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SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 3.2.2

A list and gallery of new cartel market items found in Patch 3.2.2. These are likely to be part of the next pack (Outer Rim Pack).

Outer Rim Explorer Pack Image












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Nice looking cat. I just wish they came up with more white core saber colours. Dark core ones kinda look cheap.

Aww, c’mon. A tank mount? I thought that was the one type of mount we had that was completely out of the Cartel Market… 🙁

The EC drop is still unique in that you are INSIDE the tank this one has a seat in the back and looks like an amusement park ride.

Love the mounts minus the tank. The He-Man/ Skeletor armor is hilariously bad as is the green and whatever color reskin of the Rishii Rep gear. Outside of those the armors look good.

The chest on it looks horrible but I quite like the skull mask that comes with it, could be good for an executioner type look with axes. The Tank is eh, looks like you’ll sit on the outside of this one though, making the OP exclusive one unique at least a little bit.

you are right. the mask is kinda cool. The whole sitting on the outside of a tank is just silly to me. I’ll still get it though cause I’s a tank. And my stronghold garage needs more tanks.

All fairness it really wasn’t that tanky at its size, sitting outside makes it more of a mobile turret, which makes more sense in my opinion anyway. I wouldn’t turn one down if it dropped on one of my runs, but a tiny tank with barely enough volume to justify itself always seemed a bit silly.

For the longest time it was the only enclosed mount they had and it still is the only one without windows of any kind, so unless you clip inside it the owner is hidden completelly. The only problem I have with the new turret tank is the colors, same paint… that’s lazy and annoying.

I really like that Gand-looking cyber helmet. May have to make use of that! The Frostfang mount is cool too, I need one of those.

That Gand-looking helmet along with some Tusken armor pieces. You might be able to make a Zuckuss looking character. Or maybe some cyber parts and make something looking like 4-LOM.

I think the helmet is from RoTJ. Jabba’s palace, I think Leia shot someone in that helmet when she was dressed up as Booshe….or Chewbacca tossed a guy in that helmet. I remember seeing someone in a helmet like that flying back into a wall around that scene.

Is that a Malgus style mask that I could finally put on Lord Scourge? Could my one costuming request finally be at hand?

Strange. A pack that has quite a bit of ratio of good armors. A few reworks of existing ones but most seem to be pretty good.

Wants the kitty. Some really snazzy armors, also that rebreather that I know a lot of people want. Did anyone hear the guy who played child Anakin was arrested after a high speed chase. “Now this is pod racing!”

You are downloading it all in vain. The patch is 160 MB. You are just downloading different game files. SImply wait until the maintenance is over.

This. Devs said the huge file size comes from them trying different builds, so everyone downloading several gigs is downloading all the builds, which usually leads to problems.

But download started as soon as I tried to log in. You know the f.. problem is that they keeping us in the dark once more. None says anything, people are confused. This is bad business.

BTW I can’t stop it. As soon as I try to log in it starts from where had stopped.

Once you start to download this useless junk, you can’t stop it. Sorry bro. Next time don’t start the launcher before maintenance is over.

I feel you. They do announce the offline hours beforehand, but it should be on the login screen so people don’t accientally download the wrong files. Or at the very least they should bring the login server online last.

This. I logged in to see if maintenance was over (because of different time zones I’m never 100% sure) and before I could say “It’s a trap!” I found myself reorganizing data.

Looks like we’re getting an animated trooper armor (under “Misc”) O.O

Is that Shadowbox (Rattataki social ability) as an emote??

I suspect that the trooper icon is a recovery toy, and the emote in question is a dance. (edit: Or do you mean the one that looks like he’s punching a droid?)

We already have /boxing in the game. But it’s different from the Ratataki species emote.
Being a martial arts ninja shaolin is still Ratataki exclusive!


I think this a new dance.

I’m of the exact opposite view on that. Like the armour sets, the rest is kinda “meh”.

Kind of like the Officer Armor…

Will they ever release interesting colors?
All this white and purple, pink and white, … stuff! Im sick of it!

And black blue!? Srsly? We can craft something like that!

Actually, i think that is Secondary Blue (no primary) and, you can buy that from the reputation vendor.

We actually did a fun run of EC nightmare every other week for mounts and decos. That tank didn’t drop too often. Praxon Firaxa is still one of the most thoughtfully detailed mounts in the game. Would also like to see the S&V nightmare mount in a future cartel pack or heck maybe the DF nightmare wings. Is this the tip of the hard to obtain mounts reskinned for cartel packs?

