SWTOR KotFE Story and Companions

SWTOR Lead Writer Charles Boyd went on the forums to expand a bit on the story and companions for Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

KOTFE Story and Companions | 06.17.2015, 07:08 PM

Hey folks!
Seeing all of the discussion around our Knights of the Fallen Empire announcement has been awesome! It means a lot to the writing team to see how much y’all care about the details of the story and characters of SWTOR, and all of the insightful questions and debates that flow from that. I’m here to hopefully shed a bit of light on a few of the most common questions I’ve seen.

Up front, I think the best answer I can give to any story question is that it’s always best to wait and see how the story itself will answer it. I personally just hate giving out spoilers, so I won’t be doing that here. I promise, the main storyline of KOTFE is all about the things y’all have been asking, and October is going to be here very soon. In the meantime, though, let’s see if we can’t at least clarify a couple of things now:

  • The Outlander: your character’s past will be a key part of their identity as the Outlander moving forward. The choices you’ve made, romances you’ve pursued, your class, etc are all a part of who your character is, and those decisions will be honored in KOTFE; often in unexpected ways. How that works for characters who are created at level 60 is something we’ll dive into in the future, but we will not be setting a “canon” version of any class or world storyline. Your choices matter – that’s at the heart of our storytelling philosophy at Bioware.
  • Companions: there’s a ton of stuff going on with companions in this release, and we’re not ready to dive into most of it just yet. What I can say is that past companions will return in the story, sometimes as very critical parts of the overall story shared by all Outlanders. Which classes can recruit which characters, who can be romanced, who can you kill and who might betray you? You’ll have to play and see  Finally, I’ve seen a lot of people referencing the KOTFE page’s character list as a list of companions – not everyone on that list will become a companion, and not every companion in the story is included in that list.
  • Valkorion: who is this guy? What happened to that other Emperor? Aren’t they both actually Jadus, who’s secretly Kephess, who’s actually a mutated clone of Kai Zykken created by Fez Burba for the Star Cabal’s secret war against the Shroud? OK, so I actually haven’t seen that theory, but IT’S ALL TRUE TELL EVERYONE BEFORE IT’S TOO LA—-

[Charles had to take a few days off to relax, but he’ll be back in time to answer more questions at our Community Cantina event at San Diego Comic Con next month! – Musco]

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257 replies on “SWTOR KotFE Story and Companions”

The fuck… That answered nothing. Nothing… Still leaves us with why is this guy’s name Valkorian and not vitiate. What happens to our companions gear, affection, etc. And what pretty much every other question about the story and companions that can’t be gleaned from the original annoucment.

Pretty much my take on it! I get it’s still early, but things like that should have already been thought out to SOME extent.

The devs obviously don’t want to share that just yet, they want to milk the hype a little (or a lot) and leave it a mystery until release. OR Charles really did have a breakdown with the Kephess theory and has to take some time off…

I suspect that companion gear will be untouched, or failing that, when you start Fallen Empire, you receive it all to clog up your inventory with.
More interesting to me, is crew skills. If my companions all scatter about the galaxy, how will I send my minions out to dig through junk?

Agreed. I’d really like to see RPers/fan-fic writers thrown a bone regarding the passage of time.

Guys it actually answer one question I had been dreading, which is = there is not a single standard “Outlander” story line.
This is pretty huge, since it makes it Worth while to do the new story on all my characters not just once and move on like Ziost.
If it’s a continuation of the class story line I’m looking forward to completing the new content on all my lvl 60s, not just the one.

They’ve already said there are new class stories…And as they’re raising the level cap, you’d need to do it anyway.

From the sounds of it, some of the storylines will be inspired your characters existing relationships with the companions you had, so depending on how your various toons treated certain companions, they might have entirely different reactions to your return in the story.

Whatever the case – I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store.

You mean you didn’t get 10k affection with him in 2 hours with his +500 boosts for the slightest dark side act? =D

Yeah, I’ve got a lot of butt-kissing and gift-giving to do with a LOT of my toons now.

Well, at least I’ve got a new quest?

Now I only have one question that needs answering: We’ll we have a “prelude to KoTFE” like story line like we did for SoR?
They would be foolish not to, it would hype the expansion even more!

