SWTOR Character Transfers over 90% off starting Tuesday

SWTOR character transfers will be 90% off starting Tuesday and last for a few weeks, costly only 90 CC

Last week we announced our next Digital Expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire. Since announcing, we have seen a lot of players coming back and getting into The Old Republic. Whether you are a new player, an old subscriber coming back, or a player who has been around a while, you may have been looking for an opportunity to move to a new server. Maybe your friends transferred servers in the past or you’re just trying to find a new Fleet to call home.

In honor of our Fallen Empire announcement, we wanted to make it a bit easier for you to play on the server you want to. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday June 23rd, all character transfers will be discounted by over 90%, for a limited time. Each character transfer will only cost 90 Cartel Coins each. This promotion will run for a while, and we will make sure to give you a couple weeks of notice before the price goes back to normal.

In order to initiate a character transfer:

  • Login and then visit:
  • Ensure you character meets the requirements listed
  • Click “Start a character transfer”
  • Select the server where the character you wish to transfer is located
  • Click “Choose a character from source server”
  • Select the character you wish to transfer
  • Select the server you wish to transfer that character to
  • Click “Next”
  • On this screen, you can confirm that the character is eligible
  • Click “Start transfer”
  • Enjoy your new server

Thanks everyone!

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By Dulfy

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161 replies on “SWTOR Character Transfers over 90% off starting Tuesday”

Weren’t you crying above about how this is so unfair because you transferred three other toons before the discount? Now you are taking advantage of it? Wow.

Well i play on Bergen , it tends to have fleet pops in prime in the 150 range and had active channels for GSF and Raids , it has a RP option for some and tends to have a pretty stable community , so its not a bad destination if your not looking for a mega server , but want a decent size community to work with

When you transfer a char from a server to another, do you keep 2 ‘clone¡ legacies (one renamed) at max level or the new one starts from zero? Achievements are also retained? This is important as i wish to have Yavin stronghold in another server to retain my four strongholds in my main server

All is retained. Legacies, strongholds, decos. Remember just to clear your legacy vaults, your mail and GTN then you’re good to go.

legacies are merged &you’ll get to keep whichever 1 has the highest progression (level, reputaion etc) or most unlocks (including SH decorations) in any particular area/aspect (sorry, english is not my 1st language^^)

Problem is what server to jump ship too…havent heard of any them actually bouncing with active people

I’m on Shadowlands, Ebon Hawk, and Harbinger – and Harbinger is always the busiest of the three servers.

It would be awesome if they let us transfer toons from US servers to EU servers.
I’m stucked at Bastion, even though I’m living at the EU…

That’s what I was thinking. They are making transfers discounted so that people are not as pissed when they get rid of some of the light traffic servers.

Guess I had better get moving on playing all the classes on all servers to get my 20cc before I lose 200cc per server merged.

I didn’t get to pick. I was on rubat, they turned my server upside down and started dumping us all onto Ebon Hawk along side the perv server Lord Ardras. RP went from fun, to rapey. Fleet was pretty much territorial hackle raising and arguments for weeks. A lot of people left as a result, anyone who complained was a prude, I used the transitional period to check out the reside class stories to avoid all the crap, when the dust settled a lot of the quality was sucked out of rp in place of endless pick up lines and mis-use of the force. Queue wise though, things picked up nicely.

Progenitor seems pretty much identical. Still, Ebon Hawk has a lot more variety and at least some good opportunities. Here, every guild hates one another and the whole PvP population is about to transfer to the PvE server. RIP The Progenitor, June 2015.

One thing I do like about Ebon Hawk is the Pug ops community. Really solid folks, at least for slumming it in storymodes for fun and profit. Much love to my Allies.

Ah, here there are no pugs. 😀
Bring on the server merges!

Anyone know if the free character you get is already chosen for you? Or can you pick its faction?

Yes, but he was asking if you had to use a chosen character or if you could choose which character you boosted. Either way you’re still building a character from scratch, but you do get to choose the character.

