SWTOR Massively Preview reveals no more class stories in KotFE

Massively just published their first installment of Knights of the Fallen Empire preview with some interesting news regarding stories and choices in Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Read the full article here, below is a summary of the important points.

  • Change in how they tell story, inspired by Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect. The expansion is only Season One.
  • Major choices with consequences – If you let your companion Lana Beniko kill a force wielding cop, his partner may come back later to hunt you down.
  • There are no class stories, just the epic story with a dash of class flavor tossed in.
  • Story is solo, playing even with a single friend is restrictive. You have to take turns (like how it is in SoR I presume).
  • SWTOR story is not strictly cannon but they submit everything to Lucasarts to get approved.
  • Director J.J. Abrams watched the KotFE blur trailer because he had carte blanche to decide whether what the BioWare team was doing contradicted the story he was telling in any way.

By Dulfy

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I don’t want that dog faced mongrel unless they fix her face. She hit every branch when she fell out of the ugly tree. I don’t under the people that say “she’s hot”. A monkey could have rendered a better looking 3d model. she is one of the biggest fails in the CG of this game.

Jeez, harsh words bro.
I can’t tell if you’re legitimately trying to constructively criticize the modelling, or if you’re just a shallow piece of shit who think women are just a bunch of barbie dolls.

A lot of people have criticized Lana’s modelling. She actually looks better on the concept art (Forged Alliances). However, I think she’s an interesting character. Personally, I like her (even though all my Imperials, except for my Hunter, treat like garbage XP). I’m looking forward to seeing her get some more character development. I might even be nice to her for once (maybe).

Nothing I said indicated that I was objectifying women. I can’t state that a CG model is ugly without it being seen as sexist? I clearly stated that the modeling sucks. I would have said the same thing about Theron if he looked like Sloth. Not every guy that appreciates a good looking woman is a pervert. Take your head out of your ass you liberal douche bag.

Disappointed about no class stories with this expansion. But the story looks like it will be different with each class in some ways. That’s a good thing.

and really there’s not all that much demand for a third playable faction. especially as given the restrictions I imagine they’d come out to being like klingons in STO where when that game launched

Actually, a “third faction” has been high on the list of many from the get go. Ask any player that specializes in Smuggler or Bounty Hunter if they would like the ability to have their own neutral faction that can intermingle with the other two. There would be an overwhelming response.

“It’d be cool if I could…” and high on the list are two different things. I’ve yet to meet anyone in-game who is interested in a third faction beyond the “it’d be kinda cool” mentality.

I love canonical stories about cannons…
Bioware’s refusal to do class stories continues to be a major disappointment. I would have liked an episodic continuation of the class stories like what they hinted at with the 3.0 expansion.

Does “companion” mean that Lana will be an actual companion for our characters or just lore-wise?

I can’t believe they are destroying this game…. no new raids, no PvP content, just story telling?? I mean wtf… Its a business enterprise I get it… The RPers must be happy.

Not to sound offensive or anything like that, but if u want mindlessly killing u can get Destiny, and about new content i think that if this is tru, then maybe in season 2 will get a new raid or new gameplay content. Cheers and may the force be with u!

I wouldn’t say they were “destroying this game” by taking a break from Raid and Pvp content >.> Hell, I’d take a break from that too seeing how everytime they add new stuff, people jump down their throats about how it isn’t what they wanted. They stated a while back that this summer they wanted to get back to their roots with the storytelling. Being that this is a Star wars game and the majority of us are fans of the movies and the like, any kind of lore would be exciting to get ahold of

PVPers are getting some changes in the next patch. and we’ll presumably get a new raid in febuary or so. calm down

You’ll find that most people wanted more story. That’s why they’re doing it, because it’s what the majority want. Sorry to burst your bubble and all.

More people wanted story, that was the selling point of the game, more direct, the class story was the selling point…. and they never said we arent getting ops and pvp content, read a few blogs back, they said their focus is on story telling. but the pvp and ops will still be there

“There are no class stories, just the epic story with a dash of class flavor tossed in.”

