SWTOR Temple Chair Decoration Exploit

With patch 3.2.2, the Temple Chair decoration can be purchased for 1 credit and sold back for 100 credits. Eric Musco has commented on this warned players that it is considered an exploit.

Temple Chair (Basic) Exploit | 06.23.2015, 07:07 PM

Hey folks,

In today’s patch, we placed Temple Chair (Basic) onto the Esstran Exports vendor for one credit. After bringing the servers live today we noticed that currently, you can sell the Chair back to the vendor for 100 credits. Obviously, this is not intended. As stated before, when these issues arise we want to make sure we get out in front of it as quickly as possible and are open with you about what is being done.

For the time being, please do not buy and sell the Temple Chair (Basic) in this manner. This behavior is considered an exploit. We will be addressing this issue as soon as possible. Once fixed, we will investigate and then take appropriate action for use of this exploit.

Thanks everyone. I will pass on update as I have them.


Temple Chair (Basic) Exploit | 06.23.2015, 08:46 PM

Hey everyone,

I see some confusion in the thread and wanted to clarify that seeing the Launcher messaging does not indicate that you personally have done something against Terms of Service. This messaging is displayed to the entire player base as a means to inform everyone that we are aware of the exploit and that participating in it will result in action.

If the launcher messaging brought you to this thread thinking that you have been banned or otherwise had action taken against you’re account, don’t worry – we are just trying to get the information to everyone as they log into the game.

– Tait

Temple Chair (Basic) Exploit | 06.24.2015, 07:07 PM

Hey folks,

Quick update. We have already begun taking action against players who have used this exploit and will continue to monitor the situation. Separately, we are working to get this fixed ASAP and are hoping to get it out today. I know many of you have questions about what is being done, how players are being tracked, etc. I will pass on specifics on all of these things once the issue has been resolved and all action has been taken.

I do want to reiterate, do not participate in this exploit. We made sure to notify everyone ASAP that this was an exploit and that action would be taken against its use. We are taking this issue very seriously, and appropriate action will follow.

Temple Chair (Basic) Exploit | 06.24.2015, 09:51 PM

Hey folks,
We are continuing to remove players who are using the exploit from the game. Currently, players found to be exploiting are all receiving a 7-day suspension. This in no way means that this is the only action that will be taken against them. A 7-day suspension is the minimum suspension we are currently giving out and it removes the player from the game, giving us time to further investigate each account.

After investigating each account (and transfers to related accounts) we will go through and take additional action, including removal of credits, items purchased, and adding additional suspension time up to and including permanent suspension all based on their severity.

Again, we ask that you please avoid use of this exploit. I will continue to pass on updates as I have them


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Is it wrong that my first thought to “Don’t do the thing” is “I’m going to do the thing”?

Only in my job if I push the red button it shuts off the PDU, which in turn shuts off the servers, which in turn loses me my job, which in turn causes me to not have money for a subscription or electricity, or a place to live. So when I’m told “don’t do that” I don’t do that. It’s called being an adult, you should try it.

Done that to great success several times when being a GM in PnP RPG’s with my friends πŸ˜€
Put a big red button with no explanation and you can be certain they’ll press it πŸ™‚

Ξ’W seriously, first consider to NOT release broken content, then blame your players for your incompetence…

Things break and never go the way they’re supposed to. That’s a fact of life. Deal with it. It’s how you respond to the unexpected that matters. And you can’t blame players now that everyone knows it’s an exploit.

“But I bought 100,000 copies of this decoration by accident! I had NO IDEA that selling them back to the vendor would net me almost a million credits! I’m an innocent victim of BioEAFailWare’s mistakes!”

True true, but this does not change the fact that bw messed up and continues to mess up… othet deco items have a 50 item bought limit… why not in this case? Whos to blame? Anyway at some point bw must start releasing content without childish errors within

So I’m guessing it’s their fault that a person “unknowingly” buys 100,000 of these decos and sells them back to the vendor, in which they never noticed they were making a huge profit? Dude you sound retarded. Bugs/glitches happen all the time. As the player, it’s your responsibility to not exploit them.

I totally agree with you…but did or did not bw release Again) broken content? This is a two way thingy, both sides players AND company are to blame).

Myself I pay the game as a subs and I demand an unbroken content…so difficult to understand?

I would suggest anyone who has things posted on the GTN take them down. Anyone who normally posts, maybe wait until this is patched out.

might as well give it a try. as if a few days vacation from the game is that big of a deal anyway.

Unfortunately, I made 55k off of this. I didn’t even see the exploit notice until I logged out (playing before notice created). I’ve never done anything ingame that violates the rules before, so I do feel bad about this. Still, I’m a bit upset that this issue even occurred in the first place; this isn’t the first time they’ve sold these 1 credit decos on cartel vendors, so I would expect them to have proper sellbacks already nailed down.

It was obviously an exploit. None of the CM stuff can be sold back to vendors for a profit. This was released to give people basically free chairs since there was a mix-up when they previously were listed as being available. You’re probably going to be okay because you did it before they announced it….but still, let’s face it, you knew you were exploiting the system. At a 100 credits a pop, you had to buy and vendor 550 of these things to make 55k. I’m sure you knew it wasn’t intended to give people a free credit farm like that.

That’s why I didn’t make millions. I sold back a few stacks and immediately felt uneasy about it.

don’t worry,im sure that since your back ground is clean and you didn’t over abuse the glitch you shouldn’t get baned or anything at most i’ll say a warning

I’m also unsure if I should buy them back. If I get in trouble either way, then I would lose credits buying them back, as opposed to having the credits I gained being taken away. I’m pretty worried.

They should have taken the servers down immediately when they saw this. The fallout for this is potentially insane. Worse, this means that the next time they leave an item out, they might not let us have it like this anymore. They don’t have too after all, you abuse it you lose it, etc.

I acknowledge that I am not blameless here, but I see negligence on their part.

Not everyone conducts themselves by identical codes of morality, its the source of most conflict. They really should have shut down the servers. This has potential to get WAY out of hand, I am still at work and I can feel my credits depreciating from here.

I am proud to say I have found myself in the normally hypothetical situation where you find a bag with a very large sum of money, and I returned it. It wasn’t mine. But I would be full of shit if I didn’t add that I held onto it for a day first, and spent a lot of that time sweating it out back and forth. I don’t doubt people are playing that vendor like a bloody broken slot machine, and its hard to blame them. I wont be…but man do I wanna. When it comes right down to it, its a question of who are you, deep down?

I’ve returned any lost money I’ve found IRL, but these are not lost credits, these are a mistake that shouldn’t be in game. Servers were down for 14 hours and this mistake somehow slipped by!!?

40-50 people wrote some code, and 10K+ people found a loophole. Its really not that shocking.

What’s shocking is that nothing’s been done except for publicly saying, “Don’t push this shiny red button right here!”

They’re not likely to drop the hammer on anyone for under 100K. Probably not for under a million. It’s the clownshoes that banked tens of millions from selling back chairs that need to be worried. But even then it’s not likely to be worse than a week-long ban and they’ll lose the money.

When I did it, I honestly wasn’t aware that it was considered an “exploit.” (This was before their warning.) Sure, I felt uneasy about it, but I wasn’t sure to what extent it would actually be exploiting the game. However, I stopped after 55k because I realized that making millions this way would probably be some form of cheating.

Pro tip, use the buyback option. I sold a few to see how it works and then used buyback from a vendor. No profit made πŸ™‚

I’ve already thought of that. Theoretically, that would fix the wrongdoing on my part, but what if I’m still tagged for using it and that makes it look like I’m just trying to cover my tracks?

Don’t worry too much about 55k, that falls in the range of honest mistake. Worst that can happen is they take the 55k away from you. Bans will be going to the people who made millions.
The only worrying thing is that it’s quite easy to launder your money from a throwaway f2p account through the GTN, they’ll have a hell of a job reverting all those transactions too.

No, but the sellback is a mistake on Bioware’s part that shouldn’t even have made it ingame.

The GTN is offering items for a price to other players. There’s nothing that’s an “exploit” about that. This is buying unlimited copies of an item off a vendor for 1 credit and returning it to the vendor for 100 credits, a 99 credit profit per item. You’re talking apples and oranges.

Overpricing on the GTN requires another player to buy the item from you. An NPC won’t do it. Quite different.

Butthurt exploiter or butthurt buyer of overpriced items?
Each overselling on GTN eventually ends because their items are not infinite, plus, you don’t sell their stuff every 5 seconds. Your logic is wrong.These two cases are quite different.

This seems potentially like a real mess. Do they log and store every single vendor transaction for every single character? That’s a lot of data. Obviously some are stored as you have buyback options, but do they cull the data after the last 30 transactions or whatever?

What happens if someone does this on a throwaway free-to-play character? Banks a bunch of money and then has another account throw something trivial up on the GTN for a ridiculous amount of money and pass the credits around that way to “launder” it? Can they track all of that?