I don’t remember at this point which of my characters married a companion, so that will be an interesting revelation if it comes up. 🙂 Personally, I would actually PAY for this expansion if it meant I could finally deliver terrible, well-deserved justice upon a despised “companion” who betrayed me and tried to kill me! If they include that for free, I’ll be a happy camper.

I married Quinn before he did the terrible thing…. and when he did, it gave a choice, which I took, that we would never sleep together again. Then I threw him against the wall and force choked him lol

Hope you make up a good plan how to compensate for the tons of companion gifts that I needed to bring most of the companions on all of my 15 toons to 10,000 affiliation. I’m not willing, to money sink another billion of these things in an annoying click-an-wait adventure just because BW decided to streamline companions, stories and god knows what else.

The outcry if existing companions lost all their affection rating would be unholy, so I don’t think that will happen. My guess is there will be a roster of “active” and “inactive” companions. All our current companions will start the expansion as “inactive”, and when we reacquire them, they can be moved to “active” status, with all their previous affection intact. New companions, from the expansion or from other classes, will start at zero affection and have to be increased as normal.

Even if the companions are killed I’m willing to bet that, at least for crafting purposes, we’ll have access to max affection equivalents, including effiency and crit stats.
It would be too big an insult to crafters, who already have it bad, to just up and remove companions and their crafting abilities.

None of the companions I want to kill provide any benefit to me as a crafter, so their deaths will be purely enjoyable. 🙂

Same for me, Quinn is already dead to me.
Hell I have him in the infected costumization, my head cannon is that after his betrayal he was killed then brought back as mindless Healing zombie.
The thing is, what f we don’t *have* control on which of our companions die?
What if, for drama, one of the companions we have to watch die in Sophie’s Choice kind of situation is 2 maxed affection companions?

All of mine are maxed, and nobody I want to grease offers a Crit bonus to crafting. Now if they try to make me kill someone with Crit vs. someone with Efficiency… so long, Efficiency!

My companion murder wish list right now is:

Quinn – He knows what he did.
Vector – Hive-mind abomination, purge the unclean xenos!
Skadge – Lazy, ungrateful, belligerent space rapist that no one will miss.
Iresso – Because no one even remembers he exists.

Lokin transforms all the time and no one bats an eyelash, Vector has bug eyes and everyone loses their minds.

Poor M14X has to die, just because his animations and movement are so bad. Just the worst. WTB alternate warbot options for him…something in a Liberty Prime, do revanites count as commy scum?

Sounds about right. Add Jessa to that list too. Whiny Bitch! I can’t stand her.

Sounds like you have Light Side Jaesa, rather than the hedonist Dark Side version.

Dark side Jessa is so evil, makes me look like a saint! Light side jessa is so damn whiny OMG it makes my ears bleed.

Iresso is cool though. I might keep him. Doc is cool, Jorgan, My kitty (i have thought some unclean things ROFL)! Tanno i want the chance to punch in the face again for making me do his dirty work, Quinn needs to die! period! Betrayal = death! Skadge, OMG where do i start with him, let’s just throw him out the airlock and be done with it. Mako is the coolest chick ever! Vett is cool. Ashara, OMG she is whiny too. Listen, your master is dead, you serve ME now, STOP WHINING! I have a pureblood just to smack her when she starts her crap!

would be fair. otherwise I’d probably quit the game. Wouldn’t want the micro management again because of BW’s laziness.

I know, right? This didn’t answer ANY questions. They just said wait til later. Screw later, i want NOW!

Only bioware could release a post about releasing a post with info only for that info to be we can’t talk about it at the moment lol

This told us NOTHING that we already didn’t know. I hate waiting…….but i swear, if Bioware screws up my Comps after working so hard to max them out on every freaking level and toon and everything else, i might riot.

This actually didn’t tell us NOTHING…it just didn’t tell us much at all. Everyone needs to stop crying and whining and complaining (impossible..I know). I want info as much as everyone else and I was quite critical of the poor press release but let’s move on people. Quit all the doom and gloom assumptions of what you’ll lose (since most of what you’re all saying is absurd). I swear the SWTOR community..or at least the most vocal parts of it, are nothing but a bunch of whiny, greedy, bitchy, basement dwelling d-bags.

October isn’t that far away.