The mount here actually looks different if you look at it, I doubt they are going to release the Cyborg Rancor or Titan 6 mounts in the CM…

No, those are mounts specifically given as a reward to those who’ve cleared the content. Not just to give to baddies who’ve never or will never clear old ass content. They can buy the jetpak or get any peasant rancor and pretend to have wings/Dread rancor like the plebs they are.

The sarlacc pit decoration is too cool. I hope it’s a starship slot. You better die when you jump in to it. It’d be lame if you just sort of walk over it’s mouth.

The emote on the Rep trooper looks like the Imperial Agent regen.
Also why does the armour to the right of the ‘Bug Head armour’ look like she’s hiding peanuts in her armour?

They aren’t peanuts; they’re Orbalisks. It appears to be an adaptation of Darth Bane’s Orbalisk armor. You should really read the Darth Bane Trilogy… they’re quite good.

Thanks man, I will give them a read.

I read the Revan book recently and was blown away by how good it was.

Due to the number of armors present, I believe some of these will end up in the Wild Space Pack in August.

I can’t wait for a “Seat Of The Empire” pack to come out. Better have some decorations you see on Korriban and DK in it too

SWTOR_Potato datamined deco names awhile back. There was furniture from Ziost, “Throne of the False Emperor,” “Dark Honor Guard,” and “Pureblood Sith Lord (Female).”

I feel kinda dumb, but I still don’t get it: what’s with the Mon Calamari? Is he supposed to be a decoration or something?

Well, after finishing all companion dialog with him, I felt bad for hating him.

But he is still anoying.

I was disappointed. I thought “cool I’m going to get a lightsaber weilding comp on a non force user.” How very sad I was when I finally got him:(

So the new armors look like we are getting chrome Gizmoduck, Garrus (Mass Effect), and the royal guard mummies from The Mummy.

Sith Warrior’s mask dude, for all characters. This mask wasn’t even adaptive untill now, so it was empire medium/heavy armor only. Now it can go over to the inquisitor and republic classes aswel as adaptive.

yea For Republic classes was blocked. Anyway thats sucks if Empire using Republic items and opposite through. For me of course. You can use pink dye and wear pot on the head. Thats your choose

All hail the Mighty Sand Vagina! We offer you this virgin! We ask that you hear our pleas and will one day devour us without prejudice!


And now my ambiguously aligned Jedi Knight will look more Sithy than any of his enemies or their minions.

Darth Bane’s armor!

Granted, it’s 2,600 years before he wore it, but as long as they call it “Orbalisk Armor” or some other lore-dodge like they did with the “Dathomiri Shaman” set, then I’m all for it.

At least Onderon, Both would be a spectacular throwback to the series. Though with that said, KotOR 2 was an Obsidian game and not Bioware, but I am sure that doesn’t matter all that much.

I’m both happy and annoyed at that Black-yellow crystal. (Striated or not)

Annoyed because that crystal was for those who pre-ordered the game… and now everyone gets it.

Happy because I pre-ordered the game but was never given a code to redeem… so I never got access to the crystal.

Hey Dulfy, since we know that armor sets #2 and #3 aren’t in the next pack, do you know how we will get them?

2 and 3 will be part of the next pack. You can see how they are labeled in the MtxStorefront link on datamining thread.

Black + Any Colour crystals were Unique/Rare once …now,every CashCow can get them.#SadTimes.

The Set-Designers must be Blind or something.What the fuck is up with all those Set’s that’re being Released,they look terrible and ‘clone-ish’.Every Set looks like a previous one,besides little details.#CreativityLevel101.

That second set is the only one worth a damn imo. Probably took ‘inspiration’ from the collectors in ME2.

Read your lore son… thats armor made from bugs called Orbalisks. they feed off the dark side but are damn near indestructible so in exchange for some of your power they can make you lightsaber-proof. Their have been multiple Sith to make use of these bugs, most notably Darth Bane.

Except that Darth Bane hasn’t happened yet. One Sith does not equal multiple Sith. They are just picking random shit from wookiepedia and making it, trust me.

Bane didn’t event the stuff, he rediscovered it, meaning in an era where the Sith are at their height, it stands to reason someone has toyed around with them.

Freedon Nadd has happened, though, and it was from his holocron that Bane learned about the Orbalisks. Freedon Nadd was the first to wear said armor.

What!!! a black-yellow color crystal that’s a real spit in the face for pre-order’s like myself

That 2nd armor looks great but I’ve been waiting since day go to access those face guards from the 3rd armor set. Would be nice to have a decent red saber crystal as well. Can’t wait!

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