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SWTOR Knights of Fallen Empire Official Expansion Info

The SWTOR official Fallen Empire page is live and here are all the info on the latest SWTOR expansion coming this October.


New Info from Massively/MMORPG Preview

  • Read the MMORPG article here and the Massively article here
  • You are woken up by Lana Beniko from carbonite, she give you the run down and tell you that you need to unite the remnants of Empire and Republic to fight off against the Eternal Empire. You will escape the carbonite prison with her and Koth.
  • Sith Lord Lana Beniko will be one of your companions
  • Choices have consequences – letting Lana killing a force wielding cop may cause that cop’s partner to hunt you down later.
  • There are no class stories, just the epic story with a dash of class flavor tossed in
  • Because the story is personal to you, playing with even one friend is restrictive. Unlike the base game, where friends could play together and follow different class storylines, Fallen Empire has just the one epic story, so it can only be played out one player at a time
  • Bioware submit everything to Lucasarts to get vetted. Director J.J. Abrams watched the KotFE blur trailer because he had carte blanche to decide whether what the BioWare team was doing contradicted the story he was telling in any way

New Info from IGN Post-Show Livestream

  • Very early on in Knights of Fallen Empire, you are frozen in carbonite. When you are awoken, years have passed and you quickly learn that Empire/Republic as you have known have all fallen.
  • You have to find your old companions and adventure with new companions in a very personal story.
  • The story picks up right from end of the trailer. You are an Outlander. You can either use existing level 60 characters or create a new level 60 character right from the start.
  • Brand new companions and new stories with new companions.
  • New iconic abilities for each class, everything you can expect from a Bioware RPG when you level up.

New Info from Polygon Article

  • Article link:
  • Five new companions will be available, with very different allegiances
  • You are able to recruit help and additional companions from an expanded cast, including companions who were previously exclusive to other classes.
  • To recruit help, you will need to travel around the galaxy and do missions to make yourself favorable to them.”If you want to recruit a character who’s favorable to the Mandalorians, you’ll be able to do missions for them. You want to recruit a character who hates the Hutts, you’ll do missions to build your alliance standing against them.”
  • Still a MMO, just very streamlined.
  • We are still doing flashpoints, operations, raids bosses, and pvp but it is all about story this year.

Full Length Trailer



A man can have anything… If he’s willing to sacrifice everything.

Step into an epic story-driven adventure as your character becomes The Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War. A third faction threatens the galaxy as we know it, and your choices will determine the fate of both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. Knights of the Fallen Empire includes the first nine chapters, fueled by BioWare-style cinematic storytelling, that kicks off a new player-driven story arc that puts you at the center of a conflict where your choices have impact on outcomes including unexpected twists and betrayals. Choose your path…join or betray companions, old and new…and shape the future of the entire galaxy as well as your own. Best of all, this is only the beginning…


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Continuous Storyline. Choices that matter. BioWare Storytelling. And MORE.

    Be at the center of a personal Star Wars™ story where choices matter and impact outcomes.
    You will become The Outlander, a Level 60 veteran of the Great Galactic War.
    Build a team of hand-picked allies to join your alliance; meet new companions and reunite with existing companions ready to offer you their loyalty.
    Play one of eight class stories enhanced to offer a deeper, more accessible experience purely focused on immersing you in a personal Star Wars story.
    This is only the beginning of an evolving Star Wars story, new chapters released on a regular basis.



hero-thumb Nico Okarr Companion – JUL 31
When you travel with Nico Okarr, the legendary gunslinger from Star Wars: The Old Republic’s “Return” cinematic trailer, you can be sure that he will always have your back.
blaster-thumb Nico Okarr Blaster Set – AUG 31
A stylish weapon set for the enthusiastic gunslinger; keep it for yourself or give to your Companion.
duster-thumb Nico Okarr Duster Coat – SEP 30
Impressive is the only word that describes Nico’s swashbuckling duster; you can be sure that wearing this duster sets you apart from other heroes.
speeder-thumb Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™ – Inspired Swoop Bike – OCT 19
Escape your enemies in epic style on your custom Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™-inspired Swoop Bike
early-access-thumb Early Access – JUL 31 – OCT 19
Choose to be a Subscriber from July 31 to October 19 to receive the Early Access Bonus Reward! Be one of the first to jump in and get access to Knights of the Fallen Empire seven days prior to live launch.

Cast of Characters

swtor-arcann Arcann – The Dark PrinceTHE DARK PRINCE. “DESTINY IS A LIE.”Destiny is a lie. Fate is the falsest of hopes. I am beyond prophecy. I forge my own path by making the difficult choices. Now, it is your turn.

I am not without mercy. Surrender and you may live. Stand against me, and I will turn you into a monument for fools who believe their victory is preordained. Choose wisely.

swtor-valkorion Valkorion – The Immortal Emperor“I CAN MAKE YOU POWERFUL BEYOND REASON…IF YOU WILL ONLY KNEEL.”Everything until now has been the means to an end. I forged the Empire of Zakuul to surmount all of my previous works. It will span eternity.

Do not presume there are limits to my power. The Eternal Empire commands a fleet that will reshape the galaxy into any image I choose. Whatever you hope to achieve by opposing me, know that you will never succeed.

The OutlanderA VETERAN OF THE GREAT GALACTIC WAR. THIS IS YOUR STORY.Whether Jedi, Sith, soldier, or mercenary, you are a veteran of the Great Galactic War. But your greatest challenge is yet to come.

A new power lurks in the depths of space: a vast dominion beyond anything you have ever encountered. It awaits your arrival… and your choices will change everything.

Lana Beniko – The Dark Advisor“I DEEMED YOU A WORTHY ALLY ONCE. I HOPE I WASN’T WRONG.”The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic have fallen. The Jedi and Sith have retreated to their temples. No one remains to stand between the Eternal Empire and the utter destruction of all we hold dear.

It has to be you. Find the strength within yourself to persevere and sacrifice your own needs for those of the galaxy. You’re our last hope.

Vaylin – The remorseless Prodigy“RULES ARE FOR PEOPLE WHO LACK THE CREATIVITY TO BREAK THEM.”I have always been held back. All my life, my power has been restrained for fear of the chaos and bloodshed that I might inflict on a whim.

But our whims represent our truest selves. And now that my power is fully my own, I intend to be very truthful.

Koth Vortena – The Exiled Officer“WE’RE GOING TO WIN THIS THING. I’M TELLING YOU, IT’S DESTINY.”I grew up on Zakuul, served in the military. I know its potential for greatness, but all I see is the bleak reality of what it’s become.

Someone has to stand up to tyranny, right here and now. To make it clear that we reject this twisted vision for the galaxy. Someone has to own up to their destiny and fight.

Senya – The Vengeful Enforcer“EVEN EMPERORS MUST ANSWER TO THE LAW.”I have served with honor. I have upheld the law and pursued offenders to the far corners of the galaxy. And I have lost everyone I ever held close.

The worst among us now rule over us. Their laws will never bring justice to the monsters who betray our ideals and murder our children. But I will.

HK-55 – The Loyal Bodyguard“DECLARATION: MEATBAG DEFENSE PROTOCOLS ENGAGED.”Lament: I am programmed for your maximum protection, but hostile meatbags continually demand I reactivate my termination subroutines.

Reassurance: I have no particular wish to harm the stupid meatbags. I was merely designed to be especially good at it.

Affirmation: Anything that threatens you will wish it had never existed, master.


Chapter 1 The Hunt

Chapter 2 A Dream of Empire

Chapter 3 Outlander

Chapter 4 The Gravestone

Chapter 5 From the Grave

Chapter 6 Asylum

Chapter 7 Lady of Sorrows

Chapter 8 Taking Flight

Chapter 9 The Alliance

Chapter 10 Anarchy In Paradise

Chapter 11 Disavowed

Chapter 12 Coming Soon

Chapter 13 Coming Soon

Chapter 14 Coming Soon

Chapter 15 Coming Soon

Chapter 16 Coming Soon



Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for the Knights of the Fallen Empire Subscriber Rewards, the account must be in a Subscriber status as of 11:59PM PDT//6:59AM GMT on the date listed by the reward.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire rewards are delivered through in-game mail and are redeemable as of the launch of the expansion upon login on October 27, 2015.
  • To qualify for the Early Access Bonus, you must have qualified for each of the four rewards by being a subscriber on each of the 4 listed reward dates. Once you qualify you may enter and play Knights of the Fallen Empire on October 20, 2015, seven (7) days prior to live launch on October 27, 2015.
  • **The Subscriber Epic Story XP Boost offers a significant enhancement of about 12x normal rate to the class story progression experience and includes:
    • Increased commendations to support gear needs along the way
    • Quick travel points unlocked as soon as they are revealed on the map
    • Reduced cool down on quick travel options

For questions on the Epic Story XP Boost visit:


1. What is the launch date for Knights of the Fallen Empire?
The official launch date for Knights of the Fallen Empire is October 27, 2015.

Players who have been a subscriber from July 31 through October 19, 2015 gain Early Access beginning October 20, 2015, one week before the official launch date.

2.  What features will be available during Early Access?
All features will be available at the start of Early Access on October 20, 2015.

3.  How do I obtain my Knights of the Fallen Empire Pre-Launch Reward items?
If you has an active subscription from July 31 through October 19, 2015, you will receive your Pre-Launch Reward items via in-game mail at the start of Early Access on October 20, 2015.

If you are not eligible for Early Access, you will receive your rewards via in-game mail on October 27, 2015.

4. How do I get the Epic Story XP Boost?
All active subscribers  automatically receive the Epic Story XP Boost; the boost expires October 19, 2015.

5.  Can I still get Knights of the Fallen Empire if I don’t have Rise of the Hutt Cartel or Shadow of Revan?
All subscribers  will receive access to Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan starting on October 27, 2015.

6.  How do I pre-order Knights of the Fallen Empire?
Knights of the Fallen Empire is not available for pre-order as it is free to all active subscribers . You must be an active subscriber  to receive the expansion.

7. When will Chapters be released?
Knights of the Fallen Empire will launch with the first 9 episodic Chapters of the story. The remaining chapters will be released monthly starting in early 2016.

8.  Is the Outlander a new class in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
No, Knights of the Fallen Empire keeps the 8 core classes, but your character’s story becomes that of the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War.

9. What if I unsubscribe from Star Wars: The Old Republic after October?
If you unsubscribe after October 27, 2015, you will keep the first 9 Chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire, but will not receive any additional Chapters when they are released.

10. What if I don’t subscribe until all the Chapters are released?
If you subscribe after the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, you will receive all the content that has been released up to that date. However, as a subscriber you are eligible for great benefits that you don’t want to miss out on such as a monthly Cartel Coin grant and access to the full spectrum of character species.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

636 replies on “SWTOR Knights of Fallen Empire Official Expansion Info”

A third faction threatens the galaxy as we know it! Following the third faction that was the Hutt Cartel, and the other third faction that was the Revanites, comes the thirdiest third faction of them all!