” I swear the SWTOR community..or at least the most vocal parts of it,
are nothing but a bunch of whiny, greedy, bitchy, basement dwelling

That would be the gaming community, and Hi! Welcome to the Internet. You must be new here.


haha we are gonna find out that Charles was never heard from again,he was banished to live with the JarJars. A fate that is worse than death XD

I have a few theories about how this will play out with the story but a few questions still remain. I am interested at how they will end out the current story with the Emperor (last we all saw, he freaking destroyed a planet and has yet to be caught) not to mention he is not in a human body (Yeah i guess we catch a jar of air and hope we got him). I think doing a pre-lude like they did with SoR would be a good start. and we all know that when you lose an emperor (in this case) a vacuum of power takes effect. Is this the cause or something different? So many questions and theories about it. Here’s another tidbit to chew on. If the Sith and Jedi have retreated to their temples, The other classes don’t have temple, where do they go? where will they start at? A space station? another version of Fleet? just sayin……..

Gee. I kinda wish I remembered what choices I’ve made for my characters…Leveling up was years ago by now…

Maybe it would be nice to finally implement the ability to replay your class quest with this expansion?
And no. rerolling is not a practical option.This is an MMO, Not a single player RPG.

You’re never going to be able to replay your class quests as an existing character. They’ve explained it before talking about how there are too many variables, flags, checkboxes, etc, that get checked off during the gameplay process that are impossible to go back and reset.

Rerolling may not be a practical option but it’s the only possible solution with the way these types of games are designed.

then explain how dailies work, also ive never ever seen them say that but that they have no plans yet to implement this.

Just like how this new expansion focus’ primarily on story there should be a single player/offline mode, no exp, replay story option.

I’d just be perfectly content with the option to watch the class story cutscenes with the choices I made. Because I can’t rememeber half of them across 8 classes.

reveals new xpac, says more info coming soon, creates post saying a post is being created which is coming soon. Finally gets post, post saying coming soon.

Ideal scenario would be the ability to pick and choose from among all companions. Lemmesee… I’ll take Guss for heals, Akavi for my melee dps, Gault for my ranged dps, Tanno for melee tank, and Blizz for ranged tank. The most rag-tag band of mercs this side of Geonosis.

ew no. Dark Side Jaesa or Ashara for MDPS, Vette for RDPS, Mako for heals, Pierce for Rtank, andScorpio for Mtank.

I think he’s talking about a Smuggler or a Hunter, not a force user. I was talking about a BH myself.

I didn’t think about Pierce. I would have to say Tanno/Bowdaar for MTank, Pierce for RTank, a toss up between Doc/Mako for heals, HK-51 for RDPS and Yuun for MDPS.

Yeah, Bowdaar has a definite edge in the awesome department, being a Wookiee and all. That’s a tough call. Vette isn’t bad either, I just enjoy Gault’s commentary.

I’d build a droid army.
C2N2 for heals, HK-51 for RDPS, Akavi Spar (with cyborg armor) for MDPS, M1-4x for Rtank, and Scorpio for Mtank

Scorpio makes me giggle, why put breasts on a droid? I have turned all my companions into droids a long time ago. If I see them again in the storyline they are gonna be mad I threw away their meatforms.

There are some really good helmets for droidheads too. Ravager helmet is one, Phantom helmet, even that lvl 47 silverfaced one for sages.

I only use the yellow set, and the set with the fully robot chest and legs though! All those meatpart ones are bleh…and then different robotty helmets.

“why put breasts on a droid”, cuz it’s female…Jesus u guys r truly emotionally and psychically troubled…or just plain gay idk.

Robots don’t have private parts. 3po units have male and female sounding voices but do not gender identify. They are robots. Even you called “her” an it.

“Robots don’t have private parts. 3po units have male and female sounding voices but do not gender identify” Lol, dude theyre not real! However, the actual real robots humans have invented do “gender identify” lol there’s female robots.

Ur truly messed up mentally lol. Tell us more abt ur invisible “Robots don’t have private parts” lol!

You really shouldn’t acknowledge him. You’re doing what he wants you to do :’)

Eventually though, enough, has to be enough. The standard “Don’t feed the Trolls” BS is just a bandaid. Instead…why suffer trolls at all?

