SWTOR No Cross Faction or Third Playable Faction in KotFE

Knights of the Fallen Empire will not feature a third playable faction or cross faction activities.

So then BioWare….. | 06.17.2015, 01:35 PM

Originally Posted by Transcendent

… you intend to introduce a new faction with the expansion.
Will we be able to create a new character aligned to this new faction? Will we see the introduction of 4 new classes to level up and play, with a whole new set of “mirror” abilities, companions etc?
I’m curious.

The new Faction is not playable, but a new Faction within the story.


So then BioWare….. | 06.17.2015, 03:00 PM

Originally Posted by MorgenBlue

Can you clarify if the player factions will be merged? Will pubs and imps be able to play together in warzones, ops, chat, guilds ect..?

Good question! Factions will not be able to play together in group content, as it is now.


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Not much of a surprise. What was surprising was people asking the question especially the first one. Asking if there was going to be 4 new classes. That wasn’t ever going to happen even if they did add a third playable faction

Seems pretty normal. I don’t think anyone seriously expected there to be a new faction or cross-faction.

Cross fa toon is a more reasonable question to ask given the nature of this expansion but asking about 4 new classes and third playable faction was just pointless something that big would have been announced with the expansion and bw made it clear already many times there will be no more class story on the scale of the class stories from 1-50 making it impossible for new classes

True. A third playable faction is much to ask but if you think about it, it doesn’t have to be as crazy as having 5 new classes attached to this new faction but the option to join it at lvl 60+ is less severe. Defecting in essence.

Yeah. That’s how I would want a new playable faction to be anyway. Would be much better to defect than just add 4 new classes causing more balance issues.

Shame it’s not happening that way but this expansion still sounds awesome without new playable faction

I don’t know; with the declaration that both the Empire and the Republic have mostly fallen apart, and that you are in the single role of ‘the Outlander’ for the expansion content regardless of your faction or class, I think it would be reasonable to assume that — while doing the new content — characters would be able to group freely regardless of their original faction.

As I read it, storywise, there is only one Outlander, who presumably gets defrosted by one of the brothers from the trailer, or some such, but each class gets their own set of story missions

The Republic and Empire have fallen and the Galaxy has changed forever, but a smuggler can’t team up with a mercenary ’cause they’re the ENEMY!


And yet Carrick Station and Vaiken Spacedock will be there, unchanged, with Malgus and Satele still handing out missions to go to Athiss, Cademimu, etc. The chronology of the setting is becoming so warped that it’s hard to have any idea what the “present” actually is.

This is the thing that gets me. How the hell are they gonna fit in a ‘new’ time period in the future with sith/rep gone WHEN IT’S ALL GOING TO STILL EXIST EVERYTIME YOU DO A OP/FLASHPOINT OR VISIT THE GODDAMN FLEET!!!

You’re being asinine. Going by what you just said, the players should be really confused each week when they queue to go through Dread Fortress for the umpteenth time. “I thought we downed the Dread Masters last week! How are they still around?!?!?!” Or, how about when the Republic toons finish off the Balmorra story in the Sobrik spaceport? When you walk out of your character’s instance, having beaten the Imperial forces, why are there still Imperial troops in control of Sobrik? Because the city isn’t entirely instanced, duh!

Suspending disbelief is something i’m used to in games, defeating a boss one week and fighting him the next week is part of all games.
However my problem is when EVERYTHING you have is gone, the time line shoots forward god knows how many years, there is NO longer a Sith or Republic, your companions have gone, your playing (what looks like a brilliant new story) and then i’m back on fleet with all the Sith paraphernalia around me.
This is the problem with time jumps, not completing a boss or an instanced mission.
They will have to do something similar to what they did with Zoist.
And if being Asinine means I want to believe my individual characters journey then i’m all for it.

Then don’t visit the ‘goddamn’ fleet or run flashpoints. Ain’t exactly rocket science.
It’s not as though once you run a flashpoint or op now, you get locked out of it on all your characters Imp or Republic – Which if they were having a cast-iron timeline, they would have done.

Don’t visit the Fleet?. Really?
That’s your answer?
How about don’t run any Op’s as well, or any any endgame content with my 10 lvl 60’s……..