Sorry, I’m actually excited for the expansion, but they shouldn’t even focus on the whole third faction thing, as they’ve kind of played that out.

Pay for expansion or subscribe for one month is same for most of prefered players. But in 2016 you need to subscribe each single month for continue, so no more free to play…

there still is free to play but you won’t get extra chapters unless you are subscribed or resubscribe. That’s what is says above.

I don’t approve of the auto-60 BS. Everything else looks amazing. I like how they finally found a profitable balance: make the expansion free, but unavailable to non-subs. Non-subs know they’re missing out on AWESOME content, which encourages them to sub. Players who already sub just get new awesome stuff at no expense. This is the solution they needed, the solution *we* needed. I’m glad they’ve found it.

At the end of the day it’s a choice. So why does it matter to you if someone else wants to auto-level?? I certainly won’t do it because I’m losing out on gameplay I’m paying for, but it still doesn’t affect me if someone else wants to skip

It might be frustrating if inexperienced new players are able to jump straight into queued endgame content without the knowledge or gear to contribute, though.

(That’s a “wait and see” kind of problem, though.)

How is that any different to now with 12x xp hehe. I doubt it will make much more of a difference only they will only be able to do this instant lvl 60 once I imagine

Have you not Pugged ToS recently? What is the difference? I am lucky to get a grp that can get past UL 1/4 times. Don’t really think insta60 is gonna make it THAT much worse

I’m not really taking about ops so much as flashpoints. But that’s why I say “wait and see”, because depending on how the new endgame content is structured/gated, it might not be that bad. But it is a fair concern, I think.

Something I could totally see BW do is increase the companion cap by like 1, but offer 3 new ones; so that you either have to leave behind companions from Chapters 1-3 or only take 1 from the new stuff. This better not happen especially since I would bet at least 50% of players if not more would vote to allow every companion to stay. Yes there will be those who kill off Quinn and other pesky people, but they would be sacrificing Crew skill opportunities.

Skadge is getting jettisoned out the airlock with a quickness. For my Powertech, he’s utterly useless. For my Mercenary, I may keep him. Unless there is a new, better melee tank available. Also Dr. Lokin. That guy just annoys the crap outa me. On pub side, I’ll probably get rid of Jorgan. All he does is ***** and moan. I’m pretty cool with all the Smuggler comps. Corso is annoying, but effective. If I could keep Holiday and get rid of Tharan I’d do that, too. And T7 is getting scrapped.

That’s funny, Corso and Lt. Iresso are the ones I actually want to keep.

Qyzen, Theran, and Zenith will probably get cut from my main’s crew.

Agreed, this is the sort of thing that will actually keep me playing consistently (depending on how well it’s executed). It’s how GW2 sucked me back into playing, I didn’t want to miss any of the updates.

Game flopped as sub game…went to f2p and started growing. Im sure it going sub route again will work out just fine….LOL

It’s still going to be a F2P game, dude, the expansion is just free for subbers. They’re not “going the sub route again”, they’re doing the same thing they’ve been doing. I’m willing to bet at some point they’ll end up selling access to chapters on the CM or something.

I’m glad this expansion is coming out with a level cap increase as I hoped.

Getting Nico Okarr as a free companion for being a sub is pretty sweet too

So will the Sith Emperor will be dead by october?
Or does “The Sith Empire and Galactic Republic have fallen.” mean we lost but miraculously lived to tell the tale?

Apparently we’re survivors of a war with this new empire after skipping forward in the timeline.

More like we were neutralized so that this new faction could rise without trouble. I mean, my characters of that level (60) tend to be the tenacious individuals that have thwarted at least three to ten galactic shaking forces rising…

The question is wether e continue ith Vitiate at a later point or not at all, his wiki page states his spirit died at 66 BBY or ABY cant remember but we cant truly kill him upon any point unless the story changes for some reason.

That’s not correct. The wiki states Vitiate was destroyed at some point before 67 BBY not that he was destroyed in that year.

Yup forgot to out somehwere around. But still means its years far far away from us. So we probably won’t be the cause.

On this very page in the “Features”:

Play one of eight class stories enhanced to offer a deeper, more accessible experience purely focused on immersing you in a personal Star Wars story.

Play one of eight class stories enhanced to offer a deeper, more accessible experience purely focused on immersing you in a personal Star Wars story.

They were talking about how they’re optimizing the original class stories there though. That’s what I took for it anyway.

Hmm didn’t look at it that way until u mentioned it. But I’m sure I read somewhere there is a new class mission for each class.

But now I look at it like you did it does kinda sound like the changing or doing something to original class story

“8. Is the Outlander a new class in Star Wars: The Old Republic?No, Knights of the Fallen Empire keeps the 8 core classes, but your character’s story becomes that of the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War.”

So where does it say 8 new class stories?

Play one of eight class stories enhanced to offer a deeper, more accessible experience purely focused on immersing you in a personal Star Wars story.

That is in this post nearer the bottom

That is in reference to existing content. They are streamlining the original content. It remains to be seen if the new content is focused on class.

I’m more interested in who the (bleep) put you in the carbonite? I mean, at least in terms of my main characters, it might take the direct hand of the Emperor to stun them long enough…

Lawl, who the fuck could even harness enough power to put the four Forcies into submission? And then who would even be able to get close enough to the Voidhound or the Grand Champ to actually blast ’em? We’re talking people who’re either heroes or have pretty big powerbases…

I have a hunch Theron tricks the player into it, “for their own good” or something. I don’t think it’s by force.. but that’s all speculation.

ahaha, no i think these people came from Rishi Maze… im probably wrong. But seeing how Rishi maze being rumored to have advance civilization and they look pretty advanced then im guessing thats where they came from and have been in hiding for decades if not centuries so they had their time to develop and evolve. We might be pushed a bit in a time frame but just like skip ahead and nothing significant happened in that time gap.

ALSO WHO DARES TO CARBONITE THE HEIR TO THE DREAD MASTER AND DARK LORD OF THE DARK COUNCIL!!!! *FEAR*.. … i said *FEAR* .. uhg guys how many times to i have to tell you, charge the dam batteries if u done playing…

? seriously.. they are already giving it for free if u just sub on that day, something they worked hard on and yet u still want to not pay for a sub and receive any of this stuff they’re giving away for free? Unless you are referring to something else

Enjoy what you already have, filthy freeper. Its high time Subscribers got some legitimate loving from Bioware.

ahaha, they also remind me of Templar’s from Dragon Age, could be where they got inspiration from since its also from BW… but not sure if thats what im looking for… where did i seen those

I see plenty of difference. yes, they are both bearded guys, but this is like saying all white bearded guys who are also asshole leaders – look the same >_>

so how is this expansion going to work with prefered players who have paid for both ROTHC and SOR and can lvl up to 60?

Guess you will stay at level 60 and can’t access any content from KoFE, also people need to keep this in mind as well

“What if I don’t subscribe until all the Chapters are released?
If you subscribe after the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, you will receive all the content that has been released up to that date. However, as a subscriber you are eligible for great benefits that you don’t want to miss out on such as a monthly Cartel Coin grant and access to the full spectrum of character species.”

so when they scale all old content up to 60 and make it for subs that has this new expansion i am pretty much screwed?

Probably you’ll have the scaled operations, FP’s aswell only you won’t have any access to KoFE so no new levels, and no new story for you i guess.

think preff and f2p might see the new effects of it for class stories once it go’s life but not sure really. Thinking that with the ops and fp’s being scaled, if i read that correct. you most likely get to choose which one u want to do just like u can choose least that’s what im thinking and hoping

ikr, also hoping that each class u bring to an outlander rank that it will react in a new way, a more unique way then just hey agent or hey dark lord. but feels more personal to the class.

anyhow. you not planning to sub for it or?

i want to but finding a job is hard and im doing every thing i can but no not planning to sub for it atm no money and no job so i just want to know what will happen for prefered players who can lvl up to 60

like the current class story will remain the same and all the ops/flashpoints from lvl 10-60 remain the same.

ah, yeah been there, just recently got a job again. Can’t say it has been easy, but i would wish you the best of luck getting a job, At least u got priorities right. Hope you find something soon. I know the frustration.

Let us pay for SoR and few months of lags and bugs full months of subscribe and when we stop pay he let us pay for sub again for play again. But i dont thrust bw anymore about swtor content after 3.0 fail.

Much butthurt I sense in you. Control over your life that butthurt will have. Take a pill and chill, the Force suggests.

So I can create unlimited number of level 60 toons with the expansion?

or it’s limited and I should take advantage of teh 12xp ?

If I’d have to guess, I should say that the lvl 60 boost is limited, maybe it is useable only once.

I’m gonna take a class I love to play but would never actually do the story for. Maybe Sage or Shadow…

So you think it will be best to take advantage of the 12xp and fill my server slots with those extra 10 crafting placeholders?

only take like 6-8 hours to get 56 so easier to delete one unwanted then have to level normally.

yeah doesn’t take long to level with the 12x and depending on how far u are into getting 55 u could easily get 56 or close enough to it. Last one i leveled sadly just made it over 55 with little bit of xp to 56. But yeah if you could say get like 99% xp and need 1 more for 55 but got like 1 quest rewarding a ton of xp u could easily get 56-57 after being done with makeb.

If togruta do come with patch 3.3 I’m deleting all toons just to level them as togruta with 12xp and leaving one slot open for free lvl 60 lol

Yep. I haven’t done real end game for ages so don’t have that good gear plus it gives me plenty to do in build up to expansion. And seeing as I won’t pay the amount of money on cc coins to do each character thus way is better on the wallet lol

Yeah in serious. I don’t play much at and haven’t raided sm since df and dp and haven’t raided hm since terror from peyond so I have no real gear or money anyway hehe. It will give me something to do between 3.3 and expansion if togruta do come with 3.3

Haha then o guess it fives you something to do in the meantime before new xpac arrives. But don’t you want some diversity in alts species?:p

I’m willing to pay for the expac, but I’m subbed so I’m getting it for
free so yea that’s great, but since i’m using 60 day cards once it runs
out, i’m stuck with what I have to grind and can’t get new content.

They made Lana look better in the concept art. Maybe she won’t have her chronic case of hay fever any more.

It is simple pay subs in summer cuz of most players cancel it and enjoy summer time. Got companion and some items, than pay for early acces. 4 month of subs so realy expensive early acces 😛 And than got early acces to expansion, probaly just some story with questionable reward probaly not long 9 chapters full of bugs on owerloaded servers.
Last one was cheaper, just pay for SoR and waste of 1+ month of sub cuz of game was full of lags and bugs.

