GW2 Lion’s Arch Exterminator Achievement Guide

GW2 Lion’s Arch Exterminator achievement guide. Completing this achievement will grant you the Princess dragonite ore consumer.


Video guide


You can check which ones you are missing by opening up the achievement under General –> Explorer. It is roughly sorted in game but this guide is sorted by location completely.


To start this achievement, talk to Turl Sharptooth in Commodore’s Quarters to get a rifle.


Commodore’s Quarters

1. Commodore’s Quarters – Easy pickings!

Right beside Turl Sharptooth on a wall.


2. Commodore’s Quarters – Search for bugs in lofty beds.

Go up the stairs in the house near Turl, you will find a karka hiding behind one of the beds.


3. Commodore’s Quarters – Jump around to find this karka in a lofty bedroom.

Same place but now you need to jump around the bedroom to enter an enclosed space where you can find the shoot the karka.


4. Commodore’s Quarters – Rednax keeps losing his staring contest with this karka.

Easy to spot, aim at that ramp


5. Commodore’s Quarters – Take aim at the flowers over the door.

A bit tricky, you need to take aim at the corner between the flower bed and wall. The karka jumps a lot and you can hit him that way. See this gif on how to aim:


6. Commodore’s Quarters – Smell the flowers, buy a gift, exterminate a bug…

Behind the flower pot.


7. Commodore’s Quarters – Head up the ramp between crate and barrel.

Karka is behind some crates at the very back


8. Commodore’s Quarters – Search high in the houses that were hulls.

This guy is inside one of the rooms you can enter.


9. Commodore’s Quarters – Take a close look at the salty pirate merchant’s stash.

Jump in the bush behind Salty Emil and you will find a tunnel. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, look up for the karka.


Western Ward

10. Western Ward – Even the tiny karka can’t find its way into this house with a view.

Go down from Sanctum Harbor Waypoint


11. Western Ward – Check the cave filled with lanterns and libations.

Go into the cave nearby and you will find a karka undernearth some leaves.


12. Western Ward – Get below decks at the Crow’s Nest.

Tricky one, get to Crow’s Nest and jump down on the little scaffold. You will find the karka beneath the circular balcony.


Grand Piazza

13. Grand Piazza – Find this karka celebrating in a cubicle.

The hint location is pretty bad on this one, it is actually in Commodore’s Quarter behind a banner.


White Crane Terrace

14. White Crane Terrace- Stop and smell the flowers between the magisters and the memorial.


15. White Crane Terrace – The Priory’s bed bugs prefer bunks.

Inside the tent, under the bed.


16. White Crane Terrace – Squeeze into stony confines near the door to the dominion


17. White Crane Terrace – Hop high in the diverse rocks.

Get to the very top to find this karka.


18. White Crane Terrace – Peer down at the boulders where the ledges are diverse.

You can see this one from the previous one’s location. Leap over and shoot this karka.


19. White Crane Terrace – Explore the cavern where the skritt buys your globby purple stuff.

Inside the cavern where you can enter from the beach near the priory camp, you will find this karka inside.


20. White Crane Terrace – Search near the skritt’s subterranean rowboat.

Enter the underwater cave at the location indicated by the arrow. Inside the cave you will find a rowboat. Jump on some rocks near the rowboat and shoot this karka hidden inside some vegetation.


Trader’s Forum

21. Trader’s Forum – The bankers have an eye on this karka.

You need to aim above the karka to hit it.


Eastern Wards

22. Eastern Ward – There’s no location too secure for a karka.

Inside the Vaults, on top one of the false doors.


23. Eastern Ward – Search the eaves of a gate near the gates.


24. Eastern Ward – Find this karka under rock and over water.


25. Eastern Ward – Beat the bushes near the bed and breakfast.

Inside the bush, zoom in and look at your feet to find it.


26. Eastern Ward – No amount of butter will make this karka taste like crab.

Tread in the shallow water with all the crabs to find it.


27. Eastern Ward – Take care of the inn’s bed bug infestation.

You need to get inside Lion’s Shadow Bed and Breakfast right next to the Eastern Ward waypoint. This door becomes interactable at night. However, on some maps this door is bugged and won’t even open at night.  On working maps you can interact with the door and tell them the password is password. Otherwise use the LFG tool and try and get ferried into a working map.


