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SWTOR Outer Rim Explorer Pack Preview

SWTOR Outer Rim Explorer’s Pack preview. This pack was released on July 21, 2015. Updated with ingame images and videos.



Darth Andeddu’s Armor Set



B-400 Cybernetic Armor Set



Drifter Armor Set



Tactical Infantry Armor Set

This set has animation that shows when you have weapon drawn or in combat. The helmet has a tactical finder animation while the rest of the armor have a flowing animation in the orange places.




Armored Diplomat Armor Set


Contraband Runner Armor Set



Intelligence Officer Armor Set




Video of all mounts (alphabetical order)


Czerka Runabout


Gurian Storm




Kalakar Advanced Simulator


Landslide Assault Speeder (Flourish)

The speeder fire its cannons when flourish is used (see video)


Rimefrost Whitefang


Sorosuub Perception


Vectron Ranger (Flourish)

This mount has the flourish animation with the extended flap going up or coming down (see video)



The yellow bits on the weapons changes color with color crystal. Visit Tor-fashion’s youtube channel for videos of weapons in a day or two.

GT-40 XT Plasma Core Assault Cannon


GR-10 Plasma Core Blaster


VL-18 Plasma Rifle


PW-3 ST Sniper Rifle


Reckoning’s Exposed Saberstaff


Reckoning’s Exposed Lightsaber



Waspback Gizka


Virusclaw Subteroth



Green Empeth Crystal

Black-Orange Striated Color Crystal


Dark Pink and Dark Gray Dye Module


Medium Purple and Dark Red Dye Module


Video of the Regen/Emotes


Emote: Air Drums


Emote: Air Control


Regen: Sparring Droid


Guss Tuno Customization 3


Lieutenant Iresso Customization 9


Title: Galactic Wanderer

Title: Out Rim Explorer


Gallery link:

Bounty Ceiling Cages
Bounty Holding Cell
Bounty Table
Bounty Terminal
Commemorative Statue of Shae Vizla
Flag: Mandalorian
Juvenile Krayt Trophy
Mandalorian Elite
Mandalorian Floor Torch
Mandalorian Tracker
Mandalorian Wall Sconce
Mandalorian Weapon Rack
Pit of the Sarlacc

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267 replies on “SWTOR Outer Rim Explorer Pack Preview”

Darth Andeddu’s armor set is a disgrace to every sith in existence. I can never believe that the sith that learned how to transfer his spirit into another being didn’t wear pants.

The helmet is ugly, but without it I think it makes a nice amazon looking armor for females.
So forget about Andeddu and look at it like a nice woman warrior set.

I can think of three off hand that I want to preview that helmet with: Dark Legionnaire Chest, Ceremonial Guard, and Section Guardian. Perhaps the Freedon Nadd chest piece. Plus, with the glowing eyes of the Marauder’s ability shining through that helmet, it will be very sinister looking.

The drifter set is hilarious. Looks like a thief stole random pieces from every other class. Just one piece…. from each. Nice colored armor as well. Ha ha ha ha!!!

You can preview the animation of the Tactical Infantry armor set by previewing a weapon first (keep the weapon drawed) and than the armor pieces.

Tactical Infantry looks so close to Energized, just the helmet has to have animation now… we’ll see. The mounts look cool, as always the more the better 🙂

Yeah, this’ll be nice for the people who can’t scrape up enough to buy the Energized/Galvanized sets.

If you don’t want the glowy parts, just find a crystal with black as the colour that’s displayed in the glow.

No. Because the majority of the community has requested them. If you don’t like them, buy something else less interesting.

I don’t mind the pack. However, they raised the Hypercrates almost 1000 more cartel then the regular price on sale. A bit much for my taste.

Wow! Ok I’m sold on this pack. A couple weeks ago I actually said I wanted a sarlacc to put in my Tat stronghold. Now the issues becomes actually getting one.

Strong pack this time round imo. I like all the armor sets and can see uses for all of them too which hasn’t been the case of late. Weapons are decent and the Perception and Ranger mounts look like sweet rides. Impartial on the decos as BH/Smuggler side of Star Wars was never my thing but kudos for putting them out there for those who enjoy that aspect of SW.
Just nice to get away from all the Revanite stuff. Ugh…

Really looking forward to the Intelligence Officer set. I was getting tired of the Clandestine Officer and its lookalikes. I wonder if this is the uniform of the new Sith Intelligence?