Only one positive think so far for me is those trailer.

it would depend, if you were planning to sub before any news of rewards. Also depends on if u want all the rewards or only the companion and early access or just early access

Fuck this bullshit. Give us at least 2 more server slots. Cap it to 24. Or format servers. We all know the credit spammers are bioware devs and when the bioware team not spamming creds they are playing wildstar

So they are pulling an ME2 in the beginning of tis xpac. Good. Executing it any other way would’ve been stupid.

I quit 3 months ago because I felt like there was nothing to do. I dunno if my guild is even still around.

Not sure if I want to deal with all the hassle, especially if all my friends quit.

So much histrionic hype over “dualfaction” and all it is is the default SWTOR symbol used as a background for the title.


Guys, when will you learn to expect less.

I will like the “create level 60 character” button….but they are probably going to attach a cartel coin cost to it, knowing them.

Reading the description attached to Lana… are we done with faction stories as well, then? Like, if I only play for the story I can just retire 7 of my 8 characters?

Well it seems that we still get 8 new class stories… sort of how like we got one of our own class quests on Rishi, but they’ll continue through each of the chapters.

In reference to FAQ #10: What do they mean by “If you subscribe after the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, you will receive all the content that has been released up to that date.” exactly?

When Oct 27th hits, you’ll have Ch.1 to 9, but you won’t get more than that if not subbed.

So yes, pay to get “free” stuff.

They havent said if F2P will be able to buy the expansion. I assume they can, and I assume if they buy it they will get future chapters, but that’s just my opinion.

It means if come launch of knights of the fallen empire your it subscribed you will not get expansion.

If your subscribed when it launches but cancel your subscription you won’t get future chapters until you rent your subscription.

To answer more directly to your question it means if nor no a subscriber before expansion releases and new chapters are released you will get access to all currently released chapters once you subscribe.

So if you are not subbed and it’s March 2016 and they have released 2 additional chapters once you subscribe you will get access to all launch chapters plus the two chapters released upto that point

Given that Arcaan has grey hair in the character description, how old is Nico going to be? I mean, I’m not so sure I want a companion who requires a hip replacement surgery.

Nico is already close to, if not in his 70’s based on the existing timeline. Add into that how ever many years they decide to store us in Carbonite.

Perhaps he was in carbonite as well? We haven’t seen him since the first trailers, have we? Maybe he’s been locked away by a Hutt Cartel member or something.

Perhaps he spent those years in carbonite and somehow our character and him get decarbonized together and that is how we meet him.

So what if I’m a sub till October 27th then become pref I won’t get anymore story when it comes out ? Because if that’s the case then it’s a load of bullshit

False, they said if you unsub after release you still get everything up to that point, you just don’t get the new content coming in 2016. and since you will qualify for early access if you sub that long you would have all the content before the 27th anyways.

Nah, once the update hits you can unsub for a few months from the looks of it. They will release 9 chapters to play and bring in more starting in “early 2016” so that gets you the best of both worlds.

Its a 5 level xpac, same as Hutt Cartel or SoR. All the fancy shit they use to sell it is nothing more than window dressing, I’ll have it cleared in 6-7 hours and start spamming the spacebar for all the rest of my toons.

It is not BS, you just cant have everything for free. You could just stay preferred and probably pay for the expansion instead. People need to quit being so entitled and stop expecting to get everything for free.

I never said give it for free…I just prefer to pay upfront and get it over with…

Wait until all chapters are released and then sub if you don’t want to spend more on this game. But don’t call it bullshit. You’re not a special snowflake that they should cater to.

They’ll probably let you unlock the chapters on the Cartel Market, or at least that’s what they offered in GW2 if a player missed a chapter of the Monthly living story. Otherwise, they’ve already confirmed you unlock it once you subscribe. 1 month = 9 chapters, post expansion release.

Getting the first 9 chapters for 14.99 isn’t too bad, but as for the monthly updates, I’m sure they’ll offer something in the market for F2P players to unlock them. Maybe bundles of chapters or something, but even then, it isn’t free/cheap.

If you dont mind miss the release u can sub when every chapter released, then sub and you’ll get everypart of the exp.

No, you can unsub after October, but you’ll need to resub every month starting from January to get anything new.

“There are literally hundreds of hours of gameplay across these eight storylines.”
Well the whole game from lvl 1-60 1 story does not take longer than 30-40 hour, so if they didnt lied then they will going to do almost as many gameplay as the game have now?

if you do everything on the planets it’s a lot longer than that. It took me a week to level a Trooper from 1-50 (when that was the limit), and I pretty much did only that all week, wake up, eat, game and sleep. All day haha. No FPs, Ops,

“All subscribers will receive access to Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan starting on October 27, 2015.”

So we who paid $20 for Shadow of Revan just got ripped off. For the price of a Sub these new players get it ALL.

Q: “Can I still get Knights of the Fallen Empire if I don’t have Rise of the Hutt Cartel or Shadow of Revan?”

A: “All subscribers will receive access to Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan starting on October 27, 2015.”

So we who paid $20 for Shadow of Revan just got ripped off. For the price of a Sub these newbs players get it all.

ok I am a bit confused it says find you companions does that mean I have lost all my companion and have none so cant do any crafting until I find them all again and then do I have to get there affection up again that is seams very weird and like a lot of work I all ready have 10 toon at lv 60 with at least 6 companions with max affection on each toon all will they still be there and I can just get new one or swap old ones for new ones ??????

Pretty sure they won’t wipe the affection of your existing companions. You’ll probably just have to “unlock” them or win them over via quests, and if you choose your old comps, they’ll retain their armor/stats/affection once unlocked. New comps, however, will be new comps, and like any existing new companion – no affection, basic gear, etc.

You have 10 toons so you should know how it works. Trooper, Bounty Hunter, Consular and Knight already lose one of their companions. They are unavailable, but when they return you keep all your affection and other stuff associated with that companion.

I find it more weird that she’s a Marauder now instead of a Sorcerer. She’s probably still awesome though.

Lana was a chunker in SOR. If figure in the future she’d be body type 5… 300 lb Walmart chick in a walker

Wait a second…Operations boosted to 65…Explosive Conflict Nightmare in relevant gear….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t think everyone who paid will feel the way you do. Personally, I didn’t pay for exclusive access to this content forever. I paid to be able to play it on release and help support future development of the game. Giving it free with subscription is a good idea to me. Enough time will have passed that those who paid will have run through the expansion several times. I think it will encourage more subscribers to join, which is a good thing for everyone.

Everybody who has a brain will feel as I do. Everyone who doesn’t is a strange mixture of whale and sheep.

So is the emperor the father of the twins? I am confused what happened to the emperor? Wasn’t he the new great threat?

But then what happened to the old emperor? I am not trying to be funny last we saw he destroyed a world then we were just left there I assumed the next thing would be to fight him. I thought the point of him doing that was so he could live forever and devour the galaxy not build a new empire.

Probably causing more of a war with this new Empire so he can absorb more power via a protracted war. All of the lore recently led up to the Empire getting ready to crush the republic (whether or not that actually would have happened is up for debate, but Marr certainly believed it), whereas a new, long, protracted war creates more death.

Pretty sure this IS the old Emperor… I think he left the known galaxy to go forge a better Empire and come back to crush everyone with it… probably disgusted by the weakness of his old Dark Council or something…

Uh….No. The old emperor is a) a pureblood Sith, b) wants to consume everything to become a god and c) has a different name.

Oh and d) whenever he’s annoyed at the Dark Council he just kills them all-as happened in the Revan novel.

Here is where i am confused. When we wake up from our carbonite nap, Both the Empire and Republic have fallen and the sith and jedi have retreated to their temples. From what we know as of now, THe emperor is on the loose destroying planets and stuff and has yet to be delt with. Where does that leave us? Now there may be more of an ending to this between now and then but if there is, how are they going to tie everything together? Will we be able to go back and do quest (such as heroics) on the older planets or has it changed as we know it and all you can do is go forward and going back to the older planets with them being destroyed. A lot to think about

There might be a pre-patch or something, or we’ll wake up from being frozen (for whatever reason we were frozen) and learn after the fact. Perhaps the new big bad took him out? Who knows.

So this means no real content until October? I unsubbed before Ziost, based on the reactions I made a good choice. Anyone else in a similar position?

Where on earth did you get that idea from? We have a new stronghold coming, a new race, and they confirmed that they’ll be doing some new ops this year-just that they’re mainly focusing on storytelling.

I’m pretty disenchanted with Bioware. I just get so bored playing. Grinding out buggy bosses in the ops was no fun. And Pvp is a whole other set of issues. Then the story updates were so short. I felt starved for stuff to do.

“We’re doing lots of stuff around flashpoints and operations and raid bosses and PvP and that stuff. But it’s all about story this year.” Wow…lots of stuff.

You took this as a confirmation of ops this year? Do you also think because he said “pvp” that anything other than balancing is coming? If so, more power to you. What’s coming for ops is scaling and nothing else.

There is some uncertainty since they do mention class missions here and there, but I suspect those will be very minor. There would be no reason to dub every player character into ‘Outlander’ otherwise. It’s just a method to to not have to have npcs behave differently towards you anymore based on class.

It does say…

Play one of eight class stories enhanced to
offer a deeper, more accessible experience purely focused on immersing
you in a personal Star Wars story.

My biggest questions are that even if we become the Outlander if it will carry choices from our game before…. and I’m gonna be so pissed if I can’t have my same “outfit” as before. I love the look of my character lol.

You’re going to keep your shit don’t worry. I’m assuming they will have have a “warning” button saying that “from here on you are entering KotFE, you cannot return from here.

This will affect story. All the CM shit you have will carry over, it has to. Otherwise a lot of people would start having miscarriages.

Awesome thx… So basically working on ultimate gear has just been rendered pointless since they will have 65 gear in 4 months. Interesting too that you can start with a 60? If so I might just wait till October to make that new togrut

I hear that. I’ve been running the Ops since they were released and i’ve only got 4 192 w/ bonus across my entire Legacy, so I heartily agree that springing for a set of Ults will be a waste of time.

Four months is a long time to still have that gear. Was your raiding gear replaced immediately on rishi? Pvp gear was replaceable within the first bar fight on rishi

Pretty much. Rishi took a couple days… Yavin and Ziost a day each, so basically gear that took me a year to max mod at 55 was rendered obsolete in 4 days of gameplay. It would take me beyond October to truly max my toons at this point so… no point.

They’re bringing back Lana….but what about Theran Shan? Not bringing him back as well, would make me sad.

Don’t be silly, he is not back for this xpac, but he will be in a future one, too many people wanted him and Lana.

So what will become of Fleet? Will it still be there even though the Empire and Republic have gone into hiding? Will we be interacting with sub level 60 toons from the past?

Good point. Maybe we’ll get a new player hub that fits within the story? A neutral zone (seeing as sith and jedi have fallen, a la Dalaran) or even just the current space stations with a slightly different interior/NPC names to reflect the changes.

it will still be their, you’ll always be able to go back to it, thats not to say they cant have another hub too.

