GW2 Mini Rock and Revenant Mail Carrier now available in Gemstore

GW2 Mini Rock and Revenant Mail Carrier are now available in the gemstore for 350 gems each.

Mini Rock – 350 gems.



Revenant Mail Carrier – 350 gems



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23 replies on “GW2 Mini Rock and Revenant Mail Carrier now available in Gemstore”

Wonderful. The BLTC’s elementalists have managed to tame rocks. I’m not sure if thats impressive or just plain ridiculous.

Well, the language barrier. “Mini Rock” is German for Miniskirt. I thought A-net went full retard.

Ah yes, the rock. While a worthy addition to any game (or social function) I personally prefer the inanimate variety – without swirly eye bits where possible.

Give me a rock which appears at your feet when you load into a map (or equip it) and remains at that exact spot on the map until you leave said map (or unequip it) and I’d happily purchase.

The “dubious elemental” variety rock would have been better saved for an episode event involving an elementalist ritual. Whether the ritual fails or not, have someone note the appearance of the rock which promptly starts following Majory round for the rest of the episode – then put that rock on sale the next week.

And they really want money (gems) for this rock drawn by a three-year-old? I can do better drawings with the pen in my mouth 🙂

Ever saw a three-year-old draw a face? You can now see the 3D version in GW2. Is that better to understand for you?

And that’s says nothing about the work required to make a model, animate it, apply textures and put it in the game.

You, and all the 3-year-old children out there can draw all the faces you like, it’s not nearly the same.

Even worse if it requires a lot of work and still looks all scrawly. Did YOU design it or why are you pissed at an opinion?

I was kinda hoping that the pet rock would roll around instead of jump, or it would have been pretty sweet for the player to kick it around in front of them.

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