cartel market SWTOR Weekly CM Sales

SWTOR CM weekly sales for June 30 – July 7

SWTOR Cartel Market weekly sales for the week of June 30 to July 7.


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107 replies on “SWTOR CM weekly sales for June 30 – July 7”

Man when are they going to bring Stronghold packs and hypercrates back? I must have missed it if they did it recently but I would love to finish my faction with them.

On the upside maybe I can score a name change or two on the cheap this week.

Funny how they discount the character rename when you can just get it for 180 CC for free.

I bought the axe for 30 CC but I already have all the pet and toys. Still waiting for the next Explorers Pack.

I’m thinking the same, they are stretching the time between the packs just like before 3.2.
There are two Explorer Packs left, one will probably come on July 21, and the last one at the end of August. Then they skip the month of September and launch the next shipment with Fallen Empire in October.

lets hope the one that come in October is worth a fuck, because besides the mounts these one sucked, my opinion i guess

I actually think they would release it the week before the 21st, because that way they are spreading their content out instead of piling into just one date.

You just need to transfer your character off to another server and back again, costing 2x 90CC and forcing a rename if the name already exists, so just create a level 1 character before transfering back.
Bonus is you get to copy your legacy so you will have all the unlocks etc. on that other server as well and you are removed from all friends/ignore lists. Disadvantage is that your outfits are deleted if you have created any because they didn’t update the character transfer for the outfit designer.

Thought there was a limit to how often you can transfer a character. Is that 90cc transfer something done recently? I don’t remember it being there (thought transfer cost 1000cc).

You’re forgetting if you transfer any character off the server you lose all outfits and a whole bunch of other crap. Not worth it for characters that are invested into.

What other cheap do you lose? And it’s really not that hard to redo the outfits unless you unlocked all of them.

Same + (if you are into it) Saving CC to purchase Yavin 4 Stronghold.

I always buy my stronghold initial purchase with CC, in case i ever would need to deactivate one like how Yavin comes out and we still have a 4/4 limit. reactivating it would net the same cost unless you unlocked it with CC then you can just reactivate

4/4 limit is still there, you would have to remove one of your previous strongholds to buy the yavin one if you have them all.

Thats what my post is saying. I purchase all stronghold with CC so when a new one comes out and we have the 4/4 limit, deactivating and reactivating It wont make me pay the initial purchase price

No. I was forced to reactivate my stronghold when I transferred to a new server and all my rooms were unlocked.

I can buy Yavin for CC, unlock all the rooms with CC/credits. If I deactivate it and reactivate, I’ll only have to replace decos, right, no more CC or credits (originally bought with CC & fully unlocked)?

That is correct. If you buy the Stronghold with cartel coins, you will not incur a reactivation fee (the full cost of initial purchase). Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to matter if you purchase rooms with credits or cartel coins. I purchased one of my strongholds entirely with credits and it was fully unlocked when I reactivated it.

If I buy Yavin with CC, then I can save myself 2.5 mil out of the 13.03 mil needed to buy and fully unlock it (datamined prices) 😀

eh, I bet most people will retire their DK or Coruscant stronghold (those are also the cheapest ones) buying those with cartel coins is a waste of cartel coins since the purchase cost is 5000 credits. with 50 cartel coins I could buy an item from the cartel market worth way more (major valor boost for example) As a rule of thumb 1 cartel coin is worth 1000 credits.

It’s a waste is a personal opinion. If I don’t really do anything else with my CC why not. Plus can easily get 200 CC on each server so no, it’s not been a waste for me and no I don’t need valor boost. Have a ton of those in my locker already and not bound

valor boost easily goes for 50k (40 cartel coins) 50 cartel coins being worth 50,000 makes that a good investment vs spending 50 cartel coins on a 5k unlock.

Like a said , a personal preference, and its a one time 50 CC plus I have tons of valor boost in my locker as I mentioned. You might think it a waste, I don’t. My CC plus I make 3-5 M a day, easy farm, depending If I feel up to it plus from crafting. Think I can easily and comfortably spend 50 CC on a stronghold purchase,

So if you can easily make 3-5 mil a day why do you worry about the cost to reactivate? It does seem odd that someone would pay cc to unlock DK or Cor when it costs less then doing a daily.

I don’t care if it cost less then doing a daily, and yes I easily farm credits, I just don’t feel like paying for something to activate since I already paid it once. Don’t care how cheap or exspensive.

But yeah if it seems odd to you let it be odd to you. I rather spend my creds on other stuff,

Assuming I will deactivate dk or cs, then assumed wrong. Those two are my best decorated sh. And since I spammed tat with crap for bonus, that’s the one I’ll deactivate.

Is a choice, i have enough cc stacked up so I rather purchase with thatm plus I don’t feel like paying for. Reactivating everytime we get a increase in sh slot. Rather just have it. But have my CC ready for togruta

I’m wondering if I deactivate my Nar Shaddaa SH, if I can open it later back up for free, like I got it in the first place (SH+the rooms unlocked for being subbed), or if I have to pay to open it back up.

No dont think al you dont have to pay For it. Will be transfering later on today so will let you know.

Would buy a name change if they vowed to have a naming purge at some point. Lost a few names I had since early access to people who supposedly play more than me yet who are still level 50 and have never logged in since 🙁

Goddamit I literally bought that healt regen thing one week ago and unlocked it in collections for my 3 operatives and snipers.