Because Dulfy doesn’t have the balls (or the tools) to properly ban people on her forums/site whatever the fuck this thing is. Its kinda fucking hilarious and sad if you think about it.

And judging by what I’ve seen, even if she “banned” his Disqus account he could just come back under a guest account and do the same thing.

I imagine living a life like yours, where the only moments that bring me any joy, or levity are the moments other people hate me, and want me removed, and it makes me really sad for you. I hope one day you find something worthwhile, before you end yourself.

Lol love how u edited ur moronic comment no matter its quoted for posterity further below. U a fag, right? lol

I wld think most of u wld be familiar with female blowup dolls and wld be able to transfer that to a robot but with u internet shut-ins u can nvr tell haha

Scorpio is actually an AI. If you max her affection, you can see her computer form in some of the cutscenes, which is female and much more organic looking.

(You can also flirt with her if your character is male)

This makes slightly more sense. Cept they aren’t really functional…maybe they are though. Extra power units or something.

“sometimes as very critical parts of the overall story shared by all Outlanders”

“Overall story shared by all outlanders”… if they said before play one of the 8 class stories, i hope they are not just going to be a side quest mission like on rishi before, and we all share the same missions…

that would be boring

I think the stuff mentioning 8 class stories was more focused on their massive streamlining of the current class stories they’re planning to – it was mentioned in articles since added to the main info page shared on Dulfy 🙂
I don’t doubt there will be story stuff here, but from what it seems they are planning a Mass Effect style thing – you’re the only one there, all your past is what matters. So in effect this entire expansion will be your ‘class story’. Whereas in the current world all the classes exist and there is a set ‘canon’ as it were.

i just want to marry former Watcher two, keeper afterwards and according to rishi (SPOILER!) a brain dmged and on-rehabilitation Shara Jenn! Just. Let. Me. plz.bioware

I just want to see Keeper again. His whole thing on Rishi REEKED of bullshit. ‘I’m retired and you’ll never see me again. By the way, you’re being promoted and here are your new duties.’ Then you get follow-up mail.

It would be totally in character for him to show up again STILL with intelligence.

tbh i dont care about this baldy minister… im speaking about the girl which was supporting you with details the whole story.. i was really looking to have her as romanceable companion or in-game marry-able char (like the voss thingy…) instead she almost died.. poor girl..

Melisandre will bring him back to life and get killed by Davos once he learns of what happened to Shireen.

Not bad actually, for either the show or the books. But in the books, we have yet to see the results of Stannis’s march so that may be different than what happened.

Death seems super permanent so far in GoT so far though, unless you are serving the many faced god I guess…sort of. Are we counting zombie armies?

If you read books….they’re actually fucking amazing. After I watched the first season I read all the books in like three months simply because I couldn’t put them down with any bit of free time I had.

Well, I hope with my sin the lone companion who wakes me is either Ashara or Talos. Those are the best ones I have geared…and the third most geared (Andronikos) is way behind them.

God, r sins still the WORST tanks of any mmo or expansion? lol a tank in light armor can we say wipe after wipe after wipe after…

God, Spruce Troll is back…. Go away, now, shiteater. Nobody likes you and nobody cares what you think.

Funny, I actually run sins as my primary tanks… Is it possible you don’t know how to play them?

Currently yes, they are the worst tanks. But they are still viable. They’ve just had their traits stripped from them, and given to other tanks.

Does anybody think the “outlander” story will make it to where imps and pubs can group up for content?

Its really a shame. Cross faction grouping was something I and my people were really looking forward to. It would have solved a lot of issues in pvp and pve grouping, and would have been really cool. We figured with all the references to cooperation in the current story line that it was almost a guarantee that they would give us cross faction grouping in the near future. Honestly, this “largest expansion” to date just seems to be more hyped up bs. We were hoping for a NGE and basically what we are getting is a premature level cap, a new ability, and more story that most people will spacebar through after one toon finishes it. At least its “free” I guess. Hopefully that swtor 2 rumor will come to pass before too long. Swtor has been fail after fail since launch. I knew the bioware team would have a learning curve in developing their first mmo…but ffs…its been three years +. All I can say is that EA/BIOWARE better be counting their blessings…if it wasn’t for the Star Wars name, this game would have died long ago…

“Extremely profitable” is debatable….if there was a star wars mmo that wasn’t full of bugs, had a working non prototype engine, and had meaningful content, THAT would be extremely profitable.

