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SWTOR Game Update 3.2.2 Patch Notes

SWTOR patch notes for Game Update 3.2.2 that will arrive after the maintenance from 8 PM PDT Monday to 8 AM PDT Tuesday.

Game Update 3.2.2 Patch Notes


Bounty Contract Week Returns! Hunt wanted criminals in this returning event. The event begins June 23rd at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT and ends June 30th at 04:00 PST/12:00 GMT.


  • Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Achievements still missing post-3.2.1 have been granted.
  • The Blaster’s Path Cantina Quick Travel point is no longer reverted to an undiscovered state on log out.
  • Fixed multiple texture issues on Korriban and in the Korriban Incursion Flashpoint.
  • Fixed environment issues in the Raider’s Cove area of Rishi.
  • Textures now render properly if moving the camera outside of the Administration Building on Ziost.
  • All environment assets now appear correctly when moving the camera at certain angles in the Separatist Stronghold on Ord Mantell.
  • There is no longer a gap in ground textures near the Worldbreaker Monolith on Ziost.
  • Legacy Lockboxes can no longer cause character transfers to fail.
  • Armor pieces with visual effects no longer continue playing the effects if they are stamped over in the Outfit Designer.
  • Metallic armors and outfits no longer display green highlights in the character sheet preview window.

Classes + Combat

Sith Warrior

  • Heroic Moment now correctly receives a reduced cooldown from unlocked Legacy Companion Unlocks.

Jedi Consular

  • Tidal Force is no longer improperly consumed before you can use it in certain situations.

Sith Inquisitor

  • Lightning Storm is no longer improperly consumed before you can use it in certain situations.

Flashpoints + Operations

Scum and Villainy

  • Fixed a texture issue on the way to Styrak that caused players to be unable to progress through the Operation.

Colossal Monolith

  • The rift in the northwest corner of the Fractured Tract is no longer active.

Battle of Rishi

  • The Revanite Assassin Droids during Hard Mode Shield Squadron have had their damage output adjusted to be more consistent.

Depths of Manaan

  • Solo Mode now provides a Gear reward for Marauders and Sentinels.

Items + Economy

  • The Warzone Commendation limit has been raised to 200,000 in preparation for the 3.3 PvP changes.
  • The “Fountain: Jedi Temple” Decoration can no longer be heard throughout the Stronghold it is placed in.


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197 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 3.2.2 Patch Notes”

I did too, but everyone that came to visit kept asking where the bathroom was. Guess some people can’t handle the constant sound of running water. 😉 Yavin 4 waterfalls are going to be rough for them. 😀

”Armor pieces with visual effects no longer continue playing the effects if they are stamped over in the Outfit Designer.”
there goes the lighting effect on my sorc awwww

Of course the Regal Apparel skirt (and the similar ones) are still bigged after almost a year -_-

Mine as well. I don’t get how they don’t realize most people would not want to wear that terrible looking armor on its own. Well here’s to hoping they sell just the effects themselves for CC down the road.

It’s cool that they decided to raise the PVP comms limit early. I might actually do some PVP this week!

Armor pieces with visual effects no longer continue playing the effects if they are stamped over in the Outfit Designer.

Hehe i knew it 😀

Something is cool and contradicts Cartel market revenues it will be fixed

Always nice that they can fix things that really don’t need fixed. While things that needed fixed 2 years ago are still FUBAR.

I bet you treek as a healer still has that daboolbug buzzing crackling sound that’s so loud you have to disable it. First reported in June 2013. Way to tackle the big priorities there Bio/EA. What to go…

If you paid 2100 coins plus 700 to extend the companion to your account. Well, that’s real world money. And when it doesn’t work, that should be a priority. At least a priority that will be fixed in less then two years time. Not really a priority when your just looking to have it fixed AFTER TWO YEARS! Wow your stupid.

Yeah, bet you will see a few of those on the GTN for 20k and people still will buy it, since a a lot of people dont bother reading patches:p

I really like the visual effects thing… I thought it really made the Outfit Designer a lot better. Oh well….

Only three possibilities.

1. They’re saying 12 hours so when it comes back after say five hours people can say “oh wow you worked super fast and got it up with seven hours to spare.” Also, gives them enough leg room if something goes wrong to fix it without further delays.

