jedi, and thus the ligthsaber to the left belongs to an unknown who is not Zallow.

Um…no. Every Jedi has a different lightsaber, and the cutoutes in the modified image are taken directly from the trailers.

So you weren’t be contrary then, just…ignorant? Or moronic, either one works tbh.

I think you’re being both perhaps? Read the damn forums to u fucktard. All the jedi had the same saber in in the trailer except satele. A swtor fan that never does research or reads forums…. smhh hop off my dick you shit head

Ah, the stupidity of someone that posts on the forums and thinks themselves above the rest. Firstly, I post on the forums, secondly, the lightsaber thing was worked out ON the forums.

LOL he calls me ignorant when he doesn’t even keep up on info… I’m surrounded by idiots :/

I love how you upvote every single one of your own posts to make you look more popular. Super classy.

It’s an up vote, get over yourself. Do you feel special, I just gave you one?

Hmmm, about you read before you post huh? The 2 jedi ligthsabers in the trailers are the same, and thus thus the lightsaber on the left can’t be Zen’s. It’s amazing how you don’t bother researching stuff first

Well, now you look stupid. I wasn’t even talking about the two jedi lightsabers, moron. I was only talking about the Sith Lightsaber. Learn to read.

They’re most likely just reusing assets from the old videos because it’s a lot cheaper than making entirely new models.

If they are going to do new things and a new cinematic they wouldnt use the same skins as lets be honest everyone and their dog has/would pull them on it.

Why wouldn’t they? Perhaps they actually want to show these are just generic hilts. There is a war going on, after all, it stands to reason that a lot of Jedi and Sith would be carrying ‘mass-produced’ lightsabers, as it were, to replace their own weapons lost during the conflict.

But in every other star wars bit of lore ever when they there was a war on they’ve still had their own lightsabers. Not that it matters, all the naysayers will be proven wrong in….5 hours.

ah, but by episode 3 (and right after ep 2)they gone back to having their own customised lightabers-they used borrowed ones because they were halfway through a battle.

Aye, but given Jedi numbers in this era are much higher I’d argue it’s not a stretch to say a lot of lightsabers are lost and destroyed. Having generic spare lightsabers ready for when someone needs one quickly seems logical, especially given the time it takes to build a lightsaber.

Who knows. I’m keen to be done with this speculation and find out what’s really going on! 😀

Agreed. I still think that having a shot of those four specific lightsabers is relevant though.
Hmm….I’d imagine that given the greater resources, both Jedi and Sith would have several lightsabers, even if they only carried/used one at a time/two at a time.

Yeah having a spare makes a lot of sense practically speaking. I’m thinking the sabers are trophies though; a visual display to show the audience these two figures are actively killing Jedi and Sith. Add in the cloth beneath each pair, it seems almost ritualistic, cult-like.

It feels so far away 🙁

I’d agree with you if it wasn’t those four specific lightsabers, but you’re right on the cult-like behaviour.

I was gonna keep quiet but it seems you need educating….. there is no lightsaber the same, they are all unique…. certainly not a bunch of dudes making them and selling them down the market…

lol, I need educating? Didn’t realise you were the expert here…

They’re clearly not all unique as this trailer proves the same designs are used by more than one person. As for your market comment; there was a reason I said ‘mass-produced’ instead of mass-produced. I’m sure you know that already, though.

But the Jedi and Sith both probably have people who make lightsabers as their primary occupation. As I said elsewhere, Anakin and Obi-Wan were both handed spare lightsabers on Geonosis in Episode 2 and those weapons didn’t create themselves. Would it not be logical for Jedi working far from civilisation to carry spares for themselves and their charges?

Your probably find those given sabers were from fallen jedi from days gone, there was never a sabers-r-us store where they went to get a new one. Each was hand crafted by a jedi/sith.

Source for that? Not saying there’s a ‘store’ (but, again, you know I’m not saying that) but as I said it stands to reason the Jedi and Sith would have professionals who built lightsabers. Not all Jedi and Sith are fighters, after all.

But lightsabers CAN be mass-produced, because the lightsabers given to Galen Marek’s clones WERE mass-produced.

Your talking pony, jedi made their own and were based on their masters as a sign of respect….. there wasnt a production line, use the google, let go…..

Traditionally, yes. But if their weapon was destroyed in the middle of a warzone? Do you think they’d just pick up a blaster? Return to the Jedi temple to spend ages building a new blade?

The trailer is proof that, in this era, lightsabers weren’t as unique to each indivdual as you like to think and as I said above lightsabers were mass-produced later on Kamino for clones so it is possible. Regardless of what you believe, this trailer is an official source that proves my point.

you mean like Obi-wan did? when he shot Grievous? lighstabers werent mass produced.

you mena like when Obi-wan shot grievous? or this where they were still put together by hand..Imperial engineers also found a way to mass produce lightsabers, though these weapons still had to be assembled by hand. These lightsabers were created onKamino for the Imperial saber guard and the Galen Marek clones, and called for the mass importing of special crystals for them.