Pity. I had hope that the class mission in SoR was a sign of more in the future.

Going to take this with a pinch of salt till bioware confirms it, ad this DIRECTLY contradicts what they’ve already said.

Personally, I’m curious re the Abrams bullet point how a story taking place millennia in the past could contradict his movie in any possible way.

Minority report? Someone predicts the future and kills Jar Jar Bink’s ancestor, so he’s never born and never drives Anakin to the madness, who in turn never becomes a sith–thereby dramatically altering the star wars canon.

I heard a rumour that Vitiate will be an influence on episode VII. As in, the films villain will be working for vitiate.

It might, if there are historical links from Episode VII back to the distant past of the setting. It could mean that they’re planning to change things in a major way in the expansion. But even then, I’m not sure how watching the trailer would tell you anything about the actual storyline of the expansion.

I was more curious about the wording. They spend millions on a trailer and then, what? If JJ didn’t like it he’d make them cancel the xpac and undo what they’d already done? If he was so concerned one would think he’d have been talking to them beforehand rather than watching the trailer once they’d already shelled out for it.

Almost came across as threatening. Like mean old uncle uncle Abrams can take our toys away if he doesn’t agree with them.

If you’re referring to “Play one of eight class stories enhanced to offer a deeper, more
accessible experience purely focused on immersing you in a personal Star
Wars story.” then it really doesn’t. People were getting all excited about that without realizing that it seemed to refer directly to “With the launch of Knights of the Fallen Empire, all of the original
eight Class stories will be enhanced, allowing for a faster and more
engaging playthrough for new and veteran players.” in the official announcement.

If that’s not what you meant… then don’t mind me, but I guess this still might be of use to some people. ^^

Have to admit although I was hoping the new content would lean towards individual class stories, it still sounds promising and I’m willing to try it out to see how it plays.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Honestly, when I first did the Shadow of Revan expansion, I did it with my Bounty Hunter and I loved it because it felt like the story was catered to my bounty hunter. It made me assume that each story had its own variation and I was disappointed when I found that it was all the same…

I can understand the difficulty and the amount of time spent that could come from giving each class its own completely unique story and I’m holding out hope that the story and the choices pivoting the story make up for it. I’d love to eventually have something where your companions come up with new missions for you on a regular basis that opens up a kind of “What are they up to now?” type arc. Maybe even something that allows you to interact with members of your legacy and make them temporary companions lol

yeh I already concluded there were no more class stories…they sorta hid it in the earlier info. I mentioned it on the official forum but nobody seemed to care about it there.

There hasn’t been any new class stories (don’t count the ones on Rishi)… so they will continue to do what Oricon and Ziost are.

Didn’t we already know its “outlander” story with class references all along? IF there are enough of those and faction references I don’t think I’ll have much of a problem.

I’m more intrigued at the phasing bit… something that’s has some similar thing that they can’t talk about yet. Could mean different planet instances.

The lack of class stories isn’t really a surprise. But if they’re being real about choices mattering, then all the individual choices your various toons can make should keep the new story pretty fresh even multiple times.

The real surprise is the focus on ‘solo’ play during the storyline, I guess?

So it will be like Makeb, just some changes in the conversation and that’s it. I hate Makeb the most, it’s fun for the first time but with another toon it’s just annoying.

At least makeb has 2 stories (one per faction), and gives huge xp
I’m bored as shit doing rishi/yavin(and ziost sometimes) for the 18th time -_-

The no more class story was already announced a long time ago, ofc things could be skeptical to change, i think it would be a few more years if they ever decided to go back on class stories. With choices matter like ME, i hope they don’t pull a ME3 ending where nothing you did in the pass really mattered in the ending since the choices were always the same with a little slight difference in survival but the climax never changed.