If you put something up legitimately on the GTN and somebody buys it with “exploited credits” do they take the money back and return the item? How do they determine which transactions are legit and which are “laundering” the money? I hope they can actually fix this before there ends up being hyper-inflation in the economy.

Then the only people that get screwed are the ones who didn’t exploit. What a mess. πŸ™

SO the lesson of this comment is that EVERYONE should be doing this. Thanks for the f2p/gtn idea mate! technically, only the f2p account is doing the exploit so nothing to worry about. EVERYONE ON THE Mister Arrogant CREDIT TRAIN!

That F2P account would have a limit on credits it can have….you’d be better off doing dailies for all the time it would take.

Not true. If a F2P got someone’s 7-day code, does that remove the 250k limit? Even if it doesn’t, couldn’t they just go get their 250k worth of chair money (takes less than five minutes), go to the GTN and buy an item worth ~100k (i.e, buy a few Shae Vizla Chest pieces), destroy those pieces. Rinse and repeat.

Later, log into their real account which has 5 Shae Vizla chest pieces in storage, list them on the GTN for 2x+ the old price, reap the extra cash without Bioware having anything really actionable to the real account.

Creating an account takes time, creating a character takes a little bit of time, getting them to fleet also takes a bit of time, then you start churning out chairs, time spent, you max out at 250k. I bet you could bang out Yavin faster is all. I know I could, I’ve got that down to a science by now. That said, if the intention is havoc, and no fear of a ban, then yes, someone could do considerable damage.

I am not sure about how long it takes to create an account because I haven’t done it since 2011. Creating a character takes about a minute if you don’t care about it. Leveling the character to level 10 takes about 5-10 minutes (I’ve been doing it on other servers for the past week and can finish an entire starting planet in about 35-45 minutes depending on class). At level ten, you get the fleet pass. All you need is 1 credit to your character’s name to start the ball rolling… so, outside of account creation, you need 10-15 minutes to mess with the economy. You can’t do that on Yavin.

They track and store every single action every single character has ever performed. They can easily find out WHAT has been done.

What they cannot track and store is the thoughts of the players – so they can only speculate on WHY something has been done.

So, yeah, they can easily find everybody who has made any credits by exploiting this directly. However, once the credits are laundered (i.e., spent on something by paying another account via GTN), they have no way of knowing whether the other account has done a legitimate sale or is part of the credit laundering scheme (unless it does something very stupid).

Worst of it is that the credit sellers already have everything in place (throw-away accounts, credit laundering mechanisms) to profit immensely from this exploit. 30-35 throw-away accounts with a macro can recover the 9 billions that the credit spammers lost a few weeks ago in about a day.

ahh yes you know its a swtor patch day when further broken content or items arise.. it wouldn’t be right without something being broken..

Let me guess. People will get banned for exploit again for BW emplyees mistakes, while that dick Jee’zee for like 1 month using hacks and no actions taken. BioWare hypocrit cocksuckers.

Ugh…Jeezee…Red Eclipse server I’m guessing?

And to be fair, they HAVE been warned-on the launcher no less!


i guess they don’t have a QA team or if they do, those guys are just sitting around waiting on beer-thirty every day.

Welcome to swtor lol /smh The focus should be on what they call “devs” b/c they arent. Its ok theres plenty of carebears that will defend this game to no end encouraging these people to fuck over you that arent smart enough or havent caught on that this game is always the customers fault never theirs. Seriously how anyone can defend this pile of a game is either a bioware employee or there parents are lol. Meanwhile in swgemu no exploits or mario coins just good old fashioned fun with a playable wookie biofail can take there new revan replacement and shove it up there arogant ass

If you hate the game, why not just quit? Lol you’re the biggest fanboy of them all. One who hates something with a passion yet still logs on 10 hours a day playing. Either you’re stupid or pathetic? Which one is it?

Who said i was playing it? you assumed that. Last time i played was when ilum was shut down and i uninstalled shortly after that. So i think your name says it all. Typical fanboi rage like that insult and not know any facts.

not months a year or so whenever ilum shut down was shortly after launch. Oh hi bob/darth angrul/ewokingdead look everyone its the torpolice! lol /smh

because i play on Bloodfin server. If you did you would know that they still have the Credit Dupe exploit from when SWG was live. There is also the sniper rifle exploit and the combat medic expliot.

The only plus side is Bloodfin is a great community and people don’t use those exploits. But when we do find someone using one of them we run them off the server.

This is ridiculous they messed up then they moan about how the players are exploiters and bla bla bla look u messed up. Either shut down the servers for repair or stop whining. People actually pay money for this game and their moaning about virtual credits? Yes it ruins the market etc but the point is it’s their fault. We didn’t ask for free chairs or this option but it’s their now. Instead of crying they should admit their mistake and fix it not blame people who are using this to advantage. Maybe it’s not the right thing to do to make free credits but it’s biowares fault next time make sure things like this can’t happen.

I suppose publicly explaining what the exploit is and how to perform it are helping immensely.

Because nobody wants to risk getting banned for a day or two for the chance to earn mountains of credits, right? Right?

It’s just amusing (to me, anyway) that they detailed EXACTLY how to use this exploit, unlike any other exploit I can recall in the past.

For myself, I don’t care. It’s not that hard to earn credits in game, especially once you get a toon up to lvl 60. I mean, suppose using the shift-key shortcut could make buying/reselling those chairs fairly fast, but still no less boring.

Besides, credits aren’t really all that useful for the most part, except to buy overpriced shit off the GTN, so I don’t really see the excitement here, myself.

I have a feeling that they are not planning to fix this at all. Why? Because it can lead to a huge break in their precious Cartel Market economy, and all they did is an attempt to scare ppl.

P.S. To those who say they will remove the credits. What happens if all those money are spend on stronghold rooms that are decorated already and mats from GTN that were used already?

Just change to buy price to 100 credits and get done with it. But i guess there will be no bug fix – the chair will just disappear from vendor next week as planed.

THis thread is full of pussy fanboys who actually feel bad for “exploiting” a game made by the dirtiest low down corporations on the planet…..EA IS EXPLOITING YOUR STAR WARS CRUSH TO MAKE MILLIONS OF REAL WORLD DOLLARS. WAKE THE FUCK UP

Isn’t that the case with anything Star Wars-related? It’s called a market. I don’t get the fuss you are making.

And you’re not a fanboy? You’re playing this game, probably subbed, maybe suck at the game and decided that dulfy was the place to cone cry about it. You’re a joke for thinking people are offended by your childish yelling. Grow up and quit playing if you hate the game so much.

That’s how Capitalism works. If they didn’t this game and every other game would not exist. Go move to Cuba you filthy commie.

What if this was a plant in order to catch gold sellers who got greedy with the opportunity? πŸ˜€

My serious critique.
This is something that can really ruin the economy of the game. Even after you finished going through and removing the credits and banning people for a week, what about the items that were bought.
I’m willing to bet that some people would take this opportunity to buy all the 192 gear they need from the GTN. And why wouldn’t they? And what, will you take the 2.5m away from every player who sold the items on the GTN afterwards? The problem that we’re facing here is that free credits are being poured into the economy, which is really bad.
This definitely warrants taking the servers down and hotfixing it.

“Hell, 95% of the population is gonna be at work right now.”
School’s out? Summer vacation? ^^ They are not at work.
And when the Europe is hard at work, ‘mericas are playing and/or getting to sleep.
And when ‘mericas are at work, Europeans play.
Your statistics, like 95% of the statistics anywhere, are just randomly arbitrary and inaccurate. ;P

Other than that I fully agree. Or at least 95% agree. =P

They know what you do with the money. They knew that for the OP Exploit a while back too. They just remove the gear along with the credits.

Let me elaborate on the problem because I wasn’t very clear.
Say you were selling a 192 enhancement that you crafted on the GTN. Someone who used the exploit bought it.
You got your 2.5 mil (or whatever it’s worth on your server), the exploiter gets the enhancement.
So what happens? Of course he loses the enhancement, but you sure as heck aren’t gonna lose the 2.5 mil because you legitimately earned it through crafting, and though it was bought with exploit money, that was not in your control. So Bioware cannot take those credits away.
But that creates a bubble in the economy. On a larger scale (several items including cartel market items on GTN as well as gear and so on being bought with exploit money), this potentially creates a greater problem.

This was pretty much my concern, not so much people ramping up credits, but the potential to just destroy certain markets on the gtn. If someone didn’t care about a ban, they could sit there for hours, churning out credits, then buy out entire sections of the GTN, eliminating materials, furniture items, etc to a point where the market would take months to recover.
I…may have done this in Lineage 2 when I quit, but with legitimately earned money. I was crazy rich when I left, most of my final months were spent playing the market, I bought every single D grade weapon in the game and smashed it when I quit. Even a year later a friend that still played said the cost for that grade of weapon was bonkers. That was a younger Naq though….

Nearly everyone kept their gear, as far as I know. And they have data that tracks transactions through the GTN. How do you think they track money people get from gold sellers?

