Knights of Fallen Empire SWTOR

SWTOR Knights of the Fallen Empire Sacrifice Trailer

The full GCI trailer for Knights of the Fallen Empire, titled Sacrifice, is now available on Bioware’s Youtube channel for viewing.


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IDD, could see the conflict of the one in the white….. and this totally reminds me of these guys

brothers… well not entirely but they grew up together and later became enemies, perhaps thats what we will see here, that the white one will be the evil twisted one and the one in black the more merciful one.

This game is so going in the right direction for me… the trailer and the concept look incredible. This will definitely keep me interested.

Have to admit, I’m still a bit confused as to how this is all going to work, but it looks promising. I may finally finish my trooper if I know he won’t be such a drooling jingo in the future.

Man, I don’t wanna get ripped off on the hype train, but this looks like a breath of fresh air for the game

*SPOILER* Kinda funny/ironic how the twin that had been the strongest (protector of the other one too) throughout the ENTIRE trailer is the one who gets killed… easily. Makes you wonder if he was born to strengthen/harden the other into a machine (or perhaps the other dark twin was holding back, because he didn’t want to hurt his brother)… or if through the trials/tribulations the other twin was forged into a force stronger than the other and finally overcame his life of weakness with the single action of putting his brother down. … Perhaps the stronger brother was really the weaker one the whole time holding them back from their true potential?

… Anyway I loved it and thought that trailer was awesome… especially with the twist at the end! Very well done IMHO! Well done BW ! =)

pretty much the constant disapproval from his father, his envy towards his brother and from what i can see, fathers favorite. at leas that the vibe im getting. build up a lot of hatred so he snapped, and that blind rage, killed his counter part

Yeah. I can see that… but through all of that he forged his future and overcame everything, finally becoming the one who will shape the future. … Again I may be (needlessly) reading REALLY deep into the philosophy behind everything, but that just means that I found the story deep and resonated with the characters though they weren’t really detailed in depth. I really do think that it was well done.

yeah absolutely, it was a job well done, also kind of reminds me of GI JOE, the brothers in black an white. I wonder how truly powerful the father is, and if the twins weren’t genetically created to be molded and bend to the perfect creation.

don’t forget the arm surgery without morphine!!! that shit leads you to the dark side like a rollercoaster going down

Was thinking about them as well. My guess is that black robed one was stronger maybe even smarter (he built first lightsaber) but also more protective of his other brother and calmer. White robed one could had been a bit weaker but he had that passion, ambition, spark that forced him to reach for things, for power. You can clearly see his eye glowing when he attacked father and returning to normal after killing brother. Maybe force / dark side was stronger at end in white robed one.

Overall one of better trailers I had seen in some time.

Just to point out on the lightsaber, it’s not really clear who build it, you see the stone dropped in but not by whom neither if he build it, his brother or together.

Sorry. I´m German but I try in English.

Everything is said in the video. It´s not about being strong, It`s the will what you want to take. Listen carefully at the beginning :” You will have nothing! Your privilege is the dirt. ONLY AMBITION WILL GUIDE YOU!”

And this is also the very last scene. Coming back to their father after turning down the Republic and the Empire. The only reward of their father was turning his back on them. Giving kind of dirt and dust to their approvals. But the one brother wanted more. A reward for their losses, a reward for the SACRIFICE they suffer.

The white one enraged. The black one still protects the familiy, first the brother and in this last scene the father. “ONLY AMBITION WILL GUIDE YOU!” In the end the white one actually showed slightly more ambition. And the father found his real “SON” and heir.

legendary trailer! love it

Also, remember the prophesy of ‘sacrifice’. But not the humanist definition, but the sacrifice of humanity, the giving into hate. The ‘black’ brother simply never expected that his twin, who did love him, would actually kill him. He wasn’t really defending himself from a threat he considered deadly. He was surprised, not at how easily he was defeated, but that his brother would use deadly force to do so. He simply wasn’t fighting back. The robotic arm and half face is also symbolic of the lose of humanity (Vader, Luke, hero’s journey stuff myths). This was simply one of the darkest, most awesome, trailer ever.

Disney needs to take notes.

