SWTOR Announcing Season 5 PvP Rewards

SWTOR has announced the season 5 pvp rewards and their rating requirements.

Greetings PvPers!

The finale of Season 5 is fast approaching so we hope you are on top of things! The end of Season 5 will come with Game Update 3.3 and your Highest-earned rating, when the servers come down for the update, will determine which tier you are in and what rewards you receive. The higher your tier the more glorious your rewards!

Just like in previous seasons, the Highest Earned rating that determines the tier you are in – not Current – so no need to feel like you are risking Rating by going after the next tier up! To see your Highest Earned Rating, check the Warzone Rating and Stats page in the Warzone Queue GUI. Please note that the Rating displayed on the Leaderboards are the Current Ratings, not Highest Earned. Once Season 5 has come to an end and all Ratings have been reset, the Season 5 Leaderboards will be archived off so you can always reference who was tops in previous seasons.

The Black-Silver Striated Crystal Lockbox is a Ranked Reward that will be available (and only available) in future Ranked Seasons. If you miss out on it the Black-Silver Lockbox this season you and your compatriots can attempt for it next season!

Are you entertaining enough to tame the Gladiatorial Nexu Mount? Get the team back together for one last hurrah or dare the solo queue and prove your worth!

May the Force™ be with you! Happy hunting!

-The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Combat Team


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48 replies on “SWTOR Announcing Season 5 PvP Rewards”

no its serenity shadow/hatred sin. jugs and guardians are pretty balanced in the current meta, lol

“You pleb” Can you act anymore like a 12 year old? Please. So the internet can laugh at you. BTW PT is easily fought if you’re not stupid and know what a DCD is and know what abilities are other than your basic attack. Biggest FOTM is Serenity/Hatred. It’s literally easier than AP/Tactics which is a four button rotation.

No, their numbers have significantly dropped while those of jus/guards have dramatically increased. Their defensive CDs are unreal, compared to other classes, and in arenas….

just play the class(es) you know best. PT tank is probably the strongest in the current meta, sorc heals and sorc/sin dps are also good, but not good enough that you can faceroll the keyboard and win.

All classes can do well in the current meta but stick clear of marauder and merc.

The difference between ranked and unranked gear is small. There’s nothing stopping you from getting full augments. My merchealer is in non-mimnaxed 168s and wins.

Wait, I might not have totally understood the question. If you mean PvE gear in PvP at 168, no. The limit for bolster is 162, any higher and you die horribly.

To hell with ranked pvp. only a handful of players who pay to be carried or join a premade to roflstomp pugs get these rewards, so who cares for them.
Yeah, you see them on the flet and think “oh i’d like to have that rancor or nexu mount, or furious stuff ” but it is actually impossible to get it. If your guild doesnt pvp,if you dont play with real life friends, and you try to get it solo, just forget about it. Bull…it of ranked, man…

Uh, two things..
a) there are no premades in solo ranked
b) there are no pugs in teamranked, usually

If you’re bad at PvP, you won’t get anything out of it, you’ll just get farmed.

Seen quite a few premades in solo ranked on our server. The reps don’t Q for it because there is such a low pop of pvp’ers that side, everyone moved imp. Occasionally someone gets a full premade/voiced rep team together to stomp groups of pugs… Then gloat about how they got 1650 rating >.>

Shit happens.

Progenitor has that issue, but the Rep queues are rare and it’s funny as hell to kill the obvious teamspeak premades with pugs.

come play on TOFN imps vs imps is a 50-50 , if you are repub it’s 80-20 imps – repubs winning chances. SOLO ranked needs to be shut down completely.

>If you miss out on it the Black-Silver Lockbox this season you and your compatriots can attempt for it next season!

Hmm… Same reward for 2 seasons? Seems legit.

so if i have 800 rating in bronze tier do i still get my crystal? cause i was farmed pretty hard please someone respond

If you’re highest rating in group ranked has been at least 1000 once, you get the crystals. You don’t get the crystals from solo ranked at all if your rating’s been under 1349.

Seriously fuck PVP in this game. Every server is different, so there’s going to be people who will NEVER get gold tier because of server populations…not to mention the trolls and the FOTMs. I honestly don’t know why Bioware have given people rewards this season when they are fully aware there are major issues with the ranked system (which is why they are changing how you get rewards).

Some people have played hundreds of games and will never get above 1350 because of bad teams and trolls and warzone leavers and win traders. Some people get lucky and can get 1600+, others are unlucky with their groups. The rating system is literally about luck. Luck that your team is geared, luck that you have no trolls on your team, luck that the other team is undergeared, luck that the other team has trolls, luck that your team happens to have more warzone experience than the other team.

I would love to see the highest rating solo player in season 2 go onto a dead server and try to get 1600+ rating. It speaks volumes about the state of PVP.

Server transfers are cheap now, go move to a more active server. Super simple stuff.

Man screw this. Too many hackers and win traders still these days to get any “true” ranked points. I won’t miss these rewards this season. After the patch hopefully ranked will be better for the solo elite versus the steam roll exploit four man groups.

Looks like you trolling. There’s a lot of speed hacks and such and win-trading going on, but so be stupid if you want, but you know what I mean. It’s not everybody, but a small few messing it up for the rest of us that don’t use hacks or exploits and try to play the game the way it was intended.

a) I have seen no evidence of or any speedhackers myself
b) wintrading is not hacking

And calling me stupid because I asked for more information is.. well, you need to be less aggressive.

Win trading is more of an exploit, as I mentioned in another comment. And speed hacks still exists, I thought they were all gone but they are still very prevalent in ranked. Just because you haven’t seen them personally doesn’t give you the right to act like they not there at all.

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