Go up stairs and you will find it behind the corner of a bed.


28. Eastern Ward – Find this thirsty karka in the Lion’s Shadow.

Now go downstairs and go through the tunnels until you come up across a water trough behind an open gate. The karka is inside.


29. Eastern Ward – This karka is a little too shy to dance in the Lion’s Shadow.

Near the end of the tunnel you will find a karka on top of a ledge/pillar


Postern Ward

30. Postern Ward – Find this karka bathing in the shade.

Not fall from Guild Bluff waypoint, hidden under an alcove beneath some rocks.


31. Postern Ward – Back float beneath the arches.

Under the bridge


32. Postern Ward – Search the steps near the ogre’s cavern.

Hidden inside an opening in the wall


33. Postern Ward – Check above Urmaug’s crates.

This is in one of the side paths that doesn’t lead you to the jumping puzzle.


34. Postern Ward – Keep your chin up on the way to revealing the secrets of Urmaug.

This one is a bit tricky, before you reach the chest for Urmaug’s secret jumping puzzle, turn around and go to a corner where you will find the karka.


Inner Harbor

35. Inner Harbor – Snipe from the chapel island to have a chance at this karka.

Shoot across the water on this karka on top of this lone pillar


36.  Inner Harbor – Find a shelf below the garden island.

Jump down from above to land here to snipe this karka. Might be a bit hard to score a hit so hug the left wall and make sure the green circle is over the karka.


Sanctum Harbor

37. Sanctum Harbor – Haul in a fresh karka catch.


38. Sanctum Harbor – Go under the bridge, then head toward the light.

Beneath the small bridge above the waterfall


39. Sanctum Harbor – Search behind the falls beneath the bridge.

Drop down to the water level to enter a cave behind the waterfall


40. Sanctum Harbor – Search the nest where the phoenix roosts.

Go up the lighthouse just a bit. You will spot this karka on the inner side of the lighthouse.


41. Sanctum Harbor – You’ll have a better chance spotting this karka in the fog than a sailor would.

Jump down to the water level, you will find a hidden tunnel in the water. Follow it all the way to the end to find this karka.


Bloodcoast Ward

42. Bloodcoast Ward – Look low in the cave under three falling streams.

Cave is behind the waterfall


43. Bloodcoast Ward – Hunt high in the cave under three falling streams.

Same cave, look up!


44. Bloodcoast Ward – This karka has taken root at the top of a waterfall.

Run from Farshore waypoint and proceed as you would going to that Sharkmaw cavern jumping puzzle. Take a right detour and arrive at this location. Karka is under the treee


Sharkmaw Caverns

45.  Sharkmaw Caverns – Scour the dark, misty corners.

After the initial fall down the waterfall in Sharkmaw JP, swim out to the water (instead of running up following the JP) and look up to catch the karka. I would equip a fall damage reduction trait if you have it to survive the fall (they made the fall harder).


46. Sharkmaw Cavern Someone swore they saw a karka walk through a wall.

This karka is in the maze section of the jumping puzzle. Once you are inside the maze, take a left and keep going. You will go past the first fake wall and then keep going until you reach the 2nd fake wall. The karka is inside the 2nd fake fall (look down when you are inside the fake wall).


47. Sharkmaw Cavern – Search for the showering karka.

Finish the maze and just before you enter the section with the traps, look behind the waterfall (the top waterfall, not the bottom one). It is the waterfall right before you enter the traps section, not the waterfall that you encounter right after you finish the maze. s


48. Sharkmaw Cavern – Don’t get skewered hunting this karka kabob.

Go through the trap section of the puzzle, not too far from the start you will find this karka.


49. Sharkmaw Cavern – Search the spray above the bones.

Finish the trap section of the jumping puzzle, right after at the place where you need to jump on circular pillars you will find the second last karka (shoot at it from where I am standing).


50 . Sharkmaw Cavern – You might starve tracking this karka.