2. They’re merging servers. Really hope this is not the case because my server (The Red Eclipse) is pretty packed as it is. But thinking about back in the day when they did this before it took around 12+ hours. If they do, then I’ll have to consider cancelling my sub. It’s hard questing as it is with the influx of new players it could make it impossible.

3. They’re making subtle changes to the game in preparation of the new expansion.

Zero chance they’ll merge servers without a warning. #3 (as well as prepping for server xfers) is the most likely scenario

Think of all the names with X’s at the end, and weird characters on harbinger. When there are no more names left in harbinger, the crÄppÿ-‘∩ÅmÉs shall walk the earth.

saddest thing is that is most likely true, harbinger has issues but I still love it,its home sweet home 🙂

Oh my stronghold will no longer sound like a public toilet. That’s nice. So there is no need to remove the fountain.

No fix of the wrist pieces with enhancement slot?

I’d just like to point out with togruta and it’s release it’s not guaranteed for 3.3 they said that is there current plan but it’s still in development so could fall back beyond 3.3

Yeah. I really hope it does come with 3.3 as I love the togruta species alot with only to species I want more. But have to be realistic otherwise will get hopes up only for bw to crush them with a delay lol

Seriously a 12 hour maintenance to add this small patch??.

Just loaded client and it says servers down from 3am my tine to 3pm wtf

Try 11am to 11pm ‘strayan time. The normal maintenance time for me is 8pm – the exact same as it was when I played wow for 8 years. Get used to it.

Didn’t we already have a bounty week this month? Or has it really been a month already? Jeez, I’m getting too old for this ****. Not that I’m complaining. The only way I’m going to get my HK skin is by doing at least 14 bounties per event for the next 3 months. Depressing, really.

Since the vendor hasn’t been updated since the events inception I don’t even blink an eye at it. That said from a developer standpoint. Wouldn’t you want to add/update/remove change item rewards from these vendors every so often?

Has anyone else noticed that the commendation rewards on starter planets are inconsistent? I ran a JK through Tython last night and had 24+ commendations. Did a BH on Hutta last week and was two quests into DK before I got any.

“Fixed a texture issue on the way to Styrak that caused players to be unable to progress through the Operation.”

RIP bridge boss?

“Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Achievements still missing post-3.2.1 have been granted.”
Thank the maker! Of course, I’ll believe it when I see it given their track record. 😛

Let’s see if the third (or is it the fourth?) patch will fix it. I expect it to break the achievement more than before.

Looks like this time they actually fixed it. BUT of course we have yet to see if it breaks again after the event ends AND they introduced an unlimited credit exploit in the patch, so this kind of gets cancelled out in my mind.

“Armor pieces with visual effects no longer continue playing the effects if they are stamped over in the Outfit Designer.”

Well thanks for curtailing out creativity Bioware…

“Metallic armors and outfits no longer display green highlights in the character sheet preview window.”

Finally! This was one thing that really irked me, seeing the different tint was confusing as to whether the colours would actually match…

Really disappointing they have broken their longtime established update time of 3am PDT to have a really long extended update at prime gaming time for most time zones. Looking at the patch notes it seems really negligible what they were doing. Someone mentioned doing something to ‘harbinger’ server but no clue what that really entails.

Some patches require more maintenance when they deal with back-door/server-side updates. Stop whining for zero reason. lol

why the F is this a 12 hour patch – on a “West Coast” server during prime time on the West Coast? F-ING LAME

It’s good to have somewhat rotating patchtimes… i have enjoyded of em primetime for 4 years… so cut the whine..

Us in the UK have had to put up with Prime time patching since its release, Welcome to our world.

WZ comm limit to 200,000? And a crystal to disable 12XP? 30-60 bracket will be troll city forevah. Now I’ll just roll 10 toons for the 15-30 bracket and farm the newbies for my comms.

Armor pieces with visual effects no longer continue playing the effects if they are stamped over in the Outfit Designer.

Figures. Something good about design was a bug all along. They always intended you to put on a visually nasty piece, because you know, someone designed it, and he/she is called a designer, so it looks just hawt!

Really? You *had* to get rid of the whole armor effects under stamped armor thing? That was a neat little effect to have, and it seems to be somewhat against the spirit of the outfit designer (creativity and flexibility) to remove that glitch, because it’s not supposed to be there.

