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GW2 Heart of Thorns Pre-Purchase Available now

Pre-purchase for GW2 Heart of Thorns is available now and will guarantee early access to beta weekends.

Standard edition will cost $49.99, Deluxe $74.99 and Ultimate Edition $99.99. The cost according to Arenanet is for the expansion only with the core game included for free.

To clarify: $50 is the price of the expansion. We included the core game as a free bonus to make it easier for new players to get into it. – Source

Pre-Purchase here:



Revenant Finisher


Mini Revenant Rytlock


Glider Skin & Decoration


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i’m still confused about this. it seems to automatically come with the base game plus the expansion. am i right? because it seems like we should be able to buy just the expansion in the gem store.

I sent a ticket to GW2 Support asking them if/when Pre-Purchase for just the expansion (without the core game) would be available. I’ll update this post if/when I find out.

Hello Mike,

The Standard Edition of the Heart of Thorns Expansion comes with a free Guild Wars 2 Core game for those who do not already own Guild Wars 2. There will not be an available expansion version released that does not include the Core game for a lower price.


Guild Wars 2 Support Team

Hello Mike,

We, at Arenanet, completely forgot about all the players that have paid our kid’s tuition, and fed our families. However, we don’t want to admit it, so we’re just going to make believe your cries for a basic priced version, are cries of entitlement. Feel free to pay for our inflated expansion price, as we dug ourselves so deep, we can’t go back… sucker.

I would feel much better about a $50 expansion if they would at least include a character slot. I mean if I didn’t own the game already, the same $50 would get me 5 slots, so I don’t think one extra slot for a loyal owner/player of their game is too much to ask…

They should’ve added 800 gems to the account of anyone who was upgrading an existing account. Would’ve been the best way to handle it.

50 dollars. Preorder Fallout 4 a brand new game, and a release in
November. Preorder Heart of Thorns (3 maps and one class) with a
released date: whatever. Decisions decisions.

Yeah, for 50 dollars it’d have to match the core game in content, which would require an entire Elona/Cantha map. =/ I have to save my money for Fallout 4 and it’s not really even a choice. It’s going to be the best game ever made.

idk why people are stuck on three maps, thats not true. We dont know who many maps but each map has 3 layers. Its not the same thing.

If you reword it, new players buying the core game is getting HoT for free while many loyal players have to pay extra from the base to get a character slot & HoT.

So what you’re telling me is that someone can pick up the base game and expansion for the same price that I paid to get the base game. Meanwhile those that already have the game, (majority paying attention to the expansion), have to pay that same price if they want the expansion at all. Are you freaking kidding me Anet?

the price is for only expansion.. original one is just bonus for new users. so without the original, it still costs 50..

well if they didnt, the relaese of HoT would definitly split the community to those who played pre 2015 and got their hands on HoT and those who are new and just bought the core game without expansion cause they dont know if that game is fun at all. so im happy they made this decision. without any more living world updates for the core game, the core game might just have enough content for 2-6 months

It better not. For that price tag, they better stick to what people actually want. Raid locusts can go play all the other MMOs that cater to such addicts.

So you’re fine with paying that much for basically a few class goodies and 1 set of maps? I dunno back in GW the expansions gave you more bang for the buck but I guess I’m “too addicted to be able to compare”…

Some guys… jeez you shouldn’t be allowed to post on the internet without a license nowadays.

In 3 years, we haven’t gotten couple of maps and some characters, we have gotten tons of updates and living world. So if you buy HoT now you will get 1 set of map plus a frew class goodies, PLUS all future upgrades. Some people only think until now and don’t look into the future 😉

Oh jeah those like 10 instances that take 10min each per living world “update”… Sorry but what? There hasn’t even been word IF they continue at all! Fact aside that you still have to buy them if you’re not “addicted enough” as Fen said, to log in every 2 weeks.

At that point this whole bundle idea (yes you’re buying a BUNDLE not an expac and you loose halve the value if you’re a vet!) is just plain bs. Stop being white knights and get realistic.

have fun….well I don’t know what, grind Silverwastes? There’s nothing to do in this game. That’s a fact.

I really thought that expansion will be like 30 bucks … $50??!??
i mean Anet really?!?!
Why does every single fuucking business company love “New Customer” than the “Loyal Customer”?
“Loyal Customer” is the one that earned you the MONEY.

50 is the price of the expansion, full stop. the core game is included as a bonus to those who dont have it. This is an expansion not a DLC I dont know why anyone would have thought it was free or going to be on the low end, 40-60 should have been expected.

That’s just an excuse. You can choose to buy the core game on it’s own on other sites if you don’t want the expansion. On GW2’s main website, you have no choice but to buy the “expansion pack with core game”.

You don’t get another core game if you’re upgrading an account. It’s a free perk for new players only

No character slot in the standard edition?! So if you want a revenant the price is basically $50 + a char slot ($10) = $60. Greedy, Anet, greedy.

Really stange that they don’t give additional slot with standart edition. In first gw it was usual

yep i agree to pay $50 (yeah it s a bit high) WITH the character slot AND bank slot gw1-style well HoT will be without me until they makes some discount (-> wait 6 month)

can i use the additional core game for a 2nd account or is it a complete waste and vanishes in the digital nirvana?

Not only is the price ridiculous but they don’t offer a simple UPGRADE for the ppl who already own the game. Ppl who want HoT are forced to buy the standard edition which has the core-game in it? Sry i already own the game i don’t plan on paying for it AGAIN.

Sry but this screams of stupidity and greed. Not gonna buy day1. It’s almost at the borderline of scamming.

“We included the core game as a free bonus to make it easier for new players to get into it.” Not sure what part of free bonus you don’t understand.

By the way, 50 usd every three years seems not that ridiculous to me for this game.

Yes it does as it does not offer the same amount of content the core game offers…and please don’t even come up with the “f2p” excuse because “f2p” games make a ton more money and in some cases arguably more money then p2p mmos, via gem-shop.

Make a list of what GW2 core game offered for 50$ then make a list of what HoT offers for 50$. Sry but no….there is no valid excuse for the value/money ration HoT offers.

yeh you might be right, the coregame offered much more content compared to its cost, still this expansion will give much more quality content and im totally fine paying 50 bucks for a game that never forced me to pay the last 3 years. just imagine any other MMO wanting that much money after just 3 months

Where exactly is that quality? Did they show it somewhere? or what? Because i haven’t seen that leap in quality. Day/night events? please…. new DirectX?…64bit version?……improved graphics?….how many many many dungeons? Just 1 class?

What exactly is the fabled huge leap in quality that makes this product worth the same amount as the CORE GAME itself and all it offers. I am not criticizing..i am actually curious what you saw that gave you that impression.

New advanced spec for all classes, new weapon for all classes, new pvp gametype, more voiced story content (the most expensive ‘quality’ content to produce). Without a sub fee, it’s not half bad. I’d pay $20-$30 for it in a sub mmo, so if I think it’ll hold my interest for 2-3 months, it’s worth it for me. If not, I’ll wait until the next sale.

New spec for all classes IS NOT PART OF THE EXPANSION. In fact it will come out BY NEXT MONTH. I am talking about the expansion!! Take that away and you take away half of the value of the expansion!

You only get the elite specs if you buy HoT. No Chronomancer, Reaper, Dragonhunter, Druid, etc… if you stick to vanilla

Compare that to the general p2p mmo and you just got 4-5 months of play time. And those also have paid expansions and in game micro transactions. :/

What if they just want new players and they don’t want new players to pay twice to access the game? No, it obviously is an evil conspiration to make us pay more money for a game…

Anyway, price is 50 usd and it won’t change. Want to buy the game or not?

I am sorry but this comment makes no sense…am avoiding to say and downright dumb. Sry not gonna even try to reason with it.

I am still waiting for you to prove me wrong. All you did was QQ about my QQ…but not give a valid defense for the topic at hand.

