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SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Leaked Expansion Details

Bioware have leaked the details of the Fallen Empire Expansion early today by accident. Here are the details courtesy of LostStormTrooper and Nora.



Expansion Info

A man can have anything… If he’s willing to sacrifice everything. Step into an epic story-driven adventure as your character becomes The Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. A third faction threatens the galaxy as we know it, and your choices will determine the fate of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. Knights of the Fallen Empire includes the first nine chapters, fueled by BioWare-style cinematic storytelling, that kicks off a new player-driven story arc that puts you at the center of a conflict where your choices have impact on outcomes including unexpected twists and betrayals. Choose your path…join or betray companions, old and new…and shape the future of the entire galaxy as well as your own. Best of all, this is only the beginning…


Continuous Storyline. Choices that matter. BioWare Storytelling. And MORE. CHOICES THAT MATTER Be at the center of a personal Star Wars™ story where choices matter and impact outcomes.

  • START AT LEVEL 60 You will become The Outlander, a Level 60 veteran of the Great Galactic War.
  • BUILD AN ALLIANCE Build a team of hand-picked allies to join your alliance; meet new companions and reunite with existing companions ready to offer you their loyalty.
  • YOUR PERSONAL SAGA Play one of eight class stories enhanced to offer a deeper, more accessible experience purely focused on immersing you in a personal Star Wars story.
  • CONTINUOUS STORY This is only the beginning of an evolving Star Wars story, new chapters released on a regular basis.

Subscriber Rewards Program

Prepare to Face your Destiny, be a subscriber on the dates below to earn rewards ingame at launch.

Nico Okarr Companion – July 31

When you travel with Nico Okarr, the legendary gunslinger from SWTOR’s “Return” cinematic trailer, you can be sure that he will always have your back.

Nico Okarr Blaster Set – August 31

A stylish weapon set for the enthusiastic gunslinger; keep it for yourself or give it to your companion.

Nico Okarr Duster Coat – Sept 30

Impressive is the only world that describes Nico’s swashbuckling duster; you can be sure that wearing this duster sets you apart from other heroes.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Inspired Swoop Bike – Oct 19

Escape your enemies in epic style on your custom Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic inspired Swoop Bike.

Early Access – July 31 – Oct 19.

Choose to be a Subscriber from July 31 to October 19 to receive the Early Access Bonus Reward! Be one of the first to jump in and get access to Knights of the Fallen Empire seven days prior to live launch.

All subscribers receive the advantage of the Epic Story XP Boost through October 19, 2015.

Cast of Characters

Arcann ‘The Dark Prince’

“Destiny is a lie”. Fate is the falsest of hopes. I am beyond prophecy. I forge my own path by making the difficult choices. Now, it is your turn.

I am not without mercy. Surrender and you may live. Stand against me, and I will turn you into a monument for fools who believe their victory is preordained. Choose wisely.

Valkorian ‘The immortal Emperor’

“I can make you powerful beyond reason.. If you will only kneel”

Everything until now has been the means to an end. I forged the Empire of Zakuul to surmount all of my previous works. It will span eternity.

Do not presume there are limits to my power. The Eternal Throne commands a fleet that will reshape the galaxy into any image I choose. Whatever you hope to achieve by opposing me, know that you will never succeed.

Lana Beniko ‘The Dark Advisor’

“I deemed you a worthy ally once. I hope I wasn’t wrong”

The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic have fallen. The Jedi and Sith have retreated to their temples. No one remains to stand between the Eternal Throne and the utter destruction of all we hold dear.

It has to be you. Find the strength within yourself to persevere and sacrifice your own needs for those of the galaxy. You’re our last hope.

Vaylin ‘The Remorseless Prodigy’

“Rules are for people who lack the creativity to break them.” I have always been held back. All my life, my power has been restrained for fear of the chaos and bloodshed that I might inflict on a whim.

But our whims represent our truest selves. And now that my power is fully my own, I intend to be very truthful.

Koth Vortena ‘The Exiled General”

“We’re going to win this thing. I’m telling you, its destiny.” I grew up on Zakuul, served in the military. I know its potential for greatness, but all I see is the bleak reality of what it’s become.

Someone has to stand up to tyranny, right here and now. To make it clear that we reject this twisted vision for the galaxy. Someone has to own up to their destiny and fight.

Senya ‘The Vengeful Enforcer’

“Even Emperors must answer to the law.” I have served with honor. I have upheld the law and pursued offenders to the far corners of the galaxy. And I have lost everyone I ever held close.

The worst among us now rule over us. Their laws will never bring justice to the monsters who betray our ideals and murder our children. But I will.

HK-55 ‘The Loyal Bodyguard

Declaration: Meatbag defense protocols engaged.” Lament: I am programmed for your maximum protection, but hostile meatbags continually demand I reactivate my termination subroutines.

Reassurance: I have no particular wish to harm the stupid meatbags. I was merely designed to be especially good at it.

Affirmation: Anything that threatens you will wish it had never existed, master.


Chapters Chapter 1 The Hunt

Chapter 2 A Dream of Empire

Chapter 3 Outlander

Chapter 4 The Gravestone

Chapter 5 From the Grave

Chapter 6 Asylum

Chapter 7 Lady of Sorrows

Chapter 8 Taking Flight

Chapter 9 The Alliance

Chapter 10 Anarchy In Paradise

Chapter 11 Disavowed

Chapter 12 Coming Soon

Chapter 13 Coming Soon

Chapter 14 Coming Soon

Chapter 15 Coming Soon

Chapter 16 Coming Soon

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions To qualify for the Knights of the Fallen Empire Subscriber Rewards, the account must be in a Subscriber status as of 11:59PM PDT//6:59AM GMT on the date listed by the reward. Knights of the Fallen Empire rewards are delivered through in-game mail and are redeemable as of the launch of the expansion upon login on October 27, 2015.

To qualify for the Early Access Bonus, you must have qualified for each of the four rewards by being a subscriber on each of the 4 listed reward dates. Once you qualify you may enter and play Knights of the Fallen Empire on October 20, 2015, seven (7) days prior to live launch on October 27, 2015.

*The Subscriber Epic Story XP Boost offers a significant enhancement of about 12x normal rate to the class story progression experience and includes: Increased commendations to support gear needs along the way Quick travel points unlocked as soon as they are revealed on the map Reduced cool down on quick travel options For questions on the Epic Story XP Boost visit:


These images do not work but you can guess some of the upcoming location/content by the way they are named. Bothawui seems to be a new planet with mentions of a skyscraper city. Also mentions of Dual Faction. Courtesy of Xeta1 on reddit for linking them.


By Dulfy

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523 replies on “SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Leaked Expansion Details”

I can’t believe this is coming in October! Hopefully they’ve been working on this since early 2014 and it isn’t some mish-mash re-hash of the SoR launch. But that said, WOW! Not what I expected at all! Free for subs?! Start at level 60…what does that mean…level cap increase, no increase?

The chapters thing is odd too. Almost like they’re overwriting the existing chapters and starting anew. Why not just continue the chapter sequence? And what do they consider a chapter? Like one story mission, a flashpoint?

Judging by the opener on this release, this article was supposed to be live the day before Monday or Monday morning.

“Accidental leak” my pixel B-hind! Shameless way to drum up publicity and it’s working I clicked..

This definitely sounds very promising but I am still unsure how it will all fit into the existing SWTOR. Can we really get a new level 60 character? Are Republic and Imperial characters now mixed? Do we have to play the new same stories with each of our characters? And where is the repeatable group content aka flashpoints and operations? Hope to get some more information on Monday.

Some more details:

There is one more image link, it is the background of the trailer video:
But it also does not work.

In Chapter 4, “The Gravestone” is the name of a spaceship, so we are not visiting a tomb or graveyard but are on a ship. I know this because it was translated that way in the German version of the page.

ill wait till monday when bioware speaks about this themselves

i just hope that if this is a free expansion it will be free for prefered players who bought SOR i can only hope!

Sounds like it is free:


Caps came from Bioware, not me.

Paid expansions only attract active subscribers. I think it’s clever to make this one free to get new players. Sure they have to subscribe to get the Expansion, but they don’t have to subscribe AND pay the Expansion. This makes Bioware look less greedy to new player.

it kinda makes sense to give subs acces first then prefered if its gonna be free for prefered players who can lvl up to 60 but dont know that part yet so yeah waiting on monday for more infomation

The released as on official. Dulfy links screen grabs. It clearly states that you get early access if you subscribe from July 31 – October 19th. You get it for free if you are a subscriber

So we get a lvl 60 toon automatically? Do other alts we have become “outlander” and then chose one of the 8 new classes? Will these questions never end?

Hm. I’m subscriber since Dec 2011 but never bought any of the expansions. So right now I’m suck at level 55. But my character have XP like they are level 56. When RotHC became free it didn’t take long to hit the last 4 levels. And I don’t expect it to take long to get from 56 to 60.

Well, if all lvl 60 are part of this alliance, it would mean that all end-game players would be grouped together for PvP and PvE.

This would indeed help with queue times by placing all lvl 60 in a single pool rather then the two faction system.

“START AT LEVEL 60 You will become The Outlander, a Level 60 veteran of the Great Galactic War.”

Ok, I read this as either:
– Once you hit lvl 60 you stop being part of your faction and go into a communal pool of players as part of the 3rd faction.
– Or we can make lvl 60 characters to start playing the new end-game right away.

Either way they would need to add a ton of content for this decision to work, because it seems that once your character hits 60, they are no longer part of the Republic or Empire.

If I read all this right, once you hit 60 and start this new expansion it’s literally a whole new game, which will likely be a continuation of your class story line but outside of your faction.

Ballsy move, I like it!

It there’s no basis to read it that way. The third faction is very clearly stated as the enemy, no the republic and empire factions are immediately named as he availble factions.

So assuming that all previous game content is anccessible becuase they don’t exist, is not paying close enough attention to the information already made available.

What’s unknown is what pre 60 content we will have access to: i.e. Operations, Fp’s. It would be unfortunate lose all of that team play conent and seems doubtful. Potentially lose Access to planets? Well certainly still have our strongholds, so I don’t that much will change. If anything, you could lose access to early story coy content, but we will see.

Wait if we lose our factions… does this mean we enter nu instances of old planets and daily areas? are dailys, fp’s, and ops still gonna be a thing?

I get the feeling we’ll either be barred from old content or it’ll be hand-waved once we go there.