Seeing as The Fleet is already stuck at a fixed point in time – Either the latest story point, or the moment you step off your starter planet, it shouldn’t be any more jarring in the future.

And that fixed point in time will be completely wrong with the 65 story progression.
It’s not like completing a Op’s boss or FP, Everything that character knows is gone.
I hope they do a ‘Zoist’ where before you complete the mission it looks one way then after it’s completely changed forever for that character otherwise it’s going to be daft.

Why will it be daft? Its only a few years down the line – Probably not even as long as from level 1 to 60. The Republic & Empire are still there, they’ve just pulled back and consolidated.

We have no idea of the timeline yet, could be 5, 10, 50 years but in that time they are saying the Republic and Sith are no more. No more is pretty major, not just killing Revan or the dread Council on an op. No Valken station and it’s fleet.
That’s why i think the ‘Zoist’ solution is the only way to go. Maybe Zoist was a template for the future to see how players handled and instance changing forever.
I hear what your saying but in story progression no matter what happens the hierarchy i.e Sith and Rep are still there.

the chrono is fine. This new content is endgame hence the level 60 requirement. If you’re on a toon that’s lvl 35, its chrono is unaffected as you won’t be allowed into the new expansion, or even yavin or rishi for that matter. A new toon is forced to follow the story in order. And once you reach endgame level 60, you cant go backwards how is the chrono warped?

You go “backwards” every time you do a flashpoint, operation, or visit any planet, since every world and FP in the game is time-locked to its period of occurrence. Every time the timeline advances, like with Makeb, Rishi/Yavin, and Ziost, it makes older stuff seem even more outdated. Malgus has been dead for years at this point, but still hands out flashpoint missions.

It’s not like it’s truly baffling or some kind of perpetual ingame Twilight Zone, and there’s no easy fix for it, but it’s a discontinuity that will only continue to grow as the game ages and changes.

No….. you do not…. Unless you are brand new to the game, or just a complete idiot, you would know that everything up to level 50 happens in one span of time, 51-55 happens in the next span, 56-60 happens in the next, and now 61-65 will happen in the next…

And what is your deal with Satelle? She never went anywhere, and is still very much a part of the lore, as Grandmaster of the Jedi Council. I assume when you say “Malgus” you mean “Darth Marr”, who also never went anywhere, and was instrumental in your Sith characters ascension to the Dark Council and the downfall of the real Darth Malgus, which again, was at level 50.

Should know what you are talking about before trying to act like an authority on it.

Darth Malgus introduces every Imperial flashpoint. Go click on any of the Imperial flashpoint terminals if you believe otherwise. So you assume incorrectly. You should know what YOU are talking about before you run your mouth.

You mean every pre-51 flashpoint. You know, every flashpoint before you kill Malgus in False Emperor, which was originally the final flashpoint before operations at 50.

Oh, every pre-51 flashpoint except Lost Island. You know, that level 50 FP that was released later that didn’t have a hint of reference to the now dead usurper Malgus. Suck on that.

What he’s saying (I think) is that Empire Balmorra always takes place at one set point in time, regardless on if you’re level 15 or 60, despite the Republic side crushing all you accomplish in their story which is set some random amount of time later.
Anyway, the dev’s had said that some class stories are meant to span years from 1 – 50, possibly as much as a decade I think was mentioned.

So YOU’RE the guy that refuses to spacebar lol. And we’re talking class missions here. Running an old flashpoint 30 times is not story progession, it’s farming comms (and having fun :). Big difference.

I agree, but it’s something I can live with I think. It would be nice to see all the areas being up-to-date, but I’ll manage regardless. Would be great if we got a new fleet at 65 though, or just somewhere with all the useful shit the fleet has for level-cap folks to hang out on/at.

Nothing I can’t survive either, it’d just be nice if things got updated or reconciled a bit. Who knows, we may end up getting two entirely new fleet stations. Or maybe one brand new station divided up between Former Imps and Former Pubs!

I’m not surprised about not being able to group together for group content like heroics for flashpoints. I’d just like to know if there would be a 3rd fleet in the expansion for both factions to join and roam around on. You know, like Rishi, Yavin, and Ziost

This whole issue has been caused by Bioware’s frankly vague and confusing press release that hinted at all kinds of options but actually only contains story progression for your existing alts and a new level cap just like Revan expansion (and some companion changes).