There is nothing to prove though. It is just opinions. Imo, they already make a lot of money with cash-shop, so I don’t see why they would “scam” their own players. But maybe you just want new players to pay more than you.

They throw the core game in there to make is justifiable that the expansion is 50$ and not make it look overpriced. I wouldn’t complain if they at least added a char slot like they did in GW1 expansions the expansion will not give us a full on year of straight content all of it will be done in 3 months tops no one will farm for new legendaries considering everyone already saved up right now up to 1k+ gold and ready for them. Guild halls is super over hyped which will provide nothing besides a place for guild members to afk at or gather for stupid reasons like rp but for others it will get old fast and most likely be hanging out in major cities anyways. How does giving you another account make new players get into the game? lets say you give them the free copy you purchased from the standard edition they will technically have to buy the game full price just for the expansion which makes no sense getting the free copy in the first place lol You are right every 3 years spending 50$ isnt ridiculous if the content we would get was at par with the core game but it isnt its just an “Expansion” a.k.a “Add on” Its like purchasing tires for a car 3 years later and paying the same amount of money you payed for the car.

I’m pretty sure you aren’t getting another copy of the core game if you already own it. I believe you get a key that can either be used to upgrade an exist account or create a new one, but not both. Newly created accounts don’t require a previous purchase.

Get the proof of purchase and try your luck with customer support i guess.

Better to try then not try at all. Even though it has been a month since.

Is the Ultimate edition only for people who don’t currently have Guild wars 2 ? I have it already but I want the ultimate edition.

so man ppl complaining about the free core game. really. Anet is giving stuff for free to new players, so the community can grow and now the older players start bitching about the fact they dont get stuff for free? you had 3 years of fun with that game without any fee and those ppl will never get that experience, since they’ll try to rush lvl 80 to get that sweet new content, so why not just be happy that the majority will have HoT and you probably wont have to ask ppl if they CAN ENTER THE NEW MAPS before starting a zerk. this thing anet is doing is good.

I agree! Personally, I’d be pissed if I was a new player and had to pay about the price of the deluxe for the core game and a standard version of the xpac. If we were being forced to pay for the core game and the xpac, then I’d be mad. But we can probably just ignore the extra core game.

Anyone who bought during the last sale is fine, they spent $10 got around $10 of bonus items and armor skins that aren’t included in the new version, and got to play for over a month. People who bought *after* that at full price are the ones who got screwed

My problem with the pricing is just this: the content of HoT doesn’t worth 45 EUR. It was the same price for the core game if I’m right and I got much more for that money. I doubt that the expansion will come with the same amount of maps, dungeons, etc. Plus some of the content from the expansion will be free (like new pvp map and WvW map as I know) so HoT won’t contain as much thing as they said at the announcment. I’ll wait until the price falls down, but it’s clear that the expansion is a bit overpriced

it sure wont come with the same amount but you’re comparing mass with quality. the new map/maps will be much more detailed and beautiful.also there will be upcoming future content which will be patched “for free” which actually means you pay now for additional conent coming during the next 3 years which is totally fine. would be stupid if they’d come with all their ideas on release

Isn’t $50 the usual price for a standard expansion? Warlords of Draenor is also $50, and no one calls them greedy for it. Yes, it does kind of suck that the standard edition doesn’t come with a character slot, but when does a standard edition come with anything other than the xpac? The complaining and anger is ridiculous. In my experience, this is not unusual for a mmo. Also not unusual? Anet putting GW2 on sale a lot throughout the year. They will likely do the same for the xpac. So either wait until then or get over it.

The complaining is not about the price itself. It’s about that people who owns the game AND specifically the ones purchased original before the launch or on last sale are just fucked.

“but when does a standard edition come with anything other than the xpac?”

Uhm, GW1 xpacs. They had 2 slots for the two new professions.

I haven’t played GW1, so sorry if this is wrong, but I’ve seen it said that only one of them were actual xpacs, and that one didn’t come with one.

Warlords of Draenor pushed expansion pricing up too; it’s been $40 not $50, typically. Usually $20 less than the base price at launch. This is only $10.

Idk… I really dont know. The fanboy in me wants to get the Ultimate, for all the cool stuff & support for Anet. However, the realist in me is calling BS, in having no way to just upgrade your base game. Sry, but the expansion should be $29.99, tops. Theres no way the core game is “free” with a 50 dollar purchase…

Agree. $30 max for expansion like this one. They’re not releasing a whole new game to charge this much. Ridiculous.

Generally I don’t like how those companies get their keys. Up to points that there are times when the keys get pulled back as they were stolen in some way. But everyone can go about it the way they want.

i’m not sure g2a is one of those, he’s affiliated with many banks and payment system, e makes sales every week like steam, it has thousands buyers so…

You can even buy an ensurance like in a real shop :/ i mean, it’s not a gold seller site XD

by the way i bought my gw2 key there 3 years ago, an my secondary account too, like many other games and i had no problem at all ;P

Anyone who is complaining about the price of this purely a greedy, unsatisfiable, ignorant casual who has NEVER I repeat NEVER played any mmo through multiple expansions, subscriptions, etc. A new profession, zone, dungeons, pvp map , wvw map, specialization system, not to mention ALL THE SHIT GUILD HALLS WILL BRING?!

So while you all cry over $50 for “no content” (LOL), Ill be bathing in my $100 ultimate edition and my 4000 SHINY ASS GEMS.

Make a list of what GW2 base game offers then make a list of what HoT offers. Let’s judge if the same pricetag is justified. Also guild halls are overhyped. In reality guilds don’t mean much in GW2. Anyone can play guildless and not miss anything special. Right now i am just seeing someone blindly defending without actual proof. When you make that list i asked you maybe then your words would mean something.

What you enlisted there is no where close the expectations of an expansion they openly stated worked for 2 years on. If you don’t see that, it means you don’t have enough experience in mmos honestly.

Do you know the exact content of HoT to make such statements?

By the way, guild halls can be a tool to make guilds more interesting with more contents specific to guilds.

Could be, until they prove it is, it’s not worth certainly not worth $50, and even then it probably still isn’t.

I know for a fact HoT (price 50) will NOT offer the same amount of content as the core game (also 50 day 1). Same number of maps, same number of events, same number of items, same number of skins, same number of classes, same number of races, same number of new game modes (wvw/pvp), same number of dungeons etc.

Yeah, I’m out. I was teetering on the brink of stopping paying attention to GW2 as it is, because I haven’t really played the game in many months due to the lack of actual PvE content. Then they announced an expansion with very light additional content, and now they’ve revealed they want 50 Euros for it, and we get no extra character slots for that. Frankly, that is ridiculous. So have fun if you’re planning on sticking around.

Well i’m out… F2P Wildstar, and a reasonably priced 4th expansion for SWTOR… I see no reason to buy this lame cashgrab that is 3x the price and contains 1/5th the content it should.

50$ for what?One map(or 2-3 same looking maps),one class i dont need and few excel tables?And new map is almost same as dt,sw sh1t we played last 2years.HOT was just continued s2 story,but some1 said omg lets call this expansion and charge for it,so they announce it in middle of work,and now just adding more stuff to justify price.Im sick of “thorns” i wanted expansion to be something new.

So they seem to be catering to NEW players a lot lately so whats going on with the veterans? Are they completely unheard of? Do they not exist? They are literally the ones that are keeping the game going still, this so called NEW players come play the game and quit when they either A: wasnt what they expected or B: simply didnt enjoy the game. Seriously like 80% of new players always leave the game or play it super casually ive bought the game for so many friends and they dropped the damn game so quick no idea why. Why dont they try to cater more to their players that have been playing since day one. This expansion wont give us content for a full year i guarantee you that much people will finish everything in a few months prob even less and they will just keep adding their 2-3 week content that you can complete in 1day. I guess the main reason people are upset is because they are giving prices that would be a full game and the 50$ would turn to 60$ simply to purchase a new char slot if you dont have one. People need to stop comparing this prices to WoW “herp derp but expansions on WoW are the same and we pay 15$ a month derp derp” This isnt WoW so gtfo

Does Arena net specified what will happen to the non-upgraded accounts when expansion will go live ? Will it be possible to log into “vanilla” or game will simply deny the access to the accounts without HoT expansion ?