But given how we have 12x exp for subs until the expansion my guess is that once we hit lvl 60 and start the expansion we’ll no longer have access to old content.

1-59 = SWTOR 1 based on Republic vs Empire.
60+ = SWTOR 2 based on heroes of SWTOR 1 uniting to fight a common foe.

Man, I just hope that the new expansion has at least -some- multiplayer convos outside of flashpoints. My friend and I have duo’d all of the planets in the game a few times, and we got to work together on Makeb, but then we get called in by Theron and Lana and suddenly we don’t get to be partners or work together on anything anymore.

I am impressed with the direction they are taking this game. They are returning to the story, which is what made this game good in the first place. Looking forward to this.

And now read this carefully.

“You are the outlander” …to me this means that we have another universal story that can be fulfilled by any class.

oh well. Not like I don’t have 40 characters.

Well if you want 8 different missions Gank, it’s gonna take 8 times longer to produce the content.

Well they’ve let everything go to hell, so they better be working on 8 stories in some fashion. That was literally the selling point of the core game.

I am universally reviled for hating bioware stories because I can poke holes in all of them with extreme ease.

I’m definitely getting all the early access stuff, but I’m a very big pewpewer, and even if I do the story once for completion’s sake, it won’t matter too much to me.

Because, PVPers die just as well without a story 🙂

So, you’re upset because there’ll only be one story to find continuity errrors, plot holes, and poorly designed story mechanisms? Aww that’s a shame, poor you buddy. 🙁

Except that it says “YOUR PERSONAL SAGA Play one of eight class stories enhanced to offer a deeper, more accessible experience purely focused on immersing you in a personal Star Wars story.”

This to me suggests that there will be 8 separate stories in some fashion. Maybe like SoR with the single mission, but this implies something more than that.

No, it suggests taht this is a standard promo because the game has 8 classes. Same thing happened for Makeb.

Don’t worry, soon the devs will run out of ideas and we’ll get a Yuuzhan Vong invasion 3.5k years too early.

Interesting you mentioned the Yuuzhan Vong as IIRC Canderous Ordo actually references them somewhere. Can’t remember which KOTOR game or if it was one of the books. I’ll try to find the quote again.

So far as I know, it is the first one.

Something like a scouting ship or whatnot.

Which i just dumb, because they don’t invade for 4 thousand years. WTF is scouting ship doing here?

I’m not seeing this factionless situation some people are assuming “A third faction threatens the galaxy as we know it, and your choices will determine the fate of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.”

That sentence very cleary express a third faction threatening, which means an enemy: ie you don’t play that faction 😛 Then it speaks of the empire and republic, friendly faction. A third party threatens republic and empire. That’s every expansion to date. So, no word of some new faction that we participate in. When they mention choosing your path.. That cleary means light/dark choices, and the usual. starting at lvl 60… Seems like a true expansion, will it be cut off from the pre 60 game experience?

If all of this is true, then I am SO excited!!! If we are, indeed, able to betray companions Corso, Skadge, and Quinn’s days are numbered!

One thing that does worry me is the lack of Theron. He is one of my favorite characters (books and game) and I would hate to see him not be included. It would be a bit of a downer. Plus, my poor smuggler will be forever alone, again!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am beyond excited for Nico! He is the reason I started a smuggler to begin with. Plus, I can’t wait for him and my gunslinger to tear it up.

Still, I can’t understand why Theron wouldn’t be included. Aside from Lana, is a highly requested companion. He has been for a while now, and has a bit of a following as well. My fingers are crossed the list is just incomplete, and he will be there.


Judging by that image and the other information we are probably getting cross faction support.

As for the companions does this mean we will basically be throwing out all previous companions and choosing a completely new set from old and new?? or are we simply getting a choice to recruit a couple different companions based on how we play out the expansion?

So many questions

If we can betray our Ship Droid to make new for a new companion… oh man.

Hmm, given I romanced both Lana and Ashara things may be kind of awkward on my Inquisitor’s ship for a while.

well they already implemented cross gender romance (Beniko/Shan) so lets get me some Polygamy or three ways!

If I can get rid of a companion, the ship droids are first on the list. Have ever been.

Second are Guss and Lokin.

“A third faction threatens the galaxy as we know it, and your choices will determine the fate of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.” Can this be that a Sith can betray the Empire and join the Republic and visa versa if they want? This is maybe where cross factions can exist? Just Hypothesizing.

Don’t see any mention of a level cap increase, but there’s always monday’s official announcement to see for sure.

If there isn’t one, I’ll just do what I did when everything after Makeb came out, cancel my subscription until a new level cap. I left after CZ-198 was introduced and didn’t come back until after Yavin 4 and level 60 came out. Don’t mind a bit to wait until I can level more.

I very much enjoy this game, but there is too much content released between level caps. Might as well just cancel my sub, play other games I’ve been more or less tabling between all my swtor time, then come back when I can play through all the new content and level up at the same time.

Either way I’ll stay subbed long enough to get my free sub rewards, then peace out if there is indeed no new cap.

I’m very excited that not only do subs get Nico Okarr for free, but also his guns and coat. What I’d REALLY like to see is his hat without the stupid ass ear flaps in game. There’s no cool gunslinger hat in game. The Bounty Broker Hat is sub par with the addition of the face cover part, but it’s not good enough imo. (I’m very picky with my characters outfits lol)

Oh well, here’s to hoping (and betting with the release of Nico Okarr) that his hat (and possibly full outfit) will appear in a cartel pack

Why do you need a cap increase? Just curious. Are we here for content or the momentary euphoria of a ding?

To the both of your all’s comments, I just personally don’t enjoy or see the point in all the excess content without a level cap increase. if they want to add more ops and fp’s by all means, add as many as they like, I just never enjoyed running through new planets such as oricon and cz-198 etc with no level increase etc.

I have 12 total characters, one of each pub class, 2 of each imp class (10 dps, 2 healers) all max level, and each playthrough I hit level 60 well before I get through all the content (and that was before they activated 12x XP).

Again, this isn’t and wasn’t meant to be a raging threatening “omfg do this or else I’ll cancel” post. it was an expression of my personal preference on how I’m going to be spending my swtor time if and when (or not) certain things get released in game. 🙂

Ya I don’t understand why you need a level cap increase? I mean several MMO’s add content in between major expansions, It’s called end game content. I could care less about level cap increase. I just want more content to do end game like ops and more hm fp’s, and story driven content like when I was leveling from 1-50 with individual class stories that warrant me several playthroughs with each class having their own individual story.

Seems like it could be. I am wondering what happens to “end game” … raids and flashpoints … are they all going to be de-emphasized in favour of continual additions of story content? I hope that operations will not be sacrificed.

They’re working on this story thing because people complained that the hutt cartel expansion was trash, and short, and then complained again with Shadows of Revan, and still complained throughout all of it because they had nothing to do with the original story for the classes. and that it was all the same for all the classes, etc etc.
I hope this is their last expansion for another year or so, so they can start working on what actually keeps players entertained, and subbed, PvP, Operations, and Flashpoints.

Hutt was trash, and SoR only gave us one class mission and most were rubbish, only the agents was any good.

They have data, not you. Obviously more people are interested in the story than Operations and PVP. Deal with it. I’m both story and ops player but at least I’m not blind to facts.

I can tell youre one of the players who dont be on the forums.

There’s nothing wrong with adding to a story. But when you ignore years of game content for, then it becomes a concern.

There was 0 complaint on the comment you’re replying to. But when they ignore endgame content to release 2 shittt expansions, I would agree to hoping this is the last expansion they release for another year, so they can focus on the content that keeps players subbing, not bringing players to play the story and quit after a month, like I’ve seen in my years of playing.

You should actually read a comment, and look who’s a person is replying to before you try to state your opinionated “facts.” Lol troll.

I’m not going to betray any companion that didn’t betray me first. But for them… a terrible fate awaits!

So many questions!

If this all is legit, then I wonder…

1. Does this make Fallen Empire canon in the EU now?

If so, will Disney/Star Wars continue to influence all future content moving forward?

2. Is this really an expansion? Or will it be more of a sequel/it’s own game that will be more tightly controlled?

I really, really hope this is a reboot of SWTOR. While the class stories are in line of what could be canon in the EU, some of the items available in game are just ridiculous, and ridiculously easy to obtain at that… (Look at all the color crystals in game for example with strange color cores and some that have three colors to them).

Can’t wait til Monday!

As far as Disney is concerned, TOR is part of the EU and is therefore non-canon.

Personally, I say fuck them. The Old Republic era of Star Wars is one of the most interesting periods in its universe, so it’s still canon to me.

If it is considered non-canon, then they could potentially say that in the TOR universe the prequels and the original trilogy are non-canon and change the entire universe to something entirely new.

It is an interesting era of the EU. Being a fan of Star Wars, and this being our only MMO atm for it, it’d be nice to see Disney just say it is canon to an extent.

As far as I know, nothing in the game right now affects any of the other new EU stuff. I may be wrong there since I have yet to pick up SoR.

But if Disney did canonize this game, and future content… I imagine it may pull in some new subscribers as we get near December, and beyond.

Unless there’s another MMO in the pipeline somewhere already.

It was explained several times already. Having the stamp of “the Story
Group” for new products doesn’t necessarily mean it is canon. People
from the Story Group explicitly said it’s just part of the licensing
process. Shadow of Revan was also non-canon to Disneyverse despite the fact it had the Story Group written in the credits.

And don’t call new canon “EU”. It’s not EU. It’s referred only as canon. EU is Legends.

You can read the canon blog from the latest SW Celebration.

“Are The Old Republic expansions canon?”
“No — BioWare has created their own universe that is so fantastic, we’re not going to change it, says Hidalgo.”

You can also listen to the videos from this meeting on YT. You will hear what I said above. Additionally, they won’t be visiting ToR era in new canon in near future but when they do they will “rewrite and improve” stories as Leland Chee said that blatantly about improving Bane’s story, so we should be aware that what we know about Bane from his trilogy will be eventually changed.

6 Movies & TCW is canon.
Previously published EU stories are ‘Legends’.

But this isn’t published before the Disney deal. So, status unknown?

Damn it, looks like I might try to subscribe again for a while. Nico Okarr is just too tempting, and I’ve wanted that coat and his blasters since day one.

Time to start scraping together spare change again. Damn you, college textbooks! Why the fuck are you so expensive?!