I get what you mean now. That’s true. But they can’t really do anything about that without punishing innocent people who did nothing wrong except having the bad luck to get their stuff sold.

And the Ravagers was the first time they used that system. It was new and they only punished people who used it excessively. If the people you know used it only 1 or 2 times then they probably weren’t interesting to Bioware.

agree,similar worries is that certain center pieces are being massed bought and being resold by the same person for 10times the price at times. Example the ravangers deco the rocket center piece was 300K now all 37 listings for it are being resold by the same person for 7M a piece. I worried if you buy the item that was being sold by a person who abused the glitch will your item be taken?

Why didn’t they fix this issue on the server? Since every gaming interactions is a request to the server, they only has to fix it on the server?
What are they waiting for?

All ingame assets (including prices) are client-sided. Client updates the server every time you buy something.

I doubt it. Storing the credit value of items on the client it something you would never ever do. It’s like storing the balance of a shopping cart in a browser cookie. Everyone with a little know-how would be able to change this values on the client side and tell the server that he bought everything for free.
It like cracking a copy protection or manipulating in-game values, which is regularly done in “offline”games.
Never heard from things like this?
The only way to be save from this type of exploiting is that the server decides who gets what for which price.
With storing the values on the client side… One cracked client would corrupt the whole in-game economy.

If it were possible on the server itself, they would’ve blocked it straight away.

Thinking about it I could be wrong, I’m not an expert on what goes on behind the scenes. It’s practically impossible to crack the client since *every* interaction involves communication with the server. Not to mention the fact that the client itself is the most tamper-proof application I have ever seen in my life.

I doubt that they’re going to ban half the players on the game considering that a lot of people were doing it. If you see the amount of people crowded around that vendor you’ll understand.

I actually checked last night on Ebon Hawk. I saw 2 people from the same guild, sitting there for quite a while. Not naming the guild. Didn’t hear or see the familiar emote for “I am now rapid firing furniture into my collection”, so it is possible they might have been cheating, but I dunno. Still two people isn’t half the players.

On my server there’s a massive crowd of people around him so I guess it’s different on every server.

fleet general chat, seems to have ppl or trolls telling ppl to do the glitch,poor foolish bambies that do it

much like you saw one person ,he was there a while. Later all the rocket decos that drop from ravangers(cant remember the name of the item) where listed as 300K around an hour later all the rockets where 7M and all being sold by the same person.

I doubt they ban them either but damn it would be sweat if they would. Take the credits back, ban them and be done with it.

There was someone on fleet last night calling himself the Robin Hood of SWTOR. He was telling everyone in Gen Chat that he was openly doing the exploit, buying high ticket items, and relisting them for 1 credit.

saw that, or something similar. was afraid to buy the items cause I was thinking it would be taken away

Imagine if d-bag exploiters didn’t want to cheat so badly… The amount of time devoted to dealing with them could otherwise be spent on something everyone can enjoy and generally improving the game.

The real problem with this exploit is that it’s SO EASY to do.

But it’s also going to be real easy for the devs to track and resolve, so I’m not too worried about this getting out of hand in any real way.

Guys, guys! I need your assistance! Razer Blade 2015 or Alienware 15 2015…I am sooo conflicted, which should I buy?
SWTOR looks great on both machines as does WoW; price is not an issue so which one should I buy???

So much self-upvoting, you seriously are the most entertaining commenter around here

If you can, instead get someone who knows PC’s to build you one. A lot cheaper, a lot better. And if you slip the person a few quid, you’ll make them happy as well.

They were meant to be 1 credit. The issue is reselling back to the vendor for 100 credit. There won’t be any punishment for buying them and then using them. That is not exploiting anything it is using them as intended. It’s like the old slot machine or the Voss sign that were 1 credit.


In fact, since they aren’t Bind on Pickup when you buy them, you can put them on the GTN for whatever more you think someone might buy them for, and be just fine.

Just don’t buy them and sell them back to the vendor.

A person I know claims to allready have been suspended for a week due to the exploit. As he is not available atm, I can’t positively confirm it.

Eric just confirmed that a 7 week suspension is the minimum. Exploiters will lose all credits, items purchased, and anything sent to any additional character or account, as well as additional suspension up to and including permaban.

If they spent all their credits buying stuff to other “innocent” players, did those players have their stuff back? They keep the money from the deal? What if those “bad boys” unlock in their legacy all the stuff they have bought? If they bought hypercrates and sold stuff? Hum…

They said that all credits, items, and credits got by selling items will be lost, in addition to bans.

They will loose the items bought and all the money they made.
The other players wont as they had nothing to do with that.
It was your gift to them, not bad

Think first Complain later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why anyone would do this to make credits when there are other fast and easy legit ways to do so is beyond me. My bank roll sits at over 110 mill with very little time invested, not selling CM items, and without exploiting. Crazy that people would do this.

More than 50m in a hour, that’s why dude, no need to be a scientist to understand that. More, it’s definitely too easy to do it… So..

50m in an hour… That’s under 0.7 seconds to buy a stack of 99 and sell it again, an hour long. Seems like a bullshit number.
And basicly it’s just farming ban time as the money will be gone by next week anyway. It’s not exactly hard to track this shit you know?

Damn lazy whiners , Judgment is coming for you and no whine or tear in the world will save your asss.

do tell how you make so much money… not everyone has figured out a way to do so, however that is no reason to take advantage of this exploit

Lazy cheaters and whiners would.

They are the same shty people that complain all the time about more Pvp Nerfs and sht as they cant really play.

dont worry the torpolice are on the case! solving mysteries that no one other them cares about. Someone mentions swg here theres gonna be hell to pay! dont you worry their gonna flood the forums here with how awesome this exploit is and how tod is the wow killer to end all games lmao.

what? I said who cares about the exploit and you go off on some tangent about SWG and compaining about what you are complaining about.

Do you understand Irony?

Maybe the best part of this is, once this gets sorted and the bans come down – there’ll be a week or so with a lot less stupid people running around.

Have you not been playing and reading Dulfy this past year? Next exploit that comes up the same people will do it again and come here and bitch about BioFail.

Sure, they always have and they always will. But it’s still nice to see a few less stupid faces in the actual game afterwards, even if just for a while.

As for when they come to Dulfy to whine, well…do what I do – Just Keep Scrolling By.

So let’s say I bought 1 million credits worth of these chairs. In tien sold them for 100 credits making my 1 mill into 100 mil. Now I buy something for 100 million of gtn. Does the person I bought the item from lose his new 100 million.

…and what happens if the the newly acquired 100 million legitimately by the GTN seller has already been used to buy other items on the GTN? What happens to those GTN sellers? Can you say domino effect? I’m willing to bet that has already happened to some degree, which makes this a huge freaking mess. If it were up to me, I would stick it to the exploiter by taking away any purchases he/she made during the exploit along with any remaining funds, refund the item(s) back to the sellers, and allow the sellers to keep the credits. It’s not their fault and they shouldn’t get penalized because a game exploiter bought their item(s).

You do realize that it’s just a database with a graphical front end. They can run queries that can parse information and logs and compile reports and assess punishments all with the barest hint of human interaction. The time delay is not because a bunch of detectives are investigating the cyber crime scene. The delay is caused by them refining the process before setting a bunch of desktop class workstations to work running the scripts. The parameters will be determined by people but the work will be done by computers. It’s why we developed computers in the first place, right?

He wont, only you will lose all the sht you gained from it.
The other person will keep them because he had nothing to do with it and you sned him a nice gift that way.

Lol I’d like to see you buy 1 million chairs. I would actually pay you a months sub to see you after that epic clicking session. Lol

This is madness… On Tuesday I bought 50 of those chairs to use it in my strongholds and in guildship. After few secs later I got DC and wasn’t able to log again because of my crap internet. Yesterday day evening (GTM time zone) I’ve try to login into the game and I get info in luncher that is a problem with my account. So I’ve log on website and the get info that I am suspended…
Nice work d******* c*********g m********* BW…
After 3 years… they ivestigate… yea right… if they know that I’ve bought those chairs they should know that all of them are still im my inventory…
Goodbye SWTOR… heh never again.

Come on. Don’t give up. Mistakes happen. It’s frustrating, and you have EVERY right to be pissed off. But contact them, explain your situation, and ask them to have someone manually look into the data. You were most likely banned by a program. If after they manually look at it and if they uphold the ban without offering you a solid reason (that is true) then I’d dump the game (and everything Bioware/EA comes out with).

Hey, if this were coded by bethesda, you’d have probably received a few million credits, and a rare red Tibetan temple hound puppy would be in the mail to you as we speek…

Well problem is that I can’t even use Customer Support on web coz it’s says that my account is suspended. I ain’t even get email notification as I should… :/

Yea, that’s messed up. They should have an appeals process. You can’t even call the 800 number?

Well if you have to wait till the end of the ban that sucks. When it’s over just demand to have more time added to your account. They should be happy to make it up to you. In the meantime go out and live life.

Yes, that’s stupid.

But there is still the mail account.