It’s basically like this:

“If you are not a good buy and give us the 50$..and choose to wait for a discount for it, we will force you to pay for each living story content we add during your wait for that discount. You won’t be able to enjoy any story stuff without paying us for daring not to give us the full price.”’s kinda true u know… you will have to pay for every LS content ingame if you don’t buy the expansion on day1. It’s an indirect p2w sadly.

That’s like saying that asking someone to buy a game is p2w lol. They obviously put a lot of work into this x-pac. It is fair to ask for money in exchange for work, it is sort of what an economy is based upon. You work, you get paid for it. I have no problem with it and I don’t consider GW2 p2w in any way. In fact, I think their shop is very fair.

How is that obvious? because we haven’t seen much of anything. Let’s do this. The expansion is worth 50$ right? The initial game (the core game without which the expansion wouldn’t even work) cost between 50-60$.

If the expansion doesn’t offer at the very least HALF of what the core game offers….is it safe to assume it’s not worth the pricetag it got? Half the current maps, half the number of dungeons, half of everything.

We don’t have a complete list of features yet, so it is hard to say what the price point should be. Plus, GW2 came out years ago. Prices in the world continuously rise. From what I have seen so far, the masteries, the guild stuff, the new class, maps- it seems like a lot of work went into this. I am willing to pay for their work.
Am I sure that their work is equal to 50$? Of course not, I don’t know the inner workings of their company. The x-pac is worth 50$ to me though, because I enjoy the game and am excited about the new class masteries. I still do not think that asking people to pay for an x-pac is an indirect p2w.

I wasn’t talking about that as being p2w ofc it’s not (even tho the price is outrageous regardless of the situation). What i was talking about is, that ppl who don’t buy it on day one AND miss episodes of the living story BECAUSE of not buying it day 1, will HAVE to pay extra $$ to unlock those LS episodes. That’s what i meant by INDIRECT p2w.

For ex someone who just discoveres GW2 today, after purchasing it, will have to pay again for unlocking parts of what should be mandatory and that’s the main story. In this case someone who buys GW2 today will need to pay again to unlock Season 2. Too much “payed stuff” for a f2p game to still be considered a true f2p game (or b2p). You want more inventory you want more character slots you pay, you want more bank space you pay, you want to progress the story you pay. I am excluding skins because those are normal cash shop stuff they don’t bother me but what does bother me is the fact that in 3 years very few (1-2 sets?) of armors have been added TO THE GAME to be obtainable through work..the rest are cash a game that revolves around looks not stats.

Clearly you do not know the definition of pay-to-win. Pay-to-win means giving players who spend real money an unfair advantage ingame. Convenience items and living story episodes do not fall into that category.

You’re making a huge and unsupported assumption about how living world story content unlocks will work; Season 2 unlocks worked regardless of whether you met the criteria to actually play them, I’m not sure why you think HoT will be required to unlock whatever season 3 ends up being even if you need HoT to actually play that content.

There’s no real reason for them to do that, and it’s not like you won’t stop be able to log in, which is all that was required for season 2.

p2w typically means that you pay for an advantage over other players, such as, more powerful armor with better stats that lets you crush people in pvp.

I am guessing you mean p2p (pay2play).

I am ok with GW2 giving an advantage to people that “get in on the ground floor.” Life is always like that, the people that get in on something early typically get the advantage. Think of investors who bought stocks when they were cheap, then profited when the stocks soared, the “early bird gets the worm” and all that.
Certainly you have to pay for the LS episodes now, but all you had to do was log in for one second on the days they were live to get them for free. It is a way to reward people that have been with the game for a while. Veterans that support the game and are in for the long haul. Sort of an unspoken rewards program.

I simply do not know. There have been no outings on the matter of how open world will be released in the expansion. will it unlock in the same manner as season 2? will what part will be unlocked simply by owning a copy of the expansion? those answers will come with time.

It will most likely come under a “pack” like they did with S2 i think it was. At the end of a season a pack is released containing all episodes..which for someone who is new to the game or HoT is kinda douchbaggish…consider you pay X for a game and expect to have access to everything specially after being advertised as being f2p….but you get to a point where you have to pay in order to progress through the story just because you missed it. I never liked this method they applied.

Anyway….we will wait and see.

you can still go into the new map i think, just no masteries
i think you can make a rev too but im not so sure anymore – it was a long time ago they clarified somewhere

I don’t think this is the right way to sell something, in my opinion, i play the game since the beginning and i paid it about 50€, now i have to pay 50€ to get the standard edition, so for me the price is 100€ and for new players is the half? I don’t like the way they are doing this, i don’t ask for a free expansion for us, but what about a digital edition without the core game? I don’t want another account, is useless to say that 50€ is the price of the expansion, if the game is what is now, it’s thanks to us, i don’t need new player if they can buy the game at half the price and if i have to spend 50€ twice.

new players have had tons of possibilities to get the game at €10 and then they get a free armor set with it that is around €10 from the store that was previously only available through the gem store. don’t think that the included base game is even a bit special now.

For me, new players are players that still don’t have the game and have to buy it, but lets talk about you opinion, ok, they could buy the game at 10€ and the armor set they got for free that in the gem store is about 10€, ok, so 20€ in total, now with the base expansion is abot 70€, and the deluxe edition is 75, is unfair that i have to pay 100€ and someone that want to start now pay half of me, if i had to pay 50€ and now i have to pay it again, even new players must do it, with other games when you take the expansion you have to buy even the core game, i don’t say that they have to pay 100€, but if i have to, they have to pay for both, or i have to pay less my expansion, first of all i don’t need a new core game, if i take the standard edition, in case i have my char slots full i have to buy anotherone, so 60€, and they get 5 slots from the beginning.

You aren’t buying the game over again. The expansion costs $50. If you happen not to own the base game already, you get it for free. You can only use the serial once, either to upgrade or create a new account.

It’s one thing to say that $50 is too much, but you got to play the game for a long time, and your time spent isn’t diminished by the presence of a discount for new players; are you also complaining that people who got the game on sale for $10 saved quite a bit over you too? Because none of that is realistic expectation. Sales and discounts are expected and common. Sometimes you get to take advantage sometimes you don’t. You aren’t owed anything for it.

It’s really unfair that they force you to buy (again) the game with the HoT.

For the people that say “Hey! they add it as a free bonus for new players”– why does a new player that doesnt have the game has to pay as much as me (or everybody else here) that ALREADY BOUGHT the in order to play HoT? stop trying to find the positive thing behind the price its just greedy offer that contain no care about veteran people that bought the game before (and playing since beta)..

Yeah I agree with you here. BTW didn’t they make a discount for GW2 at their official site subtitled something like “It’s the best time to buy GW2 since HoT is coming out soon”?
And I think they will add an option to buy it without the core game

I don’t expect to get the expansion for free, BUT i certainly do not expect to pay money for the first Guild Wars 2 again. That seems really unfair and is a slap in the face for all the current players who have put hours into the game already. I just cannot believe that they are basically re-selling us the game we already have!!!

They’re not making you pay for it again, the expansion was going to be $50 with or without the core game. This is solely a benefit to new players; they’re making vanilla free and pushing everyone new into HoT instead of fragmenting the new players.

The only people who really got screwed are the people who bought the game at full price in the last few weeks.