“Start at Level 60…You will become The Outlander…” The more I read this, the more it almost sounds to me like a new class that starts at level 60 (a la Death Knight in WoW)…although nothing in the leaked webpage details says anything about a new class /shrug …no biggie to me I guess, still excited either way, but I still think it reads that way without specifically saying that.

That is actually an interesting concept, I keep trying to wedge the statement into what we already hae, but a totally new class (or mirror classes) would be interesting because they are not resrticted to the boring classes we aallready ahve.

Feels that way to me too.

Because either they forecfully wipe all our characters (or rather, stop us from using them in the expansion), or they’re adding a 9th class that’s factionless (although I suppose all classes are now) but starts at 60, without a storyline up to that.

So you can play the expansion either with one of the old classes or with a new one that doesn’t have a class story before the xpansion.

I think, it’s more about cross-factioned story. I think, BioWare making true community gossips about factionless OPses – factionless quests and story! Just imagine – no more binding to factions – if you want, you can start doing your story by side with Sith or Jedi, no matter who you are. Imagine a raid with both Sith and Jedi – brutal Immortal Juggernaut-tank, honored Guardian Jedi…

well they’re at it maybe they can get ridda the space ships and lightsabers, we don’t need those in “Not Star Wars the old republic” eaither

I was thinking the same thing. As you said, with starting at level 60, plus having some choice over companions and being essentially factionless, it sounds like they could be making a new class. This way, by starting at level 60, they could avoid having to do all new voice work and everything for the 1-59 stuff. I’m also wondering, with the “sacrifice everything” bit, if we will have to turn one of our existing toons from what ever class they already are, into this new class. The more I think about it, the more likely it sounds. Guess we’ll find out soon.

Yes, he is so stupid, and I want to get rid of Aric, and Yuun, and any other stupid comps who make you read what they are saying.

All fun and games but lets be real, it seems Nico will be a new treek/hk comp, more than likely the rest will be like Lana/Theran in SoR, just help but not be a full time member like Elara, Ashara, So on.

I want to throw him out the airlock. Preferably during a hyperspace jump. The thought of him ending up in Otherspace and having to deal with the Charon Death Cult… ah… Maybe I’ll write it as a fanfic… It would be one paragraph as the Charon destroy him as they do all other life in the universe..

pretty sure in beta you could kill him off, but they removed it, because people complained they needed their healer

Yeah, that is totally the reason (I was in beta, though I started just after they made companions unkillable, people were still talking about it). But, now with Treek that’s no longer necessary to be required to have Quinn.

because apparently people choose to kill him in beta and then wondered why they couldn’t use him anymore. BW removed the option to because, in their own words “we didn’t think people would be that stupid”

Yeah, a lot of annoying changes were made due to ‘player choice’ like I will never stop complaining about how SPOILER ALERT a dark side Jedi is explicitly told that they will not receive promotion to Master Jedi, then the Republic solider reminds you that you are still General of the Republic Forces, so dark side Jedi got the General title instead of Master. However, players whined about being punished for their decisions, so Bioware removed all the ‘dark side’ titles and just gave the light side titles, which meant that despite the story saying you should not obtain the Master title, you still do. Another example is that story wise, the Sith Warrior is NOT a Darth. Yet again, player whining they get the title any way… and lost the title they originally got, “Emperor’s Wrath” (though we now have Empire’s Wrath which is.. totally not the same thing)

eh the complaining about SW’s struck me as valid. I mean when you say “darth” your average person thinks of Vader

Yes, but that’s not what a Darth is in this time period. Not once in the story does anyone actually tell the warrior “Congratulations, you’ve been promoted to Darth” yet bam you just get the title. Sure, it’s not as in your face contradictory as the Jedi Knight issue, but.. it’s still a point.

Wishful thinking:

Choose your path = my character is a person. That person can decide wich faction he supports, by what he’s doing.

No more stereotype RPG WoW Alliance/Horde copy cat BS.

Only your actions should make you a Sith or a Jedi. Not a click when you create a new character.

Whow, whow, whow! Wait!
Never forget: What is BioWare really good at?!
Right. Disappointing our expectations!

Unfortunately something I have to agree with. Been burned too often by now, but the few things they got right still leave me with cautious optimism.

And now we have to listen to the bitching of the perennially unsatisfied subs and the f2pers who can’t fathom why not paying for a game doesn’t net them the same benefits as those who do, f2pers being the ones who didn’t play before the game went to that system, before the dark times.

Seriously though, this is extremely promising, and the sub rewards are actually rewarding for a change…hoping Okarr is cross faction. And…with Bothawui…perhaps comes Bothans? They’d be a canonically pub counterpart to the Chiss in terms of espionage and subterfuge, and I’d love the chance to preemptively roast some for the Death Star.

Two Unsullied, White Worm and Black Worm, with an army of Teenage Mutant Cyber Shredder Knights with shields.


Honestly until I see this on the SWTOR website myself, I’m not beliving this. it sounds a little too wild, and a little too similer to what some of the “fourm supershadows” have been claiming

Hope we will get dualspec because two knights one in white and one with black, got same head. They looks like white healer spec and black damage spec.

I’d love that, but remember that very early they said 2015 won’t be “features heavy” but “story heavy”. I personally don’t expect them to do more than they say, but who knows.

SW ep7 is coming and Disney is a powerful Company they want us hiped and with full Portmoneys for the movie

Seriously disappointing for pvpers who enjoy operations. At this point I’d be satisfied if they upgraded df/dp to 60. This new story content sounds good though. They’ll have my sub until I run through the new story stuff a couple times.

You are playing a Bioware game = Story driven and companions. They are getting back to what Bioware games are about with this update. If you are disappointed in that, you are playing the wrong game.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m LOVING what I see. I imagine this is where the Shadow Realms team went. I was wondering why we hadn’t seen any signs of increased manpower (content cycle from 3.2 to 3.3 took 12 weeks rather than 9). I’m glad they’re trying to deliver on pre-launch promises, finally. It’ll be exciting, it’ll be new, it’ll be epic, and I’ll be in the center of it all, having a blast. I can’t wait 😀

Why the fuck would this be dissapointing to a PVPer that doesn’t PVP at all and prefers to do Operations (PVE) instead?

I think we shouldn’t expect too much interaction with old companions. ‘Reunite’ probably = ‘Lana’

The alliance being likely cutscene based.

It’d be simply too much work to be releasing it for free if it had the breadth that some people are hoping for.

Unless perhaps they’re convinced the Cartel market side of things is the true moneymaker and it’s ‘worth it’ to keep the cash cow side of things going.

I’m also expecting a single universal story with some nods/a class specific quest or two only.

That said, episodic story releases could be good.

Though how they will handle ‘the fall of the empire/republic’ in one shot should be interesting to say the least.

“Reunite” definitely means Lana. She is the number one most requested new companion since the first Tacticals were released.

“Free for all subscribers” Content patch dubiously named “Expansion” to fool scrubs into thinking it is more than it is. All it does is get peoples hopes up and then disenchant them when those expectations are dashed. Seems to be a common theme with Bioware lately.

I preordered the original game, every expansion, and have had an active subscription since day one. I haven’t complained about hardly anything in all that time, but the one thing I can’t abide is deliberately leading people to believe something is more than it is. I completely agree with the OP, this is not a true expansion, but merely a content patch they are calling an expansion.

It hurts the customer and it hurts the game to do so, because it sets the expectation unreasonably high. It happened with Strongholds, and it happened with Starfighter. People see the word “Expansion” and immediately start getting their hopes up. Bad word usage on Biowares’ part in this case.

From what we have seen it has more content than SoR, so it’s not an ordinary content patch. It also gets its own CGI trailer and promotion on E3. Comparing Fallen Empire to GSF or Strongholds should not take place.

Aha so that is what Bioware meant by “better than cross server” no more factions at lvl 60 so we just hang out in sky city as outlanders doing stuff together regardless of which faction you started as.

Farewell Kaliyo!!! I’ll finally get rid of her, I’m damn republic agent, I don’t need freaky mercenary on my ship :D.

Republic agent? dont you mean imperial or (SPOILERS) Ex-imperial? it would be pretty cool to switch sides, tbh.

(SPOILERS) Actually you can switch sides as imperial agent. You become real double agent this time and you get mail from your CO who orders you to act as imperial. It also gives you new cutscene when you finish SoR.

hehe, you think that ea gave them more money to make this shit in short period of time? 😛 i think some people from bw were working on this from day the game has started

And I’m kinda sad we’ll lose the Empire/Republic factions 🙁 I really loved to choose my side. it is actually an important part of the game, that epic fight between the light and the dark side. It seems we’ll now be forced to everyone fight for the same side (want it or not) and won’t be able to choose our path again, in exchange for more dialog choosing, companion recruitments along some other minor things people has been asking for. I bet that’s what the phrase: “A man can have anything… If he’s willing to sacrifice everything.” at the begining means…

Meh, Republic vs Empire was getting old. Now together we can face any threat greater than before.
Brace yourselves, in 2016 Yuuzhan Vongs are coming. I’m telling you!

Problem is, there IS no fight between the light and dark side. Every big threat thus far has been a third party acting against boht the Empire and the Republic. This will be a good step I think.

You are Sith if you act like a Sith. You are Jedi if you act like a Jedi.
Smugglers are smugglers, not soldiers of the Republic. Agents are Aagents, they are not Empire only. Soldiers are soldiers, why shouldn’t the Empire have soldiers? They have, imperial soldier NPCs are in the game. And as a Bounty Hunter, you are a freelancer like smugglers. Why care about the war of those political systems or force religions as a bounty hunter?

Always hated to choose a faction when creating a character.

So, can I have both HK-51 AND HK-55 in my team? And have 2 companions with my Dark Sided character just like KOTOR? I can’t wait to have them suggest violence and death to every situation.

More than one out at a time, even if only one fights, would be absolutely beautiful. Finally your crew could look like a crew. But where do you see that hinted in this?

New Operations? New PvP content? GSF? I love story, but is there anything in this to keep me playing for more than a couple weeks? I’ll hold out hope because this isn’t even officially released yet, but I am concerned.

That’s right. Waiting for news about MMO content. So far it’s single player information and if it’s handled like Ziost for example, or the class stories, it discourages co-op.

Honestly I’m okay with this. Think of the new story as another KOTOR, as they did say SWTOR will be 3 4 5 and so on.

