SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence returns to Tatooine until July 7

SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence event will be returning to Tatooine from June 30 to July 7.

Rakghouls are back on Tatooine for a week from June 30 to July 7. If you havn’t maxed out your reputation now it is the time to get it done. Head to the fleet and interact with the announcement terminals on the outer rings to get started (or head straight to Tatooine). The event is identical to the last time it showed up on Alderaan in April with the same quests and rewards.

Camps in Mos Ila/Anchorhead for the quest and speeder that lead you to the tunnels


Rakghoul Tunnel location


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108 replies on “SWTOR Rakghoul Resurgence returns to Tatooine until July 7”

Oh nooo, please noooo. Just when i wanted to play.
P.S. Yes i hate that event. Yes i hate every single troll that explodes.

you sound like that crazy asshole who demanded I had to buy rakghoul vacines for him after I blew up and infected him 😛

Oh good, so you’re just insulting it without having any actual knowledge of the subject. I bet you’re a racist too lol

I’m dont like this event not because i need to buy something, but because this event annoying. If this was ONLY at ONE planet without possibility to leave the planet with virus then ok. But trolls go to FleetWarzoneAny other places. If i had opportunity to hunt and kill each single player with virus then it would have been my favorite event.

P.S. Also i dont like idea of this event. The idea is you are sick deadly virus. Super deadly. But you can easily leave planet. With deadly virus.

Well in a way the event mimics how people would react in real life. Look at what happened with Ebola, people left Africa where it was happening, came to the U.S. and boom, several cases there. So that is why they can leave the planet as it would mimic that in real life.

I don’t remember but the point is that this even merely mimics what would happen in a real life scenario.

In real life scenario everyone who shows signs of virus will be killed instantly. Or will get shot with vaccine.

In real life scenario everyone who shows signs of virus will be killed instantly. Or will get shot with vaccine.

In a real life scenario, anyone who hangs out in infected areas and refuses to use a vaccine is an idiot — a dead idiot.

You’d be the stupid one whether this is ingame or in real life.

It’d be cool if you become universally flagged when in the final stages of the disease.

they are not actualy trolling. there is a daily quest that you get ADN complete by infecting other people. it rewards DNA canisters and after required number of people infected? an achievement. moreover – unless you are extremely unlucky to zone onto fleet at just the moment when someone explodes and are still on loading screen at the time? infected exploding takes a long time. what was it – 20 minutes? just…. move away?

Did they add anything?
An infected lava lamp? A sickly squirrel? An exploding Skadge? No?
Then I don’t care…

I dont hate the event, I hate being on a pvp server where the event is nigh unplayable because of that. And yes, if moving was free, I’d have moved long long long ago to a pve server.

Oh really, I did not know that…. Mmmmmh that does make it appealing…. Do you know how long that price will be 90cc?

They did it as means to celebrate the upcoming Knights of the Fallen Empire. Don’t hold me to this, but presuming that EA does such things reluctantly, I would not rely on the discount to last for long.

They said they would announce when it ends but this is the first time in all their expansions that they offered this. They could be getting ready to do a server consolidation and are waiting to see how people transfer so they know what servers to get rid of.

I Am starting the process of leaving Jung Ma. Last night there were 36 people on the fleet at a time when there used to be 70-80. It will be dead by the time the transfers end. On a PVE server is this event not a PVP free for all like the PVP area on ilum?

The event when in Ilum is still a pvp area. Some areas are always pvp like when you do the relics of the gree.

Yeah they will probably get rid of any dead servers once the transfer discount is dead and just migrate the stragglers over to another server.

That is what I am asking. I’ve been on a RP-PVP server so basiclly everywhere you go is a PVP area. On a PVE server are the tunnels a PVP area? It’s a yes or no question.

No. There are tons of people flagging, but pvp in the tunnels on a PVE server is completely optional. If you don’t want pvp, your risk of getting ganked increase based on the toe heads you group with for the Heroic 4 at the end. It seems one person is always flagged, since I tried the arena last season and I have a 2018 set now, I kind of like it though. Its a nice way of dealing with people who aren’t playing nice.

Thank you. So another PVP-PVE question. If someone in your group is flagged does that flag everyone?

Not necessarily, if you are careful you can be grouped with another flagged player and avoid being flagged yourself. The second you heal them, guard them or buff them though, you flag and some sneaky assassin is going to appear and stab you to death, without fail.