Most of the chest pieces look good. I don’t care for any of those sets from the waist down. Seriously, wth happened to the drifter’s boots? You go from beefy armor plating to moccasins. Pistol looks awesome. Even better than the last one. Let’s hope is sounds better than the last one. Decos are all awesome. Too bad none of the armor is Mando themed. The Mando Hunter set will set you back 12 or 15 million creds on my server. Perception and Landslide speeders look cool. The Ranger is interesting. The rest are meh. I’m not a fan of my SW characters riding around on monsters. Pack animals I’m fine with, monsters should be left to WoW. Lightsaber isn’t bad, but I like the one from the Esstran vendor better.

See Beastlords of Onderon. Dathomir Witches. Most Jedi are capable of communicating with and riding beasts as well. Some Sith are able to achieve similar results through force…and the force. There are even beastlords in the game on multiple occasions.

You do know animals mounts are a thing in Star Wars. Always have been. Dewbacks and Banthas were both used as mounts in in A New Hope.

I just wanna say that I love how they seem to be making each Explorer Pack’s weapons a different model, as opposed to the ‘two models with two colors each’ approach they took in most previous Shipments. These pistols, in particular, are getting up there with the Starforged and Interstellar Regulator weapons now.

Darth Andeddu is a neat choice – that’s one lore set I hadn’t even thought of as a possibility. I like the ‘Death’s Head’ helmet design (I think in the lore it was always just that his face had gone skeletal by the time of all his appearances).

Liking the Armored Diplomat set a lot, and some pieces from the Drifter and Intelligence Officer sets will definitely work well with some of my characters. The Sorosub mount and slimmed down Tank mount are both nice, and I’m continuing to enjoy the ‘themed’ decorations for each Pack.

Overall, I’m definitely liking the Explorer Shipment quite a bit.

The Drifter chestplate and greaves are the only pieces of armor that I’ll be going for, they’d be great for a Bounty Hunter. Other than that, the Sorosuub speeder is the only thing that’s drawing my eye. I prefer the previous variants of the weapons, and the rest of the armor won’t really fit my characters very well.

I’m almost certain you can get those pieces now, from the vendor on Rishi who sells the Headhunter armour.

Yeah, but it has a shitty jetpack on it. I’d rather have no pack at all than that horrible thing.

Meh…the only item that I like in the pack is the animated tactical infantry helm. I could use it on my commando, but that’s about it. Not worth shelling out actual money for. Too bad EAfail took away the ability to stamp over the armor piece and retain the animation. This particular animation would have looked really cool on my sniper.

Speeders, some of the Drifter pieces, Tac-Infantry helmet, Contraband Runner’s chestpiece and the Intel Officer suit are lovely.

The rest, I’m pretty sure somebody was high when they drew those.

Shoot… I’m gonna be buying some Cartel Coins. I want that speeder, Admiral Ackbar skin, and Mandalorian decorations.

Awesome. Pretty sure that’s the same helmet style my Commando is currently using, so that’s gonna be sweet.

Dont orbalisks cause massive pain? I heard Bane could deal with it but what about other people? Also it couldn’t be removed right? Storywise of course.

I think if you stun them simultaneously and remove them very quickly, you can get them off. Otherwise, they will kill the host.

Yeah, I think I read something like that but overall is pretty dangerous and if they get enough damage they will kill the host as if he tried to remove it/them. Also the pain part of having those thing biting you non stop sounds nasty.

They make great armor. They’re almost indestructible as armor. Look it up on Wookieepedia for additional info 🙂

Wow, so lazy. That drifter’s chestplate is a recolor of the one you get from rishi (it’s also missing the jetpack) They’re just half-assing the armor sets at this point…

Although these are slightly better than the last several packs, as I am barely slightly interested in two of these armor sets, when will they stop giving us fugly armor?

They ruined the Bounty Holding cell by not making the Ray-shields active. Nobody wants an open holding cell because you can’t put anything in it.


They ruined the Bounty Holding cell by not making the Ray-shields active. Nobody wants an open holding cell because you can’t put anything in it. So stupid.


Usually when that occurs, there is some form of outline or particle effect surrounding the decoration, though. This one doesn’t seem to have one. I hope it’s active, but knowing Bioware, it’s not. :/

My Flagship really needs an actual brig.

do you how high the electric bill ill be for constant shields 😛
(for anyone who doesn’t know im kidding)

I think it’s supposed to hold the shield/generator module, you know.. Unless you’d want to stick it up your ass.

Meh, I’m aiming for just the helmet, and using Resolute Protector otherwise, ‘cos it doesn’t have the glow.