What would be even better if we could use our own characters in this new faction and carry on our progress.

Revan went to the Unknown Regions to find the True Sith. Thats how KOTOR endet for me. I don’t know who this guy is in SWTOR, who calls him self Revan. His story is weird, but he isn’t Revan for me. And that Exile force ghost, that one too, who is this really?


It’s Revan. He wears bad clothes in the game, and has an ugly version of his own mask, goes crazy and releases the Emperor and gave us the BEST EXPANSION ON THIS GAME 😀 😀 😀 you have to accept it.. It’s… the only way.

So in other words, fucking awesome for like ten minutes until they’re nerfed to being laughable?

I was referring more to them as an entire faction, not necessarily the class itself. It had a lot of promise but they became stillborn pretty quickly.

but they’re is no difference because it’s a mirror unlike when the game first came out and empire was overpowered

Sounds kinda nice. I hope there will be announced more tomorrow.

@everyone who thinks they merge factions in some way:
Musco said at a guild summit that there will be no cross-faction chat on the fleets because of lore. I don’t think republic and empire will be merged ever.

At last:

Accidential leaked! Nice job Bw. Maybe with Nick Avola you have a chance to find the leak. Good luck. Btw did you find swtor_miner yet?


Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Imperial sigil of SWTOR is actually quite similar to the one of the Republic, in the time of the Prequels, which in the end also became the sigil of Palpatine’s Empire. We still don’t know why this is. But maybe we get the beginning of that explanation 😉

I dunno what this Eternal Throne is, but I am excited! Also, wondering how Vitiate will react to this third empire coming in and interrupting his plans?

Ah I see. Could be a alias, or the name of the host he is currently inhabitanting. Would be redundant if they created yet another “immortal Emporer.”

Yeah, it was “leaked”, right. They are trying to get more hits on their presser coming up on Monday.

Then you are either misinformed or just plain stupid, you don’t release all the details before the main event. That’s why they have “teasers” to get more people to get interested.

First off ass wipe don’t be calling people stupid. Second corporations do it all the time. And just because they took it down doesn’T mean they did not do it on purpose. And Mr. Smarty pants who says it is “All the information”. Why don’t you pull your naive head out of your ass.

You’ll be surprised about the amount of stupid people in the world.

A “tease” is giving out small amounts of info to get people hyped for whatever the company is doing. Releasing specific details about whatever the company is doing before they officially announce it is not what Bioware wanted to do. How do I know that? Because why haven’t they said anything and answered questions about the expansion now that we know a larger idea of what it holds? They wanted to reveal all this info today (at my time zone when I wrote this), but for one reason or another it got published early, and was quickly taken down to cover it up, to no avail.

Step back and take a good look at the big picture.

I think you people read to much into the betray companions line. Theron and Lana are companions too. They are not going to give you the option to get rid of your ‘real’ companions on a character that you spend perhaps a hundred days worth of playtime on just for you to regret it and contact their support about it. It’s why we can’t get rid of companions now.

Nevertheless this news seems really exciting!

Can they boost EV, KP, EC content levels to 55 and 60 and TFB, SNV, DF, and DP content levels to 60 along with 50 HM FPs and 55 HM FPs? IT would make older content have a purpose again. Level 60 Lost Island hard mode anyone?

This is a Bioware game, which means the focus is on the storyline. If you want anything over the story, then you’re playing the wrong game.

Then why are there warzones, operations (SM/HM/NiM), and ranked PvP in the game? Why did they award raiders at their event and not people that like story?

No, because then that would hurt people who’re capped at level 50-like a lot of Preferred players.

Boosting content level to 55 and 60 doesn’t necessarily mean eliminating the 50 content level. Just making it relevant for those who wish to do the older content without steamrolling it.

my original comments was meant to ask why not, instead of doing what they did for TFB, buff the ops that are under max level into tiers so you have EV, EC, and KP at 50, 55, and 60 and TFB, DP, DF, and SNV at 55 and 60 along with the older hm fps.

“Play one of eight class stories”

We’ll I’ll be damned, miracles do happen… They’re going back to class story.

Yea if I remember those class quests, they said they’re testing the waters with them, or something like that. Guess people really really liked that heh.

They’d better not try to brainwash any of my chars like once before, especially since certain steps were taken thereafter to ensure such never occurred again.

I wonder if the event on monday will release much more and more detailed information than that.

Maybe we only get the missing images of the leak?

So… What I gather from this is once this expansion comes out, when our character get to level 60 we lose that character that we spent all that time making to look the way we want and playing as for hours, to play as a pre-made Starkiller look-alike.

Anyone else getting this vibe? Or am I looking in the wrong direction?

So for the most part, our characters have never looked like those in all the cinematic trailers. (except for valiant Jedi and eradicator). So based on that, I think you are way off base. There is no way they would just do a “wipe”. They are specifically emphasizing player-made decisions.

If we go by the pattern from previous trailers, the dudes in the screenshot up there are probably NPCs we’ll interact with. Your character becoming “The outlander” is just a nickname thing so that the NPCs have something they can call you during cinematics. This is probably so that they can make one story that any class can play through with minimal adjustments for character history.

But if you go by what’s actually written above in the info you would’ve known that there is a story for each of the 8 classes.

I saw that. I also remember them talking up the “class exclusive missions” for Shadow of Revan, and being dramatically underwhelmed, but I’m sure that even if there are significant differences in the class stories, and the “class stories” aren’t just fetch quests with minimal VO that serves as a minor distraction from the shared plot everybody goes through, they’re -still- going to be interested in anything that cuts down on their VO budget, so I think my point stands.

Regardless, my main point I was responding to was just that no, I seriously doubt we’re going to lose our characters and be forced to play as the guys in the cinematic trailer screens.

This is not the direction you were looking for…

I read it that once you hit 60 (and probably finish story up to finishing Ziost), you begin a new story in which you become “The Outlander”.

Then explain please. From what I understand, no matter what your character was before, all becomes irrelevant and the Emperor’s Wrath all of a sudden is best friends with the Hero of Tython since we don’t have factions anymore.

…It doesn’t say that we don’t have factions anywhere-it just says that the empire and the republic have fallen-that doesn’t mean that they’re gone.

If that’s the case, then what does “better than cross-faction” mean? Everyone on reddit already seems to have decided that factions are a thing of the past and we’ll all leave our past allegiances behind.

So, the non-subs will have to buy this expansion? Of course, I am beyond excited for this, but I guess I must prepare I might see none of this on my screen. Ah well.

It seems like it will be free, but you need to be level 60 so you need to have bought the SoR expansion… I am a non subscriber and I don’t have that expansion so I’m afraid I won’t see this on my screen aswell xD

RotHC became free to subscribers after about 6 month. I expect SoR become free to subscribers soon. But yes, BioWare didn’t announce something like that at the moment.

Well, that’s exactly what I was waiting for, SoR free to subscribers, and I would subscribe for a month. But it’s taking long enough and I’m starting to fear it won’t happen…

Well, even if you sub for a month when it goes free for subs, if you haven’t bought it, after you aren’t sub anymore, you won’t have access to SoR content. That’s how it worked with RotHC from what I heard. So, either you wait out till this one comes out and hopefully includes SoR for free or you buy SoR now if you want it permanently on your account.

Nope that’s not how it works. That’s what I did when I begun playing, sub for a month to become preferred and get some unlocks, and now I permanently have RotHC because of that. That’s why I always recommend my friends to subscribe for a month at least

Ah, well, good for you. 🙂 I’d honestly not be able to go back to being preferred after subbing. And I’m already blessed for having played when all the account unlocks didn’t cost such a fortune, so my only limit right now is no cred sending via PMs and things like that which simply don’t have an unlock for. But man, if I could sub, I’d be all over all these rewards and stuffs. Back when SHs came out, that, too. But alas. Well, we will see how this goes, I am anyhow excited for this.

I’ve never been unsubbed till now. I’ve planned to try f2p as prefered, but never did it.

And I’ve not paid anything for RotHC nor SoR.
I pay my subscription. Anything extra? I wont pay!

I’ve been a subber since launch and i hope it won’t happen. Too many ppl begging / drooling for free gaming anyways in these days. Wish u good rest of the year and gaming 🙂

The expansions tend to be retroactive. So buying the latest one should give you all the stuff the previous two had.

Till now everybody had to buy the expansion. So what changed for you if you aren’t a subscriber? The only thing that’s changing is that they no longer charge subs in the first 6 month after the expansion is released.

Nothing for me, I guess. Just a note to myself that this looks awesome and I’ll be able to hear all about it from my friends, but not play myself. Maybe I can buy it sometime next year, but depends how much it costs.

So if Eaware is asking new expansion for price of sub which is max 15 bucks then ur sad about it even when it’s less than Shadow of Revan expansion’s default price 😮 So u wanna play games for free and imagine that game developers get their income by snapping finger and seeing pile of $$ in front of their eyes 😮 They have to earn their bread to table some way and paying sub price for expansion is very cheap. I wish u good gaming and rest of the year.

So how would this work? Does the whole new story arc give you access to the new stuff and factions etc etc once you hit 60 and start the expac? Or is the vanilla game just completely re-done

As it says you have to be level 60 to start this. It’s definitely a continuation and not a restart for new characters. Now we know why they put 12x XP in the game for such a long time…

Yeah well ppl could’ve gone to current maxies well in time before new expansion launch without having 12x xp force fed to them. Sure it can be cancelled, but should’ve come other way around. To have activation available @ same vendor and cancellation as well and it’s duration to be max upto july @ max and not almost to end of year.

I’m not totally sure what this means. Is the expansion something that is going to come out full on October or do they just start releasing these new chapters then? And apparently this is free for subscribers right, how exactly is that gonna work? Meh guess we’ll have to wait till E3 for things to be clear.

I think they won’t pull out the whole expansion on one day. They’ll release it bit by bit. What’s a nice change. So people have something new the whole time.

Hope so too.. Doubt it though.. Eaware has small team working with Swtor and the pace they’ve given Ops has been disappointment. Espesially as most of them has been too straight forward boom boom next bossy encounter. Eaware have had GSF crew working on storyline content as well “can assume..” as Eric Musco announced in fall 2014 that GSF was stopped.. Said it with Corporate language.. Sure yeah recently Eaware asked community’s feedback about SF ship..what.. 😮

There’s been dozen + GSF improvement suggestions in suggestionx box forum since launch of GSF and no development. Eaware is partially the reason for GSF having smaller pilot base than wanted. Though yeah I hope for new Ops like you Russell 😛 Fingers crossed.