But I would love to know what kind of person came up with the idea banned player can’t contact the support.

It absolutely amazes me! They screw up and let this loophole slip and then punish players for using it! And really, are they going to suspend subscribers who pay a monthly fee and spend hundreds of pounds on cartel coins over the last three years? They risk losing a lot if they do! Are they really that ignorant?

“I hate mommy so much! It’s all HER fault for leaving the cookie jar where I could get it! How dare she punish me for eating all of them?!”

Do you pay “MOMMY” for the cookies? No you don’t so just let the grown ups talk amongst themselves and learn some basic skills in conversation!

Damn mom why you left all the ice creams unlocked in the freezer.

Its not my fault I ate them all.

Maaan, I found this bag of cocaine hidden away, and snorted the lot, now I’ve got the mob trying to kill me. That totally sucks, can’t they get that its Finders Keepers?

Wait. Where you repeatedly told that cocaine is bad for you and that you should stay away from the mob? Well that doesn’t matter. It’s OK, they lost it so it’s their fault.

Players have a choice and since the warning is out, don’t fckin do it.
Or if you do don’t whine later.

I agree. I’ve done it, but if I get banned for it I’m not going to complain. I’m well within my rights to use that exploit as much as I please, as BW are well within their right to ban my account.

That’s all this comes down to, in the end.

Yes, he definitely is. This is not a punishable offence, at all.
They might void their contract with him, but that’s about it.

You are confusing things here. He might be in breach of contract with EA. That does not mean however that what he is doing is in any way unlawful.

Depends on the country-in the UK breaching a contract IS unlawful. I take it things are different in the colonies?

I highly doubt doubt that. Almost all of the western world bases its civil law on Napoleons code civil so it’s virtually the same. Could you quote the paragraph you’re referring to?

By the way if anything US and UK law is even more similar considering they are both based on the English Common Law system

In some places yes, in others…not so much. The most obvious example being that the UK doesn’t allow religious nutjobs to have guns.

That’s not really the point though. Gun laws have nothing to do with civil law…

Second account got banned but my main account is fine, atm. Curious to see if they get me and my 1.4 mil πŸ˜›

all the risk and work for 1.4 miollion credits? There are legal ways with not much more effort, zeor risk, and the same or higher output.

Not really, there’s a reason they’re banning people for it. Personally I was just curious to see if they’d get me or not.

No, BW deserves a penalty. I pay for a product, if BW can’t make sure that product works right that’s their fault. This is the only game I’ve played where the devs consistently blame the players for their mistakes. In any other game this bug would have been fixed before it went live and, if for some reason it did go live, the servers would have been taken down immediately.

But please Mr. Fanboy, rush to defend BW more πŸ˜‰

A penalty? lol Are you kidding me. So if a store owner accidently forgets to lock the front door of his establishment after closing and you walk by and notice it’s open, he deserves a penalty of you going in and stealing his shit? He messed up so he deserves that you penalize him? stfu and get the fuq out of here.

A piss poor analogy, though I’m sure you know that.

A better one; I go to a shop. A shop which frequently charges high prices, has poor customer service and often sells broken or faulty goods. I buy something, but upon leaving I realise I’ve been given too much change.

I keep the change. Because for the overall poor job the shop does year-in, year-out, how have they earned my kindness? Why should I rectify their mistake when it benefits me, when they rarely fix their mistakes when they don’t benefit me?

If you’re going to come up with an analogy, make it accurate πŸ™‚

Here’s a better one, you buy a car there is a problem with the airbag, there is a recall to fix it. Do you bitch about it and demand your money back, and refuse to bring it in to be fixed because “they sold me a broken car”? I’m sure your response would be wait till you’re in an accident then try to sue them because ” they sold me a broken car”. They are not blaming players for their mistake. They are blaming players for using an exploit. They have repeatedly asked people to report when they find shit like this and not to exploit it. This has been going on for months and people who do this stuff know better by now.

Except that doesn’t fit the situation, aside from the ‘broken product’ part. A broken airbag doesn’t benefit me in anyway.

You said it yourself though; this has been going on for months. One would think, based on that statement, that BW would take more care before pushing things to live servers given their experience with fucking things up.

You do not know how or why it got through. Maybe an employee with an axe to grind slipped it through. Point is mistakes happen get over it.

I recognise this comment-it’s the same one that’s being laughed at over on the swtor forums.

You are correct, it does not invalidate your opinion. But it does invalidate the factual premise you base your opinion upon.

In your analogy you left out the part where you walked back into the store and force the clerk to give you the wrong change 13999 more times, even though the clerk is now aware of it, but is powerless to stop you without inconveniencing everyone else that exists in the analogy’s world.

Except, as with the others, that’s not really a fitting analogy. The extra change in my example is the ability to use the exploit, not how many times I can do it. I could do it once, or a million times, the change = the oversight.

But this wasn’t a one time thing. You repeated it over and over again. You didn’t “Accidentally the whole 1.4million”

Ben, I think I have more respect for your intellect than you do if you want me to believe you can’t tell the difference between a one time thing and sitting there repeating the process over and over.

You are not paying for a product but for a service (if you are subscriber). If it was a product, you could use it whenever you want in whichever way you want to eternity in whichever way that deems you right. But that is not the case. If it was, they could not ban people. The product that you might have bought was den DVD in the store. When you act against their terms they have them same right to through you of the server like a railway company with passangers that have no ticket. Simple as that.

Ah but in this case I have a ticket for the train I’m just pissing off the train staff and thus, as you say, they have a right to deny me the service. I’m not debating that, however. If I get banned, I get banned, I fully accept that.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m doing this more out of curiosity than out of need for the credits. Came away with plenty after the last pack came out; this is purely a case of wanting to see what they do with my own eyes.

I’ve understood this. I just wanted to clarify why “but I bought this product and demand in 100% functioning” is not the proper argument in this context. BW has an interest in a fully functioning services like the barber: Cutting off an ear is just not good PR for other customers. Naturally, bugs in software are more common than cut-off ears at a barber… luckily its not reverse.

Ok, then think of like this… You went into a bar, bought some drinks, drank them all, got drunk, got asked to leave. Did the owner have the right to ask you to leave? Of course they did and if you feel that spending your money there entitles you to without their consent, you will have to explain your position to the constabulary.

Not a similar situation but certainly one that requires the same moral judgement. Do you feel entitled princess, well do you?

Man i don’t know. I play a lot of games and have been gaming for a long time. I don’t recall any developer achieving a 100% success rate on rolling out a patch without errors. Even once. But, maybe I’m getting senile and don’t remember those perfect deployments.

if you transfered your funds to your main account, then yes they will get you, they said as much in the recent dev post in the forum.

Using an exploit is clearly a choice you take intentionally and not by mistake.
Tell it to Dred when you see him

Lol, I make 1.4M per day selling Relics and Augments. Looks like you were stupid enough to use the exploit but dumb enough to not do it right…

I think I found what bioware is doing to people!! people who exploit to get better gear is ok but people who exploit to get money is bad. ie: Nefra bug, no bans and get to keep gear and credits; Ravenger bug, only 48hour ban but get to keep the gear, deco, credits, and crafting mats; Underluker bug, no bans, keep gear and credits; temple chair, 7 day ban, get credits taken away, and anything
bought with credits taken away. Moral of story, only do bugs that are in operations where you get free gear, crafting mats, and decos. Epic win……

An exploit is an Exploit, don’t do it for whatever reason.

How they will respond is up to them.
No complains and whines after.

Yeah I do feel proud, Look his comment was deleated. They have the data eventually the people who continue to exploit will get permabaned and the game will be better for it.

I was curious to see how bad the penalties will be and how much they’ll reverse so considering I dont play much anymore, I decided to have a little experiment.. I farmed up around 30-40mil with this, them bought about 10mil worth of items off the GTN, one item being a hypercrate. I opened it and opened all the packs. Most of the items are still on their bind timer but I did use some mounts to see if they stay. The ban email I got shortly after (It was pretty quick, well done BW) told me I had a 7 day suspension and nothing about taking credits back. I’ll get back to you in 7 days about everything that was or was not taken back.

They already said everyone’s getting a 7 day ban, and during that time they will sort out those who just get a 7 day ban to those who get worse.

They will loose the items bought and all the money they made.
The other players wont as they had nothing to do with that.
It was your gift to them, not bad

Think first Complain later !
Nice Experiment.

I donno about anyone else but when I try to log in my launcher gives me a message “unable to retrieve patch data. Please check network connection (208)” CS said lol we donno, reset your router! I sent 2 diag files attatched to an email to cs but when I tried to generate the cmd files they requested I get ‘access denied’. Is this a feature, a bug, or an exploit on bioware’s part to get $15/month for a game I can’t log into???

So bioware breaks game because they didn’t test stuff before they put
new patches out, they don’t allow anyone that is not a sub to test
these things on test server, and now it’s people’s fault that they did
this and not test it out first. So now they’re removing people because
of their mistake ? that is just ultra insanely stupid. So people will
get removed from this game because of their fault.