So glad you don’t still get stuck on anything you jump into inside your Fury or have your companions randomly die from fall damage after the General Faraire fight, thank jangus those armors are fixed.

I did not get to see the patch notes on the website yesterday, is this an extract or the whole patch notes? it certainly seems excessive for the amount of downtime, unless they are doing something that’s not in the patch notes and will be added later (but don’t they usually mention that?) or some other maintenance/upgrades that need to be in place for 4.0 (but why would you need to do it this early?)

Yes, those 12 hours are there because bioware devs will need to drink there cofee. Right? Or maybe those 12 hours are really needed to test out all the (invisible) changes that they have made?

Just because you don’t see anything interesting doesnt mean a patch can be quick ……..

Downloading Main Assets


Well then, thank goodness I went on the Launcher NOW to see if anything needed downloading lol

Yeah I know i saw the size of an in between maintenance patch and wow 10 GB +, the recent blur trailer too 1.7 GB. Looks like they must be putting in stronghold and expansion assets we cant unlock until later. either that or they are fixing existing stuff that is too far gone to just patch and we are re-downloading a whole new set of assets for the planet/op/whatnot.

That’s quite weird, because I opened the Launcher, logged in, and it downloaded an English Video at around 1.6gb if my poor memory serves me right, THEN it moved onto the 10GB one. I wonder if they put the trailer up onto swtor itself, where all the other videos are stored? It’ll be interesting to find out. And like you say, probably a lot of behind the scenes stuff as well, ready for later use.

Fortunately I’m just spending my morning reading, I’m down to 900mb now.

12 hour downtime cuz they’re lubing up Harbinger for the enormous amount of transfer ramrod that’ll be coming through

Just too bad most of those transferring are going to be from PvP servers, where the noobs there are 10 times better than the noobs on Harbi. The only people left on PvP servers are the hardcore crowd, you aren’t gonna be farming them.

yeh it’s not a big patch as such so I’m sure it’s more about the character transfer stuff than anything.

You all whine too much. You act like since you can’t play for a bit, it’s the end of the world. Go play some checkers you crybabies.

If someone payed real money for the game subscription and then can’t play for more than few hours, which were also already payed, and company will not refund back this time used for patching game, he can feel frustrated and have the right to want the money back. Maybe for a ftp it doesn’t matter, but subs have the full right to whine.

Maintenance is part of the game. If your car came with free maintenance would you cry and whine about how you want your money back because you can’t drive it? The sense of entitlement in the gaming community is mind boggling.

No regular maintenance takes 14 hours and if it did, most dealers and/or insurance companies would give you a loaner or rental, so your comparison is invalid. 😉

Sorry, I was wrong. I am still downloading.
At first I downloaded “Main Assets 1” 11GB
then “Main Assets 206” 11GB.
Now “English Assets 1” 4.5GB and I guess there is “English Assets 206” coming aswell.

This 11GB Download is probably an Issue,since most of the Folks I know didn’t even get to download anything (yet) and the Maintenance is soon to be ‘done’`.

and if this was ‘such a Big Patch’,BW would’ve announced it (and especially unlock the Download-Server for Folks to start downloading before the maintenance is over).

Still no download for me. But they are changing textures and stuff, they change stuff that is clearly client business, so there has to be a download.

Yes,it seems so.Neither do I and we’re 2 Hours away from Maint’s ending,which is a little weird even for BW. (Since usually,you could Download the Patch(es) straight after the Server’s were Offline).

Now WTF I understand that is maintenance, but first I can’t even login coz damn luncher don’t recon my password and SK… next I’ve login but no data to download and now I can log, lunch game and watch list of offline servers… and guess what… still no data to DL! WTF BW?!
This game is so exciting, I don’t need coffee anymore :/

I was just wondering will we have to default gear for the new expansion or do we keep are old gear if that the case what gear will they give to the new level 60 toon if a default gear that just annoing as I got full 198 token gear on my commando healer

The Gear isn’t removed,nothing is being removed from existing Characters (at least that’s how it seems and some Community Managers told) but well,guess we’ll have to wait for further Info’s. I just hope they won’t grand new Characters a full 192 or whatever Set,because all this Farming/Hours spend were for nothing then 🙁 .

What might be Possible is that they’re granting new Characters enough Commendations for ‘Starter Gear’,since giving fresh new 60’s without anything,might be a Pain in the Ass.