I can’t believe that anyone actually likes the “so many shiny lights” trooper sets 🙁

The flashing armor from the Bounty Packs aren’t that bad if you can come with a story-based reason for why your character has them. 😉

Ohh nice. I was hoping you’d say that. And the red glow on the wrists is (in hoping) part of Andeddu’s wristguards?

Was just leveling an alt through Hoth about last month and I’m like, “Damn, wouldn’t it be sweet it they made these manka cat/ice cat things into mounts?”

I’m being watched O_O

As am I. I was in my Tat SH a couple weeks ago talking about how I wanted a sarlacc to put outside the elevator room.

Sparring… droid? Was a normal punching bag not enough? Why make it a droid?

Did they program it to feel pain too?

Probably because a punching bag is stationary, and perhaps this isn’t? We’d need to see the animation to be sure… with the others, it’s not a simple animation, so perhaps this isn’t either.

Digging the Drifter armor and Intelligence armor. Even the whitefang. But not really anythin else.

Pretty much wanted Blood Hunt as my stronghold, now with all the Mando decorations looks like I need to rob a bank. Hooray!

Robbing banks is soooooo last week!
Apparently buying and selling chairs is the way to go these days 😛
Mando’s at DFS (other sofa sellers are available)

Probably the best Explorer pack, so far. Loving the mounts and the Imperial Intelligence Officer armor. The Mando decs are just the icing on the cake. About time!

….and is it just me or are sabers losing out big time again on the aesthetics front again?
They seem to have run out of ideas unlike the ranged weapons atm.

The exposed ones from the last pack are actually quite nice. I got one of each. Those new ones aren’t that good looking, but that’s just my opinion. Someone else might like them.

The ranged options don’t fully “evolve” until the last pack so for me it’s all about crystal color.

Not that much you can do with sabers though.
It’s a very limited space to work with, since people seem to hate it when sabers get “too big”.
Blasters and such can be longer, shorter, chubbier, skinnier, have all kinds of attachments.
Sabers can pretty much just have patterns, slightly different shapes and maby some moving part.

Since the Outer Rim pack decos are Mandalorian themed, that means the Wild Space pack decos will almost certainly be Sith themed.

Woot! Good deal. My SH has been sitting at around 55% completion for the longest time waiting for more Imperial/Sithy oriented decos.

Wow shitty pack indeed, the Whitefang mount is the only slightly interesting thing.

How EA plans on sucking up your hard earned cash with such crappy/boring looking sets of armor in this particular pack is beyond me. Even the individual pieces don’t look like they’d mesh well with existing sets.

I like most of the stuff in this pack.
That’s how they’ll suck up our hard earned cash… by knowing that people like different things.

Honestly I think it’s a shame to add such interesting animations to armor but are subjected to mediocre armor looks. If they kept their bugs going like from the previous set I think a lot of ppl would have been interested to apply those animations but use w/e armor they choose. No one wants to wear the crappy armor they use just to get the animations. Should have seen what the electricity looked like on other armors. I couldn’t find a custom set of armor it looked bad on. Really an oversight on their part. Great idea but poor execution. Too bad. The usefulness with be shown on servers. Since the bug fix has anyone seen anyone actually wearing the armors? Me neither.

What would be an awesome deal if they woul let you use the armor in an appearance slot if you only wanted tht animation on the said armor or allowed it to be used in your equipment slot for the animation to be applied to all armors. Boom!!! Everyone would be happy in a single shot.

Not to mention for every armor piece that is exclusive to a class immediately excludes every other class when allowing this. Anyone who might like the new animation to apply to armor but may be a jedi/Sith/operative/Gunsling or anything else is gonna look quite out of place or rediculous wearing just for the animation.

One quick patch could make this not only usable for more ppl but actually fair for everyone if it worked that way. I bought the previous armor only cause of how the bug worked. Been here since day one and I’ve seen at least 3,4 or maybe more variations of the same Triumvirate armor now. We outgrew it before you even released the best version. Hope someone up there sees this and says “you know what?……..” Steal my idea, Idm. It’d be worth it.

Best case scenario is BW puts hard work into something that will get a lot of use as opposed to how it’s gonna turn out if it stays that way.

Rant End

Thanks for that mate. Have to admit after stating that I was curious and looked it up as well but at the time I only found 4. You have them all.

They should just release the animations as their own items and add animation slots in outfit editor.

Tricky…this pack doesn’t look like much to me. It’s personal I know but I really don’t see much I’d really want. A couple of the decorations are nice but even those are mostly meh to me.

This is not a complaint on you, but it fascinates me that people feel the need to tell everyone that they don’t like this or that pack or item.
I don’t get what drives that motivation.
I know I’ve done it myself.

