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GW2 All skills and traits now unlock at Level 80

Arenanet has announced a change for tomorrow’s patch that will allow all skills and traits unlocked at level 80 without having to use extra Hero Points.

A quick update on this one -> After feedback from presenting the original hero point count – we decided getting to level 80 will give you enough hero points to unlock all the core skills and traits entirely. Doing hero challenges (aka skill challenges) will simply allow you to earn all the skills/traits earlier before level 80. With the release of HoT, there will be options to spend the excess hero points earned from doing hero challenges in the world.

There are a number of other changes on 6/23 to make the experience from 1-80 more exciting, better-paced, rewarding, and fun as well after having the time to evaluate and player feedback from the updates last year.



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26 replies on “GW2 All skills and traits now unlock at Level 80”

So the smartest thing to do would be to simply not purchase anything, so you have a ton of points left when HoT hits.

Well there will not be a way to spend excess Hero Points anyway now. So a character with world completion will have ~200 Hero Points stockpiled before HoT.

I believe they said something about how everything over the previous hero points necessary to unlock things will automatically be converted to shards, so people don’t just automatically unlock everything in HoT when it drops.

i dont think so.

“With the release of HoT, there will be options to spend the excess hero points earned from doing hero challenges in the world.”

that only goes for skillpoints. tommorow all remaining skillpoints will be converted into shards and all skills will be basically locked. Hero points will be granted for your level and “hero challenges” you accomplished.

So what they’re doing now is lowering the points you need to unlock all skills to the same amount you will get from lvl 2-80. all points that go over that amount will be points you wont be able to spent right now and since there is a limit of how many hero points you can get, there won’t be any way to trade those points so i guess those points will just be used for elite specs as soon those hit the game

This is a very nice announcement by anet as it means noboby has to unlock skills they have already unlocked. Nobody will have less when they log in tomorrow than when they logged out today, good call anet.

good decision. the next … storm was on the rise. anyway: why did i do pretty many skill challenges the last weeks again? its ok.

Moral of story cry enough and you get free shit. Want Ascended Gear but don’t want to craft? Cry about it. Want a Legendary but don’t want to explore map or put work in? Cry about it. Want a unique items like Jetpack or Chainsaw-sword but only only got into game last week? Cry about it.

“Want a Legendary but don’t want to explore map or put work in? Cry about it.”
How does one put “work” into having the RNG gods favour you?

i put work into mine and bought the prec through gold earned by playing, no rng

being blessed by RNG gods is a bonus, not an entitlement

I like how people equate meaningful grind(what Anet clearly was trying to go for) to a meaningless grind(farming the Mystic Toilet or farming gold to buy the precursor/legendary off the TP rather than taking the ultimate journey collecting the necessary mats to reach the goal of a legendary)

RNG is not a journey, it’s a chore. Chores have no place in any game.

Chores are a matter of opinion. Legendary item NOT at all NECESSARY, but if people want such an item I don’t understand why it’s a problem. Must everything be easy to get?
The new system is better and I’m for it, but I just don’t understand why people keep insisting getting the pinnacle of endgame item is too tough/time consuming/requiring too much effort.. If you make a choice commit to it otherwise do something else you enjoy

It’s a game not a job, the fact that you have to meaninglessly grind gold for that is retarded in itself (and this coming from someone who grinded gold for 3 legendaries already) . Buying stuff with gold is not earning it. Getting a Liandre mini pet through 1vs1 challenging content is earning things. Clearing Arah alone and selling spots for end boss is earning things.

I guess each to their own. I wasn’t concious of having to grind for one. When I wanted to make a legendary, I already had almost all the mats and the gold. Legendary is endgame item so you have to spend a decent amount of time to get it, or be lucky and that’s a bonus.
I also prefer if the legendary was actually skill based but you should be able to see that will pose a problem for the less hardcore community not being able to get one. Rivers of tears were flowing, people were asking for Liadri nerf when it wasn’t even that hard. Imo optioning legendary through that would be even harder and you’ll have even more of a problem.
If both options (gold or challenge) were given, then you have 2 problems – there’s always going to be an unsatisfied population because it’s takes too much effort to get.

Obtaining the precursor was not about saving enough money to buy it for the market-driven prices. After all, why not just save for a legendary and buy it outright? It’s why anet’s now making legendaries not tradeable

cause it’s cheaper to craft and personally more of a satisfaction
I’m glad new ones will be untradable, they will actually mean something (more)

What is happening to Tomes of Knowledge again? I have too many, will they be useless after this patch? Should i use as many as I can before it hits?

Tomes of Knowledge will continue working as they did before. If you use them on a level 80 character, they will give you one spirit shard per use due to the capped level.

And skill point scrolls are becoming spirit shards too. :>

I feel like this completely destroys any reason to get hero points except for map completion. At the rate the new points are being handed out, any half decent player will almost never require any supplemental except possibly for unlocking the first elite skill around lv30. Now there is next to zero incentive to gather these points, as spirit shards are otherwise going to be trivial to acquire.

I have 3 stacks scrolls of knowledge in my bank, should I use then before the patch ? I am not sure what am I supposed to do

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