I was just wondering why no one else asked bio-ware swtor team this as this is one of the most important things for the elder gamers

Well damn, I missed that in the last patch notes then. Still I think it looks better than the basic metal chairs, and I’d like to be rid of those completely. lol

Was it? My guild could have used that info, since we’ve been waiting on those for our stronghold >_<

Nope, it’s supposed to be released in THIS patch. They announced it would be for 1 credit on 3.2.1 but they didn’t release it, they said it was for 3.2.2. It’ll probably be there when the servers are back online

But why isn’t it downloading/working for Others (which is a little Odd).And the PTS is supposed to be a ‘Game-Clone’ of the Live-Server … and the PTS isn’t re-downloading the 11/22 GB (just Patched it now,around 2-3 GB with the 3.3 V ).

Now,if the Game is re-downloading,is there some Info @ what Version that Game will start re-downloading ? (I suppose it’ll re-patch from a earlier Version as well).Since,going through the whole 22 GB will take me Hours (Yea .-. #GermanSpeed m8) so I thought of re-installing it via the CD (after Maint) … but since I don’t know if the Game will return to 0 or whatever (since far as Info goes,this is about removing BitRaider… which was implemented into the Game since the very first V).

Edit 1 . Can’t log into the Launcher now for whatever Reason ^.-

I would advise to talk to customer support maybe there a software preventing your update from being downloaded it happened to me when I had to install SWTOR on my pc windows was stopping the launcher I had to edit the settings

Hmm,well,if only someone came up with that earlier :(.Guess I’ll wait for the G-M to finish (1 Hour or so) and see what’ll happen afterwards.

can’t wait to battlefront gives me something do while swtor updating i’m just doing total war atm

Armor pieces with visual effects no longer continue playing the effects if they are stamped over in the Outfit Designer……..oh common EAfail! Really?!!! Why take this ability away? It’s not like it makes anybody overpowered…..let me guess they don’t want the players coming up with designs that make their designers look like amateurs? Too late there. What a monumental waste of credits for animated armor that looks like crap on its own! Oh well it was fun while it lasted. 🙁

I must agree a damned waste of money, I already purchased new Triumvirate armor set to outfit designer, noticed it’s no longer giving the sparking effects and raised a ticket. Support replied that this issue will be taken care in newest patch, but now it seems my armor sticker is a piece of rubbish for which I payed so much. Shame on you Bioware 🙁

That’s not a bug! A bug is the uber lag on Tython instance 1 and the lag that sometimes happens on Yavin 4, and etc… Out of all the things that needs to be fixed, they EAfail decides to focus on this?!!! Their priorities are screwed up!

technically it was a bug; it was keeping an armor effect in a slot where the armor no longer exists. how you cant understand that as a bug is beyond stupid.

there was probably no “focus” on it at all, its the kind of bug that probably took less than a minute to fix simply by adding a properly working clear command to the visual effects tag when the armor is stamped over

your other issues are hardware complaints which would take time and money to track down.

the problem is its a bug and some people want to stamp new armor in that slot without keeping the effect

its not even logical for it to work they way it did by keeping the effect with a new armor. thats something they could add as a seperate option like they do with color dyes: stamp armor effect. but if they are going to do that it needs to be done as an actual option and not an accidental side effect that you cant get rid of

Just checked again, still getting “The login service is currently unavailable” message.

Over 12 hours time without playing possibility plus additional many hours and bandwith needed for downloading new assets – if Bioware would like to play fair it should offer a 1 free day of subscription to all substribers around the world. Otherwise we can feel like we are robbed from money we already payed for something we can’t use because of BW…

Finaly made the 24GB download but it seems it really replaces a lot data on my HD, size on HD is 28,6GB. If you can’t load retry several times at login , as it seems the login server has some performance issues. I had to try also 5 times or so.

Tried to download again. Login worked… progress bar took 1 sec and was ready… didn’t download anything. Confused again.


Yeah, no patch here either. I’m thinking there wasn’t supposed to be a download, and that’s part of the issue causing the extension.

Weird, just now I started my game launcher but it did not download anything, it just checked and let me enter into game and I saw all servers offline. But still it downloads nothing…

It seems like this re-downloading is an Issue caused by Bioware and it doesn’t seem to be intended (long as the Info’s from Reddit are true).