Once again you said “boosted”. Boosted implies that you can boost a character from say lvl 34 to 60. That is not the case it is from 0 to 60 a new character. I’m just tring to make sure people don’t get the wrong idea.

you decide, basically, you just create a character from scratch with only one exception, its instant 60

The contents of legacy storage doesn’t transfer with you. You could imagine the problems with someone putting high value stuff in the holds, and making multiple copies of it sell by transferring it over.

Hi, I’m a human female body 1, level 16 with long red hair. Not only is this my physical description, its also my character background. Wanna come look at my ship?

The Harbinger is generally thought to have the highest population, due to a combination of west coast and APAC players. That’s where I play, and I would recommend it.

>_> uhhh…. I *just* spent $60 transferring 3 toons away from a dead server a couple weeks ago because I wanted the game to be playable!!!

…. no mention of refund or similar for this? Ok…. Slap in the face. Enjoy the free tithe, Bioware…. you don’t deserve it.

It’s amazing how hyped an entire MMO population is over the announcement we’re not getting anything at all contentwise until October.


just lol, I’m not even going to dignify that with anything constructive

the self-entitlement is stronk

There’s no self entitlement here. For both points:

It’s clear that Bioware waited to get as much money from the desperate server transfers as possible until that point where they can use a promo to pull players back in. A majority of my friends who were on Jung Ma and also are in the same boat with me and transferred characters before the promo are similarly outraged.

And as for content, yeah, I think it’s pretty silly that our $15 a month goes for basically pre-order DLC type crap for about the next four months.
Meanwhile, Square Enix is still releasing tons of content over the next months. Just released the expansion, later will release the next raids, and even later will release the hard mode raids, all within the next month. THAT is $15 well spent.
Whatever…. perhaps I just know when a business is actually giving me what I pay for or not.

Little bit worried about this. My server isn’t one of the more active ones, but it’s not dead either, like some seem to be. I hope this won’t actually reduce the amount of viable servers because of everyone leaving for Harbinger or such. >.>

Servers will be overloaded , it also will cause frequent crashes and tremendous lag, that they have yet to work on,
this seems like a cheap try to not merge a couple of servers 🙁 Still some of the things like letting guild take their guild ships and blah blah not to mention its will cost u to get ur strongholds and so on. I predict lots of Bitching to come more then already exsist LOL

Complaining is a full time job and it never pays.

They should make a new whiners server so all of them can go there and start whining to each other, total madness.

I dont know why they whine so much instead of doing something about it but i like ur idea of a whiner server LOL

Please tell me more about this alleged “tremendous lag.” I’m an east coast player on Harbinger (west coast server) and I never have issues. Maybe your internet/computer just sucks.

LOL no actually probally a better comp then u and i didnt say i have the lag geez maybe read the forums on the swtor side before i come at me .

RIP all low-pop servers… guess its goodbye Jung Ma, like almost everyone I once knew.

Bring on “better than cross-server”, whatever that means Bioware

There is no such thing as an “overcrowded server” in SWTOR because the larger servers simply have better infrastructure to support the load.

I’d say Jung Ma should merge with PoT5, but, eeeew PoT5. If this is #betterthancrossserver than I have to /frown at Bioware

I’m with you. If this successfully foments a mass migration from PVP servers, maybe we will finally see a merger of Pot5 and Jung Ma. I have to admit, I’m really tempted to jump servers even if I have to pay to unlock strongholds all over again.

Ok, I think that’s the ‘better then cross server’.

This will kill my empty european pvp server. Well done…

Go wherever you want, just don’t change your mind later and want to go back, thats what most people usually do.

The really tragedy here is now the harb will be packed full of ERP’s from other servers and will go back to crashing multiple time every week like it did a few months back. So #RIPHarb

Me too. I transferred my last main toon 2 days ago. You don’t suppose they’d entertain the idea of a refund? 😀

awesome, good thing i waited, i was just about to move 3 toons from my old server, but i held out and now its a good time to do it.