No, I definitely get the vibe that the white twin was constantly being helped along by his black-robed brother. In the sequence where they are in the fighting circle, the white twin makes a mistake and gets hit in the jaw. The black twin moves to protect his brother. (The father turns away in disgust.) It seems that the black twin is stronger and more combat ready, but he is ‘weakened’ by his sentimentality for his brother. Once the white twin is moved to attack the father due to frustration and lashes out (and kills) at his sibling, only then does the father accept him.

yo what the hell, these white boi trashes are ruinin my home turf. time to get their shiniy tiny white asses whooped.

guess we will see within the upcoming patches, like 3.4 if we will get any story in those patches, otherwise, if vitiate hasn’t got a single thing to do with KoFE, then he is plotting his comeback somewhere.

Unless they flash forward us to this time frame and we gets bits and bits information what happened in the gap we missed. Or the fact that we fought so hard against vitiate is what earned as the veteran stuff, that among’s previous events

As he said to your character at the end of the recent story on Ziost, he is planning something else, so whatever that is, he’ll be gone for a while, but will obviously make a comeback in a big way eventually…

God I hope this is a reality. The average Hollywood blockbuster is upwards of $100 million and with Blur charging $1 mill per minute that is $120 mill for a movie that has the potential to make billions of $’s.
Hell this 5 minute movie is better than most full length movies i’ve seen!

Hey Disney, yeah, employ these guys, throw your current script and work overboard and start anew, we’ll wait….

Except Blur make the movie that Bioware writes for them. Shiny CGI is nothing without a story and this oozes story.
Great Job Bioware writers me thinks.

There have been plenty in this game? Why does that matter anyway? I thought the whole point was to NOT think about stuff like that. It goes both ways.

It’s a trailer for a video game based in a science fiction franchise, and you’re talking about black and white people. Really? It shouldn’t matter at all for either side, that’s the whole fucking point.

Don’t try to guilt white people for what their ancestors did. It amazes me how little black people know about MLKs I have a dream speech. He said he dreamed of a world where people are judged by their character not the color of their skin. Yet black people constantly bring up “white this or white that”. MLK would be sick to learn that Obama was elected because he was black and “it is time for a black President” not because of his qualification. The prof is that people call him a “black President”.

“thought the whole point was to NOT think” SMH, tragic and he won’t even know it cuz he can’t think…#irony

One, there are plenty of black people in the game (e.g., first master for the Sith Warrior storyline comes to mind first). Two, players have the option to create black people as their characters. Three, why aren’t you complaining more about the lack of playable characters that don’t speak basic? That’s the real problem with this game. I want to play a wookiee, damn it!

Ura sheep it’s no wonder u can’t form advanced thoughts and ideas without the help from corporate media #moron

I think the spruce has carpenter ants or rot. Time to cut it down. It can’t seem to hold a conversation without throwing insults at people. If you don’t like the game because of your faux race card bulls#!t, then delete your account and remove the software from your computer. Otherwise, your argument is invalid and, you are the sheep. #zap #f-tard.

Anyone else notice a slight resemblance between the saber that the twin in black is making and to Obi-Wan’s lightsaber?

Or was I the only one?

So….with half his face covered up and the entirety of his mouth covered up….how does he eat?
Love the trailer though. Can’t wait for this. If the Sith Empire has indeed fallen…they should make some option for light side imperial players to switch sides and join the republic.

Honestly after posting that I took a closer look and realized it really doesn’t look like him, but if those two are attacking Korriban who knows who they’ve killed?

The Republic has (no surprise) fallen, as well. Honestly, it doesn’t seem to take much to set the Republic aflame.

The Republic was around at the time of the Skywalkers 3,000 years later. If it did fall, was it remade? Sorry but that doesn’t sound right to me.

Very early on in Knights of Fallen Empire, you are frozen in carbonite. When you are awoken, years have passed and you quickly learn that Empire/Republic as you have known have all fallen.”

I am confused about that. So in short, gameplay wise, we wil log out one night and the next one all capitals/planets/main stations/etc will be diferent?

The Republic is the best government only because all governments in Star Wars are honestly pretty bad.

The Empire is a fascist dictatorship, the Republic is bloated and ineffectual. The Hutts are Gangster slugs, and everyone else is small.