If they can pull off the class flavor in that single story and not talking about, oh yes lord, yes dark lord. no commander and such. but more in depth plus if they truly will keep the choices really matter deal up then we can see a lot of diversity in the story, which would be nice to run a couple of the same classes over and over to see different solutions or problems etc…

I think we will be spared the ME3 style ending what with mmo’s sort of going forever until they abruptly die. So nope, we are safe from ME3 endings, instead the story will just randomly be left hanging….wait that is worse…crap.

haha, all though it like an infinite time of stories, i’d still be happy ith the random hanging with no clue what to expect then the me3 ending:p but yeah since this is an mmo, we can for most part bet that wont happen

I read the article, I’m slightly concerned that I can’t have it all although hey haven’t directly answered the question. I’m extremely excited at the prospect of new story, and a lot of it. But I need new ops, it’s just fun learning them. I know they’re saying “the ops are still there”… But new ops are a huge part of this for me.

New Drinking Game: Do a shot everytime you see the word “epic” in that Massively piece…new liver by the second paragraph. As much as I want new character stories it makes sense what they’re doing with the expansion. We’ve had our stories, got our characters established, now they get to fight in something that’s not solely about them. Looking forward to it.

Suggest reading the full article. No class story but doesn’t sound like Makeb style exactly either. More something in between with various choices giving different outcomes Ala Kotor or ME. Number of choices and the story content they provide will be the determination on how replayable the content is when leveling multiple charecters.

“Story is solo, playing even with a single friend is restrictive. You have to take turns (like how it is in SoR I presume).”

And here I thought this was an mmo in the year 2015……… seems like our worst nightmares are coming true, this expansion will focus on single player story missions that you can’t even play with other people. Also it appears they will release little bits of the story every month or so like they did with FA, how extremely lame… one flashpoint every 2 months… kill me now. Still sad so see they are ignoring the operations have still have not confirmed NEW operations. “biggest SWTOR expansion to date”? I say nay… SoR had 2 new operations, flashpoints, AND story missions that were released all at ONCE, not every 2 months as “seasons” I wonder why they are offered server transfers… gee maybe b/c this game is dead??? nooooo couldn’t be *insert bioware fanboy/defenders comments below*

This is the worst. I had so much fun playing through the original class stories since I got to see different stories, now there’s no reason to play through your story with a friend. One of the reasons I fell in love with this game to begin with is because the base game was so fun to do co-op. Every expansion has ignored that except for those tiny single missions on Rishi. Disappointing.

I leveled my bountyhunter with a sniper, and saw just enough of the agent storyline to be intriqued enough to roll my own. I leveled my warrior with an inquisitor, then my agent with another inquisitor, enough that I pretty much knew the storyline. I always thought it was interesting sort of lurking on someone elses story. This is still kind of possible with the new system, its just a bit weird doing it back to back over and over the whole time.

I wonder if rewards will start to match this new move? I really liked all the HK skins during the flashpoint based quest arc. If would be nice to see those kind of rewards for this new kind of storytelling. Like if you kill a certain character with an iconic weapon you get an orange version of it, or if you let them live, perhaps you get something they might give you, like their jacket, or a minipet they give you out of appreciation. Something tied to the experience. I always felt like swtor dropped the ball fairly often on quest rewards and hoped with furniture that they would add interesting items to quests to act as momento’s, but so far not so much. (boss pictures don’t really do it for me) Example, the great planetary quest line on aldaraan, it ends with that amazing fight with Ulgo, music queues up, this intense fight starts, killing waves of guards, launching missles, and eventually standing over your foe, and the reward is like…pants or something. Imagine if that is how you obtained the Ulgo Throne for your home, instead of with 1 universal prefab? You would remember that fight every time you ran past it. C’mon devs. Listen to my ideas I am posting on a 3rd party sight…jeez.

The worst thing was the Corellia ending for Republic characters. In the story, they give you the bloodstripe pants, and the quest reward is pants… but not THOSE pants. WTF. x.x

Yes, like that. Only more of it. Even a broken clock is right twice a day right? One example isn’t enough. Neither is two or three. The fact is, if they want things to feel more immersive and story driven, the quest rewards shouldn’t be “hero dollars” to spend at the hero store. They should be relics and reminders of the journey that we have made.

