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GW2 Heart of Thorns Prepurchase Community Address

Arenanet has published a statement regarding the Heart of Thorns prepurchase issue.

As many of you are aware, we began the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ pre-purchase program on June 16. This is an exciting time, but we also recognize that there is some frustration and confusion. We would like to clarify our intentions and address these concerns.

Veteran Player Appreciation

For our long-standing fans and loyal players, we would like to say thank you and show our appreciation. For all players who registered the core Guild Wars 2® game prior to January 23, 2015 and who upgrade their account by prepurchasing and registering any Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns edition before Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns‘ launch, we will add one additional character slot to your Guild Wars 2 account. The process of delivering your additional character slot will take us some time, but rest assured we will get it to you as soon as possible. We’ll provide more details about the specific timing soon.

Pre-Purchase Clarification

In our January 23 FAQ, we wanted to clarify that Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns would not be a stand-alone campaign like those offered in Guild Wars 2® in the past (Factions® and Nightfall®), but instead would be a true expansion to Guild Wars 2 similar to what Guild Wars: Eye of the North® was to our original game. We wanted you to know that access to much of the content in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns requires access to Guild Wars 2. Some read the FAQ as us urging players to buy the core game now, in preparation for the expansion release. This was not our intention and amendments made to the FAQ following the announcement were a good-faith attempt to clarify this misinterpretation. As such, we’re offering a comprehensive refund policy.

For all players who purchased the Guild Wars 2 core game from our website and registered it between January 23, 2015 and June 16, 2015 in anticipation of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, we will automatically refund what you paid for the core game should you decide to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns from our website or in-game store any time through July 31, 2015. If you take advantage of this refund and pre-purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, all of your current account progress will be kept intact. We’ll provide further details on when refunds will be processed in the next couple weeks as we set up this process.

If you purchased the core Guild Wars 2 game from our website and registered it between January 23, 2015 and June 16, 2015, and you no longer want to play Guild Wars 2, we will refund your core game purchase price and close your account provided you make the request by July 31, 2015. Please contact our Customer Support team to make this request.

If you purchased the core game from a third party, we are unable to provide a refund. However, if you registered the core game between January 23, 2015 and June 16, 2015 and upgrade it by prepurchasing any Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns edition before Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns‘ launch, we will add one additional character slot to your Guild Wars 2 account. The process of delivering your additional character slot will be the same as described above. If you would like a refund, you will need to contact that third party, as refunds are dependent on their policies and rules.

Business Model Clarification

We want to be clear about our business model for future expansions now that we are approaching our first paid expansion for Guild Wars 2. We believe that to keep the game dynamic and vibrant with a constantly growing community, it should be as easy as possible for new players to get into Guild Wars 2. For Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, we didn’t want the core game’s price to be a factor in a new player’s decision to begin playing Guild Wars 2. In the future, if we release further Guild Wars 2 expansions, we plan to offer all of the prior expansions, the core game, and the latest expansion for one single purchase price.

We are committed to our players and believe we remain the single best value in the MMO space. We set out on this journey to challenge the conventions of MMOs, to knockdown the barriers to accessibility, and to fulfill the promise of what online worlds should be. In the process, the best community in gaming came together in Guild Wars 2. It is to our community—past, present, and future—that we are committed. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you in game.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

133 replies on “GW2 Heart of Thorns Prepurchase Community Address”

To clarify, you get 1 from this “compensation” thingie they are doing and 1 from the $75/$100 purchase. So in total you get 2 slots. They are not giving the $75/$100 edition two extra for a total 3.

Thanks for the reply, that unfortunate hope they give you one soon. Your and that_shaman’s content have been the most useful for me by far.

Wow, I honestly did not expect a company to react that quickly and in such a manner anymore.

When they released the information for the pre purchase I was – just like everyone else – suprised they showed so little appreciation for the veterans by giving new players so much more for their buck. I said to my gf: “they should at least give veterans a free character slot as a compensation.”

Really glad to see they realized their mistake.

Bravo. You stand up, and you say it out loud. You stand back from “this is what it is, get it or get out” to PR-damage-control, and you throw in the one tiny bone we asked for. And suddenly, peace.

Late, but better late than never.

Well stated and i agree, most of this seems to be a bad misunderstanding. Glad to see anet stepping up for the players.