There was a rumor mill posted by some guy on reddit over a year ago that said swtor 2 was already in development. It also contained info about the 3.0 expansion months before it was on pts…so its just a rumor yes, but he was right about other stuff…

I honestly believe that this game, has turned into a testing ground for bioware to make a sequel because it has never lived up to expectations…of the dev or the player base.

I mean look at the fiasco they had with the last two sets of operations. Bugged to shit for months…..and now they are upping the level cap after only 10 months…i wouldn’t be surprised at all if a swtor 2 is announced by the end of next year. I pray it is.

“mmo that wasn’t full of bugs”

That’s cute you think that is possible, cute and devoid of any intellect. No wonder you actually want an NGE…

Believe it or not…some devs see a bug and actually fix them….we have bugs that have been here since launch, and the last two sets of operations had bugs that gave people free top tier gear…for months. Broken engine, broken mechanics, and sloppy programming…a nge would have been wonderful. A soon to come sequel that is worthy of the star wars name would be a blessing.

correct. And I doubt that the figures are comparable at all: 2013 figures seem to be full year, 2014 figures exclude quarter IV. MMO Revenue worldwide is 2014 7,794 millions and 2013 less than half. I doubt that yearly revenues have skirocketed in one year by +270%.
I believe SWTOR has lost turnover, right. But the figures are crap.

Thanks for sharing. Sort of re-affirms why the inquisitor/counselor always winds up better off in the nerf/buff revisions. We are playing a game from their perspective or as parts in their story.

To make a new game that’s even more profitable.

But I have the distinct impression that Fallen Empire may have started out as “SWTOR 2” and was retooled/reconfigured to become a mega-expansion for SWTOR instead.

“more profitable.”

Would mean spending 10s of millions to 100+ plus on a new game first.

Someone, aka you, can’t think things through.

It just kind of feels that way to me. Though if any changeover happened, it obviously happened very early in development.

This is just my theory, but maybe there is reason besides possible lore-breaking alliances that they can’t implement cross-faction group content. Maybe game mechanics prevent it. I’ve noticed, for instance, when I was in an OPS group with fellow Imps, some were PVP tagged. No problems there. However, what if I was (hypothetically) in an OPS group with Pubs as well and some were PVP tagged. If I use an AoE ability, besides the boss, wouldn’t it hit them as well? If my attacks hit opposite faction players while they were tanking the boss, they would probably die, making a wipe more likely. This, of course, would mean cross-faction OPS groups would wipe more often if players were PVP tagged. I know this may seem like a small issue, but maybe it has something to do with it. Again, this is just a theory. Just wanted to throw this out there.

I’m sure that would be an issue, but I’m also sure that programmers could make it a non issue. As for the lore, we already have cooperation in the story line. I’m sure they could work it out so that the people who approve cannon would be satisfied.

Not white knighting or anything, but there are probably other issues we are not aware of. Basically, I don’t think we have enough knowledge about the game’s internal mechanics to make proper judgments.

Well im sure wikipedia has an article about the internal biology of the hamsters they use to run this games engine…probably not that much to it….

Yeah, but this game is not galaxies….a nge could have made it more like galaxies…and im sure a lot of people would have loved that.

All I wanted to know is “does the affection for our crafting comps stay in place”? I didn’t see anything in the article that specified.

“Your choices matter – that’s at the heart of our storytelling philosophy at Bioware.”

… I LOL’d.

I know right! I mean look at the Mass effect games in the end it didn’t matter what you did the ending was about the same across the board… Just get a different color light… so ya I’ll believe that when I see it…

If you think Mass Effect has a bad ending just because you got three color variations of the same things, you’re either stupid or ignorant. Inform yourself, BW had very different plans for the ending, but greedy EA pushed them for a Christmas release to earn more money. In poor words they had originally planned to invest six (6) months into the ending alone, yet they were forced to rewrite and rework the whole ending in less than two (2) months to satisfy their greedy publisher’s request. That meant altering the whole ending part of the script which lead to what we got in the retail game+extended dlc. With the time they had left, BW did an impressive job with the ending. Sure, it’s not a masterpiece like the test of the trilogy, but it’s good enough.

