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GW2 Heart of Thorns purchased from third parties are fraudulent

If you pre-purchased Heart of Thorns from third parties, they are likely fraudulent.

Hey all,

Heart of Thorns is currently only available officially to purchase through our purchase site and in-game through the gem store. There have been a number of 3rd Party websites/services offering Heart of Thorns for sale, and none of them are currently officially authorized to do so.

These sites are most likely getting their keys through fraudulent practices, which means there is a VERY high chance that if you purchase from these websites that the key will be disabled shortly after. This will result in your account being closed for fraud, and Customer Service will require that you purchase HoT though legitimate means before you can access your account again.

For your account’s sake, please be careful when purchasing your HoT key through a 3rd party (right now).


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

70 replies on “GW2 Heart of Thorns purchased from third parties are fraudulent”

It’s funny, but according to the forums “Heart of Thorns” purchased directly from ArenaNet is some form of fraud, as well…

Or more likely, they bought it from a third party and are deluded into thinking it was legit or not and just want to be compensated for their mistake.

Even said this in an earlier article :p

There is a reason as to why those retailers sell it cheaper.

Well, better to go for official channels than to go to something more shady which promises something for cheap only to get gypped in the end.

This is not surprising, really. Authorized retailers are always listed. If you picked up HOT for 40$ or less are you surprised it was a scam, lol…..

“please give us money” that’s what i read, because if they actually close all those “fraudulent” account there would be 3 cats, 2 dogs and 1 npc playing the game

lel, looking forward for buying HoT from reseller site for 30 € and getting my account locked because I didn’t buy it for 50 directly from ANet.

Yeah, because the site that sold it to you for the lower price obtained it illegally…

Are you surprised when the police come to confiscate that 50$ tv you bought off of a crackhead because he stole it lol.

resellers get their keys from wherever source they have. Some don’t care if the keys are stolen or not. Anet has the right to deactivate those keys at any time though as you would do if it was stolen.

He knows how resellers work.

Well it is obvious, i’ve seen lots of offerings of third party seller, but i know as long as there is no official list from ANET where you can buy from without any problems, its logical that you buy from the official website or ingame. In the end, your own fault if you fall for third party. Logic wins.

This is nonesense, there are also wholeseller selling hot to other retailer whre you can buy it legal…

I`m really disapointed form anet and dulfy posting such trash, just to make more money. shame on anet and dulfy!

It is not a legal sale unless the company that made the product (a net) approves it lol. Kind of obvious.

The wholeseller get the keys from anet! you can buy the hot keys now for round about 10 bucks in wholesale!

yes dear teenager. and i also aproved the list of “official” retailers in germany, and the list itself is a fraud, because the are only 4 retailers and only 3 of them selling hot… there are thousand of none-official retailers selling legal keys from anet. learn to read between the lines…

Your last post doesnt make sense, show us the so called list by ANETs approved resellers. Seems more youre trying to make advertising for those third party reseller. *lol*

What? Did you understand what u just said? If i call a list a fraud, i advertise it????????????????????????????????????????????????

no comment, really …

Maybe you should try typing English instead of Gibberish then, what your wanting to convey and the typed words meanings are reversed. If he’s a “dear teenager” your a “cute child” with what you just typed. I won’t go any further since it seems English isn’t your native tongue, so you have an excuse for the improper typing, not for the attitude however.

I think he’s confused.
Pre-PURCHASE can only be done through the official site.
Pre-ORDER can be done through official partners.
The difference is that Pre-purchase means you pay now and get your key now. Pre-order means you pay now and get your key close to launch. (likely with less goodies)

Just to clear up the confusion.

does it occur to yous this guy was a would-be scammer, coming here to vent the anger because his scam is unfairly exposed?

What list? The statement from a net is pretty clear. If you want to give some third party retailer your money hoping to get HOT a little cheaper, then go ahead. Just don’t be surprised when it turns out to be a scam.

dude, it’s obvious that he didn’t care, don’t waste your energy, you lose nothing because he is the one who bought key from those place.

Igsa like everyone else responding to your rant take your bs to another site your obviously unhappy with anyone trying to be helpful

Why would ANet sell keys wholesale? this is a computer game and it would just reduce ANets income. Wholesale is a thing for physical products like candy where buying one unit has high overheads (to get it to the customer and exchange money for it takes time and effort) while buying many at once means less overhead per unit (transport many units together and only process one transaction) – this does not apply to software distributed on the internet, there is no saving for ANet by selling many keys at once as there is no physical transport cost and the transaction is online.

What the hell do you have against Dulfy ? It’s just an information fan-site, and she do really good job.
She is just relaying information, what the hell can you hate about that ?

I’ll keep it simple so you understand. Buy keys with stolen credit card info. Sell keys to unsuspecting gamer. Credit card reported stolen. Payment returned on purchased keys. Keys made void and accounts with the keys applied are locked.

That… makes quite a lot of sense. Thanks for explaining it in ways such that the economically impaired among us can understand 🙂

Ok,but if shop works for 7+ years selling x games…how can that shop still works?I know that this may work for some shops created “yesterday”,i didnt go that far saying its safe to buy HoT on any possible place u find on internet.Also half of their “official retailers” dont even sell gw2 or Hot…

Well, sometimes they recieved keys from other sources, basically they get a set of keys from ‘an official’ source that are illegally obtained. It’s also a lot of grey areas that happen. (And the -official- retailers are getting theirs Tuesday or Wednesday next week)

This seems highly logical, why would someone go anywhere but buying on the official website or in-game in the first place? Cheaper prices sure, but it will be deactivated anyway so that kinda explains it right there. Good on Anet and also Dulfy for posting this, don’t want people haphazardly buying from unapproved 3rd party retailers.