It was a car crash of a release. Bad job Bioware press dept!

YEA! Because leaving out shit for players to look forward to getting the answers on and holding back information before everything is finalized is for turds! They should have just committed to sketchy decisions and released them as fully formed ideas and realities! How dare they give us any information at all when they should have just waited another four months and sprung it on us like a bad birthday surprise or another Ravagers exploit fix!


QQ moar

You are forgetting this was E3, the biggest games event in the world yet they gave their fans nothing but bollocks information which led to this debacle.

Back to school for you.

Nope. Just because it is E3 doesn’t mean a damn thing. Dishonored 2 only released a trailer too, with even less information, which happens every year with all kinds of titles. Not Biowares fault you are too impatient to wait for more specifics. Take your self-entitled grandeurs someplace where people care.

I lol’d at this comment. Your comparing a single player game with NO endgame content with SWTOR.


You’re whining about not being overly informed something that was only given a three minute spot.


I like most people never watched the 3 min live feed (cuase unlike you we have jobs) but instead read the extensive and completely misleading press release that was constructed well in advance. Hence this WHOLE thread.
You think they did E3 ad hoc?
It’s time you left mummy and daddy’s basement and smelt the fresh air lowlife.

Yeh, they made it sound like something epic was happening when apparently it’s really just a sponge bath no one will remember in a few weeks after it happens.

Wait I thought the whole point of the pub and imp being destroyed was to unify the player base for endgame…isn’t that what this was all about? Now I’m a little bit disappointed.

Based on the fact that faction merging is way cheaper and easier to do then revamping the servers for cross server queues.

No unlike you I actually asked someone who is familiar with the game engine before hand which is none other than Swtor Miner and he said it’s much easier to do then cross server.

So you were completely wrong and I was completely right just to set things straight so you don’t get confused.

*Sigh* This is why I hate stupid people.

I said you have no idea how the game works.
You replied that you ‘talked to somebody that knows how the engine works’.
That means you have 2nd or third hand info, which may not even be reliable, and don’t know yourself.

Therefore, I’m right.

No see what you seem to forget is that me talking to them about it means I now have the knowledge of how it works too it’s kind of how the education system works.

The fact that you don’t seem to understand that I am correct in that merging factions is much easier and cheaper than cross server just shows how you know nothing about how the game works and that you don’t bother to educate yourself on why it is that why.

Also given Swtor Miners vast experience with the engine and the fact that he has helped the devs identify and fix possible bugs in the past tells me his information is correct.

*Pats head* Don’t worry, it’s ok. Not everyone can read.

(For anyone else reading this convo, as the guy above is unable to read, whether miners info is accurate or not is irrelevant).

Don’t worry it’s ok I understand that you are just some uneducated troll that doesn’t even bother to seek out any real data to prove your claims and instead you just stick your head in the sand to avoid hearing anything that goes against your closed minded world.

Me to, my guild of long time friends got divided years ago, most quit eventually because the class they liked to play was on the other side. Am I not mistaken that you can find just about every class running around between the factions as they please? That might not be true of Commandos but Bounty Hunters and Smugglers live to do it. Agents get paid to do it. Jedi don’t usually promote being Jedi and they do it from hiding. It does not make any logical since to keep the factions apart other than for the purposes of PVP. This separation is artificial and doesn’t even reflect the movies or the realities of the Universe. The most powerful Sith of all lived in the Republic Capital, oh wait, he ran the republic. Letting us play together and against each other when we want to is a change that clearly stands on good reasoned and economic sense.

so after all the chapters are out sometime in late 2016, do the imp and pub sides rise from the ashes or do we all find a new mmo? lol They kinda blew it and went way too far towards the end of the timeline. That being said, i’m still excited for all the new goodies (and bugs :P)

And i must say, those two questions were utterly retarded. If there were HUGE changes like cross faction playing or new classes, BW would have announced it..MILKED IT for all it’s worth! There was no confusion there just wishful thinking. It’s NOT BW’s fault at all that people have what if’s and dreams that weren’t even remotely hinted at in the press release. If it wasn’t announced, it’s not happening. Forums are still lit with new ops and FP talk. Was that in the press release? Well then don’t hold ur breath. Get over it and say ‘thank you BW for MOAR FREE CONTENT’! And hope we get new ops and FPs anyway xD

Right? Thank you Bioware for MOAR FREE CONTENT! All the speculators are terribad and horrisad. /thumbsdown

I’m glad there’s no faction merge.