Ya I know it was rushed but still the ending was bad, but that wasn’t the only thing. In the older Mass Effect games your character never talked unless you choose a dialogue options. In the third Mass Effect your character would say a whole paragraph without you even choosing any dialogue. I couldn’t stand that in ME3. I mean it was a good game just not as good as ME2, and I know how bad EA is about rushing things… you would think by now they would learn from past mistakes.

Source for the six months into two months thing?

And really, if you don’t have a good idea where you were heading with your ending before you even start writing the final volume of your trilogy…given the vagaries of any game development projects timelines you really should be working on that ending long before the game is half completed.

The ending was bad for more than Hudson’s snake oil salesmanship (something I’d already noted about him from ME2 add on hype) since it was a total volte face from the theme’s the series had championed to that point and the already hinted at direction that I’m sure was the original main story writers intent (Mass effect tech/biotics having a detrimental effect on stellar lifespans etc)

People! You’re using one game’s ending to say Bioware doesn’t have choices matter. Have you not played SWTOR? Every class has choices that affect the story and for many of them it changes the ending. Therefore based on the history of the game one should be excited for the continued storytelling coming up.

Really a little unfair to compare the latter half of ME3 to ME2, or even the earlier part of ME3. ME2 was my second favorite BW game (after KotOR), and I think it was pretty well-done and polished most of the things that were wrong with the first one. The first half of ME3 is fun and sort of felt like a bit of a romp to me, where the latter half felt like it was just finding a shitload of ways to foreshadow Shep’s death.

“If you think Mass Effect has a bad ending just because you got three color variations of the same things, you’re either stupid or ignorant”.
It’s not the three-colors thing directly. That *was* bad, but what made the endings truly horrible was all the hype, all the buildup, ALL OF THE FULLY DOCUMENTED LIES TOLD BY BIOWARE about what the ending WOULD NOT BE, only to be given EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID IT WOULD NOT BE.
Where your choices meant fuckall, and you got a hot steaming turd on a plate. It doesn’t matter if this was because of EA breathing down their necks or not, it was a BioWare game, and they promised things they failed to deliver. EA had plenty of demonstrated bad behavior on file long before BW climbed into bed with them, so that is no excuse.

You can’t sleep with a diseased whore and then complain because you get herpes or crabs. You knew what was at risk going into it. BW made a lot of promises and failed to live up to their word. THAT is what made the ending of ME3 such utter shit. Any other factors are irrelevant.

While I would agree with almost all of the classes, the agent does have different endings depending on your choices.


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Seeing as you can Sub for one month and get all the release Chapters of it at that time, then yes $15.00 for one month of Sub, bam, Xpac plus Rise and Shadows if you didnt have them.

Next time pick a grown up, I am far from a spelling/grammar nazi, but you’re an international company, and “Y’all” look like retarded hicks.

As redneck and trashy as it sounds they are based in TEXAS and in texas that is a frequently Used word and at some schools they allow the use of that word because it has become so widely used in there culture. How do I know this you may ask i lived in that hot humid hell hole for 7 years. So where ever your are from keep your opinions to yourself. Calling them names on dulfys website does nothing but spread a bad name for the game.

Didn’t realize twerking was a “retarded hick” word, nor did I realize that it’s inappropriate for someone to not come across as superficial. Truly fascinating.

Whether or not it’s in the dictionary doesn’t actually have anything to do with that. In international English you could argue that it doesn’t really make you sound intelligent, but that goes for most slang. I’m not a fan of such slang so to me it makes my eyes, hurt…but we live in free countries so I will explain my thoughts but I’m not going to complain about it.

So i guess just doing the class quests for my juggernaut is a big mistake……doing the planet story quests matter too…..yikes.

Back to the old drawing board. lol

I will need to restart a character then…..hmmm.

It gets boring when they are all gray…..its weird, it can be green, i would do them, but the moment they turn gray, i just delete them and move on.

I will just level up another character and turn off the 12x xp before i do anything.

You can leave it on. I do the planet, class, misc, story flashpoints(once) and heroic with my brother and sister-in-law in a group with 12x and Major XP grant. That is a lot of XP thrown around and as long as you do the planets in order and the quests at the right time you will still see the quests as green level.

Wrong, try again.