Cool, don’t buy it then. I mean, that’s a personal decision people will need to make, everyone needs to decide for themselves whether any purchase is worth the value; it’ll probably eventually go on sale, so you can always wait for it to reach a price you feel is more acceptable. *shrug*
And, just to note, arguing that the price is too high is totally legitimate (though maybe we should wait till we see exactly how much content we’re getting?). But it’s just what it is though, in the end, so you either buy it or you don’t. You’re not entitled to a cheaper price.

But surely you are paying if they are throwing the first edition of GW2 for nothing. My receipt for my original GW2 game proves that! So really as everyone is up in arms, veteran player are in fact getting nothing out of it as we’ll get exactly what new players will get. Basically there no incentive for current players! Us current players have payed and been playing the game for x amount of time for anet to release it free with an expansion for new players! Totally unfair. So actually in fact, i may be inclined to feel like i should get the expansion for nothing!

at 1st im so tempted to buy $99 with those stuff and gems

BUTT after reading the comments below i realize anet is trying to overprice it to make money out of it

Problem is even if you buy it later, you will still have to pay extra for the living story episodes you missed. Difference is you actually know what you buy later..opposed to gambling nowl

I just purchased ultimate and it seems LS2 is included…. I am not sure if you are talking about this.

edit i am sorry, you are right, it is NOT included… they should have included it.

Yes, they are trying to make money out of it. If they don’t make money, then they stop developing/supporting it and the game goes to shit. These people are trying to run a business, they’ve set up options so the people that don’t want to spend money can continue to play for free and those that are willing to can buy some extras and save their time. I don’t see why people are upset that a business is trying to make money.. they game would have never been develop had there not been a profit incentive.

Are you all mad? You almost always have to pay for an MMO expansion. And in other MMOs you have to pay monthly fees on top. And you got a lot of free additional content sicne the game was released. So after years of playing it is not too bad to pay the work that has been done. And if you don’t want to buy the addon then just don’t and keep on playing the old content.

I think most people are angry about not having an option to buy just the expansion (you have to pay for core game + HoT instead) I mean I saw some time ago a post that it’s great time to buy GW2 for lowered price and now they sell it as a free bonus. I just think that was grind for some money there and that’s what is pushing me back now

I see what you mean and can understand that. Probably they should have something like “if you bought the game in the last 6 months you get the expansion 10 $ off”

Yeah something like that would be nice. Well we will have a lot of time to see what they will do so I will just patiently wait for some things to clarify 😀

OK, let’s compare to another MMO – GW1. The expansions had an entire new continent with two new professions and came with 2 character slots. HoT comes with 3 maps, 1 new profession and no character slots while being at the same price.
Also the work they do is being paid very well. They update the gem store weekly and people buy tons of gems to get stuff.

Yes they do more then just the gem stuff. And many people also convert gold to gems so there is not really a monetary benefit. I sitll think it is okay to charge an expansion after all these years. And you might have realized that there are more MMOs than GW1.

Not good ones. And then those turn from sub based to free to play or buy to play, e.g. Elder Scrolls, Wildstar.

Those are 2 terrible examples which anyone with half an eye and at least 1 month experience in mmos could have easily predict their failure. Wildstar was a failcopy of a game that’s success was 80% the lore behind it and the story that previous RTS games made for it and Elder Scrolls was trying to copy multiple mmo while having one of the worst customer supports in the market (bugs etc).

Those mmos were not capable of being p2p…and that was more then predictable months in advance of their release. If they were f2p or b2p they wouldn’t have got this much hate…but as in GW2 expansion’s all comes down to “price vs value of what you pay for”.

We have no idea how many new maps HoT comes with, because they haven’t told us; three is pure speculation.

They probably should have told us before they announced the pricing though!

Yeah, we know for a FACT that it isn’t that. They’ve been over this pretty explicitly, and we have data mined info for at least two maps.

First year of “free additional content” is nonexisting as it was temporary. We only got 1 year of content and even that content is worth what….24h total gameplay time? Also the more they kept players playing their game the higher chances those players would use the cash they are obliged to give us something to increase their income via’s not like they did it for free and their financial reports show their gemstore income is extremely healthy. It was a win-win.

Soo…what’s your point exactly..or your defense for the expansion price vs value? I don’t get it. Your rant seems like the rant of a desperate white knight who can’t find valid reasoning for defending a product but still feels like he should.

The 4-5 things that are being delivered can hardly be considered a expansion. This is nothing more than a scam in which I’m not going to take part.

After reading what a lot of people have to say about the pricing.. i decided to buy “ultimate” just because, time to get some gems, character slots, skins, minis, and bla bla bla that usually would cost upwards towards 4000 gems anyway.

Look, they are giving HUGE perks to new players, which is a smart thing on their end because this will raise revenue in the future for.. possibly future expansions… DIABLO 3 expansion was just 1 act… with some “dungeons” think about this….

A lot of debate about having only 3 extra maps, but if there are multiple levels (say 3 per map) it would be 9 maps realistically.. since most maps, if not all maps of GW2 currently.. only have 1 level (or 1.5 levels).

We have to wait to see what dungeons are offered.. IF!!! they offered 4 more dungeons, I think its fair for 10 dollars. but if its just 1.. meh. idk then. What about fractals.. maybe they will have more content there as well…

Guild Halls that “seems” to be very interactive and fun… well worth 10 bucks yeah?

New items and legendary and skins… worth 5 bucks? maybe?

New WvW map that is multi-leveled… but lets say its just one map… like EBG, 5 bucks? sure.

story… 5 bucks.

new PvP mode.. free. I dont PvP because I’m a sore loser. (5 if you really like PvP… making a 40$ total now)

thats like maybe a 35$ (40) expansion. and a 15$ (10) core…. 50 dollars.. makes sense to me. 😀

but they said core game is free.. so idk where the other 10-15 dollars came from.. maybe some hidden contents… oh wait.. maybe the Revenant and elite specializations are worth 10 bucks… maybe.

From you local ArenaNet supporter. Not gonna lie, I spend money on this game, I tend to believe that businesses needs revenue to survive, and for them to survive there are many people like me in this world playing this game. Just putting some things into a numerical perspective… and I can be very wrong on this. if you just look at it as a 3map expansion that is bring out over due item skins, a hobo land (guild hall) and a crappy class with no regards to any work done for the current game… yeah 50 is quite a bit of money.

Me and my friends were pretty much expecting this price tag (one even called 60 for the base version). So we were not really surprised. Most people just expected less from the start and were dissapointed by their own expectations.

Sounds like exactly peoples problem here.

Of course there are safe players out there, and maybe does not have a budget to put down for personal entertainment… 100 dollars is a typical night out at the bar/club scene, I too was once in college, in NYC, city of debt creation.

Now, I rarely see the bar so i just think of the 100 dollars as a couple of hours of work. nothing too intense to worry about. However, I expected this to be at $50 with character slot expansion (and for those upset for this reason, I understand it). Now, if it was the case, it wouldn’t have changed anything for me since I would just buy the top tier package anyway.

I think everyone just has to calm down and wait to see what is going to be offered later if they do not want to commit at this time. But who knows, maybe all the rage may force ArenaNet into heavy discounts on the expansion very soon.

Same for me with the character slot at least hoping there was one included and not really expecting it. But that was all really.

The term “expansion” usually involves more than “3map expansion that is bring out over due item skins, a hobo land (guildhall) and a crappy class with no regards to any work done for the current game”, at least that’s what people expect when they hear that word.

Which is fine, bring a half assed expansion if you must, but don’t put it at the same price tag than other proper expansions from actual mmos.

… I *just* bought the main game and now I have to buy it again to get the expansion?!
Forget it, I’ll writte this MMO as a loss and mode to a new one, unless there is a later option to buy only the expansion I’m not playing this ever again.

but you arent rebuying the game, its included free… i think they are setting the expansion at $50 for base price.

