Knights of Fallen Empire SWTOR

SWTOR Announcing Knights of the Fallen Empire

Official SWTOR announcement for Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion that will raise the level cap to 65 and free for all subscribers.

E3 Announcement Video and abbreviated trailer


We are happy to announce our brand new digital expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire!


Knights of the Fallen Empire marks a renewed focus on BioWare-style cinematic storytelling in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Your character will become the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War who comes face-to-face with a new threat to the galaxy: the Emperor of the Eternal Throne.

This expansion also raises the Level cap to 65, and includes the option to create a Level 60 character! This allows you to start fresh in Knights of the Fallen Empire and jump right into the new story content. We are also delivering this story content in a way never before done in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Chapters. The first nine Chapters will be available at launch on October 27th, with new Chapters delivered regularly following that.

With the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, all of the original eight Class stories will be enhanced, allowing for a faster and more engaging playthrough for new and veteran players. Additionally, many of our existing Flashpoints and Operations are being scaled to 60+, giving you many more Elder Game options at Level 65.

All Subscribers will received the digital expansion for free. We are also excited to announce the Knights of the Fallen Empire Rewards Program. Between today and October 19th, Subscribers can earn collectible rewards for each month that they maintain their Subscriber status. This reward program is in addition to the fact that ALL subscribers receive Knights of the Fallen Empire for free! To learn more about the Rewards Program and the digital expansion, please visit

We look forward to bringing you this exciting new chapter for Star Wars: The Old Republic!

The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Team


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171 replies on “SWTOR Announcing Knights of the Fallen Empire”

No information on it… Just the trailer. It was a bad ass trailer… but I am disappointed that they didn’t give us info, not gonna lie.

What do you expect? EA is 99.9% hype. They say they listen to their player base….that was funny. They need to come out with swtor 2 already…learn from their many mistakes with swtor and give us an MMO worthy of the Star Wars name.

E3 2015
Bethesda 1 EA 0….

‘The Dark Prince’ He even had his lightsaber in a Starkiller-like grip! SWTOR CONFIRMED FOR FORCE UNLEASHED 3!

Yeah the twins basically have the same featureless, average-looking appearance as the Starkiller. It’s a nice callback I guess, although I personally found Starkiller’s design uninspired and bland (even the reverse grip didn’t save it for me).

The above article says scaling of old group content and nothing anywhere mentions new group content.

Now, I’m really happy about what they are saying, I like the story, but it is an MMO, it needs new group content as well.

Bob, I want all of the content accessible at max level cap. Too much work goes into this stuff to just leave it in ashes.

I do hope the flashpoints and operations also remain as an option on their original level. I also hope they do not cut off access to earlier planets for lvl 65s cause I love going there!

…They won’t. People are just panicking. It’s not a new game-it’s an expansion, and we don’t even know if we’ll have an increased level cap.

Would be awesome. Also if the HM 50/55 remained as an option on those levels too … I loved to solo the 50 HMs for decorations, easy comms and money.

screaming like a fan girl
EA E3 built up the hype with swtor and then killed it with that yarn

I know right? Force leap is still bugged and they are spendin money on developing a game whos main cvharacter is a yarn doll? FUCK…

This all sounds great, free for subscribers is a great move… Really curious on:

“With the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, all of the original eight Class stories will be enhanced, allowing for a faster and more engaging playthrough for new and veteran players.”

My guess is they are going to build much greater XP and gear rewards into the storyline missions, maybe not quite as bountiful as 12x XP, but so that doing class missions plus a few side missions will allow you to level up swiftly.

From IGN:

BioWare Austin’s next expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been revealed. Knights of the Fallen Empire was announced at EA’s E3 2015 press conference by way of a gorgeous CG story trailer, with the expansion pack launching this October.

Knights of the Fallen Empire is free for all subscribers.

While no gameplay was shown, the trailer told a short story about two twin brothers and their struggle with their demanding father. The boys grow into fierce warriors, hurt themselves in battle, and ultimately end up faced against each other in a violent family feud.

The CG trailer was created by Blur, the studio responsible for The Old Republic’s previous, similarly spectacular animated story vignettes. IGN will debut an extended version of the Knights of the Fallen Empire story trailer following EA’s press conference.