No. They almost immediately went out after they found out about it and said “we made a mistake, don’t use the exploit.” It is up on the launcher. You can’t start the game without being warned. If you CHOOSE to exploit now after being warned and are suspended it is YOUR fault. This debate has been going on for months. People have been warned “DO NOT EXPLOIT!” You only have yourself to blame.

If it’s in a game it’s not an exploit, it’s a bug they fail to fix /
allow it to happen. Exploit is something completely different and please
stop using that word.
For example buffer overflow is an exploit and
not a problem they forgot to fix, so don’t call it exploit. In swtor and
exploit would be hacking some files or buffer overflowing their servers
/ comunication between client / server, but clicking on an item is not
an exploit it’s a problem or bug that they didn’t fix, it’s also not cheating because they put it there in the first place.

Exploit = using a programming bug to get an unfair advantage. So it is a totally correct word to use here. Getting millions of credits by using this bug is exploiting it.
“would be hacking some files or buffer overflowing their servers” – hacking is hacking, not exploiting.

Except this is not a “program bug”, it’s a problem they created, it’s not like buffer overflow, you click an item and you’re exploiting.

Come on, really? Millions of lines of code and you expect every employee to be perfect? Most people struggle to spell “your” appropriately in proper context. Bugs are created by putting in the wrong syntax as well as mistyping an instruction and a half thousand other ways. Any of which could result in a situation that a player could “exploit” to their advantage. You are splitting hairs by trying to force players that don’t cheat to accept your logic as justification for cheating.

*edit: yep, I typed the word “an” twice in a row. Bug or mistake, you decide.

Why is it cheating again? When did it become “against” the rules to sell gear back to vendors? You’re okay with vendors re-buying gear at 10% what they sold it, but this is unnacceptable? Why is that?

If it was intended then there isn’t a great deal of complaint. Hell there are space sim MMo’s that have vendor items that sell back to OTHER vendors for more than purchased, for the purpose of setting up trade routes. I don’t think that would be a terrible idea actually, something actively planned out and balanced for time spent, maybe you pick up weapon shipment crates on Balmorra, and deliver them to active conquest worlds. Let smugglers actually smuggle something. You could incorporate all kinds of random encounters on delivery etc for it, tons of fun for everyone. Unstackable though, obviously, so you cant transport 5000+ at a time. But when the dev’s explain it was an accident, and ask you, reasonably not too, I guess that’s the line.

Of course that’s the line. But that was my point. It’s the line because the devs said it was the line. And that’s the only reason. It’s not because anyone actually broke a rule or did something illegal/immoral. It’s because the devs didn’t program the game properly so they are asking us to pretend like they did for a couple of games. They are exercising Rule 0. That’s fine. But there is no moral issue here.

The responsibility for teaching you right from wrong belongs to your parents, not me. If you’re an adult and are still struggling with the concept, I’m not sure any amount of conversation will be adequate enough to make up for your moral deficiency.

It’s a video game. It’s fake money. There is an infinite amount of it that is generated by people playing content. Whether that content is fighting monsters, collecting slicing nodes, playing slot machines, or screwing around with poorly coded vendors, it really doesn’t matter. You are still in the game, creating (real world) demand for the product and participating in the community.

There is no moral problem here. It’s not like these credits are going to give you an edge in PvP. It’s not like these credits are going to help gear you up for PvE. Make no mistake, a video game is not real. We are playing a game. At the very worst, you could accuse someone of cheating at the game. (And it’s not cheating, it’s within the rules) Someone that cheats at a game – not even in secret, just using a loophole, in a game that anyone else can also use that same loophole, really isn’t cheating.

You want moral equivilancy? It’s like building with LEGOs and using a tool to chop up the bricks you have because you are missing a different kind of brick, or using glue to attach two bricks together. It’s “Cheating” because the bricks weren’t “intended” to be chopped apart or glued together, but really, I bought and own the bricks, and it’s how I choose to enjoy the hobby, deal with it. I bought and paid for the game and pay my sub fees. It’s how I choose to enjoy the game, deal with it.

Because let’s be honest, this is an “activity” moreso than a game. You can’t “win” at this game. There is always something to do. There is always an achievement to unlock. There is a always group content to conquer, or a PvP seasons to compete in. It’s an activity. It’s something to kill time.

Trying to mock people that understand that the rules are just “Because BioWare/EA said so” and make it out like they have no morals because we recognize that the only thing that the company is trying to do is prolong the grind and protect their bottom line, is pretty ridiculous. Good job being a corporate cheerleader.

You can rationalize it any way you want. But thank you for so, completely making my point.

Ed Hodges, if I use a save game editor in KOTOR to get a million credits, did I steal? Did I do something morally wrong? It wasn’t intended by BioWare, and I did it, for personal gain and amusement. We both know the answer to this question, and it’s no different for TOR. Thank you, for making NO point. πŸ™‚ Commentary on a post isn’t actually making an argument unless you actually attack the positions in that argument. Saying “you’re wrong and you made my point for me” is just lazy, and remember that sloth is a deadly sin. πŸ™‚ Thanks for playing.

Query: How can it be an “unfair” advantage if everyone can do it?
Answer: It is not an unfair advantage if everyone can do it.

Perhaps it is an “exploit” because the designers didn’t intend for you to make money that way? Okay. Four years ago, the designers didn’t intend for you to get to Level 50 doing only class storylines and not paying in-game credits to level up. That’s a bit “unfair” wouldn’t you say? The designers also didn’t intend 4 years ago for someone to: 1) not pay any money for the client, and 2) not pay any subscription fees, and 3) play the game. But now that can be done. Also 4 years ago, it was an “exploit” to take a low-level toon to Ilum and harvest chests and nodes. Something that was allowable in-game, and even intended. They just didn’t like the frequency with which people did it, and the low levels that folks did it. These people were suspended. They were all paying customers doing something completely allowable by the game. It just wasn’t “intended.”

So when BioWare refunds my 50 dollars that I payed for client (that current subs, preferred or non-subs don’t) then maybe I’ll be more amenable to their policies – and make no mistake, that’s all this is, is a policy. There is no “right” or “wrong” here. Getting out of the map in a Bungie game is something the game developers celebrate and encourage. Doing it in a BioWare game is a bannable offense. There is on universal truth to whether “exploiting” is good or evil.

Trading around Warzone Comms between toons? That was considered an exploit. Sort of. Then they patched that away. Then they realized that was dumb. Then they put in a “legit” solution to do the same thing that people were doing in the first place. So was it an exploit? If not, then why did they need to “fix” it? Then why backtrack on it? Why is opening a box on Ilum as a Level 15 an exploit?

BioWare can do what they like. I’m okay with that and I understand it. But don’t go white knighting them when they talk about exploits. It’s just foolish.

You’d probably be singing another tune if you started playing 3 weeks from now and everything on the gtn, including pocket lint was priced in the billions because for 7 days every single player was free for alling a vendor which was later patched back to working order. There is a difference between white knighting and simply having the strength of will not to do something you have been asked not to do, with the understanding that there are consequences…pre-determined ones, if you do. I wasn’t buying chairs for cash 2 weeks ago…I am still not doing it today. They made a mistake, admitted the mistake, asked us not to do the thing. All seems pretty reasonable, and if the next patch includes a legitimate “credit multiplier vendor” for you to achieve similar results…enjoy I guess. If you reply though, remember to call me a sheeple or something equally clever please.

I probably would be singing a different tune. Of course that brand new player didnt spend real money to purchase the client, and all real gearing is paid for by comms so tje GTN is largely unnecessary to be successful in the game, so… no, not much sympathy for jacked up GTN prices.

HAHAHAHAHAHA dude really this is your best you can offer as an complaint?.

the only thing you are right about is this “Also 4 years ago, it was an “exploit” to take a low-level toon to Ilum and harvest chests and nodes. Something that was allowable in-game, and even intended.” these were just butthurt devs. nothing exploiting about getting a boost on high level places.

for the rest of your post is completely bs.

Is it an exploit to level up through class xp only? no it is not.

I dont hear you complain about double xp. that wasn’t in the game at first either no? exploit? No.

you just sound butt hurt

All of these single things you named minus illum is called >>>>>>CHANGE<<<<<<< Name one game that still does the same thing it did at launch.

The way you level, the prices you pay for for items, skills, mounts, gear

The xp you earn.

sorry but all of these are just changes made over time.

Use to pay 1000 gold for dual skill in wow, shortly after it changed to 10 gold.

Use to run to the flashpoint u wanted to do, now we got Group finder, exploit or change?

sorry but not sure where your self entitlement is coming from.

once again. exploit is is gaining something in a matter that was not intended so no, the way they exchanged warzone commendation was an exploit. they did not think they made a dumb move, they changed it to a legal way because it was requested, just like it was requested to remove skill cost after the initial subscriber offer for pre-ordering SoR. once that was gone they received a high demand to get that back in the game , skills for no cost. So get your facts straight before calling stuff out.

