GW2 Upcoming Items from June 23 Patch

A list and gallery of upcoming items from GW2 June 23 patch. Item codes are obtained from that_shaman’s thread on reddit. The gemstore items are likely released next Tuesday (June 30).


Monk’s Outfit – [&AgHnEAEAAA==]

It appears that Asura get the male/female versions while Charr get male version only.




Enameled Dyes

These dyes don’t have chat codes yet but you can preview them in the dye window ingame.

  • Enameled Strawberry
  • Enameled Onset
  • Enameled Morning Glory
  • Enameled Banana
  • Enameled Brass
  • Enameled Amenity


Random Weapons/Armor

Some of these might be elite specialization based or might be new skins to be added in Heart of Thorns.

Ascended Longbow [&AgG5EAEAAA==]


Staff [&C5oXAAA=] and [&C6EXAAA=]


Ascended Shield – [&AgHfEAEAAA==]


Ascended Greatsword – [&AgEFEQEAAA==]


Ascended Warhorn – [&AgEUEQEAAA==]


Chronomancer Shoulders – [&C5sXAAA=]


Engineer Helmet – [&C6IXAAA=]


Shadow Assassin Short bow – [&C7gXAAA=]


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83 replies on “GW2 Upcoming Items from June 23 Patch”

Well, my brother was pretty unhappy with shield Mesmer until he saw how interesting chronomancers are. So I wouldn’t dismiss them until at least seeing the Tempest skills and traits.

Also, to be clear, you do not need to use the associated weapon with the elite specs and vice versa. I for one, will be using an axe/warhorn on my reaper and only switch to GS for shroud

Why did you feel the need to state the obvious? Everybody knows you don’t have to use the new weapons with the new elites. My point was that, at least for my bro, he was pretty disappointed when he just saw the picture teasing the shield. But once the chronomancer was released, the actual shield skills were very interesting, along with the chronomancer overall. So don’t dis a weapon until you actually see the skills on it!

You can still do different stuff with the shield. Everything from defend yourself to shieldbash. Warhorn is just “blow it and wait for the effect”. Pretty sure no matter how much you wait and see for it, it will end up boring. Except if the effects are op. And that would be a sad statement.

That’s really not true. As I said in my other reply to you, we already have the necro warhorn that has a skill that needs to be aimed. Plus the necro skill #5 is offensive and defensive at the same time. It puts a shield of Locust around you that cripple your enemy and grant you swiftness. So I can easily see #5 for all attunements for the ele being an aura but #4 being a directional attack. I for one am looking forward to see what they do with the war horn.

You’re still just blowing a Horn and wait for the effect afterwards. There’s no Warrior Greatsword 3 prossible. No Ranger Sword 2. Movement? You can get a speedbuff from the horn, other than that NOPE.

Warhorn has not the same possibilities all the other have. That’s a fact.

Are outfits what the players of GW2 want? The people I talk with in TS seem to be pretty annoyed by them. Are they a minority?

Well it works for some things, but for this it just looks like basic armor~ but Anet doesn’t want to add universal skins like radiant/hellfire~ at least till they ruined it with different chest pieces.

No… I like the outfits, BUT I want to mix and match armor.. I don’t want to look like everyone else. I like making my character feel different

Why are they waiting so long to announce the elite specializations anyway? It’s rather irritating to be in the dark this long.

Why didn’t they reach for our money harder and add the Dragon Monk Armor from GW1. I mean really. ;o It’s summer time. And Money time. 😮

Well…. revenant has staff as a melee weapon. Pop on the outfit, chant “Om” occasionally and hit things with your staff. You’re there!

You mean a dedicated healer type?

I don’t think they’ve said anything specifically about relaxing their no-trinity stance but a revenant could throw all / most of their energy into healing. The recent changes also boosted healing for a few profs.

I’d like monks that can focus in all kinds of support like they were able to with smiting/healing/protection prayers and function as glass cannon supporters, although ventari revenants seem to be healers anyway, so it seems that ANet has retrenched their anti-healer attitude (at least to some degree).

What…? Looks like these weapons are the ones for the elite specializations,but we already know how the Chronomancer shield looks,what is that Ascended Shield doing there?

Yep, I think it could be that
Ascended Shield for Revenant
Bo Staff for Warrior (like the Monkey King miniature)
Staff for the Ranger (druid)
Hammer for Engineer
Warhorn for Elementalist

As Assasin shortbow is not ascended, maybe it is just a gemstore skin

Thief get melee staff probably , there was a picture showing it. And it used the bo staff model. We ll have to wait to know xD

so if thief could get bo staff, that means warrior could get … shortbow, if all these weapons are specialization ones
and we get all the new skins allowed

So my guess is that Elementalists are getting warhorns! Makes sense since calling tempests is a thing of sorts.

*Thing of snorts

Fixed it for ya.

Warhorn is a boring weapon. All skills function the same. No thanks.

Well I have two characters with war horn and the Necro #4 on the warhorn is an interrupt. It’s not just blow and wait for effect. You actually have to aim it. Ranger #4 is also fun with the hawks coming to peck you to death. Plus Anet is using the update rework things.

Just off the top of my head Air attunement: Wind Wall – sends out a wall of wind towards the direction you blew the war horn. Water attunement: Cone of ice – blasts ice in a cone shape in the direction you blew the war horn. Fire attunement: summon imps – summon a horde of imp that explode around your target.