As an avid RPer, I am interested to see what this affects on the RP front. I sense some amazing potential here, but I also see an equally great chance to alienate a strong portion of the community.

doubt it, after the last update, i think he’s powerful enough to try the end of the galaxy plan again. plus it sounds like a lot of time would have passed in this expansion, to long for Vitiate to wait. i am certain this is a new threat all together. and one i’m interesting in learning about.

Perhaps Vitiate has a whole “Voldemort Horcrux” thing going on where if you destroyed one form, there’s actually several more lol

Valkorion IS Vitiate, most likely. He’s just been possessing the persona of Tenebrae since birth.

I’m kind of confused. If you awaken years later as the Outlander… what about all the early stuff? Will it be like Ziost? Or will there be some sort of weird… illogical reason why we can still participate/interact with the “past.”

likely the exact same way we can interact with the past currently. remember that ziost is about 10 years after korriban/ord mantell/tython/nal hutta etc.

Huh? Where did you get that info from? Since when was their a time jump with that story? Now I’m even more confused… :

It’s inferred from dialogue in the game, as well as the official timeline and novels etc. Browse wookiepedia.

To save you being confused, it’s not true. All Ziost events are listed as 3,640BBY on Wookiepedia – just after Yavin IV happened. The game stories begin (Tython/Korriban etc.) in 3,643 BBY, so in-game time there have only been three years.
I just rewatched my Imperial playthrough of Ziost (recorded cutscenes so I can enjoy them :3), and nothing in the dialogue suggest any major leap in time. In fact, it wouldn’t be too off base to have it happen in the week afterwards, as they keep saying “it all happened so fast!”.

Some of us paid for ToR, RoTHC and SoR individually as they were released and I don’t feel like you do.

Actually a sheep is the one thing I am not, I am not a fanboy of any brand . Star wars is a game which I have enjoyed since release and Continue to enjoy.

Wake up years later, so all the pretty ladies, Elara, Vette, Ashara, Lana are now going to be ugly old bags, but I am still young from being frozen in carbinite, EW.

So sick of them giving shit away for free, they shouldn’t get access to Makeb and SoR because they were too cheap to buy it.

Lana doesn’t really look older in the concept art. Maybe it will only be a timeskip of less than 10 years, meaning that Elara, Vette, and Ashara may be in their early 30s (Vette and Ashara are 20-21). Not that bad.

Starting at level 60 is great and all…IF you already have alts galore.

I wouldn’t recommend ANY new player or even semi-new player do this.

Aside from not really learning to play your class properly, I would imagine you don’t automatically get all the legacy skills, emotes etc just by creating a level 60 character.

If you do get all that for “free” basically, then kudos to anyone who didn’t have to do all the extra leveling like I did >.< lol

hopefully they’ll make like in world of warcraft, where you have to level to 55 in order to be able to make a death knight (which is already 55).

it seems like their doing it more like WoD, create a character and then they’ll boost it to 60 for free.

Ok from the looks of it we start out with NO companions. What about HK-51 and Treek? We paid for those.

also Here is where i am confused. When we wake up from our carbonite nap, Both the Empire and Republic have fallen and the sith and jedi have retreated to their temples. From what we know as of now, THe emperor is on the loose destroying planets and stuff and has yet to be delt with. Where does that leave us? Now there may be more of an ending to this between now and then but if there is, how are they going to tie everything together? Will we be able to go back and do quest (such as heroics) on the older planets or has it changed as we know it and all you can do is go forward and going back to the older planets with them being destroyed. A lot to think about

Maybe they finish the emperor story before the exp? I mean we still have 4 months after all. Unless they pull “the emperor live as the father of the 2 son from the trailer CG” then i dont know lol.

Iam sure they will use those instance barrier mechanic, just like how you do main story, world is doom bla bla bla only happen in your instance, when you go out or back to your fleet, bam typical mmo community stuff yelling LFG and such

As for limited companion like HK and treek, HK is there in the exp story, he is a droid afterall he find his way, for treek iam not sure but iam sure you can just summon him

i could see that to a certain extent but that still doesn’t explain Treek and HK-51.Either we keep them or get our money back. They are referring to this as a new threat too. I guess we will have to wait and see but i really hope more details come out soon.

It would be dumb for us not to be able to go back to other planets… I mean Sith and Jedi Temple got wrecked in the flashpoints yet we can still visit them like nothing happened even though Level 1-10 is like a couple years from Forged Alliances

True. I say that though because we have to go back and get companions again ( i am guessing it will be instanced) and will, say a Republic player be able to travel to Dromand Kass for a Vett? (they did say we could get comps from other story lines) and with the Empire and Republic in shambles (or gone as they put it), I just have a feeling so much will change from what we know it now.

I would think from a design standpoint, they’d probably have moved on after the “boss” (i.e., player character) was frozen in Carbonite. I doubt Vette would just willingly go back to being a slave on DK. She might be at an artifact site, captured by hutts, or at a smuggler’s den space station, etc. She might have even linked back up with Risha and be raising havoc somehow (so many of the companions have connecting backstories, they might use that to narrow the quest sites).

I’d imagine they’d try to create some “story” there and have the companions have a little progression, rather than being where we originally found them. That’d be pretty lazy of BW.

I didn’t even think about cross faction companions lolz, I only assumed same faction.

Reading the description of the father of the twins gives some hints that it could be the current Emperor, but that is probably unlikely. In 3.3 or 3.4 (if there is a 3.4) we will probably see the end of Vitiate and wrap up any loose ends.

Why would it end in just a patch? Vitiate is supposed to be a huge epic villain which kinda deserves an expansion considering he was brought back in…wait for it…an expansion.

It sounds to me like we are an entirely new character, since none of us are veterans of The Great War.

From what i understood, it is a re-boot persay to the story. We will become Veterans of the Great War as soon as we unthaw.

So we dont need to buy “digital version” like revan exp? Just be a subs and you got the exp?

You dont get it, there wont be lvl cap increase, and as far as i know you will be able to run new toon from lvl 60 instead of lvl 1

The Great War is the war between the Republic and the Empire. The BH and Smuggler are kinda sidelines players, but still, no one did any direct front-lines missions except for Corellia, really.

Oh did it? I dunno, you can’t go for five minutes without someone declaring a war in the KotOR era. >.> they all kinda run together…

No kidding! What makes that particular conflict The Great War? And since it was barely over and open hostilities began again during the three year timelines of our characters, what differentiates it from the conflict we participate in?

5. Can I still get Knights of the Fallen Empire if I don’t have Rise of the Hutt Cartel or Shadow of Revan?
All subscribers will receive access to Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan starting on October 27, 2015.

Bleeping finally.

I was told that some of the original story cinematics will be “re-shot” with new animations and angles, is that true?

if you read some of whats posted on the site(s) it says the old storylines will be redone to make it a smoother transition, so thats a very likely possibility.

It actually seems to be cheaper this way though. Just sub for a month and you get all 9 chapters, then next year in 2016, sub again once the remaining chapters come out.

I am rather confused and I hope someone on here can clarify. Since launch, well over 3 years ago, we have gotten only half a dozen of what BioWare calls “Chapters” and that is counting the 3 class chapters during the 1-50 leveling process. Now, they are telling us this new expansion will launch with 8 chapters (where previous expansions have contained only 1) and then proceed to release additional chapters on a monthly basis. If this is the case then either there is some VERY loose use of the term “chapter,” at least in terms of length, or they have been severely holding out on us over the past few years if they are indeed capably of churning out content at such a rate (unless this is all Disney money coming in by the bucket load all of a sudden). I don’t know which is worse.

Well, I really doubt the new chapters will be as long as the original one.

And even then, there was a lot of difference. Chapter one is basically level 10 to 32 and takes forever. Chapter two is 33-41, and Chapter three is 42-50 and both are fairly short in comparison to Chapter 1.

And Chapter 4, Makeb, is in theory 50-55, I finished it as a preferred player at level 52 (starting at 51, even) in two nights (and finished it early the second night). It’s really short.

soo….Kira, Jaesa, etc. get old when you see them in the expansion storyline? ummm…not sure I want to play it hahah.

Or Guild Wars 2 Living Story, except GW2 had updates every 2 weeks for the first season. It’ll be nice to bring a little life into the game between expansions and events.

I was really exited about this..
until I read this bit “8. Is the Outlander a new class in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
Knights of the Fallen Empire keeps the 8 core classes, but your
character’s story becomes that of the Outlander, a veteran of the Great
Galactic War.”
is it just me reading it wrong, or is BW continuing the horrible trend of having 1 single storyline for every class, instead of 8, or at least faction specific 🙁
this made me sad, as I fear it’ll be really boring the 3rd time you do it, and I’ll probably have to lvl all 18 toons through it 🙁

I haven’t seen anywhere where it specifically says so..
only that the original 8 stories will be changed (a little or a lot? we don’t know yet)

Under the Features section it says

Play one of eight class stories enhanced to
offer a deeper, more accessible experience purely focused on immersing
you in a personal Star Wars story.

that’s the old 8 stories (I think), slightly changed
Like the other guy says, everyone wakes up as outcast, and it feels, reading it all, that there is only one story chapters 1-many..
But I hope you’re right

Oh I see what you mean. Yeah, I suppose that’s a possible explanation as well. I can understand why you think that now. Well we’ll have to see then. It would be odd to me because all the other features are referring to the new content and it would be strange to mix that in there if it refers to the old stories but I can see what you mean.

not my intention I assure you 😛
really hoping BW will give some more and clearer info soon

When I reread this part: 8. Is the Outlander a new class in Star Wars: The Old Republic?
No, Knights of the Fallen Empire keeps the 8 core classes, but your character’s story becomes that of the Outlander, a veteran of the Great Galactic War
Well, then I do believe it’s you who’s right here. It looks like a single story but with different variations because of the choices you can make within it.

1 story which has the choices that alter it to a degree that you want to replay it with other toon and see different outcomes.
They will also add a few class specific missions I think. Just like they added one for SoR.

“alter it to a degree that you want to replay it with other toon and see different outcomes” that’s what I’m really hoping for, but it might be a bit hard to implement it into the current SWTOR
a lot of these things could be really, really awesome, but wouldn’t work well as long as the current game still exists

Actually it states that while yes it will keep the 8 core classes..EVERYONE will wake up as an outcast for this expansion..meaning yes only one story line ala Hutt Cartel.

And yet it states there will be 8 class stories, so it won’t be the same like Hutt Cartel. Sure we will all be Outlanders because we are not from their Empire…but that doesn’t automatically mean we all have the exact same story line…again it says that there are 8 class stories. If I’ve seen anything during the release of the new information is that people just really read very poorly and come to some of the weirdest conclusions.