^^Literally proving my point. ‘also found a way to mass-produce lightsabers’.

There you go. Case closed.

thats Sith… you mean still had to be put together by hand….. so not real closed….

Mass-produced does not mean no manual assembly- so that’s irrelevant- and we’re talking about Jedi and Sith. You’re claiming lightsabers aren’t/can’t be mass-produced and that they are all unique. I’ve provided you with two official sources contradicting your claim. The case IS closed. Whether you want to accept official sources as evidence is up to you, but this is getting boring.

Vitiate is a full blooded Sith, the human you kill in the Jedi Knight campaign is just a voice and not his real body.

Good point. In that case, they could be more of his host bodies. Somebody linked in other forums another of the emperor’s host in the comics along with Darth Marr and Darth Thanaton that looked similar to these knights. Either way, I’m very much looking forward to this storyline!!! 🙂

All of those characters are dead at this point in the game’s lore. In addition, the image contained in the promotional email sent a few days ago appeared to have two characters with identical features. It does seem that this has something to do with clones, possibly meaning that the Emperor had the most powerful force users in the galaxy cloned. That, or these four were Children of the Emperor and didn’t know it, and the Emperor was secretly the source of their strength the entire time. Now that would be a VERY interesting twist.

That would make a LOT of plot points have a different meaning completely…Malgus Rebellion? Just as planned. The Jedi escaping Korriban? Just as Planned. The attack on the Jedi Temple? JUST AS PLANNED.

I thought the one on the far left looked familiar, but I assumed they just reused the design. I guess didn’t really take a good look at the other three.

I have a feeling these fallen knights are supposed to represent the Sith Warrior and Jedi Knight severing their allegiances and following the Emperor…

I think its just the same knight, and theyre showing you what he looks like in republic colors and Imperial

They might or might not have been from those four named Sith and Jedi.

For one malgus space station /ship (can’t remember which one he was on) blew up by self destruct he/the alien dude activated depending on your choices.

So I would find it hard to believe that such an explosion that would decimate anything nearby, did not destroy the lightsaber of malgus. unless they managed to swoop in last moment to grab it from the bridge/hole he fell it depending which death you prefer.

On the otherhand yes crafted sabers by both Jedi and Sith in theory should be unique to each individual, to represent them.

But since this is being a game and we all know how bw treats “uniqueness” it will be hard to tell.

I think those lightsabers are going to be the new decorations for medium to narrow floor hooks. True story 😉

In original pic there isnt two of each…think one is on actual photo, the other is a close-up or in-game pic of saber…

No mate whats going on is they are turning them in as they have enough tokens and they are now useless.

Episode 7 plot will revolve around a Lightsaber. Not a far leap to assume our game is adopting a similiar story line. They are presenting a few sources of power to their master.

how can one of those sabers be Vindican’s when he ued a staff and not a one handed saber and there is no burn marks from it being cut in 2 or anything

One, from the angle we can’t see the shot of where it would be cut in half.
Two, who says it got chopped with a lightsaber? A lot of dualsabers are simply two normal ones stuck together-Malgus could just…Take it apart.

Looks like the Musco Twins are light saber merchants. On this picture we see them preseting their goods at the market.

HOLY ****! He actually has blood on the side of his helmet! O_o PLEASE don’t tell me that’s Malcom from Havoc squad and the blood on his helmet is from Theorn or Satele(sp) Shan!

You sure? I thought the reason why the skin is different is because of the built in lights inside the helmet. (like lights in the iron man suit with Tony Stark). The man’s eyebrows are the same though.

Yeah I’m not sure. The interior light might be skewing with his features a tad. We’ll see soon enough.

Gosh darn it! Enough of the teasing, BioWare! Your killing me here! XD If the trailer is like the others, we’re looking at a 6 minute trailer or longer.

Given the background in this pic, that means there’s going to be at least 3 different settings. One on the battlefield, one wherever the saber trophies are being set down (looks like it’s inside somewhere) and then one where ‘Jace’ is. So I imagine you’re right.

Could be be the lighting/shading that we can’t really see the scars. It’s all speculation mind you. Personally, I see no other reason for a soldier to show his face, unless he was a key character in SWTOR

Well, I figured that part out when I clicked on the image. lol I meant if he got it from someone else who got it from an email or from a developer’s blog/twitter page or something thereof. Just trying to figure out if this is real or not, since facebook and twitter doesn’t have this image up yet.

Mind you, I’d like it to be real. I just want to be sure we aren’t getting trolled.

Tbh it’s too HQ to be fake imo. Don’t know where it came from exactly I’m afraid, but I’m sure we’ll see it posted officially soon.

Heads up: As someone pointed out on Reddit, The logo on the Soldier’s shoulder is just the Republic logo. Not the Havoc logo. Technically, Jace Malcom is not part of the new Havoc squad, because of his recent promotion that puts him at the forefront of the chain of command. So we might just be seeing a soldier’s face to humanize him instead of just another soldier for the slaughter.