Finish the dark room and after the you jump off the final waterfall (take the right mouth), turn around and look up to find this last karka.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

154 replies on “GW2 Lion’s Arch Exterminator Achievement Guide”

Can be shot from the roof, I got ported to the roof so I don’t know how to get there exactly but that makes it much easier

#5 is easiest if you do it during the jp. however, it’s right at the end of it, so if you have someone there that can portal you, you’re good

White Crane #5 – head from Durmand Priory Research Site to Field of the Fallen. Right below the “E” in white crane terrace on the map, on the path out of the research site there will be a karka in the palm plant on the Boulder to your left.

I’ll have a photo in a bit. Also, diverse ledges incoming as well.

its not bugged – the doors are on a timer, they open on certain hours only (globally) probably for 20 mins every hour

Urmaug’s Secret –
One of them is in a side cavern (second on the right) with crates and a fishing cage. Stand on the crates on the left side of the room, and aim over the boulder coming out of the wall to the right side of the room, the karka is on top of it. I didn’t get an image of that one (sorry!).

The one in the jumping puzzle (chin up on the way to Urmaug’s Secret) can be seen if you stand on the central spire on the way to the JP, and aim straight up. The karka is hanging off a ledge. (sorry for the low resolution, on my laptop while out of town). I wasn’t able to shoot it from that angle, however.

Ok, In the Urmaug’s Secret JP, when you get past the main part of the climb (up the back wall), and you reach the sandy slope toward the chest, on the righthand side there’s a brownish ledge you can make your way across – following along the wall (heading back to the entrance). Once you reach the end of it (there’s a dip that will drop you down a bit, but you can jump back up and move to a slightly raise edge), you can jump across the cavern to a series of small ledges, and when you reach the end of THAT, the karka is high up on the wall to your back-left when facing the entrance to the cavern.

Hopefully that’s not too confusing :/

My character is in the way (and posing, no less) but this is the point where you can get on the ledge mid-way through the JP.

And the cavern in urmaug’s secret is pretty simple, but I added photos incase I wasn’t clear enough on location.

The first image is on the way to the cavern, it’s immediately on the right when heading into the JP area.

Second, is of the ledge/boulder/wall thing where the karka is – from the perspective of where it can be shot from.

Someone said you click on the door and interact with that and that it had to be night. I know the two times I got in it was night. Clicking on the door itself gets you the dialogue to answer the password.

Same here. Many ppl including myself are seen having to climb the karka statue just to get close w/ some portaling near the rungs. Still haven’t hit it yet

There’s second one in cave-bar near Sanctum Harbor WP; just turn around after first palm tree – its behind rocks.

5 should be changed to doing the jumping puzzle, I’ve yet to see someone hit the karka hatchling, and the jumping doesn’t move the hitbox.

Between Cavern waypoint and Farshore waypoint there is a karka in a shed near some pigs it makes no noise and cant be shot so far. i hope this is not the last one and we are buged because its all i need got 49/50

As said in another comment, this shed one does not count towards the 50/50. I completed this achievement and this was not one of the ones needed.

I cannot get #21 from any vantage point from the ground. I’ve been climbing up the Karka Statue and it seems that the last railing on the tentacle gives you the best aim at the baby karka. From the looks of it, everyone else is doing the same. I have yet to hit the darn thing

just keep trying, i was able to get it from the ground, aim slightly above and to the left of the karka

If it helps, I had to climb onto the octopus(pretty sure it’s an octopus) and then had to jump onto it’s tentacle sticking up in Dulfy’s picture.

Sharkmaw Caverns: Explore the dark misty corners

You drop off the ledge on your way through the JP (just after dropping down into the JP) where you first here the karka chittering, and underneath on the wall/shelf is the karka.

27. Eastern Ward – the door is on a timer and will only open during the night period. You can check the time of your server by typing /wiki time in game.

There’s got to be a better way for #5 (flowers above door). I’ve been using that shot for a while and have been following that blindly while my common sense tells me that the shot is too far to the left to hit. How do you do it?

Shoot there at the stone actually. As if your bullets can go through the stone, right under the karka. It will actually kill it. Just do as the gif shows. I was there trying things for a while, but when I did like in the gif, it did work 🙂

Took me a while to get this, even using the gif, not sure when I got it as I didn’t see the pop-up, was too busy missing ! If you are struggling, check the achievement now and again just in case you have done it

Awesome thanks. The bed and breakfast place is not bugged tho, it’s an night thing. Wait for it to become night and you can interact with the door.