More like Shadow of revan, hutt cartel has 2, 1per faction, ziost is an exact copy (apart from 2 dialogs and some mails)

Its a unique storyline in the sense that the choices you make change the outcome of things, so while in essence it is one singular story there is many different things that can happen, so you can explore other choices on your other toons. Think Fable.

i just hope that BW wont raise the price on the subscription, when they will approach new expansion.
that would really piss me off

I would be very surprised if they did that. It makes no business sense at all to do that, because it will indeed tick a lot of people off.

well i would say from busines standpoint it makes sense,beceause if you wanna progress in this game you have to be a sub,so you make more money but that would probably cost them lot of players,so i hope they wont do that

No, you are saying two things that contradict. If they know upping the price would cost them players then it can’t make sense business standpoint. If more people would sup that it would make sense.

So no I don’t think they will up the price, their money income is already from CM so no sense in increasing sub price

It doesn’t make sense because you risk losing more subs than gaining them. The game is currently priced in a competitive way compared to other MMO subs. Raising that will just alienate more people rather than bring them in.

“Very early on in Knights of Fallen Empire, you are frozen in carbonite. When you are awoken, years have passed and you quickly learn that Empire/Republic as you have known have all fallen”

Wait… Who would >>>>>>Spoilers alert<<<<<>>>>>>>>including companions who were previously exclusive to other classes.<<<<<<<<"

Man that's some cool shit.

I’m still really hung up on the idea of “starting a new character at 60”. So wrong… After years of bringing a toon along, noobs can just start right in where I am now? Also, what’s my incentive to bring my lowbies up now? Might as well delete em and recreate them at 60 in October. I think that detail is an awful idea.

You really don’t think they will allow an infinite instant level 60’s for one account do you.

And they won’t be right wher you are. Everything u did, you have experience and rewards to show up for it.

And Whats the different with 12x besides one taking 6 ish hours and one is instant.

And also, seen a lot of players who have been for years in this game and still don’t have a clue and fresh new players picked everything right up. So it depends on the players that are joining

They might actually allow that. It’s a bit like Mass Effect 2 allowing you to make a new character, or taking one with you from ME1. Level 1-60 is SWTOR1, this is basicly SWTOR2.
And with the 12x it’s not like it’s a lot of work to get to 60 now, takes a day or two at most.

Yeah. But they already said, the hours it take to get to 60 and such will be decreased tremendously. So I doubt they might give infinite 60’s. I think it’s either 1 per server or 1 per account. But yes, it’s pure speculation so far.

Yeah same and with 12x still active I don’t really fear for the amount of time it would cost me to level

Well the question is should you feel forced to do something you don’t like to do? You get the choice now to make a new character at level 60 starting in the new story line or do you want to do the old content first? Well, they also mentioned that the existing leveling will be made faster and more streamlined overall. In essence BW is building SWTOR2 inside SWTOR1. I find that quite clever.

Because I have my memories. MMO players are too damn worried about what the other guy is doing. If you aren’t grouped with me, your play style is your baby. Want to redo your crew skills and such? LOL

I heard that if you are new to the game, you don’t just get a level 60 character. You have to have at least one level 60 character already for the class you want to create one in. For instance, if you already have a level 60 JK, you can create a new one, but if you don’t, you have to start with the origin like everyone else. This is to keep people from doing level 60 content who have no idea how to play their class and dragging down those who’ve been playing their class for years.

I rejoice at the news of new story content, yes. BUT PLEASE please please do give us new PVP and GSF maps, we really need them! And something new in comparison to the 3 objective game, or death match…

Valid points as such but those are things that can be done in patches in between and don’t require an expansion. I liked GSF when it came out but I find the UI before going into a match not very nice and the teams so unevenly matched that I kinda gave up on it altogether. If they could improve balance and make the ship build UI better I might give it another go.

I agree with you, but also pvp an gsf do not require a total rework. Only asking for a few new maps and scenarios from time to time. I focused on learning GSF and slowly managed to get better really, and also upgrading your ships does have tremendous impact on both survivability and threat to the enemy. But you need a lot of work and learning. Not all new players are bad, those that want to learn do good things in battle.

I hope with the fall of both the empire and republic that we get “cross faction” pvp, So like a sorc and sage can be on the same team. I think that would help balance team compositions a bit, where as now there is usually a mismatch in teams…at least on the harbinger. And i would also like to see some more options in a characters build options. A tanking sage or healing mara for example…idk….this expansion is probably gonna either be loved or hated by the community….just wish we had all the details already. Wasn’t expecting something this big (supposedly) so soon after 3.0 launch….

fair question but as the fleets are near the home worlds and the factions have retreated back I would think the fleets would still be there…but I don’t know.

1-60 the Imperial/Republic fleet
and when you start a new expansion you lose access to them but now you can teleport to
60-65 the “Outlander” fleet

It would be a nice change and we would be separated from the original story peasants as the glorious outlander Masterace

You bought SoR and got RotHC for free when others spent money on RotHC as well. Don’t be a dick. Is Steam Summer Sale or other discounts a slap in the face to those who bought games for their original price? Don’t troll, pls.

I’m just saying we ppl who bought the expansion trying to support the game just got ripped a big one.

I’m very curious how all of this Fallen Empire content will reconcile with existing content. Will the Force worlds (Tython, Korriban) be completely different after the expansion? Will the capital worlds be changed? Will Carrick Station and Vaiken Spacedock still be there? If years have passed and both the Empire and Republic have fallen, will there be anything to go back to? Is Doc gonna have a dad bod? So many questions…

Some theories:
– Much like Ziost all planets will have new instances once you start the “Outlander” story line.
– Unlike Ziost we’ll get a choice of instance when visiting a planet, to avoid locking out content.
– Since there are no factions, there would be a new, shared gathering place for both former Imps and Pubs.
– You’ll Wake up with nothing but the gear on you until you salvage your old ship and get access to your cargo hold and droid companions.
– None of the above, everything remains as is and the changes are talked about/take effect only while doing the new missions.

Yeah, pretty Mich the same idea. Think we will still have access to everything as before once we finished the initial “starting” quest. And then planets that suppose to undergo change, we can easily choose between the new instance or the old one just like ziost as you said

Already moving rp storylines ahead to prepare. I am thinking of an Explor-cation. Something to explain this planned time hiccup.

Ingame wise, I am trying to plan my ideal companion setup, and wondering if Lorrick is going to go full Rak-tard. Blizz…blizz everywhere.

I don’t think they are restarting it. It is just the next set of trilogies. Just like the novels. One set dealt with Thrawn and the Corellian sector. The next dealt with Daala and the Core Worlds. It is just a new point of view for this galaxy. Frankly, the back and forth between the two existing factions has gotten stale.

I doubt they ever planned this, but likely saw how many people wanted personal stories and decided to bring it back, since they abandoned the class stories soon after release….only time will tell if they ditch this plan too.

I think they realized it’s folly to try to compete with wow in terms of raiding and pve quality and instead chose to double down on swtor’s strongest card, the story.

All they need to do now is add in solo-modes for all flashpoints and operations (like they did with SoR and Forged Alliances story arc, i am not asking to get raiding gear via the solo mode….i just want to experience the story atleast once without playing crying at me for not space barring through it.

Well, i don’t want the loot you get, i just want to experience the story and it also allows players to learn the tactics of the content, without all the ‘its your fault!’ type of comments because they wiped, you know how elite raiders cry when they don’t succeed the first time.

I mean it shouldn’t replace group content, i am saying there should be solo modes to experience the story of that content without players telling you to skip it and not even caring if you have never seen it before, all they care about is finishing it as fast as possible, only to do it again right after.

A Solo mode is also a good way to learn the tactics of the bosses, what to do and what not to do and when to do them or not to do them, without any of all that immature crying they tend to do after a wipe.

That is why i would love a solo mode for all the group content, just no raid quality loot…….but hey, if you prefer players to enter group content with no clue on how to do it…..go right ahead.

to catch the story of course…

I mainly like the PvP and Story content of the game; could care less about “raiding”…just seems like pointless gear grinding in order to do…more pointless gear grinding.

At least i get entertained by story or crushing people in PvP…

More like I wish they were restarting the entire game. It’s so heart breaking that everyone watches the trailer and is amazed then literally after watching it people say to themselves, “too bad the game isn’t as amazing as the trailer.” I feel like so much is being lost because this is an mmo.
But idk maybe it’s just me, but gameplay should be incentive to subscribe to a game. Not subscriber rewards before the expansion comes out.

>If you want to recruit a character who’s favorable to the Mandalorians, you’ll be able to do missions for them. You want to recruit a character who hates the Hutts, you’ll do missions to build your alliance standing against them.

There is only one companion which favorable to Mandos… Torian Cadera

And who hates the Hutts?

Depending on your choices as a bounty hunter, you should IMO automatically be good to go with the Mandos, cause you freakin’ are one.

Yeah, I think, depending on class it should play out a bit different, like none Bh classes should be like show appreciation towards mando to build up approval towards the companion you want to recruit. As Bh it might be like hey you are one of the greatest mando, want s challenge to prove how great you are?

On the otherhand…. Spoiler

You are a mando by spirit and heart but not born are part of a clan. Mandalore calls you a mando but when fighting Shea as a Bh and you say some like lets finish this, Mando fights to the death she say some among the line like this wasn’t a challange and you aren’t a mandalorian.

So that confused me at start. Would love some confirmation that I am truly a mando now. Regardless I always seey char as a mando above all.

You don’t have to be born a Mandalorian to be one.
Look at Kal Skirata, and his whole clan. None of them was born a Mandalorian.
The Nulls, Omega Squad and Corr were born as clones on Kamino.
Etain Tur-Mukan was a Jedi.
So was Bardan Jusik.
Besany Wennen (I’m not even sure if he adopted her) was a Republic official.
Laseema was a dancer on Coruscant. (Neither sure if he adopted her)
Parja was born a Mandalorian, but I’m no sure if he adopted her…

Sounds like a rep grind to me. Show you hate the hutts by missions on Makeb or Quesh. Running KP etc. Or new quests of course. Not sure what the Mando ones would be though.

I’m looking forward to it. I still have a lot of issues with this game, even though I generally love it. But at least it seems like they are really trying.

Think we still will be able to visit. Specially if we want to do old ops we need to travel to the fleet for certain ops and fp at least.

I’m betting there’s still a Republic and Galactic Empire, so the Fleets will still be there. Sounds like they’ve just gotten their butts kicked so bad they’re not the major players they once were. Maybe they’re just considered “occupied” by this new Empire? Definitely looking forward to finding out.

Maybe they’re blown up and we don’t have to set foot on them ever again?

*sigh* We can always dream.

I can’t wait to see what happens. Holy shit, this is going to be a ton of work if they dissolve the Fleet, etc.