“Subber since launch and supporter also with CC purchases”

It sure seems odd that this new large expansion is coming out a month ahead of “Star Wars Battlefront 3”. Maybe they see some people jumping ship for that game. It is a win win for us

That doesnt make sense they are both subsidiaries of EA, besides they both are different as a shooter and a rpg and as such it will attract different players to both and some go to both. On that note i love both so its indeed a win win xD

That game will likely get the pvp crowd and it will be hard to compete with that, I suppose bringing out a PVE story expansion would make a lot more sense…oh wait 😛

I doubt battlefront 3 is even on their radar. the type of people whom would see BF3 as a replacement for SW:TOR are very much NOT in their main marketing demographic.

what do you mean, republic and empire are gone? isn’t it the teaser of the third
additional faction?

a part of me has the feeling that if this is true the idea is to try to give SWTOR a feel more like the feel of the new movies

I think it’s a fair assumption that SWTOR is wanting to align with the new movies…it will keep SWTOR relevant

If all this is true,this could very well turn turn this game from good, to incredible. Many cool details.

However, everyone needs to remember, this is a leak. While I do not know the sources, such information is able to change. Let’s all take a deep breath, enjoy this snippet of data, but let’s hold onto our horses as time goes by, as sometimes, things are too good to be true. But I am there with you in hoping that’s this is very much true. 🙂

This information is from look at the pictures linked in the article. This is a “leak” that came from the official website. The web page was put up earlier than it was supposed to. It was supposed to go live the day it was announced but went up early (probably just testing if it worked) and people saw it.

Everything in this article is taken directly from an official source. It’s not like it’s some random person leaking this info.

it’s ALLEGEDLY from unless we’ve seen it for ourselves it COULD just be a photoshop job

Various people on Twitter included SWTOR Miner commented on it as soon as it happened. Also Google Cache confirms it was real as well. The only way this is fake is if someone hacked

I wonder if the Nico Okarr companion will be old. (According to Wookieepedia, the events of the “Return” cinematic took place 39 years before the Yavin storyline.)

A bit older imo, since he looked to be about 30-35 in the trailer, and Satele was in her early 20s.

He’ll be an old badass.

Since he’s a subscription bonus, he might just be a bonus companion like Treek and HK-51. If so, he might still be young. If he is in the expansion, he’ll probably be old.

Think he’s older than Satele, just look at the trailer he’s in. She’s a Padawan there and he’s already there looking like a middleaged man. And wouldn’t say she’s 60ish.

I’d argue more late twenties/early thirties than middleaged, don’t think he was that older (but yeah, older than Satele sure). I’d have to look up dates and whatnot for Satele to check her age but the SW dating system is a pain to sift through :’)

I wonder if I’ll get him also for my imperial chars.
If so, is he my slave? My prisoner. My latrine master? Does he do my laundry? Republic scum!

He could be frozen in carbonite for the past 30+ years and part of the way you unlock him as a companion is freeing him from the carbonite.

Or he could be in his 70’s and just an old badass.

Well with Harrison Ford reprising Han my money is on old Nico. Although they may just have him frozen.

The HK-51 and seeker droid (the quest part, not the endless searching) and macrobinocular quests have been the best this game have ever seen. I hope they go on like that.

Yes indeed Hk-51 droid mission series and Seeker droid with missions and searching and macrobinocular missions ineded were / are great 🙂 I’ve been hoping continuation for Shroud storyline. “Subber since launch and supporter also with CC purchases”

If this is accurate this will be bloody awesome. Could bring new life to the game especially when people have been asking for a new faction for ages.

I hope this is true otherwise it will be the biggest letdown in mmo history lol. As nothing they could make would come close to being this good lol.

We will find out tomorrow at the ea press conference. I can’t wait for confirmation of this

The new faction they’re referring to isn’t a new playable faction like people have been asking for. It’s a new faction a long the lines of Malgus, the Hutt Cartel, Dread Masters, Revanites, The Emperor, etc, etc. It’s an enemy faction that you’re fighting against just like it’s been since the vanilla game ended.

Good old vanilla content.. Golden time before uber simplification <3 Simplification what heavily leaped forward since 3.0 landed :/ R.I.P best time in Old Republic SP Mmo. "Subber since launch"

I see. Misread it then sounded like you got to choose your side after the fall of the Republic and sith empire

I’m wondering if the statement “play one of eight class stories” implies that there will be more class specific content? However, I think that may be misleading being how all characters are now “The Outlander,” and all classes share the same chapters. But, it does say “class story.” Confusing.

1 out of 8 story class stories heavily imply class specific content. Otherwise it would be straight up lying.

Yeah, that is how I am reading it. On the other hand it seems the opinion of most in this discussion that class specific content will not be the case. But it clearly states “one of eight CLASS stories.” I guess we shall see.

For all those wondering if this is a plausible source of info, let me tell you this: most likely. I’m 95% sure that what we read is gonna show up again at tomorrow’s press conference. Still wondering how this isn’t fake? Think of it. 12x XP boost came live on May 4th and end on October 19th. Now, what event corresponds to that same date? The end of early access for KotFE. Why would they do this of course? Tbh, I believe they had this “expansion” planned for a long time. In order to ensure that this expansion gets enough interest, they needed a way to generate the interest, and that’s by having 12x XP. Bcs, if this were the case, many people would find themselves at the lvl 55 cap, then would play SoR in order to have the context for this new expansion.

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES *error, excitement program broken, attempting reboot* @_@

If this is legit, this will have to be the first expansion I’ve actually been excited for.

Hello! I am Nora! The one who took the screen shots of the would be post. And this was from indeed the swtor website. I heard about it from someone on the PTS ( thinking it was BS myself I looked it up.
What it gave me was what I took in my screenies. I took shots of them to show loststormtrooper. When I tried to send the link to one of my other friends it was closed/locked down. I still had the links from the screen shots so I saved the and Stromtrooper sent them to dulfy. So yeah. This is legit. From the swtor site it self.

ahh but if you where trying to run a hoax, surely you’d say the same thing! WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS! /Tinfoilhat!


Personally I wasn’t going to send them to dulfy. Just sit on them and hoard all the leaks to myself (MAUHAHAHA.) But Storm wanted to send them. We will see on monday 😉

subscribers are a constant stream of income, prefered is someone who once gave BW money at sometime or another

Sure, fair enough. I’m ready to buy the expansion, I’m just worried since they only mentioned subscribers, I thought f2p and preffs wouldn’t be able to access it

well f2p players wont definetly have acces to this expansion(lvl cap at 50) and i hope that the price wont be too high for preff.or they ll get mass subscription beceause of it

f2p can buy SoR and still be f2p so they can get to level 60 without subbing, but I don’t see why this would be free for people who already don’t pay for playing.

sounds like he’s changed his name. eh why not? if Gandolf in LOTR can have like 5 differnt names, the emperor can too!

lol to Valkorion? then he grew a beard and a Viking avatar he took… (ugly name doesn’t sound any star wars tone)

sounds fine to me. it’s also possiable that Valkorion was a mistake and it’s some sort of translation of his name into another language. we’d have to ask the euros if vitiate is translated into anything else in differnt languages of SWTOR

“Continuous Storyline. Choices that matter. BioWare Storytelling. And MORE. CHOICES THAT MATTER Be at the center of a personal Star Wars™ story where choices matter and impact outcomes.”

Just curious, will there be choices? And will they matter?

Indeed…good question. Like in vanilla content “good golden era when things were not simplified like they are now..” the decisons that u made with ppl that u met had no weight later at max lvl.. :/

What bums me out is no mention of new raids… deep down i knew that we would wait until past 2016 to see new content but i was hoping I would be wrong. The story release will be fun and i am not trying to take away from that..I just was hoping to see new PvE raiding content as well.

and do you know how many ppl have done Ravs or ToS hm??not many and i would be unwise to add new raids when they are some pll who struggles at sm60s

Exactly. Dang, not everyone is some 40 year old never been married 8 to 5 engineer that has 6 hours every evening to form up with a group and do an hours long raid uninterrupted. GEEBUS raiding is on it’s way out people, every MMO can’t be World of Warcraps endless gear treadmill.

Okay, so I read the entire thing and I’m still a bit confused. This does not continue our current characters, it’s a side-line game where we play as Lana Beniko, or Arcann, or such and start at level 60, right?

While that sounds fun, I’m not so sure I like the idea of just playing an NPC… That’s not an MMO anymore, it’s a glorified non-customizable single player.

Or am I reading it wrong, and the above ‘Cast of Characters’ are not who we are playing, but our current characters will be known as “The Outlander” ?

Ah, okay thanks… thinking about it now I realize that’s probably what it is, but the whole thing about being “The Outlander” is still kinda confusing. So, this is still a continuation of the class stories, right? Not making new characters (mainly cause I don’t have the slots for new characters, other than the togruta I plan to make so as to romance Ashara Zavros with a male togruta ha)

Look at it like this:

It’s almost certainly like Death Knights work in WoW, so if you already have a 60 you can play “The Outlander” who is 60th level.

Just like whenever you play Jedi Knight, you’re playing “The Hero of Tython” or when you’re playing an Imperial Agent you’re playing “Cipher Nine”, “The Outlander” is probably an in-story nickname/callsign for the character, who can have any one of the 8 classes and there’s probably class-specific missions for “The Outlander” in the expansion plot.

So our current characters will still do the new storyline, but we will have the OPTION of skipping the old stuff on new characters?

Probably not. They are currently providing Epic Story 12x XP Boost up to level 50 until October/November (they just said “fall”). I think this is their way of making sure you can get your characters to level 60 for this expansion.

Well, it looks like I was wrong. It says in the info today that you can start at Level 60 with a new character. My apologies. I honestly didn’t expect that.

How familiar are you with other Bioware games?
“The Warden”. “The Inquisitor”. “The Outlander”. They’re basically just generic titles so that voice actors have something they can call you since they can’t exactly read your name out of the game.

no idea how you came to this conclusion, but let me ask you: Why do you think it says there will be EIGHT CLASS STORIES?

Well, because it says “Start at Level 60 as The Outlander, a veteran of the war” so it’s like… sounding like a brand new game… That’s why I said it’s confusing.