So, wait. About Ragner’s post… Are people who purchased the 75 and 100 dollar versions getting two compensation slots or one in addition to the one you got automatically for purchasing those editions?

that’s sufficient for me. For them to have made a new class, yet not giving at least a character slot for the $50 purphase is quite a d—k move. Now they addressed it, I got nothing else to complain.

Well, better late than never. Glad A-net can finally address this issue.
I was very disappointed when they said new players who bought it last month just have to suck it up and delete their account for a refund. Hopefully not too many of them have done that yet.

bought the 100 pack. got 2 character slots in the end. Thats nice.

Also good to see some compensation for those who did not even get the time to get much playtime for their money yet.

i purchased an character slot in anticipation.. then got the ultimate… so thats 2 slots.. then now one more… i have….11 character slots total. lol

Anybody happens to know an official retailer that I could buy the pre purchase with DOLLARS? Either I am unable to navigate the gw2 site or it doesnt let me use dollars with my paypal…
I won’t convert them into Euros, I would pay 1.5 more.

I believe the price changes to the matching amount when you change the region setting?
Or are you asking about how to pay locally instead of internationally?

I don’t know, what “pay locally” or “internationally” means, to be honest.
I have 100USD saved up and waiting for HoT at my PP.
Yet, the site shoves into my mouth either Euros or GBP and I cannot find for the life of me any region/country that would allow me to pay with USD on the damn list.
Thus I am seeking an retailer.

Not offering Heart of Thorns itself as an upgrade to existing GW2 accounts is going to keep me away from buying this. I did just buy GW2 back in March from Amazon, which in itself would negate the possibility of getting a refund. The “free character slot” doesn’t interest me and doesn’t seem like any sort of compensation for being forced to buy the same game twice.

More power to people who love the game and want all that they can get of it, I’m not knocking the quality of the game, I just think this is an ill-conceived means to get people to buy the same thing twice in order to pay for their own lack of a subscription model. It’s clear that it’s no longer a “buy once, play forever” model, it’s a “buy again every time we have an expansion”.

You don’t have to buy the Core game again you idiot its a free extra they put on top of the expansion……do people not read anymore?

A semantic argument, the point is the above commenter doesn’t feel the expansion is worth $50 on it’s own otherwise it wouldn’t be an issue.

You’re really so naive to think that if it were just an upgrade they’d still be charging $50 – $100? You’ve got to be joking. The outline for contents for Heart of Thorns looks like a $20 expansion, tops. Anything more than that shows that they really do want you to pay for the base game again and double-dip their customers.

It’s nice to see, though, that the hardcore NCSoft devotees have to resort to insults. You do a great job of making anyone want to buy anything related to Guild Wars 2.

first core game and char slot are both about the same price as the core game often gets a 75% off. The 2nd issue is that u never had to pay for anything with real money since u bought the core game. I have 12 charslots til now and only bought 2000 gems once in April this year, everything else i paid simply with ingame gold and this is not even hard. 350 Gold are about 2000 gems theese days and thats 18 to 30 days of playing without beeing forced to farm. But most people play brainless thinking SW Chestfarm is worth the time they spend for it. the guy who opened 15K bags got about 1100 gold for the stuff in it with the time normal farmplayer make at least 5500 gold. 1100 Gold also are about 55 days on my personal playstile and i do not farm 10 hours per day 😉

In fact the now available price for expansion + chaslot is the same as expansion + coregame and is not much higher than the addon for Diablo 3 for example. 40 to 45 $ is a normal Add on price in the not pay 2 play field of games. SW ToR is something different by the way as it only offers full access to people who buy a abo all other players are reduced in lot of things like 200K Credit limit for free and 600K credits for people allready buying something else. That also means most of the stuff u want from the galactic Trade Post is not buyable without abo model as the prices go over 1 Million. SW ToRs Paymodel just sucks this way even I like playing the story. So what u get for 20 in SW ToR is what they offer u from the beginning nothing more. What u get from HoT is what they give u at start and in addition lot more content over time u did not have to pay for.

I’ve been on the fence since seeing the first gameplay previews about this expansion.
New zones don’t look that interesting and the foes are my least favorite in the game.
Since the fixed price includes all previous expansions I will just wait until the next expansion if that ever happens.
If there was an expansion only option though I would get it, just because I like the game, but I’m not paying for it again. :S I’ve already bought 3 extra character slots. I don’t need more.