But, honestly, why would anyone care if we don’t find something interesting?

I get really fed up with the posts where people rage about a certain pack, “OMG this pack is worthless grrr anger rage Bioware needs to give us xyz.” I like that the OP stated that he/she simply doesn’t like it. Like an adult. That’s a valid point.

(I happen to really like this set.)

Why doesn’t the Darth Andeddu’s armor doesn’t look much like the armor he’s worn in other stuff?

This pack is for mandalorians bh, before was for revanites , first one (deep core) was for a jedi. There is any chance wild explore pack will be for siths ? I mean thrones, meditation , lights, furniture (decorations ) personel, and items ofc?

Only the decorations really are. I was hoping for some Mando themed armor and weapons. I do like the Imp armor, though. The mounts are really good this time around, too.

It seems they never theme the armour from packs.

I think that they’re afraid that they’ll not sell as many packs if they do.

There are so many Mandalorian fans, you’d think it’d sell through the roof if they did, you know?

Man, they could easily add the Korrelis Commander and make it a two-seater but they keep coming up with this Czerka crap.

Excuse me, I like the Czerka brand of speeder as depicted above; and I’m sure I’m not the only one…

People often pass off their opinions on these packs as truths.
Ignoring them is often the best response (albeit hard sometimes).

Sounds likely since it’s been about a month (4 weeks) since Mid Rim. However, there’s still a chance that they might delay it until 3.3 (July 21) since one of the last 2 packs was delayed to coincide with a patch.

so patch 3.3 is gonna be large it seems. new pack,new stronghold, new updates and last but probably not gonna get it Togruta(race).

I feel real wierd about the comp custumizations. Normally I get them, but bow I kinda wonder if I should? I mean if I get a custumization for say Kira, and then post expansion Kira vanishes from the game….well it just seems odd to buy things for use between level say 48-55, like a Xaleks custumization would be.

“cough”ill trade he pack for the race. KEEP THE PACK FOR ANOTHER MONTH,but gives me Togrutaaaaaaa 😀

I actually really like most of these armor sets. I wish the flowing lines on the trooper set would change to the match the color of the blaster crystal. I guess I’ll just get the helmet for now.

Really pissed. 52 € and what i gain..nothing Drifter Armour 6 x..not even a single mandalore Flag…

I don’t know anybody who’s bought a second crate for any purpose other than to sell the packs.

Well, I bought 3 hypercrates to get decorations.
I’ll be selling what I don’t want to keep, but I got almost all the decos and almost all the complete sets of armour.

Less than a million credits will usually let you complete all the armor sets unless something is wildly popular right off the bat like Dark Legionnaire’s. The vehicles and I suspect the decos would be the things to buy crates for if they were must-haves and you had the cash to burn. But for straight up credit profit, I’ll never try opening all the packs from a crate again.

The 3 blasters and the Sorosuub are the only ones I’m waiting for. Hurry up dropping and listing them on gtn people after the temp bind expires, my credits are ready.

Unfortunately, it only stays active for a short period of time. It would be better if the panel turned off the shield rather than on so that its default setting would be on (locked).

Bioware is a name EA can stick on things to make people think they’ve got the right people on the job.

Oh, you mean like how a Ferrari is just a Fiat with a different badge?
EA does NOT work on the game. EA owns Bioware and they publish the game. But they do not make the game.

Business trades may have thought it had little to no impact (although that particular article looks like a good portion of it was a rewrite of an EA press-release). We’ll see how things turn out. Bioware definitely doesn’t suck as EA divisions go but EA has a long history of acquiring companies and either IP-ganking them, or trying to let them do their thing but slowly sucking the life out of them and ultimately absorbing them anyway (see Maxis and Bullfrog). BW definitely isn’t what it once was. It is an EA company now, like it or not. I only heard Mass Effect 3 wasn’t quite up to par with 1 and 2 but I wouldn’t know because it was only available on Origin which I refuse to play ball with. SWTOR is the last exception I’ve been willing to make for EA. They’ve been making some good moves lately but IMO, some of the bad moves they’ve made in the past probably had a lot to do with EA. Making it almost exactly like all mainstream MMOs that preceded it with all flaws intact does not strike me as a classic Bioware move. But it does strike me as an EA playing-it-too-safe-for-their-own-good move. They had a massive Star Wars MMO under their wing. Why leave a year after it’s launch? Because they didn’t have the control they wanted anymore. EA never changes.

