GW2 White Feather Wings are now available for 24 hrs

Arenanet has placed the White Feather Wings for the gemstore for 500 gems with a limited duration of 24 hrs. If you missed these, they may not be available again for a few months.

These wings seems to be bigger and more floppy than the black ones.



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The black ones have actually be updated with the same physics as the white ones, so they are just as floppy.

can confirm it. used the white wings and then logged on my character with black wings to compare the movement(because I was pretty sure the black ones didn’t move at all at a few days ago) and they are definitely updated to have the same movement now during running around etc.

the wings are the same size, its just that white tends to make things look bigger, due to more shadows on the object, the exact opposite of how black looks slimming, because it doesnt allow shadows to be cast on the object. the black ones are also just as flappy as the white ones.

It’s pretty much a cloak. whoever’s in charge of designing this thing has no clue how anatomy works cause its all flip floppity when you run.

I prefer the wings aren’t floppy as it used to, now they made it look silly when running and turning! 🙁

So I bought the wings, all excited and run around LA like a Victoria’s Secret angel. Shortly I realized that the wings were blocking my view and I couldn’t aim my [Blink] correctly. Then I reverted them back to Dwayna’s wings.

What a waste of money 🙁

I really like them… If you dye your armor correctly it almost makes you look like the Saint Seiya manga…

Btw, the black ones also got the new movement like the white ones

Yay! I soo wanted the black ones but missed it. But a good thing since I LOVE the white ones better. They go with 4 of my characters really good! I’m starting my own website to showcase my characters with detailed photos. I’ll edit this when I’m ready to show it.

I agree. 500 gems is also too much for something this useless. If it were a mining pick or a logging axe.. no probs. instant pay for gems to buy it for 500 gems.

Why not just put them on permanently, oh wait i know why.. everybody would buy one…
I want a white one come on.

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