Yeah figured he wasn’t going to show up as Havoc if it is Jace. Still, if the Republic has ‘fallen’ I can’t see Jace NOT putting his armour back on tbh. Seems like the kinda guy who would happily stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the grunts.

Oh yeah. Despite the man’s age, he’s a huge guy and is in shape to boot. I can definitely see him put on some random Republic armor and lead from the frontlines. He even says in one of the books that he misses being on the battlefield.

Not to mention (if I’m remembering right), the lifespan of a Human in SW is a few decades longer than it is in reality, so he’s still young enough really. I’m so hoping this is going to have a post-apocolyptic feel to it, with folks like Jace running resistance movements alongside other big players.

Be really cool if the Empire and Republic actually have ‘fallen’.

I think it depends on how much alien blood they have. Jace looks Maori, which in-universe implies Mandalorian heritage, which gives him a few extra decades.

Just a theory. What if the new trailer’s timeline takes place before the war (judging by the trooper armour as it’s been used in previous trailers), and those saber hilts were laid out and given to Van, Malgus, etc? What if they were all Children of the Emperor, and they helped spark the war? *mindblown*

Yes I could be wrong, but just a guess, It’s entirely possible.

Probably not, seeing that “You will become The Outlander, a Level 60 veteran of the Great Galactic War.” Which is the war that ends with the Treaty of Coruscant.

It’s entirely possible they’re just reusing models, however, that leaves questions. Perhaps Bioware just wants to mess with our brains? Clearly they would’ve known people would start theorising on the owners of the sabers. So, why do it if we’re just going to be disappointed when we discover the specific sabers have no relevance at all? They want to create hype, not let us down. And it’s a BIG coincidence that it’s these in particular, considering it’s characters who’ve died, three of them in previous trailers no less. Regarding Vindican’s, come on people, a double lightsaber doesn’t need to be broken at all. A lot are just two normal lightsabers “stuck” together. Given everything, put it all together. What is more likely? And I think if it’s a simple case of laziness in just reusing sabers and they actually have no meaning whatsoever, then I’ll be a tad annoyed. Just a tad. 🙂

Hmmm you should verify the sources. Do you really think the last picture is official ? I don’t think so 😉

People are reading too much into the sabers. Those are the sabers taken from the jedi and sith we see them kill in the trailer just before that point. They are sort of iconic in appearance… that’s why they went with those models.

In fact… looking at the trailer again, you can see the Twi sith is using a saber that looks like Maglus’.

As some of you might recall, I made a thread about this image that appeared on Reddit. At first I thought it might be part of the trailer, seeing as it was in CGI and we hadn’t seen the trailer yet. However, after watching the trailer, I never saw this scene. So, I can either speculate that this image is a fake (done with amazing skill) OR that the CGI trailer wasn’t the only CGI project they were working on. Remember how when we first chose a faction to join, we are given a CGI introduction? “Hope” and “Revenge” trailer to be more precise. Well, it could be that BioWare may or may not have added a CGI opening to our characters depending on which faction they were in. Like they show a strike team of Republic Commandos or Imperials break your carbonite butt out of whatever storage facility or prison you somehow end up in. (Think how in Mass Effect 2 you wake up as the station is being attacked. It would be like that) In the middle of the fighting they get pinned down and their only option is to unfreeze you and save their asses (ironic, right?).

(In case some might ask how could they possible show your character in CGI when there are so many different classes and customization… My answer is that you’re in a capsule that covers most if not all of your body. Hiding those certain facial features or body parts that could depict who was in the carbonite. That or that do a male and female kind of opening and do one of those “convenient” cover up camera angles to hide your face while the scene plays out).

Mind you, this is all speculation and is very heavily depended on if this image is real or not. BioWare has made no promise, hint, or nudge that they did any such thing, so don’t take what I say seriously, but rather as a hope on a speculation, on an image that may or may not be real.

The 3 pre-rendered Blur trailers that appeared in SWTOR had all been done long before the game was released. Each one premiered at E3, for 3 years in a row. The Deceived trailer was from E3 2009, Hope was E3 2010, and Return was from E3 2011. We now have a 4th trailer which surprise surprise debuted at E3 as well. It should also be pointed out that Hope and Return were not designed to be faction trailers, nor was Deceived design to be the game’s intro trailer, that’s just how they got used in the final product.

You’re reading way too much into what is most likely a fake image, especially considering how expensive Blur’s going rate is. Back in 2009 it was a million per minute a footage. The new trailer alone is a dicey move on their part as the game isn’t exactly super successful or in state where they should be spending millions on a new pre-rendered trailer.

That image looks like something that was doctored from the Halo Collection. Oh and what exactly would leave a blood smear on that Troopers helmet when all their weapons are energy based?

wait in the final part of the current story Darth Malgus is using a different single saber like in the intro and vindican is dead from the opening scene for everyone… lol

Coming back on this topic, the same lightsaber malgus used, is the same one the Sith lord twi’lek use in the trailer. And given that malgus death was more the. A few years ago, plus we are canonized so, skipped a few more years, would already seem unlikely to be theirs.but yes one belongs to the twilek, not sure bout the other 3

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