I’m guessing they’ll stay there for pre 60s, and those us that play the expansion will get a new fleet or equivalent that has all our missions and GTN etc, this time with dual faction

I think they’ll be the same, they’re just going to ignore the lore contradictions. The Fleets will just be there to facilitate gameplay than a part of the story, if that makes sense. Kind of like how they let you kill the same guys a hundred times in the flashpoints/Ops even though they should be dead after the first. 🙂

Even if it’s just the once, you can bet the most auto-leveled characters will be the brand new Togruta characters.

Dunno, if all goes well, the Togruta will come out with 3.3 It’s still not sure if they will but it’s what they’re aiming for. End of July that would be. Well there’s still a lot of time to level a toon between the 21st of July and the 20th of October (early access). Three months basically…I’d already be done leveling my Togruta by then for sure.

Rather see old ops/fp given ultra rare drops to encourage replay instead of them being ramped up. Open the level 50 ops to allow people to try to solo for a chance to get a 1 in a 1000 drop of a special speeder or decos.

Give the community opportunity to figure out best gear for solo runs. Reboot economy selling drops or crafting by gathering old mats. Special challenge modes for speed runs or titles for running with no gear beyond your weapon slots etc.

Also it’s just a fun release to be able to go into an old op and melt everything to release your frustration from Derping the night away trying to progress on new content and failing. Or just having a low stress fun night with guildies letting casuals see pay of the story they may not see otherwise.

Wouldn’t be surprised if they keep an option that you can still play the ops and flashpoint on the old levels. At least I hope they do that. I love soloing HM 50 FPs.

I kind of like the blasters Nico was using in the original “Return” trailer better. They looked more like six-shooters. Fit the character better. They already have that type in game, though, so… What I’d really like is one of his style of hats. The similar ones they keep coming out with always have that weird WWI looking bomber pilot part attached to it that drapes down the back and side of your head.

So has anyone mentioned how they are raising the level cap to 65… does mean they are raising the gear levels? I bet they do just to make up for the “Ravagers” goof.

They raise gear level every time they up the level cap for characters – the Ravagers ‘goof’ will have nothing to do with it.

My theory is the Emperor beat back the pubs and imps to their capitals and you get stored in carbonite alongside the greatest heroes when it’s clear they’ll lose. Then this new threat forces back the Emperor’s forces and takes over so you wake up and must deal with this new threat so the pubs and imps can rise again. Meanwhile the Emperor recovers from this setback

I think the emperor pops in and pops out. Spoiler, remember the Sith warrior story line on Voss. Where the emperors voice sought something there and said he will be back another time. Perhaps he’s there now. Going to places to solotide his power and goals. Every confrontation with the emperor and inbetween faction fighting weakens and drains our resources. Meanwhile the emperor just vanished again and our attention is back to faction fighting and looking out for the emperor that we get blind sided by the new threat that come at us at full force. No match at all in a weakend state and certaintly not as how we have empire and republic as enemy. So both factions get driven back into a corner.

Not sure who or what could carbonize us. Perhaps the dark/Jedi council and few other within the empire and republic seeing us as the last resort so we need to be kept save.

One theory I like to think of is where we get a cryptic messeges from a highly trustworthy character, Darth Marr, Satele Shan, Supreme Commander etc…
Instead when we go to the named location we get ambushed and carbonized before we could react by the infiltraters of the new threat.

Only if MMO = PvP to you.
Since it’s the only content we know for a fact won’t get any new content this year.
I’m sure they’ll have a few FPs and maybe an OP or 2.
Also story is the one thing that sets SWTOR appart from every other MMO, a foucs on that at the expense of PvP, FPs and OPs is a smart move.

sounds like no new ops and FPs eaither but a whole wack of the old ones will be relevent content again. figure if they scale up the old 50 and 55 raids and flashpoints for 60+… that’ll mean 7 raids up to par, and…. jesus a dozen flashpoints. sure it’ll all be old content but it’ll be good stuff.

I hope it’s a temporary thing though to tide us over as they work through the story. How often can you really run Hammer Station after all?

TBH, I think I ran directive twice. And Kaon and Lost Island 4 times in total. Each once in SM and once in HM. I think I mostly do KDY, Hammer and Czerkas.

Actually I think that’s true for the release, not necesarelly the 7 following chapters.
There is bound to have a FP or 2 at the very least.

Do we know how long these chapters are? I love the story content in this game, so the longer the better.

It’s 9 chapters at release and 7 more after that, even if it’s Ziost in lenght that’s still a good amount of questiong and I doubt it will be that short since you have to include the search for companions and likely a myriad of other side quests.

some of the original chapters were long, other were short 😉 i just hope they will add some nice features to the game, lots of new operations, and quite a bit of good story.

No new ops are scheduled at launch. Hopefully the new op and fp content will come eventually. Crap loads of new story is coming though.

For those wondering where the New Operations, Flashpoints, or even Warzones are, read the Polygon interview stuff above. “We are still doing flashpoints, operations, raids bosses, and pvp but it is all about story this year”

I do pretty much everything in the game with Pyre, to a point we’ve had people say its neat watching us together because we are so used to each other, we don’t even communicate anymore, we just know what the other is going to do, and accommodate. CC, knockbacks, grabbing objectives etc. I love this aspect of the game, its why I play MMo’s. It suddenly occurred to me that this whole new story sounds very single playery. It sounds really good, but I definitely hope its group friendly. The most fun I ever had leveling was in a 4 person group, or just the two of us, quietly destroying everything.

Ziost for example…not group friendly. Please not like Ziost. Yavin? Group friendly enough, that’d be fine.

I don’t think anyone knows what/who you’re talking about. But you got me interested. Please, elaborate 🙂

Duoing is fun. I duo with the same person all the time. People see us working together and say its amazing how much we accomplish without any communication but its just the result of knowing each other very well(like if we do dailies, we have a set rhythm, its difficult for a 3rd person to keep up). I am just concerned the multiplayer aspects of the game might diminish with this coming content, which sounds very solo-centric.

Which server are you on, because I’ve never heard of you.
I did something similar on my BH/Assassin with a girl from Hungary and her Jugg, even tho we had to communicate and weren’t famous, we had lots of fun.
Sadly, she enlisted in January and I haven’t heard of her since 🙁

For her:
If you’re reading this, please, contact me ingame, I miss playing with you. – Craig’g/C’raig

Ebonhawk. Filthy Rp enthusiast, probably not famous though, just people we have been guilded with etc normally comment on how brainsharey we are.

Ah. US RP-PvE. Too bad I’m on The Red Eclipse (UK PvE). I’d love to see you in action. I might take a glimpse at The Ebon Hawk when I’m done/bored here, but I probably won’t, as I’ve heard that GTN isn’t particularly booming with old War Hero sets. Can you confirm/deny it? (I fell in love with the War Hero Eliminator for Bounty Hunter.)
P.S. The gauntlets and helmet are NOT a part of the set.

It would be a bit of a trial finding someone to make it for your. Sometimes whole sets are available, but not dependably. Give them time, it will be out with 6 variant options in some pack.

The moment they spread in the packs, I’ll stop wearing them. GTN on Red Eclipse is booming with War Hero sets for Hunter and the prices are reasonable – 90k/piece. But I’ve just found out, that I can get them only for the mats, as a guildie has the schematics for all 4 sets. ^^

i know the exact same feeling, had that, still have that with a friend of mine. Specially through pvp and arena matches. Has been like this even with stuff irl. Then having to play an MMO together, its totally a beast experience:D

So we our going to be rebuilding a group of companions, we can start with our existing characters, or roll a new 60. This all sounds very similar to other bioware games were you can import a save into the next game or start with a new character. Getting some serious me2 flash backs. I mean your even on ice for a few years. Can’t wait till this hits pts.

Yeah, actually… ME2 was my favorite of the three.

The only thing they’ve revealed that I really feel bothered by is the fact that ME2 only took place three years later, as opposed to like, twenty. Specifically, my Wrath and Voidhound will be missing their ladies (Vette and Risha, respectively.)

Hell, if we can make new crews, Wrath’s Fury is gonna turn into the Illuminati (the Marvel kind). And Void’s XS is gonna turn into the Serenity.


My Dark Sentinel will turn into a psychopath, with to much force and martial skills. This will be fun.

Oh the Serenity… I love that ship. Would pay millions to have Mal Reynolds on the Fury, instead of Quinn.

I read this and all I hear is Rasmus Blys: “Let’s try a whole new paradigm…”

This feels like a clumsy, but DEEPLY necessary, way to skip past the “Republic and Empire whittled each other away ad nauseum until a third power came and conquered them both” that is really the only outcome the current story arc could have. I honestly thought Vitiate Reborn was going to be that power, and perhaps in the form of this Valkorian character he actually is, but with no ties to the current story released as yet this expansion feels like a stand-alone sandwiched into the SWTOR brand.

TBH, being able to skip past the entire first five chapters and start the new content with a 60 toon feels like cheating. I get the appeal to former subs or returning players, but I feel that skipping the entire original story arc cheapens the experience going forward.

Just an opinion.

maybe 2 or 3 because of 12x xp. But yeah, there should be something like a legacy lvl 50 requirement or a character already at 60.

You are missing the entire point for letting folks start at 60. To make the game friendly for new customers. The game is not a good experience for someone new to the game because so few people are leveling or grouping in FP’s. BTW 12x xp goes away when this launches.

All MMO’s have grappled with this problem and have come up with similar solutions: Buy or start with a high level character.

The empire is destroyed!?!? DARTH MARR! THE SINGLE MOST BADASS IN THE GALAXY GONE?!? NOOOOOOOOOOO! But of course Lana lives…. smhh :/

Well, they say sith and jedi fell back to their temples. so maybe, hopefully, he lives 🙂 that guy is awesome

The Empire has fallen, it doesn’t say destroyed. It doesn’t say who’s dead or alive. Chances are Marr is still alive but the military strength depleted.

Worth noting he was on screen for Ziost, but didn’t get to talk because of “technical difficulties” aka not paying the voice actor. Hopefully the person doing that amazing voice hasn’t decided against continued Darth Marr’ing.

Darth Marr is next to the only Sith I’ve come across that had real depth, instead of being all about “I’m a Sith and you all die cause I’m that badass”. They really can’t kill that guy.

Sorry if this has been answered already, there are so many comments didn’t find any with the keywords romance.

So, any idea if romance’s will continue? And will these be new companions in addition to old ones? I may be reading too much into it, but I get the impression not all of your old companions will be recoverable. Not that I would mind losing a few not to be named companions and poaching a few from another class or two or three.

I’d like to think of it as ME series did, come across a companion you had a romance with, you can either decide to continue or officially break it off

Why do people think there is an “Auto Level”? This story Starts at level 60….not Your character starts at level 60.

Direct quote from this article: “The story picks up right from end of the trailer. You are an Outlander.
You can either use existing level 60 characters or create a new level 60
character right from the start.”

Sooo if I married a companion and I get frozen in carbonite… then it’s years later… he/she’s gonna be older and I won’t be. That kinda sucks.

