SWTOR One Free Level 60 for Knights of Fallen Empire

Bioware expands more on what it means to start at level 60 for Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

Start at Level 60 in Fallen Empire | 06.17.2015, 03:47 PM

Hey folks,

I have seen a few questions around how the “Start at Level 60” will work that comes with Fallen Empire. I want to start by saying that we will be releasing a blog when we get a bit closer to launch that describes all of the nitty gritty details and walks you through everything. But for now I wanted to cover a bit about how it works and address some of the things I have been seeing.

As a subscriber, when you get Fallen Empire you will receive one free level 60 character. This character must be a new character, you cannot “boost” an existing character up to 60. Beyond that first one which is included free with KOTFE, you can purchase additional level 60 characters through the Cartel Market at any time. I know that this raised the question of character limits as well. In talking with the development team, the plan is to increase the subscriber maximum character limit per server by 2 for the Fallen Empire launch. Not confirmation it will happen, but it is definitely their goal!

I know you still have many questions, such as how this impacts Class story, etc. We will be revealing all of these details down the line as we get closer to launch.



By Dulfy

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And just this morning I was wondering if they would do the same wow did with selling char boost. Guess so.

Will probably be handy for certain people.

I’m more interested in the fact that if we still can do the lower class story or if it’s going to be registered as finished.

Have to wait and see.

I think he meant do the old class story on newly created level 60’s, regular low lvel characters won’t have anything changed. Anyway, I doubt we will be able to, as then there’s the issue of companions – They’re scattered all over the galaxy to find again, but we’ll also be meeting and recruiting them for the first time in their standard spots.

as from what i read, boosting only happens on freshly created characters, any character that have already been created before the boost wont be jumped to level 60.

but i meant it more as, if we create the new char with the boost, then are we able to still do the low level class missions are will it classified as light/dark depending on faction. Given that you need to make some very important choices i hope we get to still do them.

“purchase additional level 60 characters through the Cartel Market at any time.”

Huh? I have 6 level 60 toons. Why the hell would i purchase one? Why would that even be an option? I’m afraid…does this mean we can’t run existing lvl 60 toons in the expansion? No can’t be. that would be retarded…this is BW tho lol

And will we be able to purchase a 60 toon and run TOS with it? lol Honestly, im starting to twish they kept their mouths shut and announced when they were ready with all the info…

Sure you can use existing lvl 60s.

This is to lower the entry barrier for new/returning players.

It’s a bit hard to get people to sub to 60+level monthly episodic content with a 60 level handicap. Hence one toon free and more for purchase.

The reason why [almost] all MMOs have a boosted character is friends. Your impatient friend can join you and immediately start doing high level content.

“purchase additional level 60 characters through the Cartel Market ”
Anyone hear the sound of a thousand SWTOR players dying a little after reading this?

I really wasn’t planning on using this option anyway, but I guarantee there are plenty of people like me who already have max toons on their server. So…if they don’t increase max count, it’s worthless anyway. =p The only real value I see is if you wanted to quickly transfer to a different server without having to grind levels. Now you’d have that option for free.

Apparently, I’m the only one HAPPY about buying level 60 characters. I eventually want to try different class specializations and the idea of grinding through the same class story + side missions again was daunting.

It just feels like the start of a very slippery slope towards P2W, “comming soon end game nim tier main hands in the CC store!”.

I appreciate the input. I don’t see it as a pay to win situation or anything close to it, so I guess I didn’t quite understand everyone’s complaint.

There’s also the classic: “ZOMG, some noob got to end-game without the hardship I had to endure?! *Gasp!* The humanity!!! Back in my day we didn’t even have 12x Exp, lazy kids…*grumble grumble*”
It doesn’t really bother me personally, since the story is why I lvled my characters not the end-game but many feel this way, whether they admit it or not.

Ah, that I can understand. It’s very much part of human nature to feel instant 60 is unfair if leveling is important to them. I too, played all classes to 60 for the story. But I can imagine how they might feel.

I personally actually enjoy the leveling experience. Each new expac and/or major story update i make a new toon to have a continuous story flow and I never get tired of it. Heck I get more bored doing 12x Xp than anything lol

while true, they would still have to level from 60 to 65. so right there they have to learn how to use ur character a bit at least.

