GW2 White Wings and Gallant Weapons in upcoming Gemstore update

While the gemstore update is still hours away, the API has been updated with some new items that_shaman was able to dig up. This includes the White Feather Wings and Gallant weapon skins.

The chat codes do not work ingame yet (will work after patch).They are taken from that_shaman’s datamining post here. My guess is that we won’t get the white feather wings right away and it is probably for gemstore release next Tuesday.


1010543 [&C5MXAAA=] White Feather Wings Backpack
  [&C7gXAAA=] Shadow Assassin Short Bow
1010617 [&C7YXAAA=] Gallant Rifle
1010627 [&C7MXAAA=] Gallant Scepter
1010563 [&C6wXAAA=] Gallant Axe
1010569 [&C6oXAAA=] Gallant Longbow
1010641 [&C6kXAAA=] Gallant Sword
1010603 [&C6gXAAA=] Gallant Mace
1010571 [&C6UXAAA=] Gallant Short Bow
1010597 [&C6QXAAA=] Gallant Hammer
1010583 [&C6MXAAA=] Gallant Focus
1010653 [&C6AXAAA=] Gallant Warhorn
1010633 [&C5gXAAA=] Gallant Shield
1010637 [&C5YXAAA=] Gallant Staff
1010577 [&C5UXAAA=] Gallant Dagger
1010585 [&C5QXAAA=] Gallant Greatsword
1010647 [&C5IXAAA=] Gallant Torch
1010609 [&C5AXAAA=] Gallant Pistol

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27 replies on “GW2 White Wings and Gallant Weapons in upcoming Gemstore update”

it sure would be, but that wouldn’t be as profitable for anet and I guess that is why they don’t do it. They offer the same skin in different colours, lazy work and more profit

Or, you know, there are technical limitations around backpiece dye channels that’d take away from other more important game features to fix?

Outfits can be dyed, and they’re not going around selling multiple variants of the same items as a matter of course, like, say, TSW does.

Disappointed that we are getting another new black lion weapon set so soon. I really like the current set, but if they keep changing them around so fast, the price on the trading post just won’t drop enough 🙁 2 weeks and they rarely ever go below 100 gold.

My friend missed the black wings last time, and it looks like she may miss the white wings this time. Can the wings be purchased as a gift?

looks like the weapon is what everyone that didnt like the scientific set was asking for… normal, realistically possible weapons.. then they will jump on the “plain” train.

Would be cool if wing backpacks could be used as glider skins – seeing as backpacks probably disappear when equipping your glider, you could just swap the furled wings with fully open glider skin wings mid-air.

Think I’ll stick to farming light of dwayna for my sparkle sparkle guardian of blue and white healin though. Unless these do become glider skins – in which case, bird people all around.

Wow,I can only imagine the price is going to skyrocket

Now I need is my Guardian transforming into a Dragonhunter and my visual is finally completed.

I hope the Wings are avaliable as soon as the update hits,pretty please ? 🙁

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