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GW2 Arenanet on Ascended Gear changes

Colin Johanson went on the forums to confirm that the 5% stat discrepancy between exotic/ascended will be staying and a new method to convert ascended gear to different stats will be added.

Ascended Gear Changes

Just want to clarify since I saw this come up a couple of times in this thread and we haven’t actually released our full official patch notes for 6/23 yet….

Ascended Gear will be staying 5% better than Exotic Gear. Gear beyond the tiers we already have are not going to be added and our existing tiers won’t change, they won’t be our main end-game form of progression for your characters/account for all the reasons we’ve covered before – it isn’t what we think Gw2 is about.

Masteries is being added to PvE to help provide this system as our form of progression for PvE moving forward, and the WvW ability system exists for WvW and will be what we use to expand WvW in the future.

To more directly answer some of your point….We are adding a system that lets you change the stats for your ascended gear next Tuesday – which will cost a combination of 10 spirit shards, piece you don’t want anymore, 5 ectos, and an exotic insignia of the stats you want to convert to. Legendary Gear will remain the gear that can freely change stats any time.



Stat change is only for armor and weapons

This is for weapon and armor currently – weapons use the same recipe as armor to stat change except they use inscriptions to allow you to change instead of insignias.

Alas yes it does destroy the runes and sigils in the item, the mystic forge doesn’t currently have a way to allow us to do this kind of stat changing without it working that way.


Save your ascended trinkets

There are no plans to do this type of recipe for rings, or other Ascended Trinkets.

There are plans… for things… and stuff… If I personally had a boat load of useless ascended rings laying around, I would not be deleting them right now.


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48 replies on “GW2 Arenanet on Ascended Gear changes”

We’ve been waiting for the better part of a year since they said they’d give us something to do with all our stupid excess ascended rings. Rage all you want, you are a minority compared to the people who would welcome such a change.

It won’t,l.
Just do guild missions and you will afford what stat u want in no time for accessories.
For Rings just do dailies and Amulet do EOTM for like 30m a day.

Is this not valid then…
Or is that only accessories?

Attribute Point Changes

Attribute points on equipment have been increased by ~30%The attribute difference between exotic and ascended gear has been changed from 5% to 10%Base attributes at level 80 now scale to 1000 instead of 926Each profession’s attributes will be updated to have half of their functionality be part of a specialization and half of their functionality will be a baseline for that profession. (see individual profession notes)


So this means I can turn fractal box pieces into ascended berserker with skill points and ectos? That’s amazing

For me this is one of the best changes ever. I have never jumped into ascended armor because of my builds constantly changing. Now I can finally craft a set and not have to worry about my build being nerfed and then i’m left with useless armor. This is also good because I have a lot of un-used armor in my bank that I can roll to relevant stats.

This will NOT help in changing build at a whim, due to the cost of runes/sigils which will be always destroyed in the process of changing the stats.
It will help though in using the ascended drops.

It won’t be on the level of a legendary weapon where you can change the stats easily and free. It’s actually a good spot for ascended. It allows for a major build change if you need to.

yes, the change to the stats are great though it’s still only 5%. ascended gear takes so much to make (because it’s ascended) though i’m not really sure it’s worth the trouble if it’s still only 5% of a difference. i’ll stay with my exo gear.

I got it cause I feel more awesome with it despite the minimal stat bonuses, and cause it is an achievement (not to mention it is quite a long process that feels rewarding by the end of it!)

That was the whole point of ascended. Ascended is only needed for fractals and maybe in WvW depending on your role and playstyle.

There was no point in increasing the stat difference because it just would have been the first step into the direction of a gear spirale.

Nice change. I have a couple armor pieces sitting bank I got from boxes…nice to know I can now make them useful

Will this work on sinister too then? Instead of having to rely on ascended recipe drops we could simply craft a cheap inscription ascended and re roll it sinister with the exotic insignia/rune….

You only need one exotic inscription to carft an ascended gear, so don’t see you are saving anything by this system if you are carfting an ascended gear .

This change stats system only good for ascended gears you got from drop/chest. Those useless ascended gears cannot be sold to TP or salvaged.

Finally, Weapons of the Sunless from Tequatl has a good use.

Well for sinister specifically you need to find multiple recipe drops to craft a set. I’ve found one ascended armor recipe in SW…so relying on drops takes awhile. Though I will be converting some box drops

finally my unlimited ascended boxes from fractal will be useful

i dont think Ectos will skyrocket since is very easy to get 5 Ectos, and change your full armor and wepons status would consume only 40 ectos.

I think insignia and inscriptions will skyrocket.

Lame. I was fine with a higher stat difference, since I’m not some whiny poverty-stricken nobody with more time to spend complaining on forums than he has equipment.

Indeed. Nothing is different with the stats. The stats aren’t changing. All that’s changing is the ability to change stats on existing ascended gear.

Well you didn’t pay very much for trinket now did you? laurels and wvw tokens for amulets, pristine fractal tokens for rings and guild commendations and a bit of gold or trinkets… Hardly worthwhile

Hott stuff. I guess I can change the stats on my ascended gear I got from drops with stats I didn’t want? 😮

even if you can change their stats
what will you do with all of those rings later? saving 6 tabs is just stupid

Why didn’t Ascendeds make it to 10% above exotic? Did Anet choke and get all submissive again?

Why doesn’t this gear drop more often? I mean. Who cares about getting another extoic piece for doing the tier 4 HoT zone completions of for doing the new HoT story? A good reward would be ascended gear rewards and drops instead “oh look another extoic fashion piece”. Who cares?

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