Republics fall, empires are born, empires fall, republic born within. Its a never ending battle. One doesn’t excist without the other. Empire and republic are like ying and yang. Just like the empire from the movies was born within the republic

A faction can fall, but the basic always remain so it’s only the job of a strong leader to rally his people to rebuilt. Empire or republic all it takes is one person to be the voice of a million

So a typo makes me someone that doesn’t know what I’m talking about .. right…. And secondly how does that make someone preachy…

It’s canon that that ‘version’ of the republic was only 1000 years old. The republic just tends to use the same name over it’s 25,000 years, wherein reality it’s a succession of ’empires’ that rise and fall-just like the Empire-every Empire is run by the sith, but they’re a succession of different empires.

That has to be the single most boring, uninspired backstory for a fantasy world I’ve ever heard! Makes everything (Empire, Republic, Jedi, Sith) way less interesting.
Can’t we just let the games and the movies (and the books and the comics, oh my!) be all different things?!
Force Unleashed may have been a great couple of games, but it made for a truly terribad retcon of the origins of the Rebellion!

Palpatine’s Galactic Empire was not really a ‘Sith Empire’. It was built on the political ideology of his New Order – the fact that he was a Sith was not widely known. I always liked the idea that Palpatine considered himself beyond both the Jedi and the Sith, because he exceeded both of them, sole ruler of the galaxy. He probably considered himself a unique existence. Making the Sith Empire in Swtor a visual and conceptual copy of the Empire from the movies makes sense as a marketing strategy, but as storytelling it is execrable.
And sure, you can point at me and shout ‘headcanon’ but all of Star Wars these days is headcanon, the only question is ‘whose’! Or, perhaps, ‘whose is better’?! With that many people and motives involved in production of this text fan fiction and headcanon is the only semi-sane and healthy response! Because nobody with any kind of taste will want to swallow all of that!

I’m sorry, did you just imply that George Lucas had…taste?
And since hen has Star Wars ever made sense? =D

wasn’t even thinking about Lucas. Lucas and taste…diffcult to see, the truth sometimes is! 😉

Wow that’s canon? I was unaware. Does canon say how this newer, 1,000 year old republic was founded?

The Republic is not a “succession of ’empires'”it is a succession of Republics. Empires and Republics are two very different things. In the context of Star Wars every Empire is not run by the Sith. This “Fallen Empire” is not the Empire we know it is the new 3rd faction. The Empire from the movies is in no way a succession of the current Sith Empire. It rose out of the failed Republic. Just because a Sith ruled it does not connect it.

You completely misunderstood…well, everything really. And the rest was stating the obvious.
Just because something does not have ’empire’ in it’s title does not mean it is no ‘an’ empire. The republic (at least the swtor version) operate far more like an empire than an actual republic.

Now that I’ve thought about it, it’s possible that the mask on him is removable like Vader’s.

Oh and I wonder what the features mean about “betraying companions?” Is this with something like light side/dark side? And do they mean your actual companions as part of a continuation of their particular stories or is it like betraying Theron or Lana? It sounds like an intriguing idea but I have a feeling it’s gonna be kinda lame.

Very likely, since we can recruit companions from other classes killing, or allowing to die, a healer would have no repercution since you can just add a healer from another class and run with him/her instead!
I’m so making a beer mug out of Quinn’s skull!

So…my deathlist:
That Jedi astromech droid
Zenith (for being a Hypocrite)
Guss Tano

Garza as im saving the galaxy can you just holocall me instead of 50 fucking trips to senate tower to talk to you. Technology bitch use it , know it , love it.

Weeeeeeeeee! Weeeeeeee! Weeeeeeee! I healed you with Jedi power. Weeeeeeee!
Guessing that is why. I like him for it, but I could see other people getting annoyed fast.

I would kill Guss because at first I thought he was actually going to use a lightsaber but then you get him and he has a stupid blaster.

I’d kill him without being to recruit a healer. By this time you should never need a healer. Well maybe the squishy maras do. I NEVER use him anymore.

Why you guys hate Quinn so much? I always liked him. He always agreed with my actions, was being proffesional… The companion I want to get rid of is Ashara! She is kind of a shame as a apprentice to a Dark Councilor.

Near the end of act three, Baras sends him to kill you, and he reveals he’s been a spy all along. if your comp is jaesa or broonmark, he tells them to join him and they refuse, if it’s vette or pierce he tries to kill them along with you because he doesn’t like them.