Fuck me…less than a year and already another level cap increase? There goes my wallet. Maybe they will be kind and take the mod pull money sink out of the game…

“All of the original eight Class stories will be enhanced, allowing for a faster and more engaging playthrough for new and veteran players.” Huh. So taking advantage of the XP boost right now is pointless, because the class stories are being redone? I don’t understand.

No, the expansion will have individual storylines for every class, instead of the faction-based storylines in previous expansions

Must admit, I really love the CGI trailer! I was absent from SWTOR for a long time, but thinking now getting back into it!

wow just wow… this is complete trash…. instead of adding new content, they are going to raise the level cap and scale old crap and act like they did a bunch of work… NEWS FLASH – WE DONT NEED A LEVEL INCREASE YOU MORONS!!! A level increase is NOT needed and is a complete waste of development time. Auto level to 60? wow, way to slap all of your dedicated players in the face… I guess they are just focusing on bringing in new people to file all these dead servers… because this game is dead compared to what it was a year or even two years ago. #ripswtor #deadgame #howaretheydevs #hirebetterdevs #wedontneedlevel65

You’re an idiot and won’t be missed! If the game is dead, why is it still rated in the top ten most played mmos? New content would be the new chapters that they are releasing. If you don’t like that content, go play somewhere else.

So, I am really curious.. what about the current Emperor, that just got brought out of hibernation by Revan, the entire story arc of the last Xpack / the Ziost stuff? are we just, going to forget bout him? Did he possess this new also immortal emperor? Im really curious, I wanted to kick Vitiates (sp) ass!

Just a guess, but we’ll probably put him into a mindtrap or some sort of suspended animation in the next patch or so. We have four months to complete the current story where Vitiate wipes out a good portion of both the Imperial and Republic forces to make the galaxy ripe for the picking for this new threat.

Possibly, though that seems like a lot of content between now and then imo. He could just be left to mess with this new threat when it arrives, too. Just as long as he isnt forgotten and just kinda, vanishes. lol.

I’m guessing this threat will take priority while Vitiate continues lurking in the background, gaining power.

Feels a little weird talking about other emperors and other empires when we still have an emperor who ate a planet to spite us still waiting to be spanked by 8-16 of us weekly. Still sounds exciting, still pumped, but this kind of feels like dessert before the main course. Almost feel guilty.

If I had to guess, they want us all playing and leveling and battling new content when the new movies hit, lets just hope this isn’t a rush job.

I don’t really like level cap increase so soon, less than year left since SoR. But i like focusing on the story, because the the main reason i play TOR is story.

This expac looks pretty awesome, but i really hope there will be new operations, otherwise once the story is done it will just be pretty boring.

Not much new information that wasn’t already leaked…

I was hoping they would present more details.

OMFG. This looks epic. Classic Bioware storyline style, finally get the Kotor 3 we never had 😛

from what I’ve seen, it looks like those twins were close growing up, only for it all to fall apart when they were fully grown. its kind of sad 🙁

Not digging the instant 60 BS, kind of a slap in the face to all the hours I’ve spent leveling all my toons. Better be just 1 per server or something like that.

Better start now soloing those level 50 HMs for those ridiculus x25 kill achievements before they scale them, same with unfinished ops cheevos.

Whats kind of missing here is where is all the XP supposed to come from for leveling to 65 if they are spreading out the new story content with a chapter every 3 weeks?

New ops are badly needed, hopefully we get some by christmas and they arent as f’d up as the last 2 were. And please no pugkiller bosses in SM again tyvm, like to reliably run them more than once a week with my guild.. And please make either com gear mods BIS again so there is something worth buying with coms besides the offhand.

I generally hate Chicken Little ppl who come on here and whine about everything but I have to say I am really worried that the signs are there now that there are ZERO new ops on the horizon. This could mean all we are going to get are scaled existing ops and the new “chapters” format is what they are planning on you staying subbed for. Pass.

I completely agree with you on the instant level 60 thing, it takes away both the effort and the experience of leveling up your character. The way I see it, you want something, work for it. About comms gear, my guess is if they were properly optimized there would be no “such” need to go do ops over and over to get tokens and stuff for better gear. It would still be better, but you wouldn’t be fighting for “the stat you need that isn’t in your current gear”, if that is what you’re talking about (perhaps I misunderstood). My point of view.