I do hope that this $50 includes a real year of fun extra contents and updates! Good luck on your decision.

To me it feels like they are adding the main game “for free” so they can jack up the price of the expansion.
And this still means I bought the main game for nothing when I could have waited a bit more and get the expansion for 10$ more…

Yeah, yeah.

Thats fine man, I am just saying thats how life works. Good things come to those who wait, but those who wait will miss the train.

All good. Good luck on your future game!

Contact customer support. they may allow you to upgrade. you have that small chance depending on how far back it was. don’t waste it I’d say

I’ve personally been bookmarking $50 dollars for the expansion since they announced it. Unfortunately, 40 to 50 dollars seems to be the price of all expansions nowadays (I’m only allocating 40 for the next Starcraft expansion, but wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself 10 bucks short).
Anyhow, the thing that upsets me about this is not the price, or even the ‘free’ GW2 base game, but that the way they have set it up makes it more practical to buy the entire thing under a new account. (So that your old account becomes extra storage space or whatever).
Mind, it wouldn’t be that difficult to make it more reasonable: On purchase, if you already have the game, have it add a few character slots (5 would be ideal for us players, as that is how many slots you would get with a new account, but even one or two would be nice). By doing this, new players would still be wooed into the game (which is nearly always a good thing, both for us and for ANet), and old players would get some benefit as well.

Hopefully ANet will do something to sweeten the deal a bit for vintage players (I’ll almost certainly still be buying the game in either case, but I’m unlikely to recommend the game to any friends if they stay as tone-deaf as they seem right now).

You ARE only buying the expansion but just in case someone does not have it yet they are giving away the game for fre FROM NOW ON.
It is like going to a supermarket or somewhere else and getting angry that now they are selling a bundle for the same price as one of the items cost before. That’s life.

No I’m angry because I bought the main game for 39.99$ then the following week I learn that for 10$ more I could have also had the expansion…
Now I would need to pay another 49.99$ top get the expansion?
No. Freaking. Way.

The expansion was announced for more than 6 months, if you bought the game 1 week ago…you’re telling me you didnt know about the exoansion? Is your fault you didnt get informed properly befor buying the game.

How is it his fault when anet announced no release date or preorder date on the expansion? He shouldn’t buy and play GW2 until they release the expansion? That’s just silly.

In no document did they ever so much as hint that the expansion was going to include the core game for “free”…

It worked! Now buying the pre-purchase!
It does mean I’ll lose my lvl 28 Mesmer and lvl 10 Necro, but I remember their creations choices so no biggy.

I wasn’t so much upset about the standard price, but when i didn’t see a free character slot, i knew the greed was strong.Any Guild Wars 1 expansion that came with new classes also came with additional character slots. So… just to be clear.
New players pay $50 and get a full game including five character slots and a small expansion. Old players pay $50 and get a small expansion.
After playing Guild wars for ten years now, buying every expansion and campaign, I’m finally out. You guys did it. Somehow you were able to break my ten year loyalty to this game.

yep, well played anet, well played!

fuck this, i will wait until winter sale for 75% discount, not less

I think releasing pre-order with relatively high price of the expansion without showing much from the game content was a massive failure of the marketing department. Expansion itself can be good, but those tiny bits of released informations doesn’t motivated me to purchase it.

I am not fan of the dark arts / necrotic / demonic stuff, so Revenant profession isn’t attractive for me. Nor guild halls, as those looks more like a new possible PvP / Brawl area than anything else.

So what’s left from PvE side ? 3 new maps … and those looks visually very similar, to each other; even to the old content.

I think i am missing the “fresh” feeling, something that would motivate me for new exploration.

I have spend nearly 8 years playing WoW (while touching other MMOs like Rift). And I must say every single expansion delivered fresh looking design which excited the curiosity and motivated for purchase. GW2 HOT shown only Jungle…. in same colors we have seen in many zones already.

I don’t want to sound too negativistic. I just think they need to make it more “shiny” for the inner skritts in us if they want to charge $50+ for a product.

“I think releasing pre-order with relatively high price of the expansion without showing much from the game content was a massive failure of the marketing department. ” you do realize they shown everything at this point? what the fuck. Youre paying just to see it live and push a button that you already should know what it does, because they shown it all by now. Get on the fail train geez.

I’m afraid that all that has been shown so far is a majority of what HoT has to offer.

Can’t say I haven’t expected that…

Just like with the release of the New Player Exp…Anet is getting alot
of negative pushback already with this announcement. I could stomach the
price (though steeper than I’d like) if they had handled this
differently. Since the expac comes with a new class and the core game
already does not come with enough slots to play all classes so it’s
assumed you need to buy slots anyway, they really should have included
at least one slot with the expac. It comes off as stingy and greedy.
Also to allieviate the issue with giving new players the core game
+expac for same price veterans will pay for expac only…they should
have bundled the “free” game into the higher price tiers and left the core $50
as Expac Only + Slot. This takes care of all the confusion and if new
players want a deal on the core game…they can pay for the upgraded
price of $75+

Lol not buying this PoS. Pve nonsense, 1 extra borderland, stronghold snoozefest, new legendaries and a new class? that can hardly be considered a expansion. I would’ve MAYBE paid 30$ tops, but yeah, good job arena net. Can’t even fix the traits from my class and now this. Smh.

I was betting that it would be more than $30 and they wouldn’t give you a free character slot, guess i was DD right!!!

Btw hello to all the undercover anet employees, but you’re doing a poor job defending your expansion fiasco.

you are really building up a good reputation there Mr. Honest-to-god-swear-by-your-life-buddy 🙂

Nothing like exercising the power of calling people “undercover” employees of Anet. It just brings up your credibility like a rocket going to the moon and brings down everyone that opposes your opinion like a meteor falling to Earth getting ready to kill dinosaurs.

You sir are the smartest and most honest individual to exist on this sad example of a planet.

Your attempt is better. 🙂 I was just describing how brightly you shine in the sky with no stars.

$79.99 US equates to over $100 Australian….for an expansion!
I was super keen for this but having second thoughts now. 🙁

makes sense, after all it takes about 6 hours of work to make 100 dollars in Australia. One can do quite a bit in 6 hours.

Dont hate, go and play other games. (And hate there too… its everytime the same with players like you. 😉 )

But for player who like the game, your decision is the best you can make.
But i think we will see you in HoT, tough.

Won’t be buying this for $50… hahaha better games coming out anyways I’ll save my pennies until A-Net gets some sense in their head.

So comparing ultimate and standart: for 50 bucks we can get 4000
gems+char slot (or 4800 gems which is a good deal). Or
deluxe/standart compare is a char slot for freaking 25 bucks. Yeah,
deluxe edition is a complete mess.

Wait really, that’s not the cost of them together or anything, not even a discounted base game with full price HoT one? Welp, I was sure I was gonna get HoT, but now I’m not so sure.
I guess I’ll wait a few years for it to get good sales like the base game.

To the people defending the expansion: In my personal opinion I don’t mind the price tag. Even without the extra character slot. But thing that’s eating at me is the fact they are including the base game with HoT. How is that fair to new players that purchased it recently with the sale or the veteran players that have been playing from the beginning? Any new players can get the expansion and base game for less. Seems really rude when there is a simple solution: Offer different editions: One being the HoT expansion for those that already have it at it’s base of 49.99. The other being for new players that includes the base game at a discounted price and the expansion. Maybe at 59.99? Which considering that would include expansion and base game for the same amount most paid to get the base game, it would be a really good deal. Hell, if they were smart about it, they could include another edition that gives you all the living world content from season 2 to get you caught up on what’s happened. Those are my thoughts. In end, I just think it’s really cheap to give away the base game content when most have paid for it.

You have a very solid and constructive point there. I agree that there should be some perks as a vet gw2er.