Actually I seriously doubt many new players will start SWTOR and buy lvl 60s, I expect vet players, subs to be specific, to be the ones to use this feature more.
With SWTOR’s story line being it’s selling point any new player would naturely want to see it 1st.

You are right. This game attracts fans of Star Wars. My experience in observing new players is halfway through they either love it and subscribe or they are indifferent and never play again. I doubt a new player will just subscribe and jump to level 60.

Good point. It may be overwhelming for a new player to suddenly start at level 60. There are so many abilities to choose from that it might be a steep learning curve.

Pay to win?? It will never be like that, AND i dont see where you got the idea if it becoming pay to win…

“It will never be like that” Was something many said about getting insta end-game toons.
When a game starts selling items that allow to skip content, items that allow to circumvent rules is not too far off.
For example a “Raid lockout reset token” is not impossible.

They will be end-game when they are released thou, seeing how *everyone* will be lvl 60 when they start KoTFE.

For a few minutes, sure, then crazed fanatics will hand in every level 55+ mission in the game that they’ve completed ready, and shoot up a good two or three levels before most people have even logged in.

this is a sad day….the 1 level 60 is fine, but now people will buy level 60’s and put them in pug and not know anything about them.

with all the 12x boost people already don’t know what the hell they’re doing with their toons so this wont that much different.

That just makes them easier to kill in PvP.


If your doing PVE stuff, just vote them out. We’ve been pretty relentless about voting people out of FP’s and Ops lately. We tell them it’s nothing personal, they just need to play more of the game and learn their toon better before they start playing the HM FP’s and Ops.

Sounds like that hit pretty close to the mark to get you riled up like that, kid. Learn to play your toon and you won’t get voted out.

I hate people with that attitude. Not everyone is a pro gamer, even if they have played for years.

Not to mention how absolutely absurd it is to demand someone get more experience with their character while at the same time denying them the ability to get more experience with their character.

People learn by doing. When you don’t let them do, they don’t learn.

Exactly! They learn by doing the normal FP’s first, then going into the HM FP’s and Ops. Not the other way around.

Exactly! More and more clueless people are getting “early access” to endgame and basically going against what an RPG should be. I healed an HM FP and got what I thought was another spikey Jugg tank. “Thought” being the operative word, because he was actually a dps! I asked why in the hell he queued as tank to what he replied it takes too long to queue as dps. loool… Another guy was asking for help in General Chat to kill Commander Zaoron, went to help and being someone who believes in explaining the ropes told him to interrupt his most dangerous powers… to wich he replied he didn’t have interrupts! A lv 56 player! So yeah, what a great idea to start the game and have an insta-lv 60 toon… NOT!!! And I don’t care what other MMO’s are doing, it’s a bad idea. It’s bad enough having endgame people in greens with the 12x, i cannot begin to imagine what it will be like with insta-sixties…

Voting people out for stupid behaviour is fine. I’d boot an idiot who queued as the wrong class too. Thats just self centered arseholism and deserves a boot (to the arse). Its the voting out people who aren’t pros that bothers me. Time and again in MMOs I run into the “You can’t run this with us until you’ve run it with someone else first” mentality which is so annoying. I remember once in Rift it got so bas that in order to be “allowed” to run a dungeon you had to already be geared with gear that dropped in that exact dungeon. WTF!?

You’ll get no argument from me there, thank the Force for GF Ops, because at one point you had to be MMO-Superman to run these things. But as Sadriel Fett said, the REST of the game is where you learn how to do things, if you basically exit the game at Ziost with a new toon and are not experienced are you gonna do HM FP’s??? Because these days you CAN do that! Hell, lots of people do just that! And it doesn’t take a PhD or a rocket scientist to play MMO’s, really. But you should “pay your dues”, LEARN how to play. If you’re a new player and get a lv 60 free-pass, how the heck are you going to learn the basics?

> If you’re a new player and get a lv 60 free-pass, how the heck are you going to learn the basics?

Don’t get me wrong. I definitely don’t advocate this nonsense. In fact I just came back to the game after a long time away, and instead of picking up my existing level 50 toons, I rolled brand new ones. Why? Because there is no way I could just jump into my level 50s and know how to play. I *have* to start all over with limited abilities, and work my way up.

It won’t make any difference to player intelligence whether they have the insta-60s or not, so better to just have them.