I guess what I am getting at is, war horns can be just as fun as any other weapon. It really depends on the skills you put on it. Direction play seems to be important in the expansion. So I can totally see the war horns skills being all about aiming the sound waves at particular direction.

I really hope they get swords. A warhorn is so disappointing/underwhelming. Seeing as it’s an offhand, maybe it’d be possible to have a sword+warhorn set? I mean, if it’s an OH, we get 2 skills per attunement, rather than the full 5 weapon skills. Based on some of the skill tool tips that were datamined, there’s a lot of slashing and whatnot that still supports the sword being used for tempest..

Right now, in-game you have 5/8 classes that can use swords: Warrior, Guardian, Mesmer, Thief and Ranger! Come patch it will most likely be 6/9 because the Revenant is most likely to be a sword user as well. It is quite literally the most common weapon in-game. No other terrestrial weapons apply to that many classes. Even the greatsword and the staff can only be used by 4/8 classes at the moment. So there is close to ZERO chance any profession is getting sword main-hand (or off-hand now that it looks as if Thieves are getting rifles) as their specialisation weapon.

If you haven’t noticed, Anet was been using the specialisation to partly boost weapon use count. So some of the more unpopular or not as widely available weapons are getting new ways to shine. You still get 8 new skills. Unlike the Mesmer who got only 2 and whatever class, most likely the warrior, that’s going to get the torch. So you know, please take one for the team because someone had to take the off-hand weapons. Might as well be elementalists! XD

Theif might be getting the staff… (the second staff pic looks like the datamined image staff….)

don’t know where but i think i read something about some datamined stuff, that thief might get the rifle, which would fit very well as a sniper theme

There are datamined specialization backgrounds from the 23rd patch that suggest staff (using the exact model of staff shown).

I was pretty sure the ranger was confirmed to get the staff. I didn’t think they were going to give the same weapon to multiple classes. Especially when rifles or even longbow and certainly off-hand sword for duel wielding swords are options. But I guess we’ll find out in the next three weeks!

Im getting really tired of “outfits”. I’m starting to think they make them, just because they’re easy to make, not because anyone really wants them.

Personally I see more value in many of them than skins, which you have to keep paying to apply as you upgrade your armour. So I’m saving my trans charges until I have ascended… if I can ever farm enough silk.

But I bought the arcanist outfit and I really like the look of the monk one. Much more to my tastes (simpler) than most of the overly intricate ones which seem more aimed at the asian market.

Same here, i too think that they do outfits and not armour pieces because i think that it might be harder to make / code since they would need to make them not clip on most other pieces

I don’t mind it, as you unlock it once on your whole account, and you don’t have to pay transmutation charges to change it. I blow through transmutes at a pretty ridiculous rate, especially having 8 characters that I tend to change up frequently. Despite getting a few zone completions/week, it’s time consuming and they don’t last long for me.

Then again, I do miss mixing and matching armor components to make something unique. I’d like it if they continued releasing both armors and outfits, so there would be a variety of each.

Haha outfit every week. And the last full armor set in the gem store was a century ago. Now I am not arguing the advantages of outfits but for someone like me who has a ton of transmutation charges from playing PvP and loves mixing and matching sitting in the wardrobe menu for ages I feel Anet is spitting in my face.

Outfits are just easy to spit out on a regular basis. No clipping issues with other armor set parts and the only modular part is the helmet that is not directly connected to the rest in most of the outfits anyway.

A-net stated recently that only outfits will be sold through the gemstore. Armor sets will be introduced ingame only (patches, exp packs, etc…) so if we’re getting a gemstore update, it’s going to be outfit for sure.

Exactly. People were complaining when Armor was released in the gemshop so they made it outfits only. And now you guys complain there’s no armor in the gemshop? Hakuna your Tatas guys! Just listen to yourself, jeez.

Those specialization items though. Don’t know if I will even use them much. but I want those shoulders >.<

@#$% outfit again…..
i want the female sandals on my human char name Taylor Swift
dat asc shield would be nice if they will make it as wing backpack soo kooooL

Warhorn is one of the most boring weapons because EVERY skill is “blow the horn for x sec and wait for an effect”. Please, stop trying to make Tempest a Warhorn Spec… There’s so much more potential in every other weapon.

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Non gem store items – of gem store quality? Price must have been ingrained in the expansion box -.-

Will admit, i want to bonk things with that staff.

I’m glad these are ascended and may possibly be earned in-game. But i’ll be completely honest: if that shield went in the gem store and they wanted me to give them something ridiculous like 2000 gems, my response would be, “Take my damn money!”

This is just the lvl 1 armor from Guild wars 1. Wish they would just remake the EXACT original Balthazaar armor…

nope. thats not lvl 1 armor thats the elite woven armor. costs: 60p + materials + get your ass to granite citadel

For everyone complaining about how lame Warhorn ele is going to be, think of greatsword on mesmer and how unexpected it was that a sword could be a ranged weqpon. Warhorn doesn’t have to be boring aoe buffs with a class like ele with so much creative freedom. They aren’t like the warrior who’s strictly non-magical where boring aoe buffsmakes sense. Anet can make it work, the weapon skills could be literally anything. We can’t judge yet.

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