Damn I wish I was home for the Destroyer set discount…. I want to unlock that shit for my collections – need the helm for my “Elite Imperial Guard” (essentially Imperial Guards in black instead of red)

I’m in Serbia until 9am GMT+1 on July 7. I’ll probably get back to Ottawa (Canada) 7pm-ish lol

I hope so but I never see them on. Very rarely. And I make my SWTOR living through the GTN via buy low sell high cartel market armor lol

Nah that’s a different model stained with yellow and it’s ugly. I use a flush black marauder set that’s virtually identical (it’s a green) that you can craft with synthweaving. The only thing it’s missing is the head :/

What about any of the other helmets under “Similarity: Head Pieces” on the link?

Its a craftable set but Its learned via trainer and Its non-moddable (Premium). Its the exact same as the Sith Archon armor (with a slightly different leg piece) just jet black.

It’s definitely possible because I have it lmfao.

Like I said before, I already have the exact armor (minus two minuscule details on the chest piece) that the Imperial Guard/Dark Honor Guard wears. It’s just the helmet I’m missing cuz I don’t want those stupid beige botches on it that the moddable heads have one them (that never change colour). For that reason, I need the Destroyer helm because 100% of it dyes.

And I’m a friggin retard. I can’t believe i didn’t see that we’re getting the Dark Honor Guard in the pack!!! Super excited! Gonna be the best pack by far. If we end up gl getting the throne (and it actually looks sick) I’m gonna blow a load.

Since it’s called “Throne of the False Emperor,” I’m assuming it will look like Malgus’ throne from the False Emperor flashpoint. (I’m pretty sure that Malgus’ space station was stolen from the Emperor, meaning that it was Vitiate’s throne, too XP)

Reminder: Destroyer cannot be reclaimed from Collections due to having mods in it, meaning no matching outfits without buying multiples :/

Yea but since when has anything EA has ever done been logical? I hope it’s the same as the “Dreadful Throne” just with red highlights. The green is just stupid.

Thanks for the heads up, I had no idea…. that’s really stupid though. It has mods so you can’t add it to collections but it costs a shit ton of CC…… typical EA.

That would be nice, but imagine the prices of it on the GTN T_T (and the reactions of those who got the Dreadful Throne O.O).

But you are actually wanting a variant. Others would complain about being able to just buy them when they had to work for them.

Yea I would much rather have the red variant. The green sticks out like a sore thumb because my entire stronghold is draped in red. I don’t even understand why they made them green in the first place, it’s so stupid. The three place where you can find the throne are the Dark Council chambers, Ikoral’s throne room in the Red Reaper, and the Emperor’s throne room in the Dark Temple. And they ALL have red trim, not that stupid green shit.

Just the kind of idiotic thing we’ve come to expect from BioWare and/or EA.

The method of obtaining said thrones probably factors into people’s reactions.

Bah fuckem. If they’re stupid enough to actuall waste time directly farming the thrones instead of using that time to get way more cash that necessary to buy one off the GTN then too bad for them lmao

“Throne of the False Emperor” from the Wild Space Pack (August’s pack)

Probably have to wait until item previews are added in Collections (late July-mid August ?)

Allright, currious as to what the design will look like, if it will be dread throne style or different. Guess we have to wait and see

I’m predicting that it will look like the throne Malgus uses in the False Emperor flashpoint since it is called “Throne of the False Emperor.” 😉

I do wish they’d hurry up and get us imperial guards as decorations tho. That would be fantastic

Maybe the “Dark Honor Guard” from the final Explorer Pack (Wild Space) is some variant of them?

Probali but you find those guards everywhere. Korriban, Imperial fleet, Ilum, etc…

Also, if the Dark Honor Guards for strongholds are just Imperial Guards, I don’t know if it would be wise to have them in our strongholds (They serve Vitiate :O )

the way I see it, they ditched Vitiate once he announced his plans to rape the universe, and they fell under the command of the Emperor’s Wrath: me. 😉

It could work, if tortured enough to break his hold, but from what I understand is imperial gaurd suppose to be loyall by default, been mentioned in revan book, in SoR and few other times. Ritual being performed on them, making them loyal till death. Or somethinf along that line. What I don’t understand is, where are they now.

Unless the emperor called them all to yavin and revan killed them all

I figure that the remnants of the Coalition left behind after SOR are cleaning up the last of the Revanites and any Imperial Guards who venture out of hiding. Luckily, I have some Massassi Cages ready for my Yavin stronghold 😀

I was going to say his rival (Sith Inquisitor (Ji’inx XP)).

Problem: Pretty sure their loyalty to Vitiate is absolute (indoctrination/brainwashing is pretty common for his Imperial Guards) 😉

You’re right. I just started a new Warrior and these exact NPCs are in the Sith Academy.

As I recall, you can buy the helmet for comms on the fleet from one of the planetary vendors. I believe it’s the Belsavis one.

Same design but there’s these stupid yellowish markings on the helmet that piss me off. I want it flush black.

And it’s the Coruscant one I think from Daily Comms.

As Toxis below said, you can buy one another way. He was just mistaken about where. Go to the rep vendor in Section X. I made Torian an imp guard with it. You do need rep and access though.

The one on Section X is different. I want thr EXACT one that the Imperial Guards have. That’s the one I have on them right now actually and I don’t like the visor design AND there’s too much gray in it.

Terrible photoshop, lol. Comments from randoms r srs bidness for u I guess lol

It’s getting very stalker that I screenshotted an email notification that Discus sent me because you replied to me? What “also iPhone…”? What? You didn’t know iPhones had the ability to sync with your email accounts? Here’s another one:

The Cathar Warstaff is still for sale. It has just been moved to the Equipment tab instead of being a Promotion.

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