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GW2 Guild Hall Teaser Image

The official GW2 Twitter have released a teaser image of the upcoming Guild Halls feature that will be revealed this week.

Just a concept art/loading screen image so not that much info can be gained from it just yet..



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14 replies on “GW2 Guild Hall Teaser Image”

Looks like a 5 year old playing around with Microsoft Paint. No idea what this is supposed to “tease”.

I hope my guild’s hall does not look like that. Seems like a sneeze would knock it over….

I wonder if the guild hall is going to have customization options (and how many).

i really hope there are shitloads of customization options. that would be a lot to ask for, but if they can pull it off, itll make for a huge addition to the game.

i’d rather see next specialization. If i need a place to park my characters with alot of people staring at my legendaries, I’ll go to Lion’s arch.

im of the same mind, but theyre probably still working on those. id rather they get em right than announce something and have to take it back when they find out it doesnt work.

guild halls are something they know is gonna happen regardless of the details, so they can release more of that info.

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