Where the heck is your faction pride people?!


In short words: new story and new lv cap. Thats all. No “sacrifice everything”, no “Republic/ Empire as you have known have fallen”, no “future/ past Fleet”, no big changes. Lots of people was expecting huge changes, but no. And thats it.

Thats part of the story, dude. They are revamping the character stories, introducing new planets where the new Empire is in power, and where the hell did you hear “future/past Fleet”? Whatever the fuck that means. You people love to make wild speculations based on little or no info and then take it as gospel…

As far as the story goes the empire and republic are done. But no, why would they suddenly merge the factions? I mean look at wow, the alliance and horde work together from time to time, but they don’t allow the player characters to do group content cross faction.

The Horde and Alliance aren’t in the same position as the Empire and Republic are in this story.

But you can do this in Everquest 2. You can move from one faction to another, why not add this in SWTOR? It fits with the story already as the NPCs do it.

People are pretty stupid for thinking there would be faction merging, or that the current factions were going away. Leave it to scrubs to read way too much into things.

How is that stupid? With the fall of both the Empire and Republic, there is no faction in a sense, so the obvious question becomes, would the 8 heroes work together for a common goal and the game actually reflect that or would it not. Now we know, that it does not. It isn’t stupid just a common thing.

They’ve fallen in the story. Once this addition is done, both factions will rebuild and it’ll be business as usual. Have to agree with OP, personally, thinking they’d put that kind of work in to make us all one big happy faction is a tad naive.

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”
To counter the OPs name, speculation and theorizing is all you can do when there’s little to no information and there’s no harm in doing so. Acting on mere speculation or taking it as hard fact, thats something else entirely and was not what the OP criticized, nor have people been running around spreading “FACTION MERGING CONFIRMED”, just some hopefulness, naïve as it may have been.
To wonder and ask was not at all stupid, and I’d dare accuse the OP as a pessimist for looking down on those people.

Would have been better to make it faction-less. PvP could have been made free-for-all and been improved, IMO. All of the hype seems to be just that. This is looking more and more like any old expansion.


All this cross-faction ype and histrionics, and bam, no xfaction.

Serves you right for bitching about me.

“Oh, Gank, why are you so cynical?” Because I am right!

How the fuck would pvp work with faction merge? Half of you cry about arenas, thats all it would become.

I’ve been playing TSW quite a lot. Factions are fighting in PvP there, but are basically irrelevant in PvE (one can have mixed groups and common group-finder). This could have worked quite well in SWTOR (we’re fighting common enemy since EV anyway), speeding up queue times pretty much, especially on lower populated servers.

One common PvE group-finder with mixed 60+ groups, and separate PvP queues are an answer for this.

Your “answer” would work, but would defeat the whole purpose of playing a Star Wars game – Imps and Pubs killing each other for millennia. That means not playing all’s-cool hunky-dory half the time, and “zomg I fucking hate you and everyone like you” the other half.

I actually would have loved just one faction (after level 60), one fleet and 4 main but very long storylines! All this duo faction thing isn’t really working out anyway. One faction would have been truly groundbreaking. And would make it a lot easier to maintain and have more time to work elsewhere (balance/pvp stance to stop the whine bewteen pvp and pve, or dare I say a pvp spec!).
There is this saying, KISS! Now show us some <3.

no it wouldn’t if we’re going into the future and both factions took their ball and went home, why keep the imp vs pub then? plus for mechanical purposes if there was cross faction, it would double the pvp/pve que pop’s for LFG. that’s good for everyone.

because when a new end game comes where its back to imps vs reps we have to unmerge again? too much work

As natural the opposite sides must be in conflict one way or another, this will never happen when 2 opposite factions will become as one. So pls go back to fantasy world because otherwise the game will be not interesting.

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