Your personal decos come with you, BUT, you will have to pay to unlock ALL the rooms in your strongholds if you paid with credits. Interestingly, I hear they are unlocked if you used Cartel Coins for some reason

you don’t need to pay again, moved one of my toons and my stronghold came fully unlocked the same way it was on the other server, and i bought everything with credits.

nice been wondering about that so upon transfer u get all houses with rooms that u have unlocked and decos that u have. wasted too much money on all that and some u cant ever get anymore

Need an advice please, which eu server is better populated and have more pvp content (wz, open world)?

There is only 1 pvp English speaking in Europe so maybe you should join that one.
Check on the server page.

ToFN is the designated PvP server, but it has a notorious reputation for both player base and actual WZ pops. I suggest TRE, people are much more mellow there.

I’m going Europe guys, people are fun there and have cool drinkies.

Vacation time too gone do some sightseeing……

What I’d like to see is another character name cull. I had stopped playing when they did the first one, so when I came back earlier this year, all but 1 of my characters had to be renamed. And having been a day-1 player, I had some damn nice names. Now I can’t even name a character Kershflõffle without having to resort to ASCII’s. And I know 3/4 of the people that took all my old names are now inactive themselves.

Have they ever done a name cull? The only reason I’ve ever lost a name on one of my characters (and I have accounts I haven’t played since launch) were do to the server they were on being merged with another where someone else had the same name.

Sweet! I just moved from the East to the West Coast and have like six or seven characters that I wanted to transfer. With character transfers so greatly discounted, I’ll be able to move them all in one pass!

The intelligent thing for you to have done was just start over on the other server with the subscriber class mission XP boost. Leveling a character to max is so fast now that spending money for a transfer is pointless. If you really cared about your legacy/money/phatloot, you should have just transferred over one max level toon and remade all the others.

BioWare is not to blame for your bad decision making.

Refer to the legacy/money/phatloot part. Just put all your gear/set bonuses in legacy armor, then stash them in the bank of the character you want to transfer over.

Poor Harbringer I hope this won’t spell disaster once it hits 4 or 5 instances of fleet with the incoming masses.

don’t you mean 7 or 8 fleet instances there is always 4 or 5 of them on Fridays and when SoR went live there was 11 Yavin 4 and i have seen 15 Oricon instances on Harbinger.

Seems like something EA would pull before they announce server mergers…save yer money and wait it out.

You said it. There’s no reason the east coast needs two PVE servers (shadowlands, jedi covenant). Their populations rarely reach Heavy and are often at Light status throughout the day and late evening. Both the PVE and PVP’ers would benefit from a merge.

arrggg, I just transferred all mine (13) off Bastion because it has been a graveyard for over 12 months… be nice if they offered some compensation to those that have transferred in the past 2 weeks.

So, will I need to have free slots in the server I want to transfer or they get unlocked automatically?

thats my questions exactly, my instinct says BW want u to also buy the slots, but free slot is not among the requirements…

Then.. don’t pay? Don’t subscribe? This is identical to the people who paid for all of their ability training before it went free and then proceeded to demand refunds and bitch about it against all logic. The game is making a fantastic turnaround after a couple of years of pure mediocrity, if even that. Feels like something is actually happening, but when there is an opportunity to complain and get attention, people are going to complain.

For one, the cheaper server transfers even if it’s temporary is a spectacularly good thing and I will finally be able to see what PvP is like on other servers, can transfer my character to and from places all day even.

Also- if you buy something expensive from a store and it’s discounted the next day by a large amount, do you go back to the store and rant and complain?

..Something seriously is wrong with you if you’d say yes to that.

I actually didn’t have a problem with the credits for ability training. Actually, in fact, I was against removing those costs because it was a standard MMO “currency sink” that needed to be in place.

First thing- finding out server activity is as simple as going to I’d say it’s pretty obvious as to which servers are more active.

Second thing- they fixed it!. Noticed how everything seems to be going right ingame lately? They’re actually fixing issues.