Even if they shared the price point, current owners should be offered 1 slots instead of the core game.

new players get core game.. aka 5 char slot and a base to play
vet players get 1 char slot… sounds pretty reasonable to me. 1 char slot is 10 dollars.

this is just one solution to an ongoing issue with the price. maybe ultimate should include a 20 slot bag or something meaningless.

A 20 slot bag only costs about 6g in game if you get the Halloween one, I think that’s a bit tooooooo meaningless ^^;

But yeah a lot of this hate would have never happened if the core package had at least one character slot, as it’s not even the price but the attitude Anet shows to the veteran players that’s the problem (at least in my opinion) >_>

I’ll wait a week or two before making up my mind if to pre-order, frankly at the moment it’s impossible to tell if the guild hall decoration and glider skin is worth investing in…

Base price is fine. We are enjoying free updates for a subscription-free game for about 3 years now, and I feel the price is justified. However the special editions are BRUTAL ripoffs as the edditional +50% and +100% (double) price increase for several very, very tiny visual bonuses is outrageous. 50/60/70 dollars would be more acceptible, nothing justifies 75 and 100 euros (EURO, so we in EU pay more again).

and dont forget, when i bought GW2 CE for 100$ i get huge new game and fucking big statue (with rest of the ce stuff), and now i should pay 75$ for what ?? and without at least single small piece of physical shit, THIS is great disappointed, just fucking steelbook for 100$

and give fuck to ppl, who play since beta week, that wild star failure is selling for 1$ at humblebundle and nobody care, i am rly pissed off

this all shows, what are anet thinking about us vets, just milking assholes

Forum extremely slow. There’s now over 2,300 responses about the HoT pricing feedback sub-forum. This better make Anet reps pay attention.

I sent a ticket at 9h47 am, they said they had an un-usual amout of tickets.
My guess is that the backlash is going to be somewhere between bad to horribly harsh.

Took me 5 minutes to get into that sub-forum, wow.

Yeah, I’m sure they’re having a field day with the forum and the ticket claims. Good luck with yours!

Well… Actually I waited for an information that players could pay for the expansion in-game using Gems they gathered. It’s sad such approach was not taken into account :/

As a player since the beginning, I am happy with all of the consistent content updates the GW2 received, however, for a “Triple A” game, Anet has been terrible at finding a direction with how they want to push this game forward.

As of late, the decisions with trying to bring in newer players after almost 3 years feels like a slap in the face to veteran players. If people aren’t playing this game by this time, it shows that your “Base” game is not what’s going to bring in a TON of new players because that’s what should have happened anyways. It is the veterans that are supporting your company. If you want to bring in new players to help revenue, then that’s your right. However, if you make business decisions that show respect to the core player base, they will throw money at you!

I think he means that people who already own the core game should get five slots since we don’t need the base version. We’re basically paying the same price for content we already have.

I’m betting there will be a separate gem store purchase to allow veterans to add the expansion only. Or at least I’m hoping that’s the case because it makes so much sense. I’m guessing they will just let this way of purchasing be out there for a while before offering the in-game purchase. That way, anyone who has the money and really cannot wait to purchase, will puchase, and ANET will make more money from those willing to pay. It actually makes a great deal of sense from a business standpoint.

It’s pretty annoying that the trend for many companies, Anet included, is to make BONE-HEADED moves first, and then to say “My bad! Here ya go!”. I’m sure that they will offer expack only, but at the expense of just getting people pissed off?

On a different note, Dulfy, how do you get to preview the Rev Finisher like that? It’s not available yet, is it?

sorry to bother but if you already own the standard game is the expansion any cheaper or the same price?

you buy what you want… and you avoid what you don’t want.

50 for HoT access… 75 and 90 for some.. shinies.

Been reading through these comments and all are interesting and often entertaining but the couple of comments about ” did you read this to the end” is why I am adding my comment.
On my UK “buy this latest for lodsa money” page it clearly states on the bottom of the page but that the Ultimate is only available as a complete pack and not an “upgrade” therefor the other two options are available as UPGRADES….

so the question is why is the “sales” page only showing the price for new player choice of entry levels and not the upgrade price for just the expansion without the original game as we already have it?

Buying the expansion pack with the “free” core game means that existing players are geting a negative/ non used value in that they already have the core game


A new player does not get a FREE game he get two games for his money whereas an existing player pays the same but only gets one game

Fair… I think not….

Any thought on this from the anet people here..

I dont think anyone from Anet is actually here. there are people that would accuse anyone that says one positive thing about Anet to be an “undercover” anet employee.

What Anet is trying to say is…

if you are a vet player, buy HoT… if you are a new player, buy HoT for 50 and get the Core version tacked on vs the usual 10-40 dollar price of GW2 (core).

Now, I do think vet players should be entitled to a free character slot regardless of the package, since new players are getting rewarded GW2 core access.

You know, sometimes i also feel that there should be an exclusive skin for the ultimate package.. some shiney armor skin. hahaha!

my first listing here and most lists have “listeners” its just good practice.

I dont think “vet” players are entitled to anything other than what they agree to pay for.

i do think that anet could have worded things better.

A new player does not get the core tacked on… he pays his money and gets two games.. its as simple as that…

its not a problem to make money from something but the whole greed is good thing is getting out of hand…. there used to be useful items to buy as specials but now all you get , skins, mail carriers and minis….. Old enough to not care about these as no real game value (just money making look at me labels that younger people seem to like/ crave) but had no reservations buying the watchwork pick, dream cleaver and thresher sickle as these are useful

Copied from the mail anet sent me

The Ultimate
edition of the game includes all of the above in addition to 4,000 gems.
The Ultimate edition will not be available as an upgrade and must be
purchased as a full game package.
So the Ultimate is not available as an upgrade….

Dont know how do you read that… but that was why I posted my original question of where is the upgrade price..

the upgrade price is the list price.

50 for HoT
+25 to upgrade to delux
+50 for ultimate, non up-gradable

I don’t know why you dont understand this or what you are arguing with…

core is a “FREE” bonus.. basically… “tacked on” for new players.. they do NOT pay for the core game.. they BUY HoT and get CORE GW2 free…. is there something hard to grasp here… i mean its written all over the place. do I have to quote for you?

I perfectly understand the implied implications of the way anet have done this and maybe my wording was to simplistic….
Fact 1
I have NOT commented on the displayed pricing being good, bad, indifferent, to much or to little……. they are what they are…..

My comments have only been why no option to buy just HOT if you already have GW2. This comment was posted BECAUSE anet used the words “not available as an upgrade” for the Ultimate.


Fact 2
Ultimate as a non upgradeable item makes NO sence for EXSISTING players as……

If I buy standard i am upgrading my account to the new standard of GW2 and HOT.

If I buy deluxe i am upgrading my account to the new deluxe of GW2 and HOT

If I buy Ultimate I get the box and I UPGRADE/ ADD THE EXPANSION to my exsisting account….

Do not need the core GW2 as I already have it therefor its a non value item, as I read on here that you cannot give it away and I have NO intension of opening up a second account… oh no will have to buy HOT again if I want to play it on the new/ old account etc etc etc..



New players getting both is a great marketing stratergy and I applaude it but not having an option to upgrade to HOT seperate just throws indiference if the face of people who have invested time and money in the core game (reward new – ignore old)

Anet recently had a sale of the core GW2…. why did they do that when the HOT upgrade/ giveaway was this imminent…

Free is not the problem in itself its what it represents.

Players are also “INVESTORS”…. but 99.9% of what we are offered as a reward we have to buy.. (did win a chainsaw skin in the last halloween event) This applies to most games – there is no true interest in in the long term player as people come any go all the time…. you only grow by increasing the player numbers hence the sound buisiness stratergy of including the FREE core game for NEW players

How would you feel if you bought a lottery ticket and won – only to hear “sorry mate you will only recieve half the money as you have bought a ticket before”

Whoa, I was going through this and it got too long to finish reading…

Don’t let people without an account get to you, they are obviously trolling.