I do the quests without the flashpoints, i normally do all the side quests, never skipping them, for the commendations at the very least, but with 12x xp, they just go gray way too fast.

You start with it on and by the time you finish the origin world, you are level 16-17, while the quests are for level 9-10, which you are on the borderlines of, you do one class quest and bam, all quests are gray for a little bit….hell, i was level 35 or so when i first arrived on Alderaan….i was doing just the class quests by this point.

Its safe to say, i look forward when this event ends.

So, does the planetary storyline also matter? And what about all the other quests? I wish there was a clarification on that. Or did I miss it? *too sleepy*

Not sure…
My old companions are gone? And they return in the story as character (npc not a companion, or just a temporary companion) sometimes?

They return as companions, but unlike RoTHC and SoR, companions weren’t involved in the story, like Scourge never made remarks against revan and emperor, no one companion ever said anything unlike the 1-50 class quest, so they are bringing that back companions being part of the story.

Well, we did get occasional commentary from the companions on Makeb, and even less often on Rishi, but it was never relevant to the storyline. Making companions relevant and involved again will be a very welcome change.

You mean during the story or location commentary, like xalex with hover tanks, the hook seven for empire. The destroyed properties and such.

If you mean that, then yes but towards story I Havent seen any, and zero on Rishi. Might look it up

No, I just meant the location chatter, they never talk about the story. There are only two locations on Rishi I know where companions will talk: on the long causeway to the first questgiver on Rishi, and outside the lair of She Who Greedily Devours. Not all the companions will talk, either. Usually it’s your first companion, or your first non-monster/droid companion, and HK.

Ah yes, Makeb one I did witness. Rishi I haven’t yet. But would be great to start having them back in story.

There are a couple other times on Rishi I remember companions talking, like when you arrive on Slave Island, as well as when arriving on Yavin, but it seems very rare, and only a few companions will speak.

Rishi: Causeway, Devouring Caverns, & slave island
Yavin: Coalition Staging Grounds, Massassi Village, and massassi temple

I believe it’s just the romance companions who speak. If two of that gender are available, only the first speaks (i.e. Vette, but not Jaesa).

Certain characters will also comment at the Rishi village, at the revanite dual faction camp (northernmost entry) and as you enter the revanite spaceport proper. On Yavin again some companions will comment at the training grounds as well as the other locations mentioned.

There seems to be randomness to the triggering mechanism as to wether you will or won’t get a response – or quite possibly it’s simply buggy.

I’ll have to go back with all my characters and see which companions talk and which don’t. The Cavern is the best place for that, I think, since the ones that do speak do so every time you approach the entrance.

I have been doing the class quest for the juggernaut on rischi, there Vowron gives a mission and i as wrath am followed and observed by some robot empire? (forgot the name), could there be a link to the new expension?

In the RISHI class quests. Talos is specifically required for the Inquisitor’s class quest on Rishi. Mako also has dialogue in the Hunter’s.

Although Kaliyo’s commentary there was worth re-gearing her and bringing her along XD

Talos isn’t a romance companion. That’s odd if Mako doesn’t, because she’s a romance companion and the first companion of the Hunter.

Ah yes, was such a small part entirely forgot about that. Wished there was more, stil glad they will bring that back

I like the news, looks exiting, but i make my money with crafting/selling stuff, if my companions are gone, i assume i cannot craft anymore?

Currently yes but I saw in an interview that they are also going to announce something later about how crafting will work with the new expansion so that might actually change.

Interesting… The system has been fudged up since the last patch anything they can do to streamline crafting will be nice. As long as I don’t lose all the sweet companion bonuses we’re good.

Damn! I just knew Fez Burba was actually an evil genius and member of the Illuminati! I just knew it!

Is will be Lana Beniko available as companion? I have sew any screenshot, where she use two lightsabers, but I hope then she was stay as a sorcerer type.
I think, than old companions will be unavailable only in story phase (need to recruit), but when you return to not KotFE areas, you still can use all your companios.
If we can recruit companions from other classes, there will be any limits for them. Inquisitor + Kira or Consular + Xalek, Khem? I have doubt about this. I hope, then companions gear will not be lost during KotFE.

