GW2 Monk’s Outfit and Lion’s Arch Rebuild Dyes in Gemstore

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Monk’s Outfit for 700 gems and the Lion’s Arch Rebuild Dye Kit.


Monk’s Outfit – 700 gems

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Video showing some of the dyes and animations on human, female asura and charr.


Note that this armor has some clipping issue on females which Arenanet said they will fix next patch.

Thanks for the report. We had noted the clipping issues related to the skirt and those will be addressed in the next major update. We’re sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime, but rest assured that the situation will be taken care of!

Dye Pattern









On female asura the bands on the arms really stretch out when you jump or run around




Both female and male charr share the same male model of the outfit.



Lion’s Arch Rebuild Dyes

  • Six exclusive colors from a pool of 25 random dyes
  • 125 gems each, 5/500 gems or 25 for 2500 gems
    • Enameled Strawberry
    • Enameled Onset
    • Enameled Morning Glory
    • Enameled Banana
    • Enameled Brass
    • Enameled Amenity


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57 replies on “GW2 Monk’s Outfit and Lion’s Arch Rebuild Dyes in Gemstore”

Very nice Astra got female version…sad female charr got left out. But really like this outfit overall

Agreed re the female Charr. I was so excited until I saw it. Though very pleased about how it looks on my asura girls.

I’m not sure why people would choose to wear such a plain garb in Gw2, let alone pay for it? To me it looks like something a (fantasy based) Chinese rice farmer might wear. The only weapon (and attack sequence animations) which could possibly give the look some merit would be a melee quarterstaff – if revenant is ever released.

Pity the gloves and shoulder pieces weren’t released separately :/

“I’m not sure why people would choose to wear such a plain garb in Gw2, let alone pay for it?” did you not see how many people bought the pet rock mini? people will pay for anything >.<

Because not everyone is into effects and pointy, gaudy, fugly skins?
I really like this, but won’t get it since it doesn’t fit any of my characters.
I’ve always felt that designers have an ongoing game throughout all MMOs of putting out the most ridiculous skins they can think of as the endgear and laugh as players strut around in it.

different tastes etc.

there also might be still some RP people left after the mega server update. who knows.

The gloves are awesome. Every other piece of the outfit looks like it should have cost 500 karma to unlock. Diverse taste is cool and occasionally seeing someone achieve an unexpected look with a set of mismatched items (or helmless-outfit and exotic hairstyle) is enjoyable. The price attached specifically to this rigid look is worthy of some ridicule though.

It was GW Prophecies (first game), not factions, and it’s Elite Woven (15k per armor piece), not the starter Woven set.

If they want to copy GW armors, they should copy the obsidian ones, I vote for obsidian ritualist armor , I loved it on female

I want to make a bald male human asian looking character and name him Mhenlo now as a tribute from GW1.

Wonder what profession it would be… Guardian? I guess it would kinda fit since I believe he was equally a follower of Dwayna and Balthazar.

Dulfy, there are so many reports on gw2 reddit that female legs are clipping through the skirt while standing still, yet in your video, when you’re standing, i don’t see the clipping. did you notice this?

gaile from anet just recently posted on the forum that they are going to fix it on the next major patch release 🙂

I really want to see how that enameled brass looks on metal armour. All of those dye colours are appealing, except the banana yellow.

If you buy and outfit like the Monk one, can you only use parts of it? or is it like you have to wear the complete set?

like Sparrow and Subanajouy already said, it’s worn as a complete outfit/dress, but like every other outfit, you can atleast toggle the visibility of the headwear

For my tastes, this is one of the nicest looks in the game. Many of the rest have way too much frippery.

Will buy this outfit for my revenant.

This is a great outfit, I do wish tho that they would stop with the limited use of outfits tho. It fits perfectly with my lvl 80 guard, Isabeau Mhenlo 🙂

What do you mean by “limited use of outfits” ? You can use you outfit as many times as you like ôO

You’ve misunderstood, by limited use I meant the outfits can not be separated to use one or two pieces to mix with other armor skins.

I would really enjoy a throwback armor set for all GW1 pieces from each campaign. 700 gems for an individual set (also outfit) is a bit of a gouge though.

Call me racist but I wore this outfit while fighting the Charr in GW 1. It is not okay for them to wear it!

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