It doesn’t make any sense to have to re-download the whole thing w.o any Warning from BW.

Yea,People logged too early (while the Issue) still occurred,that’s why the Login Servers went Down,so no one else could log and get the same Issues as many others did.

kk.. so.. is it or is it not 44g total?.. because that’s what I’m at atm and wondering why something like this was not stated before hand, seems to me a company would issue some sort of statement on what is happening

I know that in the past there has been a “bug” in the patching and people were having to re-download the entire game again. From what I remember this WAS NOT intended and was a accident and was fixed within a day.

That’s why they extended the Main +2 Hours.

Any ways : 139 MB,Main Assets 4MB English Assets and 20MB Game Client and download finished.

Some Folks just can’t wait for the Main to Finish and struggle through their Life … so they have to Force-Patch the Client right after the Servers went Offline (and Bug’s happen in any MMO,Game what so ever).

Yeah but my launcher show me i must download 11 gb and i don’t know what to do. Should i wait or download this 11 gb ?

“Hey folks,

The reason this is happening is because of the patch being downloaded mid-maintenance. During maintenance we can sometimes deploy multiple builds of the games, etc. Especially as we are pushing things out and QA’ing them. The way to avoid this problem would be to wait until maintenance has completed and then download the patch. This would ensure you are only downloading the correct patch, and are not impacted by other odd stuff that can happen during the maintenance itself.

I will make sure we get a note about this somewhere in our maintenance messaging so that players know that this is a possibility during maintenance.


– from

I was just about to post that link actually, I had just come across it on SWTOR twitter page.!

yeah, looks like ill be stuck re-downloading the game for a couple of days. awesome. and yes i mean days, since the download appears to be sinusodially fluctuating between 0 and a max of around 400 kb for me.

honestly, this is pretty infuriating and a massive blunder from the devs. yeah, apparently i logged in before the maintenance was done, but how on earth is it my fault if that leads to the DL client immediately starting to download some weird, broken patch files without me being able to do anything about it? i logged on because i had free time and thought “ok, ill just check if the servers are back online” and ‘boom’ i am stuck with this nonsense.

there is NO way this should ever happen. and how on earth is it not possible to tell the stupid client to stop freaking downloading the crap somehow? there seriously is no workaround for this? thats ludicrous.

if theres a possibility for something like this to happen – and its mindboggling that there truly is – then it simply should not be possible to log in during maintenance at all. or at the very least issue a warning about it, so everyone who does not keep EXACT tabs on their maintenance progression wont just get screwed over like that.

To all the people complaining about the downtime:

Get over yourselves. You were told about the downtime DAYS in advance. If they have to extend the maintenance by a couple of hours to ensure that the game isn’t going to be fucked up because of the patch, then so be it. You are all acting like it’s the end of the fucking world because you can’t play for a few hours. BW owes you NOTHING for the downtime, no matter how much you feel you are entitled to some sort of compensation.

The announcement about server merges was basically last minute, so it’s safe to say that the extension has to do with making sure the servers are ready to be transferred to and from en masse.

Server merges? I did not hear anything about that did you mean the low cost character transfer that going on offer?

the low cost char transfers are just a last minute money grab before they merge some servers at the end of the year and hand out free transfers

its the same thing they did last time; heavily pushed for people to pay for server transfers and than a few months later merged a bunch of servers and handed out a free transfer if you didnt like where you ended up merged

Well i have problem my launcher show i must download 11 gb ! Should i download this patch or waiting ?

Per the response from Eric Musco (see below), you do not need to download this. The patch you will have to download after the maintenance is over is different than what is available now. Just wait until maintenance is finished.

Only 11gb? pff…i went through downloading at least 3 different files with every single one of them being around 9-10gb…main assets, english assets, video something(can’t remember now). Never been so happy that i have 80mb/s net connection before

I think wow is dead I don’t feel the same now that I play swtor it more appealing from start to elder gamer

What i don’t get is, how does three of my mates not have to download the patch, yet i have to download 10+ gb.

they had to; but may have tried logging in earlier than you. sometimes the patch server is up before the servers are up so you can patch sometimes hours before you can actually log in

you probably just didnt try to log in until later than they did and theirs was already done without them even paying attention to it since they could patch but not log in

Aww man, couldn’t they have left the dynamic brawler and energized triumvirate glitch alone? I mean it wasn’t doing any harm to any mechanic of the game. Plus it was hella cool. Maybe they’ll bring it back 🙁

the problem is you couldnt get rid of it and not everyone wanted to keep the effect when stamping over it

I more or less said that as well, but I don’t think he gets it…lol! He’s just arguing for the sake of arguing. There’s no point in trying to convince a brick wall not to be a brick wall. No matter, the ability to retain animations after stamping over the armor is gone. Let’s just hope that BioEAfail decides to bring this ability back in some sort of CM add on feature.