All you can do is torture him a bit, because they removed the ability to execute him in beta.

I heard someone say once that they have him naked outside on the balcony alone in the rain on their Drommund Kaas stronghold.
Hilarious 😀

There is an interview with Maclean in which it sounds like Mass Effect / Dragon Age Inquisition. They said that you can go to different planets, find companions (some of which were companions for other classes), and complete missions to gain reputation with them, and thus build your alliance. They also said there are only five new recruitable companions.

Oh and the guy narrating who is obviously the father/emperor there, the guy doing his voice sounds a hell of a lot like Jeremy Irons.
And c’mon guys, this Emperor is not Vitiate.

Can’t really say that it isn’t or that he isn’t influenced by him. Because as of now we have zero idea what happened to Vitiate after Ziost.

True, we don’t know what happened to him. But this Emperor guy has been this cold, merciless father figure to his twin boys since they were born (the monologue accompanying the trailer). No, I can’t say for sure. But I would bet money that this is a completely different thing that will have nothing to do with Vitiate.

Smells like Thor and taste like The Force Unleashed. The CGI trailer is super amazing, but when will get to see real game stuff? in-game stuff I mean. No pics, no nothing :/

Dont take me wrong. I am super thankful that Bioware is doing this, but all the other guys at the E3 show a lot of in-game videos, pictures, etc. Even Battlefront was showing us in-game stuff. What’s happening, when we will get to know?

You do realize that the first nine chapters of game play are coming out in four months, right? We’ve seen the game play for the last 3+ years. They’re not going to show us much in the way of the story when the CGI trailer and the leaked page of info is enough to hype up the subscriber base as much as it already has.

Can we get an upvote for all the punishment the Valley of the Dark Lords has taken over the millennia and yet the great pyramid still pretty much stands even in present day! LOL #theydontbuildthemlikethatanymore

What I found curious about the trailer is that the topography of the temple on Kor doesn’t really match what you see in the games….I honestly wonder why that is.

Well Korriban is huge so it’s most likely a tomb far away from the known areas we see in game. That’s the only thing that can truly justify it really.

Doubt it, setting is exactly korriban. Don’t know of any barren worlds that is of most important to the Sith and empire. Specially the slave statues. Could always be wrong but seems unlikely to ve any other world.

The Sith endured for millenia in the shadows and from that forged a mighty society through perseverance and conquest, even in the face of defeat such as this, they’ll rise again. Nothing will ever extinguish the truth of the Sith.

Seriously though, this trailer has more promise, story, and delivery than the prequel trilogy and the new films combined. I’d *love* to see a full length feature done in this style…not this washed up Disney shit.

More story then the new films? Washed up Disney shit? They aren’t even out yet. You are judging them on what, a trailer? You sir are an idiot and therefore your opinion is invalid. No wonder your name is redacted.

So much truth. Star wars from Disney and beyond is dead to me. The moment they spat at their fans calling all EU non canon is the moment I gave up on them. To me, as a customer, the non canon is the crap disney is making. Don’t intend to go to the movies to see the new ones or buy products related to the new stuff. Thats my position. Hell, they just bought the name “star wars”, thats all. No one from before is working in the new stuff so to me it feels like its a total new thing.

You do realize that Star Wars has been retconning itself by erasing and re-writing canon since it’s existence? Disney had to drop the EU in order to make new films without being constrained by existing novels. Bungie did the same thing with Halo Reach, dumping the novel that was released alongside their first game. Rebooting/rewriting canon is standard procedure these days for any successful IP.

Halo isnt out for decades like SW. Also they used to retcon yes, but not disconsider everything. I could understand if they erased whats after the movies but everything is just a way to offend fans that always suported the franchise. Shows that they dont care. To me the new disney star wars isnt part of the SW universe. Same name but thats about all. Its funny how everyone bitches in the internet over reboots and remakes but people seem to forget that these new movies are worse than that.

Awesome sauce ! Focus on the evil twin in the second part of the trailer , he holds his lightsaber exactly like StarKiller does 😀 backwards

Imagine if that lightsaber holding comes as a new ability (probably form) with the update. Then I will never complain about swtor again in my life.