“My comments have only been why no option to buy just HOT if you already have GW2. This comment was posted BECAUSE anet used the words “not available as an upgrade” for the Ultimate.”

They simply meant that if you buy regular(50 for just the expansion, unless you are a new player, then you get a free sign up bonus of core)/Deluxe (75 for the expansion and digital items, and if you are a new player, you get a free sign up bonus of core), you cannot later on buy Ultimate.. because Ultimate is basically Deluxe.. without the 4000 gems. so they are saying that you cannot “upgrade” to get 4000 gems for 25 bucks without buying the “Ultimate” HoT package originally.

if you buy HoT for 50 dollars, and you want to upgrade to Deluxe because shinies, you can do so later on via gem store for a nominal fee (probably 25 dollars)… or whatever and you cannot pay some fee of probably 50 dollars to get Ultimate if it isn’t prepurchased.. so basically no way to get the 4000 gems for 25 dollars if not prepurchased…. That is what they are implying… as non-up-gradable.. yeah?

Please read the last/ this mail to the end as it always takes me two goes to say anything..

You know I have not looked/ asked around yet for what they acutally mean by not upgradeable….. but……

The basicaly its….. well…

I am interested in the Ultimate but only because of the gems..dont collect mini,s – mail carriers – outfits and other “effects” as they are only worth bragging/ look at me rights in game…

The standard game is £34.99 and Ultimate is £79.99… so £45 pounds more

4000 gems on BL = £42.50 and a Character slot = £8.50 (800 Gems) so thats £51 value if you bought them in game

So, If I WAS going to buy gems n slot it is £6 cheaper to buy the Ultimate instead.
Love the theology of the last paragraph…

Buy the standard and upgrade for “probably $25” later….

use reverse logic on that statement and compare it to whats happening right now….. you “want” a cheap upgrade price and not the whole game in the future…. just not now…. ?

I do understand what anet are trying, badly, to say but as all three options are in game/ in the Black Lion Trading ALL THREE ARE AN UPGRADE TO MY ACCOUNT for if I bought the Ultimate package I would use it to “upgrade” my account to include the Heart of Thorns expansion.


So yes the word “upgrade” is the out of context item that mostly started all this off – but, again, the reward new – ignore old bugs me more

But I do agree with many others on here that if the standard version had just an upgrade slot for the new char type then, at least, the vets would be getting something in place of the core game for new players…. and less comments/upset players.

Lets face it…. it would cost anet virtualy nothing…. just a simple code change/ option tick

Hi Again
Thank you for the conversation.

I’m getting older and trying not to get grumpier…..

When I started training as an industrial engineer the pummeled into me one perticluar fact, saying if you dont understand this then you cannot do the job properly… that fact was

“There is no right or wrong way to do ANYTHING, just that some ways are more effective than others”

A simple statement that is often overlooked by the I’m right brigade..

There is no right or wrong just more or less effective..

I like motorcycles and you can put a moped engine in a ducati but it go like one… you can put a Hyabusa engine in a moped but thats just a fast way shorten your life…. not wrong just not effective… busa in a moped.. Hhmmm… Rally bike….

Would rather talk to someone than phone/ write as you can better gauge the implied tone of the words…. Its to easy to write something one way only to be read another.

So again thank you for the conversation and have fun out there


This is why we read words for what they actually say rather than infer from them like idiotic e-psychologists.

“A new player does not get the core tacked on… he pays his money and gets two games.. its as simple as that…”

That isn’t what is implied. He pays his money for HoT (50+ dollars), and gets HoT (50+ dollar “value”), however they are given core as a free gift (0 Dollars) so they can use HoT (50+ dollar “value”). The new player didn’t buy two games…. they purchased one for 50+ dollars and received a free bonus. Vet players gets HoT and no free bonus… it is like a new credit card customer, their 0% apr for 15 months or whatever is only offered to new customers… while loyal card members gets… shafted when they need to break the payment down.

just the expansion is 50 dollars. I think their word of “upgrade” threw you in the wrong direction.

Despite that ANet is saying the core game is for free, it is simply not true, when you cannot buy the core game in itself anymore. Therefore, anyone who is buying HoT, IS paying for the core game too.
Obviously, the players who already own the core game, do not get the same value as the new players.
And that is a huge problem… No matter how much I love this game, I do not like being lied to or get slapped after supporting them for 3 years, and they do not come up with a deal for veteran players, only looking at new players.
ANet has to try harder, if they want my money. It is their best interest, if they want to keep the old playerbase too – well, what is left of it by now. No company likes to lose customers, when they could keep.

Don’t suppose people who already own GW2 get a discount on the expansion…? Seems kind of weak that new players basically get two games for one while people who’ve been playing the last 3 years spend the same amount and just get the expansion. If nothing else, can we at least give a free copy of GW2 to a friend?

No. The HoT expansion code is linked to the ‘free copy’, or to your actual account. This means you don’t get a code for your GW2 ‘core’ copy and for HoT, but only for HoT. If you already install HoT in a computer without GW2, the game will install GW2, but nothing more.

but it says at the Standard 49.99 one that it includes the core game which i assume if you pre-purchase it includes the original gw2 + the expansion. It would be a marketing disaster if the original price of the xpac is actually 49.99, since people would say “I only want the xpac with all the goodies”.

even how i looked at it at the actual website they never specifically mentioned that it was free bonus. Irregardless, people would assume it is a base game + xpac and with that said people would assume there should be a separate price for an xpac. It creates confusion unless they actually declared it somewhere else.

It’s essentially anet looking for new blood, while slapping old players in the face. This is very bad for them, bad press kills mmos, look at Wildstar.

I think the other “wildcard” factor is HOW MUCH CONTENT is actually in the expack? Since the price has been released, it should only fair that players know WHAT ALL they are getting for their purchase. As of now, the list is not that great, considering how large GW2 itself is for the $60 I paid for it, three years ago. I enjoyed all of the LS updates and whatnot, but didn’t Anet say in the past that they would never do expansions? Look where they are at now….wish this “Triple A” game had a clearer direction

I don’t recall anyone saying “never”, but that they were trying the Living Story thing instead. And anyway it’s an MMO, they always have to evolve and change from what the original visions are.

“We don’t need an expansion to pay the bills, and we’re not focused on an expansion right now. I won’t try and predict the future, maybe someday we will do one, maybe we won’t. But for now we are focused on the living world. We believe we can update the world and adapt the world in any way we want to through these bi-weekly updates.”

uhm…. idk what this link you provided says.. ..but that clearly said Hawks is right… or your argument that they haven’t figured it out yet… is sorta right…

Yes, I understand people have to evolve and whatnot.

My point is that Anet is still to this day cannot figure out how they need to present their product. They can change their minds all they want, but holy crap, get yourself a decent vision with how you want your company to be viewed by your consumers.

I’ve read that, too, 3 years ago. Anet said that with the living story system, new content could be released without the need of expansions. well. I guess they talked too much and said things they couldn’t sustain. As I see it (after the rage) this exp is for newcomers. I still hope they will prepare something for veteran players.

A lot of people are asking for an extra slot if they already owned the game and I have to say, that is completely fair.

I mean most MMOs, even the F2P ones give free extra characters slots when introducing a new class, assuming players already filled their character slots.

TERA not so long ago added a new class and gave away a free character slot.

For new players like me it’s fine to not get the extra slot, since we get the game for free and can plan around our number of characters limit, but for those who have loyally played the game since launch an extra character slot seems like a fair bonus.

So is HoT going to be a digital upgrade only? No plans for physical boxed copies or Collector’s Editions?

They probably will have…they havent even announced a release date..I believe alot more about the expansion is yet to be announced. 🙂 Just my guess.