Lana is listed on the site as one the people you interact with and you can romance her in the current game, you even get told I don’t have time for that when you run into her again, which is usually the same as Seriously, we are trying to get work down and you can’t get your mind out of the gutter? in real life. Though it could be the same as the building is burning and you want to stop and have a quickie? though that last one was followed with never mind it will shut you up up faster… lol.

Eric Musco: Hello, I’m here to announce that soon somebody else will give you some informations.

Somebody else: Hello I’m sobody else. I can’t give you any informations now, other that we’ll tell you more on GamesCom.

On Gamescom: Well… we won’t tell you anything… other than: soon we’ll answer your questions…

“Valkorion: who is this guy? What happened to that other Emperor? Aren’t they both actually Jadus, who’s secretly Kephess, who’s actually a mutated clone of Kai Zykken created by Fez Burba for the Star Cabal’s secret war against the Shroud? OK, so I actually haven’t seen that theory, but IT’S ALL TRUE TELL EVERYONE BEFORE IT’S TOO LA—-”
I laughed so hard at this! I think the devs are making fun of the ridiculous fan theories that are posted on the forums!

“Your choices matter — that’s at the heart of our storytelling philosophy at Bioware.”
… Let’s talk about that Mass Effect 3 ending, hey? Seriously. You could not have chosen a worse thing to say to try and ‘encourage’ anticipation here. When it comes to the companions, though, there’s only one thing I truly want. The ability to reuinite those who have taken different paths. Vette & Risha. Doc & Kaliyo. Y’know, all that flavorful backstory there begging to be used.

You’re absolutely right, I can’t believe I forgot those two. I don’t like the big dumb lizard all that much, but he and Mako are a great idea.

I’m going to hope that go more in the direction of or even further than dragon age inquistion, than mass effect… maybe even just make a two button system. yourself and what you want to romance him, her, more than one her, more than one him, or everything that walks past your line of sight. This way I can see if a line of dialog is really cool as text what what they end up saying is totally different and not at all what I wanted my char to say. This way say I have a male avatar and I go up to an npc be it a companion or the girl on the planet with the slugs… and have him plus multiple hers selected, I see the dialog option as flirt him plus her meaning it will cause problems with the current romance options or it simply shows as green due to him plus her is selected… as opposed to Satele Shan’s kid would show up as red with diagle lines through it, like they used for something else. Snicker in the beta you have this really cool line that was over the line they toned down for knights…

All I ever wanted was more companion interaction, and more story. So i’m pretty happy right now.

If I subscribe when the expansion comes out only, can I still get Niko Okarr via cartel coins and still play the expansion?

No. It’s already on SWTOR’s website that tells you that you need to be a subscriber on a certain date, before the Expansion is released. In other words, you have to remain a subscriber up until after July 31. You don’t and you WILL NOT get the companion.

If they do allow you to get Niko Okarr through the CM, it won’t be until much later or otherwise many gamers that remained a subscriber would be pissed off if he went to the CM right upon release. That defeats the point of subscribing to get him in the first place.

I really, really hope that female characters will get better romance options with the new host of companions. I loved the variety of options the male characters get (classic love triangle) and that they have a choice of romantic companions, while the females are pretty much limited to one option.

While it’s not a core focus of the game, and means pretty much nothing after the comp storylines have been completed, it’s still a nice detail to be included rather than an afterthought.

Male smugglers,Agents and Warriors are the only ones with two courtable companions I think. Female Warriors can get a love triangle going and BHs can get married to a noble and still have a thing with pretty boy Mando, idk about the other classes, but with all the NPCs you can hankypanky with, even a choosy lady should be content for now.

I’m glad that they’re including companions more in this expansion. Since I married Elara and helped Jorgan find his squad, nothing much has happened between me and my shipmates.

That’s a good question, but I don’t think they’ll answer it ahead of the expansion. It wouldn’t surprise me if they added “aged” customizations for those companions that might visibly age in 10-20 years (however long the time gap is), but leave the option to keep your companions with their current appearances.

Oh and Bioware / EA, please stop with that one-eye-visible Illuminati crap… (Dark Prince, Rishi pirate hat etc) its just …creepy. Which banks are financing you, exactly?

Its a very specific occult symbolism I don’t wish to be subjected to in a computer game. Bad enough MTV is full of it.

wnat old comp back don’t give a tiny rats a$$ about the new ones you said we could access them now make it happen asap

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