Keep the Einsteins in your guild, and expel the inbred; simple as that…

If people don’t read the guides here, their own spec tool-tips for all active abilities, and passives and what-have-you, that’s their own fault.

Sounds like you are mostly fair, so that is good. I just hate the rash of people voting out anyone who isn’t a 1%er in games these days.

Well there goes my hope of this being a good expansion…I thought the point of the game was to actually play and enjoy your character. Not pay to get to the end. Might as well sell boosts that complete class storylines or boosts to increase character level/free xp.

I can understand that if you are Legacy 50 and they introduced a new class that started at level 60. I just don’t want to see someone who is new to the game and doesn’t even know the system to be at the end game. This takes away the gaming experience itself as well as the sense of accomplishment of getting your very first character to max level.

WoW, Rift, EQ2, LotRo, almost all MMOs allow this. SWTOR really needs it to match a common feature.

They all do that bc they are all end of life. SWTOR a 5yr mmo should not be even contemplating this at this stage unless it’s EOL too…(which it is)

So because someone else doesn’t want to be bothered with levelling in that game you play with your own friends and guildmembers, it’s OK to push the bubble further and say “I don’t want you to play the game that way”…

And spruce, everytime you comment it’s negative.. find some love man

I wish I could get rid of some of my very low level characters to make level 60 versions of them, but I’ve already bought armor and weapons for them (cosmetic stuff, from the CC Market and item packs) off the exchange. Since the collection system only works in sets, I’ll lose many of those items. I’ll have to buy most of them again, and most of them are very expensive now. Damn it!

The 12XP thing is still going until this comes out. Plenty of time to level them up. The best part is you only need to do their story class missions, nothing else. You can do that in a single night. I think it took only 5 or 6 hours to level one of my new toons up to 55 one night. After that, it stalls out, but not a bad deal at all.

And that is exactly the reason I complete every set I use parts of. One can never know when a toon is going to become unwated 😛

Anything from the collections can be unlocked. Just flesh out the missing pieces from whichever sets you’ve only got partials of, put them all on at the same time to get it into the collection, then unlock it in the collection. Recreating and giving yourself stylish new looks will be quick and easy.

OH big whoop… you gotta pay for stuff, everything isnt free, either you dont pay for a 60, or use the 12x right now to get what you want to 60, or you shut up and get a damn job…

….or you have a job and still get to 60. I don’t see what having a job has anything to do with…anything. Plenty of people who play this game have jobs and kids and lives. Ridiculous comment man.

Great… Now for the rest of the day I’m going to have the image of a Sith dolphin, wearing robes, wielding a tiny light saber and awkwardly walking menacingly while throwing lightning around XD

As someone having 8 toons at lv60 (1 per class) and other 4 random ones (So, all 12 slots already used), I’m not really bothered by this thing and I won’t probably buy a new server slot just for the free 60, although I think it’s a good idea for people that either doesn’t care about the story of a class or just want to try a different spec or are interested only in the new expansion and not in any of the 1-50 and 50-55/55-60 content.

Anyway, I don’t get what’s the problem with people that will either receive the free 60 or buy one with cc and play with it. I mean, it’s obvious they (BW) cannot provide a lv60 toon with 198 gear (Or the “equivalent” max rating pvp gear, I don’t know what it is, I don’t care about pvp), so my guess is that it will be something with no credits in the bank (Or a very small amount), cheap green non-moddable gear and lv60 stats that any of us can get just by playing SoR. Basically, something completely useless for ops and fps and good only as entry level stuff for FE.

Why rookie? I’ve played for almost 2 years now and I didn’t feel the need to either buy a new slot or fill up all 22 of them so far. Besides, I only play few of them, so for me it would be a waste of either cc or creds.

they’ll have to give the character at least some gear otherwise they wont be able to do anything, it will be minimum Rishi level gear im guessing.

I wonder if these mint 60s can do the starter story?

I always wanted to be able to just do the class story (1-50) from a ridiculously high level, for fun.

They will arrive with 10 limited mounts each too and 50 mils of cash in their pockets and 5 extra strongholds just in case we need them.

Anything else ?
Yes and a free soda.

Well, this does me no good unless I want to transfer servers faster. I already have 15 of the 16 possible ACs at 60, That will be 16 of 16 by early release.