Well coms are completely useless (other than offhand) now so no use running anything but current gen ops for tokens.
At least having BIS mod or enhancement (pref enhancement) in the com gear would give a better way to gear up alts and some incentive to run old content.

It would be nice to see less pug killers in SM. Its so frustrating watching your off healer die over and over and over on underlurker, after explaining the fight for the umpteenth time, its not even that complicated, you need to remember to do 2 whole things during the fight, hide, and cross, and heal your guts out. Even better though would be if 2 whole mechanics didn’t make a boss a pug killer in the first place. Its not complicated, but so often the game seems to be rocket science to some folks.

Hey guys, I missed the broadcast and was wondering, is the video above everything that was said about SWTOR at the E3? Felt kind of brief, especially compared to other games they talked about.

If you’re subscribed from now until the release you’ll get early access. If you’re subscribed for any month you’ll get the reward for that month. If you’re not subbed the entire time, you don’t get early access.

“Subs are getting something for their money.” Hmm, let’s see, operations, 12x xp boost, early accesses, a small expansion (Rise of the Hutt Cartel, but don’t count that if you don’t want to), sub rewards, cartel coins, no credit cap (oh my god, I still can’t believe f2p and preferred have credit cap), unlimited access to everything, and now this… Subs are actually overpowered, in my opinion. And now don’t start with “you jelly bro” because I am a sub myself and have experienced both “sides”. But for your first sentence, brilliant it is. I’ve finished every story 3 times. I’m more than excited. Also Niko Okarr… best smuggler outfit in my opinion. I ain’t missing that one.

What operations? How often do we get operations? The last two were from the expansion, which subs had to buy. Subs had to buy Rise of the Hutt Cartel too. The cartel coins subs get per month is a tiny amount that buys like, what, one pack? I’ve bought many hypercrates and still not got half of what I’m after, so a single crappy pack isn’t exactly incentive to sub and is more of a middle-finger than anything else.

12XP is, again, hardly a worthwhile incentive. Unlimited access to everything? Again, not a worthwhile incentive, I got that same deal before we went F2P.

The Cartel Market is the game’s main focus since F2P, and as a sub I’ve paid (literally) ten times more per month for this game than I did when it was sub-only because all the cool new armour sets/mounts/colour crystals are exclusive to the CM. SoR added just a sprinkle of actual new gear, the rest was just old stuff tweaked while the CM was filled with brand new sets. So yes, ToR FINALLY introducing an incentive to sub is a brilliant thing.

It’s just a pity those incentives will probably end once the expansion goes live.

1. Only subscribers have access to operations.

2. I had RotHC for free when I got subscriber… and it was from the friend referral thing too.

3. Even the little amount of cartel coins is better than nothing.

Though I agree this update will be brilliant for subscribers.

Being able to play endgame really isn’t an incentive. You don’t even need a sub to run operations, F2P/Pref can get a pass for it. All a sub does is remove the childish restrictions they have on F2P/Pref.

I pre-ordered the expansion and paid for it in addition to my sub. The only reason they give it out for free now is because you can only block off the playerbase so much before you start to kill the game off. As for CC- personally I’d rather they give a decent ‘reward’ or non at all. Don’t care much for half-measures.

Rift is a brilliant example of a game that gives you incentives to sub while not making life deliberately tedious for those who don’t. Only reason ToR gets away with it is because of the IP.

Still, perhaps they will turn it around. KotFE being free is a decent start for sure, and a new companion as a sub reward is certainly a nice perk. Those guns look pretty tidy, too.

Agreed. And yeah, what I meant is about the free thing subs get, sure f2ps and prefs can too but just pay. Sorry if I didn’t point that out well. Though I agree of KotFE being free is surely good, same for the monthly rewards.

“Additionally, many of our existing Flashpoints and Operations are being scaled to 60+, giving you many more Elder Game options at Level 65.” So in other words, BioWare is going to bend over again and let Zorz “rebalance” the old content so that nobody but them can clear it. Can’t wait for Black Talon SM 65 that’s harder than Revan HM. #unsubifyourenotzorz #goawaycasuals #starzorztheoldrepublic

They won’t just elevate everything. I hope they don’t. I hope they will give you the option to choose either for the old mode or the new elevated mode. I love running HM 50 FPs and HM 55 FPs, cause I am overgeared for it, just for fun. If they take this away it will ruin some of my fun in the game.