I’m aware that it’s just a single example.
Personally, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the Chapter 3 decos. I was hoping for trophies rather than class signs (i.e. Baras’ helmet, Chancellor in carbonite, Black Codex, Republic medals etc.).

I said this earlier that the Outlander thing probably meant we’d be getting a single story, and everyone said told me, “Noooo there will be 8 new stories for everyone!” Where here you go.

New individual stories per class seemed like too much to hope for. Still, I hope there’s enough variability in the new story to warrant multiple play-throughs (something that was lacking in Makeb and SOR).

Not sure if its lana beniko companion official, or just an example, but either way you have her kill a force cop, his partner may come back down the line and kill you? They have some of that already in game. I hope its better

Like Treek said: “Too easy–I need greater challenges!”.
Hopefully interesting mechanics and stronger main story ‘bosses’, 2eZ and I will fall asleep after leveling 40 characters..

Okay, Biowizzle, you’ve thrown down the gauntlet. You’re going to make a single-player RPG story so “cinematic” and “epic” that we’ll want to play through it eight (or more!) times by ourselves without getting bored and spacebarring through all the epic cinematics.

Big promise.

Not sure if single player content ist the right choice in a game that’s MMO and subscription based, where many people play different alts. I did e. g. Makeb once with every faction. After that I ignored most of the cut scenes and just run trough it with additional alts.

I just don’t believe that the ‘choices that matter’ be that epic that this will give me enough replay value. BioWare always makes stuff up and lies.

Okay… So, I just finished beating the shit out of my pillow, looked at this… And then went back to beating the shit out of my pillow…

Also, thank you so fucking much for kissing Abrams’ ass, Bioware…

What do you mean? Did Abrams take part in this? personally I will avoid those new movies because for me they are not cannon. Disney spat on us and so they can count me out. Its not like they are being made by the people that made the previous ones and other products anyways. They are only using the same actors.

So what happens to our toons now? Also, so ALL the class missions will be gone? I don’t understand…

J.J.Abrams is a bad bad thing for star wars no matter what (game movie E.U. books comics….) look what he did to …grrrr startrek 🙁

I don’t like what he did…I pretty much have to pretend it isn’t Star Trek just to remotely enjoy it…it’s nothing but generic action trash…if wanted that Michael Bay could of directed it.

I loved what he did to Star Trek. He made it new, fresh, and able to go in new directions. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

So taking a movie franchise (Star Wars) that contains a fair amount of action and putting a director behind it that favors that option is poor? Ok.

Yeah… completely ruined Star Trek.
I mean it’s not like it made any money in the box office… oh wait.

But I mean, compared to the old movies it… eeh… hmm…

So if I’m playing for the story, I can continue benching at least 6 of my characters. Might even promote that to 7.

I was so excited I couldn’t stand up straight. Felt like high school all over again. Then I read there were no new class stories. Boooooo! Booooo, I say!

“Director J.J. Abrams watched the KotFE blur trailer because he had carte blanche to decide whether what the BioWare team was doing contradicted the story he was telling in any way.”

I can imagine it now…

JJ: “Yeah, that looks nice. And this takes place when?”
Bioware: “3600 years before Ep IV”
JJ: “Oh, well, whatever then. I have stuff to do.”

In all honesty the only thing class stories had going for them was the fact they were 8 of them and offered replayability.

IF the outlander story has enough class/past deeds references AND devs actually deliver on enhanced quality of the story (descriptions of new cutscenes, narrative choices and ways of influencing the game world via those choices, make me cautiously optimistic) it could potentionally mitigate the replayability issue. Not fully for 8 run throughs but somewhat…

And I guess if they’re able to keep up with monthly chapters PLUS standard engame stuff, lack of things to do shouldn’t really be an issue.

Eh, I don’t care, as long as there’s enough of a difference between classes. Also, I hope it offers more companion interaction. Not only companions from the expansion, but our current ones as well.