BLUR charges 1,000,000 USD a minute. There’s (24 x 60) 1440 minutes in a day. That would be 1 Billion, 440 Million USD O_O

When you consider the average blockbuster costs upwards of £100 million to make thats not a bad price as I would happily sit through an hour of this quality CGI movie.

Good God. So this video cost 4.24 million dollars? I’ve got to get into graphic design sounds like they’re doing alright.

That trailer was incredible. If the storyline in the x pac can approach the same quality, that will be great. They are finally giving everyone what they wanted, more story! I hope Bioware sticks with that idea and isn’t just focusing on story for this x-pac.
Between this x-pac, Battlefront and the new movie, seems like Oct-Dec 2015 will be a great time for Star Wars fans.

I just realised that the evil twin is half-way to Darth Starkiller already…Now he just needs another Bionic arm.

I was excited about the Shadow of Revan just because we needed new content. But this looks incredible under any circumstances.

This Valkorian is a real deal. He didn’t even try to defend himself because he knew the other twin would stop Arcann. He was plotting all the things that happend to the twins. Maybe it’s really Vitiate preparing Arcann as his new body, who ever knows?

Looks amazing…shame about the death of one of the twins..would love to have come up against both of them

Any word on when they are going to release details on the Expansion? Will they do a stream to release more information?

I wouldnt say alot? Just that we have new comps. Same old OPs will be scaled. New level cap. But what about new abilities? PvP maps? Any quality of life items? Things that need to be added to swtor before new class stories.

well, I wouldnt really expect any new pvp stuff given that it is a *story* update. New class story stuff is always good and I would expect new ops and flashpoints at some point after this launches.

Yeah new OPs and new FPs, But no PvP maps in almost 2 years. But i would get worried if you was a PvE’er. Sounds like they will be slowing down on new OPs/FP due to the story. Since they are scaling all the old OPs.

To be fair, the last time BW gave PvP’ers exactly what they asked for (being space pvp), just about everyone bitched and cried about it. I’d be pretty hesitant to cater to that crowd after that happened as well. As for quality of life stuff, they’re in the process of trying to change some stuff

I’m sorry you don’t know what you are talking about. Don’t confused PvP’ers with space PvP. Its not the same. I don’t know one regular PvP’er who does the space PvP. That PvP’ers didn’t ask for that. And by the way. BW wanted to do off rail space game since before launch. That is why they worked on that “Secret space project” for so long. Please know what you are talking about before pointing fingers.

So … my understanding is that we’re going to get an experience closer to ME, picking up companions and getting on their good or bad side. Sounds like some more depth than what we had with ME1 through ME3 though. What happens with crafting? Any mention of what happens with the old content? Achievements for old content?

Thats a good question. If we lose all our companions, and im assuming the affection we have earned towards them, will we not be able to craft or will the whole crafting system be updated? Sure glad i spent all those credits buying my companions affection….

I would not be surprised to see crafting replaced entirely. Other than augments its pointless. I have most skills covered and I don’t even make stuff for my companions or my characters, waste of credits, as I can sell the materials for so much.

Lots of other people DO craft, there are many unique looking weapons and armours that don’t have anything similar that are crafting only.

I did not say I would be surprised if they would get rid of crafting. I said replace it, as in replace the current system. The only thing that consistently makes good credits are augments and mats. I do make millions on augs, but that’s it.

I haven’t sold item mods since the price reduction in commendations and don’t bother making them for my own characters and their companions because I have more commendations than I know what to do with on my max level characters.

As for getting crafted items for the looks, not on Ebon Hawk. Rarely is anything available on GTN, I know because I look.

Regardless, I want details from Bioware because the change to companions will definitely have an impact on crafting.

The fact that we lose our companions is an impact. At the very least it means we can’t craft until we re-acquire some companions. (If companions are used in crafting at all.) It sounds as though we will not be getting all of the same companions back. This means affection has to be regained to optimize crafting, if affection is still in the game as we know it.

So no, not zero impact.

It doesn’t say we lose companions permanently-most likely they go away for a very short amount of time, like they sometimes do in class missions.

From what I read, we will lose some of our current companions permanently and have some choice of companions subsequently, including companions that other classes have today. Going from 5-7 companions with 10000 affection to starting out, (and ending up), with an unknown number of companions with unknown affection has an impact on crafting. If either companions or affection have anything to do with crafting at all.

