GW2 Guild Hall Points of Interest Livestream Notes

GW2 Guild Hall info and images from the Points of Interest Livestream.




Gilded Hollow Guild Hall

  • Jungle themed, feels like a ruined outpost underneath the jungle. It sits on top of a giant aquifer.
  • Lots of caves, one of the cave is a tribute to the largest cave in the world with its own ecosystem (Hang Son Doong)
  • When buildings get upgraded, you can see the upgrade process in real time and it is fairly impressive. The upgraded tavern for example has a little waterfall inside.
  • The upgraded workshop has a bunch of giant pillars, each with a small waterfall.
  • Two different version of Guild Weapons (Tenebras and Shimmering), each version is linked to a specific guild hall. So if you want both versions you need access to guilds with both guildhalls. Shimmering is from the Lost Precipice guild hall and has a shimmering water effect while the Tenebras is from the Gilded Hollow guild hall and has a translucent effect.
  • Guild Portal allow you to open the portal for guildies to go through.

Gilded Hollow – General

Gilded Hollow – Tavern

Gilded Hollow – Workshop

Gilded Hollow Arena

Guild Armor/weapons

Guild Arenas

  • You can fight your guildies here or invite players from other guilds and fight them.
  • There are three set teams (blue, red and green) and a free for all team.
  • You can add decorations on the fly to mess with people. There are turrets, walls, and pillars you can drop down to troll people. Basically a combat sandbox.
  • You can turn on a barrier on/off surrounding the arenas to allow participants to be knocked off Skyhammer style.
  • There is a barrier to prevent players from jumping into the arena. They will need to talk to a NPC to get in.
  • They are still undecided on how many players can be playing in the arena. 20-30 is size we have been playing around but it is not set in stone. You can have lots more people speculating as well.

Guild Teams

  • Players can create rosters under their guild name and play competitively. There is a guild leaderboard what allow you to see how you rank against other guild teams.
  • Teams could be extended outside PvP sometime in the future.

Guild Claiming

  • You can craft tactics and tools in your War Room and use them once you have claimed an objective in WvW. The scribe can craft these things.
  • Turret gates to help you guard your objectives if you need to move.
  • Banners can be crafted. Turtle banner will buff/heal your team. Dragon banner does a lot of damage and knockbacks etc. Banner skill cooldowns will be similar to weapon skill cooldowns.
  • You need to hold an objective for a period of time to be able to slot in some of the awesome upgrades such as airship strike in Stonemist or gain stealth from the Stonemist water pool.
  • Charr Motorcycle another tool that is a player transformation that acts like a mobile siege weapon.
  • Some of the defensive upgrades are the ability to make your gates/walls invulnerable for a period of time (duration not decided yet, but less than a minute)
  • Towers can be slotted with a radar tactic item and it will allow the tower to act as a sentry to spot enemy zergs.

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18 replies on “GW2 Guild Hall Points of Interest Livestream Notes”

No reason why this shouldn’t have been a launch feature.

Starting to think HoT ‘prepurchase’ is more of a kickstarter or gofundme. Such a high price for such little revealed content value….especially when you compare to GW1 expansions and what we’ve got in the past for free on GW2 AFTER LAUNCH: eotm, fotm, ascended gear, wardrobe, drytop, silverwastes, living story…etc.

I’m almost willing to bet that anet will release things like new dungeons, new legendaries, group content AFTER HoT, but only make it accessible to people who have purchased the expansion, ie…items, etc only avail in certain maps.
This will be there way of forcing playerbase to buy HoT and guising it under ‘expansion content’ while it will be content trickling out like it always has been.

Don’t undervalue this game or the content they will put out. The game will have content otherwise they wouldn’t have a product to sell. Your guess that expansion will be trickling out stuff is unsubstantiated and flimsily based on just their marketing department revealing information bits at a time, which by the way, is what many companies do. Put some deep thought into what you’re saying than jumping onto the brainless hype wagon.

did they not cover lost precipice? πŸ™ That better not be next week, I want specialisations back

There’s a lot of updates that Anet has been trickling out lately. It would be great to have a condensed version with bullet points of all of the updates combined. Though I suppose the release notes will finally have all that.

this is so great. ive never really dived into WvW but this may change my mind. even if not though, im loving the guild halls feature.

Omg, the overhype was real, in this one. “Aweee ohmagawwddd, its sooo cooolllll.” from whats-her-face, the entire time. May as well have been, “Oh wooowww… this is totally worth 50 dollaaaarrss… yyeaahhh.”

Does anyone have some light to shed on the access to Guild Halls?
So if I have HoT, and claim a guild hall for my guild, will my members be able to get in or do they have to have HoT as well?
Will they be able to help claim said guild hall in the first place without expansion?

As far as i’m aware they will need HoT. Without it, the new Guild HQ in LA serves as a guild hall substitute for them. Don’t ask for reference, can’t be bothered to look that up πŸ˜€

mm they can go into the guild initiative hall in LA but idk if they can come along to claim guild halls
apparently they won’t be able to get into the guild hall we claim, but i can’t remember the source for that either

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