And this "So when BioWare refunds my 50 dollars that I payed for client" pretty sure you got this back when you played a few times while not being sub. Also no one forced you to give them money for the client. it was your choice to play it. If they didnt went free to play and had to shut down, i dont think i'd be seeing you demanding money back. You paid for the client, you got the client, you played on the client. whether they went free to play or not you got what you paid for so stop whining.

Sound petty

I did sound pretty petty didn’t I? Kind of like how people complaining about a few players getting a couple thousand credits sounds kind of petty? I mean honestly. You can get more credits faster doing Dailies then spamming a vendor for 99 credits every two clicks. And again, Millions of credits spent leveling up toons. What difference does it make if I get a few thousand now?

Also, for the mentally challenged, my examples were examples of “unfair advantages” which is what people were claiming an exploit was. Of course I also pointed out that any player could use the “exploit” making it not an unfair advantage.

comparing how much it cost you to level a toon few years ago and what it cost now is like comparing an item you bought of the GTN for 5 millions and now people are selling it for 500k. Change. whether it lost its value or it never was that value is debatable. Just like each year or months things are destined to change.

So yes what you once thought normal or cheap might be considered expensive. what you once worked hard for, can be earned pretty easily.

and yes some if not half complaining bout the exploit sound petty to, regardless if they were pro or anti exploit.

You have a few kinds of different people. the once hoping for bans, because if people did not get banned they would get angry for that easy credit people made and they did not. not all but some.

And i still know some people who made over 150 M and did not got banned or any credit or item taken from them. Others made more then enough to buy their personal flagship.

And the amount i just called out already claims this was easier then doing dailies. i created a f2p account and tried it out did 500k credits in 10 min could prolly be done faster thats half or three third of the amount one can make from all dailies which dont take ten minutes.

So that was one of the reason people where whining, some had genuine concerns, if like a really lot of players would make that crazy money and almost buy all things of the gtn it might possibly collapse the market.

others were just scared to do the exploit afraid for a ban and were hoping the ones that did it would get banned otherwise they forfeited their chance for an exploit that would make crazy easy money.

Yes a lot got banned, but as previous ban waved proofed, not everyone gets banned and even the ones that got a temporary ban still have all the items they received during the moment of exploit meaning the people complaining about an exploit have the right to complain.

My reason for calling you out for being petty is the things you listed as reason for complaints or exploit. all of those are intended and are changes made over time. And does not let people go out of there way to benefit from the rewards or experience.

Gearing toons isn’t always common knowledge either. Knowing your rotation isn’t common knowledge all the time. Sometimes knowing the different class roles is not common knowledge. Just because someone doesn’t know an aspect about the game doesn’t make using that knowledge an “exploit” in the negative sense of the word. Technically, in an objective use of the word, every time you do something to get an edge you are “exploiting.” That’s why the dictionary definition fails to actually capture the meaning as BioWare/EA uses the word. The simple fact of the matter is: BioWare/EA subjectively chooses what glitches are exploits and which aren’t. They define them based on their opinion and then they tell folks not to do it, and dole out punishments. There is no “source” you can go to to say “Yup, that’s an exploit.” You can use common sense based on your experience and be right 99% of the time, but I don’t think many people anticipated being banned for their level 15 toons spamming lockboxes on Ilum when the game launched.

At the end of the day “exploit” as defined by BioWare/EA is literally “not playing how we want you to play.” And it’s really that simple. There is no morality/ethics involved. If I steal gas in the real world, I deprived someone of something. If I “steal” credits in Star Wars, I didn’t take them from anyone, because a video game economy doesn’t mirror a real economy. There is no “scarcity” in a video game economy. Need more resources, just wait for them to respawn and hit the nodes. Need more gear? You can gear up as many toons as you like since missions are repeatable and commendations are plentiful. The worst you could accuse a “credit thief” of doing is devaluing the currency, but the currency only has value for vanity items anyway, so it doesn’t take away from anyone’s ability to play the game, since all gearing is now done with comms, and leveling up has no costs associated anymore.

For the record, I didn’t use this exploit and I don’t really care that much. I just don’t like it when people take a moral stance on the issue when the reality is “It’s wrong because BioWare/EA said so.” and that’s really the only reason.

OMG… are you that desperate trying to justify an exploit…

here basic information

EXPLOIT: gaining an advantage in a way a method was not suppose to work


You really need to go learn your definition really…

Oh you think BW/EA what defined this as an exploit.

then its BW/EA who made the definition of an exploit as well right.

How is learning rotation and gearing up even be compared to an exploit. Seriously you sound more petty each post.

I said and i quote “Also exploits is an unfair advantage. yes everyone can do exploits if its known how to do it, but not every exploit is easy done or public information.”

Gearing up or knowing ration isn’t public information or common sense? The only ones who dont know these are the ones that are new to MMO’s in generarlly. The only different is when i go to a other mmo i know you need to gear up, i know you need rotation to do good dammage. The only thing is, i need to learn which skill to use first which one work better in combination. It is the same with gear. Which stat benefits me.

I really dont know why you are trying to hard to justify that. It is clear what an exploit is.

And since you want to use gearing and rotation as why that isn’t an exploit. Well first. IT IS INTENDED both gear and rotation. Its not like they say hey, Dont use force storm to proc chain lightning, no you cannot do that. It is in the talents, description, etc. It is also public information if you just know where to look.

And yes the ones that know how to, gain an advantage, not an unfair one, why? cause it was designed that way. Once you do know, all that there is, is time and practice for rotation and time and luck to get the gear you want. depending which resources you use.

i do not care if u used the exploit or not

“credit thief” is a thief who actually is stealing credit, if there was actually credit to steal. The chair, was gaining credit that was not to be gained in the first place. If you wanted to steal something, it has to be there but because of an error you could infinite pop credits out of nowhere by selling the chair back for 100 creds instead of the 1. hence exploit.

but really, if you think its bw who made up an exploit.

then here by all means

so once again : Exploiting a method to gain personal and selfish benefits in away that was not suppose to happen does not being intended does being unfair.

Exploit: to make use of meanly or unfairly for one’s own advantage.

An exploit is something that grants the person who uses it an advantage/shortcut that was never intended. Once the gaming company announces that it’s an exploit, it doesn’t matter what you think. It’s their call and you just have to deal with it. Anything that grants you quick or easy access to gear or loot (like in game currency) that is clearly wasn’t intentional, is an exploit to the game. In other words, if it’s a programming error or bug, it wasn’t intended and if it grants you loot that should be harder to obtain, it becomes an exploit.

Don’t play stupid. If your mind really works that way–that any bugged feature or content that goes live is working as intended and thus not an exploit– then your mind is warped and delusional.

clearly don’t know how bugs and errors work. You can program and script something and it works fine in each and every way but when you load it in on something public/live bugs and errors can/may occur that never happened on the offline mode. There is no way to prevent this.

The only solution is to see why it works offline and not online and what you can do to change this. this means going back to the offline version. change script line, does it still work with a different code, then load it to live. did it fix the error on live, yes? then leave it, if not repeat again.

what we can debate is when BW truly puts its workers to fix it or delay it and do it when they feel like it. Since we saw they took actions straight away then it seems they do fix it.

If you want to blame BW for something if its was on PTS just like those bugs in ToS and TR and they have been reported by many and BW still loads it to live, then its their own fault. They have been warned and received feedback.

Like the one below linked you want exploit is, its really simple. Create something to work in a certain way. like i said, things work differently in offline and online mode. So when it doesn’t work as intended but still can be used to ones advantage, its an exploit.

example: If the same chair said it cost 1 credit but when you purchased it, it took 100 or all your cash for one single chair, i don’t think you would still buy it. it does not work in your advantage so you wont be exploiting it, cause it cannot be exploited since you gain nothing of it, or above the standard of it.

Now it grants 100 credits for a single chair and 9900 for 99 chairs sell back. its an exploit, cause we all know, selling something back, is selling it back for the same amount you paid for it and not more, since it did that, its an exploit.

the moment you agreed everything before playing this game, it list using exploit or cheats or bots can have repercussion for you.

So don’t be mad when you or people you know still did it and got banned. just own it, you took advantage or not, you face the consequences.

a different discussion would be if things were on PTS, and people gave feedback and BW responded to it saying we can’t find the error anyway, but since the other features we don’t want to or can’t delay the bugs will move along with everything to live so be-aware as we still are trying to solve the problem.

but since that wasn’t done or ignored when feedback was given then yes we can blame BW.
But not for this.. not this one nope.

People always have a choice on doing the wrong thing or the right one every day in life and in gaming too.

Make your choices wisely guys, Judgment is never to far behind.

I gotta admit this is really starting to feel like a hunny trap. I mean if it wasn’t, they would have taken the server down for a short time and made us download an update. how big could such an update be to just change the resale value of one (1) singular item?? Instead they sit there like cops waiting eating disgusting donuts and waiting for speeders. I hate to say it, but given that there was zero time after the patch went live that they declared the “exploit” and that it hasnt been fixed – it seems it was a deliberate thing for whatever reason……

My guess is that the exploit was designed specifically to catch credit sellers. This might sound tin-foil-hat-ish, but the really long maintenance on Tuesday could have been to add software and/or hardware resources to facilitate quick and potentially large scale roll-backs and other punitive actions.

