SWTOR Companions and Operations Info for Fallen Empire soon

SWTOR developers are not ready to talk about companions in Knights of the Fallen Empire or their plans for operations yet but can we expect to hear them soon.

Companions in Fallen Empire | 06.17.2015, 04:14 PM

Hey folks,
Companions…this has certainly been a hot topic on the forums since the Fallen Empire announcement on Monday. I know that you have a lot of questions about them. Everything from "where is X companion?" to "what happens to my Crew Skills?"

On the story side of those questions, Charles Boyd is working on a post to put up today or tomorrow about that. For those questions about the mechanics of what will happen in the beginning of Fallen Empire, I don’t have those answers for you today. However, as we get to Gamescom, we will be talking a lot more about your characters’ Alliance. That will tie very closely to Companions and should answer many of the questions you have.

Thanks everyone.


Fallen Empire and Implications on Current Raiding | 06.17.2015, 03:17 PM

Hey folks,

Lots of good questions around Operations! I am not going to go into details right now but, we have plans for Operations that we are pretty excited about. We will be releasing a blog in the coming weeks which should answer many of the questions that you have right now.


Major concern | 06.17.2015, 06:29 PM

Originally Posted by SebastiaanZ

My major concern with the new expansion is that I cannot return to old planets. I love traveling there and you have proven with the Korriban and Tython flashpoint you can make it happen. So can you please confirm that we can return to old planets even after being frozen in carbonite and not been there for years?

Confirmed, you can still return to old planets.


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Actually, most of the complaints/concerns from my guild are not about “Current Raiding.” Most of the players that are heavily involved in progression raiding just don’t want to go back to old operations that have been upgraded to 60+. They want new ops. Unless they have new ops added with the Fallen Empire story content, they said there is no reason to continue their subscriptions.

While I love the idea of more story, an operation or two would make it that much better. The point is to play an MMO, and even if they’re focusing on story, they should really be putting parts of it into some raids. Like you, Zap, I don’t want to do those old ops at 65 for months until they finally feel ready to move their efforts to something more relevant to their game’s genre.

i dont think adding new ops is the best option at this moment.i think they should wait until next year(at least) with new ops,so more players can master lvl60 ops at least SM not to mention HM. there are only few players that can do lvl60 ops on HM

I love the story but the operations are the most important to me when it comes to keeping my subscription active. No matter how good the story is, no matter how long it is, it will eventually end. Since the story will be the same for each toon, there is no incentive to play it more than twice to see every outcome. Here the operations come into play. They encourage me to keep my sub active to play them every week, to gear up, to progress, to have fun with guildmates.

Take that away and I won’t see a reason to have sub longer than just for October and for the month when the last chapter is released to play chapters 10-16 all at once.

now for the story and raiding you dont need to be sub,you can easily do it as preff player and for the expansion i will go with 1 month subcription at the beginig and then i ll want until last chapter of story is released

So Daniel I would ask this as this is a concern of mine. I don’t plan on subbing. So should I just wait till all the chapters are out and then Sub?

what do you mean by all the chapters are out?? you mean capter 1-16 or 10-16?? beceause i plan sub at october and then after 16th chapter is released

I guess you can say 1-16 if that’s how they are doing it. From what I read on the FAQ of the swtor website when you sub after October you get the chapters up to date. So I’m guessing that’s how it goes.

in october you get chapters 1-9 and the rest starting at the begining of 2016 every month 1 chapter


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agree and how did we get frozen? Like your guys,mine is my main sorc is maxed geared and is by bae,i would figure it be kinda hard 2 beat him and are we still married to that certain companion or do we start fresh with our love life? Excuse me for the random questions but I agree what is the time frame?

Saw few speculation like 5 – 10 years. I would hope it’s 3 – 5. Speculation was made on Lana new look, doesn’t same much older so can’t be really that long but then again >>the force << but yeah I hope it isn't that long.

I would say romance still sticks I hope it's like mass effect was reminiscing bout the love life with the companion you had a romance with and can decide to continue it or not.

Also wondering bout certain characters who have been elevated to certain status such as spoilersss dark council members, Jedi council depending on your choice. Have you lost those seats, been replaced or just absent.

Was it our faction that had us frozen or the enemy. Hope we get answers soon, too excited for this.

think it’ll be more around 20. Considering the emperor got his physical form, moved to zakuul, created the twins. That and the battles on the different planets…

That’s if he is our former emperor who took over a host. but my own speculation says he is not, and is infact a different emperor resided within Rishi maze who has been there for as long as possible building his empire to take over the galaxy.

This long wait is killing me Lol but assuming patch 3.3 is continuing where we left of with ziost we might get a clearer answer about vitiate.

I watched a video saying they new infinite empire put you in carbonite, because they saw you as a liability. So BioWare is making it official that a Dark Council member, Wrath, Jedi council member and Jedi Battlemaster all got their butts handed to them and defeated.. This makes them more pathetic than it would be to just have them busy battling in the inner rim. Not captured and frozen like a prized fool..

Also heard that companions you romanced it the past will automatically now know you cheated on them, and just waited till now to complain?! What the Hell >.< Bioware are complete morons…

I hope we get the chance to boot and replace companions we don’t like. Some companions have MOs that have the potential to clash messily with certain PC MO options. Example: LT. Pierce with light sith warrior or pirate commodore smuggler with Corso Riggs.