Once and while you’ll be able to say “I was on the dark council once…” maybe, and the NPCs will not give a crud and continue their exposition dumping. (Which is amusing in its own way.)

Your old companions leaving you and shilling the new universal companions will prolly have unique-ish dialogue

so instead of more epic story telling we get 7 less stories. BW just broke my hear once again.

The cynicism is real. “Abandon all hope, ye who play this game!”

Seriously, feels like I’m reading footnotes from an Alex Jones show but for SWTOR.

Eh I guess some people cannot except the fact that Bioware had different plans instead of KoToR 3(you can still be wishy washy about that if you want), SWToR is what we got, don’t like that then well… you can just stay in lalal land via KoToR/KoToR II until the cows come home.

Not defending SWTOR but seriously… WHAT ELSE IS THERE OTHER THAN SWTOR? Lol. Kind of getting tired of these dick riding KoToR fans bashing everything in their wake about SWTOR.

KotOR – Revan
KotOR II – The Exile
KotFE (some kind of KotOR III) – The Outlander

More BioWare KotOR-like storytelling they said. KotOR was one storyline, no classes.
But people think it’s: 8 different class storys + 8×5 new companion arcs + x + y + …
It’s like a prophecy in George R. R. Martin’s books. You may misread what they are saying.

Don’t worry, no one with any intelligence thought they were actually giving us 8 class stories. We all knew. That doesn’t stop us from being upset.

“Free for subscribers” means if your subscription ends sometime after the expansion launch, you will not be able to play the expansion as a preferred status unless you buy it. Correct?

You cant buy it, Once you subscribed its yours. If your sub ends you can still play. However every new chapter that comes after your subs ends you wont be able to Access until you resub

Did they ever state that preferred can’t buy it? I thought all they said was subscribers get it for free.

Wrong. It’s like this: Starting August you can get one new reward every month by beeing a subscriber. That mercenary as companion, then his blasters, then his duster, then a swoop bike. If you are a subscriber long enough to earn all 4 you get the Expansion for free. If you miss one of therewards you will have to buy it.

Letting Lana kill a cop? My ass I’m letting the cop kill her !! Also where is Theron? Your next !!

So basically the game is going to be two different games entirely. One, optional run to level 60, then the end game stuff and a then different set of mechanics for the everything thereafter? Seems pretty confusing to me.

Running to 60 is not optional. Why do you think that?

The announced”Make a char at level 60″ is to be taken literarily. You can create ONE char on Level 60. Any other will have to be leveled the classic way.

They never stated that anywhere. of course you can buy new character slots. But noone ever said you would get more instant 60’s with that AFAIK.

Then is I am wrong I am wrong. I am a 37 year old lawyer who plays every few weeks for a day. Forgive me if I haven’t read all the updates correctly.

“you can purchase additional level 60 characters through the Cartel Market at any time”
They said it.

I’m happy that they are trying to keep the game story canon, that was actually something I wanted to ask them if they ever did a Q&A in the near future.

Story is solo, playing even with a single friend is restrictive. You have to take turns.

It’s been like this since the release, same class story cant do it together they have to take it turns while one watches, and all the side missions can be done together

Yes but only Class Missions. Everything else could be played together. Since there are no classmissions anymore that’s a step back. But i understand it. If your decisions really matter as much as they say then playing with others would potentially harm your expirience.

I want Lana as a companion, bad, real bad. I kinda wonder about her having two lightsabers in the recent images though. I mean a marauder companion would be cool, but her as a sorcerer would kinda be better I think and make more sense.

Its dissapoint know J.J dosent know the timeline of SW, i remenber when a heard how in the Chapter 7 they directo think introduce the origind of the sith and think about a new planet, but oficially are already yet a planet of the sith, pfffff well just we need to wait what happen

Personally I am not considering the new movies. Its a new director and a totally new team that had nothing to do with the previous movies/books/etc right. More important, Disney spat on their long time fans that suported the franchise for so many years (decades) when they took out all the EU. In short I don’t care for new things or their new movies (wont see them either). Cannon ends in the moment disney bought it.