So is it the Bioware’s Dev plan now to rip off Blizzard of their most popular promotions now? lol

I play them in a weekly rotation, running 5 of each faction through every weekly once/week, plus OPS and FP runs. Yes some get left out, or are in phases of retirement, but I enjoy every one of my characters.

i think they will only raise max char cap. they wont give us free slots. at least thats what i understood

What a kick in the nuts to those of us who have spent hundreds of hours leveling multiple toons. All that effort and now some newbie douche can pay instantly and have every advanced class. I dont care if other mmo’s have done it, this game isnt on its 10th level cap increase for crying out loud its had 2 crappy expansions.

All that pomp and circumstance about Epic story XP boost and “class stories” and they make it all irrelevant in an obvious cash grab.

I understand one free character to get new people into the story, but buying unlimited level 60’s is just about the most disgustingly greedy and disrespectful thing they could have done to long time subs.

What’s next – 50000 CC’s gets you full BIS gear set. 100,000 CC’s gets you invincible buff to solo HM ops?

In the new op you will have to kill the emperor by pelting him with carel coins, if you dont do it fast enough he will enrage and disintegrate all the credit cards in your wallet.

I – as a long time subscriber since launch (with a brake inbetween though) – welcome the possibility to get an instant lvl60 character. I have leveled multiple toons to lvl60, got some more in the 40 to 50 area. I just don’t want to go through all the hassle of having to play another character (Togruta anyone?) to lvl60, before I can run Operations and other End-Game content. Having played through every class story at least once, I don’t see any benefit for me to do this over and over again, not even with 12x XP.

You have no pride. People who are OK with this are the MMO equivalent of welfare bums. You want to play end game with your new character but you dont want to put in the work to get there, not even 20 hours worth of 12xp which is a blink in video game time. YOU DONT DESERVE TO PLAY A CLASS ENDGAME IF YOU ARENT WILLING TO PUT IN THE WORK TO GET THERE.

This in a nutshell is what is killing this game. People who quit after a couple of wipes cuz its too hard or everyone else must just suck. People who expect to compete in pvp and take on hard content but arent willing to grind gear or augment their toons. THEY ARENT WILLING TO PUT IN THE WORK, and giving them a free ride to 60 will make it 10X worse. there is a reason for a leveling grind, it is to weed out the quitters and the whiners and the half assers who will get bored and their toon will die on hoth because mmo life is so so hard. Level and gear grind are the natural selection that weeds out the week.

MMOS (and video games in general) run on artificial achievement. It’s the crack that keep people coming back. Leveling toons is a big part of that and this proposed chang will complete negate it. There will be no achievement in having a max level toon any more, and a huge timesink will be gone forever for bioware. Maybe they will make more $ off it but they may also just end up with a dead game.

With ops and pvp the way they are game would probably be dead without 12x right now.

I’ll sub long enough to get the expansion, but after that i’m done subbing If they go through with this. i can watch the cutscenes on youtube each month.

I read again what they plan to do in this expansion and I cried…
I could not agree more with you man. What is the point of a game when you faceroll the content on SM, don’t really need HM or NiM for anything else than slightly better gear (which you need only in HM or NiM…). I might as well watch the cutscenes on youtube!
Say NO to exp boosts and exp bonuses given to subs, and bring back good old style gaming for the hard working professionals to excel in.
Say NO to your old companions gone, valuable top level crew skills just stolen from you.
Say NO to being forced to work again for what you already deserved!
Say NO to new level cap, this is pointless, does not change anything as they will scale up the whole game to new level, and give you max level in hours or instantly! so what is the point!!! I have much more skills than I can fit on my fully upgraded skill bars, what is the point for new skills? Who the hell need them?

Pretty rude from you, forcing everyone to agree with your view of things, isn’t it? Who are you, that you can decide whether someone “deserves” something or not!?
I’m actually not willing to discuss this topic further with you, as long as you have this attitude. I hope someday you will gain the insight, that you are deeply wrong. Until that, I am happy that you are going to cancel your subscription, because people like you are the actual reason why certain gaming communities are so toxic.

Dulfy quite soon I am getting an Alienware 15 i7 touchscreen with Nvdia 980 gpu! This expansion will look AWESOME on it 😀

Eat ur heart out haters!

Why Alienware? In my experience it’s just better to build a new computer rather then use a pre-built, even if it’s a desktop (Not too fond of gaming on laptops).

