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SWTOR Cartel Market Update for July 3

SWTOR Cartel Market was updated today to include some new discounts for the July 4th long weekend.


New Discounts

  • First Grand Acquisitions Pack – 20% OFF – 800 CC
    • An unparalleled selection of items from the Cartel, Contraband, and Bounty shipments from the Cartel Market. Each Grand Acquisition pack contains
      • One boost item  (either experience or social points)
      • One reputation item (for either the Contraband Resale Corp or the Bounty Supply Company)
      • One rare bonus item with a chance of a super rare
      • One rare complete armor set with a chance of a super rare.
  • First Grand Mount Pack – 20% OFF – 400 CC
    • Contains one Mount, drawn randomly from the Cartel, Contraband, and Bounty Packs found on the cartel market.
  • Fireworks Bundle – 90% OFF –10 CC
    • Contains 12 Imperial Fireworks, 12 Republic Fireworks, 12 Fountain Fireworks, and 12 Finale Fireworks
    • One Firework is consumed with each use.

Discounts carried over from June 30 CM Update

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45 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Update for July 3”

It’s 4th of july, what’d you expect?

It’s not even an actual holiday in SW… you should be glad they’re even doing this much.

If it is (your opinion) not “omg well done BW you guys are the bestest” people here get their claws out. You might have noticed 😛

Just as St Paddy’s day or Halloween arent holidays? or even how “Life Day” is really Christmas.

At least ‘Life Day’ was an actual SW canon event. 😉 We just need a lot more Wookiees involved with it.

Life Day is not a “canon” event. In fact it would be placed at the very bottom of the list of things to be canon. But the point I was making is that they renamed Christmas “Life Day” just look at everything in the game that is related to it. Call it whatever you want it is still Christmas.

They’ve fixed it, then broken it again twice over. It’s a special level of incompetence.

Would pay for an expansion that has that and only that as an addition. It’s even in Kallig’s codex image; hood up mask on, taunting us :’)

Wish I’d taken your advice. Just got junk sets, nothing I don’t have nor that sell well 🙁

Truth be told, it’s not even my advice-I was considering buying one when my guild bought 10 and got nothing but junk.

I got Marka Ragnos set, Phantom Set, both Mandalore Sets and Tulak Hord. Spent about 7k cartel coins

It still hasn’t unbound yet. I might sell it. I’m on the Harbringer. It’s gonna cost a pretty penny though. Last I checked I think that full set was upwards of 30mil

On the Progenitor after some time (when realeased pack which one included this set Tulak) cost of Helmet = 20 mln. I dont know how much cost now. Anyway good luck in selling

lol you cant get tulak set from this pack,there is only cartel contraband and bounty items

I agree with you. Spending money just for collections is a waste of CC. You can easily buy it for credits. From this Fourth sets only one is most expensive “Tulak Hord”.

Give us the damn Stronghold packs for chrissakes. I think those are the only ones they haven’t reissued yet.

I don’t be it has ever been on the market. Isn’t that from the Cartel Packs? Items for sale on the market are exclusive to the market.

SWTOR_Potato: “It’s the Galactic Legends Armor Pack, A complete collection of Galactic Legends armor sets. Each pack contains one complete armor set. Has a chance to drop the all-new complete Revanite Champion armor set in addition to the Galactic Legends set”

And that is proof that it is a pack set not a market set. You can’t unlock market sets. Proving my point.

Seasonal direct buys like Hallowed Mystic, Gold Scalene etc. are unlockable direct buys. But, you are right, in general.

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