GW2 E3 Guild Hall Livestream Notes

GW2 E3 Guild Hall Livestream Notes with some additional info from ZAM interview.

Video of the presentation and trailer




E3 Presentation Notes

  • Guild Halls are more than just a hall, it is an entire map your guild gets to own.
  • Map initially gets owned by Jungle dragon and their armies first. Your guild need fight through the hall and capture the map.
  • Customize, personalize, and decorate.
  • You can form guild teams to complete in competitive PvP Leaderboards and World Leaderboards (new feature introduced with Guild Halls)
  • New guild portal to guild missions.
  • Can build different buildings within the map.
    • Combat Arena – Combat sandbox you can duel with each other or invite other guilds to duel. You can customize it, put traps/walls/turrets etc in real time even while players are fighting to change up the playing experience.
    • Guild workshop – New guild crafting profession where you can make items for everyone in your guild.
    • War Room allow you to build tools to help you in WvW. Can call airships to defend a castle in WvW for example.
  • Pre-sale for HoT will start very soon and pre-purchase will guarantee you access to beta weekends.
  • Pre-purchase for HoT starts now!

Zam Interview

  • Interview can be viewed here, below is a summary of the important points
  • Update to guild claim in WvW, adding guild teams in PvP and ability to talk in multiple guilds without having to change guild they are currently repping.
  • New building with Lion’s Arch reconstruction that will be called Guild Initiative Headquarters. This houses an organization that will give contracts to guilds to clear areas of the jungle  and claim these lands for guild hall.
  • Once guilds get to their guild hall, they will enter an instance filled with Mordrem which they need to clear and interact with a crystal at the end to cut off Mordremoth’s influence.
  • Two different guild halls exist for guilds to claim. Guilded Hallow, a cavern beneath the jungle that connects to the Forgotten City, and Lost Precipice, which lies in the border between the jungle and North Maguuma Wastes. Lost Precipice has a river at the bottom with a giant vertical space for jumping and gliding.
  • You can only occupy one of the two guild halls but you can switch and keep all your upgrades and buildings.
  • The current four upgrade lines available to guilds now moved to guild halls as part of a system that focuses on guild buildings.
  • Guilds will need to make decisions on which buildings to focus on first.
  • Guild progression system is timed gated so a small guild of 15 players can progress just as fast as a mega sized guild.
  • Buildings
    • Workshop building features the new crafting discipline (The Scribe). The Scribe is able to make guild tools like guild banners that are already in game, new WvW tools, and decorations for guild halls.
    • War Room allows the building of different WvW tools such an airship and Charr vehicles. Airship is restricted to Stonemist castle assault only and the Charr vehicles can be only used at specific locations in the new borderlands.
    • Arena building is a place for players to PvP and can be upgraded to allow the creation of guild teams and placement of obstacles such as walls, traps, and turrets in real time.
    • Tavern building will give buffs and social features
    • Market building will give access to a new set of mini pets and a new tier of guild armor/weapons.
  • Decorations
    • Decorations can be obtained from the Scribe discipline, Deluxe edition of HoT and various ingame rewards (with focus on group play).
    • Players can place, move, and rotate these decorations (but can’t scale them).
    • Some decorations (i.e. walls and ramps) will have collision detection while others won’t.
    • Decorations once used will become part of the guild and appear in a new guild items tab of the guild panel. A decoration is used up once it is given to a guild so players in multiple guilds need to make a decision on which guild to give the decoration to.
    • New Architect permission rank to determine who can move and place decorations
  • Fast Travel/Teleport
    • New button within guild panel that allow you to fast travel to guild hall once your guild has claimed a guild hall.
    • Portal inside guild hall that allow you to travel to various maps. The portal will have a high preference to keep members of the same guild on the same map.
  • Guild Missions
    • Guild merits going away completely and influence can no longer be earned after HoT but will stick around for guilds to sink their influence into the new system.
    • New currency from Guild Missions called Favor but didn’t explain what it does.
    • Changes to guild missions is to close the discrepancy between small and large guilds.
    • Guild missions will no longer require consumables and can be run for free.
    • A new bounty system drawn from the pool of missions to give more variance to guild missions instead of the same mission type each week (All guilds will get the same mission for the week).

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I’m assuming these will be available with the rest of HoT which also has yet to see a release date.

Is it just me or do all the copies available for prepurchase right now also come with the core guild wars game? Am I misunderstanding that or shouldn’t there be a different version for those who already own the game?

50 dollars. Preorder Fallout 4 a brand new game, and a release in November. Preorder Heart of Thorns (3 maps and one class) with a released date whatever. Decisions decisions.

nice update on guild hall

still no upgrade on guild history that shows who used the upgrade and no additional guild slot in your [G] button was expecting adding more. so hard to have limit of 5 guilds

the rest i luv it specially the crafting prof in the guild

that was like the first thing i did when i first joined gw2. i must say im pretty proud that ive gotten as far as i have with it, but i dont know how much it will get me in this.

did you notice that with guildhalls, all those home portal stone/queens whatever the f/captains airship pass is now obsolete?

so not only are you paying 50 dollars to get gh/gvg, you are also burning your portal items!!! 🙂 I think they equate to roughly 10 dollars a pop.. so its actually 80 dollar cost if you have these items.

eh i never payed for any of the ones i still have, which wasnt much to begin with. i think i have a few airship passes still, and theyre just sitting there rotting in my bank because i have no reason to use them. the little crafting camps in lions arch are basically the same thing.

That’s what I’m curious about – I have a personal guild bank, and I’m wondering how that will convert.. like, if I don’t open a guild hall, I assume I’ll still have access to a GB? I’m also wondering how scaled the mordrem are inside the hall, like if it’d even be possible for one person to clear it out and claim it.

usually when you find out the reality of stuff like this, its worse than you hoped. but this is better!

im super excited for it.

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