Lucky for you it’s a video game. But here’s another thought…will all of the old companions come back or just some?

I think it will be all of them coming back, otherwise all the affection maxing and gearing we’ve done with those companions that wouldn’t come back would’ve been pointless.

I am hoping your old companions, the original crew comes back to you in the progress of the story(“Oh your alive!”*hug*Tellah has joined the party, hide your spoony bards). It sounds like new cross class companions are earned with faction, I hope previous companions come back without this “hassle”. And now there are new companions, one of which seems to be pre-order on disc dlc…..the others might come via the cross class companion faction method, or maybe a few through natural storytelling.
I am just gonna get Skadge, Qeyzen, Scourge, Lt Pierce and Tanno Vik. All dem burly fellows to stand between me and laser plasma bullets.

I think their going to have to limit the companions you can have with you to their classes I don’t think they would let you take only tanks

it would be silly if they limit it to the classes. Its not like you can have 5 to 10 tank companions out in the field so having that limited would be lame.

For me, i know one char of mine would choose only force users as companions and ofc the exception, the force eater Khem Val

if affection is reset I will be sad, to fix my OCD ive maxed out everything on my merc,sniper and sorc 🙁

Many of the female romance companions are in their twenties (Specifically, Ashara is 20 and Vette is 21). So, I’m predicting thirties at most. Not that bad.

I hope it’s longer because then the whole new emperor coming would make more sense and it would also make more sense that your a vet of the Great War because it’s ended

why would it make more sense? Could be that his ascendance to the known galaxy has been in the making for more then 60 years. He is hiding in a galaxy that isn’t known to us, so no reason for us to go looking for trouble, Republic whats the galaxy we are in as allies, the empire wants the galaxy we are in, to rule over it.

while we often go to different places, bit beyond our own, there was never real cause to expand to come across other threats.

The way Zakuul is set up, such civilization took more then 20 years, and having a time gap for 20 years seems a bit too much for me.

and on the whole vet war, its the same war that happened before the treaty of Coruscant and after. Its being named as the same. it never truly ended thus when the war broke out again it was classified as the same great war.
Also don’t have a war to end to be a vet. The length of your service determent that

so just cause your love go older they aren’t good any more? “smacks you” Rude good sir, joking. Meh be interesting if they threw in the idea that you had a kid

Nooo not what I meant! Ha that might work for men, but not for women… can’t have a kid while you are frozen in carbonite. Also, my sentinel told Doc explicitly no kids (when I saw that I had that option I was like ha i gotta say that)

Also, what about moving on? I mean most people if they think the person is dead or not coming back, they will eventually file for divorce in absentia, or some such. Sure, many spouses wait faithfully by while their husband/wife is in a coma, but just as many do not.

Early access!!! ha ha ha!! I laugh in your face, Bioware!! What I should get for my devotion to this game, is late access, like two months later, so you can work out most of the kinks out. I still feel a bit cheated after “Early Access” for SoR expansion that turned out to be another beta test. Let someone else beta test it! Give me a functioning game for once! But, it’s Bioware, fully functioning games at launch are things of the past.

Months of beta testing for latest expac of WoW and what happens, bugville upon release, constant server crashes, servers not able to handle population. Same shit different company.

Nope. I’ve been gaming since amiga and commodore. Games were simpler so less surface for bugs.

You should have played EQ. Patch day meant a couple days or weeks of instability. I mean real instability, as in no one would be able to log in or play for days. Would happen several months in a row. They even had a chat room for log in so everyone could chat while spending a couple hours hoping to get into the game. My guild would set up a room and go over our raid strategy in those sessions. 🙂

To those who are worried about losing current game progress when becoming the Outlander (companions, crafting, Strongholds, Fleet, access to past planets etc.), including me, maybe you should consider waiting an extra day or two after release to hear feedback from other players, or start with a new autoleveled 60 first to test things out before using one of your manually leveled existing 60s. These are just some ideas at this point. We’ll have to wait for more details in the next few months.

im just confused, is there going 2 be a time shrift on other planets? Say your on a lower level and you bought the expansion wil you see the effects of the new enemies had on the core worlds (example GW2’s lion arch after scarlet’s attack). cause I assume Cor, kaa, Tython, and Korri are gonna get sand blasted much like ziost .

I don’t know. Eric said that we could still go to past planets.
Maybe they will remain unchanged (DK & Tython are only destroyed in FPs)?

kinda like the skill prices after yavin 4 and rishi, cost a lot then the next week when it goes to free to play the skill prices are free.

So… We can roll a lvl 60 char. I wonder if we will be able to do “regular” class stories with those “instant 60s” before we move into Fallen Empire storyline.

I would love that more than 12xp thing. (so I could “punch” my way to the top 🙂 )

I don’t think you’ll be able to do the “regular” class stories. It would be cool, but if I remember right, BW said that “you start as the Outlander, a level 60 veteran of war”, and that probably counts the same if you roll an instant lvl 60 char. And, to be honest, with the story boost most (active of course) subscribers must’ve probably completed all storylines. So it’d be kind of boring to redo the main storyline again. Yeah, it’ll be super easy, but in my opinion it would be boring.

would be cool, but if they didn’t then we might get a Dragon Age, Mass Effect feature. To decide what happened in the pass to create a background story. As they already said they wont creat a Canon version, since “Choices” matter. So im thinking you will be able to do a full version or light version, with light being to tick a few box choices.

Yeah, already saw her on the official site but couldnt make out if it was lana or someone new:p thanks for this… FORCE USER!!!! man, hoping its going to be a companion. She looks amazing

I would assume the instant level 60’s is a one time thing, but I could be wrong. Haven’t seen an announcement one way or the other yet.

You get one free Level 60. Additional instant 60s cost CC. Already existing characters still have to level to 60.

One insta 60, others intsa 60 cost CC. The point is, getting to 60 before the new xpac and not having to pay for additional level 60’s if u want a lot of 60’s that is

Sorry if this is late and you already got your answer yes you can buy level 60 characters after you get your 1 free one just like with wow but buy upgrading a free 60 or buying them your sacrificing all the story based content from 1-60 meaning the game predetermines your choices you would have made if you have leveled so you can’t access story missions from level 1-60 meaning the character is premade except for appearances so you could be light or dark aligned, your affection with companions could be randomized etc etc.

you can already romance same gender since Hutt Cartel, just not on the original class companions. Lana Beniko has been bi-sexual since the day you meet her and can be romanced by any class, same with Theron Shan, etc etc etc. Going forward, and they said this since Hutt Cartel: Same gender romance is a thing, they just admitted they didn’t get it into launch for various reasons, but post-launch they would. And they did.

Looks interesting but can’t say I have high expectations on “choices that matter.” They’ve squandered a lot of opportunities on that front.

This is probably a dumb question but, is this content going to be Subscriber exclusive, or have they made some noise about letting it be on offer as a stand-alone expansion upgrade for preferred players?

It seems like the story content will be subscriber exclusive based on the wording.

However, BW has been pretty bad about communicating their true intentions in the past.

I guess they will change game COMPLETELY. But… with old engine? That not serious. Story ofc good but they can at least optimize game before doing something that big. Also they still doing Beta test for all Subs.. oh sorry, they called it “Early Access”? Not. Funny. .

You can pay and get story

You can pay us later but we will think how punish you for not paying early.

You can pay additional money and get lvl 60 character right now.

Clearly, English is not his native language and his post has passed through a translation engine. Tolerance much?

For the early access, do you need to be subscribed -every day- from July 31 to Oct 19 to be qualified? o.O

A) I hope The Eternal Empire lives up to the hype. I don’t want another factions that is set up to be the greatest and most fearsome threat only to get curbstomped in every battlefield. Looking at you, Iron Horde.
B) Please fix Lana’s eyelashes.

I am simultaneously exhilarated and despondent about this expansion. As a single father of four, I had always loved the concept of SWTOR, especially the storytelling aspect of it, but could never justify spending more than about $50 a year on what amounts to entertainment. When it went free-to-play (F2P), I immediately joined and have loved it ever since. I have bought all the expansions,and usually another purchase throughout the year. This expansion looks like the best yet, going back to the roots of what I love about this game, but I can’t play it because I don’t subscribe. FAQ #6 makes it pretty clear, “You must be a subscriber to receive the expansion.” I understand what BioWare is doing by making it free for subscribers, they should have done that all along, but why make it off limits to everyone else? Sure I can subscribe for 1 month, play the 9 chapters, and then unsubscribe after I’ve played the missions, but what I’m really concerned with is this: is this game going away from a F2P model? If subscribing is the only way to access a significant portion of the content, then the game is no longer F2P, and that both disappoints and frustrates me greatly. I know everyone loves to hate on the idiot F2P people (and in some cases this is understandably so), but the fact that BioWare either doesn’t have enough F2P support, or has forgotten the support it has gotten from that community should be very disconcerting to everyone.

PS: I had to post this here because only subscribers can post of forums…

I don’t understand, where is the problem? Just subscribe for a month and you get the expansion for free, it’s cheaper than what the others expansions cost. You don’t need to keep subscribing until you have done all of the missions, if you only subscribe for a month you get it forever. I think it’s a pretty good deal. This game was never fully f2p but if you are someone who gladly purchases the expansions, I don’t see the problem, as this is the same but cheaper and you get the benefits of being a subscriber for a short time as well. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t hate f2p, I’m a f2p myself, I’m just trying to help 🙂

Thank you, that actually helps my see a little clearer (I had missed the part that you keep what’s released up to that point when you unsubscribe). They’re forcing people to subscribe, if even for a short period of time, and hoping they’ll do it early to get all the rewards (BW gets 4 months of subscription they wouldn’t have gotten), get it and keep it to keep getting chapters (BW gets and indefinite number of months they wouldn’t have gotten), or keep it, get lazy, and never unsubscribe. That’s actually a fairly good marketing ploy.

Yeah sure they are trying to get more full time subscribers, and I think that’s normal and okay, but this is still the cheapest expansion so far. Also it gives subscribers a reason to keep subbing (the rewards of this summer and the new monthly chapters in 2016) without forcing f2p to be full time subscribers. I for one am quite happy with the way they are doing this ^^


There’s an article on that reveals more info (

New Info: Lana wakes the Outlander up from carbonite. We’ll escape the carbonite facility with the help of her and Voth (look at the concept art). Our goal is to unite the remnants of the Empire and the Republic to face the Eternal Empire.

Observations: I’ve noticed that some of the cutscene screenshots from the official page show the same location in the background. If you look at the Sky Trooper picture, you can see a person in carbonite behind them in the same location. Even Lana’s fighting in this location. Therefore, I believe that the screenshots (not concept art) are from the cutscene where the Outlander is rescued from the carbonite facility.