Just to reiterate on this. Sure Anet wants your money and a full 50 at that. But that is not the point here. Keys bought from these sites are likely STOLEN. These were bought directly from the same official page but with fraudulent cards. Meaning that Anet will receive money from banks that they will undoubtedly “ask” back from them once they find out that the card holder is non-existent and not planning on paying them back or reporting their card stolen. Leaving Anet with no pay at all and you with a deactivated account.

If you want it at a lower price. For your own sake, be patient. And if you bought your key from a reseller you trust and your account is deactivated Be prepared to ask your money back from them!

On a side note: if a seller you have bought from is a pre-order and not a pre-purchase (this article is about pre-purchase) then it may be a different matter as you do not get they key instantly then again it may still be too good to be true so watch out.

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This is great and all, except for the fact that deactivating an account because the code “may have fraudulently been obtained” and “defintely has been fraudulently obtained” are two completely different things. This is like me reporting you for scamming or exploiting or cheating, just because I feel like it, and ANET closing your account for that reason, with no proof and no investigation. If that’s the case, they could close ANYONE’S account, because ANYONE could have used a stolen or fake credit card/bank account/paypal/whatever, to purchase a copy of HoT from ANET’s own store, so by that logic, anyone who purchases the HoT expansion from Anet’s own store may have obtained it fraudulently, therefore, everyone who purchases the HoT expansion from Anet’s store should immediately have their account suspended.

You see, there’s this thing in Contract Law called implied warranty of merchantability. Read about it.

The “may have” was for the external sites, not “everyone”. And arenanet can easily find out if a card was fake. You are still better off buying from the official site to be sure.

I bought a copy of gw2 hot from credit card purchase for my brothers bday but there is no where for him to redeem the key to his current account without buying another copy himself from either tp or Other than creating an alternate account entering the key, any solutions?

Oh I didn’t think of that. I could get his information from him, log into his account and apply it from my end. They really made this difficult to gift the expansion to friend/family.

ANet didnt help matters by making the HoT cost appear high, I for one am unimpresed that I have to buy the game again (HoT comes with a full version of GW2 so its included in the price). To be honest its looking like “Anet have not made enough money so lets get everyone to buy the game again and if we call it an expansion people will think its reasonable”. IMO the expansion should cost noticably less than the original game, its no surprise a lot of people want to get it cheaper, after all if it makes significant money for ANet there will of course be others and we will be buying GW2 again every year or two – kind of like a subscription dont you think.

OMG 50 dollar yearly subscription compared to the 15 dollar monthly sub. Lets do the math now stay with me on this one cause i know your clearly special in the head. 15 times 12 thats 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +15 +15 + 15 = 180 OMG

the deal is even better than that it been out for almost 3 years with 2 years of free content updates. thats almost $540 for a $15/mo sup fee. even more reason for this guy to not be upset….

what were you wanting the price to be?? honestly i expected 50$ from the get go. in todays market 50$ for a game is the standard . heck games that will give to only 20 hours of game play are 50$. Im just not seeing the argument that well here. Not to mention the core game is included yes but as a free bonus. and the whole “Anet have not made enough money so lets get everyone to buy the game again and if we call it an expansion people will think its reasonable” part is laughable at best are you insinuating that heart of thorns is not an expansion? Just not seeing the logic here thats all…

I expect an expansion to cost less than the original game, the clue is in the word “expansion” . As for free bonus, you are paying for it, perhaps you dont understand the word free either?

I dont think anyone is complaining about the cost, but about the actual value. 50 is fine, as long as you get 50 bucks worth of content. From what we saw on the beta, this is at most 20 bucks worth of content. GW1 expansions are on a different tier and well worth the 50 usd they asked for.

Right, beta is beta. to be honest we dont know what will be put in nor do we know the release. we dont even know how many maps there are ….

The price of the expansion doesn’t bother me, most MMOs charge you a similar amount for Xpacs. What’s kinda upsetting is that player already having the game don’t get any little bonus, not the slightest one. A character slot and some dumb stuff would totally do the trick. Actually, screw it, just a character slot would make it appear a lot more generous !

It’s not the absolute price I don’t like, hell I played wow on 5acc for 6 years and feel I got good value for money. It’s the relative cost that bothers me, is an expansion but it’s being sold like gw3.

you can get your original copy of gw2 with HoT for 50 bucks if you make a new account if it makes you feel better.

and i do notice that there is a portion of people who literally cannot afford anything.

There are people who find it too expensive at 50 bucks and well I’m not sure whether that’s a fair price cause I’m not sure what’s in there. For me 50 bucks wouldn’t be a problem as it’s easy for me to afford but I do think that GW2 does have an over representation of people who cannot afford much or don’t want to pay because of the business model GW2 has to begin with. In other words, Anet have catered to this group more than other games.
At the same time though I have to admit that putting the core game on sale just before the expansion only to let people find out they basically wasted their cash because they’ll get it for free with the expansion is a rather odd approach to the whole release and I can understand people being upset about that side of it. They are offering refunds for people but of course many people bought it via other sources and they are faced with buying a game that 2 weeks later is free with the expansion. The fact that Anet knew this was coming does give it all a bit of an unfortunate feeling of unfairness.

I already paid for gw2, paying for it again doesn’t make me feel better it makes me feel like someone is ripping me off.

Actually I like to support games I play so I have regularly bought gems. This isn’t about an absolute amount of money, it’s about broken promises. You might need to think about it for more than 2sec in order to understand, then again don’t bother “thinking” clearly isn’t your thing.

Actually most 3rd party resellers sell keys from retail versions. So
its most likely they do work and are actually legit as long as you dont
activate them early. Anet just dont want people to buy them for less.

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