If people didn’t want the animations, then why would they even equip with those pieces? There are non animated versions of those armor pieces available on the GTN. Problem solved for that very very small minority of players who actually like the look of those armor sets. The point is that the majority of people who bought the animated armor wanted the animations to further customize their outfits by stamping over it. Seriously out of all the things that EAfail could have worked on to actually improve gameplay, these bone heads decided to mess with something that was becoming quite popular with the players while at the same time not hindering gameplay in the slightest.

The only scenario in which this action would make sense is if they wanted to make money off of selling this ability on the CM at a later date (which wouldn’t surprise me). If that’s the case, then they need to just say so to calm down all people who are ticked off by this decision.

I don’t think you understand what I’m even saying.

Equipping the non-animated version has nothing to do with the issue.

The bug was if you put the animated version into a slot and then later wanted to replace it with something else you could not get the animation to go away, it was stuck in place even though it should not be.

It didn’t matter what you wanted to replace it with you were stuck with it.

Imagine equipping a color crystal on a saber and some day in the future you wanted to equip a different color but it stayed bugged with the original that had been in that slot no matter what new weapon you placed there.

The same thing here; you were taking out the animated item but the animations remained.

Imagine if you stamped something with a color and forever after the slot that used to be equipped in will always be that color no matter what else you were trying to equip.

The same thing here; you were taking out the animated item but the animations remained.

It’s illogical and stupid to pretend that the animations should remain after being stamped over. Nothing else in the game works this way and it’s an obvious bug.

Now; as a side issue: it’s not unreasonable to request the ability to stamp an animation into a slot, the same as you can stamp colors, etc. But, if done as a feature you should expect the ability to turn it off easily when you no longer want it and not have it happening by accident and over-riding your future customization attempts.

“Armor pieces with visual effects no longer continue playing the effects if they are stamped over in the Outfit Designer.” I’m glad they got right on that. I mean, that’s a massive QoL issue right there. I can’t imagine the sort of havoc allowing people to look cool must’ve been causing. I know it nearly brought The Red Eclipse to it’s knees. There were so many complaints about it in general chat. I noobishly expected them to maybe focus on fixing the set bonuses that affect thousands of players daily but, thank god, they’ve used their greater experience to prioritise the real threat.
Still, it’s been a manic two years for them since Oricon. I mean, they’ve released three new daily areas (well, two-and-a-bit…they didn’t even bother colouring in Ziost) and a lair boss that’s heavily bugged, and part of two operations (both heavily bugged and imbalanced). That’s a hell of a lot of content. I sometimes wonder if the £200 in sub and expansion purchase spent over that time just isn’t enough for that sort of superb quantity and quality output.

I mean, sure, I could have bought Witcher 3, GTA V, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Alien Isolation and Wolfenstein: The New Order for that but I think we all agree that the quality and quantity Bioware/EA have provided over the time period and for the money is superior to the alternative.

And, to praise them even more, as an MMO company they provide a different attraction to all those primarily single player games I’ve listed. Admittedly, after announcing their plans for the next 18 months, they needed to make one of their headline announcements “Don’t worry, it’s still an MMO, even though we’re not releasing any MMO content.” but I’m sure that just a misprint in their road map. I mean, you look at EVE and WoW and you don’t see them having to reassure their paying customer base that the product that is being paid for is still, at the most basic level, the product they are advertising. Got to be a misprint.

Isn’t a patch supposed to be all tested and done when it’s implemented? C’mon… patching a patch in progress… Or at least don’t let the clients download the “patch” until all repatch patching has been patched on the patch… Talk about bad coordination. It’s like asking the customer for the money when you are still in the project of a car and you hand over a windshiled to the customer still with the mechanics screwing and welding the car around it.

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