Well then its entirely up to you, if the content doesnt justify to you then dont buy it. I doubt they will add any more perks and most have seen it as fair. By no means am i telling you how to spend your money but if your looking to buy the expac and dont need the slot i recommend you wait it out and see what the release has to offer to see ,bit for byte, what your buying.

an extra character slot is not enough to justify charging people $50 USD for an expansion if they already own the game. YOU NEED TO HAVE A STANDALONE PACKAGE!

i thought too but this clears it

For all players who registered the core Guild Wars 2® game prior to January 23, 2015

Stop complaing about a $15 dollar difference you broke boy. If you complain about 15 I can imagine how low your car gas is.

So if a veteran player purchased the $75-$100, they are getting 1 character slot from standard, 1 additional character slot from deluxe, and 1 for veteran player appreciation? A total of 3 additional character slot? or am I interpreting this wrong.

Yeah, that’s how I’m interpreting it. A veteran player who pre-purchases the $75-$100 would get 3 slots. 2 from the deluxe/ultimate, and 1 from the appreciation thing.

The basic edition does not get any slot at all, not counting the “player-appreciation-we’re-sorry-please-continue-giving-us-money” character slot.

Hopefully the whiners can now calm down. For the love of god, with the amount of content in the game already, there’s no need for this.
Jesus, if there’s anyone ripping anybody off, it’s Blizzard.

$50 for a small expansion? Even Swtor doesn’t charge that much. Their expansions are $20 and they offer much more.

Then dont buy it its that simple… stop crying , pick yourself up, get over it, and move on. They did their best to reach out and if thats not good enough, just move on.

Let me be specific;
What about ppl who bought GW2 between Jan 23 and Jun 16, didn’t Pre-Purchase HoT, don’t plan to, but still want to enjoy the Core game after HoT is launched.

and as we close you accounts all gold,gems,tokens and anything else you have will be sent to KingThane to support him to continue being FABULOUS 😀

TOTAL BS committed to our players my ass. There is no loyalty for the veteran players who played the game for years and pay full the original price. If they care about their players then they should at least make a upgrade purchased for HoT without the core game for a different price. 1 additional character slot does not justify the fact that we have to buy the game again.

/Tears… Your not buying the game again, your buying the expansion. This crying over the cost needs to stop. Your getting revamped characters, access to new zones, more PvP content, class masteries and so much more. It’s really not a bad deal.

Eh you need to be realistic too though. Many points are BASELINE as a FREE patch to whoever owns the core game.

So far we only know of exclusive maps and corresponding masteries, guildhall maps (functionality will also be in LA) and the elite specs.
WvW will be a replace for all, PvP will be a general addition, core spevs are revamped today already.
I can understand if people label HoT as too expensive for its content. That is, so far we know contentwise.

Haha only from GW fans :D. Besides a new characterclass, most of these changes and additions are standard stuff in free patches in other mmo’s (fees or f2p alike.)

Anybody that uses the “But Anet said…”-argument is eligible for a full refund of their right to make purchase decisions and the right to vote.

Aion(random example) offers way more in expansions and you don’t pay a single $. not to mention that Aion adds more than 3 dungeons in each expansion

your not buying the core game again… they are giving it as a /!{[(FREE)]}! promotion for prepurchasing the expac. if you want the core free upgrade wait till it releases and still pay $50 bucks…… $50 bucks is the base price for the expac. its like going to the store and buying a toaster and getting a can opener for free …… but you already have a can opener. whether you take the free can opener or not the toaster still costs the same……..

Not really. It’s more like a sale in which only NEW customers get a free can opener when they buy a toaster; if you’ve been a loyal customer for years, you pay the same as a new customer, but just get a toaster. You still have to hear about the sale, and see everyone else walking out with free can openers, all of whom are shopping there for the first time, and most of them will prolly never be back there. And just rub it in, the toaster itself is NOT on sale; it’s actually the most expensive toaster you’ve ever seen, & you would prolly ignore it but you’ve been buying bread from this store for years (it’s your favorite bread), and you just found out that if you want to be able to toast your bread in the future, you are REQUIRED to buy THIS toaster, from THIS store. And no free can opener for you.

This type of business model already exists within telecom and cable companies. New subscribers can get free HBO or cheaper rates for a bit, while existing customers do not. And yet, you don’t see hordes of people raging at their cable company because they don’t get the stuff new people get do you?