So if you want to be grumpy, k. Go play Final Fantasy if value for money is what you want the most. If I can stop constantly moaning about the stupid things BioWare keeps doing, I don’t think it’s much trouble for anyone else to.

Unless you started playing Harbinger on day one you can’t really complain about new players joining it.

What about guild ships? Since its linked to the guild leader, if he/she transfers will the guild ship go with them? My whole guild is looking to transfer from PoT5.

No, guild assets won’t transfer, you’ll lose guild strongholds, guild ships guild decorations, and guild banks as well as any contents left in them. You’ll have to remake your guild entirely, reinvite everyone and what not.

So if I transfer from one server (legacy 50) to another server that I have established legacy level 50, which legacy will be retained?

highest legacy will stick, say if you have legacy 50 + all 4 buff from bastion and you move to harbinger, you will keep all that plus all of your titles.

I wonder what the population is going to look like on POT5 tonight. I have no doubt the pub side is going to be at or near zero. The imp side however was somewhat healthy. I wonder how many people transfer off that main an imperial character. Either way, I’m going to be cautious and transfer out my pub toons and expect a ghost town on each faction’s side for the foreseeable future.

well to be fair…if you log in to the lowest (is it the lowest probably?) pop server when all of us are at work I’m amazed you see anyone outside of credit spammers. But, none the less 3 is a “tad” low I’d say. Last night I hopped on the Imp side and it was at 137 people around I think 8-9 or so. It’s finicky. You basically have to log in during peak hours or not at all assuming you want to do some form of group play.

my guildies and I are just waiting for a merge. I’m sure it will come eventually. Can’t see them leaving the server as bad as it will be before long

No doubt that’s what I’m doing with my Imperial toons. We’ve built up too much stuff to just jump ship totally, and at least there are still people on the imperial side namely our raid team. I’m sure if someone leaves that it’s over for us. It just is rough. I pushed my pub toons over to Shadowlands, and man they had two instances on the fleet for the pub side. I don’t think I’ve seen what multiple instances looked like especially on the good guy side. It was kinda weird…awesome..but a little weird.

what will happen to the Legacy Storage items if i will transfer all my toons without removing the items?

They will still be there in the legacy bank when you create another toon on the server i believe. They won’t transfer with you unless you carry them in your inventory/cargo hold.

thank you Dulfy, i’m currently at work and i’m planning to do a server transfer via web and thinking of not worrying about the items on my legacy storage

The transfer isn’t a item that I could buy now and store in my storage till I want to use it? Right?
Or even sell on the market if I don’t need it.

No, that would be nice, but you don’t buy the transfer through the market. You have to do it through a its link on the website.

I hope everyone realizes this is all a trap. It’s nothing but a ploy bi EA/Bioware. Using Biologic they are giving cheap server transfers to get your money. Then a few months after this server transfer discount is over they will announce server mergers. Thus for all this server hoping was a waste of money. But an easy money maker for EA/Bioware.

I mean 90 cartel coins out of the 600 or so they give me a month means I’m still not giving them anymore of my money outside of my subscription.

ehh not really. What money do most subscribers waste here? Cartel coins? We get those for free, and 90 cartel coins barely dents what we get per month anyway. Secondly, let’s say someone did transfer now, and then later on the servers merge that’s not a big deal either. The person that transferred got what they wanted, and the person who waited also would get what they wanted.. The real logic here is that BW is more or less saying “yes we have a server population problem so we’re going to take this way way down so people don’t have to do much to afford it and these cheap transfers will solve the short term problem and give us more time to figure out the best way to solve the issue moving forward.” It’s not some ponzie scheme or whatever. It’s their way of compromising a big issue with a band aid that makes sense. This poster’s position is more bordering conspiracy theory territory then rationalism. Or maybe I just don’t agree. Either way it’s a sensationalist post to me that isn’t correct.

Nothing you’ve typed has anything to do with what was being discussed. Ur just hijacking the thread for an opportunity to whine.

