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GW2 Colin explains why SAB is not returning soon

Colin Johanson went on reddit today to explain the lack of Super Adventure Box updates and why we havn’t been able to access this game mode for a while.

Rinith’s reply is probably the closest description to the reality as of today where we stand with SAB. We’ve made a number of changes to the physics engine as a result of places like Silverwastes, Dry Top, and the expac that means we need to go back and re-work SAB to use all the new movement systems. It also needs a pretty solid rewards overhaul, and I know Josh would love to make some changes to world 2 before it returns.

We’re all focused on expansion – both the announced details, and the un-announced details and simply can’t peel anyone off a team to work on it right now without it effecting expac. The two SAB worlds we’ve seen will return as we’ve said before, but simply put our focus right now is on making the expansion amazing 🙂


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48 replies on “GW2 Colin explains why SAB is not returning soon”

Alright, lets just forget about Heart of Thorns. I mean the Revenant is a stupid idea, Guild Halls are lame, Elite Specializations and actual hard content, pffft, screw all of it, I’d pay $200 just to get my hands on this tribute to old games…

im actually happy that SAB is not coming soon, the amount of annoying minipets is already too high

if they’re delaying it to overhaul the reward system and to put those new mechanic in, then world three better be amazing. there goes my coin not being used for another year…

I’m also disappointed that we’re not going to be seeing SAB anytime soon, but I agree that SAB needed a lot of rework after World 2. Firstly, they took away the bonus baubles you could earn per character, meaning that if you wanted to equip multiple characters with SAB gear, you were essentially time-gated per character. It was pointless and unfair, since you’d still need to put in the work to earn the baubles (and it’s not like the baubles could be traded back for gold so it didn’t affect the wider economy).

Secondly, they did screw up with World 2. As much as I admire Josh and his work on SAB, unfortunately when he made World 2 they completely missed the reasons WHY SAB was so popular in World 1. It was because it was quick, light-hearted fun. If you had a bad jumper in your party, the good ones could help out by opening up new checkpoints and unlocking shortcuts. In World 2, the levels became longer, more brutal and the shortcuts all but disappeared. This meant that only the diehards continued to enjoy the experience; it was no longer as accessible to the broader player base. Hence, the steep drop in popularity.

I hope that the redesign of SAB returns it more to its original roots. Let Tribulation Mode remain as the “crazy mode” for those who are gluttons for punishment, but keep Normal mode around the same sort of length and difficulty as World 1. If the rest of GW2 is anything to go by, players don’t want to spend any more than an hour (maybe an hour and a half) doing a particular type of content, roughly the same that they’d spend in dungeons or in Fractals.

I may be the minority of the players here, but I don’t care if SAB ever comes back. It’s cute & somewhat fun at first, but think about it: you’re playing a game (GW2) to play a different genre of another game with the illusion of a 8-bit platform. It’s like playing a cheap game while on Facebook.

To each his/her own. I happen to like the skins a lot, and I’ve been waiting for another opportunity to get them, more specifically the King Toad and Storm Wizard weapons and back pieces from Tribulation Mode.

So if the expansion comes out the end of the summer/beginning of fall, throw in balance patches and adjustments to the expansion post launch. I’m predicting we won’t see SAB until end of summer/fall of 2016 at the earliest.

I dont mind this, at all. SAB was cute, and fun, but worthless. Yeah, great, retro jokes, haha… lets move on, pls.

Not to mention, while I love JPs, I dont need an ENTIRE AREA dedicated to it.

Man some people must be tight with money (or really high on principle) if they’re demanding a refund on the infinite use coin =.= Considering how often I died in Tribulation Mode for both worlds, I got my gems/moneys worth out of it

Most gw2 players are living week by week. Don’t judge their life… sometimes they really cannot spare 10 dollars.. or whatever it was.

Not speaking for my self. lol, To them, I am a bad person for spending on things I want.

I guess, but if youre living it tough and decide a $10 virtual item for something that has periodically appeared in a game (and only twice at that) is a good idea…

Nice to see that (after over one and a half years) they can be bothered to make a statement about this event’s absence.

Cause they were not allowed to disclose any info about Heart Of Thorns or any other updates during tat year. They were busy…and they still are.

Because “We’re sorry but we can’t give you SAB in the near future because of technical reasons” is disclosing info on the Expac. Yes. Beauriful logic you got there.

He’s right. That statement was long overdue.

The funny thing is, if they offered a poll on what I want to see completed first, SAB or the Expansion I will have a hard time deciding despite having already paid 100 bucks for the expansion…

Since newer players never expierienced SAB it would most likely be Expac. If you’d ask only the players active before and during SABs second installment the votes would be more even.
I have countless people on my friendlist who spent 24/7 in SAB (Which I did too).

You don’t want to know how much money I made with those skins :p (Which basically shows how wanted they are!)

I just hope once they are done releasing the expansion they will actually focus on SAB. Aside from having some of the best skins in the game, it was actually not painful to grind for skins in it. To me it was probably the most fun I ever had in GW2, not that other bits of the game are bad or anything, but this was most fun for me ^-^

I also regret not getting the mini pets, every time I see someone with a super banana making funny noises it brings a tear to my eye :*(… despite how much I hated those bananas in the actual SAB xD

They were removed again like 2 weeks after being added. To troll the players into thinking SAB returned soon. Talk about adding insult to injury.

As long as they bring it up occasionally people that bought the infinite coin can still be strung along on hope. They should honestly just drop it if it’s not going to make a come back. But this way they don’t have to offer a refund.

Sorry to be bitter but I missed SAB both times it came around. Always been one of my regrets and I have been keeping up on the news since the last time it came waiting for a return.

SAB? Idc give me Queens Gauntlet or something comparable so PvE can actually be fun and almost challenging again

That’s nice, now can we get some more news about I dunno the other specilizations…

New physics? Do they mean that you sometimes die from fall damage all of the sudden? 😀

Clearly they are talking about the “randomly dying out nowhere” that occurs alot lately.

That’s a fair reason. I mean, it’s smarter to just bring back SAB once the expansion goes live.

I agree. “All hands on deck” … All hands on the expac. The more hands.. the better it will be. 🙂

Expac is live, time to work on SAB 🙂
Without a doubt better than HOT and deserves future priority!

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