That would be okay, some new “epic mode” or whatever, but chances are high that they’ll just increase the level/hp/damage output of all the bosses/trash mobs and throw in a bunch of extra stacking red circles that instantly kill you and that will be the new “story” mode. And for all that effort, maybe you’ll get a few basic comms, which you can use to get even more poorly itemized comms gear. Hey, maybe I’m wrong, but if I’m not and if bioware is reading this: Two Words: Fuck You.

Since they already give you the option to run SM, HM and NiM ops, I’d like to see a similar option implemented for flashpoints.

Seriously, I’ve never heard of Zorz until I started reading forums full of whining. Oh sorry for the typo, I meant “Their Precious Zorz”. There are plenty of dead guilds on Harbinger to serve as targets for your otherwise unfocused rage. Please spread the Hatred around to the countless other undeserving parties. #morepewpewlessqq #arehashtagsreallystillfunny?

Father and sons kind of reminds me of Mortis I wonder if that is the direction they are going with it.
Vitiate perhaps playing the Abeloth role.

I think this deservers bold print as well: Additionally, many of our existing Flashpoints and Operations are being scaled to 60+, giving you many more Elder Game options at Level 65.

I was looking forward to grabing 3 buddies and doing some of the ops like FPs where you don’t have to wait to find undergeard people who just end up wipeing. Kraggas Palace NiM is kinda fun with 4 people.

I have mixed feelings. On one hand I like a lot of the old ops and it’ll be nice to see them relevant again but on the other hand I like blasting through overleveled them for their goodies and just for fun.

Same. Really have a blast duoing them with Pyre, or bringing a friend or 2 for an easy walk through. Sometimes you get no furniture but some nights…oh wow. So many pillars and flags.

I find going in with 2 people though can be such a blast, feels crazy heroic too.

That’s actually less options for those of us who actually participated in the content when it was current and are ready for new things.

Thank you for all this, sadly to report to have miss the E3, connection decided the perfect moment to get hick ups was now. You always deliver, alright, let me read up

edit: NOO THE Twi’lek… here i thought, future companion, good bye Vette…. hope shes not running around the internet reading this…

I don’t like how you can just make a level 60 character. It takes away from the money people have spent on this game and just the work they put into it.

If im reading correct, its only one char, and with 12x atm, its not any different besides the fact that one is instant and one takes like 6 hours ish…

People keep going on about the story but we really know next to nothing so I haven’t been able to get excited. This “Outlander” business makes it seem like there’s not going to be any new class specific stuff, which is what I really want out of the story so it’s not a chore leveling up multiple toons like it has been with the past expansions, going through the same plot over and over again.

You know, you are able to choose how you want the story to go. Your decisions affect the way the story turns out, so you can have a whole variety of different stories on each one of your characters so it should be fun.

No actually I don’t know, I only know what they’ve said so far which isn’t enough for me to fully judge yet. I was disappointed in the past by only getting single class missions in the last expansion, I don’t to get to hyped this time.

Just caught the IGN interview and full trailer, very powerful!!!

The insta 60 is a little concerning, but as ever you don’t have to use it. I’m a little sorry I heard how the story starts for your toon, but I doubt I’d have managed to miss it between now and early access!!!

Just watched full trailer and it is powerful and tragic. Interesting to see how easy they can go between light side and dark side.