“remnants of the Empire and the Republic to face the Eternal Empire” Yet we still cant play together? Why the fuck not? We have a common enemy, oh yea where the fuck is the emperor during all this?

I think the crew skill bonuses will become class-bound which players have to assign those bonuses from old companions to the new one, otherwise they will ruin the market.

I see you updated the info, but you forgot to mention the part about escaping with Lana AND Koth Vortena.

” Watching the player, now known as The Outlander, escape from the carbonite prison with the help of Lana and Koth was an absolutely riveting experience.”

Right above the picture of the Sky Trooper.

So, what happens to your 5 existing companions in the time you are frozen? Because it seems like it might mess a few things up a bit (from solely a story perspective) that you’ve been frozen in carbonite while “years have passed”, and your LI (if you so chose to have one) and other companions were running around doing whatever. It just seems a bit odd for a game that some play simply because of the characters/story, and I’m mildly confused.

it sounds like you will meet your past companions and have a choice of weather or not they join your crew again. Meaning you have the ability to miss out on companions. Meaning a bunch of people are going to whine again when they find themselves without a healer companion. Hopefully bioware will ignore the haters and write the story as they see fit

That ”whining” is legitimate if it makes the gameplay worse. I can see what you are saying if this was a Single-player game and I want that more but it is still an MMO and MMOs has certain expectations.

Anyone else notice HK’s use of the ‘meatbag’ slang? Oh, i hope i hope we get this Hunter Killer as a companion!

Early Access, eh.

Will we get more Meat Tree(TM)?

(Yes, IncompoWare, I’m sure even you can see what I did there.)

I’ve read elsewhere that Valkorian is a force-user. Can anyone confirm this? Or is this just assumed because he’s declared himself emperor and fosters the wonder twins?

can’t confirm,but I’m wiling to say he is. I’d be willing to bet he fights much like a sorc, with lightning for days 😀

Help! If I don’t want early access, when do I have to subscribe to get the expansion? Will I get it if I subscribe 1 month now? Or I have to wait to 31 July? Thanks

@yurimsk:disqus – thanks for the link. This is the only place that I have seen the assertion that Valkorian is a force-user. His own quote references his “power”, but this not affirmation of force ability. No official source mentions any force ability, no graphic or video demonstrates any force ability…

What if: Valkorian is the *non-force using* son of a famous double-bladed lightsaber wielding force-user, having grown weary of perpetual war by the existing duo-galactic power structures, built an Empire under the nose of both regimes using guile, technical ability, and intimate knowledge of both governments, then had twin sons (natural or adopted) that were particularly strong in the force, guiding them to neither dark nor light affinity to be used as the precision instrument of the destruction of all current powers – Imperial, Republic, Sith, Jedi – ushering in his own brand of government ostensibly for the purpose of peace at all costs.


Is will be Lana Beniko still Sorcerer/Corruption or Sith Marauder? She use two lightsaber on concept. I don’t want to have second Ashara.

I saw the part about Vaylin, I just didn’t want to spoil it. I was leaving the decision up to Dulfy, but I don’t think she saw my comment.

Yeah , it was more for people who would read my comment before your link. And it was more like omg…… Ahaha

Lana is dying the first chance I get. Her ,Theron and Jakarro need to go away. They are the jar jar on tor.

Lana’s hair looked like plastic, the concept of her looks awesome and sexy and then that… and hey eyelids were fucked up to.

wasn’t referring to the appearance of Lana just her character yes appearance she has some flaws but her character in the story of the game i liked

I want to know now that the republic and Empire have fallen and they say you can make your own bad of allies will you actually be able to group with cross-faction players?


“11. Your new Level 60 character can’t play old story missions.
If you create a shiny new level 60 character for Knights of the Fallen Empire, you won’t be able to take that character back to the regular Old Republic game and play the class story. “The assumption is that you’ve already done it,” BioWare told IGN. “You are a veteran. The reason is with all the romances and decisions you have to make, it would be too much to set all those variables for you.”

Not Sure if this was mentioned somewhere Else zo thought i’d put It out there. Its from IGN

They sure do know how to make a thematic trailer and what not for a color scheme on which ever character(s) are there i.e. Red Planet/Background low level opacity, etc fits the whole “Ima a bad babe with a lightsaber and you shouldn’t fuck with me I mean business.”

I always liked that.

I think they should of just released this as a separate game, but I am really looking forward to this either way. I do hope they finish up this business with the Sith Emperor first though, I really don’t want to wake up and find that he was defeated by them.

NO, all expansions are free, on launch of Fallen Empire, so long as you are subscribed when it launches. So, lets say today is launch day of fallen Empire, I am a brand new player to this game and so therefore don’t have any of the expansions, all I do is buy a subscription to the game, and I will have access to every single expansion available at the moment. So for brand new players, it would be cheaper to wait until October to start this game., unless of course you like the bonus features they are offering subscribers between now and launch day, then go ahead and spend your hard earned money now.

Bare in mind the ONLY way to get nico fhas passes anyone who subscribes today onwards will never get nico unless (like i suspect) he gets added to cartel market. Person I hope he doesn’t takes away th point of his reward

the point is to get him free instead of paying extra. he will likely be a mission obtained companion (both treek and hk-51 require missions, though treeks is a simple “go talk to X”)

the authorization to do those missions is what you buy from the cartel market (in the case of hk-51 you are getting the entire additional zone of section X if you buy it on a f2p or preferred account)

i suspect nico will be the same. a mission (and/or area) unlock that is cartel market purchasable that they happen to be giving away free to early subs.

going forward i expect a lot more content like that. if the base expansions are going to be free they will likely drop in more add on areas that are paid

3. How do I obtain my Knights of the Fallen Empire Pre-Launch Reward items?
If you has an active subscription from July 31 through October 19, 2015, you will receive your Pre-Launch Reward items via in-game mail at the start of Early Access on October 20, 2015.

“If you has ” LOLOLOL

Bit late but I thought same as you. I don’t get why are they calling them pre launch rewards and rewards for being subbed for certain months but don’t get them expansion.

It kind feels like it’s ea saying give us your money now and in 3-4 months you’ll get those rewards. Bad policy imo

theyve been doing that for years with subscriber rewards and prelaunch expansion rewards, its not a new policy.

look at it this way, theres already benefits to being a sub, these are just occasional extra rewards. people who pay to play deserve more than people not supporting the game.

Question, if you unsub and then resub will you still get the rewards at pre launch? Like if you go a month off and then decide to sub again will you get the rewards everyone else gets.

You will get the rewards you were subbed for unless you unsubbed say at like august 10th (the niko okarr reward) then resubbed like a day before the next reward if not you miss the reward you weren’t subbed for

so if you are following a new story and you get companions in that story does that mean you loose all the companions you already had or do you just get these companions along with the ones you already had.

just as long as i can keep the ones i like =P. they can have pierce and broonmark just let me keep quin jaesa and vett!

Bioware did say you can get some of them back via doing tasks but they didn’t reveal what companions you could get back

Hopefully all comps will be available for all chars depending on whenether you did task of unlocking their trust or no)))Thus allowing to build your own team from all comanion rooster)))

What? You can buy lvl 60 characters via cartel market? And otherwise you have to level from 1…?
I guess EA/Bioware has duplicated just about every 3rd party service Chinese gold farmer offer for mmorpgs.

– So HK55 communications will be as flat footed and annoying as those of HK51…
– God I hope companions will have more than 3 alternating lines to speak / shout when you’re out with them. And less retarded ones at that!
– it sounds like we’ll need to grind reputation to gain new companions… what about our old companions? Do we have to grind rep for them too??
– What happens to our crafting, our companion affection and crafting crit chances?
– What about our companion customizations and armor we equipped them with?

As far as companion gears goes they still have customization’s, they are just randomly given a set of gear that can do all 3 roles such as tank, heals etc and you can still customize their gear to make them look the way you want them too kinda like the outfit designer our characters get but it may not be the same as that though. Crafting remains the same except for a few changes like certain things being taken out or given to another profession as for affection it is now called influence just like in kotor 2 (if you have played that).

You seem to have missed something:

As far as companions, Bioware has clearly stated, that armor on companions will be purely cosmetic and have no impact on stats. They will simply match the gear level of the player’s armor.

So the “set of gear” you’re talking about has nothing to do with their 3 roles. They could do their thing naked and it wouldn’t make any difference.

The question is – if you’ve played the game since beta is it worth making new toons or just wait for the expansion to create an instant lvl 60? Disregarding the rp element ofc

I have 26 level 60’s, only 2 of which I leveled with 12x XP. Back in the day it was straight KDY farms for 100 hours a week, and now you can buy them? Screw off, EA. lol

Question, because I’m confused. We cannot play KotFE with our current character, only with the new instant level 60 character?

And if we play a new game from level 1, we no longer encounter all our companions in the story mode, the main story (in example, being apprentice of Darth Baras) is changed? Or do we encounter them all, until we start the KotFE storyline and when we start that, they then disappear?

You can play with your existing L60 char. L1-60 content is not really changed except questing being streamlined. It is only the post 60 KOTFE content where you see some changes/disappearences.

There is only datamined information, so far, that shows Theron will be in it possibly at some point. But, it’s not officially been said by the Devs.


So, this is saying there is no class stories, but the official website says there are.
“Play one of eight class stories enhanced to offer a deeper, more accessible experience purely focused on immersing you in a personal Star Warsstory.”

What’s the dealio yo?

There is one big story that has a few small details classbased.

What the website says is that the CURRENT Classstories (i.e. Level 1-50) are overhauled.

I am about to go from preferred to subscriber based on this. can I still count dulfy as a referral? On a separate note my primary motivation in doing this is the ability to pick and choose among companions… to make my own crew. is that for real? or are companions still foisted upon us? thanks guys and may the force be with you.


1. Will be able to meet and/or recruit companions that don’t belong in our class? (for example, if I play the demo with my agent, will I still see T7?) yes or no will suffice.

2. What affects the companions effectiveness in battle? Only our level? what about Presence stat? what about affection?

3. Will any and all changes to the companion system also be applied to the 1-60 leveling experience?(multiple roles in combat, or whatever changes you introduce to crafting)

4. Since some companions are not customizable via armor, I am correct to assume that the customization slot will still be there?

5. What will happen to earpieces and Implants on companions? Should I remove them before starting KOTFE?

1. Yes.
2. Level and Presence. What Presence does is increase damage, healing output, combat effectiveness and total health of your Companions.
3. Yup!
4. Yup again.
5. The plan right now is they will be mailed to you when they come off your Companion in 4.0.

Yeah, and that would make sense if they’re looking to make more money from the Cartel Store. But why not just sell “materials packs”? Where if you’d rather have 100 of each mat you spend 250 Cartel Coins to get them in a pack, or some other scheme like that to keep crafters doing their thing and at the same time profit from people buying crafted items on GTN.

I mean that seems what it’s all about is moving us from GTN to Cartel Market right?