ABOUT 27. Eastern Ward – Take care of the inn’s bed bug infestation.
That the door isnt available at some times is NOT a bug, it has to be night for the door to be able “to be spoken to” so you can open it!

5 min of dusk, 70 min of day, 5 min dawn, 40 min of night (in game ofc)

Been waiting at this door for an entire 24 hour cycle and its not been available to open once..

sometimes its bugged.. which makes these last 3 Karka a absolute nightmare to get

The door actually opens at a set time not dependent of the map’s current day/night it always opens at 40 after every odd hour (UTC) and is only open for 50mins. This corresponds to the night time for the primary LA map, but extra instances may have the day/night shifted thus not actually opening at “night”.

Yay!!! Just finished it. Dulfy, it is so awesome how you do everything. I was following along as you were adding them and kept refreshing the page. Till the #27-#29 night door drama.

“Not fall from Guild Bluff waypoint, hidden under an alcove beneath some rocks.
” a bit of typo. c:

Neveremind, i saw the reward, but didn’t think Princess was the neame for a Karka Hatchling, drgaonite Ore Eater

Hello guys,
I’m doing the Achievement with my Engineer (i tryied with a different class and it dosen’t happen) and i can’t reach karkas underwater since the weapon kit expire everytime i go underwater.
Anyone has the same problem?
Thanks for any anwser

Thanks for answering me!

I find out how to “fix it” :
The problem is with the “Weapon-Kit” :
if you have any Weapon-Kit equipped (on both Out-of-Water build and In-Water build) the rifle from the quest disappear everytime you jump in and out of the water.

Unequipping any Weapon Kit (on both in-water/out of water build) worked.

For #12, you can alternatively aim here from standing on the slope close to the wooden platform. Might have to jump and target the white wall above while firing.

You can not get Ferried into a working map for the Karka in the Inn at night. Day Night Cycle is based on UTC /wiki Day and Night

The key word was “working”, not “night”. If it is night, and you are unable to gain access to the inn, the map is bugged; you may be able to get ferried to an unbugged map. Where – it also being night there – you WILL be able to gain access to the inn.

for #5

it is way easier to get it from above, the new jumping puzzle passes right over the area, if you drop down from it its an easy shot

Is there any info out there for the Key Collection? I spoke with people doing it today but can’t find the started or rewards.

Also this is awesome! keeping it saved so when I have tried to get them all and have a few left that I just can’t find! Thanks!

I’m not sure about access to the door. I’ll test Dusk and Dawn if I remember at something akin to a suitable time. But once you’re actually inside the inn, you can definitely stay there during Dawn at least (which for most game purposes counts as Day, according to the wiki). It’s not until the clock ticks over to Day itself that you get booted out.

Had a heck of a time finding the underwater cave only to realize you should just get 21 after 19 because the hall behind the skritt leads down to the boat area. That would have been a lot easier and more efficient.

Err, I mean you should just go past the skritt at 19 to get 20 instead of leaving and finding the other entrance.

I have a Problem, every time i drop underwater, my asura will loose the Rifle and i cant shoot the Karkas… I tried it several times but every time i went oout of the Water my rifle is gone. I do not drop the Rifte accidently 4 sure, please help T-T

I found a workaround.. if you change all of your Underwater utility skills to MATCH your terrestrial skills, and get rid of ANY kits, it will not disappear underwater for Engineer.

thanks for this guide hun, i knew 45+ were going to be annoying to get so i just watched the vid n_n

Thank you Dulfy. ^_^ You are always so helpful. I didn’t even think about swapping runes. They really made the drop tricky. I used to get in there no problem.

stand at edge of the tooth, a forward speed jump should take you to the water without hitting anything.

That fall reduction trait should help some, but I found it a bit easier jumping down near the middle where you see the jagged rocks sticking out. That way if you do hit one, it’ll proc the fall trait then you should fall straight into the water right after.

I’d rather take one hit and take half dmg than fall the full drop and die in one drop.

With Gliding you can also glide the last part, if you just take care to jump in the air and not too near the tunnels edges. Make sure that you have fall damage reduction trait enabled as it can be hard to not hit the edge when jumping from top. It is also useful later when you jump from waterfall and other places during this achievement.

