GW2 Jumping puzzles

GW2 Troll’s Revenge Jumping Puzzle Guide

A guide to Troll’s Revenge, the newest jumping puzzle added to the rebuilt Lion’s Arch.

How to start

The jumping puzzle is located on the bridge from Fort Mariner. You will see an opening with some barrels/crate. This jumping puzzle will take you all over Lion’s Arch on rooftops and tight ropes. You will be doing a lot of roof and chimney jumping, not unlike urban parkour.

The old Troll’s End jumping puzzle is no longer available and has been replaced by this.


Video Guide

Due to the length of the puzzle, a video is the best format to follow along.



This jumping puzzle is time consuming due to its length and lack of checkpoints. You will need to unlock 4 Hidden Stash first, each containing an unique part of the key. Once you have all 4 parts, you can unlock the final chest for the achievement.

It is best to have a mesmer friend who can either do the jumping puzzle with you or can stay in one spot and act as a mobile checkpoint to port you back to a previous location if you fell. Otherwise, be prepared to spend 2-3 hrs on this jumping puzzle. If you fall off at any point during the jumping puzzle, you will be forced to restart (unless a mesmer can port you). However, the keys from the hidden stashes do not disappear so once you got a key from a particular stash, you can get a port from a  helpful mesmer to skip that particular stash and continue.

The route to stash 1, 2 and 3 are not particularly difficult and fairly short. The route to stash 4 is the longest and most difficult. Luckily the final chest is not far from stash 4 so once you reach the last hidden stash you can relax and enjoy the view.

By Dulfy

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41 replies on “GW2 Troll’s Revenge Jumping Puzzle Guide”

Feels pretty damn good having completed this JP only hours after the update, figuring it all out with your friends :>

I just finished this a few hours ago. We were so stuck in the last leg, and lamenting the lack of a Dulfy JP guide. We figured it out finally and were so excited. There were five mesmers in the group of 9 people I did the puzzle with. There were portals everywhere! It was fun picking up other players along the way.

I did this yesterday with a couple guildmates. There were several spots we spent a good half hour trying to figure out where to go next but we managed it. I’m really glad we had 2 mesmers.

You can skip/cheat a lot with Experimental Rifles on this JP.

For example, right at the first key, a bit north, you can jump up a roof with the rifle and skip the first part of the JP. Then a bit later after you picked up key 2 you can directly jump up to key 3 with the rifle.

The whole way to key 4 and the chest over the rooftops can be skipped south of the chest/key.

If you are frustrated with the normal way, grab some rifles and try. It helped me a lot. Being a max sized Charr in JPs is suffering.

or you can go through it with a group that has 3+ mesmers in it so that each time one falls theres another mesmer to rescue them

You can skip a lot without an experimental rifle too.

At 2:30 in the video you can skip almost all harbour bit by just jumping up the two rungs and then just running up the side of the structure. Once you’re parallel with the second crane jump in towards the structure and run up on a slight left diagonal and you end up right on top.

Also at 8:30 you can skip the whole falling-to-the-bar bit by just continuing upwards and jumping up the side of the cliff before the “blocked” route.

I assumed that was the legit way of doing both routes until I saw this video (it’s the route I found when trying to work it out on day 1)

Had fun with friends doing this puzzle with one continuously commenting on how evil Anet is xD

Long time GW2 players complained the jp’s were too easy and they had done them all .. so now we have harder ones .. REALLY HARD.

Duffy can do it with “Signet of Inspiration” which can give you swiftness in the middle of jumping. Usually people hate ramdom swiftness when doing JP. So the jumping part of this JP isn’t hard. The only hard part is you cannot make mistake if you are solo.

Also noticed how after the patch right after the update, there were some nets placed on quite a few locations, so that the JP would be a little more forgiving.

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I am having the worst time getting that jump from the ropes to the dangling platform, at 7:55 in the video. Wouldn’t be so bad if the fall wasn’t terminal, but death cancels my Mesmer’s portal. The rest I can do with hardly any trouble now.

If you can get Superior Rune of Snowfall, it give you 25% fall damage reduction. Combine that with the 50% fall damage reduction trait and you have 75% reduction and can survive almost all falls

I’ve got it pretty much down now. Just needed to find the EXACT spot to jump from… and to be careful to not overjump (even when not using any speed boosts).

Try it with a necro and spectral walk, it can port you back from midair if you see you’re falling the wrong way.

Considering how rough this JP was the rewards were disappointing. Worthless yellow item and a tiny handful of salvage items.

its not like any of the jps have given great rewards, i thought they were just meant to be there for fun and a challenge, if the reward was too good people would be way more frustrated because they would have to do them

I am such a klutz at jumping puzzles, also new to GW2. I have a question tho. Do you need to do something to make the 4 stashes appear. I made it to the location of the 2nd stash and I couldn’t see it.

Check you items, may be your already is the Key. But sure LA still has a lot of bug. When I did “Arch Exterminator Achievement”, I cannot find the bug in “Bloodcoast Ward – Hunt high in the cave under three falling streams” but did “Sanctum Harbor – Search behind the falls beneath the bridge” 2 times. Luckly GW2 finailly make a UI for the game log now so we can check what we are missing.

Like others JP, you have a chance to get ascended / precursor / named exotic.

If Anet keep the after 3rd chest short-cut , it just 2 10 minutes JP with no time limit. You still can keep 5 unused char in the key positions to get JP daily. Try “Griffonrook Run” JP, you will like luckly Anet only make one like that.

As the below showed, if you already have first 3 keys, you can use experimental rifle to jump to the point just after key 3 instead of start over. And you can use it to do the jump which you really don’t want to make mistake. e.g. the rope part which TheSojourner mentioned. (Hint: you may jump too much if you didn’t do this before)

Hmm. I’ve got a mesmer parked at the 4th stash, and I’m looking around for somewhere obvious to head to, to portal someone in. Any recommendations?

Nm – discovered that, if I stand on the green rocks to the south and pop the Portal Entre there, then jump across to the roofs below, I can make my way (with a long drop that doesn’t QUITE need a damage reduction trait) to the top of one of the ramps up the front of the houses made of old hulls, for the Portal Exeunt.

Lots of rifle shortcuts for this jp. I have at least 2 for direct access to each stash, and can cut most of the path from 3 to 4 – no cave and only one rooftop. In a perfect run (no stopping to port people, no chatting during the run, and no rifle backfires) I can do it in around 6 min. Most aren’t perfect though, so 8 – 10 is more typical. If you take some rifles up there and play around, you’ll find plenty of places to use them. 🙂

ANet have changed the layout of posts just before the 4th cache. It’s fairly obvious, but there are now (almost) no horizontal bars to climb on, and it’s necessary to jump round half a circle, from pole top to pole top, to get to the cache. As if getting there in the first place wasn’t hard enough.

What about the Halloween update? Do you plan on doing that first part again or not?? The start of the puzzle isn’t the one described here anymore!

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