I don’t heal but if I were I’d just start by saying you’re not healing anyone with a flag. No sense making your own life difficult because one disposable DPS won’t get rid of his/her flag.

huh. I was under impression that unless you specifically target them, it doesn’t flag you. doesn’t heal them either, even in case of AoE heals. might have to test it out on guildies.

And the answer is no – on a PVE server the tunnels are not PVP.

I think you can flag yourself for PVP if you wish to, but otherwise you all just run around together not having to worry about killing anything but the rakghouls.

I left a PvP server yesterday for similar reasons (and the low population). They were vague on when the 90 credit transfers will end but I would guess at least August/September. They are encouraging server jumps before the expansion in Fall.

They said something along the lines of “a few weeks”, I left PoT5 for Harbinger.
While finishing my scoundrel story line on Voss there where more republic players on that planet then Imperial players on PoT5’s fleet.
The population gulf between a PvP server and a PvE server is huge, leave while the 90% off is available is what I recommend.

I’ll probably do this. Just wish rewards were freshened up. I’d go grind more gear for my alts but it’ll be obsolete in 4 months anyway.

I haven’t played since the launch of SoR but did enjoy this event. Did
they increase the levels of the World Boss and Tunnel Lurker to 60 now
or can they still be done with 55s?

I know about the Bolster. I was more concerned about being able to down the Tunnel Lurker or Event World Bosses as a non 60 in a group

when we think about adding shit to the event then i may peak interest, literaly no reason for someone who has done this event more than 2 times to even consider it

This is by FAR my least favorite event. Rewards are not very appealing, and I f-ing hate Rakghouls. Not to mention the credits/resources I have to waste to bypass the annoying exploders. However….since my server is dead, perhaps now would be the time to get max rep…ugh, decisions.

agree lol, off all the rep (excluding cartel market) this is the only one that stands on outsider…. i just don’t like the rewards

The vaccine only costs 2,000 creds and lasts 6 hrs. Even if you bought twice a day for the duration of the event you spend only 28,000 creds. Do the solo dailies once and you’ll earn 60K. Another thing that helps is to run as soon as you appear on the Fleet cause I’ll be using my VIP lounge pass to dive bomb on top of you when I hit Stage 2…lol.

Use the rakghoul relics. It’s a permanent effect. Problem solved. You can afford 5k, don’t you? You are only required to do the dailies once or twice to get the necessary reputation and be done with the event and the plague once and for all. It isn’t asking for much.

Swtor actually needs more events like this. It needs a permanent “Duskwood” style zone which adds a creepy, eerie flavor to the world. A place punctuated with strangled cries and weird creatures scuttling back and forth from the shadows.
Def. will make Swtor world less boring and sterile.

yeah would be cool if the plague worked the same way on Taris as it does in the event too. But only on Taris. You would have to be cured if you left the planet in order to prevent infinite chaos.

Exactly. I did some dungeon Imperial side where we had to take a shuttle to one of the other spaceships (?) surrounding Vaiken that’s where the dungeons entrance was.

I have no idea the name of that dungeon, but it was CREEPY as hell! Ruined city echoing the anguished, muffled cries in the gloom. Rhacghouls or some zomebie type creatures EVERYWHERE. Just loved it!

I remember we had to set up some automachine guns to brave several swarms lol. At that time I didn’t do a lot of pve so I don’t remember the name of the place but just how awesome the “haunted house” feel of the dungeon was.

You’re talking about a flashpoint called Kaon Under Siege. It’s got a nice zombie movie vibe, quite different from the others.

Yep, that’s it! Hehe, god, I was a terrible heals on that one. Then again we didn’t have a tank but the whole dungeon really impressed me with SWTOR

This event makes me feel like Ripley. Can’t go wrong. I don’t need the faction, I have almost all the rewards already, its still worth popping in just for the atmosphere. Seriously, this is one of their gem quality area designs, and Rak’s, love em or hate em are great enemies. They have been used as zombies on Kaon(specifically a Left4Dead tribute). They are borderline deadspace tributes on lost island. They are Aliens tributes in the event. That’s versatility.

Only thing I’d say to fix would be make the jawa vendor here stop walking off as I try to buy stuff. 190 canisters,stand still so I can spam buy the decos 😀

That lil guy is the Newt to my Ripley. To the Eyeless “Get away from my reward vendor you bitch!”