They made it clear they would make more efforts to deal with credit sellers. But I think this kind of went off the rails when so many “other people” started doing it also, which prompted them to perhaps cut the exercise short. Maybe they planned for this to last until the next Tuesday.

Blsht detector here.

They just monitor all actions if they work as intended after all updateds that all

Ohh no! You caught us that is exactly what we did. We set out a “hunny” trap to catch you and ban you. Because everyone knows the best way to catch people is to set a trap and then tell them it’s there.

Yup if they hadnt said anything odds are most people wouldnt have even noticed the chair was for sale much less that it was exploitable. I sell those 1 credit items on the gtn for about 1k-3k each all the time because people never bother to find out. And obviously a LOT of people ran to the vendor to do the exploit since they advertised it.

thank you for telling me about this…free cartel packs yay. i hope they keep telling us about the exploits cuz i always miss them.

Judge them all guys, fair and equal !

Exploiters must be treated according to their behavior, its not fair for the rest of the players if they stay unharmed doing exploits all over.

Dred is coming for your whining asss !
Lets see if you will talk sht to him too.

Don’t like Justice then go fish.

Its been over 8 hours now since I got temp banned and still not a single thing in my email about it. I would appreciate at least a little email from BioWare so I’m not just left in the dark about what is happening to my account. Yes i’m fine with whatever the decide to do, I in total gained about 400k from it and then stopped because it felt extremely cheaty (which it is) so I hope what they do is fair but come on, at least tell me something.

I got cut off as well with no email. In the end it took about 12 hours for their email to come through. I got less than 200k credits and then I reported the bug in-game and out of game being fully honest in my actions. Still got a 7 day ban though, looks like they are taking a harder stance now ever since the Ravagers exploit. I bet they won’t even ban everyone who did it, there was crowds of people still round the vendor before the fix went out.

anyone having problems loggin in, saying “this application has encountered a unspecified error. please try to patch this again” after the patch 3.2.2 a, was fine for a couple of hours but not anymore

Going to currently laugh at all the butthurt exploiters who clearly don’t know what a legally binding document is or clearly don’t know how scripting and bugs in video games work. GG you all knocked it out of the park.

lol it was laughable how some were trying to justifying exploits and that they should not get punished for it.

it wasnt even me who used this exploit as i left my account open my friend jumped straight in and done it himself when i emailed SWTOR to tell them this info they replied saying what they done was fair and just i had not denied it was wrong and yes it was wrong had i known then i would have kicked my mate out of the house, but more to the point i have never exploited and never will fair enough they did what they had to im just annoyed they never responded in a better manner

yes i know mate i dont let him play on my PC or my account hense why i didnt know about the exploit i did when i found out asj him to pay for my subscription and cartel coins as a way to re emberse swtor for the trouble he caused

Do you honestly expect them to believe you? You could make up any story you wanted to and there is no proof that you are telling the truth. YOU are responsible for your account. If you don’t want your idiot friend getting you suspended don’t let him us your account. They did the right thing in suspending you. Do you think anyone here feels the least bit sorry for you? You deserve a suspension for being stupid.

well actually the only reason i left it open is because it takes me 2 hours to get from one end of the house to the other i have a rare medical issue that causes extreme pain and nausia, as i said i wanted (after explaining to the customer service) to get a direct reply on the issue it was in no way me being stupid, in fact it was more to do with the fact i couldnt get back to the PC quick enough to catch him i wasnt asking for pity Holyfrog I only wanted a ditect responce i put all the credits he had taken into their vendors by re buying all the chairs he sold i had never gotten a fair response hense the comment.

When the damage is done you cant go back in time to change it.
Thats why take care from the start not to do anything that looks stupid.

If your friend messed up ask him to Pay the price and buy you a month of sub.

thanks for not going totaly op on me Dredd i have and he accepted that what he done was wrong i just wish it did not go on my record though… im locking my PC from now on

Ok so now you want pity for your “medical issue”. What in the hell does the fact that it takes you “two hours” to get from one end of the house to the other have to do with leaving your account open? Like I said you can tell them whatever you want to make up, you have no proof that your “mate” did it. You are responsible, period, end of story, quit whining.

the fact that it takes me time to get from one end of the house to the other MEANS that i would leave my account open as a HABIT and so i did not mean for my friend to jump in my place so that is why i leave my account open anyone with a brain would see that that is a reasonable point, thait instead of having to return re log in ect ect, i just log back into the server after being absent and continue playing. personaly Holyfrog i think you are the kind of person who will not hear someone elses opinion and always claims they are right i said i DO NOT condone what he done, however i accept responsibility, However you seem intent on claiming that I am not accepting that fact. i had complained that i did not get a suitable email from Bioware to address the issue, but everyone is entitled to their opinion so I will not slate you on that matter, however you need to understand some people GENUINELY did not mean for this to happen i have played the game since early Beta and throughout have never exploited when i could have many times, and so for the first time a strike is on my account that would seem strange considering they admited my ALT toons were not acting as per usual in their email ” We did, however notice a difference in your characters actions in the allotted time, However the suspension must stand.” end of story basically that was the only line they added to the copy and paste email

You say you accept responsibility for what happed yet you bitched to BW about it, and you continue to say “it wasn’t my fault”. Sounds to me like you aren’t taking responsibility for you account. Like I said before, you can give no proof that it wasn’t you so why should they respond in any way other then they did?

if you took the time to read my initial paragraph you would see that i do take responsibility however wanted a better response not one which contradicted their action in the first place by telling me i am suspended for using the exploit and then going on to say ”we noticed large changes in the behaviour of you’re character and so took measures to look at the characters history, this is why we have suspended you as the time spent buying the Temple chair’s was around 5 minutes for over one million credits.” they go on to respond and say ” indeed you did then put the credits back into vendors by re-buying the chair’s however even though you had then technically earned nothing you’re account was still taken action upon.” and then when i asked about my subscription plan i had a quick copy and paste response ”Once the suspension period has elapsed you will then be able to log back into Star Wars: The Old Republic. Note that as per section nine of the Terms to which you agreed upon creating your account no refund of monies paid to date will be made”: how is that helpful? i accepted all responsibility yet asked a simple question to get this response as i said before Holyfrog everyone has their opinions yet you refuse to read what i have read and jump right in to the ”kill” switch. I am not ‘bitching’ to bioware and i never said ”its not my fault” so using the quote marks to try and incriminate me, well it seems to me if you think you know everything on these matters you incriminate everyone who is caught in the same predicament as myself. Thanks anyway

And on someone else’s room it was an elephant that jumped in the room and started selling chairs.

So when Judge Dredd comes around try explain this to him.
Justice is blind, you do sht you are facing the consequences.

Never responded in a better manner? Your explanation sounds as feeble as “the cat ate my homework”. Even if it’s ultimately true it’s not like you can prove it.

actually they told me that when observing my account ”we noticed large changes in the behaviour of you’re character and so took measures to look at the characters history, this is why we have suspended you as the time spent buying the Temple chair’s was around 5 minutes for over one million credits.” so they had proof that it was not me. read the convo between myself and holyfrog and you will see my explanation in further detail. thanks for the comment though The Earl Fleabag Of Turdshire

Interesting. For the generally slower pace of content updates, it sure seems they’ve been beefing up their system behind the scenes. They have a LOT more tracking, metrics and data than they used to. That should allow them to make more educated decisions in the future. Too bad it appears they still lack the confidence to do so.

I bought and unlocked fifty of those chairs on Harbinger, and the only problem I’ve had is deciding where to put all the damn things…

Everyone is probably just going to spam m e with its your fault but seriously I’ve played games with glitches and most of the time they would just get patched the end and if you used them nobody cared much. So I didn’t even know the chair thing was considered exploitation until someone started screaming it on the fleet. I understand creds etc. Will be taken away but why should I lose my subbing time when they screwed up.

i totally agree there should be a freeze on the subscription not wasting time for their mistakes

Obviously you havent played this game enough. Ravagers was 1-3 day ban. Ziost was at least a week. This one is a week-? Its kinda obvious that the devs wouldnt let you just buy and sell chairs, or everyone in the game would be rich. So take your excuses and go play another game.

Its not hard to understand that something is an exploit and if you decide to do it you do that at your own risk.
There was a huge announcement on the game log in screen too.

Don’t whine later when the penalties will come.

Its not fair for all the rest players that decided not to do it.

So if you did it suck it up and decide what to do with any future exploits like this.

the game has the worlds most hackable engine ever lol. Hackers know this the devs act like they dont but its true this engine is a nightmare. If i was you id be glad tor is only going to get worse not better.

No excuse for using the exploit(especially when its printing free money). Ignorance and stupidity is never an excuse for doing something you shouldn’t.