The thing that pisses me off most is that BioWare/EA always overcomplicate shit. Keep it simple. No interaction with deco where not needed, keep dye colours simple (no more pink, give us some red/red, black/gold, etc…).

They have this weird idea of what we want and it’s retarded. The complete opposite of what we’re asking for in most cases.

Dev Update:

“Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback! It is our intention for stronghold decorations to be a fun addition to game and help you create your own Star Wars stories. As such, we will consider swapping the interactivity of the Bounty Holding Cell as suggested so that the force field is active by default, and turns off when interacted with.”

Now only if they could do that with the Lucien Draay armour and take away the stupid Sith Temple Bench and Chair from the next pack and add something cool and “Sithy” like those suits of armour you find in tombs.

Yea. And in the Sith Academy.

They should make some of the decorations on Korriban purchasable if you’ve completed all the accomplishements on Korriban. Same for every planet, really. Get 100% achievements —> get access to special deco.

I also want those “Lamp Stands” they have all over the Sith Academy and Sith Sanctum on DK. There’s usually one on each side of any major doorway.

So much stuff they could add.

Anybody noticed? Again new pink and purple dyes. Like there are no others colors. How many more? Who ever decides about new dyes in the game thinks this is Barbie, not Star Wars and has obviously never seen anything about Star Wars, or ist the biggest troll who ever worked in the gaming industrie.

Ugh I hate the purple pink ones. Even if I like the colors, the scheme looks like an expired bottle of pepto. Even girls don’t want it. Bleh.

Girls don’t drink Pepto and love the Pink dyes its an all time classic.
Maybe you should try it out too

You may not like them but people love them !
Its the new galaxy trend.
Buy some for your companions you will love them too sooner or later…………

Makes me question their color choices for the mounts too.
“So Jim about the simulator and czerka mounts in the new outer rim packs; what are we thinking for color choices? ”
” Good question Mike. Well how happy do we want the players to be? ”
” mildly happy Jim, mildly happy”
“Alright Blue and yellow then”

Does the “contraband runner” armor look more like punk shop lifter armor?
And why do most “flourishes” seem like oh so much wasted code?

if you are going to call flourishes wasted code, you may as well call most mounts in general wasted code since its all just vanity additions.

Am I the only one who’s most excited about the air control emote? Come on people. Bring the huttball over this way now. No, no. That’s our goal. This way. *waves glow sticks.

Yeah I’ve been kind of wondering where that helm ends and the cape falling off the armor begins. Or is it all the helm? I suspect no with hoods though.

That chestpiece is the same as the Rishi rep one without the jetpack. So no, the cape is not part of the helmet. If you look at the Mando Elite deco you can see it with a different helmet.

Didn’t get any Tactical Infantry Helms. Anyone know if the animation works if you hide the head slot?

I keep telling BW that they exclude classes and now species with these animations. Should just make an animation slot and be done with the nonsense. In all fairness Togruta’ can’t wear helmets so its quite the trade off.

Agreed, that looks wicked cool!
An animation slot would be perfect, something I’d surely throw more money at!

Works well with the Dynamic Brawlers Eyeguard as well. Im using the Restored Triumvirate Chest and I’m lit up like a Christmas tree and lovin’ it.

I dunno if it is a bug or something, when I pull out the weapon with the helmet, the animation effect appears then I check the hide head slot and the helmet is gone but not the effect. Dunno if ppl can see it or just mine

Hi Dulfy! I just got the tactical infantry set and I thought you should know that to get the complete animation effect, you have to equip with both the chest piece and the helmet, not just the helmet. The helmet gives you the targeting HUD and the chest piece gives you the tactical sidebar. You might want to make a minor edit in your description.

Sorry for the dumb question, but how do you get the canons on the tank to shoot when you are on it?

Also yay @ B-400 for perfect yarr pirate pants that could actually go on a character design that doesn’t look like an impractical borg type thingy.

Its incredible how much they listen to the community. I’ve made about 10 suggestions in the past 3 years. And all but 1 have been done. One of which was the mount “ability” button and animation. Like the shooting. 9 of them were executed. Incredible!
FYI the last one that wasnt (yet) and probably cause its too hard and time consuming right now, is to make a mario-kart style speeder racing mini game, including adding a full tree of speeder upgrades and crafting of various weapons and abilities by different crafters.

I wouldnt be surprised if they even took this into consideration. Bioware is just amazing. Or my ideas are 😛

Does the animation on the Tactical Infantry Armor work if you equip the armor in one of the cosmetic slots, or does the animation depend on the armor being equipped in the actual gear slot?

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