Knights of the Fallen Empire FAQ
1. What is the launch date for Knights of the Fallen Empire?
The official launch date for Knights of the Fallen Empire is October 27, 2015.
Players who have been a subscriber from July 31 through October 19, 2015 gain Early Access beginning October 20, 2015, one week before the official launch date.
2. What features will be available during Early Access?
All features will be available at the start of Early Access on October 20, 2015.
3. How do I obtain my Knights of the Fallen Empire Pre-Launch Reward items?
If you has an active subscription from July 31 through October 19, 2015, you will receive your Pre-Launch Reward items via in-game mail at the start of Early Access on October 20, 2015.
If you are not eligible for Early Access, you will receive your rewards via in-game mail on October 27, 2015.
4. How do I get the Epic Story XP Boost?
All active subscribers automatically receive the Epic Story XP Boost; the boost expires October 19, 2015.
5. Can I still get Knights of the Fallen Empire if I don’t have Rise of the Hutt Cartel or Shadow of Revan?
All subscribers will receive access to Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan starting on October 27, 2015.
6. How do I pre-order Knights of the Fallen Empire?
Knights of the Fallen Empire is not available for pre-order as it is free to all active subscribers . You must be an active subscriber to receive the expansion.
7. When will Chapters be released?
Knights of the Fallen Empire will launch with the first 9 episodic Chapters of the story. The remaining chapters will be released monthly starting in early 2016.
8. Is the Outlander a new class in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
No, Knights of the Fallen Empire keeps the 8 core classes, but your character’s story becomes that of the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War.
9. What if I unsubscribe from Star Wars: The Old Republic after October?
If you unsubscribe after October 27, 2015, you will keep the first 9 Chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire, but will not receive any additional Chapters when they are released.
10. What if I don’t subscribe until all the Chapters are released?
If you subscribe after the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, you will receive all the content that has been released up to that date. However, as a subscriber you are eligible for great benefits that you don’t want to miss out on such as a monthly Cartel Coin grant and access to the full spectrum of character species.

Well fuck.

I am maxed on characters on two servers. WTF will I do with this new “start at 60” toon.

Please raise server limit!

If you’re a sub anyway, you should have at least three lvl 60s by the time the 12xp ends. Jumping to level 60 feels just… “meh”

I will be trying one level-jumped char for the experience, though.

You can buy a character unlock and have more toons. I am currently up to 17 at the present moment.

Grats on 17!

….but I can have 44 characters across two servers that I’m maxed on, + 12 more on two others. Diddly squat a character unlock will do me.

ALso, stop treating everyone on the internet like total retards. We know what character sltos are

RIFT lets you transfer each of your characters between any server (regardless of geographical location) once very 7 days….for subscribers.

just use cartel coins to buy a server char slot…. one of my friends has over 20 toons on harbinger

Create a level 60 character? I’m sorry for all of you hardcore players who already maxed out everything, but…

YYYYYEEEEESSSS! I’ve been staring at my list of characters wondering how the hell I’ll ever raise them all. I just don’t have time!

If you don’t have the time to level them, you don’t have the time to play them. So what do you need them at 60 for?

I have time to play them, and I want to see their stories. I just don’t have time to run through every mission on every planet.

With 12x XP you can do just class story mission and you are over-leveled all the time. So no idea what you are talking about.

I haven’t been able to subscribe in a long time. College is a bitch, a very expensive bitch.

As I said, I’ve been unable to subscribe because of more important things that are draining what little extra money I have. If Bioware offered some kind of lifetime membership, I’d try to save for it, but I just can’t budget for a long term subscription.

Dude you get one 60 boost which you have to sub to get. So…this kinda doesn’t help you anyways.

I don’t think it will allow you to create infinite instant 60’s. Just one..that’s what I think at least. And they will decrease the time it take to level when the new xpac comes.

It’s really good they’re doing this start at level 60 thing.. but I did max out more than 10 toons to 60 lol

one question: what will happen to our lvl55s or all lowbie chars? do they get 60 as well? cause seriosly, i would delete some of them and create fresh 60 ones instead of levelling them through old content again.

No, you are just given the option to create a fresh 60, but your other characters stay the level they were at before the expansion.

It indeed will have expired, and you don’t get the boost for the Shadow of Revan expansion anyway, so if you have a level 55 (such as the person who originally asked the question has) you have to level it the normal way.

they better release some new operations along with this story.. the way they make it sound they are just going to bolster current ops and fps to 60+ and give us no new end game content.. just probably 6 more hours of story we’ll all finish in 1 day and have to repeat it over and over on all our toons and stay satisfied with current ops/fps

There is one thing I’m curious. If there are 9+ chapters does it mean it will take as much as 3+ whole class stories take?

It’s probably scaled to 5-6 Mission’s (+ Cinematics) per Chapter (or maybe less).But that’s just an ‘Conclusion’,there’s no Info about it (yet) … guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m a lil confuse…so if i subscribe today for only a month, at 27 October i receive
Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan?
or i need to be subscribere at 31 July?
or i need to stay subscribed from 31 July untill 27 october?

I want to know because, tomorrow i subscribe, and for now i want only ROHC and SOV

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