Its because saying this: Both Factions have fallen, and you are “The Outlander”, a lvl 60 vet and one of the few survivors. ie. you are playing as your own character, just your role and titles have changed

Ah, so sometime between the expansion and now, the Republic and Empire will both fall… craaaazy.

yeh it’s happening already. The war has gone on and cost both sides a lot culminating on Ziost. Both sides are too weakened to continue the current war really

Well, yeah and Saresh is going all out war now, she’s going to overextend the Republic just as she decimates the Empire… It’s M.A.D., M.A.D. I TELL YOU!

What they mean by “Start at level 60” is that this new chapter starts at level 60. Just like SoR started at level 55. You are not making a fresh new character that is level 60. You are still you as your class, but you are no longer affiliated with the Empire or Republic. You are now an Outlander with no allegiance.

Um maybe not the new movies considering they still have 3000 years to go until even A New Hope, but this could be the beginning of the end… to where the Empire finally falls for good until Palpatine resurrects it.

Yes now given Disney own Lucas Arts I was waiting for the game to either dramatically change or end as Disney like to cover all the markets with the IP’s.

The game isn’t going anywhere any time soon and SWTOR is a part of EA who has the exclusive contract on all SW games for the time being. Disney isn’t really involved with the EA stuff. In terms of video games and SW, Disney is much more focused on Disney Infinity 3.0.

No, because there’s at least one more Sith Empire between the this period and the period of the movies. The New Sith Wars spanned for 1000 years from around 2000 BBY until 1000 BBY when the Republic Army of Light was decimated at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, and the only surviving Sith Lord was Darth Bane, who instituted the Rule of Two to keep the Sith secret while they plotted revenge.

I hope not.

The Old Republic is the last place of the original, real Lucas canon, not the rebooted Disney canon.

I want nothing to do with that Disney garbage being produced by the same hack that ruined Star Trek.

Just let me enjoy the actual Star Wars universe I have come to know and love for decades instead of the lame Disney reboot.

You do know that until George Lucas is dead, he still has creative input, yes? That’s part of the agreement he made with Disney, something that people tend to conveniently ignore in their raging hatred for Disney. He’s not as hands-on as he used to be, but if he disagrees with a decision Disney is making, he retains the right to veto it.

The reason he (and they) chose to go a different direction for the new movies rather than just copy-paste the books is the age of the actors and that Lucas didn’t write those, Zahn did and while they are amazing books, the movies are Lucas’s domain.

Will the movies be good? Maybe, maybe not. I plan to reserve judgement until I see them, not froth at the mouth for the next year.

“Creative input”, which Disney is openly ignoring.

George Lucas says they have completely ignored his input for the sequels, and George Lucas has made it clear that he was told in the buyout process that while they will listen to his advice and input, they have every right to reject it and at the end of the day Disney calls the shots.

George Lucas does NOT have any kind of “veto” authority, he sold Lucasfilm Limited, completely. He doesn’t own the company. He didn’t hire them to make films for him, they bought his company and all the rights to it.

The reason Lucas let Zahn (et al.) write novels in those eras is that Lucas has said since circa 1984 that he never was going to do movies set after Return of the Jedi, and not a word was said otherwise until the day of the Disney sale.

You have a source for him saying that after the buyout? Cause it seems that runs counter to what he originally said to assure fans.

Here’s a link for George Lucas saying that the sequel films are in no way following his input:

Here is a link for Lucas being explicitly told by Disney in the buyout process he would not run Lucasfilm anymore or have any binding authority on the company, and his opinions would be purely advisory.

Ah okay, thanks… but I think I still don’t hate Disney so much because of this line from the 2nd article…

“The criticism got to Lucas. He found it difficult to be creative when
people were calling him a jerk. “It was fine before the Internet,” he
says. “But now with the Internet, it’s gotten very vicious and very
personal. You just say, ‘Why do I need to do this?’ ” At the same time,
Lucas was reluctant to entrust his universe to anyone else. “I think he
felt like he was a prisoner of Star Wars, and that only intensified over the years,” says Dale Pollock, author of Skywalking: The Life and Films of George Lucas.”

So, given that… Maybe it’s a good thing they aren’t taking his advice… maybe it’s a bad thing… but if the Anakin trilogy outrage is anything to use as an example, Lucas is damned if he does have input, damned if he doesn’t.

But, the Daily Mail article (I’ll try not to wince at that source too much) still portrays it as a positive at the end. Lucas isn’t mad that they aren’t taking his advice, he’s still “creative consultant” and for the first time in his life, he will be able to enjoy Star Wars the way we do. Sit down and watch the movie with no idea what’s going to happen. In a way, I think that alone makes it great.

Does this mean that I can finally use Skadge as a practise-dummy? Gotta make sure I can always keep that Barrage on exact internal-cooldown, ya know!

OMG yes, him too. Though honestly I just want to throw Quinn out the airlock. I said that already below, but that totally bears saying again.

More PVE crap purple loot, so you can be strong enough to get more purple loot so you sit around polishing your armor or bust up someone else that has the exact other purple loot in an arena over and over and over again. SMH. Make the universe open PVP please, and give us something to fight over

yeh cause pvp is not about getting gear with expertise so you can get more gear with more expertise…

if the Empire and Republic are supposed to be at war…doesnt it make sense to fight people from the opposing faction instead of “Random Mook monster w/ bloated HP #2143”?

this is why there are pvp and pve servers because not everybody likes pvp and certainly not being gank raped by some overzealous ***holes. I could’ve put it milder but I think this is clearer.

Damn straight!

I would not’ve played this game as long as I have if all servers were open-world pvp.

That PvZZZZ poster is either ignorant of how server modes work, or is an aspiring player-rapist and needs serious psychiatric help; and I suspect there are many^umpteenth more PvPers in this game who devote their waking hours to sadistically violating players for the same reason thugs beat up on random people IRL, for no better reason than this: because they can.

If Lord of the Flies were being written today, it would be about PvP and the beasts who live and die by it.

In fact, to ANYONE who suggests even considering forcing players outside of PvP servers into PvP situations against their will (yes, you chancers running into opposing faction non-flagged player aoe attacks in order to flag-violate them are included in this): SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There aren’t enough people who care about PVP left to make something that caters to them. It makes sense that they’re catering to the PVE audience because that’s what makes up the largest portion of the game’s playerbase.

This game was always intended to be story-driven. The fact that people misunderstood that despite all of the hype of the game making the intent of the game perfectly clear was a huge reason so many people quit. But now, it seems Bioware is finally listening to the remaining players that held true to the original intent of the game, and bringing it back to us!

Is PvP fun? Yes, but it is not and was never intended to be the primary focus of the game.

No. If the game was open PvP, I’d quit. I hate PvP, I find no fun in it.

You have your warzones, you have PvP servers, don’t push PvP on those of us who play this game to enjoy the plot.

Dude, lookit:

I’m an EVE-Online player from way back, and a total open-sandbox addict, but…

This game is not that game. It never was, not even close. If you’re really into more PvP-orientated titles, then you should look elsewhere. TOR is a PvE/story focussed themepark game, and that’s all there is to it.

Yes, I love to PvP. There was a time when I did almost nothing but PvP, so I saw pretty quick just how shallow, comically broken, un-immersive, and ultimately meaningless it is in this game, and sure enough, it stopped being fun at level-cap in due course, because there is absolutely nothing there except brainless Skinner-box grind for the sake of grind, or even more brain-dead ganking of PvE’ers/questers out in the O/W, when/if you even encounter a “red” at all…

This game, despite its flaws, does have many strengths. PvP was never even close to one of them.

Like I said, if “real” PvP is your main thing, then you’d probably best look elsewhere, ‘cuz you’ll never find what you want/need here. It simply isn’t a part of this game.

A matter of opinion, really. I personally love the instanced PvP in this game. Sure, PvP is not the main focus of the game, but it’s still good fun at times, especially together with friends. It’s certainly one of the things that keeps me interested in the game.

If world PvP is what you consider with “real PvP”, well, that’s a different kind of experience. If you’re into that (@Thomas), you can always roll on a PvP server.

SWTOR is a story-driven MMO with its main pillar being story, so this makes a lot of sense for them to return to a heavy PVE focus. Plus PVP was an after thought for Bioware, it was never supposed to be in the game. Some people asked for it before beta on the forums, so they quickly threw it together to round out the game, like they did the on-rail space shooter. Bioware is known for their epic storytelling with dynamic moral & ethical choices in dialogue and PVE combat. So don’t expect much for PVP at all.

Yeah. Add more open world PvP so it can tax this shit tier engine even further. It would be so enjoyable to walk into a -60 fps nightmare that’s so bad it kills my toon, deletes my account, and wipes my hard drive clean.

No thanks.

I will never understand the people who want PvP to be everywhere and everything in SW:TOR, it’s like you guys never heard of SW:TOR until AFTER it released.

I joined a PVP server at game start. It was anything but. Worse they nerfed it further as the game progressed . What part of light and dark do people not understand? Open world and territorial PVP is the ONLY thing that keeps a game alive for a long time with people resubscribing. EVERY game that has walked away from that model has failed. The ONLY exception to this is WOW and I daresay that as WOW moved away from openworld PVP (what little it had) the more trouble it had attracting new customers.

I believe I would not be alone in saying that this Expac has the potential to be the best update SWTOR has EVER released. It’s fantastic to see TOR do this. Totally hyped for this!!!!!

Guys, does it mean are we going to be able to be Gray Jedis? And use both light side and dark side force abilities? Man, a dream 😀

if this is a good as it sounds, then this could really bring a huge amount of attention to swtor once more 🙂

Yep, Quinn is the only one I would totally ditch. Maybe Skadge, but… I dont know maybe he will grow on my when I finish his companion story…

Ha so it’s always a case of “Why did I invite this psychopathic murderer that is antithesis to everything I stand for as a follower of The Bounty Hunter’s Creed on my ship?” If so, then I might ditch him, still gonna finish his story first though.

Dark Jaesa Willsaam at least manages to be a psychopathic murderer that isn’t relentlessly irritating.