Not to mention you’ll drop 1k+ every so often to keep up with the hardware.

Nah, I’d rather give someone my credit card and they build it for me. If its Dell or Alienware, idc. Unfortunately, Spruce forgets the game is still on a shitty engine so his Alienware 15 I’m Compensating for inadequacies is still going to have issues like anyone else would with this game

You can go to microcenter and pick out your components and they will build it for you for like 150 bucks. Prebuilts usually suck.

I’m a console gamer so this Alienware will last me a long time besides I’m doing an unboxing and will post it here for u guys to eat ur hearts out 🙂

Haha you are totally like that 14year old boy: “Hey guys, lookie lookie, I got an iphonie!” Do you really think we care? You do realise that most people here have good gaming machines, right? And your alienware is nothing special?
P.S. Plus, Alienware laptops suck balls…

Hehe, ^someone’s jelly of my new AW! Hehe can’t wait to post pics of a machine 100% of u lust after but 99% can never afford!

Yeah, the thing is buying an Alienware is basically paying 50% of the cost just for the fancy Alienware logo. Of course most people don’t have that kind of money to waste trivially, so really, you’re just another typical pretentious idiot.

…And you brag about it in.. Dulfy comments. GG. You desperately need to go outside sometime.

I agree with u concerning the hardware part, I usually game on consoles but with the AW I can really make other players jealous with my magnificent hardware. That’s the only reason I’m buying it.

Lol, I got an Alienware and You don’t see me being a little braggart about it, why do you think we care?

Oh my fucking god there is moronic and then there is.. whatever the fuck this is.

Way to steal pics off the internet. My Alienware (which should be here next week) will have both my SWTOR and Disqus accts LOGGED IN to prove its mine which I will happily post here.

Eat ur heart out poser!

Have fun with your terrible dell shill computer that you’ll eventually have to sue over because the hardware fails to often and the customer service is shoddy at best.

Also kek, believing that alienwares are so speshul snowflake that people can’t afford them. They’re only like what.. 2-3k? Get a job man.

“the plan is to increase the subscriber maximum character limit per server by 2 for the Fallen Empire launch” I’m sorry but this hardly seems like a concession on their behalf or a bonus. Raise the cap by two, that’ll do a lot of good won’t it? The only reason a character cap is implemented is because it means their filing system for character names and mailing services is so ineffecient that too many additions to it will cause issues. How about solving your technical problems and giving the people more stuff?

For all moaners and whiners, this is a new standard in mmo, the era of grindfest is gone (and im happy about that)

4 months ago there was no information about it. And… Yeah. lvl 60 gear in 65 lvl flashpointoperations. Nice gear.

how is that different from anyone else starting at lvl 60 and getting to 65? none of us even veteran players are going to get to lvl 65 and already have 65 gear, we are going to get there wearing our lvl 60 crap and need to replace it

in fact the gear you get as a default starting set is 188 at level 60, which is better than what most of the idiot crowd is running around with (lucky if they can find the 186 vendor). there many lvl 60s running around in the trash from revan storyline drops (168 to 178)

the few ops players are in 192/198 but you still gonna need to replace it all at 65 regardless

You can pay to get a level 60 toon…wtf, more noob to the ops. And why do we even sub to get 12x xp, why do we even spent time day and night leveling ? And it will ruin EVERY STORYLINE coz you basically just WALK through it with a NEW lv60 toon .Bio you can suck my BBC and kiss my X goodnight! im outta swtor if they do that. Well at least the game designer have no fear of rakghoul. Coz they dont have brain at all. They simply screw the previous sub to get new sub

As someone with 16 max level characters… Why couldn’t this have come sooner, would have saved so much tortuous grinding.

even now I think “is it worth the 12x xp when I can wait till the update and jump to 60”

I sensed a disturbance in the Force when I read this. Then I meditated and got a vision… Newbies… Newbies who subbed and decided to skip the 8 class stories and start at Level 60 with no clue on gearing, rotation, or combat roles. I witnessed as thousands of veteran players cried out and were suddenly silenced when their raid wiped because of undergeared/mis-geared/”what is taunt?”/”what is cleanse?” newbies who then blame you for “sucking” and then leaving group.