That bastard Skadge said he would try and kill me in the future. Looks like that piece of filth is finally going out the airlock.

Before. Yavin 4 stronghold is coming with 3.3. The plan is to bring the Togruta race along with 3.3 but they cannot gaurentee it yet.

i think Togruta wont be at 3.3,if i remember correctly for 3.3 they are focusing on pvp and yavin stronghold,so Togruta should be added later

I think what you have to ask yourself, is Did they say they getting rid of guilds, factions, or the old planets in the annoucment? No, then assume they are staying.

no but look i tought after lvl 60 they would get kinda get rid off factions so i whas just wondering if there where any changes to guilds at lvl 60

In regards to empire/rep fall? I don’t think guilds will be effected, dont think anything will be effected out of the story it self. So fleets will stay, guilds will stay etc… But only time will tell.

I wonder if I should take all the gear off of my current companions, right before the release, and store it in my cargo hold…just in case?

There is no rent in Strongholds they are bought completely from the start.

But you should take all the keys from your companions in case they decide to steal everything from it and run away.

OH NO,who’s gonna feed all my mounts and pets. Even worse who’s gonna dance with my twilik dancers DX
(I would hope ppl understand I’m joking”

why is can underlined? Am I reading to much into it? But will those places be altered like how cataclysm altered WoW?

I think he meant that it is optional. If you don’t want to break your immersion, you don’t need to travel to those planets. No one is forcing you or stopping you to go to those planets.

So after (ostensibly) years and years of carbonite imprisonment, Balmorra will still be torn by a war against the Empire, Belsavis will still be struggling with inmate uprise, etc.? Because that’d be a major hit to the world’s unternal consistency.
I mean, if you let the KotFE toons on old planets, they’d have to see the same thing as the pre-KotFE toons. Unless they’re making a separate instance of each planet just for those who are ahead in the TOR timeline.

Oh you silly…
We won’t get anything like a separate instance with edited looks of the map, as BioWare is working on SW:TOR for EA!
If we do thou, I’ll eat my TT-17A Hydra helmet.

it would be nice to see planets as an other instance, but it probably would turn out like ziost did, that people would continously want to go back to the original planet to complete achievements on high level.

Yep… that’s why Bioware should never have done a ‘story driven’ MMO. But just done KOTOR 3 and a SWG sandbox style MMO instead.

I always felt they were making things difficult for themselves, and us, by doing things this way, as fun though the game has been. :/

If you can’t pretend that the timeline is forward on your level 60 toon that is a personal problem.

KotOR was an amazing series, and SWTOR has only ever complemented that story.

Fuck SWG. Not everyone likes sandbox style MMO’s. Often sandbox MMO’s become directionless with little to do with overarching story line. Star Wars is all about story, so I am glad that piece of shit SWG is dead, and it is never coming back. Get over it.

Quite far from being dead, SWG has multiple EMU’s, both pre-CU and post-NGE. Several members of the guild I am in play on the pre-CU Bloodfin server, having abandoned SWTOR because it became lifeless and repetitive. I have to say I am considering joining them in addiction to playing SWTOR on the side.

Playing through a story is not something that is always conducive to group activities, as the KotFE proves, as playing solo is a requirement for its storyline. Yet what exactly is an MMO if not one huge group activity?

I’m not entirely sure why you are so disdainful of SWG, though I would counter that in a ‘virtual world’ direction and story are largely irrelevant, the idea is simply to live in the world as you please, and SWG was very good at that. After all Bioware did introduce, after much requesting, player housing, which is a sandbox feature so they recognized the value of that to the player base. All one needs to do is look at the popularity of Minecraft to see that given the opportunity to make their own fun, people will do that quite happily, story or not.

As a single player game SWTOR would have been magnificent, but as an MMO the story is hamstrung by the necessity to have story choices which cannot affect the planets or other peoples play, leading to a dead and lifeless feeling environment for a story driven game.

And the MMO side is hamstrung because of the need to have so many different story only instances which and cannot be explored or enjoyed by players of other classes as well as the painfully small, linear, compartmentalized and lifeless planets which encourage single player, not multiplayer gameplay.

Could it be possible they will do like they did on Zoist, have two different instances not blown up and blown up?

What’s the problem? You can still go receive missions from Darth Malgus and talk to him. Even though he’s supposed to be dead for a few years now.

To avoid preventing players from returning forever, they have the option to go back to the static planets, but it’s not a key part of the story. I think that’s just BW trying to maintain the best of both worlds – evolving story, without blocking players from revisiting past locations. Instancing can be problematic (although it does open some interesting opportunities) and they risk breaking older planets in regard to the leveling process without it.

No one “has” to do anything. Don’t go back to any of the old planets if you don’t want to….problem solved….crisis averted.

So after defeating Revan on Yavn you can go back in time and do it every week. Then you can go farther back and defeat him and HK in the Foundery as many times as you want. Then you can go forward in time and defeat HK as many times as you want in The Fasle Emperor. You can go back to every planet and do the same Heroics every day. That Mando on DK sure doesn’t learn not to issue that Personal Challenge. I fail to see your point.

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