Quinn… I need to find the actual desire to expend the energy to throw him out an airlock…

Skadge is Grunt from ME2 with less emotional depth.

why kill quinn, when you could just slap the electroshock collar on him and sell him to the hutts for a few million creds? just saying…

I’m killing Skadge (ruins my BH family), Malavai (WHINE WHINE WHINE), Ashara (mopey bitch, and whining), Vector (bug boy sex is weird)…

Bothawui was neutral throughout the Clone Wars, and Galactic Civil War. Apart of the Empire Bothawui had a small stormptrooper contingent and a figurehead governor and that’s it. During the war R.A. and G.E. used the planet as a neutral ground for spying on each other. It was only when Bothans had stolen the Death Star plans had the Emperor himself went and slaughtered hundreds of them before one told him the plans whereabouts. Acquiring the second plans took place after a giant battle on a bothan colony world called Kothlis. After they found plans and sent them off and the second Death Star was destroyed the planet was attacked in retribution for its part… so yeah everyone hates Bothans

True, but imagine how many died. (Kidding) I’m sure this expansion will bring more Bothans… Heck, maybe even Bothans could be considered for a future player race since they now exist in game and don’t break the ‘must speak Basic’ rule that keeps out wookiees and such.

Hmm, I’ve been told by Bioware that my choices mattered before, with Mass Effect 3 and SWTOR, and they didn’t really. I’ll have to wait and see I guess

Also, I wonder how much time has passed story wise between Ziost and this expansion for Lana to be saying the Republic and Empire have both fallen…

Yeah I destroyed the Geth and then they totally did not show up at the end battle.
Yeah, I killed the Rachi Queen and the new bio-engineered Rachni Queen totally didn’t recognize me.
Yeah, i killed Wrex and his brother was in charge of the Krogans…
Yeah I finished the suicide mission with the only survivors being Miranda and Jack (that takes careful planning but it can be done) and then nobody but them showed up in Mass Effect 3.
I killed Samara and recruited Morinth instead and then ran into Morinth as a named banshee in the final fight on Earth.

Decisions? Nothing I did mattered. Oh wait, it all did it, it just wasn’t all blatant in your face flashing red neon lights “This is how it would be different if you made a different choice in the previous game(s)!”

And all those decisions did not affect the end of the game in anyway. You still got red green or blue whoever was alive or not.

Okay… This is either going to be the best expansion they’re ever gonna make, or it’s going to be the biggest plot hole in Legends canon…

Anyway, yay for Nico Okarr stuff. (and maybe some more goddamn interaction with that blue Twi’lek my Sith married like, two years ago in the timeline.) ^_^

I totally support both factions going boom and turning into a dystopian thing, btw. Of course, whatever’s in my head about it will probably make me disappointed later.

Must… not… contemplate… expansion.

and i just realized vette is normally blue…. im so used to the red customization i forgot that part…

Don’t worry… I’ve got a rainbow of Vettes 😛

I just happen to like the blue ones the best.

This has many many flaws and most hold 0 merit. A few things to think about is, the Galactic War happened before the current game has happened. Roughly 10 years I think. So you start out as a veteran of that war? Odd. Also there is now a 2nd Immortal Emperor? Vitiate and now Valkorian. Very very odd. Not to mention this update is Free? really? 9 new chapters in this expansion and its free? yeah right. There are not even 9 chapters in the current game. Not to mention this sounds more like an entirely NEW game and not an actual expansion to the current game. Just a few thoughts

It is from their site this is 100% legit. Check the sources before you go off claiming its got no merit to it.

It is from there forums. No offense or disrespect, but anyone can post anything on the forums. Even I have posted stuff on it. Just because it is/was on there, does not make it 100% legit.

It wasn’t on their forums, it was put on a page only BW can make, and they blocked it shortly after people found it

Wonder if we’re traveling back in time like WoW just did to stop the emperor before he becomes Vitiate?

Just to point out… What the hell was the whole thing from chapter 2 of most class stories up ’til Rise of the Emp? It was (gasp!) a war that took place across the whole galaxy.

That means (double gasp!) it was a… GALACTIC WAR!

You are right about the Vitate/Valkorian thing, though. Wondering what that’s about.

Allow me to make the correction, I meant to put Great Galactic War. Yes i agree there was a Galactic War, but there is 0 reference to the 2nd Great Galactic War, as this one would have been in the current story. The Great Galactic War was ended by the Treaty of Coruscant before the current story. That being said, I still stand by what I said.

I’d figger that “Vitiate” and “Valkorian” are the same guy. Just a Sith name versus a real name. Like “Palpatine” and “Sidious”.

Doesn’t mean they’re not the same. I have a few theories.
1: It’s just a translation error
2: He got another Alias.

No, you start out as a veteran of the -CURRENT- Galactic war. The one that happens in -this- game. Whether you are a Trooper, Agent, Warrior, Sage, or whatever, at the end of the current storyline, when you’re level 60, we’re -all- veterans of this current war. A lot of people are making a big thing of this “start at level 60”, but I don’t take that as “Your character starts out at level 60 when you create them”, I take it as “the expansion starts at level 60 on your current character.”

I dunno what’s up with Valkorian. We’ll just have to wait and see on that. “The immortal emperor” may not be a description, it could just be a title.

The expansion is free -for subscribers-. Which means it isn’t actually free at all, you’re paying 15 bucks a month for it.

I don’t think it does sound like a new game at all, personally, but I’m reading this through my cynicism goggles and assuming that every bullet point up there is interpreted in the least generous fashion possible.

Correction, it clearly states The Great Galactic War. Not the current one. So either BW are idiots who know nothing of the Star Wars wars and past, or they are indeed referring to the Great Galactic War as it is clearly stated. The war in the current game was NOT the Great Galactic War. Look at world history for just a second, World War 1 is not considered World War 2 and vice versa. They are separate World Wars. Just like this, the Great Galactic War is not the same as the Galactic War in the current game.

Now the reason I said it sounds like an entirely new game is this, Knights of the Fallen Empire includes the first nine chapters, fueled by BioWare-style cinematic storytelling, that kicks off a new player-driven story arc, START AT LEVEL 60 You will become The Outlander, a Level 60 veteran of the Great Galactic War. This being said, Every player, both Rep and Emp are now the same. They are now the “Outlander”. And it being a new player story arc, it says nothing that it continues from Ziost. It only says this, CONTINUOUS STORY This is only the beginning of an evolving Star Wars story, new chapters released on a regular basis. This is “only the beginning”, does that mean everything up until now was not the beginning? Also in the current game we are up to chapter 5 right with the Revan expansion? This expansion starts at chapter 1 again.

You know what was sometimes referred to as “The great war”? World War 1. You know what was -also- sometimes referred to as “The great war”, with the understanding that context clarifies which one was meant? World War II.

Also, it probably doesn’t say that it continues from Ziost because it -doesn’t-. This expansion isn’t until later in the year, the current storyline will probably get further resolution before then. Your -existing- character becomes the outlander at level 60. The expansion starts at level 60, not the game. Just like previous expansions “began” at 50 and 55, respectively.

The second book in a series will also start over at chapter 1, it doesn’t mean it’s not a continuation.

I think Arcann and Valkorian are the twins we see in the trailer and
those are just titles. They both serve someone, who could be Vitiate.

There is a possibility Vitiate had control over the Eternal Empire, which was pretty far off. Maybe he had another galaxy
under his control and now that he lost this one, he calls his forces to

eradicate them. With the power he gathered after Ziost, he left
somewhere… Otherwise I don’t see how his introductory story fits into
all this…

I just thought of something… If there is going to be the new 3rd faction and we are all a part of it, does this mean no more Republic/Empire divide story wise? Will my Marauder be able to work with a Sentinel?

I am going to say no, because they have always said that will not happen because they are not going to go back and redo all the previous companion stories.

That said, I will be quite happy if they’ve pulled a City of Heroes power customization. (Long story short, allowing you to customize the look of your powers was always something the developers said was impossible… until one day bam they did it. Their reasoning was they always wanted to do it, but hadn’t yet figured out how to recode the entire game to allow it or how long that would take (plus “Statesman” had no interest in wasting development resources trying to figure it out), so better to just say “no it’s impossible'” then ‘”Surprise!” when the after “Statesman” left and the developers that actually wanted to do it were in charge, they finally got it done.)

Don’t be so sure. In the new story line we will have new companions and it says we can reconnect with our old companions. So it won’t change romance options from level 1-50 but it is very much possible that some of the original companions may come out of the closet as it were in the new story line. Not saying that it will happen but it is certainly possible. I think it’d be cool if they did add SGR to it.

If I understand this correctly: we will have access to a third faction with a single, heavily customisable class; The Outlander. We will then play a very personalized story that will be completely separate from the mainstream Empire vs Republic game… Meaning that The Outlander and the Zakuul’s story takes place after the main game.

Who would’ve thought that rather than make that rumored SWTOR 2, they would integrate it into SWTOR 1?

Why build a whole new game with a new engine when you can just reuse the same shitty engine from 10 years ago? :-0

Reeeeally don’t think you’re understanding it correctly.

Clarification: I’m willing to bet when you reach 60, your character goes somewhere or does something where they receive the nickname “Outlander”, then they proceed to play through this new storyline which is probably tailored to match to any of the character classes with minimal edits, similar to the way “Shadow of Revan” plays out similarly regardless of your class.

Your Outlander will still be whatever their class was before the new story kicked off. They’ll still have their base companions, and be part of the same faction.

Except it says it’s more than that because companions old and new it and “return to Bioware style story telling” sounds more different than past expansions.

lol lol lol : “Impressive is the only world that describes Nico’s swashbuckling duster; you can be sure that wearing this duster sets you apart from other heroes.” So much lol. Especially that EVERY Subscriber will have it

lawl, I’d wear it anyway. Been looking for a duster that won’t cost me half a mil to buy off the GTN XD

Imagine having the first wrath of the emperor being a companion of the second wrath of the emperor… Mind blowing I know 0.0 lol. With that being said, I doubt the emperor guy is vitiate. This was long in the making, and the emperor was slumbering at the end of the vanilla swtor. But then again who knows. Time to get to know the truth tonight.

This might be a really stupid question, but I am kindda still a noob when it comes to MMO’s, seeing as SWTOR is the only MMO I play.