Yes, you do see “hordes of people raging at their cable company”; look up any list of the “most hated companies in America” and you’ll see it includes every major cable company in the country. Too lazy to google it? Here’s a link: . But that’s beside the point; you’re describing a subscription service, not a “sale”. It’s completely irrelevant to this debate, as the business model is completely different, and everyone gets the same deal, since everyone is a “new customer” at some point, and therefore they’ve all had 6 months @ $19.99 already, or whatever. Also, the companies are all interchangeable and offer almost the exact same service, so at any time anyone can simply change from one cable company to another to get the “new subscriber” deal there, provided they actually live in an area with more than 1 cable company.

These “goodies” from cable companies are most of the time just sugarcoding some really nasty contract changes, the companies are only allowed to apply most of these changes to new contracts. That’s why new customers get free / cheaper stuff, because in the end they have a worse cable contract then the old customers.

I switched to Time Warner internet during a promotion and got a free $500 dell. Sucks for all their loyal customers.

1st off i love that you went with my analogy. In that case it depends, is the toaster worth the 50 dollar price tag? There are more expensive toasters out there (literally ive seen actual toasters go up to the hundreds, but this still applys to games,lol) that dont meet the same needs as people who buy the cheaper toaster. So you gotta ask yourself does this toaster meet your toasting needs? It does for some, it doesnt for others thats the fun with capitalism, and thats what i want people to do is let your money talk cause that will talk louder than any comment board or forum.

if you really think that they give core game for free then you’re an idiot. few days ago core game was $40 and now they give it for free? nice bait… for idiots

you get 1 slot now, and another slot later:

….. The process of delivering your additional character slot will take us some time, but rest assured we will get it to you as soon as possible

Good move, Anet. Still a giant mess though. I will laugh hysterically if the next expansion costs $100 with bundled for “free” core game and HoT.

no, this does not make me happy. when I thought that $50 was a price of expansion, and expansion only. ok. fine. I wasn’t going to buy it until it went on sale, but at least I could see it as defensible. (I also apparently mistook the amount of content it offered) I’m not seeing it as defensible now. no, I don’t think character slot for pre-orders only is a good compensation – given the cost of original game even on sale, vs cost of a character slot. discount ala “Deus Ex directors cut” to owners of the original game – would have been a fair compensation, IMO. oh well. I’ll just finish up original game eventually (since I already have it), and play other MMO’s instead.

no I won’t buy it. i’m not an idiot and take the bait. few days ago core game was $40, and now it’s free? you must be really stupid to bite this bait

Then go get the free core game without the expansion pack. Oh that’s right…you can’t. it’s a bundle.

Keep playing the core game then and stop worrying about what others are doing. If you don’t want to buy it then don’t.

I agree. There are points where Anet goofed and they try to (finally) fix them up. That is however no reason to spout such bullshit.

EVERYBODY that upgrades gets an extra slot.

Old players

Quote: For all players who registered the core Guild Wars 2® game prior to January 23, 2015 and who upgrade their account by prepurchasing and registering any Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns edition before Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns‘ launch, we will add one additional character slot.

and new players

Quote: However, if you registered the core game between January 23, 2015 and June 16, 2015 and upgrade it by prepurchasing any Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns edition before Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns‘ launch, we will add one additional character slot

The add char slot for new player only for 3 party buyers who has very high chance cannot get the refund.

I agree with others who have posted below. This is ridiculous. Veteran players should DEFINITELY be compensated for more than just a “free” character slot. We paid for the core game and expansion separately. New players will only have to pay for the expansion. If Anet were truly “devoted” to their players then they wouldn’t have done this to their veterans. It’s not fair.

Chance is, if you played so far, you probably spent your “subscription” through the gemshop. You played for years already is NOT a valid argument against.

While some people have been paying the minimum (i.e. cost of game and zero after that) others have been supporting the game over the last two years, its mean to make everyone pay again including those people that supported the game in good faith.

Well to be fair whenever Anet tries to say “thank you” to the paying supporters they get a huge backlash from the haters (see -> The mini Mr Sparklez and green Quaggan Backpack fiasco).
Thing is, you’ll always have a vocal crowd complaining. Why? Because the content crowd rarely has to speak up – Why would they, they’re content after all.
That is certainly also the reason why we didn’t get Mad Memoires again yet. People complaining while the big majority wouldn’t bother. However, as the minority was more vocal Anet shied away from releasing them again. Thank you haters. I’ll see you in hell…

Please remember that payed subscription MMO’s ALSO have ingame shops. Buying gems ≠ subscription fees.