“I hope everyone realizes this is all a trap. It’s nothing but a ploy bi
EA/Bioware. Using Biologic they are giving cheap server transfers to get
your money. Then a few months after this server transfer discount is
over they will announce server mergers. Thus for all this server hoping
was a waste of money. But an easy money maker for EA/Bioware.”

I do belive he’s saying that this discount being offered is a ploy to get money. I’ve tried to show how they actually end up losing money/ or at least not gaining money. I’ve also tried to show why these transfers along with a later server merger aren’t this easy money maker for BW.

HookedonPhonics worked for you I see. That’s it for me though. It don’t take brains to be stupid.

Very real possibility but at least if you transfer now you get to choose your destination server. It’s not like they’re going to let everyone go to Harbinger.

ToFN is the least populated server between both regions, it really is going to become a tomb at this rate

It seems my guild is going to move to a new server. Since I never transferred a character, can someone more experienced with it answer a few questions? (Maybe we need a faq…)

1. Is it a good idea to transfer from The Progenitor to Red Eclipse, in terms of server future survival/merge/shutdown? What do you think?

2. How does the character rename work if I happen to choose to transfer a character for whom the name is already used on the destination server?

3. Is there a limit of credits or items that I can transfer? For example, if I unlocked 5 cargo bays in my cargo hold, and 5 bays in my legacy storage, are they still unlocked on the destination server? I was unlocking these for all chars in my legacy not for a single character at a time. Same question about inventory slot unlocks.

4. Do you lose any legacy/character perks, global unlocks, titles, achievements, if you transfer?
Any change to this if you need to change your character name as well?

5. Should I clear my mailbox off the mails received from SWTOR, with in game rewards, mails received due to class story progress etc? Everything?

6. If I choose to stay on a server until it is so dead that they will merge it with another server, do I get all my character on one destination server? How about eventual character renames in that case?

7. Was there any unpleasant surprise that resulted from doing the transfer that you did not think would happen but it did?

thanks in advance

1. Not sure
2. It will give our char a fake name/or make your name red, it will ask you to rename before you are allowed to log in.
3. I don’t think there is a credit transfer limit. All items in your cargo hold/inv will transfer(with the exception of legacy items, not sure if they will). Inv slot/cargo hold unlocks will transfer, not sure about legacy hold unlocks.
4. No, you keep all of that. It will also take whichever legacy is higher, but not add them together. So if you have a char already on that server with a higher legacy it will use that one instead. If not, it will use the legacy of the char you transferred. Name change does not affect anything else.
5. Yes. Unless they changed it mail items do not transfer.
6. When they did server merges, all chars on a certain server had one destination server. Would need to rename if someone already has that char’s name. I do not think they will do any more merges, but could be wrong.
7. I played when they did the merges and transferred one char with over 500mil worth of items to another server and never had any problems.

Question: my legacy bank itens will not be tranferred. What about my cargo hold Storage? I have too many things and dont want to leave it behind…..

All none legacy items will transfer if they are in your inventory or cargo hold.

I don’t think anything in the mailbox transfers though.

I am having a rough time finding the right community on Ebon Hawk. How are Jedi Covenant and Harbinger?

Basically just a guild that doesn’t die two weeks into the game. I am a casual player, hate pvp, and I enjoy levelling alts. I am not all that experienced in end-game content, but I have ran a few ops.

I wonder if I call BioWare directly and ask for a cross-region transfer if they’d be able to do that. My time zone of game play is ideal for EU but I am stuck on the US end and don’t look forward to regaining those achievements that I like to grab a hold of.

Nope. The EU has far stricter laws regarding moving personal data across international borders, and EA doesn’t want to risk the legal trouble.

why can’t subscribers get free character transfer when they want or why don’t people get in game messages of this offer when on my son plays alot and we didn’t get to know till it ended and freedom nadd is practically a dead server .we do not go on the website much and i don’t play as much because i work alot i spent alot of money on this game since launch and feel i don’t get much benefits being a subscriber

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