But this says, that we can start from level 60 and with a (possible) new third faction to be playing in, I guess that this the “Start at level 60” will mostly be in regards to the new faction. However, will this mean, that we won’t be able to play the old content that we’ve been playing for the past 3½ years, with this new expansion? Or am I just paranoid 😛

I’m asking myself the same thing. For me it seems that they are making everything that happened up to now to our characters obsolete, and starting with the new xpac there won’t be any more animosity between “Sith” and “Jedi” anymore at all…

Well, we don’t know yet if it will be obsolete. Somehow I doubt it. In general we actually only know what it says in the above, and hopefully we will learn more tonight (at least it will be tonight for me, seeing as I live in Europe 😉 )

Not if the writing quality is good. Think about it. Even with a forced truce, there will still be disdain for both sides. You can’t wipe away generations of mistrust overnight. I can envision a lot of minor skirmishes over resources as both sides try to rebuild. In the real world, governments with opposing ideologies usually tolerate the other and sometimes cooperate, but that doesn’t mean they stop spying, stealing, sabotaging and occasionally engage in small battles. I think with good writing, they can bring a lot of Republic vs Empire subplots to the expansion if they wanted – just not on the epic scale of the level 1-55 arcs, though. Personally, I’m happy if the focus is on a third enemy faction, after playing 8 story lines, I’m ready for a new enemy!

I am sure the animosity is still there. They just have to make a truce again, similar to to the SoR xpac.

the story begins at lv 60, and the third faction isn’t playable. you’ll still be a repub/imp.

Yeh don’t worry. Basically what it looks like is that the Empire and Republic have spent too much of their military to continue the big war, so they will retreat in a more defensive position. From what I understand this new faction is there threatening both sides, but both original sides are still there. As you can read there are 8 class stories so that means each class will have their own story just like we had leveling from 1-50.

Seeing everyone talking bout customizable classes, if that’s the case I know what I’ll make hehehe

I certainly am not … I have no idea why people think there will be customizable classes. Based on the current information I see no reason to assume there will be. I can’t say there won’t be since we won’t get the official announcement till later today, but at the moment that’s a rather wild speculation.

People are losing their minds going on about a new single faction and the ability to mix/match companions regardless of class. Think people forget this is a swtor xpac not a new game :’)

Yeh it seems like people just read one phrase and go wild with it out of the context of the rest of the info.

The confusement probably comes from the whole start level 60 stuff. Would be obvios you continue a xpac where it left off same for lv so that’s prolly it. Even though it’s a wild speculation, it is an intriguing one

Honestly, the way this reads, it makes me think it will be like a Death Knight from WoW. You make ‘The Outlander’ hero character, which will start at level 60- but you pick an existing class/sub-class upon character creation. IE- a free character boost (Probably limited to 1 per account, if this is the case). I could very much be misreading how they’re presenting this, and we’ll hopefully get some legit details later today- but that’s my interpretation of that little bit. Which would be cool, and might actually get me to make a Pub toon finally.

Starting char from other point than lvl 1..lolz definitely not cool. No wonder if Eaware does the insta char lvl progression to max Blizz sales stunt later when lvl cap @ 70 😛 Not sure if this Outlander hero character is similar to silly Death Knight thingy what Blizz used.

“Step into an epic story-driven adventure as your character becomes The Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War.”

From this line i have a feeling that expansion will allow to use your own characters.
At least i hope so.

From what I read I think the two factions will still be there but will Play not role anymore. I doubt that suddenly Bounty Hunters can travel to Corruscant easily. Or the different republic fleets. And “START AT LEVEL 60 You will become The Outlander, a Level 60 veteran of the Great Galactic War.” probably only means: A new title: “The outlander”. Not so exciting atm. Lets see what they relears today beyond that.

Thank you for having a clear head on your shoulders. I seriously mean that. Should be obvious that the xpac will continue from the last xpac, just like Alliances at 55 led into SOR at 60.

Level-skipping kills game story for new players. WoW didn’t really regain their playerbase after they started messing with the “Pass Go and get level 70 bit.” Vanilla SWTOR has a good story, and RotHC and the Dread War are pretty good, too. The only problem with level cap rises is that the old raid bosses won’t be able to hit you anymore.

Actually, come to think of it, that’d be fun to play through: Solo Dread War…

Not so sure you will “start at level 60” …either this is going back to the old KOTOR and you will have a new character (like how we had revan) built from one of your former toons with the same stats etc. OR it just means that when you reach level 60 on any toon it becomes the outlander which is more likely a title.

It seems to me that the level requirement for this content is level 60 and the Outlander is probably just your role in the story. NPC’s have to call you something after all.

If a foreign empire is invading known space there seems, to me, to be a good chance we’ll be touching down on one of their worlds. Given how ‘off-worlder’ is already used in Star Wars to refer to non-natives, I’m pretty sure ‘Outlander’ will be what their locals call the PC. Same as ‘Wrath’, ‘Captain’, ‘Barsen’thor’, ‘Lord’ etc etc.

I think “start at level 60” implies that we can start the new content once we hit lvl 60, just like we had to be 55 for SoR. This is probably the reason for the extended amount of 12x XP.

Re-reading a bit. It’s obviously that emperor is not vitiate in anyway, saw some people thinking that. He would never answer to anyone but himself. Reason why I say that os this.

““Even Emperors must answer to the law.” I have served with honor. I have upheld the law and pursued offenders to the far corners of the galaxy. And I have lost everyone I ever held close.

The worst among us now rule over us. Their laws will never bring justice to the monsters who betray our ideals and murder our children. But I will”

It just sounds out of character for him to have servants who would force him to answer to a law. He is practically a deity, he sees us as things just to he consumed.

But then again, sounding out of character is what would make a good twist and villain.

But I still don’t think it has anything to do with viatiate.

I think before this xpac comes, we will push vitiate back or he will just vanish again, plotting, consuming, roaming unknown regions to hit us back. Mean while we turned back on empire/republic exhausting our resources that by the time the threat came all we could do is go in defensive mode. Could probably be even set a few years further..

Maybe I’m just overthinking hehe

No, did not mean his name can’t ve vitiate. More about that they said that’s the emperor’s true body, which is impossible since it’s been made clear it’s pureblood, in the books.

But it could be the child of the emperor or his voice but doubt it.

Did not say it was bizare I said it’s out of his character, plus imo Palpatine can’t ve compared to vitiate.. imo, once again. Maybe Palpatine could or could before, and since we never saw such raw display of power on a scale like vitiate, or at least I didn’t so once again imo. I mean he eats whole planet, dominate countless of minds at once. A lot more. Point i am trying to make us, he is all about dominance. He did so even as a child and up being made lord and renamed vitiate from tenebre.

He never really stopped with his dominance, except when he sucluded into privacy. Although his reputation and name alone kept that domination in balance for a long time.

His politics he left for his underlings. But like I said “But then again, sounding out of character is what would make a good twist and villain.”

Well, I just got a warning on the SWTOR website for posting the link to the “LEAKED” information. Apparently it might not of have been on purpose and it really was a fuck up on their part.

Oef, glad it was just a warning. But yeah, leaked, exploits, even though it’s a fuck up on their end, it’s still an exploit and leak and past actions have already proven what they do, their fault or not.

Well, this makes me really happy that they’ve been hard at work on something genuinely substantial other than cartel market crap with my subscription dollars. I’m pretty excited for this!

I’m holding my excitement. Sounds like we’re in for what seems to be a completely new game with completely new characters.

I hope not or if it is they better increase the character caps lol I like my server but only have one slot left 🙁 and I am saving it for a togruta male

It sounds like the Outlander is a new class… That starts at max level, much like the Death Knight did. And you’d be essentially playing as one of the earlier eight classes, just in the near future… where the Empire and Republic have both fallen.

Well, they removed the threads on the leak from the forums, so it looks like this was not a marketing ploy but really was erroneously leaked. But no matter what, the damage is already done anyway. 😉

the start at lvl 60 thing i think means that u might get a NEW ADVANCED class not a completly new one but either way it will be awesome and that BW finaly are gonna make swtor choices make a difference will be realy cool and prob dang frustrating if u do the wrong one 😛

Story is what everyone has been waiting for with baited breath, but the game still runs on such a craptastic engine. I have more than enough CCs for all the unlocks I need, so I’ll just have to ride it out as preferred once this is released. I’m all for supporting excellent gaming; here I just can’t justify anymore money, though, with the way the devs and community team have been with the players over the past year or more. Communication has been horrible, and class changes have not at all reflected what has been asked for.

I will be more than pleased if the story content lives up to what it once was, and if I can finally kill off Quinn and a few other tedious companions, but my last dollars have been spent on this game. I’m sure this will help them cash in on the hype of the new film nicely, though. It will get a lot of people who had stopped playing another excuse to come back for a while.

This expansion goes to Lvl 65 new threats that means… we see the final against Vitiate al lvl 100 xD

Lol, now watch everyone freak out at the details that have been hiding from the public. It seems that this xpac is not available to non-subscribers. Also, if you want to benefit form the WHOLE xpac (all great bonuses and early access) that means you need an active subscription for 3 months. Now, the best way to pay for this is with the yearly subscription (13$/month). But, let’s just turn corners and save money. Subscribe yearly, end your sub at the beginning of October, that way the last receipt you receive is the payment for that last month (ending October 31st, thus making you eligible for Early Access). So far, you’ve already spent 39$ Now what you learn on the FAQ for KotFE is that you only receive the 1st 9 chapters in this expansion. The rest of the 7 will come out in early 2016 on a MONTHLY basis. This means that you’d need to subscribe for 7 months for 13$, meaning that this’ll amount to 91$ Now, are we really gonna spend 130$ w/o tax. Have fun!

Or you simply Wait It out till all chapters are available and then sub Once. No one forcing you to sub early, if you want the rewards you sub, don’t wanna spend money don’t sub.

It’s a prefference choice.

I do agree. However, note that I said if you wanted to benefit from the WHOLE experience, I wasn’t implying that you were forced to subscribe, I was simply pointing out the price the hardcore fans would have to pay. Personally, I will wait for the release of all chapters, then sub, but many people want to benefit from everything, you know what I mean?

i understand, but there are three kinds of people. the ones who will sub till everything is out. The ones who will sub for the benefits and the ones who sub, regardless of the benefits.

And yes i know you were pointing out the price, but spread over a couple of months, it really isn’t that much. if it was paid for in one time i would say cause for concern but BW pulled these stunts out already.

I was more referring to the “are we really gonna spend 130$ w/o tax.”

hence why i said, its a preference if they wanna sub for all or not.
and also depending where you get your game time from, which could evolve in more or less money spend.

But overall for me, the only worthy thing to sub for would be companion and the xpac it self

I am just going to wait and see what it is. that way i am not disappointed by gettign my hopes up

yeah i might sub once october or the mouth after that. i’m surprised that it can’t be bought like to the revan story line.

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