When its about an expansion there should be no differences in price between people who have bought gems and people who have not.

They have a shop NOW since they saw how much MORE money you can get out of it compared to subscriptions. Why do you think free-to-play MMOs can survive otherwise?!
If you play a F2P game and use the ingame shop you pay more than a game with just subscriptions and no shop. Given the endgame of gw2 being skins and most skins being cashshop only makes it even comparable to subscription games WITH a shop.
Saying a ingame shop doesn’t yield money or at least less than a subscription is pretty naive. Go and do the math, please.

Realease cadance, prices and the point where they finally implemented the shop – No, you’re still not really understanding the point. You’re just trying to make up an argument with WoW.

Ok, hold on. Standard MMO expansions are 40$. ANet is giving players that already have the game a free character slot if you preorder, essentially changing the price to 40$. And you’re complaining? REALLY? Do you really think that little of the developers? Do you think they don’t deserve to make 40$ per copy? Guess what? WoW didn’t rewards its subscribers for playing when the any of their expansions came out, nor did…. Any other game, really.

Yet we need new players to keep the game going. Don’t leave them out the loop. Can’t please em all right and i ‘ve been here since day one. Be happy they even considered to listen to the community and not just leave it the way they did.

And this happens frequently with all companies. Its not like Anet and NCsoft for that matter were the first to do it. Marketing at its best or worse depending on how you look at it

nah. not that easy with SAB. they have development schedules worked out in advance for at least 3 living story patches.

That business model is the worst MMO-related idea I’ve heard in a while. They will ultimately end up charging their loyal players many times what it will cost new players to get everything they’ve released up to that point. It’s very likely that each expansion will end up being severely overpriced (like HoT is), so loyal players/veterans will need to overpay just so Anet could sell more copies to new players. Thanks but no thanks, Anet. Go pay for your own goddamn marketing schemes.

I agree, its nice not to put new players off but existing players get charged for what they have already paid again and again.

this is a basic business scheme, and sadly players don’t realize it’s just a business trick. few days ago core game was $40, and now it’s free? you can see the bait from miles away

Everyone seems to be missing this: ” we will automatically refund what you paid for the core game should you decide to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns from our website or in-game store any time through July 31, 2015.”….so you are in essence with the now added refund in hand…holding just the purchased copy of the expansion + 2 character slots. This is not a bad deal people…I’m not sure why everyone is STILL angry…sure if they did not give back some for those who have the core game already I could see it…but they clearly noticed they messed up and are Clearly saying this will fix it… and they are adding a “Sorry we fucked up…so heres an extra slot to make up for you having to wait to get some of your money back”

That’s basically as it was stated before. Bought the bundle now? Free base game. Bought the base earlier? Get a refund (Which you had to ask Support about).

This is just phrasing people, learn to read. They added an extra slot for older players nothing more and nothing less. It’s a step in the right direction though.

you didn’t even understand what you read, lol. in order to get the refund of core game, you must have registered the game after January 23 until June 16. you have till July 31 to do so. you can’t do this on August 1 and you will have to pay full price: “For all players who purchased the Guild Wars 2 core game from our website and registered it between January 23, 2015 and June 16, 2015 in anticipation of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, we will automatically refund what you paid for the core game should you decide to pre-purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns from our website or in-game store any time through July 31, 2015”

i bought the game around 1.5 month before January 23 so i can’t get refund, so yeah, i’m angry. if they don’t sell HoT separately i’m not buying it(frankly i don’t mind that. B&S will come out this fall and few months later Black Desert. no time for 3 mmo so i was gonna quit GW2 anyway). and i don’t bait that free game is free. few days ago core game price was $40, and not they give it for free? you must be really stupid if you bite the bait

“i bought the game around 1.5 month before January 23 so i can’t get refund, so yeah, i’m angry.”

why? the expansion was announced January 22. they clearly stated this was to refund people who purchased the core game in light of announcing the expansion. there wasn’t any indication back in november or december there would be a paid expansion.

Holy shit, what is wrong with you whiners?