Mesmer can use portals and blink to get around easier then other, so take your time when you are in the last part of Sharkmaw Cavern and use portals as safety net.

In case you need to redo maze there is a short cut where you take left, left (same as Dulfy’s instruction for #46 Karka in fake wall) and take once more a left turn through a fake wall and turn right with cliff where you have to jump up until you will be in the dungeon with traps.

**Disable weapon swap (key binding) when doing this AP as it is really annoying to trigger a weapon swap by accident and loose your special gun to hunt Karkas with. You will need to WP back to Turl Sharptooth (see #1 in this Guide above) to get a new one. First time this happened to me I couldn’t see any Karka where Dulfy had found one, so it took some time to realize that I had lost my gun because of weapon swap and that is why I couldn’t find any Karka.

Not sure if anyone has suggested this but a good trick for the dark jumping room before last karka if you want to see where you are going is to use a big aoe spell like timewarp – dont cast it just let the ground targeting show you where the ground is.

Unless you do it first time, your gun fire’ light should have enough hint to tell you where you are. Normally u can use your off-hand torch to light the room. Before we could use the Gamma seting in the video config to light the whole room.

DO NOT pick up the torch nor do anything else to disarm yourself of the karka rifle. You’ll have to go back, get the rifle and do it all over again to kill that last one. As I just experienced myself.

The rifle you are equipped with lights up enough when you fire it. You can also use the green targeting aoe thing to “see” the ledges.

To anyone who has a commander tag (or a friend. They can promote you to lieutenent in squad) – you can mark where you need to jump, now that squads have the marking system. 😀

For #36, it’s easier to fall onto the ledge opposite it from above, then get on the higher part of it and shoot over.

A very useful guide but please please turn up your gamma next time you’re taking screenshots. Makes it a lot easier to see what’s going on.

For #5 Commodore’s Quarters Take aim at the flowers over the door, if you can get a port near the 4th hidden stash for the Troll’s Revenge JP (or run over yourself) you can get onto the roof above this hatchling and get a clear shot.

Thank you alot! I´v done them all ;). And the DOORS were open at the day 😀 (Idk how, but done on first try)

A couple notes for the tricky ones:

#5: You’re not trying to shoot it directly, that’s almost impossible. You’re actually shooting _through_ the ledge.

#34: The arrows in the screenshot are wrong. You don’t have to get up on that ledge, in fact it seems to be impossible to do that. The ledge below it gets you where you need to go.

You can get this one easily if you take the gun with you on Troll’s Revenge JP. You can shoot at the karka from above at the end of the puzzle.

Dulfy with your guide I canNOT find #34 … I hear it .. I cannot see it or figure out where in the world to shoot. Can you clarify in your guide please?

It gives you a useless achievement for a useless item that eats your resources and spits out even more useless items. Wish I never bothered sigh!

i just did this today and it’s actually a nice reward –
first you get to go to areas you might not have and knock out 2 JPs, then you get to turn otherwise useless dragonite into items which translates to gold

any hints on how to get to #8, i dont’ remeber having this much trouble the first time i didi it.

#8 must of changed because the one of the human npcs in now charr and there is no sound nearby and nothing in that room 🙁

i don’t even see a collections list for this to know what you have shot and what you haven’t >:(

Thank you for this guide. I quit GW2 a while ago and I thought I’d come back and see how it changed. I never would have finished this achievement without this guide although the Sharkmaw part reminded me why I quit GW2 in the first place.

It is WAY too easy to lose the karka gun abilities. I was lucky to find a random person who was doing this achievement and they had to use a friend teleport item when they lost their karka gun in the middle of Sharkmaw. Trying this achievement solo would have been incredibly aggravating.

The developers must have known how easy it is to lose the gun abilities and making players do content like Sharkmaw is just bad content design. I hope whatever developer thought up this scavenger hunt isn’t working at ArenaNet anymore, or I’ll likely just stop playing again.

Putting the Kraka in sharksmaw pisses me off to no end. Every time I die, I have to go back get the gun go back to the stupid maw and die all over again. Stupid, if I didn’t need the stupid mastery point so bad I’d soon as quit this achievement.

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