GW2 Ready Up Skill and Balance Changes Livestream Notes

GW2 Ready Up Livestream Notes with upcoming skill and balance changes. These changes will be live on June 23. Only four classes are covered due to Twitch outage but rest will be up later on youtube and here.


Condition Scaling

  • Base condition damage reduced but you will see more damage if you have over 700 condition damage.
  • New stack limit for conditions is 1500. This cap is only for damaging conditions that stack in intensity.
  • Epidemic will transfer up to 25 stacks of each condition.
  • Vulnerability now increase condition damage as well by 1% per stack up to 25 stacks.
  • Bleeding 2+(0.3*Level)+(0.075*Condition Damage)
  • Burning 7.5+(1.55*Level)+(0.155*Condition Damage)
  • Confusion:
    • New damage over time effect: 2 +(0.3*Level) + (0.04*Condition Damage)
    • New trigger damage: 3.5+(0.575*Level)+(0.0625*Condition Damage)
  • Poison 3.5 + (0.375*level)+(0.06*Condition Damage)
  • Torment
    • New damage over time: 1.5 +(0.225*Level)+(0.055*Condition Damage)
    • New damage while moving: 3+(0.45*Level)+(0.11*Condition Damage)

Boon/Condition Conversion

  • Boon to Condition and Condition to Boon conversion has been standardized and its functionality changed. Skills which convert boons and conditions now randomly select from all boons and conditions on the target instead of taking the last applied.


Elementalist Changes

General Changes


Fire Trait


Air Trait


Earth Trait Changes


Water Trait Changes


Arcane Trait Changes


Warrior Changes

General Changes












  • Determined Revival – Gain toughness while reviving an ally.
  • Reviver’s Might – Grant might to nearby allies when you revive someone.
  • Inspiring’s Presence – Might you apply grant 10 healing power per stack.


  • Leg Specialist – Immobilize a target when you cripple them with a skill.
  • Quick Breathing – Reduce 20% recharge on warhorn skills. Warhorn skills remove 1 condition.
  • Empowered – Deal 1% increased damage for each boon on you.


  • Shrug it Off – Use “Shake it Off” automatically when you have at least one condition on you.
  • Burning Arrows – Dual shot causes 2 stacks burning for 1s and Longbow skills recharge 20% faster.
  • Empower Allies – Increase power for nearby allies.


  • Powerful Synergy – When you activate a leap combo finisher it activates twice.
  • Vigorous Shouts – Shouts heal allies and grant adrenaline. Shouts recharge 20% faster,
  • Phalanx Strength – When you grant yourself might, grant it to nearby allies as well (1 stack for 6s)

Engineer Changes

General Changes

F5 skill is Elixir X



Med Kit Changes


Mortar Kit Changes (1500 range)


Supply Crate

  • Supply Crate is now a turret, with turret traits affecting it and you can now overcharge it. Since you have 3 turrets, you can overcharge them and get 3 blast finishers.
  • It has its healing component removed and added to the F5 skill (Med Pack Drop).


Explosive Trait Changes


Firearms Trait Changes


Invention Trait Changes


Alchemy Trait Changes


Tools Trait Changes


Ranger Changes

General Changes

  • Longbow is now 1500 range by default







Wilderness Survival


Nature Magic


Beast Mastery


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49 replies on “GW2 Ready Up Skill and Balance Changes Livestream Notes”

the meta will and has to stay the same. zerker = full glasscannon. only another condi glasscannon (sinister) should do equal dmg in mid fights, more dmg in long fights but less dmg in short burstfights. if you could do the same damage with 1 or 2 defensive stats (rabid/sinister) the balancing is broken as hell

rabid should be along with knights damagewise, max. prolly even more around soldiers. sinister between zerk and knight leaning more towards knight. otherwise it will be a hell of a balance. oh well, we will see. its still a good thing that conditions got some love.

Oh boy I can’t wait for Condition Removal to be the new meta
“You want to use literally any other utility? HAHAHA SUCKER”

*looks at ice bow he just puts down*

*picks it back up and looks at it*

*shrug* Okay, I ain’t gonna complain.

It’s mean that u can’t do such thing: use 3 bar burst, then fast gain 1 bar and use burst again. Now u must wait till couldown ends.

im still not sure if axe mastery is better than berseker’s powers, which it should be, at least when wielding 2 axes. as long as you bring precision to get the additional adrenalin and make use of that additional ferocity.. i guess its… fine. no idea. what if you bring only 1 axe? didnt bring dual axe to pve or pvp for quite some time.

they should just post the whole slides online anyways. We all can read. They have been reading off the slides anyways.

no word on reduced recharge for banners, anyone? its not in the traits at least. baseline? forgotten? intended?

Dunno but supply crate CD was reduced from 3 to 2 minutes yet didn’t show in the slides (they showed ingame) so there’s hope for CD reduction on a lot of stuff that needs it (like 50% of all classes utilities basically).

This, there is no creativity or strategizing to builds anymore. Everything just “check a box to have 1000 things happen on proc”

yeah man, what ever happened to key balancing philosophy’s like risk vs reward.
take ranger for example:
– reward = huge dmg quickly, knockbacks and imobs
– risk = 1500 range, literally nothing

for running a longer distance speedy kits plus med kits own speed buff might almost keep you at 100% swiftness. if the med kit will be your friend in battles too… we will find out soon. (my guess is: nope).

med kit is a pain… it would be better if it had healing skills instead of dropping pellets all over the place… bit of a pain in a game like this

that is pretty mean tho :/ whats the use? speedy kits was a simple way to get 100% speed… a feature i try to build into all my chars…. makes getting around so much easier 😀 but really… I dont see the use of nerfing it…. as it seems we can get most of it back by using multiple traits… but it all seems a bit pointless… to me

no word on blasting staff being default?
don’t see it in arcana anymore, so i’m sure it is…would make me feel more secure to read that it’s default though.

Was there any word on Forceful Explosive (the bomb radius trait) for Engi? I don’t see it here, and imo making bombs blow up faster isn’t the same as having an additional 60 AoE radius…

is fiery charge, actually fiery rush? i am so, so disappointed that burning retreat is still in fact burning Retreat.. stone flesh buff is great, too bad they can’t give a modicum of buff while Not Attuned in Earth, so annoying.. also, is lingering elements gone? intrinsic value now? no? that’d be great

I want to know how much the stats on armor and the bass stats are changing. I’m excited about the separation of stats and traits. Gonna make some interesting combos as far as gear stats and traits go.

Im not sure how are those conditions equations stacking.
With 1600 condi dmg i would deal 1500 DPS from 5 confusions? Or how are those ticking… I feel so nerfed. It used to tick for 5 to 10k, i probably cant read that equation

um…. It hasn’t been possible to get 5 stacks ticking for 10k since the confusion nerfs several years ago. Your either highly misinformed or haven’t played this game in a long time. And even then it was not possible to get 10k damage per tick of confusion with only 5 stacks.

well this is Merry Christmas for my ele 😀 the changes they have made to traits are great 😀 My girl is getting major upgrades from all this…. shes gonna have her cake AND eat it too… the only real question remaining is how are the new gear stats gonna balance into this? and how many ascended pieces am i gonna have to re-craft to get it right? 😛

Condition changes all look great for my engi, but the 1200 to 900 range drop for ‘nades is a bit of a bummer, also, will have to check, but I think the trait changes mean fewer conditions per explosion

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