I just want Bioware to come out and say what is going to happen so we don’t engage in misunderstandings and FUD. I was wondering if someone heard or read something useful. Apparently not.

I understand from Bioware’s side that they want to dribble information out to keep the excitement around the expansion going.

I see where you’re coming from on the affection side of it and it is a fair point.

Where did you see the bit about losing some of our current comps? I don’t remember that mentioned in the YouTube IGN interview where they showed the trailer.

In an article that has since been updated, the only thing official I can find now is that we can get ‘additional’ companions.

This is taken from

“Five new companions will be available throughout the quest, taken from a cast with very different allegiances.

“You’re able to recruit help and additional companions from an expanded cast, including companions who were previously exclusive to other classes,” said Maclean. “Building that alliance involves going to all the planets in the galaxy and doing activities and missions that build faction. If you want to recruit a character who’s favorable to the Mandalorians, you’ll be able to do missions for them. You want to recruit a character who hates the Hutts, you’ll do missions to build your alliance standing against them.””

It still doesn’t clarify crafting and what/how many comps we’ll have, but I like how it sounds.

Correct, there was an article that stated we would be awaken from carbonite by a single companion and start without any others. Its since been scrubbed and now references the official announcement of ‘additional companions’

Who is to say that it’s not our companions that find and rescue us?

RotJ ring a bell? That isn’t the only instance in the saga of friends rescuing friends in 1 form or another.

When you consider that Lana Beniko is still around, there can’t have been that much time elapsed so it’s not like everyone you knew is dead. The recruiting of the new companions could be where you get the Mass Effect type choices.

There is also the fact that we have had extra companions in HK & Treek. With the last level cap rise we were allowed to use 6 companions at a time with missions/crafting, so there is nothing to say we won’t get an extra 50 crew skill levels.

Until we get more info none of us here know anything and it’s all opinions and guess work, so there is no reason to be stating absolutes.

That was a bit convoluted, but I got where I was heading with it eventually!

I agree with what you said. We are getting a new lvl cap so it is safe to believe they will add in the 50 new lvls of crew skills as before. It gives you something to do with your comps. I don’t beli they will take away comps. Any comps you lose will be your decision.

I play on Red Eclipse, and the crafting goes up and down, time to time. I’ve looked yesterday on both War Hero and Battlemaster, and both for Trooper/BH are booming, especially the War Hero at a steady price of 90k per any piece.
I’ve noticed a decrease in Battlemaster for Sent/Mara and Guardian/Jugg.

I think you underestimate just how engaged people are in crafting items and selling them on GTN. I make 1 million + credit profit per day just from crafting…

I already married Ashara, no way I’m gone let anyone take her away.

Damn droids, prepare for the biggest battle of the millennium

Ive watched this around 50 times, am i the only one that is emotionaly wrecked after seeing the fight between the brothers at the end?

Dude you need to get out more if that wrecked you. There is no way you could be attatched to them that much (unless you watched it 50 times :/) get out and see the sun.

Yes this.
It gives the trailer more heart and emotion than i’ve seen in a hundred hollywood blockbusters.

several things i hope happen.
1. Lana Dies
2. Theron dies
3. Wookie and twikey die
4. Lana and Theron die together holding hands
5. Wookie blows himself up with Lana and Theron holding hands.
6. Satiel dies with them also or Marr cutting her in half.
7. and a great conclusion to the RotE story.

thank you and good morning

Shame that, they should have got him to do the voice as well. The voice they went with just doesn’t seem to fit the face. Just finish watching Exodus: Gods and Kings and when I saw Ramses, Arcann was the first this that came to mind, face and voice. I’m sure he would have been happy to do the voice too if they’d asked. Not like he’s a stranger to the Star Wars universe having been in one already.

20+ watches and still giving me goosebumps.
Noticed at the very start Valkorion foresees the end fight seen between the 2 brothers as he stands over the infants. He snubs Arcann repeatedly and set’s him on the path of frustration and anger that eventually leads to his brothers death. Is this ‘the sacrifice’ he talks about at the start? A Painful lesson for Arcann?
And only when this has happened he acknowledges him.
Awesome and deep.
Just my opinion though 🙂

Is it just me or does Valkorion, share a voice actor with “Brother Captain Gabriel Angelos”?

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