Hi Ares,
in the FAQ, Anet says there will not have a collector’s edition like in GW2 release (with rytlock statue and other goodies)
and ultimate collection is only available on digital version.
I check official retailer, but they only offer standart expansion at (the offer will be really available next week June 23th, so i do ot know if this is boxed copie or mailing code)

For a casual PvE player… $50 and no extra slot is shocking enough that it’s making me consider finding another game to occupy my time with 🙁 I get they gotta make money, but because I don’t pay monthly I always throw money in the store when I can to support the game I love playing. I was expecting $30 price tag for a new zone and class… fifty, though? And then on top of that I’d have to spend more money to buy an additional slot? Er. Nope.

hey to say this but I think it be nice if you buy the higher prices one you could get a lvl 80 character or have a current toon boosted to 80. Would make getting the new revenant to instant lvl 80 and being able to play them sooner better

It is not really difficult to stack enough tomes of knowledge and daily experience scrolls to get an instant 80 character if you really want to have one. I rather look forward to the leveling experience with an new class 🙂

If you played even normally, you should already have enough items to boost 2 character from 2 to 80.May be even 4 if you play the story mode for the exp, lion keys, items.

im willing to bet theyll release a cheaper version when it actually launches. this pre-purchase is just to cash in on the hype.


May be not cheaper, I think the new upgrade option is 5000 / 7500 GEMs after launches.
Sure there may be some discount events after 6 mouths/ one year…

thats pretty pessimistic of you, considering 50 bucks is worth 4000 gems.

based on all the hate its getting, theyll probably drop it down to 30. if they dont drop it at all, theyll probably suffer significant losses. its in their best interests to give on this.

The content is worth or not is subjective, there is no stardard answer: A lot of player already pre-purchase it.
But the unfair is clearly objective, that is what make people feel uncomfortable. Don’t think ANet will lower the price as this will involve refund.
Giving one/two character slots make more sense.

They arent suffering losses here, they are making gains despite the negativity on the boards (negativity that is always there)

Haven’t seen it mentioned yet, but do consider that new players who get a free copy with HoT will have to buy LW Season 2 to understand what is going on.

In playing the game, I meet hundreds of other characters everyday. My wife and I played GW1 before 2. I have never once heard anyone talk about what a crappy game GW2 is.
EXCEPT here on the comments board. Have to wonder how many actually play……

There is a ton of people playing, yesterday I started over in a new homeworld, every oddball name I have ever used in an MMO was already taken and 5 homeworlds were full and about 2 dozen had a very high population.
No one is saying how GW2 is a horrible game, they are saying how this pre-order deal seems greedy and how it favors new players while seemingly give nothing to old players.
Hell the free core game with the expansion can’t even be gifted to a friend who would like to try the game, new player gets the core game for free, old players who kept the game alive? Nothing…
Hence the outrage.

We paid $75 for GW2 3/4 years ago. Haven’t been required to pay another penny. The game IS much more than it was when we bought it. We probably average 2 hr per day. So 2,000 to 3,000 hrs of enjoyment each. How could we possibly think that A-net owes us ANYTHING!

OLD players have gotten 3 years of playing. New players can never get that.

It isn’t like they decided we have to pay $10 per month to play. Everyone who has bought GW2 has gotten what they paid for! A-net doesn’t owe us anything more…..

Some veterans are asking for “freebies”, but a majority of us are upset about the PRINCIPLE of how ANET handled the packaging.

When an expansion comes out and there’s a new class, profession, or race, 99% of the time, the normal purchase price includes an extra character slot and that’s what GW1 did with several of their expansions. The upgrade for HoT only includes Digital codes to get you shinies and THEN a character slot. At a whopping $25-40 more per upgrade, seriously?

No one is complaining how crappy GW2 itself is. The game is beautiful, the original content is hefty. Map is huge. Community large and strong

People are complaining with how SHADY Anet is with their treatment of GW2 such as:

Releasing content at a trickling pace; Bare-boned content relating to guild stuff that is now coming out when it should have been out since the beginning; Their back and forth with how to handle the Living Story content; Gem Store practices; and the bugs and pet/minion AI that they have yet to improve on.

GW2 is awesome, but everyone knows that this game has so much potential to be GREAT, but the execs at Anet and NCSoft are way too greedy to let everything out of the bag of what should have been a true GW2 experience that we deserve. Remember watching The Manifesto before this game came out? Yeah, the spirit behind that is definitely not in the way the company is letting this game be as it progressed through the years.

ppl need to eat also!!! more than greed is about finding the perfect balance between clients/company, that is no where to be easy…

Game is great im only worried about lag on servers at wvw, ltso spikes been hapenin, ill play the 50 buks gladly im only worried what to do with the extra gw2 account that comes :v

There’s really nothing to be “worried” about if you’re already an existing player because you just get upgraded into HoT, not have an “extra” key that gives you another copy of GW2

Although you WILL have another key to another copy of GW2, because the expansion includes the full game.

sooo deluxe and ultimate cost 75 and 100 usd accordingly. And also 75 and 100euros soo people from europe will eventually pay more. nice going!! Also these prices are too high for what it is offered, except if hot is really really massive which i doubt.

I wonder if someone can buy it for you in the US and send you the code.

well thats if you have someone you trust here.

At this point, I think they need to make amends. Throwing out an extra character slot to those that have pre-purchased the standard expansion would go a long way, and it would be even better if they gave an extra skin out to everyone just in attempt to change PR perception. Really, having all this negativity toward the game is not going to attract any new players. Making reparations to the poed vets will help clear up all the negativity and damage done to the GW2 name.

Personally, I think I wouldn’t mind seeing a few keys or BL tickets awarded as a “Thank you for pre-purchasing from ANet” Wouldn’t that raise moral? You log in an see a BL ticket in your in-box 🙂 In addition to a “bonus character slot for HoT standard purchases” would really help their rep.

Or if you visit other areas of the internet, its getting positive press and attracting many people. You might want more but check the numbers, till then we wont know for sure, but if you leave places that agree with your opinion you will find a large number of people hyped and buying this as well. Streamers for example have a huge sway in opinion and I can name you about 10 who said live, this is awesome, this is bringing them back to play and if they come back, they make guilds and they bring in tons more people.

the wallet changes and specializations will apply anyway to all after the release of HoT? What do we get by buying the expansion that we wont have if we dont, if someone can plz let me know

Season 3 is about fighting the plant dragon, don’t think you can do it without the HoT’s New Map…..
A new class.
Some new skills which you only can learn in the New Map.

You loose new Live Story, Elite Specialisations, New Maps, Guild Hall, thats for sure, mb list is not full I don’t know.

You know what would have been a pretty cool revenant finisher? Rytlock walking past and making off with the fallen’s soul ^^

the pricing on this is beyond silly for this expansion. we don’t know how big the actual expansion is, what’s going to fully end up being the game, or how long until they’re going to roll out everything. there’s also the items that we get with what we pre-purchase, which in my opinion is complete garbage for all three tiers. no thank you, i’ll completely miss out in this expansion until they either offer better things or the price is reduced. good luck and have fun to those that do end up buying it.

Some one in england mentioned they got more pre-order bonus then we get not sure how true this is or how to find out

4000 Gems (£42.50 value)
Additional Character Slot
Miniature Revenant Rytlock
Revenant Finisher
Mordremoth’s Bane Guild Hall Decoration
Heart of Thorns Glider Skin

This is what we have on offer here in the UK… this is the Ultimate Collection… the Deluxe is identical but without the gems

prices are: £34.99 Basic
£59.99 Deluxe
£79.99 Ultimate

i suppose the ultimate is the best deal… given the break on Gems… which i do use over time…. but i got 2 people to buy for… so i think im gonna wait and think about it a while

I have to say… It’s much pricier than I was expecting… but no mind… but im definitely gonna be there… and so is my son 😀

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