News Flash: games get cheaper over time! Why is everyone getting angry over this? You can buy Fallout 4 at launch for $60 or you can wait a year or two and get MORE content in the GOTY version for LESS! GASP! That’s the same thing that’s going on here.

I paid $40 two years ago and have put over 1000 hours into the game (never bought gems w/ real money). I couldn’t be happier with my investment. I thought $50 was a bit steep for the expansion, but with the additional character slot I’ll happily pre-purchase it now. And I won’t throw a freaking hissy-fit when someone pays less for it down the road.

People quit bitching about new players getting the core game for free and Veterans not getting a discount. They gave them the core game for free so that it will attract new customers into the game without going through the hassle of purchasing both. Existing players have had years of content and play time from their initial investment upon purchasing the game. Your not losing anything, and your not being slighted. Is the expansion a little pricey? Perhaps, but your getting a fair amount of content and the extra perks are nice as well. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But for the love of god, quit bitching about how A-Net hates you and isn’t giving you a discount you deserve for being an existing player. It’s a business, you don’t deserve a discount. You deserve a quality product, and great customer support. Both of those things A-Net consistently provides.

We also deserve a product we consider valuable. Bundled software that contains what we already own is overpriced.

I consider it of proper value… and many others do, and thats the flaw in your statement. The value is in the eye of the beholder. If you dont see the value, dont buy it its as simple as that. The value will only get better with the more they announce and buying it up to you. The content could be more valuable than we think or it could fall flat, the true is it hasnt done either yet.

i don’t want discount. i want to buy the expansion separately. free core game my ass. few days ago core game’s price was $40, and not they give it for free? who the hell believes that obvious lie?

I think they did this to avoid punishing new players like WoW does. Think about it, in order to catch up in WoW you need to buy ALL expacs AND the core game… that adds up to alot more than $50. Moreover
Moreover, people shouldnt get mad at anet, remember, ncsoft does have some say in business decisions.

I hope I can get atleast 2 slot….

Anet didn’t do that good is let people can directly compare the different between new and Veteran Players can get. That make people feel the unfair. Add a char slot or an unique skin may help, at least this is 800 Gems , same price as the discounted core game.

Be happy they even considered changing what they originally gave us. But then again not everyone can be pleased…

few days ago core game’s price was $40, and not they give it for free? hahahaha, nice bait, i applaud you. unfortunately i don’t bite, so you won’t see $50 from me

You didn’t even understand what you….They don’t “give it for free”…they include it as a package deal with the expansion…regardless on if you already have it or not when you buy the expansion. So..if you have it…they are giving it to you again…which is useless yes…but they aren’t going to change it so…don’t “bite”…and don’t play expansion content…or “bite” and join everyone else.

Haha, sorry but they are including it for free, the expansions cost is $50 the base game is free 😉 this is from their official forum post from the developers themselves “To clarify: $50 is the price of the expansion. We included the core game as a free bonus to make it easier for new players to get into it.”

No no…the Cost for BOTH is $50…you cannot get the expansion without the other…so it is not free… regardless of how they choose to word it.

Yea but THEY are saying it incorrectly…because you cannot purchase the expansion without it…so it is a…Package Deal…you pay $50 for the Package…so just because it is included in the Package does not mean that it is free…free things are those that you can get one or the other of without seeing one of them that happen to be included…but you cannot do that here…sure you can get the core by itself….but you cannot find the expansion without the core…thus making it impossible for it to be considered a free item.

it’s still $50 and even though i could just buy it whenever i want, there’s just not enough information about what will be entirely in the game for that price. an extra character slot sure as heck isn’t enough to get me to just buy it when i already have an extra free slot.

That is a very good decision given the lack of clarification of the content. I would hope the announce at least 3 maps (with the 3 biomes each and more maps to come), new dungeons, raid like content, and access to ALOT of new armor and wep with all the content already announced.

When you bought GW2, did you know you would get SAB, LS S1 and S2.? and other update?

The game did changed a lot from the Version 1.0 and even ANet didn’t know what GW2 is now 3 years ago.

Telling you what exactly you will get is kind of meaningless and you will get much more than that . What we may sure is ANet will atleast updating this game next 3 years. So the decision is depends on do you trust ANet will give you a good game experience in the next 3 years or not.

That character slot changes nothing
Give a copy of the base game to veterans to give away and its fair

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