GW2 Mystic Forge Conduit Crafting Guide

A guide to crafting the portable Mystic Forge Conduit introduced with the June 23 Lion’s Arch patch.


With the June 23 update, you can now make your own portable Mystic Forge Conduit. Beware that this item isn’t cheap and require some expensive components you can only get from gambling for ectoplasms and gold (or buy directly from trading post).


Gambling for components

With the rebuilt Lion’s Arch, there is now a skritt vendor named Apprentice Mekteki in the secret cave near Diverse Ledges waypoint you can gamble your gold and ectoplasm. He sells three packages for various amount of ectoplasm and gold that give you back a varied amount of gold, ectoplasm, and sometimes Unidentifiable Goo-Covered Object which contains the various components you need to craft a portable mystic forge conduit. The exact component it drops is random so you can get lucky or unlucky.


Buying for components

Now gambling isn’t everyone’s forte and it can be pretty expensive trying to gamble your ectoplasms and gold for a chance at the portable mystic forge components. Luckily everything can be purchased on the TP, including the Mystic Forge Conduit itself.

First you want to check to see if it is worth crafting the Mystic Forge Conduit itself. There are two kinds of Mystic Forge Conduits listed on the trading post. The cheaper one is the one you can craft while the expensive one is the older conduit that was a rare drop from the Black Lion chests. They are identical in function.


Now check the price of the components. Mystic Frame and Mystic Nexus are the two the most expensive components in the list so check the price of that first to see if it is worth while to craft the Mystic Forge Conduit or just buy it directly from the trading post.


In the mystic forge combine the following

  • 1 Mystic Tube
  • 1 Mystic Core
  • 1 Mystic Casing
  • 1 Mystic Essence

This will make a Mystic Forge Node. This is a one time use portable mystic forge so you do not want to use it. It is an intermediate for making the unlimited use version.


Now take that Mystic Forge Node and combine it again

  • 1 Mystic Forge Node
  • 50 Mystic Coins
  • 1 Mystic Frame
  • 1 Mystic Nexus


The crafted product is tradeable but once you click to use it it will become account bound. So if you want to sell it, don’t use it!

There you have it, your own portable Mystic Forge Conduit. Now you can salvage and mystic forge after anywhere without having to port to Lion’s Arch.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

35 replies on “GW2 Mystic Forge Conduit Crafting Guide”

omg i knew they would make a return for this item. gotta grab some coins and buy me this before they decide to remove it again

This is craftable, so I highly doubt they’re going to remove it, at least anytime soon – they would have to remove the means to get the components for it from the game.

the original one was craftable too (with the exact same recipe), back when they were trying to clear mats that had become worthless with the mystic chests. can’t remember if they disabled the recipe or if it just became ridiculously expensive after they removed the ability to get more chests though.

It was craftable all the time. I decided to buy the components and craft one when it was slightly cheaper. Sold it for 300 gold more than I invested 😀

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This item feels laughably dumb, cause you know, the Mystic Forge is in one of the most difficult places to get to in the game… oh wait, its not?

So, the differences between the cheap and expensive Mystic Forge Conduit is that one is an account-bound and the other is not??? I am confused X(

The difference is that the more expensive one dropped in the past and could not be crafted. Thus it was very expensive on TP. However, now that everyone can basically craft it, the new version has a much lower price. Probably the price for the other one will drop as well so that people can actually sell those. Who’d be crazy to pay 500 g when they can pay 200.

Yea, my ‘ocd’ kicks in on why they managed to bring back the old ones, while they could just sell the craftable ones instead… I have just recently read about the old ones, so that clear things up a bit lol.

Umm, not really – the cheap one has infinite uses, whilst the expensive one is the same thing! So, i am still not sure why they are separate items

It’s simple. The most expensive one is an very old item that was only available through Black Lion Chests! Considering it was extremely rare and was sort of unique at the time, the price on the TP is according. The other conduit, while it has the same effect, is not as rare because you can simply craft it through gambling, hence the lower price.
They probably made the items separate as to not spit in the mouth of those that had gotten the item through more expensive means (having to buy keys with gems), so the blue conduit is more of a status than anything, y’know, like bragging rights.

Not really worth the price, IMO. After all, it’s not like the Mystic Forge is hard to access; aside from Lion’s Arch, you can do this in your Borderlands Garrison in WvW at any time. (Odds are your Keep will be under your server’s control most of the time.)

Possibly. I’m on Tarnished Coast, which is in the T1 bracket on the US servers. And even then, the only time you’ll see queues for hours is on reset night. Most other nights, the queues start dissipating within an hour or two. Maybe it’s different for BG or JQ.

It’s pretty much the same on JQ. Their may be times when home BL is queued because of a push by one server or the other. Only EB is queued for any given lengths of time.

Mind you that all might change once the Expansion drops this fall.

BG here.

It’s the same. There might be 1 or 2 nights where there’s a queue, but that’s like a 3. No more than 10 on the queue, especially for home bl.

EB is mostly where it’s at. And then other nights like Saturday and Mondays tend to have other borderlands too.

I’m of much the same thought. Even then, one could just port to LA if the garrison was in hostile hands. I’m on OCX time, so there’s never a queue for me (on Maguuma)

Now you can access the mystic toilet from anywhere! I constructed one back when all the pieces togethor cost 4 gold. sold it for 200 gold. Might craft another, might not.

so ryt now 6/27 wen u order the mats 2 craft it the estimated cost is 240-250g and wen u order buy the mystic forge con estimated cost 240-250g…. cant decide which 1 should i do

HI Dulfy,

it seems there is a achievement track for buying and using 100 Glob of Destabiliezd Ectoplasm
(2 tiers 1/100)
Only the Ascended version of the glob work for the achievement

Thats what the achivement is: Buy 100 Globs of Destabilized Ectoplasm from Apprentice Mekteki or Tarrktun.

The other 2 is named : Dab of Destabilized Ectoplasm andClump of Destabilized Ectoplasm. Thats why it doesnt count

This is just another prime example of ANet price fixing and the rich getting richer. What we have here is another convoluted crafting mess whose price doesn’t meet its function. More overpriced crap that .01% of the population will craft.

What exactly is convoluted about crafting this? You collect 4 items that you obtain through RNG or the Trading Post to create an item used in another 4 item recipe. That is literally all you have to do to make this. Or you can buy one from another player that went through the complex task of combining 4 items and then another 4 items. Or you can buy the components and put it together yourself.

This process seems pretty straightforward to me. It’s as complex as creating 2 Mystic Salvage Kits. If you don’t think the item is worth the cost, no one is forcing you to buy one or make one. It isn’t like this item gives people an unfair advantage by giving them unique recipes, stat combos, or skills. The Mystic Forge is *freely* available to everyone in Lion’s Arch 24/7 and frequently available in your home borderland’s garrison in WvW.

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