Okay…I do not LIKE the idea of the Empire being destroyed by a galactic dysfunctional family–I don’t like it!
Yes the Empire could fall, same as with the Republic but at the hands of other. It is more conceivable that the survivor, weakened by its epic battle,would be ez picking by this abusive dad and his two sons.
I do not like this storyline…

Honestly I don’t know why I’m about to try and correct your feelings about the story when you clearly didn’t give your time to day just to think before commenting. But hey, I just got home and I have nothing better to do.

First off. This “dysfunctional” family was a planned struggle by its head, Emperor Valkorion, his goal, which was ultimately achieved, was to uncover which one of the twins would triumph and prove stronger than the other, as only one them can be his successor. Regardless, the military force at his disposal which brought havoc on two heavily, yet galactic spanning factions, was immense and it will be explained in the expansion.

What you’re left with is all new faction whose leader is willing to sacrifice his flesh and blood to further his legacy and change the face of the galaxy. Unlike Emperor Vitiate who solely wishes to devour it. But right now, it’s all assumptions, we don’t know the full story yet but your opinions on what we’ve received so far is easily refutable.

‘The Empire could fall’
The Empire is already in ruinous condition at this point in the story, the Republic falling is a bit more shocking.

Especially considering during the Hutt Cartel expansion, the Dark Council outright says the Empire is miserably losing the war.

It’s no shock the Empire would fall, because it consistently does in the Star Wars storyline(s), and currently was failing in this individual storyline.
And the Republic’s bureaucracy would get in the way as usual, so it’s not that surprising this third faction could emerge.

I don’t have a problem with the Empire falling but it is unrealistic and out of story-logic for both it and the Republic to both fall to just one man.

Yeah, no.
That’s not ‘just one man’ ,that’s an emperor with armies and fleets at his side,
attacking two factions greatly weakened by their endless conflits
against one another and the Emperor Vitiate.
It’s just a matter of striking hard at the right time.

Yes, I do. I took the time to inform myself correctly on this expansion, the rest is logic, what you obviously lack of 😉

Said the one who find the republic fall “unrealistic and out of story logic”

You seriously are the most insecure person I have ever seen in my life

That dude is seriously off his meds. Needs a nice Thorazine drip for about a year or more. So angry. I hope he doesn’t have access to any firearms.

I would just like to point out that the Empire, as of Ziost, is not near the brink of collapse. Around lv50ish, the Empire is in deep decline, but under Darth Marr’s leadership, including the acquisition of Makeb, a number of long term strategies are set in place to keep the empire together. coupled with the Republics generally unsustainable tactics, the Empire is overall in a pretty good place, while the Republic is in a slow but steady decline due to inferior leadership.

I am growing tired of this BS from Bioware. Unique class storyline quests is one of the things this game NEEDS. Its the only reason I’ve played so long. “Done leveling with my Jugg, lets check out the Inquisitor story, etc. At the time it wasn’t so bad leveling the other classes, you got a different version that contributes to the larger story. This whole, decisions matter BS. Unless you can “Kill a Companion” or Let one die, the choices are BS.

Agree fully with you, UNIQUE CLASS STORIES were DEFINING point of Swtor. From this perspective it leaves me very disappointed.

Still, Chapters and the rest is great. Except later on in game player is just mute and with back to screen while dialog is running. For sure will continue to play but I hope they return some day UNIQUE CLASS STORIES and make expansions worth original release which remain so far the best ever, no expansion can even remotely match. Something very different if I have to compare – like Wow.

Basically,SoR Part 2. Different Antagonist,same ol’ type of story. Rep / Empire vs New Villain > Rep/Empire Wins > The End.

The Hutt weren’t really trying to destroy the empire or the republic. They simply wanted to become more powerful like the old days. And Revan didn’t want to destroy the empire or the republic. He was trying to kill the emperor.

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