I absolutely hate this event! I wish BioEAfail would make a non-participatory vaccine that prevents a player from getting an unwanted infection and locks out the missions. I hate wasting money (even if it is 2,000 credits for 6 hours) on curing myself from a plague that some retard set off on fleet. I’d like to be able to form/join ops groups on fleet without having to put up with this inconvenience.

There are so many places on fleet you can be that are away from where the “retards” are doing their thing. Sheesh..I thought I was a grump.

Use the rakghoul relics. It’s a permanent effect. Problem solved. You can afford 5k, don’t you?

I’m sure he’s one of those people that say ” I’m not going to pay 5000 credits to not participate in an event I don’t like. It’s the principal.” Even if they had a new event every month he would probably complain.

I guess they TOO busy with new expansion. Later they will be too busy while they will fix all bug that was found by alpha-tester…Khm.. I mean subs who will decide to use early access.

They could come up with a new event twice a month, but they have to use the bounty week garbage instead, and the rakghoul event 3-4 times a year

Actually if Bioware will use GSF for this this would be great event. Like you need to fly through blockade and if you catch you will need to fight and escape and still deliver “box” without enemy on your tail.

Awesome idea, maybe there could also be contraband searches, npc Bounty Hunters, and underworld gang thugs/enforcers that could all be possible combat threats to stopping you from smuggling and delivering your “contraband”. There could also be purchasable vendor buff with the chance of avoiding contraband searches, it could be called “Smuggler’s Luck” or something like that.

To be honest I thinking Smuggling and Bounty Hunting should only be done by the proper classes who should be the only ones doing these activities, but I doubt that would ever happen. So we can only work with what Bioware is willing to give us.

And Consul will need to resolve the conflict (Or find some ruin and explore it), Knight save another tons of victims from bandits, Inquisitor explore Force ruins in try of finding secrets of the Force (Or using his power to play little politics game), Agent find secret data, etc, etc

Ehh… Dreams,dreams

Think more like a pickup on Balmorra, weapon crate or something, you could have space mission tie ins, then you deliver the package on another planet, where you have an instanced drop off, or possibly random encounter ambushes on the way, maybe the weapon crate item causes you to be unable to use quick travel/legacy travel and planetary speeders. The instanced drop offs could be npc’s from past storylines, double crosses, monster encounters, robberies, all kinds of things.

For the most part, just a smuggler spin on bounty week.

It could be so easy…

The old armors from the very first Rakghoul event are already in game. The don’t have to be changed in any way – they are ready to use. No BioWare employee has to spend time to change these items. They only have to add them to the vendor.

Benefit: people can get the achievement and have a reason to participate on the event.
It would also be ok if this armor only can be found at the vendor when the event happens on Tatooine, like the original Rakghoul Event did.

This can’t be to hard, even for BioWare.

It woulkd make many players happy. And because they fail in everything they do, even adding a chair to a vendor, happy players is something this developer crew really needs.

But hey, they refuse to do this. Stupid devs.

It would also annoy those who got it the first time, with the belief that it was going to be a limited edition item. (For the record, I missed out on getting the armour as well).

yes, and those people who get pissy about something like that also 9 times out of 10 have a stick up their ass and need to get the fuck over exclusive shit

reminds me of the pvp rancor mount. Spend a few months making my pvp rank perfect. Got the pvp rancor and pet,and a few months later we get the nar event with kingpin rancor. Few months later we get cartel rancors. It goes to show nothing is going 2 be exculsive. which makes me sad. So far it seems the only exclusive thing I have is my founders title 😀


I had crystals from the first event. Now you can get them everytime the new Rakghoul Event happens. they are no longer exclusive. And? Nobody died because of that, nor did the game economy or anything else crash.

They shouldn’t. It was an exclusive item back with the first Rakghoul event, and should stay like that. And this is from someone who doesn’t have the items in question.

i mean think about it, for us players like me that have been playing for the past 2 and a half years, what the fuck have i gotten that is exclusive ? NOT SHIT, not the way it should be, i pay my yearly sub just like those people, who probably are not playing anymore anyway

Many people didn’t even realize that there are two different armors. If you just didn’t start on the first day, both factions, you couldn’t get both full armors.

And the game changed much since the first rakghoul event. When it took place adaptive armor didn’t exist. With adaptive armors having these items is a completely different thing.

Thanks for the awesomely confusing title! good thing i logged in today or i’d’ve missed all of it

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