How many of those games have complex player driven economies? There’s somebody up there that made 0.5 BILLION credits. the ability of somebody with that much cash to frack up the economy with that cash is freaking disturbing.

Be back from vacation next Friday. lol
I love how so many gullible people still eat up EAs(the real crooks) shit.
Keep buying those Hypercrates, EA loves you! lol

Whenever I see action over exploits it sits uneasy with me. I don’t use them myself, but the fact is that these things come about due to the incompetence of the game supplier and determining what is and isn’t an exploit is ultimately down to their interpretation. Now, if they decide that something is an exploit, warn about it via the launcher and then people continue to use it, fair enough. But taking action against people BEFORE doing this is unduly harsh and unfair. Some of the people doing it before the warning were probably innocently thinking it was part of the game and not an exploit (considering that some, if not many, players are casual and not deeply familiar with the concept an on exploit). I therefore think that those who used it before the warning shouldn’t be punished unless they are veteran, regular players and the exploit excessively for a sustained period. Bioware needs to be fair, and part of that is taking some responsibility for their own mistakes.

In what situation ever is there something you can sell for 100x the value you initially bought it for.

Like Xarg said, there is absolutely no way anybody should think this isn’t an exploit. If a bank teller leaves their drawer open and you grab all the money from it and run, it’s not their fault for being careless, it’s your fault for being a thief, and you’re not going to get off by saying “but your honor, nobody -told- me that stealing money might lead to actions against my person!”

Also, computer programs are obscenely complicated things that break in weird, unpredictable ways all the time. This is true for games that -don’t- have thousands of people running around in them looking for ways to break the system, much less something as complex as an MMO. As a consequence, when you create your game account, you agree to a code of conduct, and part of that is that you acknowledge that if you find a bug, you won’t exploit it for personal gain.

The warning is in your EULA. Familiarize yourself with it.

ok So I was talking to a guildie who created a fake account in order to farm out approx 120mil, Turns out his second account has had no action taken against it. Not surprised to be honest. I’ll update if anything happens to it

I’m guessing he mailed the credits to his main account? You’d think Bioware would be able to track that, and take action against the account that the large amount was mailed to. There must have been large sums of credits being moved across lots of accounts.

You would he surprised really. When i made a ticket saying i lost a item. I assumed basic information is already being tracked by the ticket. But i had to. Resend another ticket saying my char level, my char class, my faction my sever name, my name, the eu or na. The item name .

I mean it’s a lot of information I need to give before they can see something so if that’s the way it works, I can immagine the ammount of information they need to go through.

Reason why that is new to me is previous game such as wow, Aion. Dc universe. All I need to say was name of char and item I lost. Everything was already standard information.

So I suppose they have tons of things to go through before they really can find anything useful. The people that did things with their account and kept the money on their account was probably easy to track. But gtn and mailing system is probably more work.

Specially with the cheap ass transfer discount that came in they have go through more info I suppose.

That’s what I’m thinking at least

Credit laundry, post a really common item in the GTN at the amount you want to recieve, think of it like selling a tier I gift for 120 millions.
Have the second account with the money, buy said overpriced amount and since the GTN is a place were large amount of crΓ©dits circulate it wouldn’t stand out as much as a mail transit of several millions.

I have made 5M from this exploit just before the servers went down. I did this by creating another account, then posted an expensive item on GTN via main account. To ensure that tracking is challenging, I also purchased multiple items from different vendors selling cheaper items.
While the exploit was on, my “alternative account” could not get anymore obvious as a level 10 standing in front of the “chair-vendor” buying and selling.
Sadly, I agree that this will have a major impact on the game’s economy and in my opinion, the resolution of Bioware due to this patch was not the most effective.
Prior to the exploit being released, I was satisfied with the effort that went into obtaining >80M creds just by buying cheap and selling more in GTN, as well as doing dailies on multiple toons. Then comes this patch where players could amass over 100M while the exploit was out, thus lowering the value of creds in the game and ruining the economy. For honest players who did the right thing and not participate in the exploit are the ones who lost on this incident. How is that fair?

i bought 50 chairs, then by accident sold them back to the vendor, then bought 50 again …. no action against me yet (would be kind of ridiculous anyway with less than 5k gained, but you never know)

The problem is that many people did it over and over and over again. Exploits like that can lead to major shifts in available credits, market prices, etc.

I originally made 200k from this then I stopped and reported the bug being fully honest. I logged in before any warnings were posted. I got my 7 day ban, fair enough, but now I have had further action against me by the removal of all my credits across all toons. So that’s about 30 mill gone due to making a stupid 200k, GG Bioware, nice way to treat a paying customer that has subbed for over 3 years and bought many CC’s

Honestly, this is not surprising. They’re heavy handed with their nerf hammer and ban hammer. True enough that you lost more credits than you exploited. Maybe whatever was sold on the GTN were bought with exploited credits, maybe? If not, if anything, this a harsh reminder to NOT exploit anything in the slightest.

You know, when I see an item like that and I find out that I can sell it for more than I bought it from the vendor, it’s total complete common sense that this is not intended. So what made you go on to make 200k before reporting it is where the issue is. If you’d resold a couple of em them that’s one thing but if you could sell it for 100 credits then you would’ve had to sold over 2000 of them. Now sorry, but that’s just a dumb ass thing to do. Reporting it after doing something wrong 2000 times doesn’t make you honest. It’s about time perhaps that you learned that you shouldn’t make the same mistake 2000 times.

It’s not actually 2000 times, its only about 20 times since its stacks of 99. But anyway, perhaps Bioware should actually program and QA there patches properly. It’s also the fact that they could of maybe had some lenience since in comparison to other people who made hundreds of millions of credits on multiple mull accounts, I pretty much did nothing. I’m not saying I wasn’t at fault but a 7 day ban is surely enough? I’m guessing your probably one of the white knights that think we should all be perma banned for our first offence…

They are a bunch of cunts, they pulled me out of the server, 7 days and 10 minutes ago, sent me the email 10h after they did, and doesnt seem like im getting access in the next 10h.

Same here, 7 days banned, made hundreds of millions of Creds (which r still available on unbanned Accs), Main acc still (temporarily) banned. Tomorrow will tell if I was lucky enough to Save my new deserved wealth. I hope (and think) so.

Any news from someone who got a 7 days ban? Still have the credits (legal &/or “dirty” one)?

7 days ban expired (few hours later than expected). Result: Nothing wiped (Original credits still there) + “dirty” credits (really big amount) still available on (at no time banned) “mule” accs.

“Investigation” well done.

good for you.
“Due to the extreme abuse of this exploit we are left with no option other than to close your account. We are permanently closing your account with immediate effect.”

Anyone have been banned like me?

woaw πŸ™ You received this by email?
I have received this:”The action taken against your account is a 7 day suspension. It is important to note that should this account partake in any future exploit, it will receive a more severe action up to and including permanent suspension.”
But nothing else so far.. (I farmed about 20m and used that to buy some stuff on the market and hand to hand)

I’m sorry for you πŸ™ Ridiculous, how BW seems to handle this differently. May I ask how many credits you made? (Several hundred millions made by me, I, for myself really abused it extremly and received no punishment at all beside the 7 days ban)

Oh, woaw.. πŸ™ I Will have to check that.. And what about the stuff/items you probably bought on the GNT or hand to hand? Did they take it away those too?

I did not buy anything with the “dirty” credits. I originally logged in before the warning and was told by a guildie about the bug. I used it for a few mins then got bored. I made about 200k then I reported the bug in-game and out of game being fully honest that I had used it. I then got cut off from the game about 12 hours after the warnings went up, another 12 hours and I finally got the email from them saying I have a 7 day ban. Just before my ban was up they emailed again to say further action is being taken against my account in the form of removal of all credits across all my toons. About 30 mill they have taken away all for a stupid 200k. This is also my first offense on my account. Calling their customer support is pointless as they won’t help with account issues. Emailing their account disputes is also pointless as you just get generic robot responses. I’ve now un-subbed and doubt I’ll be playing much anymore. Thank you Bioware for treating a paying customer so well…

I heard about similar cases on redit.. I myself, I wasn’t “Truly ” honest, but for players in your case, that’s awful to be punished like this πŸ™
And as I said, there’re other players in the same situation, players that spent xxx€/$/Β£ of CC and sub…

People who exploit bugs for personal gain screw up the economy for everybody else. It sucks that you got punished as severely as serious exploiters, but you really ought to know not to do that kind of crap in the first place, and when you have a player base of thousands of people, it’s not always feasible to have the GMs wade through every individual case to figure out who deserves the ban and who doesn’t.

Tracking alternative accounts can be done, but not without false victims, it’s not easy. I think people could cover their real account pretty easy, because tracking them down is too much work for BioWare. There is much to check to get them.

Next time they should go into maintainance and remove the vendor immediatly. This something you have do deal with in time, do not thinking the players are stupid. Of course “the stupid ones” they’ll catch… but the majority of credits is made by the clever ones.

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