I thought the 12x exp boost was gonna be terrible, but this is even worse. I feel like you should have atleast 1 level 60 character before you get to create the level 60 character. That way, we’ll have way less noobs ruining it for us

Yeah, should be required to have one maximum lvl char first. They should also allow it to be used to boost a char up. Then people can play that char and get use to its playstyle and even decide if its the char/class they want to use their boost on. I know alot of us subscribers have low lvl alts equivalent to the other faction or multiple chars that follow the same story line, like sorc and assassin. It would be nice to be able to boost them, instead of deleting the lowbie just to remake the char to boost it.

That would cost a lot of money for them to develop, so many loose ends with the story variables and companion unlocks. Cheaper for them to just have a set “start.2” version that enters with no baggage.

This is a bad sign – it shows that big corners are being cut. We aren’t getting an improved engine in any way, we’re getting some of the stuff that WoW did tacked on top of the Hero engine that has always been the bane of this game.

I burned out on SoR pretty quickly – the specific thing that stuck with me was that once you finish the story, you’re supposed to go back to doing flashpoints that take place BEFORE the end of the story. It felt wrong.

Ziost makes sense now, as a next step in the SoR story, but at the time it didn’t feel like the end game experience was in line with the leveling story we’d just completed. Hearing so many BUT’s in the announcement now – new faction BUT you can’t play it, free level 60 BUT it has to be a new character, etc, etc.

I guess I just fell for the marketing, so shame on me.

No. When starting as a level 60 OR starting the Kotfe storyline, you automatically decline ROTH/SOR/and previous class missions/companion missions

i just checked as a prefered player. OR it isn’t set on cartel market yet and we have to wait until early acces is over. OR they will never integrate the stories for prefered. I got ROTH and SOR and i can level to 65

World Of Warcraft Boosted To Level 90 :

Duplicate Of World Of Warcraft : Boost To Level 60!!!

GG Bioware

Oh you mean like the strongholds swtor has that wow added in warlords of draenor to copy swtor.. or do you mean the mount wow added the gronnling that is like a rancor.. or do you mean the more and more voice acting in wow to keep up with swtor… just curious lol

No…You clearly didn’t read my original comment. WoW Warlords of draenor has a free 90 boost, and now The New SWTOR expansion, KOTFE, is adding a free 60 boost.

Star wars can’t be compared by wow, it’s a different genre. And btw, what would video game world be if they didn’t copy stuff from each other? Then Smash Brothers would never exist.

well you must be a sub to even be able to be lvl 60 so it aint all that bad if u dont like the concept BUT i love it considdering i already got all classes in lvl 60, having the opertunety to re-make some of my old chars will be nice 😛 gj Bioware ;P

though it would make sense if u needed leagacy lets say 35 or 40 before you could buy a lvl 60 😛

So if you can only have 2 characters for KOTFE, you have to choose one or two (regarding if you’re gonna start at level 60) of your existing maxed out level characters to start KOTFE? This is really confusing.

Dude, really?
“the plan is to increase the subscriber maximum character limit per server by 2”
Please tell me what part of that is “really confusing”
Here’s the genius game base that sits on the fleet with his shiny new 60 and asks “what amour do I need for my bounty hunter”

Dude, really?
He asks a simple question because he is confused, then you treat him like a moron?! WTF wrong with people?

Oh, great. Healing is easy, but queue the mass of retarded and incompetent tanks..
Practice through grinding before hardmode is pretty much necessary for being a proper jug/sin.
Most of these insta60s aren’t even gonna know how to keep threat or rotate unless they’ve played a clone prior.
Hopefully you’re only allowed to boost a class you’ve already gotten to 50 before.

i subbed today, because an email told me i would receive a free lvl 60. How do i claim this? the start a new character at 60 option is greyed out?

I noticed that my Free Level 60came with maxed Crafting and Gathering Skills. Does anyone know if this is random selection or based on Class?

That is so stupid. You should be able to boost a character up instead of having to start fresh. Come on Bio ware do something right for once.

i bought the “level 60 character token” to play the fallen Empire story. I was spawned on the faction fleet. And now, I can`t find the story on the mission console. Nothing. I need help. Can someone help me?

am lvl 65 but i still didnt unlock many needed abilities is there any way to get any abilities without lvling up? am already lvl max so what should i do?

Hey guys, just wanted to know, I’ve seen online that people have created a character, transferred the gear to another character, then deleted the outlander character. Do you get your token back still or had this been patched?

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