GW2 Weapon skins

GW2 Gallant weapon skins galllery

A gallery of the Gallant weapon skins available from Black Lion Weapon Specialists with the June 23 patch.

Gallant Axe – [&C6wXAAA=]


Gallant Dagger – [&C5UXAAA=]


Gallant Focus – [&C6MXAAA=]


Gallant Greatsword – [&C5QXAAA=]


Gallant Hammer – [&C6QXAAA=]


Gallant Longbow – [&C6oXAAA=]


Gallant Mace – [&C6gXAAA=]


Gallant Pistol – [&C5AXAAA=]


Gallant Rifle – [&C7YXAAA=]


Gallant Scepter – [&C7MXAAA=]


Gallant Shield – [&C5gXAAA=]


Gallant Short Bow – [&C6UXAAA=]


Gallant Staff – [&C5YXAAA=]


Gallant Sword – [&C6kXAAA=]


Gallant Torch – [&C5IXAAA=]


Gallant Warhorn – [&C6AXAAA=]


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47 replies on “GW2 Gallant weapon skins galllery”

Ummm… Would be cooler if more unique and if so many assets weren’t borrowed from other common weapons

only the hammer. i want to like this set, and i like the direction they’re going, i just don’t like how they executed it.

Cleaning clotted blood and gore out of all that decorative work would be an awful chore. Bad luck for the squires!

I’m in favor of weapon skin sets that LOOK LIKE WEAPONS for once, instead of gaudy plastic toys with obnoxious particle effects.

But I’m not in favor of weapon skin sets that just look like cheap rehashes of the Kryta set.

I try to like the weapon sets, but…… Anet is making it harder and harder. I’d say save yourself some money and buy some common weapons, they look nearly identical. I used to buy gem store stuff all the time, but now it’s just ugly outfits and no more armor sets. I thought, hey, at least I can keep getting new weapons……. Then it was… well, at least we’ll have a bunch when HoT comes out….. Not looking forward to that overpriced disappointment any more. Please Anet, let me give you money. Please.

i think they said at one point they werent gonna do armor sets in the gemstore anymore. they didnt want things getting too mixed up. instead theyre making them rewards for other stuff.

well, thats what they said, but i dont think weve seen any armor at all in a while.

These don’t even look anything like the Kryta skins other than the fact that they are realistic, which people have been asking for since the start of the game. The only cases you could make for the rehash argument are the scepter and staff. These skins are polished and clean, whereas Kryta skins are heavily tarnished and worn, not to mention ornamented in a completely different way. If you don’t like the Gallant set, fine, but this is great for people who want variety in clean, realistic weapons.

I wonder if Anet would let these people that are never pleased to design a weapon set.. I’d like to see what they come up with 🙂

As a programmer and 3d modeler, I’d jump at the chance to design a new weapon set that doesn’t look like garish cartoony toys or dull hunks of unrefined metal for once.

“cartoony toys or dull hunks of unrefined metal”
Exactly my sentiments >.<
Though I did like the last cartoony Scientific batch

Dull grey metal.. blades aren’t sharp.. no environment mapping.. yep, that’s Kryta set!

Just way too plain and boring to be an incentive at all. That’s coming from a person that generally eschews the most glittery things. There HAS to be something thematically “special” about the skin to make me want it..even if it’s just a themed color other than grey.

I LOVE these designs but they are not worth Black Lion Tickets. Those are for flashy particle effect crap. I would much rather have these in game as dropped items.

Love the look of these. It’s classic and timeless. Sucks that they are stuck behind the black lion paywall. Krytan weapons should have had this kind of thought and detail.

I see a lot of people saying those weapons are realistics … but look at the size of them ! O_o (look a that dagger size …).
Why not go full in the idea of the realistics weapons and give realistic size aswell Anet ? 🙁

1 cutting edge, one-hand, 1″-8″ – knife, or small dagger

2 cutting edges, one-hand , 6″-12″ – dagger

2 cutting edges, one or two hand, 12-24″ – a really large dagger or short sword

anything larger – a sword

you are not correct they are realistic you simply misunderstand whats considered a dagger.

Yeah, no.

Take it from someone who has actually trained and owns combat ready copies of medieval weapons, most of those are oversize by about twice the actual size.

The Bows, Rifles, Pistols and Staff are fine, everything else is way too big to use.

Hell my two handed broad sword is only slightly longer then that dagger, that axe is in no way one handed, that *MACE* God that mace, my tendons hurt just looking at it…

If you’ve ever swung a mace you’d know why it’s way, way too massive for use.
The torch is about the maximum size of a one handed mace.

The sword is the size of a Claymore (a two handed sword) and the great sword is something akin to a board hunting sword, last but certainly not least that shield is made of metal.

Shields completely made of metal were no bigger then the eagle on it, why? Because one of the size of the gallant one would be so heavy as to make you unable to fight, shields of that size and bigger where made of wood, banded with iron/steel in some cases mostly just wood.

you do realize i was solely talking about the daggers correct ? Also i’m a blacksmith for a living i make realistic props for movies and such. The daggers are fine.

A dagger is a stabbing weapon, that Gallant blade’s width is too big and much closer to a short sword then a dagger and if you where a blacksmith your answer to Artemisflow wouldn’t be a copy paste of a “” post…

ive been saying that for a while now, but at least these arent as needlessly flashy as the rest. in fact their large size kind of fits with the style, even if it isnt realistic.

also i think for game purposes, short swords would fall under the same skillset as daggers in gw2.

They’re pretty classic and nice looking skins, but it’s just that, I was expecting them to be gold like they are in the art banner, a little bit sad D:

I actually really like the design of the Gallant weapons. Elegant, but not extravagant. Definitely considering picking up the Shield and the Longbow. 🙂

i think i might be willing to shell out real money for some of these, if they actually went along with the armor my characters used. but the weapons are always so radically different from the armor, and without the ability to even change their colors, ive got no reason to invest in them. (im talking in general, not specifically about this set)

What’s going on with the sizing?!
The dagger is sword, the sword a greatsword, and the guard of the greatsword is as high as her torso!

And don’t forget the already classic since aetherized: the rifle-trigger can only be pulled with 4 fingers! ;P

Loved the hammer
Loved the focus too, but really wish that the focus skin (or similar) was on Mace too

Took the hammer as it looks like the one I have bought from a fair a long time ago… mostly out of nostalgia hahaha

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